July 14th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1272

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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  1. Winston says:

    Obama & Smollett: Proof White Privilege Doesn’t Exist

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  2. sunnyflower5 says:


  3. sunnydaze says:

    And, once again, the people recording these do not put time and place. grrrr…….pet peeve of mine.


    • sunnydaze says:

      Guy is probably a straight A student at Portland U., majoring in journalism/psychology.


    • TarsTarkas says:

      And the answer is a gotcha if they’re fluid gender.

      The same people who claim there is no difference between the sexes simultaneously try to typecast in stone human behaviors as male or female. And if you check off any of the boxes on the ‘other’ side you’re bi who is a traitor if you do not support them 100%

      They are racist sexist losers.

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  4. sync says:

    The Washington Times – Tuesday, July 14, 2020
    The Trump administration retreated Tuesday on plans to make foreign students attend classes in person this fall or else lose their study visas.

    A government lawyer told a federal judge they were rescinding the new policy, issued just a week ago, caving to demands by immigrant-rights activists, congressional Democrats and big-name universities, who’d feared losing thousands of students — and the billions of dollars in payments that come with them.

    The administration lawyer didn’t say why it canceled the policy, but Judge Allison D. Burroughs praised both the government and the lawyers for Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who’d sued to block the policy, for reaching a deal.


    • Lady in Red says:


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    • 4sure says:

      For reaching a deal? Means WH caved because you never reach a deal with the commies.

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      This is dopey. If you are taking classes online, you certainly do not need to stay in the U.S. You can take them from your real home. Some courses are necessarily “hands on,” at least part of the time. For these, you should be able to remain in the U.S.


      • thedoc00 says:

        THOSE colleges will have harder time collecting and especially replacing all the foreign government money sent to them to pay the tuition of those students. This becomes a hill to die on issue for them in the favorable courts.

        This may be attacked another way by the administration. Let’s see how this unfolds.

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  5. Ausonius says:

    Massive fraud on Florida: local FOX affiliate down there did an expose’ on the WUHAN FLU FAKERY!

    98% positive? Oh, wait, no, it’s supposed to be 9 Point 8 %!


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    • thedoc00 says:

      The “labs” doing the tests, are not the enemy in this case. All they do is analysis of the test results provided and generate data. They do not interpret it nor are they responsible for the tests administered. They do as told and generate data only.

      Same as when a doctor orders tests and imaging. The labs only collect and generate data for interpretation.

      Who are the real culprits:
      1. It is the experts who design and specify which tests are to be used. Finally, the truth is coming out that those tests DO NOT specifically indicate Wuhan Virus, just presence of biological materials associated with Wuhan Virus as well as common to several others.
      2. Those same experts set the criteria for declaring a case and as time has passed that criteria has evolved to wide open, anything.
      3. Those same experts are the one who actually interpret the test results provided by the labs.

      It is still the same experts who provided the fraudulent models who are now providing fraudulent est results for political and financial gain.

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  6. WeThePeople2016 says:

    No, it is massive faulty testing and fake numbers by design.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Redfileld is as bad as Fauci, IMHO far worse. The CDC is supposed to be a neutral agency dealing in facts and best practices.

      Instead it is a sewer of leftwing anti-Trump activists working to undermine this Administration and the country as consequence. If there are any honest professionals working for the CDC, none of them appear to be in Redfield’s staff. IMHO.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “heading South for vacation”

      If folks have spare funds for “vacation” at this point, then I’m in the WRONG BIDNESS.

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    • nimrodman says:

      uhhhhh … don’t “northerners” head “south” for “vacation” in the winter?

      You know – when it’s cold as f#ck – up “north”?

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  7. Robert Smith says:

    Letting international students in to do online work.

    American out of state students should wonder why they’re paying more.

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    • cheering4america says:

      More Uni-Party activity:

      A handful of House Republicans are lobbying to reopen a loophole allowing foreign students to stay in the United States for taking online courses at colleges and universities, Breitbart News has learned.

      This month, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency announced it would enforce federal law that dictates that foreign students are not rewarded F-1 student visas for the purpose of attending online courses.

      “[Foreign] students will not be permitted to enter or remain in the United States to attend such schools but they are not barred from continuing to attend all classes at these schools from abroad,” DHS officials wrote.

      Four House Republicans are circulating a letter to fellow lawmakers, pleading with ICE to reopen the loophole that was allowing F-1 foreign student visa holders to remain in the U.S. without fulfilling the in-person class requirement.

      The letter, obtained by Breitbart News, has been signed by:

      Rob Woodall (R-GA)
      Peter King (R-NY)
      John Curtis (R-UT)
      Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA)
      the House Republicans write:

      Under the new guidance, foreign students will not be granted visas to enroll this fall in colleges and universities offering courses only online. Consequently, international students currently enrolled in these institutions must transfer to another institution, leave the country, or face deportation.

      This guidance will deal a long-term blow to our collegiate communities and deter international students from living and working in these towns while obtaining higher education degrees in the future, hampering growth and innovation. We oppose this new guidance and respectfully request ICE reverts back to the original March 13 guidance governing F-1 visa holders.

      (letter is included.)

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      • Robert Smith says:

        Yup, thank you Republican Party.

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      • thedoc00 says:

        Yep, that great blow to US Colleges is in the form of FOREIGN MONEY for tuition/costs and FEDERAL GRANTS supporting those students.

        Those congress critters are also being paid by foreign lobbyists because another benefit to foreign countries is TECH DATA transferred to the home country with NO EXPORT LICENSES being involved under the guise of academic materials. A big scam.

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      • erm9164 says:

        The President caved and rescinded the rule today.Seems he has an affinity for DACA illegals and foreign students.Kind of disappointing.


      • Magabear says:

        Fitzpatrick is my rep. He sucks. We tried to defeat him in the primary but the RINO’s prevailed. The “but we’ll lose the seat with another candidate” always does the trick in Bucks County GOP politics. #@$&!!!


  8. Sherri Young says:

    This aligns with my take on the Bush cabal + Romney + McNoName.

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    • Sherri Young says:

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    • Eric C. says:

      There is always more, hidden from view. My friend coined the term Friends, Feelings and Empires as the trinity of management. Every bizarre decision, position can be viewed the these three lenses. People make decisions to help their friends, build empires or not hurt someone’s feelings.

      There is something about the Bush/Clintons that will hopefully be brought to truth. I bet PDJT has plans to reveal, the 2nd term will be epic I believe.

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  9. helmhood says:

    Markets close over 500 points today. That Trump economy, just keeps on roaring.

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    • Blue Wildflower says:

      It would have roared yesterday if Ca. hasn’t started closing counties.

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      • helmhood says:

        That is what is worth celebrating. Even with the antics of newsom and cuomo, and the media’s agenda, they could not stop the market rally.

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        • Blue Wildflower says:

          Wonder how high it could go with smooth sailing?

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        • Doppler says:

          I fear that the irrational exuberance of the stock market, fueled mainly by Fed MMT (printed money) spending, is just setting us up for another Globalist-engineered catastrophe to pin on Trump, namely, a collapse of the equity markets, engineered by Soros and his band of short sellers, a change of direction from the Fed, and coordinated selling by large investors timed perfectly with a 24/7 news narrative that the economy is collapsing, and everybody better sell to save whatever might be possible from their free-falling net worth. They’ve tried everything else, so I’m pretty sure this will happen, too, before the election.

          Trump does himself no favors touting higher stock market prices.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      The markets are making gains, yep and doing just fine. Yet one still has to be careful as the puppet masters will whip saw the market with and for headline effects whenever they desire. The VIX is still hovering at 30 sweet spot,which is a level indicating enough volatility to pay allot of attention to the risk of a puppet master whip saw when the democrats need a “doom oriented” financial headline. It seems to be the sweet spot for causing havoc for the small investors and retirement plans when needed but still makes a boat load cash for the big guys.

      They have tread carefully enough to keep the President from doing something with SEC and FTC in retaliation.

      The VIX needs to get few points under 20 to indicate anything approaching a “risk off” environment is close.


  10. Lindsay’s latest attempt at relevance

    Graham Working To Declassify Memo Of FBI Interview With Steele Source Who Undermined Dossier



    • Beau Geste says:

      what a disgusting loser. he doesn’t fool anyone anymore. His refusal to interrogate coup plotters, subpoena evidence of criminality, and expose foreign aid kickback criminality is now legendary.


    • litenmaus says:

      Lindsey is reaching for the stars to continue the cover-up:

      FTA – “Is it possible that an interview of that magnitude that basically shredded the key document to get a warrant, that they key people at the top — McCabe and Comey — were never told, ‘Oh, by the way, our entire case has collapsed’?” he said.


    • Every time Graham opens his mouth, I make the analogy relating his words to the result ingesting a colonoscopy prep.


  11. wtd says:

    ‘None of us lie!’ Top coronavirus official slams Trump’s claim CDC are lying


    • Nigella says:

      Top member? He should become a former member


    • cantcforest says:

      Another worthless three letter agency to shut down.

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    • Beau Geste says:

      yeah, just like comey, clinton, mccabe, the DOJ/FBI FISA oath-signers, and the meuller attorneys persecuting General Flynn don’t t lie either

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    • F.D.R. in Hell says:

      So, is “Bull Sh*t” a more politically-correct term than “lies”?


    • iswhatitis says:

      Daily Mail US tweet says: “‘None of us lie!’ Top coronavirus official slams Trump’s claim CDC are lying

      So I went to the linked DailyMail article, and I noticed:

      While they posted a still-picture of the “talking heads” on NBC, and captioned it “A top member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force Admiral Brett Giroir asserted Tuesday morning that ‘none of lie’ about coronavirus“, they didn’t see fit to link an actual video of that being said.

      With all the flat-out lying by media, how am I supposed to trust that was actually said, vs. they just post a still-shot and make any claim they want?

      Is it really so hard to link to an actual video of that being said, vs. just captioning a still-shot?

      I won’t assert that they did or did not say what is claimed by Daily Mail – but I do not trust ONE SINGLE WORD from media – so therefore I do hold open a fair amount of doubt when they make claims, but do not bother to have verifiable evidence at hand.

      Still-shots of talking heads on the news, with a caption, are not “verifiable” evidence.

      I suppose I could “web search” for a video – but THEY made the claim and therefore THEY should have the evidence at the ready – I’m not going to chase down every little claim the lying media makes. That would end up as a huge waste of my time (which may be part of the the idea behind how they do things).

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  12. avi says:

    just saw Sessions twitter site and the responses were all praising him with Q-bot statements. are those true believers or normal people mocking the traitor?


    • III% says:

      Oh Q has a following. It gets really weird in their world. A couple of weeks ago it was JFKJr was alive and was going to be at Mt. Rushmore. Since as far as I know “Q” has never backed off the “Sessions is a white hat, going to save us” mode, probably real.


  13. Doppler says:

    At last, Doug Campbell reappears in the narrative. Doug Campbell was the Maryland businessman who informed on Rosatom for the FBI, only to have his evidence horde of documents and recordings showing many Russians believed they secured CFIUS approval to buy Uranium One by funneling over one hundred million in bribes to the Clinton Foundation swept under the rug because of “politics,” leaving him under a gag order not to mention it. John Solomon’s new book “Fallout” is excerpted at zerohedge, in an article about one Amos Hochstein, energy advisor to Joe Biden, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, in reverse order. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/solomon-joe-bidens-energy-adviser-aided-kremlin-nuclear-agenda

    Solomon’s excerpt places Campbell being asked in 2006 by Rosatom to find it a lobbyist to help with the Uranium One deal, and meeting with Amos Hochstein,and Rosatom hiring his lobbying firm Cassidy and Associates, while Hochstein circulated in and out of that firm and various government positions. I’ve never heard of Hochstein before, but this article appears to place him squarely among Team Clinton, Team Obama, and Team Biden in connection with Uranium One, Burisma and pretty much all the other EurAsian Middle Eastern energy deals they were involved in.

    So Solomon has good sources, either the very reticent-Campbell himself or within an FBI investigation, and Amos Hochstein is maybe sweating swamp bullets.


    • Beau Geste says:

      much more than $100,000,000.00 IIRC, it was $140 MILLION, channelled through Canada to avoid US reporting.

      $140 million, just because the russians like hillary, which has nothing to do with a bribe/thankyou to permit 20% of US uranium resources to russia …. /s


    • Debra says:

      Was Jeff Sessions name on that CIFUS sign off . . .?

      My only hope in him maybe re-taking the Senate seat, would be for him to come clean about this whole mess, and then go away to a hole of his choosing . . .


      • Doppler says:

        I don’t think so, Debra. This would’ve been early Obama Administration, so probably Mueller at FBI and Holder at Justice. Brennan at CIA, Clinton at State, and I don’t think Senators participate, but I may be wrong.


  14. TJ says:

    Roger Stone gives fiery first interview following commutation from Trump

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  15. zimbalistjunior says:

    SD, for three weeks I have awaited the MSM or anyone to follow-up on this shocking admission by Fredo Sr on Fredo Jr show of June 24, 2020:

    “But there are still facts. First, the Federal Government wanted to blockade New York, OK? Federal blockade hasn’t been done since the Civil War.

    They were talking about closing bridges, and tunnels, and saying “You cannot leave New York and you cannot enter New York.” That was illegal. It was unconstitutional. And I said that would start another Civil War.”

    How is this not front page news?! (i mean, i know the answer, but still…)

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  16. Troublemaker10 says:


    • Lisa in TN says:

      all that BLM money


    • mr.piddles says:

      “The scale of Biden’s proposals underscores the radical aims of his economic agenda, which has veered sharply to the left under the Biden-Sanders “Unity” Platform.”

      File under: useless.

      One the Bright Side: at least the Dems are not trying to sneak that Progressive Bullsh*t in the backdoor. Folks actually have an opportunity to vote on it. Literally.

      Which way will they go?

      Of course… with the gooey “systemic racism” frosting slathered all over that useless campaign promise, I suppose you’d be a RAYCISS! if you didn’t vote for Joe The Fake Lefty. You know, a cog in the Systemic Racism Machine.


  17. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Is this true?

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  18. Todd says:

    Looks like Biden is going in the direction of Sen. Warren on policy does this mean she is going to be the VP choice?


  19. Winston says:


    When Will Sen. Ron Johnson’s Promised Biden, Burisma Investigation Report Be Released?
    Jul 13, 2020


    Johnson told the Fox News audience, “if there’s wrongdoing, the American people need to understand that.” The sentiment is surely genuine but how close his committee — the Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs — is to providing this understanding is unclear. And with the Senate in session for a mere 37 more days before election day, time is running out.

    Sen. Johnson did not respond to this reporter’s request for comment.

    Eight Republicans and six Democrats compose the committee with Johnson at the helm — this majority grants relative ease in conducting the investigation — with the exception of Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-UT) inconsistency.


    Sen. Mitt Romney’s (D-UT) – fixed it.


  20. southernblonde says:

    Holy Cow Treepers! PLEASE watch the You Tube video by Dr. Bartlett who has had a 100% covid cure success rate since using an asthma inhaler/nebulizer protocol since March. I apologize profusely that I can’t provide a link to the video because I am not tech savvy. Please go to You Tube and type in Texas Tech graduate Doctor Richard Bartlett speaks on curing patients of Covid. The video is 31 minutes long but it is worth watching. I apologize if someone already posted a link about Dr. Bartlett. Also, if you someone likes the video could you please post a link to it. I’m afraid You Tube is going to remove this link so the more who watch it the better.

    A quick summary of the video: Dr. Bartlett is using the same protocol that Taiwan and Japan have used since covid began. This new drug protocol could be a GAME CHANGER! Dr. Bartlett uses the asthma nebulizer drug treatment called Pulmicort along with prescribing zinc and antibiotic clarithromycin. He does a great job of describing why this drug is so effective, basically it targets the lungs specifically where covid attacks and covid main means of destruction is respiratory inflammation and Pulmicort immediately shuts this down. The patient breaths in the nebulizer for around 5 minutes for a number of days and Dr. Bartlett said the patient felt immediate relief from fever and symptoms with a 100 % cure rate. He states that the drug needs to be administered at the beginning of symptoms. The cost of the drug protocol is very cheap like hydroxychloroquine which is only around $200.00. He also loves hydroxychloroquine and he discussed the games and deaths occurring because of the political agenda of the communist left govenors.

    Taiwan is a country of 24 million people and they have had only SEVEN covid deaths total because they are using this protocol! Also Taiwan is a very socially dense country and not capable of social distancing. This protocol appears to be exceptionally proimising!

    Ted Cruz meant with Dr. Bartlett and requested his paper documenting his protocol success and President Trump is meeting him next week
    Dr. Bartlett is a Christian and a Patriot who appears to have been sent from God above and may be someone who can help our country. Please watch the video and let’s hope that this protocol is adopted by President Trump and the medical community.

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  21. sunnyflower5 says:

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  22. henry says:

    I regularly send stuff to the WH via the contact form and, as of lately, I have been sending prayers and encouragement to PT. Don’t ever think he doesn’t get them.

    I received a personal response from him today.
    He covets our prayers and our support.

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  23. cheering4america says:

    Just started:


  24. Troublemaker10 says:

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  25. BREAKING !!!!

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized Tuesday for a possible infection, according to a spokeswoman for the court.

    The justice, 87, received treatment at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore after experiencing fever and chills. She underwent a procedure to clean a bile duct stent and will stay in the hospital for a few days, court spokeswoman Kathleen Arberg said in a statement.

    The Justice is resting comfortably and will stay in the hospital for a few days to receive intravenous antibiotic treatment, she said.

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  26. cantcforest says:

    Everyone needs to watch Dr. Kelly Victory’s talk on COVID19. It is in the middle of the comments on Nuisance Newsome.

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  27. Beau Geste says:

    I want to contribute to PDJT, but do not want any part of a contribution to go to the crooked RNC, or any senate critter who has refused to challenge the “we are always in session lie” to prevent recess appointments (which is mitch and every other GOPe senate critter) . I’ve read here that some percentage of PDJT contributions goes the RNC or others.

    Is there a way to contribute without any distribution to the crooked GOPe or use other than what PDJT decides to pass along? This has never happened to any other President, much less a President with a majority of his ‘party’ in the senate.

    Maybe just give just to Judicial Watch, so I know none goes to lying senatecritters who have intentionally hampered the PDJT administration?


  28. Magabear says:

    So Tucker is taking a vacation (frankly don’t remember the last time he was off from his show) and the fake news (and sadly Gateway Pundit too) are making it out to have something to do with his one writer who resigned due to some nebulous posts he wrote on a website. He should do a cameo tonight just to piss the fake news off. In fact, I bet he does.

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    • jx says:

      “Vacation” was a precursor to dismissals at Fox

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    • sunnyflower5 says:

      They all take their vacation in July and August.
      Obama used to take the month off at Martha’s Vineyard in the summer and a month in Hawaii in the winter.
      President Trump usually works in NJ or Florida for two weeks while the White House is cleaned and repaired….but he did went golfing for three hours over the weekend, as the lapdog breathlessly reported.

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    • nimrodman says:

      … well – Tucker The Show is not losing anything on Tucker The Man

      Brian Kilmede just led off with a hard-hitting segment on the continuing anarchic riots and police being attacked, with lots of good footage, not losing a step on the typical Tucker coverage

      Within the first half-hour, either the first or 2nd segment for most of the riot footage


  29. Todd says:

    This is great! Exposing Biden platform 😆😆


  30. henry says:

    Anyone know whatever happened with Rudy G’s Biden info?


  31. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    My sentiments exactly:


    So perhaps a few updates here or there could help; Senator Johnson made several appearances in front of various news panelists in May.

    See here:


    Still, and regardless, today is July 14, 2020.

    It’s been 40 days since the following 8 Republican Senators of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs,

    Ron Johnson, WI (Chairman)
    Josh Hawley, MO
    Rob Portman, OH
    Rand Paul, KY
    James Lankford, OK
    Mitt Romney, UT
    Rick Scott, FL
    Michael Enzi, WY,

    voted to authorize Senator Johnson to issue subpoenas:

    1. To the FBI, the Department of State and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, along with the following listed persons…

    i. James A. Baker
    ii. John Brennan
    iii. Sidney Blumenthal
    iv. James Clapper
    v. Kevin Clinesmith
    vi. James Comey
    vii. Patrick Conlon
    viii. Kelly Degnan
    ix. Michael Dempsey
    x. Mary Gleason
    xi. Seth Greenfeld
    xii. Kathleen Kavalec
    xiii. Jacob Lew
    xiv. Denis McDonough
    xv. Arthur “Danny” McGlynn
    xvi. Sally Moyer
    xvii. Michael Neufield
    xviii. Victoria Nuland
    xix. Stephanie L. O’Sullivan
    xx. Lisa Page
    xxi. John R. Phillips
    xxii. Joe Pientka
    xxiii. Samantha Power
    xxiv. E.W. “Bill” Priestap
    xxv. Sarah Raskin
    xxvi. Susan Rice
    xxvii. Cody Shearer
    xxviii. Nathan Sheets
    xxix. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall
    xxx. Erik Simmons
    xxxi. Peter Strzok
    xxxii. Adam Szubin
    xxxiii. Jonathan Winer

    As of a few minutes ago, no updates posted on either Senator Johnson’s public website,


    Or that of the HSGAC.


    Random Scripture passage that keeps running through my head today:

    And Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness 2 for forty days, being tempted by the devil. And he ate nothing during those days. And when they were ended, he was hungry.
    Luke 4:1,2

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    • There you go again, you just will not let this go!
      Thank you

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    • I think the delay on a lot of this stuff is because congressmen and possibly congressgirls are involved and will be indicted.
      The behavior of some, looks like the reaction that criminals have when they know they are going to prison.
      Is this something that Sundance is going to break?

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    • Beau Geste says:

      the “Honorable” Senator Johnson simply “forgot” to subpoea these ‘persons of interest’.
      What do you expect, perfection? Everybody makes mistakes with forgetting about subpoenas, donchya know? His staff probably forgot, too. It is hard to remember all this criminal investigation stuff.

      That is how he got appointed to this committee, by virture of his ability to ‘forget’
      Maybe he will remember in 2021?


  32. P says:

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  33. P says:

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  34. trapper says:

    Hillary’s right on this one, but probably not for the reason she thinks.

    In the 2016 election one of my four deciding policy issues was disseminating government control OUT of Washington DC and pushing it down as far as possible locally. My primary thinking on that was education. We did NOT need Obama’s school lunch dictates or his Common Core curriculum, or Bush’s No Child Left Behind bullshit preaching from Washington. Washington should be OUT for the education business. Period.

    So now the LAST thing we need is DeVos threatening local schools with fund cut-offs if they don’t follow FEDERAL ideas about how to hold classes, in person or remotely. Same with PDJT. I voted for you and I will vote for you again, but stay out of education. It’s local. None of your business. Some may open, some may stay remote. But those are local school board decisions. We’ve got this. Stay out of it.


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    • jeans2nd says:

      And remember who gave us the Sec of Education – Ronald Reagan.
      Yup, totally love the guy, but not even Pres Reagan was perfect.


    • Magabear says:

      It may be local, but if they want federal tax dollars, then they gave away their insulation from federal intervention.


      • trapper says:

        They are NOT FEDERAL tax dollars. The are OUR goddam tax dollars, and we don’t need the fed bureaucrats telling us what meddling federal hoops we have to jump through to get them or what to do with the dollars when we’ve gotten them. Divvy it up then leave us alone.


        • Magabear says:

          Sorry, but once you sent the money to the IRS, you lost control of it.

          But enjoy no in class school for the kids. I’m sure it will work out just great.


    • Bigly says:

      Trapper – I couldn’t disagree with you more.

      Pull federal funding if it is as you say, local. Then I would agree with you.

      So long as the feds have the purse, pull their funding until they get aligned with your thinking.



  35. Lucille says:

    Excellent commentary…
    Goya Food Sales SKYROCKET in MASSIVE BACKLASH against Far Left BOYCOTT of Pro-Trump CEO!!!
    Dr. Steve Turley – Jul 14, 2020

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  36. jeans2nd says:

    Biden’s new pitch is Trump gives you a false choice.

    Remember Obama’s slogan – Yes We Can.
    Biden’s Slogan – No We Can’t

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  37. burnett044 says:

    Just had some Goya black beans..they were quite good…
    I would also like to tell the left ..that my ass is now identifying as a kissing booth …so pucker up cup cake..

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  38. Magabear says:

    Nice, consise story over at Legal Insurrection on WhuFlu, BLM and fake news. The charts are hard to argue with. The left is more than happy to see their BLM/Antifa foot soldiers contract Whuflu for the cause.


  39. Magabear says:

    For my fellow Pennsylvania residents, more madness from Philly and beyond.



    So if pro sports teams want to play in Philly, they can forget about making money on tickets. You can’t even make this stuff up.


  40. Marc says:

    Latinos For Trump Stream Currently Live in Progress


  41. Patriot1783 says:

    Per Fox just now, Ginsburg back in hospital.


  42. jeans2nd says:

    Polls in Alabama closed.
    Tuberville 57.13%
    Sessions 41.87%
    8:29 EST

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  43. P says:


  44. Lady in Red says:


  45. P says:

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  46. TMonroe says:

    Boris Johnson to bow to rebels’ demand for Huawei 5G network ban next year
    PM had faced major Commons defeat after being given ultimatum over Chinese telecoms firm by 60 Tory rebels



  47. Free Speech says:

    Somebody posted this tweet earlier-

    This is what we’re going to get more of from that 220 million. Parents need to be on the lookout. Teaching ‘white privilege’ as a FACT is psychological abuse of white children and a violation of their civil rights.


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