Comrade Cuomo Announces Visitors into New York Must Show Papers and Register With State or Face $2,000 Fine..

Comrade citizens, those who travel in the Northeast zone should beware, Minister Cuomo is going all-in with the COVID compliance mandates.  All travelers into New York from “high-COVID” states, must provide their papers upon arrival or face a summons and $2,000 fine.


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423 Responses to Comrade Cuomo Announces Visitors into New York Must Show Papers and Register With State or Face $2,000 Fine..

  1. Mike in a Truck says:

    So glad I left NY 30 years ago. Tell ya what…tourism is big there. Not just NYC but upstate. The Catskills,the Adirondacks, Finger Lakes. All those dipshits that voted for the DemCong party let this be a lesson to you. They have no qualms about destroying the economy, your livelihood, your property, and your kids future. They are killers plain and simple.

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    • Jim says:

      Most upstate New Yorkers do not vote for the Democrat party, but they are overwhelmed and outvoted by NYC, where half the state resides.

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    • Mike- you are so right. I am in the process of closing my little gift shop which is located in the Hudson Valley. The Commie Dems who run the town have done everything they can to destroy the Main Street businesses.
      They do not give a rat’s ass about all the tourist money we bring in that lowers their property taxes.
      All they care about is death and destruction. The more people that die from Corona, the happier they are. Truly the Spawn of Satan including guv Killer Cuomo.

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      • Kay Emig says:

        Am so sorry to hear this….

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        • Kay- thanks, but don’t be sorry. I have been thinking of leaving that screwed up town for the last year and the lock down just pushed me over the edge.
          Cold Spring is a beautiful town, but the residents are awful. Plus 99% of the tourists are degenerate Libs from NYC who drive me crazy with their muzzles and BS.
          I refuse to wear a mask even in my shop so many are afraid to come in.
          A few tried to give me trouble, I told them my shop my rules, you don’t like it, go F yourself
          One woman last weekend was wearing complete muzzle AND rubber gloves in 90 degree heat.
          She stood just outside the doorway and said she was afraid to come in but wanted to buy something in the window which I gladly sold to her.
          The poor woman looked to be in her 70s and she was sweating profusely. I suggested that she should take off her mask and gloves because they were very unhealthy.
          She was so terrified it was unbelievable! She said she had a compromised immune system and couldn’t take a chance.
          I said she was taking more of a chance wearing the mask and gloves that were completely unsanitary.
          So terrified, she took her stuff and got away as fast as she could.
          This is what the Media has done. They are the the terrorists.

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          • Lady Sid says:

            Awful situation in NYS. My husband’s USNavy ship’s crew reunion was due to take place in Buffalo this coming September — but it was CANCELLED a couple of weeks ago. True, most of the guys involved are in their 70s and would need to travel there from across the country. So, after I learned the bad news, I was thinking of just going to that area as I’ve discovered a bunch of 19th c. genealogical links in my family there, but we would be traveling from Ohio, which also has lockdown rules in place now. Am not in the mood to be quarantined or questioned by the authorities re: “contacts.” I’m just praying that my four school-age grandchildren will be starting school this fall! What a mess.

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          • jeans2nd says:

            That is one of the saddest stories yet. Not only you closing your business – you will do fine wherever you decide to open up again – but that poor old lady. She, among so many others, cannot even enjoy the last years of her life.

            What fun she would have had in your shop, and sittin’ a spell and just visitin’.
            The Evil People hsve taken that from her, and robbed you of an enjoyable conversation to remember in your old age.

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            • jeans- EXACTLY. The poor thing was suffering, sweat pouring off her forehead. Not only that, but she was dressed like the temp was 50 instead of 90 including heavy socks and shoes.
              At least the young people just had their muzzles, not all the other paraphernalia.
              I tried to talk some sense to her, but she couldn’t hear what I was saying. I’m sure she hasn’t seen her grand children or family members since March.
              Killer Cuomo belongs in prison for what he’s done, along with some of the other Commies.

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              • northwoodswatcher says:

                Actually, with the blood of more than 6,000 elderly on his hands, what he actually deserves is to decorate a sour apple tree.

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              • RyderLee says:

                Seneca , I have followed Your Trials all through this media-hyped scare and , believe me , my Heart is with You .

                That poor woman You describe sounds like a case of Hyperthermia waiting to happen !

                I Sincerely Appreciate Your Stellar Efforts to talk some sense into her ,, and I think we all know how hard it is to convince the true elderly how to keep their bodies Hydrated . So Sad .

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          • northwoodswatcher says:

            KILLER KUOMO… Reminds me of an episode of “Star Trek” — now termed “The Original Series” … it’s Season 2, Episode 14, titled “Wolf in the Fold” (airdate: December 22, 1967).

            In this episode Kirk and Spock turn detective in seeking to rescue Scotty from a murder charge. In their investigation, they discover that the blood-lusting killer is, like New York’s governor, a grisly spirit who once animated a slasher known back on Earth as “Jack the Ripper.”

            Of course the Ripper never came close to murdering as many as Killer Kuomo.

            Apropos of your observation about the terrified old woman, who fled psychically and physically from the logic of your advice about the absence of a scientific basis for “Redjac” Kuomo’s muzzle-wearing edict, are a couple of the lines of dialogue from “Wolf in the Fold”:

            • Captain James T. Kirk: “All right, Mister Spock, what do we have? A creature without form, that feeds on horror and fear, that must assume a physical shape to kill.”
            • Mr. Spock: “And I suspect preys on women because women are more easily and more deeply terrified, generating more sheer horror than the male of the species.”

            The Redjac (Ripper) terror that the demonRAT mayors and governors have whistled up not just in the jurisdictions where their terror holds sway, but across the country, is resonating at a non-logical, visceral level with the most risk-averse segments of our population — as Mr. Spock so accurately articulated.

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            • north woods- thank you very much for your excellent post and observations. Right spot on.

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            • LookUp says:

              Anyone who has studied the Salem Witch Trials will see plenty of similarities. People simply don’t change and fear is still the finest of illogical motivators. This is all a huge psychological operations exercise and most people have fallen Willy nilly for it. The sky is apparently falling.

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              • northwoodswatcher says:

                Your identification of the famous witch trials in Salem, Mass. in 1692-93 is an apt analogy for the current Covid-19 hysteria.

                So what exactly did THAT hysteria have in common with our Covid-19 scourge?


                Fear is the common thread.

                Fear is being driven by the media and the audience that is most avidly consuming it is that demographic which is the most risk-averse:


                More specifically, suburban moms, aka “soccer moms” — the all-important demographic which threw the 2018 House elections to the demonRATs.

                Soccer moms in the MAJORITY vote demonRAT. Not surprisingly, demonRATs flood this demographic with social programs.

                Soccer moms usually vote butter over guns. They only go law & order (GOP) when they are fearful.

                Fear was the motivating factor behind the Salem witch trials.

                Remember, the men who led that Puritan colony 328 years ago were fully cognizant that there IS a devil and that he walks among us. Consequently, they were fearful of the devil, and perpetually on the lookout for his interference in their society.

                In prosecuting witches, the leaders (all men) were sincere in their belief that they were doing right.

                They believed in being strict with those who were revealed to be devil worshippers.

                This included trying, and, if necessary, hanging the guilty.

                Witches were identified by witnesses. These accusers were all unmarried young women.

                These witnesses had a certain credibility. Looking upon them as innocents, the colony’s leaders followed where they led.

                They assumed that the witnesses’ stories were genuine. After all, what possible motive could these girls have in fingering their neighbors for a capital offense? They HAD to be telling the truth.

                So their accusations were believed. People were hanged.

                It was only when these teens started naming religious leaders of Salem as witches that the guys got suspicious.

                They began to examine the hysteria of the accusers much more closely.

                They then realized that the group had been lying through their teeth.

                It was a huge scandal. The trials ended abruptly.

                But why had these young women done what they had done?

                The leaders of Salem eventually figured that out too.

                The accusers had had to give testimony and so were called before the tribunal again and again and again before anyone would be put to death.

                Day after day what the accusers said and did was on everybody’s tongues. The accusers became CELEBRITIES.

                So there was the answer: Attention. The accusers craved attention.

                The definitive book on the Salem witch trials is “The Devil in Massachusetts” (1969) by Marion Lena Starkey.

                    “The Devil in Massachusetts: A Modern Enquiry into the Salem Witch Trials”

                It was Marion Starkey who highlighted in that book that the reason the witch trials went as far as they did was absolutely and entirely because of the persistent irrationality on the part of the accusers. They would say anything, condemn anyone, just to keep the spotlight on themselves.

                Seems like there may be a few parallels here with what we’re seeing from today’s demonRATs.

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                • lieutenantm says:

                  YEP Salem Witch trials i right on the money what we are looking at today HYSTERIA and lots of lying too.

                  Seems like there may be a few parallels here with what we’re seeing from today’s demonRATs.


      • Patchman2076 says:

        My wife and I had the opportunity to leave Springfield, Massachusetts almost 4years ago.
        If you can do it Seneca I can’t tell you how liberating it is.
        The feeling of getting out of that dump of new England was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
        Good luck to you and your family

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        • Tulips Moran says:

          Sold my home fall 2017, paid cash for rural homestead in TN Plateau and now three years later I’m nearly self-sufficient with improvements, planting berry/fruit tree orchards, large garden complex, year round greenhouse, large poultry complex that houses layers and quail as well as raise broilers – all scrumptious protein. I honestly can’t remember my 18 years in MA other than massive corruption, taxes and layabouts…free at last!

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      • Seneca, I’m sorry that you have to close your shop, I know you have been fighting NY this whole chinavirus time. I hope you will find a good conservative place to move to. When you do you will feel a massive weight lifted off your chest. It is a real feeling.

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      • Skip Patel says:

        Surely the geniuses in the Hudson Valley know what is best for the local economies.

        (Look at the renaissance of Poughkeepsie , the blossoming of Wappingers or the hot new tourist destination of Newburgh New York.)

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    • Frankie Cannoli says:

      Mike, I visit the Adirondacks quite a bit. The foothills are an hour from me. The liberals from NYC go up there and destroy the area. When they hunt, they leave trash. When they visit the gift shops, they act like the shop belongs to them. When they buy property in the Adirondacks they try to change the land and property laws, and they have. And you can always tell a Liberal in the Adirondacks by the way they dress. They dress like their going to the opera.

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    • Tulips Moran says:

      Simple – boycott New York

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      • bill johnston says:

        I visited NYC twice. Once in 1958 on the way overseas. Again about 20 years ago on a northeastern fall foliage bus tour. As the saying goes, Been there, done that. Got the shirt.


  2. Fred Ward says:

    Internal passports are expressly forbidden by the Constitution, I believe, but I have a perfect solution. Stay the hell out of NY.

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    • Zoe says:

      So the locals will be saying the same thing.


    • jeans2nd says:

      Anecdotal evidence says many New Yorkers are saying the same thing.


    • GB Bari says:

      The Right to Travel
      The doctrine of the “right to travel” actually encompasses three separate rights, of which two have been notable for the uncertainty of their textual support. The first is the right of a citizen to move freely between states, a right venerable for its longevity, but still lacking a clear doctrinal basis.2082 The second, expressly addressed by the first sentence of Article IV, provides a citizen of one state who is temporarily visiting another state the “Privileges and Immunities” of a citizen of the latter state.2083 The third is the right of a new arrival to a state, who establishes citizenship in that state, to enjoy the same rights and benefits as other state citizens. This right is most often invoked in challenges to durational residency requirements, which require that persons reside in a state for a specified period of time before taking advantage of the benefits of that state’s citizenship.



  3. lieutenantm says:

    I live in VT almost ON the NY border and can only food-shop just across the border in Granville, NY without massive inconvenience…..also …..I would LOVE to get into a courtroom with this POS and/or his “legal’ representative……

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    • Ockham's Phaser says:

      As a youth, I used to live in South Glens Falls and fish the Mettowee river in Granville. That was over 40 years ago. Nice area, nice memories. I am 2000 miles to the west of there now, for the majority of my life. But … the liberals are on the move. They are infesting every place that is nice. Today, my flyover town/county is going to decide whether to mandate mask wearing in all public buildings/stores etc. Our state has had 32 total deaths, my county just 1, with no current hospitalizations, but, but, but, OMG the case count is rising.

      I used to tolerate liberals, then I despised them, now I hate them.

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      • lieutenantm says:

        I fish the Mettowee, live on the Indian River in W. Pawlet.
        I USED to be an actual “LIBERAL”— AND A PRETTY FAR LEFT ONE AT THAT.
        I still hate LBJ…..and refused orders to Vietnam as a young Army lieutenant. {and BEAT the Court Martial !]

        But I did eventually learn well what Commie and corrupt BA’stids they all are. Conservative now
        and a Trump supporters. DON’T like RINOS either.

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        • Ockham's Phaser says:

          I have a sense of your evolution. For years I called myself an environmentalist, until I figured out that almost all my new environmentalist friends were animal rightists and SJWs too (although the term had not been coined yet). As a hunter, I could not wrap my brain around the joining-at-the-hip of concern for the environment and weirdo causes like animal rights. Common sense was not common.

          I’m a natural born skeptic. I will not defend a weak argument. I ran from the irrationality of it all, went libertarian, neither voting Rep or Dem. Voted Perot, had a Ron Paul sticker on my vehicle forever and even called the car RP., I was anti-war and knew the Bush’s and their ilk were globalists and RINOs before most mainstream conservatives caught up. Obama crystallized everything though, He brought into complete focus the moral vacuum that Liberalism embraces and embodies. I couldn’t mark the ballot for Trump fast enough.

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  4. JulianusRex says:

    What a great way to make sure no one visits NY!

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    • Spryte says:

      Coumo, DeBlasio and AOC keep showing the nation what empty vessels they are and their complete craziness is always on display. Sometimes I am at such a loss for words with their asinine antics. Every day is a new circus with scary clowns.

      Honestly, sometimes I question my own sanity because I cannot believe these jerks.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      I thought the same thing.


    • Juliaus, But remember near the start of chinavirus when NYC was in high flare up and coumo & duh-blasio were incensed that FL didn’t want new yorkers coming down there and said they had to quarantine to 14 days? What a couple of blow-hards they are.


  5. jaggggg says:

    In CT the growth rate of infections and deaths over the last 30 days has been 0.2%. In MA 0.2 and 0.4%. NJ 0.8 and 0.2. In NY its 0.2 and 0.1. All of this despite the protests over a month ago.

    For the US as a whole; the growth rates are 1.7% (infections) and 0.6%. In FL, CA and GA the infection rates have been 3-5% but the “worst” growth rate for deaths are all of 1.4% in FL and 1.2% in CA. In each of these states total deaths are lower than MA despite having as much as multiples of higher population.

    The virus is dying out despite the protests and middling openings. The economy will suffer as this idiotic hysteria continues to be fanned as so many people are woefully misinformed of the actual risks. Worst still is the fact that were the HCQ/Zinc/azithromycin protocol followed (at least for higher risk populations) the impact on the remaining victims could be drastically mitigated. This is the worst man made (or maybe politically concocted) economic disaster in history that will someday be regarded as about as dangerous to the populations as the 1968 Hong Kong flu.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      The irony of looking at real rates of infection and death is that the same members of the same corrupt members of the CDC, NIH and local DPH’s are generating the date for those rates of decline, while advocating things are getting worse via data made up data.


    • lieutenantm says:

      We are surrounded by KNUCKLEHEADS!

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    • northwoodswatcher says:

      From the standpoint of cures — we have TWO that are cheap, superbly effective, and stocked at every pharmacy in America — the rate of infections is almost irrelevant. If you take the Zelenko Protocol for five days the success rate is about 99 percent. If you take the Bartlett Protocol of using inhaled corticosteroids dispensed by a nebulizer for five minutes the success rate is about 100 percent. No need to wait for any vaccine!

      As Stanford University professor of medicine Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya noted recently, there are NO VACCINES for coronaviruses. None. He also noted that the idea that we could continue lockdowns until a vaccine is developed is preposterous.

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  6. MACAULAY says:

    This thread seems like a good place to comment on the Special Congressional Election in the 27th Districts of New York, on which there has been no National news. Wonder why?

    The election was 6/23. It took them three weeks to count the votes..

    This special election was because the incumbent Republican got caught in some fraudulent scam and is sitting in the pen right now. (Seemingly, not good for the Republican Brand.)

    That guy, named Collins I believe, was elected before the felony was committed, or known—-by 3,000 votes. The new Republican just beat the same Democrat candidate by 16,000 votes.

    It’s a conservative district, but there is lesson there somewhere.

    In 2018 the Republican wins by 3,000. Then they watch the Democrats impeach Trump, AOC and her squad (and Pelosi) act like Maoists for a year and a half; they see Cuomo go Gestapo on them while incompetently killing thousands in Nursing homes. etc. etc—and the Republican wins by 16,000.

    Call it an honest poll.

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  7. eric says:


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  8. Bill Venable says:

    NY and CA must be leaning Trump this election. I smell desperation.

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    • radx4 says:

      You’d think, but, no, they keep voting for the same imbeciles.


      • LookUp says:

        I see an 85 year old man every morning at six a.m. struggling to deface school property with homemade stickers that say DUMP TRUMP. I promptly remove his work within minutes. Yes. I live in upstate NY and although the Liberals do not outnumber us, they are vicious.


    • Spryte says:

      Originally a New Englander,now SC, family still living up north. They tell me LOTS and LOTS of people are VERY QUIETLY supporting Trump. Sister has a business and sees lots of people (golf course, restaurant and NASCAR track) and she loves our President. She keeps repeating to me…. “We are truly the silent majority.”

      This is MA, Ct and R – all nests of liberal vipers.

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  9. guidvce4 says:

    The gangsta guv distracting from his felonious record of killing off nursing home patients by placing kung flu cases inside the nursing homes. Distraction for the masses in NY.
    NY? Tourist attraction? Not anymore. Been there, never impressed. Place stunk like a garbage dump.

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  10. Battleship Wisconsin says:

    Cuomo and the Democrats are using the paperwork and the fines in an attempt to blame red states for the fast spread of the pandemic in their own and other blue states. So far, they are getting away with it.


  11. robert says:

    is it still illegal to shoot these liberal sons of bitches? … just asking

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  12. New Nonna, Again!!! 🤗 says:

    Awww, come on… Fredo’s big brother IS serious about quarantining!! He’s DEADLY serious. Just ask the family of those who sadly passed away in assisted living homes because he put infected in there with non infected people.

    Seriously, he is guilty of murder. He had a hospital ship and javitz center to put the infected in, but nope, he HAD to kill as many seniors as possible.

    Breaks my heart. He’s damn heartless and a murderer. ‘Here’s my papers’ 🧻 🧻 you elitist.

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  13. Iamtoday says:

    Cuomo does understand that NY’s rates aren’t just higher than any other state…they’re higher than any other NATION. *You are the PROBLEM, NY.*

    Oh, and last time I checked, we were the *United* States of America. I don’t believe that’s quite constitutional, is it?

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  14. Ben Colder says:

    Why would anyone in their right mind go to New York in the first place now?To hell with these communists stay away.


  15. George S says:

    Just say you are there on business. The commerce clause prohibits the state from interfering.

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    • dwpender says:

      The 14th Amendment precludes the States from abridging the “privileges and immunities” of citizens of the United States. The right to travel freely intrastate — from sea to shining sea — is one of those, irrespective of whether the purpose is commercial.

      DeSantis, Abbott, etc were every bit as much as in the wrong as Cuomo in issuing their unconstitutional “out-of-staters must quarantine” edicts.


  16. Virst ve muzt zee your papers

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  17. Deserttrek says:

    Just like california, there are 45% or so against cuomo and the dems.
    Sadly the 55% alive and dead who do support him run the roost

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  18. lightning16 says:

    Hmmm I have to travel to the north east zone. I’m not putting up with this BS. Anyone got a good lawyer I can call in case the Stasi tries to mess with me.

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    • realestatepup says:

      Not everyone is bat shit crazy. I live in a small MA border town and people wear masks…well sometimes. Maybe. I don’t and won’t and have yet to be questioned or mobbed. People are walking around without them.
      And yes, most people do silently support Trump and are tired of the lawlessness, idiocy, and just plain crazy that’s going on in-state and Countrywide.
      The polls be dammed their rigged anyway. I believe Trump will win in November against the two minute basement egg. That guy can barely string a sentence together. And I guarantee he picks the craziest female for his running mate, further distancing any moderate Dems that had any hope of voting for him. My aunt who is a lifelong Dem sees how addled Joe is and says it’s a shame they are propping him up and trotting him out for any public speaking at all.
      Make no mistake, when Trump is re-elected and now can actually enforce the constitution their will be massive blow-back and riots in the same places they already have been.
      Sane people will leave and the mobs can have their burned out cities to do with what they wish.


  19. lightning16 says:

    Hmmm I have to travel to the north east zone. I’m not putting up with this BS. Anyone got a good lawyer I can call in case the Stasi tries to mess with me.


  20. sync says:

    Who is Cuomo sending to the airport to enforce his executive order? State troopers?

    If you refuse to identify yourself after stepping off a plane from Florida, what could you be arrested for? That will be the only way for them to really identify you, by arresting you and processing you.

    Do not talk to the police


  21. brenrod says:

    As an upstate New York resident I would be more concerned about all the downstate New York City folks who are arriving upstate to escape the city and endangering us folks.


  22. lee says:

    The liberal NAZI are on the move. NY is being turned into a fascist sheethole and concentration camps are not too far away.

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  23. Rico says:

    Um, relax koomo nobody is coming to
    The shiitwhole you turned ny into….


  24. northwoodswatcher says:

    VASTLY EXAGGERATED THREAT: We know that the Criminal Leftist Media’s ‘fear porn’ vastly exaggerates the threat posed by Covid-19, the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2.

    How exaggerated? Pretty freaking exaggerated.

    Another recent study from Stanford University indicates that the mortality rate for the Wuhan virus has been SPECTACULARLY exaggerated. Stanford’s antibody study shows that the rate of infection may be up to 85 times higher than reported.

    What does this mean? It means that the upper limit of Wuhan virus mortality rate is only 0.2 percent — and in actuality it is likely far, far, far lower than even that.

    The estimated number of deaths from influenza-like illnesses each year is 22,000 to 55,000, notes Stanford University epidemiologist Dr. John Ioannidis. Other sources put the annual deaths in the U.S from the common flu at anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000.

    We do know that the death numbers attributed to the Wuhan virus are cooked by at least one-third, according to a number of sources — meaning the actual mortality rate is even lower than that reported by the corrupt CDC.

    Yet even the CDC admits that a CHILD’S RISK of dying from the Wuhan virus is close to ZERO PERCENT.

    Repeat: Close to ZERO PERCENT.

    In fact, Dr. Ioannidis reported recently that the mortality rate FOR THOSE UNDER THE AGE OF 45 IS NEARLY ZERO PERCENT.

    Repeat: Nearly ZERO PERCENT.

    And who have the demonRAT governors and mayors been persecuting for violating the moronic concept of “social distancing”? The very people for whom there exists a nearly ZERO PERCENT threat from Covid-19.

    Are we beginning to see just a teeny bitty problem with the way demonRATs think?

    DemonRATs are people for whom 2 plus 2 equals anything but 4.

    Stanford University scientists confirm that the idea of lockdowns has been based on criminally lousy data and stupendously inaccurate statistical modeling. These errors (more like LIES) have been hanging-offense bad.

    Even in New York City, epicenter of the Chinese flu in America, FEWER THAN ONE PERCENT of Wuhan virus fatalities had no serious underlying health problems.

    Why the lockdowns? Why the masks? Why the illegal edicts? Why the fear porn?

    ANSWER: Donald J. Trump is running for reelection in November.

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  25. Rick554 says:

    I’ll just NOT visit NY State.


  26. Skip Patel says:

    The so called “Real I.D. Act” (Biometric Drivers License etc.) was always intended as an internal Passport anyway.

    We’re all set comrade!

    Show me your papers and get on the train…….Raus!


  27. tn44 says:

    Not sure a state can demand that I “register” with them if I walk across their border…


  28. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    NY Nursing Homes have been turned into Cuomo’s death chambers.


  29. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Just remembering this little item from a few months ago … Andy wasn’t so keen on quarantining entire states then.


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