I Try Hard Not to Hate – Mitt Romney Makes it Hard…

Mitt Romney does his Mitt Romney thing again today as he tweets about President Trump commuting the sentence of Roger Stone:

Rather than allow myself to be drawn into unhealthy toxic anger; allow me to shift the focus for a moment to drive home the point that up to the moment that Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, all national politics was controlled club activity.

It was in the aftermath of Mitt Romney taking a dive in 2012 when I first decided to really drill down on the club networks and figure out their strategies. Not esoteric analysis of what the political ideology is; but rather, a deep, very deep, focus into the network of how they actually function and what they physically do to keep hidden. Once you see the strings on the marionettes you can never go back to a time when you did not see them.

George Carlin was right, smart man, it’s a big club and we we’re not in it… until Trump.

The elevation of a semi-coherent and cognitively challenged vessel named Joe Biden should also drive home the point that both political wings of the UniParty bird, are ultimately a Potemkin village to disguise a network of powerful interests.

In January 2019 again CTH warned about Mitt Romney.  There’s a bunch of them to worry about but Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley are two republicans with the most toxic lust for power and influence.   Stay aware… beyond the Romney’s and Haley’s you’d be surprised how many embedded cells are simply laying dormant waiting to activate like political terror cells.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has one major career alliance that has been unbroken and unchanged for well over two decades.  That alliance is with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and specifically with CoC President Tom Donohue.  [SEE HERE and SEE HERE].

Mitch McConnell is stealthily working against the efforts of President Donald Trump.  The effort is to support his primary Wall Street financial benefactor, Donohue. However, Mitch McConnell cannot directly be connected to underhanded efforts against President Trump because it would lead to: (A) questions about a confrontation; and (B) public exposure. [ex. think about how McConnell is blocking President Trump from recess appointments]

Mitch McConnell has to be very careful about the visibility of how he undermines the President. Everything must have built in plausible deniability.

McConnell has a history of getting caught. However, fortunately for him people also have a tendency to forget [see McConnell’s scheme in the Mississippi 2014 Cochran race as an example].  Almost no-one remembers that U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, the founder of the Senate Conservative Fund, quit the Senate specifically because of the schemes and internal Machiavellian power moves of Mitch McConnell.

So when the carefully constructed, pre-planned, pre-scheduled, and pre-organized public op-ed by incoming Senator Mitt Romney was deployed in the Washington Post… for those who have watched McConnell work; we knew exactly who orchestrated it and why.

Senator Romney will be one (not the only) visible face of the opposition.  However, just like former Senator Corker and current Senator Sasse, the instructions (direct and indirect), and/or the approvals, will come from Leader McConnell’s office.

Through his power structure McConnell directly controls about 8 to 15 republican senators; we have called them “The Decepticons” for years. [Cornyn, Thune, Porter, Blunt, Portman, Burr, Barasso, Crapo, Murkowski, Gardner, Roberts, Sasse, Tillis, Graham and now Romney]

McConnell needed to test Romney’s commitment to the Decepticon club.  Romney passed the test.  Romney was rewarded with placement on the Senate Foreign Relations committee.  Those Senators who sit on this committee get the most financial benefit from foreign lobbyists.  To understand the financial process think: Qatar & McCain Institute etc.

That’s what is going on internally…. and no, I doubt President Trump knows the scale of it; or maybe he does, and he has to pretend like he doesn’t to navigate his agenda… but somehow I doubt it.

To remind ourselves how Minority and Majority Senator McConnell took down the threat of the Tea Party revisit these old articles CNN Part I and CNN Part II  both showcase how McConnell works.   Then do some research on how McConnell worked with Haley Barbour in Mississippi [SEE HERE].

Yes, Democrats are openly the opponents.  However, the republican wing of the uniparty is no less dangerous.



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497 Responses to I Try Hard Not to Hate – Mitt Romney Makes it Hard…

  1. Gary Lacey says:

    “”That’s what is going on internally…. and no, I doubt President Trump knows the scale of it; or maybe he does, and he has to pretend like he doesn’t to navigate his agenda… but somehow I doubt it.””

    Trump might surprise us, Trump might not be political in the sense of DC politics, but he has the intelligence to recognize liars with a (D) or (R)after their names.

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    • Bob says:

      Mitt is a real snake in the grass…. he hide behind his religion and is a dyed in the wool RINO.


    • Raven says:

      And Donald Trump was courted by everyone in both parties for most of his life.

      Those dirty politicians knocked on Donald’s door looking to get large donations from their wealthy “friend,” and they most likely spewed all the dirt they had on their opponents — in an attempt to make themselves look better.

      I believe Donald Trump knew way more about the filth within the uniparty than we will ever know — before he announced his bid for the Presidency.

      During his announcement President Trump spoke of “The Swamp” — he knew it was deep and wide.

      Remember when the right branch of the uniparty made Donald Trump sign a form saying he would back whoever won the nomination? Remember when that same branch of the uniparty had no one else sign that same form? They knew he knew.

      A lot of people who think themselves high on the food chain laughed when Donald Trump announced his bid for the Presidency, and the lyin’ media, hollyweird, and the uniparty were among those who laughed the loudest. I believe all that laughing — laughing that is still going on — is a cover-up for all the dirt President Trump remembers about all of them.

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      • I am certain that President Trump knew/knows all about cocaine mitch’s decepticon status.

        It’s highly possible that SD has done research that makes him doubt it, I respect his position and hope he brings it to us at some point as it would be very interesting.


      • Jeff says:

        Similarly, being a New York guy through and through, I have no doubt that President Trump has Schumer pegged very well indeed. The Beast, as well.


    • betseyross says:

      Trump has the amazing quality to ‘read’ people. He recognizes the evil right away and then allows it to fester until everyone sees it.


      • I think the paragraph everyone is focusing on here is more of a message than an opinion/educated guess. The desired outcome or purpose of that message is what is in question.


    • Linda K. says:

      I think his instinct to commute Stone’s sentence was right on.


  2. Avi says:

    The real Mitt Romney

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  3. Free Speech says:

    I love POTUS, and I would NEVER recommend anybody vote against him on Nov 3rd. With that said, it is now apparent he has REALLY BAD JUDGMENT when it comes to hiring personnel. Unless you believe the ‘trust the plan’ crowd, he seriously considered Romney for SoS. Stop trying to win over the party, POTUS.

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    • “he seriously considered Romney for SoS.”…..And you know that how, Free Speech?

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      • Free Speech says:

        He endorsed him for Senate. I know some of y’all think Donald Trump is God incarnate, but he screws up sometimes. Or what else would you call Jeff Sessions, John Bolton, General Mattis, John Kelly . . . shall I go on with all the backstabbers? Or, like an abused wife, will you still defend your man? Or are you the Q anon trusty plan folk?

        Donald Trump knows money and the economy, and he’s been surprisingly good at foreign policy. Otherwise, he’s getting his lunch eaten by the Deep State. He trusts too many people to love this country and be good deep down inside. That’s why he’s obviously been betrayed a thousand times during his administration.

        The fatuous innocence needs to end. My children’s future depends on it.

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        • Okay. That’s your take. You’re entitled to your opinion, but where are your facts substantiating your judgment that: “Otherwise, he’s getting his lunch eaten by the Deep State. He trusts too many people to love this country and be good deep down inside.”

          It has always amazed me when people make the absolute statement of knowledge that Donald Trump does not love his country, or Donald Trump is not good deep down inside or Donald Trump is not a Christian or Donald Trump does not read a Bible.

          Just how do you or anyone else standing on this great planet know these things?

          I don’t know what is in anyone’s heart, I don’t really know who and who is not a Christian and I have absolutely no idea who or who does not read a Bible or say a prayer.

          That just Wows me….even at my age.


    • Freespeech…..no it was “teasing act” for mitten…VSG/ESG PDJT WOULD NEVER SERIOUSLY CONSIDER HIM..for SoS… he knows enemies……

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      • cplogics says:

        I have always believed that the President put Romney through all the paces making Romney think he actually had a chance of being the Sec. of State. The President, in my opinion, did this to humiliate Romney and therein lies the animus.

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        • Redzone says:

          He also may have done it in an honest attempt to try and win trader Willard over to America’s side and to show the Uni-party he considered what was likely their request.

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          • cplogics says:

            If you go back and take a look at the speech Romney made during the Republican primaries excoriating Trump despite Trump having raised money for his failed Presidential campaign, Trump was bound to find a way to get even and he did. He made Mitt look like a fool. Why would anyone want to be Sec. of State under a President that only a few months back they bought air times to try to destroy. The one thing I like about the President is that he never forgets who the back stabbers are and he has Mitt’s number. When Mitt left the meeting with Trump in New Jersey, look how confused he looked trying to find his car. He knew then, he was a cuckled fool and was totally disoriented. God Bless President Trump. May he continue to make his enemies his footstool.

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        • Beau Geste says:

          No, romney had enormous animus before the election.
          Romney is a big-club kind of guy, from his religion, to his big-consulting firm, to his establishment-club-appointment as the GOPe candidate who folded and blew his election in 2012 for still-unknown reasons. Reasons which may account for his current jeckel-hyde (delecto-romney) schizobehavior.

          He may still harbor delusions of being slow-jo-biden’s runningmate?

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        • Yep, he did it to show romney how things are now… and romney got the message. Otherwise he would have voted differently on the sham impeachment bullshit. All for it.


    • The Boss says:

      President Trump hasn’t “won over the party”. He destroyed it and replaced it with us. Hence the 96% approval from the ranks. There are still floating turds like Romney, Graham and McConnell, but they are the 4% along with fellow POSs like Bill Kristol.

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    • NYSE says:

      He fired James Comey rather quickly.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      This comment makes me laugh. Are you truly serious? Our Donald (President Trump to everyone else) knows how to keep people “around” and how to use publicity.


    • FreyFelipe says:

      Any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin among the great number who are not good. Hence a prince who wants to keep his authority must learn how not to be good, and use that knowledge, or refrain from using it, as necessity requires.
      – Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince“

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  4. Dutchman says:

    This gets, or at least skims very close to arguments I have been putting forward for some time.
    Firstly, that the Republicon/Decepticons never believed, for one moment, that DJT was a Russian agent.

    Two, that there lack of a robust defence of DJT on this bogus charge, is NOT explainable/excusable by cowardice, timidity or ANY other attemped explanation.

    Three, the ORIGINATORS of the ‘insurance plan’ would not have proceeded until they had two assurances.
    First, some reasonable chance of success.
    Second, that if their scheme went “off the rails” and was exposed, that they would be ‘taken care of’; protected from negative consequences for their actions.

    Now, on the first; all their machinations would be pointless, without a Democrat majority in the House, to initiate impeachment proceedings.

    A Republican majority House simply COULD NOT be seen to initiate impeachment against a Republican POTUS.

    Hence, the originators of the muh Russua coup had to KNOW, absolutely,..to have concrete assurances that the House majority would switch to the Democrats.
    Without that, all their illegal activity is for naught.

    This, and this alone (I contend) explains Ryans behavior in which he gifted the gavel to Pelosi; like a wrestling ‘tag team’, he stalled and blocked Nunes investigation, and by announcing he wouldn’t run for reelection, while remaining a lame duck Speaker, encouraging 40 others to also not run for reelection, refusing to authorise subpoenas or lawsuits on behalf of Congress to compel documents and witnesses, he was doing everything in his power to both stall the investigation, AND insure a change of majority.

    Which leads to the second assurance; protection from consequences for their actions, of which there were several.

    Firstly, of coarse there is indictments and prosecutions. This could be stymied by having key people in positions in DOJ to block any such behaviors.

    And, of coarse the Mueller investigation, which gave the “muh, ongoing investigation” excuse for blocking any criminal investigations.

    But, seperately there was the threat of CONGRESSIONAL investigations, as well.
    Any of us who lived thru Watergate know that is totally possible for Congress to hold investigative hearings, even while criminal investigations are ongoing; we SAW it play out, in real time.

    And, from a Political optics standpoint, why WOULDN’T Republican leadership, in BOTH houses, capitalise on the biggest scandal in our history, that involves an outgoing Democrat administration spying on and undermining an incoming Republican administration?

    That is political GOLD; The Republican House and Senate could both have picked up seats, had this been exploted for political gain.

    So, the planners, IN THE BEGINNING, had to be absolutely assured that this WOULD NOT HAPPEN, ….BEFORE they would proceed.

    The ONLY way they could have such air-tight assurance, is if Congressional Republican leadership was COMPLICIT in the coup attempt, from the outset.

    Because you were not simply a passive bystander, to my crime, but were a willing participant, you will work to protect me.

    The Republican party hierarchy tried everything they could to prevent DJT from getting the nomination, and worked openly and covertly to prevent his victory;
    We all SAW it.

    At a certain point they knew they were going to fail to prevent his nomination, and recognise he had a realistic chance of winning.

    Its my belief it is THEY who originated the idea for the coup attempt, and in tag team fashion, passed it over to the Obama admin to carry out, with the implicit understanding the Congressional Republicons would do their part.
    To wit; we will insure the House majority switches. We will block any Congressional investigations.
    And, assuming you can give us a politically acceptable excuse, Republican Senators will SAY they are willing to vote to convict, in order to force PDJT to resign.”

    “What would you NEED, as a politically acceptable excuse?”
    “Get him to FIRE the Special Council; then we can, shades of Watergate, self-righteously say “No one is above the law, not even the POTUS”, and he can be impeached for Obstruction of Justice, and Abuse of Power.”

    And of coarse, there is the confirmatiin of Barr. If you agree with my ‘take’ there is simply NO WAY that McConnell assents to confirming an A.G., without KNOWING, absotutely and positively, that he will bottle up any criminal investigation of the coup.

    In fact, the perfect way to do so is to appoint a prosecutor to investigate, thereby continueing the “muh, ongoing investigation” excuse.

    To me, the only possible explanation, to explai all the behavior if Congressional Republican leadership, is THEY initiated the muh russia coup attempt, and have been actively participating in the cover up, ever since.

    Exposing THIS complicity, along with the myth that “Russians hacked the servers” are the two things they have adamantly firewalled.

    All else about the coup, they can gradually let out, over time, to a public only intermittently paying attention.

    The “Investigate to Exhonerate” strategy employed for Fast/Furious, IRS/Tea Party and Benghazi, in which Congressional Republicans were ALSO complicit, and so revealed everything BUT their active participation, while insuring there was no accountability.

    Its not simply a matter of “Occams razor”
    (All things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually right.)
    This is the ONLY explanation that can explain the Congressional Republican leaderships conduct, not only for the last 4 years, but during the 8 years of Obama.

    They are NOT “Stupid”,..”Timid” and even greed doesn’t explain it.
    The ONLY explantion that fits to explain there behavior is COMPLICIT.

    Would love for someone to use LOGIC to prove me wrong, but no one has.

    Hence, wishing and hoping Durham will give us perp walks, is hope porn.
    Wishing/hoping Barr will “step up”?
    Therefore, the biggest impediment to PDJT, MAGA and US is Mitch and the Decepticons, and so long as they retain iron fisted control, the MAGA movement is stymied in our attempts to drain the swamp, and save our Republic.

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    • Suky Tawdry says:

      Dutchman, I’ve been following your comments about Barr/Durham for some time now. I’ve been on the fence about both of them, but I’m now beginning to believe that you will end up being right about them. The question becomes, if Trump wins, what then?


      • Bogeyfree says:

        I hope Sidney and Gen Flynn take over as AG and FIB Director

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      • Green Bucket says:

        If Trump wins, what then?
        He opens a can of whoop a$$ on all the bad actors (Dems, RINO’s, MSM, DNC, RNC, COC, DOJ, FBI, CIA and the tyrannical Judges – all of them!) and then saves the USA!!

        It is our job to give him a huge mandate (House, Senate, WH) to get the job done!!


      • Dutchman says:

        Then you know that my main argument, for some time boils down to McConnell and Co. wouldn’t confirm a hoysecleaner as AG, only a cleaner.
        Not without a Grennell type, to force their hand.
        Sidney, in a recent interview, gave me material to advance a second, supportive argument.

        SHE didn’t present it that way, but never the less….
        In her Epoch times interview, right at the end, she was asked what she would advise Barr to do. She said;
        #1 eliminate the 302 system, and do like every other Federal law enforcement, and video record all interviews with subjects.
        #2 appoint a panel of current/former prosecutors to examine all current cases (first) and then previous cases, looking for signs of withholding brady material, and if found, FIRE the prosecutors, in order to get rid of the bad apples, and to address the “culture” at DOJ.

        Notice these are all things within A.G. Barrs authority, and they do not require any dotting of I’s and crossing of t’s.

        IF Barrs intention in coming back was to restore the reputation of FBI/DOJ, and correct the CULTURE that thinks railroading and lawfare are apropriate, he could/should/would have done this “on day one”, 1 1/2 YEARS ago.

        My thinking; After a 2020 victory, PDJT thanks Barr and Wray for their service, and nominates Sidney as A.G.

        Given her career, and crusade she is uniquely qualified to clean house.
        In the mean time, HE, PDJT as he is legally and Constitutionally authorised and required to do, takes over administering the DOJ.

        In effect, he plays the Grennell role, to Sidneys Ratcliffe, …let McConnell drag his feet on the confirmation, while PDJT is the bull in a China shop.

        So, thats my “What if PDJT wins” best guess.


    • timothy glave says:

      I absolutely concur with your hypothesis. But a big part was slimy Jeff Sessions. He inserted himself into the campaign. Then when Pres. Trump won,he begged for the AG job. His recusal allowed everything to happen. I really think we should start a new party.


      • Dutchman says:

        Its a dillemna. I THINK, kinda like twitter, if PDJT announced he was leaving, he COULD take a huge following with him.

        IF we are going to purge the Republican party, its the whole leadership in Congress, in the National party, and at the State level.

        As for Sessions, I grew tired of “WHY”; naive and fooled, in it from the start, or compromised.

        At this point, I no longer CARE.
        Just please, please don’t send him back to d.c., send him to political obscurity.

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    • Del Parker says:

      Keep it coming, Dutchman.

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    • When your comment is long than Sundance’s post…

      Yeah. Start a blog man!


    • Hans says:

      So mitch’s Weak point is … his wife.. sec of transportation.. if there is enough collusion with China and shipping corruption. ……Indict her and force him to resign. Let the governor pick the replacement..or replace him if done fore the election..

      Can Ratcliff get enough dirt out of the NSA… remember how Mitch opposed his nomination..

      The Hail Mary…. it might be a race to the finish line..


      • Dutchman says:

        The REAL weak point, IMHO, of the Republicons is also their strength; its their stealth nature.
        Like a stealth aircraft, take away the stealth, and its just an airplane easily shot down.

        EXPOSE, to the American people, (Trump voters) that,Congressional Republicon leadership was INSTUMENTAL in initiating the coup, from day one,…..

        That they were equally culpable in Fast/Furious, IRS/Tea Party and Benghazi and (I suspect) ALSO had “FBI Contractor access” to the NSA Database (which they were using to protect themselves from primary candidates) and yes, I believe they would be forced to resign.

        And no. The NSA database is only accessible for Terrorism or Espionage, not political coup.


    • HorsegirlforTrump says:

      Dutch man i do get mad at you, but I find myself continually searching for your comments, dammit! I’m trying to stay positive, but I know you are right. How in the world can Barr/Durham not indict anyone given the clear injustices perpetrated on Flynn Stone Cohen Manafort???

      How can they get away with such obvious wrong doing, too many people know our justice system is seriously corrupt. Only R’s get convicted, never a D, when will it become untenable??


      • Dutchman says:

        After November, 2020, one way or the other, I believe it will become untenable, and I pray for the best, while prepping for the worst, and urge all to do the same.
        Hang in there!


  5. HeLLINaHandbasket says:

    The Two-Party-System for the last 100yrs, worldwide.

    Powerful Globalists
    A handful of Anti-Globalists

    Then ….
    ….. added on June 16, 2015:

    Anti-Globalist Trump’s America First Party + Patriots

    Still a battle, but with better odds.



    • One hundred and seven years for us in the US. It all began with the not at all federal reserve that isn’t a reserve either… it’s the bankster debt machine. Americans have been screwed ever since people fell for the 1040 BS. Inflation/taxation.

      Quite the evil scam!

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  6. Mike DeVault says:

    Obama commuted over 1700 people including over 500 w/life sentences. Trump commutes Stone and Romney is indignant. He is such a fool!

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  7. RJ says:

    Thurston Howell III. He and worthless Paul Ryan are scumbags.

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  8. Deserttrek says:

    One of the things i will always regret is the vote for romney in 2012, should have left it blank.
    The only choice for congress is bad and worse, they and the judicial branch are the enemy


    • Dutchman says:

      In 2008, I held my nose at mcstain, and voted for Sarah.
      In 2012, I and 8 million registered Republicans simply couldn’t do it, any more. For the first time since being old enough to vote, I didn’t vote in a POTUS election.

      And, many argued “but your ‘giving’ the election to the Dems! (Obama).”

      Knowing what we know now, we can anticipate what a Romney Presidency would have looked like,…
      He would have maintained or expanded Obamacare (after all, he was its “grandfather”) and along with McStain and Graham, he would have “reached across the aisle” to pass “historic, bi-partisan comprehensive immigration package” that would purport to address; mandatory e-verify, visa lottery, chain and birthright citisenship, etc. BUT, “in exchange” ,…”our side” would be told we had to “give in order to get” (due to the odious ‘fillibuster rule’) amnesty for the 30+ million illegals already here.

      And, after much fanfare, and talk of how this was “politically astute cause now former illegals will vote Republican”, we would find that the enforcement provisions would all be overturned in the courts, or undermined by lack of implementation, or loopholes.

      So, while I say “give yourself a break, you are far from alone”, I also got to say, my non-vote for Romney in 2012, is the vote I am proudest for not making.

      And now, the same argument is being made, that I should vote for a Mitt, if I lived in Utah and he was up, or Mitch if in Kentucky (and he IS up) ditto Lindsey in S.Carolina, or (as I am in Az) a McSally RINO.

      “Oh, you MUST, cause otherwise you are electing a Democrat! Work hard, to primary them in the totally rigged system, and when your candidate inevitably loses, rally around the party, and vote for the Rino.”

      I simply can not. Others will have to weigh their solemn, sacred vote as they will.
      For my part, I simply can NOT eat the dogsh*t sandwhich, just cause its slightly less unappealing, than the catsh*t sandwich, which is the only other thing on the menu.

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      • timothy glave says:

        I agree dutchman. I`ve been trying to get someone, anyone to give me a call back from McSally`s offices. No luck in six weeks. Now I have to choose between her and that feckless little gun grabber Mark Kelly. The californication of Az. is almost complete. I will vote this year but none of the sandwiches smell good.

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        • listingstarboard says:

          Fellow AZ here, PLEASE vote for McSally and not that evil Mark Kelly! He is a psychopath. McSally is a DUD but she does vote most of the time correctly, Mark Kelly will not!!

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        • Dutchman says:

          My point of view is you do have a true 3rd choice; none of the above.
          I WILL Vote for PDJT, of coarse.
          And, any other candidates on the ballot that I am convinced are truly MAGA.
          AND THATS ALL.
          Another way to look at it; if it was like in California, and your choice was a Democrat, or an equally libertard, conmunist democrat, ….WHAT would your vote be?
          Because really, THATS the choice for you, for Senate in Az., this November.
          Does it matter that one of the candidates (McSally) is like a Manchin or Doug washisname from Alabama, and mouths platitudes that mean nothing?

          In fact, McSally and Kursin Sinalot make an interesting pair.
          Sinalot makes a show of supporting POTUS, while an obvious marxist, like applauding at SCOTUS, cause she KNOWS a lot of Az. is Red.

          McSally plays Republicon, for the same reason. So, when we traded Flake and McStain, for McSally and Sinalot, we didn’t gain a damn thing.

          Anyway, not suggesting how anyone else should vote, but if political class works the system, in order to give me bad choices, I choose;
          C) NONE of the above


      • dawndoe says:

        Effectively a Dem vote.

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        • Dutchman says:

          See it how you see it, to me “effectively a Dem vote” is what I would be doing, if I vote for Mitt, Mitch, Lindsey or McSally.

          Might as well vote for Pelosi or AOC.


          • listingstarboard says:

            And thats why AZ got a Governor named Janet Napolitano.


          • dawndoe says:

            At least sometimes these you’ve named vote republican.


            • Dutchman says:

              DO they? Well, a stopped watch can be right, twice a day. The way, as Sundance has detailed, that legislation is written (NOT by legislators, or even their staffs, but by lobbyists) I am not sure ANY legislation passed by Congress, is truly in our best interests, and doesn’t have all sorts of loopholes.

              Only someone like Sundance or Levin has the knowledge and capacity to go through a 1000 + page piece of legislation, and detirmine WHO benefits,…..

              But, it doesn’t take a genius to figger it out; it AIN’T US!

              “Its a BIG CLUB, and you ain’t IN it!”

              Sorry, dawndoe, I truly WISH you could convince me,….so fell free to try again!

              It would be SO much easier, to have,a political party I could believe was representing my interests, and that I could consistently invest my most prescious vote in.

              Oh, and voting for a bill you KNOW isn’t going to pass, just to establish FALSE bono fides with your base, is a common Uniparty tactic.
              Repubs voting, 50 times (!) to repeal Obummercare, or Senate Dems voting to convict on Shampeachment, are just two examples.

              50 times, now THERES a tell!
              Methinks thou protesteth too much, as 5-10 times would have gotten the point across.

              Y’see, the Republicon leadership wanted Obummercare, every bit as much as the Dems; it makes a great issue for both ‘sides’ to use to motivate their base, and a LOT of $ to both sides, as well.

              And NO, DO NOT blame McStain for lack of passage. That was McConnell, who easily had 3-4 Senators lined up to throw the thumbs down, had McStain been unable to.
              Flake, Murkowski, Collins (Susan).
              McConnell and Chucks vote are the only ones that matter, everything else is theater.


              • dawndoe says:

                Yes, I’m aware of ALL of that. STILL, the Dems WOULD have voted to impeach Trump. Why would they Not? Please tell me that.


                • Dutchman says:

                  For the same reason the Senate Republicans didn’t vote to convict, even though they wanted to.

                  Its the key thing, that makes an impeachment a POLITICAL rather than a criminal process.

                  WE are the jury, NOT the 100 Senators. Being a TRIAL, in the Senate they HAVE to allow the Presidents lawyers to present a defence, to the American people.

                  And if the jury, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, are persuaded, then he’s GONE, and if not, not.

                  Bill Clinton had his Law licence revoked, FOR LIFE as a result of committing perjury. But, the Senate did NOT vote to convict, because the American people were NOT convinced that his behavior, with Blue dresses and cigars, etc. as aggregious and distastful as it was, rose to the level to justify removal from office.

                  And the Ukraine hoax, as presented by the ‘house prosecutors’ did not convince the jury, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, that PDJT had done anything wrong.

                  In the same way, IF PDJT had fired Mueller, etc. they COULD have sold the American people that it was “Nixons Sat..nite massacre” and Obstruction of Justice, and then forced his resignation, which is preferable because they DON’T have to stand in the glare of history AND the American people, as having voted to convict.

                  And, it ONLY works, if WE are convinced. THATS why Impeachment is a POLITICAL rather than a Criminal procedure.


  9. Ladyspeaker says:

    PDJT knows exactly what all of these corrupt players (RINOS and DemonRATS) are doing he needs a majority in the house and senate….this will neuter all of these idiots….so let’s make sure that happens…

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  10. I may move to Utah if alive in 2024. Just to vote against this prick. Sanctimonious piece of shit.

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  11. IfThenElse says:

    Millions of conservatives like CTH readers are formulating plans, trying to decide how and where we will make our strike to make a difference in this election. We will do it.
    Cold anger is an appropriate expression.

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    • The Boss says:

      [Posted elsewhere yesterday and edited for today]

      Cold Anger is a factor– that is 100% correct. Add in activated non-voters and unregistered voters and there are the millions we’ll need for victory. Much like the Tea Party had no chain of command or headquarters facility, these Prodigal Citizens (as we’ll refer to them if that’s OK with you all) are going one better – they’re laying low until election day. It is at this point they will make themselves known to the country and the world.

      In the meantime, please be alert for Prodigal Citizen groups and support them in any way you can. You’ll know when you run into one. Think of all the illegal fireworks shows from coast to coast last week. That was unprecedented, and surely missed by pussy-boy Romney. Those weres the Prodigal Citizens and others sounding off. You must know some of them.

      There is a lot of truth in Cold Anger, the knowing nod of the head, the thumbs up or other signals that Sundance has written of. That I can tell you.

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    • Millions of “conservatives” are also considering how they will fight the left in the “civil war” they want to create.

      The best thing to do if that actually happens would be to turn it into revolution, not “civil war”.

      “Civil war” would only benefit the district of criminals and their globalist masters.

      Frankly I see the left self-destructing on a regular basis, and the streets are fairly quite right now… we’ll see what happens.


  12. Nightshade says:

    Cofer Black and Burisma will be Romney’s downfall.

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  13. TarsTarkas says:

    At the time he didn’t know what he knows now. And frankly, one reason why they went after Flynn as hard as they did was to scare everybody independent of the club away from serving under Trump. Look at how the Republican foreign policy clique demanded no one with any experience sign up with Trump lest they be cast into the Outermost Darkness forever. That’s how Carter Page and George Papadopoulos ended up with the campaign, both heavily infected with Deep State worms, the latter IMO to persuade the campaign to reach out to the Russians so they would have actual ‘evidence’ of Russian collusion.


    • dawndoe says:

      You said, “ That’s how Carter Page and George Papadopoulos ended up with the campaign, both heavily infected with Deep State worms, the latter IMO to persuade the campaign to reach out to the Russians so they would have actual ‘evidence’ of Russian collusion.”

      How were they heavily infected with Deep State worms?


  14. As Rush has said many times. They don’t need to be disliked or hated or disagreed with…..

    They just need to be defeated.

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  15. Martin says:

    A wise friend of mine once remarked that a lot of people vote Democrat, so they can live like Republicans.

    As in Romney’s case, some change from the Dems to the Republicans, so they can behave like Democrats, and cash in. And gum up the works, posing as a “principled conservative.” Mittens is neither. Utah is a whole other club, apparently.


    • dawndoe says:

      You said, “ A wise friend of mine once remarked that a lot of people vote Democrat, so they can live like Republicans.”

      How does that work?


      • Martin says:

        Living off the fruits of others’ labors is something de Tocqueville warned about– voting onesself gifts from the Treasury, is how he put it. That’s what Dems do, but they also accept the arguments that Republicans are responsible when it doesn’t happen quite like they were told it would.

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  16. SEDeuceTER says:

    It took Our President about a year to truly get up to speed on how the slime in DC works. He even attempted to work with Paul “Traitor” Ryan! There is no way he is not thoroughly familiar with the inner workings of Congress in both Houses with direct reports like Mark Meadows, Mick Mulvaney and others. I would be extremely surprised if there is not a whole team assigned to monitor online sites like this one just for the informed intelligence they provide. Hell, we know Sydney Powell is active on this site and is clearly plugged into the Trump team as well as Qanon through Flynn. Keep up the GREAT WORK Sundance!

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  17. MicD says:

    Consider the source, Pierre Delicto whatever this Moron says…
    poof, next…


  18. California Joe says:

    Potemkin Village:

    The term comes from stories of a fake portable village built solely to impress Empress Catherine II by her former lover Grigory Potemkin, during her journey to Crimea in 1787. While modern historians claim accounts of this portable village are exaggerated, the original story was that Potemkin erected phony portable settlements along the banks of the Dnieper River in order to impress the Russian Empress; the structures would be disassembled after she passed, and re-assembled farther along her route to be viewed again as if another example. The term is a translation of the Russian.

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    • Tornarosa says:

      Thanks CJ, a good explanation for how the term is used today. Since the term is so frequently used and trivializes the deep history there, let me try to add some brief Treehouse context.

      Prior to its conquest by Potemkin and Catherine, Russia had no access to the Black Sea.
      Potemkin finally persuaded Catherine to seize the Crimea, and they did in 1883.

      The Crimea was the “Bread Basket” of the Ottoman Empire, largely farmed by captured slaves, who could not be ransomed or sold in Constantinople, from Ottoman conquests. (One famous escaped slave from the farms there was Captain John Smith, in 1603). The Crimea gave access to the Sea of Azov and Black Sea for security and projection of power to the South.

      Potemkin and Catherine poured huge amounts of resources into transforming the look and feel of an Ottoman Sanjak to make it resemble the rest of Russia. Catherine built Orthodox churches, villas, planted olive, citrus, and grape orchards. She imported tens of thousands of Mennonite, Lutheran, Bulgarian and Russian farmers into the region and deported two-thirds of the Crimean Tartars to Ottoman territories.

      Certainly, Prince Potemkin decorated and gussied up the villages with paint and flowers and gates for the triumphant cruise down the Dnieper with Catherine and foreign diplomats, Potemkin didn’t have to “fool” Catherine, It should be noted that it was Potemkin’s rivals and enemies that coined the term Potemkin Villages.


      The successful farmers grew prosperous and collectively were called Kulaks. In 1932 this area was part of Stalin’s Holodomor, the artificial and purposeful starvation of millions of Russian farmers that refused to collectivize and give up their farms in Ukraine and Crimea..

      For a real “Potemkin Villages,” I like to use the 1944 visit to Stalinist Russia by pro-communist VP Henry Wallace who visited Kolyma in the Gulag Archipelago and thought it a wonderful place with guards dressed as prisoners, playing concerts and engaging in football matches.


    • mikeyboo says:

      Joe-Thanks for the history lesson-very interesting.


  19. Raven says:

    I have no problem saying it and feeling it — I hate Mitt Romney.

    It is not a hate that consumes me, it is a hate that says stay far, far away from the evil that resides within that disgusting creature and everyone he is aligned with.

    Mitt is not a patriot, and Mitt is definitely not protecting “us” from all enemies, foreign and domestic, since HE IS A DOMESTIC ENEMY!

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      Hatred is a very reasonable response and one in accord with the real world attitude of nasty-loser Romney toward us. We should not be afraid to feel it and say it. But keep the anger cold so we can be stealthy and productive.

      Look what nasty-loser Romney did with every business he took over. He gutted it and kept every bit of profits he could find. He is one of the most evil of men. Too bad a Mormon cabal wants to keep him in power – in addition to the Mitch types.


      • Hans says:

        Not surprised he learned from George Soros.. ..how to take advantage of people during hard time..
        No conscience, no morals an empty shell


      • ElGueroRubio says:

        Who is in this “Mormon cabal?” Is there a similar “Catholic cabal” keeping Nancy Pelosi in power? Are there similar “cabals” keeping politicians of other faiths in power? This mysterious “Mormon cabal,” while unknown, seems very powerful. Please let us in on your knowledge and sources.

        FYI, Mitt, much I disagree with him and wish he were a better example, belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If that is too long just use “The Church of Jesus Christ.” Those who belong to it are called Latter-day Saints, because members of the church of Jesus Christ in the Bible were also referred to as saints. Mormon was an ancient Chritian prophet on the American continent who compiled what is known today as the Book of Mormon. He was a disciple of Jesus Christ, not a founder of a church. You don’t have to agree yet you should understand.

        Many Latter-day Saints disagree with and are ashamed of Mitt’s behavior.


        • aerocrafter says:

          Damn right.


          • listingstarboard says:

            Joseph Smith,the Founder of the Mormon Church had his first “Vision” in early 1820’s, i would hardly call him an “Ancient” Christian prophet.. The LDS Church follows the Book if Mormon which was the “translation” of Golden Plates that Joseph Smith supposedly saw. It would serve people well to learn the History of the Mormon Church.


    • mitt is an enemy combatant. He does anything he can to screw our President.

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  20. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    These people just do not get it.

    Their lust for money and power.
    As Rockhound said in the movie Armageddon.

    It’s “A Mother F@@king Greek Tragedy”

    And you would think they would see the lessons the Greek and Roman politicians brought on themselves.

    They destroyed the actual “Source” of their wealth and power.
    The two most powerful nations on earth, destroyed the very creator of their wealth.

    Same with McConnell, Romney, all of them.
    They have made a serious mis-calculation.

    Do they think ….excuse me…..they actually think that we as Americans will just bend over,
    State, by State, and live in Servitude to their every scheme.

    Screw that…..Americans have fought and died for our country.
    We are not about to allow some wrinkly old men, and prideful “rich kids” take this from us.

    You have seen it in high school, in the News media, The Class Presidents.
    Back Stabbers, Liars, thieves, ….
    I’ve seen them in War.

    The gore of the battle is over and the reporters fly in asking asinine questions, when the Blood and guts of your fellow Marine is still warm on your hands.

    You just look at them……with no words……because they “will never understand.

    Yes….it’s cold anger…….and when you do “Smack them in the mouth” they run away crying like babies.

    No……I will not quit…..I will not give up……

    How could any of us do that when all the ones who have died are looking down at us.

    15,000 Americans on the “First Day” at Normandy. Most between 18 and 22 years old.

    They kept going…..Screw DC…….Frog March em all out.

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  21. “True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital” by Matt Taibbi, 2012

    Using hostile takeovers and leveraged buyouts, Willard the Bain Bandit destroyed American Pad & Paper (AmPad), K-B Toys, Bealles, Palais Royal, Stage Stores, Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins. Since that article, the Bain Bandits destroyed Sports Authority, Payless Shoes and Toys-R-Us.

    It is okay to loath, Willard the Bain Bandit

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  22. Bogeyfree says:

    This is so spot on and why I think the RINO’s in conjunction with the leftist have formulated their 2021 Insurance Plan already.

    If PT wins in Nov the attack games continue with another manufactured impeachment quickly in 2021 before his economic magic gets back up to full steam.

    The DS will stuff the ballot boxes in Nov to at least ensure they gain back 3 Dem Senate seats bringing the new split to 50-50

    Then needing only 17 RINO’s beyond the Dems and just based on the names Sundance lists, they have the votes to remove PT from office.

    The spin will be from the R’s we had to do it for the good of the country to heal.

    And folks like McConnell and Lindsey and probably others on Sundance’s list will have just won their 6 year re-election so they are all set.

    They will gladly accept “I’m just happy to be here” Pence as their new President. The simple fact, he has capitulated to the DS by giving them full control of the CV direction, masks and lockdowns is all you need to know.

    The left will own and control Pence much like they snookered Sessions.

    So what can PT do?

    Dump Pence for 2020 before the convention and add SD Governor, Kristi Noem as his 2020 VP

    She is made out of the Trump mold and screams MAGA policies.

    With her on the ticket it might just be a big enough curve ball to make the RINO’s think twice about impeaching PT because it will be a huge block to the career path of Nikki Haley as President in 2024.

    I truly see this new insurance policy as their next ploy if PT wins so somehow we have to get PT to see this setup is coming and clearly Romney’s tweet today is a big tip off IMO.

    To dump Pence before the convention and bring in Kristi is pure brilliance IMO and pure Trump Genius.

    I hope when Sundance speaks with PT soon (wishful thinking) he shares this idea with him.

    It could be the greatest curve ball ever thrown!

    Also if anyone wants to bounce the new insurance policy idea and changing out Pence for Noem with Don Jr via twitter I’m ok with that.

    The DS plans their moves far in advance as we have seen with CV so do not underestimate these people.

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    • I thought the same Bogeyfree; but I really do not believe that Mike Pence is as evil as others, at least I am not seeing it.
      He follows POTUS’s direction and is doing more than any other VP that I recall. Some may not like or appreciate his mannerisms, etc. but everyone of us is different and along with that comes the mannerisms.

      Noem has a future in the Trumplican Party, without a doubt, but replacing Pence with her is something totally foreign to a Trump philosophy and that is “loyalty” and “personal relationships”.
      For now, Pence is loyal to the POTUS (IMHO) and they have a good personal relationship.

      Maybe things will change before the Trumplican Convention; we will see…And I wonder if Governor Noem will be speaking at that convention and if so, what spotlight will she be in?


  23. starfcker says:

    I have thought and said for years that the concentration of power that has been allowed by the last three figurehead Presidents has gotten so strong that the only force on Earth that could possibly disrupt them is a powerful, lethal, and just Federal government. Donald Trump seemed to understand this. Donald Trump was aggressive enough, strategic enough, and wealthy enough, to put himself in a position to challenge this, and turn the tide of this country before it went to ruin. There seems to be two strategic blunders in his thinking. First, by displaying extraordinary deference and civility to the institutions he was serving, that he would bring down the temperature of the confrontation, and that others would be willing to work with him for the betterment of the United States. And that he could show no interest in litigating the misdeeds and crimes against the country from the past few years and by concentrating on the future, get some of his opponents to mend their ways and join the cause. These are looking to be catastrophic mistakes. His opponents have been going scorched-earth on him since day one, and his almost inexplicable inability to hire a competent and non-corrupt Attorney General has hamstrung his Presidency, and emboldened our enemies to the point where they aren’t even bothering to hide their contempt for civility or the rule of law. It’s all out in the open now. They want it all, and they’re going to take it by force, unless somebody stops them. And there’s nobody to do that.


    • starfcker says:

      The country is not going to be saved by nibbling around the margins. Anybody with their eyes open should be able to see that. The bubble around the Oval Office is stronger than we thought. The thin gruel we are being fed of tough sounding interviews, strongly-worded letters, and outraged tweets isn’t going to save the country. The Department of Justice is the key to the whole thing. That’s where the battle could have been won. That’s where the battle is being lost. Let’s be frank, we’re losing. And the pace of our losing is accelerating every day.


      • MustangBlues says:

        star: Just could not read your brilliant posting that show up on CTH frequently, just like cannot chug a lug a fifth of scotch, have to sip.

        Sips in writing are called paragraphs, you make a paragraph by hitting the enter key twice after every two sentences. Try it. Maybe your brilliance might be more widely noted.


    • sundance says:

      Please do not post massive blocks of text.


      • starfcker says:

        Mustang, it’s a hardware problem, I’ve been smacked for it many times in the past. Sundance, I try to break my posts up when they get big, I’ll double down on that. Sorry.


        • P says:

          starfcker: Try typing your comment first in an MS-Word document with all the appropriately spaced paragraphs, etc. and then copy/paste to “Leave a Reply.”

          If you need to bold or italicize something type the actual formatting codes as , and/or , into your Word doc (don’t use the bold or italics function keys from Word as they don’t transfer over to CTH).

          After you’ve copy/pasted your comment into “Leave a Reply” look it over to see if it retained your formatting accurately from your Word doc, and if everything looks OK, fill in your personal info as required and hit “Post Comment.”

          Nice thing, too, about doing it this way is Word points out misspelled words.


    • Del Parker says:

      You may not know, you can press the enter key at the same as u press the shift key, to insert a hard paragraph break, without entering your text.


    • Missy says:

      Neutralizing McConnell is key. Whatever method works, is key, and it must be strong enough to terrify and slap down Donahue and the Senate Swamp with fear. You get my drift. Think Andrew B. It has come to this. Read the wonderful books of a certain ex-SEAL.


  24. SteveC says:

    McConnell is throwing a lot of money at defeating both Doug Collins and Kris Kobach in their primaries.
    I wish more people on our side would learn from people’s past actions are on our side and who are not.

    The window for fixing things non-violently (short of becoming serfs) is rapidly closing.


  25. JRD says:

    “Once you see the strings on the marionettes you can never go back to a time when you did not see them.”

    Precisely !

    I wear my refusal to vote for Romney’Ryan in 2012 as a badge of honor.


  26. Del Parker says:

    …I wrote most of this on Romney, April or so of last year. What prompted it was Romney’s use of two campaign slogans with racist overtones. I was cautioned, at the time, to not rock the boat with this, as a lot of Mormons are Conservative. The converse is perhaps not applicable, at least for me. I will not be campaigning for or supporting Mitt Romney.

    I am a bit of a student of advertising slogans. Romney was clothing his campaign with past slogans of Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Romney was in the habit of borrowing campaign slogans from Conservatives, so he could appear as a Conservative to the Colin Powell branch of the Republican Party. There was even a 3rd campaign slogan borrowed from Reagan, but it escaped me, and perhaps someone here can remind me. Romney would be better to come up with his own slogans, but this is perhaps another problem, as there is no there there. It does not work to plagiarize from others, and the reason it does not work, is rooted in Romney’s conflicted mind.

    I went to Rice U. in Houston in 1965, the year following the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Rice was originally founded as a segregated school with free tuition for all that could get thru the academic hoops. But when Rice wanted to expand its space program, and apply for money from the feds, they had to integrate. My freshman class was the first integrated class, and I took my math 100 in German from the first Black professor, who did not speak English, as there was no college level Black math professor to be found who could. Rice U. and most of the rest of the country went along with integration and embraced the civil rights movement. Two schools did not.

    I might title this, “Why I don’t Like Mitt Romney.” Romney’s recent remark, inartfully plagiarizing Margaret Thatcher, “Obama Isn’t Working”,


    which some leftists have jumped on as inappropriate because of the racial overtones suggesting the old school adage that Black men are lazy, points to a familiar theme re Mitt Romney, BYU English grad class of ’71. This remark portends racist code overtones similar to Romney’s April “hanging Obama with the misery index” remark:


    Not only is the remark to be condemned as a racist metaphor, it shows the same lack of originality. The two remarks together, reveal in part, Mitt Romney’s mind, and the world in which he grew up. During the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, when Mitt Romney attended Brigham Young University, it was a segregated school, only becoming integrated in 1978, 14 years after the passing of the 1964 civil rights act. Sporting events between segregated BYU and other integrated colleges and universities during this time, frequently led to boycotts and riots and demonstrations, because of BYU’s racist policies re segregation. BYU was one of 2 schools in the country to fight integration during this time, and well after, Bob Jones U. being the other, from 1964 until 1983.

    Segregation at BYU, during and well after Mitt’s time there, during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, was not just a casual rule, but rather part of an all embracing honor code and code of conduct, which required all LDS students to adhere and conform to the doctrines of the LDS church. LDS doctrine included Brigham Young’s founding theology that Blacks were made black because of their sins against God, and that slavery was a “…divine institution”. Blacks were prohibited from entering the LDS temple until June 1978, and then only if they were considered “worthy”.

    This was Mitt Romney’s world during his school days, and during the formative years of his “education”. Romney was President of his class, and President of the Honor Council, dealing w enforcing the Mormon doctrines. So yes, he is going to repudiate it, in part, and claim he and his father marched with MLK, which later would become he was in the same town that MLK was at one point. But in Mitt’s mind, he is conflicted, because on one hand he is commanded to conform to these abhorent racist doctrines and codes of conduct, and on another he surely must realize, that at least others, if not himself, consider them repulsive. So, yes, this would lead to a flip flopping personality prone to avoid verbalizing the profound issues of the heart. Wholly understandable.

    Now, Romney and his father were leaders in the LDS Church, and as such, bear responsibility, at least in part, for the continuing segregationist policies of BYU, which flew in the face of the mood of the country, for integration, and equality of opportunity and housing and education, and drinking from the same water fountains, regardless of the color of one’s skin.

    And although I could care less if Mitt Romney, or anyone else, wants to practice their LDS religion, for me, the racism part is disturbing, as an American and as a Republican. It does not belong in the Republican Party. It much better suits the Democrat Party. The Republican Party, forget for the moment, whether the Colin Powell wing or the Clarence Thomas wing, was founded in 1854 on the principle that freedom is for all men regardless of their race or skin color. Mitt Romney’s burden re this seminal Republican principle is too heavy to contest leadership of the Republican Party. Indeed, the Republican Party is perceived by most Blacks as being the party of racism, rather than the party that was formed to fight it. That ground is sacred to the Republican Party and needs to be reclaimed, and Mitt Romney is not the man to do it.

    Del Parker

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  27. Del Parker says:

    Actually written April 2011.

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  28. Nordic Breed says:

    Mitt Romney is a like a really nasty woman who wants to control everything. Hateful and narcissistic.


  29. Parker Longbaugh says:

    What are Mitts views on marriage between 16 year old girls and 55 year leaders of any church. Has he ever attended any such wedding? Has he ever thought they may be arranged? Has he ever questioned the the parents of the bride about payments from their new son in law?
    Why is Mitt silent on these topics?


  30. gunrunner03 says:

    I am so ashamed of myself for ever voting for the man.

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  31. TradeBait says:

    Mittens, Bain Capital, Maxwell – just sayin’.

    Needs to be a Trumpslide with all hands on deck to stop the leftist cheating. The only way for it to go as it should is for B2 to unleash the hounds soon as well as to starting charging the scum.


  32. Baby El says:

    Hate does nothing to, or for, the thing that is hated.

    Not only is hate a useless and ineffective weapon, but it slowly destroys the one who wields it.


  33. huecowacko says:

    Pierre makes it okay to despise him.


  34. This post is undeniably true, and it certainly explains why the Swamp is so difficult for true, well-meaning conservatives to navigate, and hence making the Swamp impenetrable.

    However, whatever conclusion one draws from these unfortunate circumstances, they must be viewed as completely irrelevant to our only electoral choice at hand: to deny crypto- communists access to power by voting straight R up and down the ballot!

    The communists themselves will hope to interest you in other ballot choices so you won’t come to that crushing conclusion, but WE ALL MUST LOOK AWAY FROM THIRD PARTY CHOICES.

    If a bunch of unarmed punks managed to paralyze civic life and commerce throughout the US, what will become of the US when participation in BLM becomes mandatory for all citizens?

    Lastly, and for the umpteenth time, third party candidates will be wearing impressive military garb, the women will be highly attractive, the men will have square jaws and talk conservative values but will be lib to the core with Soros money backing them.


  35. disgusted citizen says:

    Irrelevant Romney resurfaces from time to time to show his corrupt uni-party allegiance, to keep his unjust ‘perks’ and ‘rewards’… sooner or later, it will all catch up with him..

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  36. CTH Fan says:

    Between now and 2024 we need to scout around for a super strong Primary and Senate Candidate to knock Romney out of his position. I am pretty sure he wants to run for President again but he will not give up his Senate seat while doing so. Therefore, we must find a really strong candidate for President that puts America First and has been mentored by President Trump. Another outsider like Rick Grennell or another business titan that has already shown their Pro American Bonafides.

    The time to start is now. We have clearly seen who are not true America First people. No time to waste. If anything this last four years have shown us it is that time is running out. It is imperative that our internet sleuths, along with Sundance, do a deep dive on all potential candidates. I am really not that skilled with it.

    The battle lines have been drawn between Soros, Bill Ayers and China vs President Trump and real Americans. Communism v Freedom and the US Constitution.

    They started an insurrection in 2009 and we were totally blind to it. No Longer. We can only hope it is not too late.

    Stay Strong, Never Give Up and Never Give In. God Bless The USA and it’s awesome President Trump.


  37. Rick554 says:

    Well…..it took me long enough to get it thru this thick skull but after reading this post and the comments below, it hit me like a hammer! The “republicans” are in on it , have been and will continue to be until something quite drastic happens. Thanks to Sundance and my fellow Treepers for setting this old truck driver straight! Now the question I have is……besides PRESIDENT Donald J Trump, how can I vote for someone like Portman? Should I hold my nose and check the box? I hate to think that that Piece of Trash would think I’m ignorant enough to vote for him. Or should I leave it blank and prepare for the worst. Which ever way it goes I fully intend to defend the Constitution and the only Man I trust in Washington DC ( I Know ….Jim Jordan and about 4 others included!). One last thing…I definitely thank the Big Guy Above for sending this Country Donald J Trump, and for guiding me to this site! GOD Bless our Country! REDHORSE!!


    • Missy says:

      Gotta have 2 things: 1) patriots that, if a RINO is elected, will consistently monitor and report on a RINOs campaign contributions and corruption, and 2) a group of patriots that will make his/her life hell on the phones.

      We may not be able to prevent their elections just yet, but we CAN make their lives hell.


  38. starspangledred says:

    McConnell’s theme song:

    Razzle Dazzle from the play (movie in this case) Chicago.


  39. DeWalt says:

    Yep. Romney exposed himself when he intentionally took the fall against Obama. Same with McStain.

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  40. listingstarboard says:

    Maybe someday people will become interested in the Mormon Church and their determination to take over the country, just like radical Islam. Maybe someday people will read about the history of the LDS Church and the founders of the church who firmly believed in and practiced polygamy and rape of minor children. Maybe someday people will find out the vast wealth and land holdings of the Mormon Church. Maybe someday people will find out what its like to live in a community where Mormons control the businesses and local governments –gentiles do not get hired. Why does everyone turn a blind eye to this powerful entity? Romney is just following orders.

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    • SanJac says:

      FLDS and Scientology should be wiped from this country because they do the exact same thing as Jeffery Epstein including murder.

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      • listingstarboard says:

        FLDS and LDS both worship and abide by the Book Of Mormon. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were hardcore Polygamists and statutory rapists. Udall, Romney, Flake, Lee great grandfathers were all polygamists . Utah just voted to make polygamy an “infraction” instead of a felony.

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        • aerocrafter says:

          Wow. Do you guys know any real Mormons? The ones I know are all good people, hard workers with strong values and happy families. This sounds like conspiracy stuff. Don’t waste rounds on friendly fire.

          Every denomination has rotten apples—Catholics (Pelosi), Southern Baptists (Bill Clinton), Methodists (Hillary), you name it. Don’t tar us all with the same brush you’d like to tar Mitt with.

          In fact, when it comes to tarring and feathering Mitt, I’m right there with you. And I know many Mormons who would lend a hand. (MAGA)


          • listingstarboard says:

            It is not conspiracy theory, It is historical fact that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Miles Romney, David Udall, WIlliam Flake and John D. Lee were all polygamists.


            • InAz says:

              @ listingstarboard

              “……..the Mormon church and their determination to take over the country……”

              That is conspiracy theory.


              • dimbulbz says:

                So, Please, tell me if I am no longer welcome here. You are living in an ever imploding tent, my friends. Just hate everyone. Perfect.


  41. lambgraham says:

    Don’t forget Rubio.


  42. SanJac says:

    Carlos Delicktoe and the side in which he is on has been clear for at least 2 decades and he has slowly been Jeff Flaking out of his hole.
    His family members are involved in the Ukraine cookie jar raiding like other GOPe and it’s beyond amazing how these crooks walk away while stealing money from the people in this country including Osama.

    Liked by 2 people

    • This is true. romney is screwed in the Ukraine department, and it will all come out in Term Two, which will be EPIC.

      There is a lot of misery being posted on these threads lately, and way too much second-guessing and questioning of President Donald Trump.

      Snap the blank out of it folks, the man knows what he is doing!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • dawndoe says:

      How is Romney involved with Ukraine?


  43. Yomin! says:

    After he mopped the floor with obammer in that first debate, and then obviously took a dive in the next two, I knew this was a special kind of slime we had on our hands. He actually would’ve won the WH if he didn’t fold. But “they” got to him. It was so blatant.

    There’s so much going on behind the scenes it’s downright scary. At what point does the thought of space/interdimensional aliens being among us get more credence? Ugh. It all hurts my head! 👽😐


  44. California Joe says:

    I spent a week in beautiful Park City, Utah last February before the Coronavirus hoax hit. It’s an Old West silver mining town surrounded by gorgeous mountains and ski resorts. I did not see one Black person and only a handful of Hispanics working in the hotel and restaurants. No crime. Definitely no poverty. Public transportation around the town and ski resorts was free. Restaurants and bars open most of the night with everyone having a great time. So, tell me Mitch why can’t the rest of Americans enjoy the same living conditions???

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Mario Flores says:

    We only have to back Trump and convince him to standfast. And back him up when they try to remove him. This election is monumental. But if it’s time to reform our Republic from the ashes of the old one who better to lead us into that battle?

    Liked by 1 person

  46. JRD says:

    Roger Stone is on fire at Parler.



  47. Ted says:

    Romney could not express more jealously of Trump. He seems so small in this statement and transparently insecure. He’s lost all dignity, and any semi-savvy reader should see a base emotion that is unworthy of a statesman or (as Sundance points out) is just a pawn proving his upside down bonafides to the Mob bosses.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. Niagara Frontier says:

    It’s going to take scandals of epic proportions, either financial or sexual, to dislodge the likes of Romney and McConnell from their office. We need pictures and recordings, and we need them now.

    These bastards must be put into a position where they are forced to resign. The “incumbent lock” in Congress is astronomical. In the Senate the reelection rate rarely dips below 90 percent. In the House the re-election rate among all 435 members of the House has been as high as 98 percent and similarly rarely dips below 90 percent.


  49. SR says:

    Romney is Hillary of Republican Party plus RINO.


  50. FreyFelipe says:

    Willard “Captain Ahab” Romney is so full of hate, it will consume him.


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