Why Fire Dana Boente?…

Do you now understand how the Mueller team, the 17 hired members of the legal resistance operation, were running the DOJ from May 2017 through April 2019? If no, go back through the archives and catch up. If so, invest yourself and read on…

There was an ongoing cover-up operation with its origin going back to June, July and August of 2018 led by the Mueller team, Deputy AG Rosenstein, AAG John C Demers and FBI chief legal counsel Dana Boente.  That cover-up continues through today; though there are indications of accountability. Not strong enough in my opinion; but they do exist.

What is John Durham’s hold up?

Well, first we need to focus on the players…

Start by reminding yourself of a series of documents released by the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 17, 2020. [SEE HERE] Within the release there is a rather alarming letter from the DOJ to the FISA Court dated July 2018. [Link to Letter]

BACKGROUND – After the FISA Court reviewed the December 9, 2019, inspector general report, the FISC ordered the DOJ-NSD to declassify and release documents related to the Carter Page FISA application. In January the FISA court ordered the DOJ and FBI to release certain materials making them public for the first time.

That FISA court order is what led to the Bill Barr DOJ submitting documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee. That court order is what led to the judiciary committee (Senator Lindsey Graham) releasing those documents.   The 2020 FISA court was forcing sunlight on the DOJ and FBI.  AG Bill Barr is not adverse to this sunlight; but everyone else, including the players from 2017-2019 who were running Main Justice, are.

In the cover letter for this specific release to the Senate Judiciary and Senate Intelligence committees, the Bill Barr DOJ cites the January 7, 2020, FISA court order:

Keep in mind that prior to this release only the FISA court had seen this letter from the DOJ-National Security Division (DOJ-NSD), as transmitted by the Mueller resistance unit.

As we walk through the alarming content of this 2018 letter I think you’ll identify the motive behind the FISC order to release it.

First, the letter in question was sent by the DOJ-NSD to the FISA Court on July 12, 2018. It is critical to keep the date of the letter in mind as we review the content. Remember, the Mueller resistance unit was in control.

Aside from the date the important part of the first page is the motive for sending it. The DOJ (Mueller resistance unit) is telling the court in July 2018: based on what they know the FISA application still contains “sufficient predication for the Court to have found probable cause” to approve the Carter Page FISA application. The DOJ (Team Mueller) is defending the Carter Page FISA application as still valid.

However, it is within the justification of the application that alarm bells are found. On page six the letter identifies the primary participants behind the FISA redactions:

As you can see: Christopher Steele is noted as “Source #1”. Glenn Simpson of Fusion-GPS is noted as “identified U.S. person” or “business associate”; and Perkins Coie is the “U.S-based law firm.”

Now things get very interesting.

On page #8 when discussing Christopher Steele’s sub-source, the DOJ notes the FBI found him to be truthful and cooperative.

This is an incredibly misleading statement to the FISA court because what the letter doesn’t say is that 18-months earlier the sub-source, also known in the IG report as the “primary sub-source”, informed the FBI that the material attributed to him in the dossier was essentially junk.

Let’s look at how the IG report frames the primary sub-source, and specifically notice the FBI contact and questioning took place in January 2017 (we now know that date to be January 12, 2017):

Those interviews with Steele’s primary sub-source took place in January, March and May of 2017; and clearly the sub-source debunked the content of the dossier itself.

Those interviews were 18-months, 16-months and 14-months ahead of the July 2018 Mueller Team letter to the FISC.

The Mueller Team (DOJ-NSD) says the sub-source was “truthful and cooperative” but the DOJ doesn’t tell the court the content of the truthfulness and cooperation. Why?

Keep in mind this letter to the court was written by AAG John Demers in July 2018.

Jeff Sessions was Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein was Deputy AG; Christopher Wray was/is FBI Director, David Bowditch was/is Deputy, and Dana Boente was/is FBI chief-legal-counsel; the Mueller resistance unit controlled the DOJ and everything that touched upon a total any of at least TEN ongoing DOJ investigations.

Why would the Mueller Team (DOJ-NSD) not be forthcoming with the FISA court about the primary sub-source?  This level of disingenuous withholding of information speaks to an institutional motive. Mueller team is in control.

By July 2018 the DOJ clearly knew the dossier was full of fabrications, yet Mueller’s resistance unit withheld that information from the court and said the predicate was still valid. Why?

It doesn’t take a deep-weeds-walker to identify the DOJ motive.

In July 2018 Robert Mueller’s investigation was at its apex, the resistance unit is in charge, Bob Mueller was a “dear friend” of current AG Bill Barr. Mueller was a figure-head, a face in name only, selected to give credibility to an internal occupation of the DOJ by a resistance unit adverse to the interests of justice.

This letter justifying the FISA application, and claiming the current information would still be a valid predicate therein, speaks to the 2018 Mueller Team needing to retain the validity of the FISA warrant…. My researched suspicion, now confirmed, was that the DOJ needed to protect evidence Mueller had already extracted from their fraudulent FISA authority.

That’s the motive for sending a fraudulent letter to the FISA court.

In July 2018 if the DOJ-NSD had admitted the FISA application and all renewals were fatally flawed Robert Mueller would have needed to withdraw any evidence gathered as a result of its exploitation. The Mueller probe would have suffered severe scrutiny. The DOJ in 2018 was protecting Mueller’s poisoned fruit. The DOJ was being run by the resistance.

If the DOJ had been honest with the court, there’s a strong possibility some, perhaps much, of Mueller evidence gathering would have been invalidated… and cases were pending. The solution: mislead the court and claim the predication was still valid.

This is not simply a hunch, because that motive also speaks to why the FISC would order the current DOJ to release the letter.

Remember, in December 2019 the FISC received the IG Horowitz report; and they would have immediately noted the disparity between what IG Horowitz outlined about the FBI investigating Steele’s sub-source, as contrast against what the DOJ (Mueller Team) told them in July 2018. [Not coincidentally this is when Team Mueller released the FISA application to the public under the fraudulent premise of a FOIA release. They released the exact copies of the previously leaked FISA]

The DOJ letter (July 2018) is a transparent misrepresentation when compared to the information in the Horowitz report (Dec 2019). Hence, the court orders the DOJ THIS YEAR to release the July 2018 letter so that everyone, including congressional oversight and the public can see the misrepresentation.

The court was misled; now everyone can see it.

We can see it.

The content of that DOJ-NSD letter, and the subsequent disparity, points to an institutional cover-up; and as a consequence the FISC also ordered the DOJ to begin an immediate sequestration effort to find all the evidence from the fraudulent FISA application. The proverbial fruit from the poisonous tree…. And yes, that is ongoing.

Moving on… Two more big misstatements within the July letter appear on page #9. The first is the DOJ (Team Mueller) claiming that only after the application was filed did they become aware of Christopher Steele working for Fusion-GPS and knowing his intent was to create opposition research for the Hillary Clinton campaign. See the top of the page.

According to the DOJ-NSD claim the number four ranking official in the DOJ, Bruce Ohr, never told them he was acting as a conduit for Christopher Steele to the FBI. While that claim is hard to believe, in essence what the DOJ-NSD is saying in that paragraph is that the FBI hoodwinked the DOJ-NSD by not telling them where the information for the FISA application was coming from. The DOJ, via John Demers (writing for the resistance), is blaming the FBI.

The second statement, equally as incredulous, is at the bottom of page nine where the DOJ (Team Mueller) claims they had no idea Bruce Ohr was talking to the FBI throughout the entire time any of the FISA applications were being submitted. October 2016 through June 2017.

In essence the claim there is that Bruce Ohr was working with the FBI and never told anyone in the DOJ throughout 2016 and all the way past June 29th of 2017. That denial seems rather unlikely; however, once again the DOJ-NSD is putting the FBI in the crosshairs and claiming they knew nothing about the information pipeline.

Bruce Ohr, whose wife was working for Fusion-GPS and assisting Christopher Steele with information, was interviewed by the FBI over a dozen times as he communicated with Steele and fed his information to the FBI. Yet the DOJ (Team Mueller) claims they knew nothing about it.

Again, just keep in mind this claim by the DOJ-NSD is being made in July 2018, six months after Bruce Ohr was demoted twice (December 2017 and January 2018). If what the DOJ is saying is true, well, the FBI was completely off-the-rails and rogue.

Neither option speaks well about the integrity of either institution; and quite frankly I never bought the DOJ-NSD spin. Why? The reason is simple, the DOJ is claiming in the letter the predication was still valid… if the DOJ-NSD genuinely didn’t know about the FBI manipulation, they would be informing the court in 2018 the DOJ no longer supported the FISA application due to new information. They did not do that. Instead, in July 2018, the Mueller-led resistance unit specifically told the court the predicate was valid, yet the DOJ-NSD knew it was not.

The last point about the July 2018 letter is perhaps the most jarring. Again, keep in mind when it was written Chris Wray is FBI Director, David Bowditch is Deputy and Dana Boente is FBI chief legal counsel.

Their own FBI reports, by three different INSD and IG investigations; had turned up seriously alarming evidence going back to the early 2017 time-frame; the results of which ultimately led to the DC FBI office losing all of their top officials; and knowing the letter itself was full of misleading and false information about FBI knowledge in/around Christopher Steele; this particular sentence is alarming:

“The FBI has reviewed this letter and confirmed its factual accuracy?”


As we have just shared, the July 2018 letter itself is filled with factual inaccuracies, misstatements and intentional omissions. So who exactly did the 2018 “reviewing”?

This declassification release raised more questions than any other in recent memory. It seems likely now this release inspired AG Bill Barr to start asking some rather hard questions to FBI Director Christopher Wray. That’s where Dana Boente’s participation with the group in 2017, 2018 and 2019 comes in to play.

WASHINGTON DC – After a 38-year career with the Justice Department, the FBI’s top lawyer Dana Boente was asked to resign on Friday. Two sources familiar with the decision to dismiss Boente said it came from high levels of the Justice Department rather than directly from FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Here’s the Full Letter. I strongly suggest everyone read the 14-pages slowly. If you know the background, this letter is infuriating…


It is not accidental the fraudulent letter to the FISA court was written on July 12, 2018.

This is the exact same timeframe when the Mueller Team and FBI were involved in two other operations. These are two distinct cover-up operations carried out by the resistance unit to protect their prior activity.

The position of Bill Barr today is a direct result of decisions made by the DOJ (Team Mueller) in the summer of 2018. The events surrounding the March 17, 2017, leaking of the FISA warrant used against U.S. person Carter Page, and the 2018 DOJ decision not to prosecute SSCI Security Director James Wolfe for those leaks, was the fork in the road moment for the DOJ. The Mueller team coordinated the process.

This was the point of no return…

This is when every downstream action had to be taken to cover-up these decisions…

Everything since has been designed to protect three specific cover-up operations…

In the summer of 2018 Attorney General Jeff Session was recused, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was in charge and the Mueller investigation was ongoing. That was when the DOJ made a decision not to prosecute SSCI Security Director James Wolfe for leaking classified information (The Page FISA Warrant).

As a result of people at the highest level of power and authority making a decision to protect themselves and the gross abuses of power by current and former DC officials and politicians…. DC-based U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu signed-off on a plea deal where Wolfe plead guilty to only a single count of lying to the FBI.

If the DOJ had pursued the case against Wolfe for leaking the FISA application, everything would have been different. The American electorate would have seen evidence of what was taking place in the background effort to remove President Trump. We would be in an entirely different place today if that prosecution or trial had taken place.

Three events revealed the Wolfe issue and highlight the cover-up:

EVENT ONE – On February 9th, 2018, the media reported on text messages from 2017 between Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman Mark Warner and Chris Steele’s lawyer, a lobbyist named Adam Waldman.

EVENT TWO – Four months after the Mark Warner texts were made public, on June 8th, 2018, another headline story surfaced. An indictment for Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Security Director James Wolfe was unsealed on June 7th, 2018.

EVENT THREE – Slightly less than two months after release of the Wolfe indictment, another headline story. On July 21st, 2018, the DOJ/FBI declassified and publicly released the FISA application(s) used against former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

♦ Later on December 14th 2018 a fourth albeit buried public release confirmed everything. The FBI filed a sentencing recommendation proving it was the Carter Page FISA that was leaked by Wolfe:

So on July 12, 2018, the DOJ and FBI were lying to the FISA court; and telling the court there was reasonable justification for the Carter Page FISA warrant, when they knew that was false. At the same time the DOJ resistance unit and FBI were initiating processes to cover SSCI Security Director James Wolfe leaking the FISA application to the media.

But wait it gets worse….

Simultaneous to the decision to mislead the court; and simultaneous to the decision-making regarding Wolfe; there was yet another (a third) Robert Mueller resistance unit cover-up effort that was also necessary to retain the origin of the Russia-collusion fraud.

To further understand the decision-making of the resistance, and purposeful utility of Rosenstein & Liu as to why they hid the James Wolfe leak, it is important to note the DOJ in the Eastern District of Virginia was creating the cover-story to block sunlight on the origin of how Wikileaks gained the leaked DNC emails.

On April 11th, 2019, the Julian Assange indictment was unsealed in the EDVA. From the indictment we discover it was under seal since March 6th, 2018:

(Link to pdf)

On Tuesday April 15th 2019 more investigative material was released. Again, note the dates: Grand Jury, *December of 2017* This means FBI investigation prior to….

The FBI investigation took place prior to December 2017, it was coordinated through the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA) where Dana Boente was U.S. Attorney at the time. The grand jury indictment was sealed from March of 2018 until after Mueller completed his investigation, April 2019.

How does this all connect?

What does it mean?

James Wolfe was confronted about his leaking by the FBI in December of 2017. At the same time the FBI were investigating Wolfe and the SSCI, the FBI was also investigating Wikileaks and Julian Assange. This matters because it shows what the mindset was within the resistance unit of the DOJ in late 2017 and early 2018.

In both examples, Wolfe and Assange, the actions by the Mueller team reflect a predisposition to hide the much larger background story:

• An honest and ordinary prosecution of Wolfe would have exposed a complicit conspiracy between corrupt U.S. intelligence actors, the United States senate intelligence committee, and the resistance unit now running the DOJ. Two branches of government essentially working on one objective; the removal of a sitting president. The Mueller team was protecting multiple U.S. agencies, allied in the resistance cause, and their comrades in congress.

• Additionally, a non-prosecution of Julian Assange would have exposed a complicit conspiracy between corrupt U.S. intelligence actors and a host of political interests who created a fraudulent Russia-collusion conspiracy with the central component of Russia “hacking” the DNC. If Assange were allowed to show he received the DNC emails from a leaker, and not from a hack, the central component of the Russia interference narrative would collapse. The Mueller team decision protected multiple U.S. agencies and the fraudulent auspices of the Robert Mueller appointment.

As soon as the team were set to release their Russia report, the EDVA activated their prior cover-up operation; and shut down Assange with the DOJ indictment; in a similar way the DOJ shut down Wolfe with a weak plea agreement.

Again, the key takeaway here is the timing. Both DOJ operations were taking place at the same time (Fall 2017 through spring/summer 2018). Both hold a similar purpose.

What we can see from both DOJ operations is an intentional effort by Main Justice, now being run by Team Mueller, not to expose the epicenter of a multi-branch effort against the White House.

Some people within the FBI were obviously participating along with people within the DOJ. However, not all Washington DC FBI agents/officials were involved. We know there were genuine investigators, at least in the Wolfe case, because their investigative evidence shows Wolfe was leaking classified information. If they did not present the investigative evidence that proves Wolfe leaked, quite simply we wouldn’t have it to show you.

This buried attachment (from the supervisory FBI special agent who conducted the investigation) was attached to the DOJ sentencing memorandum for James Wolfe.   This statement under oath was sworn by the FBI agent on December 14, 2018:

The FBI swears under penalty of perjury:

…”because the known disclosure of classified information –the FISA application– involved an FBI equity”…

This is after the same FBI special agent outlined how the leak took place in the Wolfe indictment; which was subsequently shaped by the Mueller team to hide it.   He refused to accept the corruption that allowed Wolfe to escape.  Ten months after the FBI presented their investigative files to the DOJ to begin grand jury proceedings; the FBI special agent wasn’t going to let them plead out Wolfe without again affirming the truth.

In hindsight we can see the corrupt influences of the resistance operation within the DOJ because the direct and concrete FBI evidence against Wolfe was buried.

The high-level resistance group inside the DOJ in Washington DC, in the Summer of 2018, was making decisions on what NOT to do; and who not to prosecute. .

These two events highlight corruption and how much control was held by the Mueller team within the DOJ despite the presence of AG Jeff Sessions (firewalled and recused) and apparently with the willfully blind participation of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

The decisions in the Wolfe case are critical. That’s the fork in the road. If the Wolfe prosecution for leaking the FISA application had continued it would have undoubtedly surfaced that key government officials and politicians were working together (executive and legislative); to frame a sitting president and remove him from office.

The Wolfe leak had that purposeful design.

The ramifications of the Wolfe case are stunning. Had the prosecution continued it’s very likely a seditious conspiracy would have surfaced.

♦ I often field a question: If you know this; if all of this information is in the public sphere; then why didn’t any member of the media cover it?

Here’s the answer: They couldn’t….

…..At least they couldn’t cover it and still retain all of the claims they had been making since March 2017 when journalist Ali Watkins gained a fully non-redacted copy of the Carter Page FISA application and first renewal.

Politico, The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and The Washington Post are all implicated in the James Wolfe leak to Ali Watkins. They had the FISA information since March 2017, yet those media outlets were disingenuously falsifying their reporting on the actual content of the FISA application despite their actual knowledge.

Remember all of the media denials about what Devin Nunes wrote in the “Nunes memo”? Remember the media proclaiming the Steele Dossier was not part of the FISA application?

How was the media fifteen months later (July 2018) going to report on the Wolfe leak to Watkins without admitting they had been manufacturing stories about its content for the past year-and-a-half?

It was in the media’s interest NOT to cover, or dig into, the Wolfe story. The media were allied with the resistance unit which was leaking them information to retain the fraud.

Additionally, from both the DOJ and Media perspective, coverage of the Wolfe leak would prove the senate intel committee (SSCI) was, at a minimum, a participating entity in the coup effort. That same SSCI is responsible for oversight over the CIA, FBI, DOJ-NSD, ODNI, DNI, and all intelligence agencies.

Worse yet, all officers within those agencies require confirmation from the SSCI (including Chair and Vice-Chair); and any discussion of the Wolfe leak would highlight the motive for ongoing corruption within the SSCI in blocking those nominations (see John Ratcliffe).

WASHINGTON—Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee have been notified they may be asked for testimony as part of the criminal trial of a veteran Senate staffer accused of lying to the FBI while working for the panel.

Attorneys for James A. Wolfe sent letters to all 15 senators on the committee, notifying them that their testimony may be sought as part of Mr. Wolfe’s defense, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Wolfe, who for nearly 30 years served as the director of security for the intelligence committee, was arrested last month and charged with lying to the FBI about his contacts with reporters while the bureau was conducting an investigation into leaks of classified information to journalists. Mr. Wolfe wasn’t charged with leaking any information.  (July 27, 2018)

Stunning ramifications.

There was a clear fork in the road, and the resistance unit running the DOJ constructed the cover-up; which, considering what the special counsel resistance unit was simultaneously doing with the EDVA regarding Assange, is not entirely surprising.

Were the special counsel (resistance) decisions done with forethought to coverup a transparent trail showing gross abuses of government? Yes.

Where the DOJ is today, under AG Barr, is directly connected to the decisions the resistance operations made in 2017 and 2018 to protect themselves and internally corrupt actors from discovery.

It is often said: “the coverup is always worse than the crime.” This is never more true than with these examples, because where we are today… now miles down the path of consequence from those corrupt decisions… is seemingly disconnected from the ability of any institutional recovery. That’s now become the issue for Bill Barr and John Durham.

So what happened recently? Well…

WASHINGTON DC – After a 38-year career with the Justice Department, the FBI’s top lawyer Dana Boente was asked to resign on Friday. Two sources familiar with the decision to dismiss Boente said it came from high levels of the Justice Department rather than directly from FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Considering the decision about Dana Boente came from John Durham and Bill Barr, this removal makes sense.

But what about the FBI investigator, the Supervisory Special Agent, who invested over a year tracking down classified intelligence leaks, only to have the Mueller team bury the case?


[…] “During the OIG’s investigation the SSA and the FBI entered into a mediated settlement agreement”.


Sorry bitches, we are not going to let you hide it again.

We know; if the DOJ is trying to hide it that doesn’t change our level of information.

Regardless of whether John Durham or Bill Barr actually admit what took place, there are people who know…

We know….

You know….

Soon everyone will know.

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  1. dennistherealmenace says:

    Great explanation as always Sundance! I am with you. Lets do this. Sunlight is the ultimate disinfectant.

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  2. theoldgoat says:

    I wonder if Roger Stone could have a role to play to help push this, or enough of this into the sunlight. The attacks against Stone having his sentence commuted seem over the top, even from these DS players. That Romney is part of it, along with Mueller’s (well, a surrogate, as Mueller doesn’t seem to have the capacity as he is mentally impaired as Biden is). Schiff is also going nuts and he is well tied up in all this.

    If this is all put together with public information, why is it that Durham is still not ahead of this and issuing indictments? Sure, there might not be enough to nail them all in one swoop, but you don’t need to nail everyone initially, get the most obvious culprits and keep going from there, but meanwhile you expose some of these people, and potentially get them to start playing “let’s make a deal” to limit their punishment.

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    • amjean says:

      From the “novels” I read (LOL) the feds always arrest a few to get at the many.


    • starfcker says:

      “If this is all put together with public information, why is it that Durham is still not ahead of this and issuing indictments?” Easy answer. Imagine some of best friends and colleagues you’ve spent your life and career with. You went to pink pussy hat rallies with them, you went to Hillary watch parties with them, you had many dinners together at tofu restaurants. You worshipped minorities together, checked each other’s prostates on a regular basis, just in case. What if they did some really bad things that you didn’t know about. And then it became your job to destroy them. Put them in prison, steal their golden pension, ruin their family. And all they tried to do was save the country from the bad orange man. You would have a sad. Bill Barr might have started out with the best of intentions, but the idea of Bobby and Rod and Pete and Jimbo and Andy and Dana and Brandon and Bruce and Nellie and Glenn and Joe and Zero being reduced to scrounging up a pack of smokes to keep from getting their ass kicked every day weighs heavily on his conscience.

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      • James Strates says:

        Checked each others prostates on a regular basis, just in case. Rotflmao.

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      • rickinhouston says:

        They’ve had a good life, though. Time for Durham to end that.

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      • Hans says:

        IMHO Ag Barr might have been blindsided.. was told by mueller and co there was no there there.. everything was above board..

        So now he is in the hot seat… my guess …..nothing… if pressured he will resign..
        who would replace him.. at short interim notice..

        The only thing that would stop him from resigning is an honest lawyer… Calling Sidney Powel…… wanted for ……

        But I don’t think she could serve even on a temporary basis since she has not received A senate confirmation… So perhaps there is another qualified senate approved lawyer?


    • mark says:

      mueller is not impaired in any way!! Please stop with this idea. There is plenty of evidence on the internet via John Dowd interviews. Mr. Dowd was the President’s lawyer who had to deal with mueller.


      • His – acting- on 2019 hearing been really poor…..poor pretender……

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      • DeWalt says:

        Sicilian Flu

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      • madeline says:

        “Attorneys for James A. Wolfe sent letters to all 15 senators on the committee, notifying them that their testimony may be sought as part of Mr. Wolfe’s defense, according to two people familiar with the matter”.

        Surprised Wolfe wasn’t Seth Riched…

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        • dd_sc says:

          Wolfe was SSCI security for 20 years and a Feinstein ally. I’m sure he has dead man switches in place. Wacking a guy like that would have long term ramifications. An IT staffer like Seth Rich, not so much.

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          • Hans says:

            Remember Huma Abedin and the Weiner laptop.

            Special file..insurance policy.. when you work for Hillary Arkenside is a real issue..

            Nice guys like Seth Rich … thought the swamp was real just did not have enough experience how interconnected.

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    • MJJ says:

      Once again, just like in 1776 when American Colonialists Common Men, Women and Patriots decided to Remove the Rule of Absolute Monarchs that were Above all Laws Proclaiming to be the Sole Law, the same thing must happen in America changing the Supreme Court 1976 Absolute Immunity for Prosecutors.

      The President of the United States does not have Absolute Immunity and neither should any Federal, State and County Prosecutors either. The Independent Federal Judges and Presidential Special Counsel Laws also require Reforms as well. No More One Party 17 Democrats but a both Laws must require Appointments be Approved by Majority and Minority Political Parties. This would insure seeking the Truth and Help Remove the Bias Appearance of Impropriety for Political Purposes.

      This should be Proposed and Adopted by President Trump Campaign ad Republican and Democratic Party Platforms. No Absolute Immunity for Anyone in America!

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      • 2zymos says:

        The DESIGNED accountability for gov’t criminals was always the militia and the citizens grand jury: backed and activated by the militia.

        Any politics without rifles is pre-ordained failed politics at this point (whether the weapons are employed or not employed, you have no “rights” freely returned to you by government — you/me/WE will take them back and protect them or we will not have them).

        The political parties are THE problem and not ever going to be a part of the solution.
        In times past and potentially in near future: The modern major “press”, like the past and future “press” (media) COULD BE and (moral imperative) OUGHT TO BE a part of the solution… but for know they are on the treasonteam resistance.

        In the end game, “you” (and many commenters here) are talking CIVIL IMMUNITY or LEGAL IMMUNITY and we rapidly approach times where “civil” and “legal” CORRUPTIONS and ABUSES are overcome by moral and LAWFUL and HUMANELY DISCIPLINED men at arms. Forced response: not any alternatives. Already outlined in Declaration of Independence and Constitution: the militia is a well established Constitutional actor and “institution” involved in the balance of power for maintaining our free and effective governance.
        Stay cold angry.

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    • jimboct says:

      Either Stone knows something or the deep state is afraid Stone knows something. The Deep State fears that maybe Stone and Assange actually did talk and information was passed. This explains the heavy-handed way the DOJ went after him.
      My guess is Assange has proof that Seth Rich gave him the DNC emails and will release it as an October surprise.
      My patience is thin but I feel that Durham will release his information prior to the election. He will claim that his targets are not running in the election, therefore he can release it close to the election. I hope there is someone looking at Quid Pro Joe. There is a lot there!


  3. 28angelica28 says:

    “FBI leadership also took the step of personally notifying the SSCI Chair and Vice-Chair of the investigation. In doing so, the FBI requested, in order to avoid the potential destruction of evidence, that the SSCI take no steps to reveal to Wolfe the existence of the investigation.”

    Does anyone really believe they didn’t want Wolfe to know? The reason that they let the Chair and Vice-Chair know was so that they could warn James Wolfe that the investigation was coming and that they could begin damage control before any of this became public. It also gave Warner, a significant player in Spygate, time to form his allegiances and alliances in order to cover his guilty a$$!

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    • Bill Thomas says:

      This is a threat that says that if our guy goes down, you’re next: “Attorneys for James A. Wolfe sent letters to all 15 senators on the committee, notifying them that their testimony may be sought as part of Mr. Wolfe’s defense, according to two people familiar with the matter.” It’s also a “destroy the evidence” request.

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      • doofusdawg says:

        Sundance mentioned whistleblower several times recently. The fbi agent who was investigating Wolfe and was overridden is the likely candidate. If Barr and Durham do or don’t want to go down that road then perhaps we might actually have our new deep throat. Keep Pushin.

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      • DeWalt says:

        Where is Bill Priestap?

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        • Mr. Morris says:

          Yes, where is Bill Priestap? He was Peter Strzok’s boss. Bill Priestap’s wife, maiden name Menshel, I believe heads the New York international “spy information” company Kroll. The company has offices around the world including London.
          Mr. Menshel, father of Bill Priestap’s wife, was a hugely successful Wall Street executive who donated millions to the Democrat Party.

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        • dd_sc says:

          Hanging out with Joe Pientka?

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    • MLK says:

      It really is quite something that this greatest political scandal in American history has resisted resolution. As a matter of first impression that’s a relief since getting rid of Trump has been as close to a dues ex machina as imaginable.

      That remains the case to this very moment. If Trump loses the election, the Big Lie, in whole and its constituent parts, will have succeeded.

      It’s of monumental importance that Durham move before the election, not because if Trump loses this will all be buried, though it assuredly will. It’s because that prospect will guarantee there is nothing they will not do to ensure that outcome.


      • madeline says:

        Is it possible, should God Forbid, PDT not win he could expose it all in a documentary or a book and even go after the players personally?


        • 2zymos says:

          But reality is “this” is already taking place (exposure and lawsuits)…
          …but do “we” really understand how deeply penetrated and corrupted the entire process is??
          If and when we do “understand” then we will respond with the “most appropriate” remedy:
          Voting is not alone or even the primary “fix”
          Information or Education is “nice” but also not a “fix”
          Courts and lawsuits are a joke and not a “fix”
          Show me ANY legislative body or legislation that has even a shred of “fix” attached

          Arrests — maybe
          Militia — maybe
          Forced retirements or Firings — maybe

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        • MLK says:

          We should first get our sober minds around what went off the rails in the lead up to the 2016 election.

          Specifically, The Peaceful Transition Of Power didn’t happen.

          While officially it’s just this wonderful tradition we Americans took as a given, 2016 revealed there was a whole lot more going on behind the curtain prior to us getting to see the Peaceful Transition of Power thingie on Inauguration Day.

          The transition from Bush to Obama in 2009 was the polar opposite to what happened in 2017. The Bush people had reason to worry, especially given the social mood in the country in 2009. Yet throughout Obama’s eight years, his administration protected Bush and Bush era officials as if they were their own. In a word, they were thick as thieves.

          For anyone who pays attention at this site, I don’t need to rehearse how rightfully worried former Obama administration officials, and other elements within the administrative state, were at the prospect of a Trump administration unconstrained by any such factional arrangement.

          I write that in response to your question because this has gone too far already. It’s miles above Weissman et. al. pay grade. All of that administrative state filth is expendable.

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      • pyromancer76 says:

        President Trump will not lose this next election.


    • Winston says:

      “Hey, corrupt committee that leaks like a sieve and put the guy we’re investigating up to his leaking task, we’re investigating him BUT DON’T TELL HIM! Wink, wink…”

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  4. Dan Patterson says:

    This is a dense report and summary of the deep swamp coup attempt (ongoing) that demands time for a reader to digest. Time that I do not have this morning.
    But a few common sense red flags were obvious to a big-picture sort of cat like moi:
    -The effort to subvert the Constitution was and is a treasonous and intentional act requiring a Constitutional remedy. Where is that remedy?
    -The hands of justice appear to remain duct taped behind their backs. Why is that?
    -The FBI is corrupt and completely without honor. Why is that agency not being overhauled entirely?
    And the thing that sandpapered my ass this morning was this comment:
    “AG Bill Barr is not adverse to this sunlight; but everyone else, including the players from 2017-2019 who were running Main Justice, are.”
    Somebody (Sundance?) explain to me why in the goddam hell “Main Justice” is being run by people with allegiance to extra-Constitutional authority? Because it certainly appears that everyone but PDJT is working against me and you, Durham and Barr included.
    Is all this theater going to continue and we are all to pretend everything is “going to be ok” like in some bullshit LifeTime movie?
    When, exactly, can we expect things to “be ok” again? Because at some point there will be a reckoning.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      I have been saying for the past year: They do not care what we know or how we know, because they know we cannot do anything about it. Sundance could come out with a tape recording of some of these people confessing to their crimes and still nothing will be done. Unless some big public figure demands that millions of us Deplorables march on DC, then maybe they will get our attention.

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    • alonzo1956 says:

      My largest fear about this whole affair is that it will not be fully prosecuted. I firmly believe with my deepest convictions, that if it isn’t prosecuted to the complete end (by that I mean conspiracy to commit TREASON or TREASON itself), the rule of law will be tainted to the point that it is meaningless. The American experiment to self-govern will have failed. Look at what is and has been happening in DC for decades. Are we actually a self-governing people today? Give that some serious consideration before you answer that question.

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    • Hans says:

      IMHO .. BLM taking to the streets was a warning to AG Bill,Barr…by the deep,state.

      You indict and there will be riots…

      AG Bill Barr…. peep. We are looking at some people who attacked statues….
      Just refusing to see the elephant in the room.


  5. gsonFIT says:

    These government players consider the government more important than the citizens just like a communist China or Russia

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  6. Conservative_302 says:

    The key seems to be Assange. Why hasn’t he been interviewed, and his interview made public? Why are we going after him like he is a criminal?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Nessie509 says:

      Assange was arrested for a previous disclosure of U.S. secrets.
      U.S. charged Julian Assange with helping Chelsea Manning hack classified information and realest 700,000 secret documents.
      This is completely unrelated to Spying on Trump and Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

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      • PS says:

        Good point. Every mention of him is related to the Chelsea Manning case. We know he broke the law on that one. It all ties back to bury the information until Trump is out of office.

        It’s like a having bank robber who filmed another thief breaking into a jewelry store. Except the jewelry thief gave all the diamonds to the wives of every gov official in the city. If they catch the jewel thief, everyone has to admit they took stolen merch, so the gov decides to bury the bank robber instead.

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        • TPW says:

          Sorry ….but dont all Journalist enjoy the protection against prosecution…..like NYT receiving classified FISA warrant……Assange is a journalist reporting to the people. Again the DOJ FBI selectively charging people? …….Doesn’t add up that Barr all the sudden saw the light with Flynn…..I am still wondering what his motivations were….was it to fool us that he is on track to do the right thing? Was it to fool PT? Was it because somehow the Flynn case was connected to the bad FISA warrants. The FISA court wanted all info on what investigations and fruits they produced from the DOJ. That Barr was forced to produce the Brady material because of the FISA court demands. All this info is jumbled up in my head so I could be way off base.


      • Tango268 says:

        Bradley’s sentence had already been commuted. Why try Assange for a minor role in a crime that has already been considered insignificant?


    • Joyce M says:

      Not so sure I would trust our government (DOJ/FBI) officials to prosecute or have custody of Assange at this point. Would you?

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  7. oldfiredude says:

    This conspiracy is still affecting innocent people today, Boente and Wolfe may be fired but Julian Assange is still in prison as a result of a criminal conspiracy. Who can help? (POTUS)??

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    • dbobway says:

      The President can’t do anything until we wins the election. Unless,
      These treasonous criminals force his hand, which they’re are trying to do.
      25 to 30% of the American voter, knows anything about this.
      We are already on the Trump train and ready to vote.
      The Democrats believe if they keep PDJT isolated, He’ll misstep and verify, their continual attack, he is an authoritarian dictator, with untrustworthy intentions for America.
      This a naive road to go down.I think the President wants them doing just that.
      There have heard several interviews, one with Doug Wead and Donald Jr., where the Presidents son said the Russia hoax was a gift that keeps on giving.
      From now until Nov.4, winning this election and taking back Congress is a lazored in power point to the administration.
      70% of voters don’t have the Russia hoax in mind, on a list, nothing that will change how they vote.
      I talked to a high end banker, this weekend, who made this statement, “I don’t care if Trump were a Democrat, I want this noise to stop. I vote Democrat and I would vote against him.” Sunday morning TV is this mans favorite news day.
      President Trump, lives in reality, and that is right where operates,
      His enemy, is a bloated, massive tub of lard, using all the grease they can, to spray over everything and everybody, relentlessly, and Trump’s loss is the only way they will stop.
      If the President wins, the mess keeps coming.
      Excuse the language, she is the metaphor to America.


      • Well, your high end banker friend is a complete fraud and moron, because if he votes against Trump, his job will probably be at risk as the economy collapses…
        Even high end bankers can lose bigly under a Communist Regime.

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        • dbobway says:

          My first question to this banker, “Are you a socialist?”
          “Absolutely not.”
          These people don’t believe any of this. It’s fodder!!!
          Just like Sen. Lindsey Graham was a big Trumpster until he won his primary and went 180* the day after.
          He asked me what I wanted. 2 words.
          “The Truth.”

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          • Should have asked if he was a Communist, like all the Democrat leaders and party members are now out in the open, they hid behind the curtain for many years.

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            • dbobway says:

              Most people, left leaning, don’t realize socialism is an idea that never worked, abigial.
              So Communist was born to kill all the people who disagreed with their ‘idea’.
              In the days before the French revolution it was called serfdom, and it still is today.

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  8. Fasterpill says:

    I pray that God will make the seeing eyes of your predators blind, and the blind eyes of we the people and those who can help to see. I pray for a purge and a housecleaning of the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of the U.S. government starting NOW. NOW faith is the substance of things hoped for…

    Liked by 2 people

    • madeline says:

      Fasterpill, I have prayed this prayer for years. I am beginning to think this is not what the Lord has in mind and yet he must be sickened by the stench that is Washington. I have no more words to describe my disappointment …

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    • beach lover says:

      Don’t forget the media..without them and their covering up of everything, this would have all come out years ago.

      I know its repeated to the point it’s lost it’s effect, but just imagine all this happening against a democrat administration. The media could break this wide open if they weren’t so complicit in the cover up. (which is why I believe many of the swamp creatures pulled them into the snare)


  9. Right to reply says:

    Accountability, we WILL have it! Thank you, Sundance. I pray recognition for you, and your hardwork. I message the Trump’s daily with your articles.

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  10. Fasterpill says:

    ALL HANDS – Click the yellow Donate button above where it says “Support the Treehouse.” This means YOU!!!

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  11. lambgraham says:

    How do we proceed in finding justice when-
    1- Judge Robert’s who has jurisdiction on the FISA courts is a never Trumper
    2- Bill Barr is friendly with Mueller as are their wives.
    3- Bill Barr refusing to make Obama and Biden subjects in this investigation
    4- To the best of our knowledge none of the main conspirators have been interviewed by Durham. That’s confirmed by Fitton who also believes no grand jury has been called.
    5- There is a timeline (election). Bill Barr believes that implicating Obama and Biden it is using the DOJ as a weapon against your opponents. It’s not , this is a legitimate criminal investigation that happens to involve the former President and his VP. How does Barr imply this is the greatest political crime in history and not go after Obama, Biden, and Mueller?

    Liked by 3 people

    • sDee says:

      Sundance answered that yesterday….

      “CTH readers, hundreds of thousands, hell, millions of you, and your brothers and sisters are the best insurance policy.

      Stop giving them power by positioning your outlook that they will do nothing…. just stop. Demand action. You are worth it.

      Do not give them an inch of room for obfuscation. Do not worry about being perceived as an a**hole about it.”

      They want us demoralized and feeling defeated. We soon will have the evidence to arm ourselves with – from high-level outline form down to the fine details. Read and re-read these posts. Get ready!

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      • amwick says:

        Thomas Wictor, he is eccentric, crazy even, but, he is a huge supporter of our President. He has said that we should be happy warriors. I really like that.

        BTW I believe that connected people visit this blog..The words we are all reading are getting to the right places…

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        • Lawton says:

          That is Brian Cates buddy. Have been saying crazy nonsense about everything. Sessions was playing 5D chess and all that mess. I wonder what they say now that Trump is telling Bama that he doesn’t want Sessions back in Congress after doing nothing against this mess.


      • help4newmoms says:

        Two of my favorite excuses for not prosecuting now:

        1. It takes a long time to properly build a case – sorry, thanks for playing, it didn’t take Mueller long at all to nab Flynn, Papa D, and Stone. Next…

        2. We can’t investigate so close to an election? Hello! Trump was investigated BEFORE DURING and AFTER his campaign. Next….

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        • Amber Dekstris says:

          It didn’t take Mueller long because for show trials it doesn’t take long to build the cases.

          For genuine trials, the cases do take a while to build.


    • MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

      I believe it was wise for Barr to say he DIDN’T expect Biden or Obama to be investigated in the deal just to avoid the media onslaught. If there is actually an investigation taking place and the evidence is so clear that it leads to both then Barr can’t avoid not charging them. I am hoping what they have found leads to investigation all of those 15 senators whether it’s dems or repubs for they are totally evil and owned. I would bet money that Lindsey, Mitch, and Burr want this deal stopped today.

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      • If you go back to the interview; Barr also said “at this time” ” he DIDN’T expect Biden or Obama to be investigated.”

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        • deeperinfo says:

          Yep, you grabbed the brass ring. Slick aside that most missed.

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        • Hans says:

          At this time …… IMHO is porn hope… a little balm to soothe the masses as time goes by.

          AntiFa has been active for years in Portland Oregon…. members have attacked Federal Ice facilities..//NO GD ACTION FROM AG BARR…. no indictments in Portland none..

          Yes I’m pissed.. I’m more convinced then ever this will not end with peacefull indictments..
          it will only end with the cartridge box….


  12. sDee says:

    Recent posts form Sundance, for me anyway, are honing in on the top-down story. I used to try and explain this to people by starting with Carter Page and the “viral” FISA warrants. Never got very far with anyone – eyes glaze over quickly.

    My new approach is:
    If a dozen high powered Washington attorneys were hired to run the DoJ, would you even know?

    Had some progress this morning. I even got down one level with someone explaining the lawyers’ coverup operations: Wolfe and the dirty SSCI, and the muzzle on Assange.

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  13. Mike in a Truck says:

    I sure hope President Trump in his second or third term decentralize’s the DOJ/FBI. Break it up and fling them to the far corners of the Republic.Having the rats congregate in one spot -D.C. only leads to mischief. The FBI has become the KGB of the DNC. Break them up or better yet abolish them.

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  14. Will Hunt says:

    If this level of malfeasance, negligence, blatant criminal behavior took place in a private sector entity it would have been acted on and disposed of long ago. The public sector has been shown to be regulated by a completely different and hidden set of fluid, situational laws and regulations. This is or should be obvious and nauseating to everyone.

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    • Susan Harms says:

      alot of crime in the private sector goes unpunished for exactly the reasons here: CEO friend hired as key financial person for small startup. 1yr later realize that she has expropriated $90K — they just fired her. Private engineering firm hires my friend as CFO — she insists on audit before she takes over. Audit reveals previous CFO has stolen MILLIONS. THey just let him go.

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  15. Genie says:

    Poor Hillary, wakes up everyday thinking “I paid $10 million to Steele and this is what I got?”

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  16. rayvandune says:

    Given this evidence, every public statement and action of AG Barr must be evaluated carefully for whether it demonstrates an unswerving allegiance to the Constitution, or is adulterated by his friendship with the members of a treasonous criminal conspiracy. AG Barr might be the last honest senior official left in the DOJ, but that means we have to press to find the truth, or force it out, one way or the other.

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  17. rayvandune says:

    Given this evidence, every public statement and action of AG Barr must be evaluated carefully for whether it demonstrates an unswerving allegiance to the Constitution, or is adulterated by his friendship with the members of a treasonous criminal conspiracy. AG Barr might be the last honest senior official left in the DOJ, but that means we have to press to find the truth, or force it out, one way or the other.


    • madeline says:

      I’m not sure what Bible the wives (Barr and Mueller) are studying. But, I hope it is the one I study. Maybe they could share some truths.
      JOHN 8:31,32
      So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


  18. Seneca the Elder says:

    Absolutely brilliant, the way that Sundance has put this all together. The sheer volume of information he had to work with would be daunting, even for a team of professional intelligence operatives, yet somehow SD figured it all out.
    As Dan said above, it takes time for a reader to digest; however there are a few things that stand out. There can be no denying the treachery that took place with elected and unelected officials. In fact it is still going on.
    They STOLE one election from us in 2018 which has resulted in the current state of affairs- anarchy, Treason, sedition, civil war and the Chi Com Corona Crisis.
    They are now working on STEALING the November election so they can finish the job.
    Sundance is right- there is NO MORE TIME left to pretend this isn’t happening. We who have boots on the ground feel the urgency.

    WTF is wrong with Barr, Durham and the rest of them??
    Despite all that’s been revealed, the high crimes and misdemeanors, I have not seen Barr get the slightest bit angry or outraged at the level of corruption in HIS agency! This guy is either a smooth operator or on some major tranquilizers in my estimation.
    But I digress. Our other fearless warrior Sundance is out there on a mission, what I call Operation Sunlight. He is not going to let them get away with it or I am convinced he is willing to die trying to stop them.
    More than trillions are at stake- it is our great Republic itself.

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    • sDee says:

      All I can add Senca is… If not us, who? If not now, when? No one is coming to save us.

      This lockdown was a drill, The BLM/Anftifa blitz was the whip. A truly frightening majority complied with the State. They are pleased and ready with the next wave…

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    • Here, to prove my point is this article from the UK Daily Mail. Former Homeland Security Chief, a “lifelong Republican” admits that she secretly torpedoed our President’s attempt to end DACA.
      How in the name of all that’s holy is a traitorous b**** like this still working at the highest level of Government??


      If the Deep State scumbags still have this much power, the ones we never heard of, then there is no point in President Trump holding back and waiting any longer. He must use every single weapon in his arsenal to DESTROY as many of our enemies as he possibly can. We have less than 100 days to save our Republic- let’s get real.

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    • Amber Dekstris says:

      Seneca, why are you getting so nervous?

      Here is one plausible scenario:
      Barr is fair dinkum
      His first preference is to take significant action after Trump wins the election
      Failing that, where Trump loses the election, Barr takes significant action between election day and inauguration day.

      And here is a fact:
      Sundance will release the 5-minute version (along with the medium and long versions) of his investigation at a useful time, which everyone here will distribute far and wide, and the recipients will be asked to distribute it further, and a large number of citizens will be introduced to truth.


  19. sDee says:

    Nothing will be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning Burr goes down.

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    • beach lover says:

      I wish. But I fear Lindsay will protect him.

      Now that Graham has announced he is calling Mueller back before them, I wonder if this will be the beginning of the breakdown of the whole cover-up… or the closing of the casket of it. It could be epic. But then, my faith in our just government is about gone.


  20. Vera says:

    “Demanding action” won’t help one little bit.
    “Action” is completely up to the AG….. and the President if he wishes to intervene with the AG.
    When the AG declines to act, there is no appeal, no comeback….. and he need not give a reason why.


  21. Perot Conservative says:

    1. Wolfe raised $8,000 with a GoFundMe account.

    2. Heavy: “Wolfe Was an Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Army Who Married an FBI Agent”

    3. Heavy: “Wolfe’s second wife was Jane Rhodes-Wolfe, The New York Times reported. She was a top official in the FBI….”

    4. Heavy: “In 2012, Rhodes Wolfe became a member of the Senior Executive Service in the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. …”

    5. Retired from the FBI in 2016, now s consultant.


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    • Perot Conservative says:

      P.S. From public records, it looks like James Wolfe & his wife may have divorced.

      J. Wolfe appears to have moved from their Maryland carriage house to Stamford, CT high-rise. His wife appears to have moved to Rhode Island.


      1. Wolfe appears to live in a LUXURY TRUMP PROPERTY!
      2. The sold home in Maryland appears to have a large, custom bifold, movable bookcase in their finished basement – with a secret, shallow area behind it. . Behind the open bookcase – realtor photo – a picture appears to show important framed letters, commendations, and correspondence? (Tough to tell as clarity is lost w zooming in.)

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  22. Qbinky says:

    The deep analysis is important and required, but the average citizen has neither the time or background information to digest this. Remember, information must be written on about a 6th grade level for the masses to comprehend it. Even as a multiple-times-a-day visitor to CTH, I’m struggling with all of this information. Maybe someone with a better grasp than me on all this could develop a simple, concise, point by point synopsis. I, for one, would be most grateful.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Q- here is the most simple explanation I can give:
      The stole the 2018 election and now they want to steal the November election too and finish destroying our President, the Deplorables and the Republic.

      Liked by 4 people

    • cantcforest says:

      Qb, I read one of Sundance’s comments a day or so ago to mean that he and his accomplices are preparing flip cards for us. I’m buying ink for my printer. 😉


      • fionnagh says:

        Speaking of “cards,” someone (or several someones? It’s impossible to read ALL of the comments!) mentioned business cards. The cost is maybe ten bucks for a thousand.

        The suggestion was to have business cards printed with CTH/TLF web site address, ready to be passed along. In-between talking with the guy doing maintenance on your car and by the time he gets home, he’ll remember the conversation but maybe forget the web site. Until he pulls the card from his pocket.

        Not sure if any copyright infringement involved here?

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      • pyromancer76 says:

        We need much more than your printer! Sundance needs action from each and everyone of us.


    • All Too Much says:

      Focus on the Wolfe plea deal.
      Understand it on a simple level, then focus some more.
      When you understand it enough to explain it to a twelve-year old, you can explain it to others, share it. It’s not complicated, and it should open the door to curiosity and further discussion.

      Liked by 2 people

  23. Bubby says:

    “If the DOJ had been honest with the court, there’s a strong possibility some, perhaps much, of Mueller evidence gathering would have been invalidated… and cases were pending. The solution: mislead the court and claim the predication was still valid.”- Sundance. Just imagine if that had happened there would be no lawsuit going all the way to the Supreme Court requesting secret grand jury testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. How much wasted time, money spent on a fools errand due to the dishonesty of the DOJ and their part in the coup d’etat attempt! There has to be accountability beyond being forced to resign!

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  24. owtolunch says:

    Sounds like there may be some folks who are violating this Executive Order… Corruption….

    if found guilty they lose everything… lock, stock and barrel….(1776 descriptor)


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  25. Back to Basics says:

    I hope the planned reveal is a LOT simpler and easier to follow.

    This is AWESOME research and great info for Treepers, as always, but the average Joe-Bag-0-Donuts voter will wade into this, at most, two sentences before their attention span will completely fail them.

    There has to be a big, easy to grasp anchor that clearly has big implications, or nobody will notice. The “elevator speech” is a start, but there has to be a Cliff Notes version of the elevator speech, that shakes people out of their stupor in 30 seconds or less.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Bigbadmike says:

      That’s why commuting Stone was huge. He is free and will help the President be Re-Elected by letting many of us know what the Deep State is really up to in 30 seconds or less. He knows where all the bodies are buried. That’s why Barr wanted him in Prison until after the election. Wonder why Meadows thought the same? Jim Jordan better slap his buddy and wake Meadows up.

      Liked by 1 person

      • POTUS knew exactly why he commuted the sentence at this time, just look at the big reveal now and all the noise.
        Hell, his action even brought out Mueller (Lawfare, prolly Weissman) and his ranting on why this and why that….who gives a rat’s behind? Mueller shouldn’t protest so much if he is pure as the driven snow…(Lawfare really messed up this time.).
        And Lindsay is gonna bring Mueller to capitol hill now for a whole new dog ‘n pony show; more expose’s coming along.
        Don’t completely dismiss AG Barr so quickly. Recently in a televised interview he was asked the question: ‘Do you speak to the President?”
        His reply, with a chuckle: ‘Yes, almost daily’.
        Well, do you think they are discussing golf and grandkids?

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        • beach lover says:

          Hehehe. Mueller (probably Weissman) might have stepped in it this time. Now, if Mueller has to answer what has been revealed of his shenanigans since he last mumbled through the hearing, it should be epic TV.

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        • Hans says:

          Yes these Senate/House hearings are just that…Dog and Pony show..

          When a whiteness starts to say something truthfully or damaging….the chairman will interrupt the answer.. seen it before …we will see it again..

          Smoke and mirrors.. kabuki theatre.. Miss Graham.. works hard for her money.


  26. Lawton says:

    Don’t think this can be related to Pientka as. I think I remember some things from before that showed he had to be a willing participant in this stuff and part of the team most likely.

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  27. I guess we had more than we realised all along. Now we know so much more of what was always there.

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  28. Bogeyfree says:

    so Where does Sundance go to get this information out beyond us? Where does it go in order to have real impact?

    Media – No – 99% Controlled by the left

    Senate Committees – No – Most are DS and RINO’s who don’t want the truth out and IMO would a waste of time.

    Barr & Durham – Possible – But I sense a layer of caution by Sundance on what even they would do with this info, after all they know today and we have seen nothing.

    That leave one Person

    President Trump – might I suggest the best way to get an audience with him is via Sidney via Gen Flynn. I guarantee if Gen Flynn puts a call into PT he takes it.

    And if Sundance ensures that Sidney knows that Weissman was possibly running the DOJ and not Rosenstein or even Mueller then this will set her off hopefully and want to make sure PT knows.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Bogey- great analysis. I agree. They stole the 2018 election and want to do the same in November.
      President Trump needs to pull out all the stops and go to war wit these traitorous bastards.
      The hell with Barr and Durham (see me other posts). POTUS is the most powerful man on the planet. I’m sure he will figure out how to use his power to destroy his enemies whoever they are and wherever they may be.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Bucknutguy says:

      Coupled with Sundance’s call to action, this blog needs to be emailed to EVERY member of Congress by all of us. Let’s fill their in boxes. Title it: “We Know”

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    • beach lover says:

      agree… which may be why the swamp is trying to delay any resolution to the Flynn case until it’s too late to use it against them. Sullivan is surely taking one for the team.


  29. The Boss says:

    I am very much interested in seeing how this story gets boiled down to an elevator speech and 5 sheets of paper. (Delivery #1)

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    • All Too Much says:

      Start with the Wolfe plea deal.
      Simple enough to explain in nutshell version, in an elevator, before it gets to the fifth floor.


  30. owtolunch says:

    As this information comes out and the picture gets drawn before the public—- there will be renewed efforts to distract —— more brutal riots, killings in cities, more attacks upon police and democrat controlled cities….renewed efforts to extend the COVID emergency…over 25 states are still shut down… on mandatory mask demands… no one will answer the fact that manufacturers state these products will not provide any protection from viruses – state governments continue to lie daily and have placed sanctions upon businesses that do not enforce their edicts……

    they will not go down without a fight… the political cabal has significant strength… when those who are controlled by the C of C, the pharmaceutical industry, auto industry and durable goods manufacturing and the global food conglomerates along with wall street bankers — the opposition is very formidable.. they own the media globally… and now the internet media platforms…


    • sDee says:

      Then we better get ready to fight or, to get down on our knees.


    • ladyliberty11 says:

      The founders of this country, with the help a rag-tag group of farmers, tradesmen, and artisans, defeated the British Army.

      Against all odds (think Valley Forge), they never gave up.

      They gave us the greatest country on earth. Following in the their hallowed and bloodied footsteps, and with the grace of God, we just might keep it.


      Determine to Preserve

      Valley Forge was the site of the 1777-78 winter encampment of the Continental Army. The 3,500-acres of monuments, meadows, and woodlands commemorate the sacrifices and perseverance of the Revolutionary War generation. The park honors and celebrates the ability of citizens to pull together and overcome adversity during extraordinary times.


  31. pristach says:

    It’s discomforting to know that, in the end, those who will suffer anything of consequence from this three and a half year coup, are the people who sought out the truth.


  32. pristach says:

    It’s discomforting to know that, in the end, those who will suffer anything of consequence from this three and a half year coup, are the people who sought out the truth.


  33. MVW says:

    To make America Great there is a massive amount of change needed. Trump has been doing a Herculean Job in tackling the Judicial Branch, and he has worked with the Legislative branch, but that is an electoral process that works in election cycles.

    But, in the Executive it has been a learning process to realize how corrupted and decayed it all areas it was. The VA he knew and tackled it right off. The DOJ and FBI was a surprise plus we were stabbed in the back by Sessions and are still recovering from that delay in cleanup.

    The State Department, CIA, I suspect there are massive rogue elements still spitting in the soup.

    And, who would have thought that the FDA, NIAID (Fauci), CDC would also be corrupt?

    Next, and not part of the Gruberment, but the Gruberment is deeply involved through licensing and the CIA infiltration, and that is the media, owned by Foreign interests and Globalist Corps.

    Finally. our education institutions have been usurped by our enemies.

    What an incredible mess.

    And the economic recovery he made such progress on took a massive hit by the biological attack by China. An act of WAR. The medical departments in the Executive kneecapped his dealing with that and are still stabbing us in the back fighting against effective, safe, well known drugs Ivermectin and HCQ+Zinc, while pushing the vaccine narrative when research experts on this virus KNOW that vaccines for this specific virus from early research showed vaccines are not effective (for fundamental reasons, not technical reasons that can be overcome). Treatments are here, now, and work, but are being topedoed.

    And we face an election year. May God give us the changes we need on so many fronts.


  34. Mary says:

    It is more obvious than ever, after reading this entire encyclopedia set tour through the weeds, that Dr. Angelo Codevilla was 100% correct in May of 2018 when he recommended strongly that President Trump use his constitutional power to “declassify everything” related to the Russia investigation and index it all and put it on an easy to navigate government website. His reason – so the voters in 2018 would have all the information and the necessary time to digest it to decide “who is right?” Many people said “no, it’s complicated, the President doesn’t have that power”, an assertion which is pure BS. The President in 2018 promised repeatedly to do just that, but never delivered. And now, two years later with all the brilliant minds having told us it would all come out in Trump’s perfect timing before the 2020 election. Yeah, right. So, instead of a rational and nationally needed exposing of all the information for all to see, we have gotten more “timed leaks” and “partial declassifications intended to deceive”. And so that rat’s nest is more filled with lies and confusion than ever. And the voters will again be denied the truth and there will of course, be no indictments.


    • Hans says:

      No need to really declassify anything right now…

      We have the information on Gen Flynn he was set up.. Judge Sullivan refuses to do the right thing.. no need to cloud the water…. with more declassification..

      Time to strike at the heart …. Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leader working with the gang of eight to depose a duly elected President DT.

      Wolf acting on instructions from McConnel leaked the FISA Warrent to the NYT… to smear PDT. Try to get PDT resignation and/or loose political support.

      Wolf was outed in the Sting operation and indicted.

      Wolf acting in the self preservation mode… instructed his defense lawyer to inform them he was going to use them in his defense. The DOJ folded…. they folded so badly…. with the two month sentence deal there had to be a political fix… a risk now exposed…

      It’s really quite simple…. Where is MSM….

      We know You Know…..


      • Mary says:

        Wrong. We don’t know 1/1000 of the full story of this coup, which is still ongoing. And we need the full story now. It is totally unacceptable that near the end of Trump’s first four years there is still an FBI Director actively protecting traitors in our government. And the Trump appointed AG is acting like turtle speed is way too fast. Barr is not going to indict anyone.


  35. sDee says:

    The enemy is no longer hidden behind the Iron Curtain, it is embedded within.

    “Perhaps there is a simple answer, not an easy answer”

    “There is a price we will not pay.” “There is a point beyond which they must not advance.”

    “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.”
    …Ronald Reagan

    Liked by 2 people

    • Reagan saw the communist infiltration of the democrat party happening and sounded the alarm bells, but they got in there 30 years later when the Clintons took control. Now, nearly three decades after that, the democrat party has been fully commandeered. The oarty of JFK has become the party of Lee Harvey Oswald. Let them destroy their own party (that’s what’s happening right now), but we won’t let them “transform” the nation like 0bama crowed about after getting elected. If the American electorate rejects this crap in November, it will end the 0bama / Alinsky era and set the left back decades. I see nothing but desperation from democrats and this election can implode that party with a sound trouncing at the ballot box. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

      Liked by 2 people

  36. Here’s, IMO, the primary applicable statute to charge these criminals with – DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW – keeping in mind that EACH & EVERY person who’s communications were intercepted and viewed under the defectively predicated FISA warrants – remember the “two hop provision” – (as well as any other official law enforcement actions flowing therefrom) represents a separate & distinct count against those charged.

    Wouldn’t be any problem whatsoever to rack up life sentences for many of these scoundrels.


    Liked by 2 people

    • cjzak says:

      That sounds like a great way to proceed if it’s possible. Some of the criminals in this mess have to be brought out in the light of the public eye and brought to justice. Then this will all be completely available for the citizens to read and know all there is to know.

      I wish it could happen by Oct.


  37. Effem says:

    Dumb question perhaps: but how does indicting Assange keep him from revealing the source of the DNC emails?


  38. Winston says:

    Not that they don’t or won’t lie anyway, but doesn’t allowing them to resign prevent them from being obligated to answer questions as employees of the government and instead give them 5th Amendment rights against answering the same questions as a civilian? If not that, since they probably have the right to take the 5th either way, what beneficial legal effect, if any, might come from no longer being in a government position?

    Since the results of this entire “investigation” process thus far have been a big, fat Z-E-R-O as far as proper accountability is concerned, I’m wondering what part of the SCAM these allowed resignations might serve, if any.


  39. Tango268 says:

    Does anyone doubt the Satanic origins and delusion of this plot? While it seems intractable, there is no denying the almost biblical significance of Joe Biden (the most complicit possible candidate) running against our hero. Now look what is happening to him! God is freezing his tongue and making him say things he does not want to say. He may just unwittingly confess during a national debate!

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Bogeyfree says:

    Simple question……

    Who holds Barr accountable?

    From this read could it actually could be Sundance via PT?

    Liked by 2 people

  41. markmurraybooks says:

    Sundance stated:
    “An honest and ordinary prosecution of Wolfe would have exposed a complicit conspiracy between corrupt U.S. intelligence actors, the United States senate intelligence committee, and the resistance unit now running the DOJ. Two branches of government essentially working on one objective; the removal of a sitting president. The Mueller team was protecting multiple U.S. agencies, allied in the resistance cause, and their comrades in congress.”

    I take your outline one step further. We now know that we have three branches of government essentially working on one objective; the removal of a sitting president. Yes, all three. Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. There are judges right now trying to provide cover for that attempted removal of a sitting president. Two have been in the news recently: Amy Berman Jackson and Emmet Sullivan. Toss in the retired John Gleeson and things start looking bad for the judicial branch.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Thank you Sundance……………..again.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Inspector 71 says:

    Does any of this really matter? Can any average American understand this? These are deep details that any average American lacks the tolerance, focus or understanding to comprehend. I speak to some of my ardent Republican friends and they have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to a coup attempt against POTUS. If these folks don’t get it or know about it, there is a vast swath of the country that will never get it. Barr/Durham are deliberately dragging their feet to run out the clock until the election. Once the election is over, regardless of who wins, a report will be filed, discussing all the events associated with whatever the conspiratorial activities that comprise the coup with no good conclusions drawn. All good bookshelf material. Left will say “see we told you!” Right will howl for a bit and have to move on because coverage will be dropped within days. End of Story.


    • sDee says:

      They will get it when it blows up.

      Sundance is preparing the headlines that the press will not run.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Winston says:

      Yep, they know that without a public DEMANDING accountability that the system will not be forced to correct itself. Look at what the 9/11 families had to do to even get a half-assed investigation of that screw-up even with 100% of the country enthusiastically behind them. Unless you accept paper bags of cash bribes or roger a page, the crime won’t be simple enough for the average Joe or Jane to bother to follow. They know that and that’s why they always get away with incredibly serious, but complex crimes.

      Liked by 1 person

  44. lansdalechip says:

    Definitely something to keep and re-read.
    The last paragraph is equally disturbing. “We know”. I’d like to be able to convince myself that “we” are not a tiny minority who really care about the demise of our nation and are alarmed by it. But until you can stop Joe Six Pack and co. on the way to work and have them speak knowingly of all this, “We know” is overly optimistic and therein lies the real problem.


  45. TwoLaine says:

    “The grand jury indictment was sealed from March of 2018 until after Mueller completed his investigation, April 2019.”


    The grand jury indictment was sealed from March of 2018 until after Mueller was told the gig was up, wrap it up, his services were no longer needed by AG Bill Barr in March 2019.
    “The Attorney General

    Washington, D.C.

    March 24, 2019

    The Honorable Lindsey Graham
    Chairman, Committee on the Judiciary
    United States Senate
    290 Russell Senate Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510

    The Honorable Jerrold Nadler
    Chairman, Committee on the Judiciary
    United States House of Representatives
    2132 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515

    The Honorable Dianne Feinstein
    Ranking Member, Committee on the Judiciary
    United States Senate
    331 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510

    The Honorable Doug Collins
    Ranking Member, Committee on the Judiciary
    United States House of Representatives
    1504 Longworth House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515

    Dear Chairman Graham, Chairman Nadler, Ranking Member Feinstein, and Ranking Member Collins:

    As a supplement to the notification provided on Friday, March 22, 2019, I am writing today to advise you of the principal conclusions reached by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III and to inform you about the status of my initial review of the report he has prepared.
    The Special Counsel’s Report

    On Friday, the Special Counsel submitted to me a “confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination decisions” he has reached, as required by 28 C.F.R. $ 600.8(c). This report is entitled “Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.” Although my review is ongoing, I believe that it is in the public interest to describe the report and to summarize the principal conclusions reached by the Special Counsel and the results of his investigation.

    The report explains that the Special Counsel and his staff thoroughly investigated allegations that members of the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump, and others associated with it, conspired with the Russian government in its efforts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, or sought to obstruct the related federal investigations. In the report, the Special Counsel noted that, in completing his investigation, he employed 19 lawyers who were assisted by a team of approximately 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants, and other professional staff. The Special Counsel issued more than 2,800 subpoenas, executed nearly 500 search warrants, obtained more than 230 orders for communication records, issued almost 50 orders authorizing use of pen registers, made 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence, and interviewed approximately 500 witnesses.

    Page 1
    See Original Document

    The Special Counsel obtained a number of indictments and convictions of individuals and entities in connection with his investigation, all of which have been publicly disclosed. During the course of his investigation, the Special Counsel also referred several matters to other offices for further action. The report does not recommend any further indictments, nor did the Special Counsel obtain any sealed indictments that have yet to be made public. Below, I summarize the principal conclusions set out in the Special Counsel’s report.
    Russian Interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

    The Special Counsel’s report is divided into two parts. The first describes the results of the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The report outlines the Russian effort to influence the election and documents crimes committed by persons associated with the Russian government in connection with those efforts. The report further explains that a primary consideration for the Special Counsel’s investigation was whether any Americans – including individuals associated with the Trump campaign – joined the Russian conspiracies to influence the election, which would be a federal crime. The Special Counsel’s investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. As the report states: “[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

    The Special Counsel’s investigation determined that there were two main Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election. The first involved attempts by a Russian organization, the Internet Research Agency (IRA), to conduct disinformation and social media operations in the United States designed to sow social discord, eventually with the aim of interfering with the election. As noted above, the Special Counsel did not find that any U.S. person or Trump campaign official or associate conspired or knowingly coordinated with the IRA in its efforts, although the Special Counsel brought criminal charges against a number of Russian nationals and entities in connection with these activities.

    The second element involved the Russian government’s efforts to conduct computer hacking operations designed to gather and disseminate information to influence the election. The Special Counsel found that Russian government actors successfully hacked into computers and obtained emails from persons affiliated with the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party organizations, and publicly disseminated those materials through various intermediaries, including WikiLeaks. Based on these activities, the Special Counsel brought criminal charges against a number of Russian military officers for conspiring to hack into computers in the United States for purposes of influencing the election. But as noted above, the Special Counsel did not find that the Trump campaign, or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in these efforts, despite multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign.

    1 In assessing potential conspiracy charges, the Special Counsel also considered whether members of the Trump campaign “coordinated” with Russian election interference activities. The Special Counsel defined “coordination” as an “agreement—tacit or express—between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government on election interference.”

    Page 2
    See Original Document
    Obstruction of Justice.

    The report’s second part addresses a number of actions by the President – most of which have been the subject of public reporting – that the Special Counsel investigated as potentially raising obstruction-of-justice concerns. After making a “thorough factual investigation” into these matters, the Special Counsel considered whether to evaluate the conduct under Department standards governing prosecution and declination decisions but ultimately determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment. The Special Counsel therefore did not draw a conclusion – one way or the other – as to whether the examined conduct constituted obstruction. Instead, for each of the relevant actions investigated, the report sets out evidence on both sides of the question and leaves unresolved what the Special Counsel views as “difficult issues” of law and fact concerning whether the President’s actions and intent could be viewed as obstruction. The Special Counsel states that “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

    The Special Counsel’s decision to describe the facts of his obstruction investigation without reaching any legal conclusions leaves it to the Attorney General to determine whether the conduct described in the report constitutes a crime. Over the course of the investigation, the Special Counsel’s office engaged in discussions with certain Department officials regarding many of the legal and factual matters at issue in the Special Counsel’s obstruction investigation. After reviewing the Special Counsel’s final report on these issues; consulting with Department officials, including the Office of Legal Counsel; and applying the principles of federal prosecution that guide our charging decisions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and I have concluded that the evidence developed during the Special Counsel’s investigation is not sufficient to establish that the President committed an obstruction-of-justice offense. Our determination was made without regard to, and is not based on, the constitutional considerations that surround the indictment and criminal prosecution of a sitting president.

    In making this determination, we noted that the Special Counsel recognized that “the evidence does not establish that the President was involved in an underlying crime related to Russian election interference,” and that, while not determinative, the absence of such evidence bears upon the President’s intent with respect to obstruction. Generally speaking, to obtain and sustain an obstruction conviction, the government would need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person, acting with corrupt intent, engaged in obstructive conduct with a sufficient nexus to a pending or contemplated proceeding. In cataloguing the President’s actions, many of which took place in public view, the report identifies no actions that, in our judgment, constitute obstructive conduct, had a nexus to a pending or contemplated proceeding, and were done with corrupt intent, each of which, under the Department’s principles of federal prosecution guiding charging decisions, would need to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to establish an obstruction-of-justice offense.
    Status of the Department’s Review

    The relevant regulations contemplate that the Special Counsel’s report will be a “confidential report to the Attorney General. See Office of Special Counsel, 64 Fed. Reg. 37,038,

    2 See A Sitting President’s Amenability to Indictment and Criminal Prosecution, 24 Op. O.L.C. 222 (2000).

    Page 3
    See Original Document

    37,040-41 (July 9, 1999). As I have previously stated, however, I am mindful of the public interest in this matter. For that reason, my goal and intent is to release as much of the Special Counsel’s report as I can consistent with applicable law, regulations, and Departmental policies.

    Based on my discussions with the Special Counsel and my initial review, it is apparent that the report contains material that is or could be subject to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e), which imposes restrictions on the use and disclosure of information relating to “matter[s] occurring before [a] grand jury.” Fed. R. Crim. P. 6(e)(2)(B). Rule 6(e) generally limits disclosure of certain grand jury information in a criminal investigation and prosecution. Id. Disclosure of 6(e) material beyond the strict limits set forth in the rule is a crime in certain circumstances. See, e.g., 18 U.S.C. § 401(3). This restriction protects the integrity of grand jury proceedings and ensures that the unique and invaluable investigative powers of a grand jury are used strictly for their intended criminal justice function.

    Given these restrictions, the schedule for processing the report depends in part on how quickly the Department can identify the 6(e) material that by law cannot be made public. I have requested the assistance of the Special Counsel in identifying all 6(e) information contained in the report as quickly as possible. Separately, I also must identify any information that could impact other ongoing matters, including those that the Special Counsel has referred to other offices. As soon as that process is complete, I will be in a position to move forward expeditiously in determining what can be released in light of applicable law, regulations, and Departmental policies.

    As I observed in my initial notification, the Special Counsel regulations provide that “the Attorney General may determine that public release of” notifications to your respective Committees “would be in the public interest.” 28 C.F.R. § 600.9(c). I have so determined, and I will disclose this letter to the public after delivering it to you.

    William P. Barr
    Attorney General”


  46. help4newmoms says:

    questions: How was Wolfe leak of FISA revealed? Who was the SSA noted in final letter above? Was the The Senior Official, Boente? Where is the SSA now – what was the settlement?


    • TPW says:

      Answer is noted in the above material in Sundance article. There was….as I understand….an agreement between the FBI investigator who discovered Wolff leaks and crew who were going to let Wolff off with a slap….that they would reveal what he did. They did …but is was buried in the filing….look above


  47. Excellent article. The FBI SSA’s identity and story will be an key part of the puzzle that hopefully will allow the American people can more clearly see what went on and what is still going on to some degree in order to take steps to ensure it does not happen again. But the search for truth and action to make sure it does not happen again need not move along so piecemeal with just crumbs, though important crumbs, being disclosed every 6 months or so and the books that follow that make some folks decent coin i guess, but what would really help the big step forward would be a full, complete, and robust declassification and release of everything by Trump. Why does this not happen? If it happened the book writers could quit relying so much on hunches and focus on hard facts and documents created in the bowels of government during the scam. Trump needs to just do it!


  48. GGHD says:

    TheConservativeTreehouse has many ‘The Money Shot’ comments in this article. Here are >factual comments by TheConservativeTreehouse, that should be placed in the memory bank. =
    “Politico, The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and The Washington Post are all implicated in the James Wolfe leak to Ali Watkins. They had the FISA information since March 2017, yet those media outlets were disingenuously falsifying their reporting on the actual content of the FISA application despite their actual knowledge.”

    “Remember all of the media denials about what Devin Nunes wrote in the “Nunes memo”? Remember the media proclaiming the Steele Dossier was not part of the FISA application?”

    “How was the media fifteen months later (July 2018) going to report on the Wolfe leak to Watkins without admitting they had been manufacturing stories about its content for the past year-and-a-half?”

    “It was in the media’s interest NOT to cover, or dig into, the Wolfe story. The media were allied with the resistance unit which was leaking them information to retain the fraud.”

    “Additionally, from both the DOJ and Media perspective, coverage of the Wolfe leak would prove the senate intel committee (SSCI) was, at a minimum, a participating entity in the coup effort. That same SSCI is responsible for oversight over the CIA, FBI, DOJ-NSD, ODNI, DNI, and all intelligence agencies.”

    “Worse yet, all officers within those agencies require confirmation from the SSCI (including Chair and Vice-Chair); and any discussion of the Wolfe leak would highlight the motive for ongoing corruption within the SSCI in blocking those nominations (see John Ratcliffe).”
    [TheConservativeTreehouse, July 13, 2020]
    It’s a gift from God, to be able to read all the released documents, and identify the corrupt activities of many ‘bureaucrats’ on the public payroll. …


  49. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Thanks for the summary.

    Sundance provides 10% of what President Trump, Nunes and Ratliff know. Have known for a while.

    Barr knows. He also knows that we know.

    Be careful, very careful Durham or you might slip on the banana peels Richard Grenell dropped on the sidewalk.

    Liked by 1 person

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