Cuban Immigrant Warns President Trump About The Danger of Socialism/Communism – Video and Transcript…

During a roundtable discussion on the future of Venezuela, Cuban immigrant Maximo Alverez shares a warning about current political events in the United States from his own experience in Cuba.

[Video and Transcript Below] – Note: Audio improves as video progresses.


[Transcript] – Maximo Alverez: Listen, before I start, I need to first thank you for your sacrifice and the job you have done. And I also want to make sure that we understand that you are surrounded with very good people here in the State of Florida. And just to mention a few, we have the best Governor and Lieutenant governor in DeSantis and Jeanette Nunez. We have the best two senators in Mario, Mario is a congressman, but the two senators, Scott and Marco.


Best congressmen for sure, guys sitting to your left, my dear friend. And I can not forget somebody who’s just been promoted very recently or I hope he gets vetted in front of the Senate, our dear Carlos [inaudible 00:00:27:36], very young man with a tremendous future. Thank you very much because you have selected those people and I assure you, they will be eternally loyal to you and they have your back. I assure you of that.

Now, my story is very simple. We always talk about socialism. Socialism is nothing but communism during Halloween. There’s no such thing as socialism. America has always been the most socialist country in the world. We’re definitely the most generous. Look at the people in this table. Look at our backgrounds. Just thinking that in 1961, as a 13 year old, by myself, on my way to Spain. I wasn’t even coming here. I arrived in this great country and almost 60 years later, I’m sitting next to the President of the United States talking about the American dream.

The only country in the world, no other country in the world that you can start a business from the trunk of your car and within a very few years with hard work, commitment, and all the core values that we learn from this very culture of ours, we can become very important to our future. We can become those people who make the next generation better than the one before. This is the only country. Why do you think you had to close the border?

Because everybody in the world wants to come over here. Nobody’s ever forced to come over here. We come over here, in my case because my parents chose that I would not be indoctrinated by the communist country, by the totalitarian country, by the totalitarian regime. They don’t educate children. Absolutely not. And this is something that we need to understand. What is happening in our backyard today, I experienced as an 11 year old. I remember vividly all the promises that a guy named Castro gave and how 99% of the people swallowed the pill.

It took many years later after I read somebody named Saul Alinsky that I realized that all those people were nothing but useful idiots. I remember Castro while in the mountains being interviewed and asked if he was a communist. He went crazy. “I dare you,” he says,” [foreign language 00:00:31:12]” the Roman Catholic. Educated by the Jesuits he was. “How dare you? We even have a priest in the mountains.” We used to have priests in the mountains.

I remember I was in Marist Brothers, Christopher Columbus here for those who you know. And I remember the Brothers, the Marist Brothers used to send young kids to the mountains because it was the second coming of our Lord. He was going to save Cuba. I remember how he promised to the farmers, to the [foreign language 00:31:48] that you’re going to own the land. I remember all the promises that we hear today about free education and free healthcare.

About free education and free healthcare and free land. My God, no freedom. But he never said that until after he was in power, got rid of all the police, got rid of all the military, been there for the last 60 years and counting. And he destroyed each and every one who helped him. The Catholic church, everybody.

And why do I know that? Because I happened to come to this country with a very last nine cloister nuns from Convent Santa Clara, because he had taken over the convent. And I was on my way to Spain, I wasn’t even coming here, because I was going to join my brother, who my parents had already sent a few months before because he was in the age where the government will take him for indoctrination purposes.

My dad who had experienced the same thing coming from Spain at the turn of the century, running away, not from socialism, communism. He knew better. I remember when he used to tell my mom, “Fefe, this SOB’s a communist.” My mother says, “Luca, how can you say that? He’s Catholic. Look, he’s wearing …” He had rosary beads all over his neck.

It just so happened that when I was on my way to Spain to meet my brother, I was going to go to the marriage brothers in La Coruna, Spain. Same brothers here at Christopher Columbus, by the way. My brother died. And I was kept in this country. Greatest blessing I ever had. But imagine what happened to mom and dad.

One day, you lose both kids. This is a family who had never been involved in politics. My father came at age 18 from Spain, running from communists. By himself, never went back. After a long, long life of sacrifice, when he was about to enjoy the fruit of his labors just like a president that is helping us today, because he could have been just having a good time, one of his many beautiful golf courses. But no.

But yet he gave up enjoying the fruit of his labors to do this. So did my dad, that’s why I love you. Exactly the same. So when they’re about to do that from one day to the next, they end up in this country with the shirt that he was wearing on his back. And they did maximum, have been here already for years. But thank God for Pedro Pan.

Talking about socialism, Catholic church, 14,000 kids who came like me in this country without parents. And we were provided an opportunity. This is what makes our country great. They didn’t give me free nothing, they gave me the opportunity. That is the most valuable thing in the world.

Now, when I said they didn’t give me any free something, please understand that at 13 years old, I had to be provided with a home, had to be provided with food and an education. That is socialism, that’s Americanism, that’s the America that these people are trying to destroy today by using funny terms like socialism. They’re not, they’re communists. Don’t ever forget that. I know our President understands that because he knows, he’s been all over the world. And you’re surrounded with great people, very loyal people, and we have our back.

I remember the first time I gave little speech about something like this, tell him about I came from Cuba, blah, blah, blah. I remember this was around October 2016. I thought you were a little crazy for the sacrifice you were about to take, but I predicted that we were going to elect you in November and I was going to see you in the White House in January. Thank you very much.

Because of the situations right now, I cannot give you hug. Otherwise, thank you very much. And I going to leave you with one last thing. Never forget about my dad who only had a sixth grade education, but I think he was the greatest philosopher I ever met. He used to tell us how lucky he was because he was able to come from Spain to Cuba. And then he came from Cuba to United States. And he saw me graduate from college and that was the biggest prize he ever had. And he said, “Don’t lose these place because you’re never going to be as lucky as me. Because if you lose this place, you have no place to go.”

So with that, please keep that in mind. And please, people, explain that to our young people who are demonstrating out there. Don’t be useful idiots. Please understand what’s happening in our country. See what happens to our parents and see what is happening to America today. Mr. President, thank you very much. And thank you for your hard work.


If you ever wonder why President Trump is considering a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, replay this video for your answer.

The reason President Trump is open to providing legal status to Latino immigrants is because many -perhaps most- of those same immigrants love America more than our native population…

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104 Responses to Cuban Immigrant Warns President Trump About The Danger of Socialism/Communism – Video and Transcript…

  1. Patchman2076 says:

    This gentleman is a great Patriot.

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    • GB Bari says:

      This man is sincere! And deadly serious!
      He knows exactly whereof he speaks. Both of my wife’s grandparents (paternal and maternal) came over here from Spain in the early 20th century for the exact same reasons as this man’s father.

      He has maybe a better perspective than most on “American socialism” versus real hardcore communism. I have often interchanged the terms but considering his experience, he is quite right; they are different here. Bernie and AOC and the rest of the DemonRATS are communists at their core, but are trying to soften their marketing appeal by using “socialism” instead of the truth.

      Awesome speech.

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      • I saw this earlier on Parler. This man is awesome, and he is correct. I overlook the part about the senators in Florida. Sure, maybe he is watching fake news at FAUX news.

        But, as he said there is no such thing as socialism, I say there is no such thing as communism either, it is fascism with the same mask as those who espouse socialism. Just a mask, nothing special about it and it’s not something actually worn like the masks the human scum in “government” are trying to demand people wear over the controlavirus.

        Fascism is at the core of all “isms”. It’s always all about CONTROL. Total control, totalitarian… control.

        And we must stop it as it is rampant and literal in our nation at this point.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Yes I doubt that the man studies politicians deeply beyond what they say, especially when they say it en Espanol. I simply disregarded his mention of Rubio.

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        • Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

          These people who want “socialism” need to watch this! The comment that Castro promised the world until in power and delivered a dictatorship, is what people need to get through their heads. Once you go down the road to communism and then realize you’ve been fooled there is no reversing it!

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    • Hello Kitty says:

      Just had my Vietnamese-American daughter (who we adopted 2 days after her 15th bday) watch this man. We have had many conversations about the difference of education in VN and the education that she receives in her Catholic school in OKC. She remembers the indoctrination very well.

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      • Patchman2076 says:

        My stepfather is from South Vietnam, he was put into a “re-education” camp and escaped by boat here in 1980.
        His story is really something that Hollywood couldn’t even write.
        My mother was brought to the US by my father in 1970. She then had my sister in 71 and myself in 76.
        I can’t imagine what she felt like when Vietnam fell, she had no communication with her family, just news snippets.
        I was so lucky to be born in this country, like hitting the lottery lucky. (God’s grace)
        I know how they treated those Amer Asian kids there. They were cast offs in Vietnam, looked down by the communists and it’s people.
        I’ve made it my business to study the communists since my life was directly tied to a war over it. There are so many people who have been brainwashed with that socialism crap it disgusting.
        I hope many people have started waking up to this destruction happening in our country.

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  2. Richie says:

    In the first minute he says Florida Senators like Little Marco has Trumps back? He needs to stop watching fake news.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      This gentleman has a great deal more to say than just expressing respect for Rubio.
      You want he should bad-mouth his Senator who is fighting on the same side as he?

      Be reasonable, Richie, and please listen to more than the first minute.
      Listen to this gentleman speak of his 90somethig yo mother, still in Venezuela.

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      • Richie says:

        I heard most of it but he appears to be unaware of what we here at CTH are made aware of daily. Mitt Romney is another great example..
        What makes you think his Senator (little marco) is fighting on the same side as he when you should already know Rubio for one is a deep state phony political hack?
        Be responsible indeed and leave the power of Political Correctness for the fake news media where it belongs..

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        • Richie says:

          Little Lyin Marco

          Senate Intel Chairman Marco Rubio: “terror groups on BOTH far left and right are instigating, committing acts of violence and looting”…


        • jeans2nd says:

          We must agree to disagree then, Richie. Focusing on one detail while missing the point of the message overall misses influencing all those who are not focused on Rubio.
          The point is the socialism message, and Rubio is definitely on the anti-socialism side.
          Fwiw, Rubio is an id10t. Saw him personally in 2015/2016 primaries when he stopped here.
          For Sale At Any Price, and Little Marco does need lots and lots of water…

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          • Mariposa323: says:

            Most Miami people will tell you that Rubio is corrupt . He’s corrupt but still ours because at least for south Fl there is slim pickings . One day we can get a real MAGA rep down here , but right now there is no alternative sad to say .

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          • Richie says:

            The real point is that good people do not know who the enemy is. Thats why we lose. That is the detail I choose to focus on. That is the point of my comment. Another speech on the failures of socialism is not going to do anything.

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          • Norma Jean says:

            You got that right, “for sale at any price”, and turns his back on the people who initially helped him. Broken promises for a better opportunity..pure opportunist.

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        • Dutchman says:

          How many Republican voters, regardless of ethnicity, know what we here at CTH know, regarding Uniparty duplicity?

          Too darn few. So, to use THAT as your yardstick, your going to be rejecting a lot, who just need educating.

          I have a BOX of business cards printed up, with the CTH website address. I have some of Sundances articles on different topics, as well.

          In order for more Republican voters to know what “we here at CTH know”, we need to EDUMACATE them.

          And yeah, Rubio is one of many who WATCHED Reagan, and subsequently ran as a “Reagan Republican” wearing the mask, hiding the demon underneath.

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      • Richie says:

        Los Tres Amigos..


    • jenncarp2013 says:

      Wow! This man just brought me to tears! Made me feel a mix of overwhelming gratitude, pride, and responsibility for the stewardship of this great experiment, the land of, for and by the People, The United States of America.

      Lord, I pray you will cover this beautiful man and his family with your protection and blessings.

      Thank you for highlighting this amazing speech, Sundance!

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    • James says:

      “Michael Barden
      I’m struggling financially. My business I’ve run for 10 years is about to shut down. I don’t know if I’ll have a roof over our head this time next month, but I just donated $50 to the Trump campaign. That’s how important it is that he wins in November.”

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  3. C says:

    Well that’s not the spirit. Not the spirit at all.

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    • gunrunner03 says:

      Agree, not the spirit but he makes the point. Republicans/Conservatives/Patriots (us) have no Lawfare-type organization working on our behalf. Where (or who) is the counter to George Soros? Rush last week stating we’ve lost a generation or more of our youth because the education system has been taken over by anti-America types. Duh! Anyone with children or grandchildren didn’t need Rush to point that out. We have the likes of The Turtle, Paul Ryan, Mittens, and John Roberts betraying us and our causes daily. We have a Civil Service that is liberal and running the Administrative State. We’re six feet under and folks are throwing dirt on us. All we have, that we can truly count on, is Donald Trump, our President. And I’ll throw in Ric Grenell. I am certain, although I cannot prove it, that there at least a couple of million people that would vote Conservative if there chose to vote. Those folks are our salvation. God bless President Trump and our Country.

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      • C says:

        We still hold the cards. We have the people on our side. It will take a generation or two to come back but we will begin by capping the communists at the knee within our education systems and the culture. The cultural pushback from the right is already happening, and it’s going to happen fast because right wing intellectuals are not to be trifled with, compared to their army of twitter SJWs. It seems bleak but it’s just going to take time.

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    • swissik says:

      Without action spirit means nothing, especially when you are looking at a potential repeat of the Weimar Republic in the late twenties up to WWII. Another stimulus, more printing of money etc. etc. mob rule in the major cities, destruction of monuments and property, people on the unemployment line, impotent leadership, I could go on. Even if one only has the faintest historical knowledge of the Weimar Republic surely one can recognize that the signs are there.

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      • pantifa,commies,socialists,anarchists….1930-1933……

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        • Dutchman says:

          Yeah, in 1776 the 13 colonies had absolutely NO chance, going up against the mighty “the sun never sets on” british empire.

          In 1941, with our entire fleet sunk, and probably less that 1000 airplanes in the whole country,…against the huge Japanese armada, while simultaneously fighting a two front war against the nazi blitzkreig?
          Hah,… HOPELESS!

          YES, we have the classic “enemies, both foreign and domestic” and they are aligned against us.

          They have infiltrated our institutions, accrued tremendous power and wealth, and are detirmined to conquer us, by any means neccesary.

          Read up on Chesty Morgan, the marines general. His division was surrounded by 15 divisions of Chicoms, in Korean war.

          We’re Americans. When we’re surrounded, when we’re outnumbered, we do not kneel or cower.

          WE KICK BUTT

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          • Ozzie Bowman says:

            Dutchman , you are one of about 6 contributors who I consider the “Backbone” of the site , and I do get the point you make here. …… But….. your entire fleet was not sunk , only a part of your Pacific Fleet , which for Fleet Actions was obsolete. Their loss would not really affect future control of the Pacific. The Japanese had closely studied Britains use of Aircraft Carriers. Did any-one in The U.S.A. notice that one Limey carrier sunk the Italian Battle Fleet in harbour. The Japanese noticed. The Pearl Harbour attacks sole purpose was to sink your Aircraft Carriers. When their Admiral heard none were sunk he said “We have lost the war.” From their point of view the attack failed. Apologies , I am a History Nut.


            • Dutchman says:

              I was painting a picture in broad strokes, you are critiquing in, by analysing the fine points, but “fair enough”, lol.

              We kicked your *ss at Yorktown, Kicked the Japanese *ss at Midway, the Germans at “the Bulge”, ‘Chesty’ Morgan kicked Chicoms *ss in Korea…..cause THATS what Americans DO.
              WE KICK *SS.
              You know how a honey badger fights a Lion?
              He runs RIGHT at it, scoots between its front legs, flips on his back legs as he gets to the back of the lion, and uses his teeth and claws to,…well render the lion unable to procreate.
              The lion is generally seen running away, crying at the end of the encounter.
              THATS what Americans do.
              Either we will lead this worldwide rejection of Global marxism, or the World will be plunged into a new Dark age.

              That was my broad strokes point, and a historical view cannot deny that many times we have overcome what SEEMED to be insurmountable odds.

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  4. jeans2nd says:

    Did your Crystal Ball or your Magic 8 Ball tell you? Or was it your Ouija Board?

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  5. fangdog says:

    It has never made sense to me why today’s Mexican immigrant would want to be a Democrat?

    If nothing else, why would anyone who has gone through the hardship of getting here in-order to escape where they came from want it to be just like it was for him or her in the first place?

    Trump just got the minimum-wage raised for all Mexicans in Mexico. You would think that alone would make every Mexican a “Trumper”.

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    • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

      Fangdog, there’s a distinction between Cubans who came here post Mariel Boatlift and Mexicans/Hondurans/MS13/Salvadorans/Guatemalans….illegally crossing the border.
      There are very few south of the border who came here legally. I’d be interested to know if any are here legally for the past 20 years.
      Of course they will vote Democrat (IF they become citizens), they’re used to subverting the law and getting away with it, with freebies to boot….demanding more.

      Just look at the Dreamers. They’re the first ones to protest anytime they don’t get their way, and it matters not that they’re illegal. They know they’re a protected class.

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      • Joebkonobi says:

        Not all of them are protesting. Only the activist ones along with the open borders fanatics. I trust Trump. He knows what he is doing. Never thought about it the way Sundance explained but many DACA’s may be more patriotic than those rioting. I expect Trump’s EO will have reasonable conditions.

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      • Dutchman says:

        First off, there is this mistaken equating of “illegal immigrant” with South of the Border/hispanic.

        We have both legal and illegal immigrants from EVERY country in the World; Africa, China, Europe, etc.

        In my youth, I dated a girl who was here, illegally from,….CANADA!

        Actually, those escaping Conmunism, and their kids, are usually the best immigrants; they are not fooled by “socialism”.

        And, the term “hispanics” is pretty silly, as well. Sharing the same language, but very different cultures; Porto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, el salvadorans, nicuarguans, and those from Spain, Haiti/Dominican Republic, Brazil.

        Silly to equate them all as having the same culture, or world view.

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        • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

          Fangdog specifically noted Mexicans, thus my reply to him/her. Of course I’m aware of millions of immigrants from all corners of the earth.
          I’m also aware of Hispanic/Latino and the differences in that they’re not monolithic.

          But if you’re suggesting the greatest portion of “immigrants” from South America (including Mexico) came here legally in the last 20 years, why would they?

          Reagan made the mistake of granting amnesty, and its been open borders since.

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          • Dutchman says:

            Understood, my comments were more general observations, not specifically aimed at you,…sorry for the confusion.

            And yes, amnesty invites more illegal immigration. This broken system has been created to do exactly what it has done.

            And the Uniparty is responsible, just as its responsible for so much thats wrong; endless wars, self destructive trade policies, breakdown of the rule of law, and taking us right to the edge, of the destruction of our Republic.

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    • The Devilbat says:

      The yankees from NYC do the same exact thing. They escape from New York that the democrats have so royally screwed up and come down here to Florida where 99% of them vote for every democrat on the ticket.

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  6. thrawlbrauna says:

    I’ve been going on about socialism/marxism/communism for years but liberals never took it seriously. The best thing about all this for me is calling them all out now and I’m not being nice about it.. and neither should you. I still think Yuri Bezmenov out right failed. They got the liberals for sure and have a whole bunch of rev-coms out there but their not nearly the numbers they need. Meanwhile their failure has galvanized us and exposed the true enemy they can no longer deny, excuse or hide from. They either embrace what their following has created and go down with them or shut up and get out of our way.. Cuz we’re gonna list lazily to the right for a bit boys.

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  7. DeWalt says:

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  8. TheTorch says:

    This was a fantastic round table. I saw the full event the other day. Actually quite moving.

    Every Trump supporter should watch this, because this is what you are fighting for in a nutshell.

    The upcoming election is pivotal to stop the USA from going down a very dark path.

    There should be no wobbling over things you aren’t too keen on, whether it be a slow Durham investigation or DACA etc. None of that means a jot, if you lose your country because you decided to stick your hand in the sand over 1 issue to the expense of all others. The left have gone insane, and President Trump is the WALL to stop them from tearing everything down.

    Full event / discussion below:

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  9. bessie2003 says:

    Heartfelt Testimony if there ever was one.

    Thank you for sharing this here; am sharing this you tube link. Hopefully ears will hear sooner rather than too late.

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  10. DeWalt says:

    Mr. President, If your DOJ would just make a move, Any move on some front that is destroying this country,it would improve the countries mood 10 fold.

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  11. Simple Citizen says:

    This gentleman brought back memories. Began early life in Union City, New Jersey. It was originally a town known for its German population; however, by about 1965, the area had a very strong Cuban population. All of these families were extremely well educated, faithful to God and simply kind. Oh yeah, and before I forget, they WERE ALL ANTI COMMUNIST AND ANTI FIDEL.

    Many of these families lived in New Jersey to have a little more space, and commuted to Manhattan for work. There were more doctors in two city blocks than there currently would be affiliated to a large hospital network such as a Cedars-Sinai (kidding, but not too far off).

    It was a very healthy atmosphere, full of passionate people who were very family focused and kind. Listening to this gentleman made me recall this time and I am appreciative.


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    • Judith says:

      Didn’t the Cubans in Miami turn the state for a Trump win in 2016? I agree with Sundance. Recent immigrants love the freedom offered by our nation even more than natural born Americans do, because they (barely) survived the Communist lie.

      Many natural-born Americans, however, are asleep at the wheel. They simply haven’t suffered enough, to truly *appreciate* the hard-won freedoms afforded them in our glorious, Constitutional Republic. The majority of US citizens don’t even bother to exercise the power of their vote!

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      • Gracie Garcia says:

        Foreign-born voters, i.e. the naturalized new citizens vote for democrats by a 2 to 1 margin.

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        • Judith says:

          Not those Cubans in Miami.. And look at all the demographics represented in the Trump rallies. Thousands upon thousands of minorities are solid MAGA patriots. The Democrat party is apoplectic at his draw from their past strongholds. The red-pilling is REAL.

          I can certainly forgive minorities their votes *prior* to 2016. The Republican half of the UNiparty was certainly no prize. Who should they have voted for? Bush? McStain? UGH..

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          • Simple Citizen says:


            110 percent on target. Many Cubans were Nixon supporters, even before the Bay of Pigs and the stand off over the missile crises. Their support of conservative ideas, lifestyles and principles is deep rooted. Their voting pattern continues through the 1970s and 1980s. Then they educated their children in the fundamentals of the free society in sound living.

            Part of the reason President Ronald Reagan welcomed all those individuals that Fidel had cast out was to give them a chance, based on a fundamental understanding of their immeasurable contributions to free society and their innate desire to strive for the best life any one of us can attain.

            It would be really helpful if many Americans would forget the absolute B/S in the Scaface remake, when the diminutive actor did his absolutely racist interpretation of the Cuban male. Sad piece of garbage film making that masked the real issues beginning to occur with Bolivian and Colombian cartels that were on the rise at the time. Heck most of the cast was on the very cocaine that the movie was supposed to paint a bad picture of, during the filming.

            As for Gracie Garcia, you are not wrong either and I really thank you for your insight. What I would (humbly) suggest is that many of the nations that saw their republics fall into CIA sponsored dictatorships, leaned leftward as a matter of survival. When they finally escape their really rough circumstance, they bring those principles with them, as they see this left leaning as the support which helped them escape. So you are absolutely 110 percent right as well.

            Then we can get into the Nazi influence (which is the left again) or the current criminal Borgolio (who helped kill thousands as an informant; I do not think he was much of a threat as a bouncer = ), but these are topics for another day and time.

            Best to you both,
            Simple Citizen

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            • Missy says:

              However, SDs statement that we should understand, from this man’s awesome story, why President Trump cares about illegal aliens, is dead wrong. The illegals here don’t have the love for this country and its greatness that this great man does…. They are here for the work and benefits, not the heart, the soul, the love.

              Let’s be honest… They are parasites, nothing more.

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        • The Devilbat says:

          Gracie Garcia, I am a foreign born US citizen and I have NEVER voted for ANY damned democrat!!!

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  12. FreyFelipe says:

    It’s not President Trump who needs to be warned. It’s all the fools who plan on voting for Zombie Biden.

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  13. livefreeordieguy says:

    What kind of lame attitude is that? WMU Alumni? As in Western Michigan University? I thought you were the Bucking Broncos or something… You sound more like the Kowering Kittens… Isn’t Terry Crews a WMU Alum? I’m glad to see him represent WMU with a little courage (….


  14. jus wundrin says:

    Ive read many transcripts of those who have immigrated to the US from countries where the citizenry lives under an oppressive govt. thumb. Their warnings are very similar to what this man had to say, yet they always seem to be ignored by most of our very own politicians, and the MSM.

    Unfortunately I believe that the crossroad has already been passed, and the road the US travels on is very similar to what these people have warned us about. Yes, elections do have consequences, and we are all guilty of putting the corrupt in office and reelecting them for apparently the sole purpose of a SCOTUS pick……but look where even that has gotten us.

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  15. crikey9 says:

    He should be on the campaign trail with Trump. Dump Pence and bring this guy

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  16. Free Speech says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!
    The moderate Democrat voters need to be red-pilled. They voted SO STUPIDLY in 2018. The ‘party of the little guy’ is Marxist. Open your eyes.

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  17. warrenjay13 says:

    Lol… you’re listen to the lunatics….Listen and hear The Lord Jesus.

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  18. warrenjay13 says:

    Lol… you’re listen to the lunatics….Listen and hear The Lord Jesus.


  19. keystonekon says:

    This fine gentleman would be one to introduce President Trump just as he did in this video.
    It should be at his next rally and / or at the Convention.

    Circulate this and keep a copy of the video for yourself. People need an education instead of three word catchy slogans and false promises from the left.

    Become an active citizen to save our Republic. NOW is the time!

    Liked by 3 people

  20. “The reason President Trump is open to providing legal status to Latino immigrants is because many -perhaps most- of those same immigrants love America more than our native population… ”

    Let me respectfully disagree. (It ain’t 1961 anymore – JFK the anti-communist would never get anywhere in today’s democrat party)
    I understand the thought about hoping immigrants would love America, and it sounds positive and hopeful.
    But let’s look at the data of how the foreign-born voters actually vote. That would be legal-immigrants-naturalized.
    Basically – they vote for Democrat over Republican by at least 2 to 1. Some places 4 to 1. (Source data all over the web, try www dot CIS dot org.
    Look at California. It used to be a Republican lock.
    Same for several other states – mass immigration flips states from red to blue.
    Look at how incumbent GOP Senator Ted Cruz barely beat an unknown newcomer democrat nobody.
    In Texas. Solely due to demographic flip.
    Look at the mass immigration numbers of about 1,100,000 legal immigrants/year.
    That is a huge influx of Democrat voters.

    Liked by 7 people

    • anniesezso says:

      As a reminder, this is what Candidate Trump said (many other times also) at a 2016 Arizona rally. “Only after we completely stop illegal immigration can we discuss what should happen to these 11 million people. There’s only one route to get legal, which is go home and get in line with everyone else. Anyone in the U.S. illegally is subject to deportation.”

      That’s what got him elected, and many Americans are still sick and tired of our tax dollars going to illegals (and foreigners) on welfare and getting free rides, especially free college, while our own citizens take a back seat. Is that how softening up works, scare the hell out of Americans so we’re agreeable. I hope not. Either we have enforceable laws or we don’t have a country anyway, just more can kicking.

      Liked by 2 people

  21. 335blues says:

    The marxist democrat party must not just be defeated,
    they must be destroyed.

    Liked by 2 people

  22. Very moving . I heard a similar story back in the late 80s when I worked with a younger Cuban guy who I noticed on his bio was born in 1960 and asked him if his parents had fled when Castro took over. He said no , they lived in a small town and his Mother ( like the people mentioned by this speaker) was all for Castro, the great liberator etc. while his Father was dubious. Then when he was in 4th grade and his brother in 5th , a Government guy came to their school and announced that the smartest kids (which included him and his brother ) were being chosen to finish their “education” in a government school in Bulgaria starting the next term ( this was during Cold War). That was way too personal for his Mother and they got to Spain as quickly as possible and eventually to the US. He said he didn’t even want to imagine if they hadn’t left.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. alliwantissometruth says:

    If Socialism / Communism is so great…

    Why has it ultimately failed everywhere it’s been implemented?

    Why do it’s elites have to hide the truth from their people?

    Why do it’s elites have to rule over their people with a tyrannical fist?

    Why is it a crime for people living under it’s rule to question or criticize it?

    Why are the communist elites the only ones who enjoy the system?

    Why do people need to be brainwashed and manipulated in order to support it?

    Why are the people poor and the elites wealthy?

    Communism is nothing more than a noble ideal which is utopian in nature, but completely unrealistic and unworkable in reality because the natural law of the jungle dictates life, and with human beings in charge, it always morphs into an aristocratic power elite lording over and abusing the people

    Capitalism in it’s proper form is a system that recognizes the law of the jungle but gives people the opportunity to advance, while safeguarding the most vulnerable

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Heika says:

    STUNNING VIDEO … I have watched it 3 times. The message here is so deep and yet fundamental.

    We have more to fear – not from tyrants, but from ‘masses of useful idiots’. We must fear ignorance more than nuclear weapons. Silver tongue devils can manipulate them like putty. This is our great challenge in these times, the horrendous ‘monster factories’ (universities) and ‘idiot boxes’ (Mainstream media) is the enemy as this is where ignorance feeds, where it gets its false poisoned food. Alex Tocqueville comes to mind

    “A democracy can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury.”.

    Here are some of his other fine quotes. He is a man for our times NOW. Read him “DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA”

    The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.
    Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.
    Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.
    The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.
    The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens.
    In other words, a democratic government is the only one in which those who vote for a tax can escape the obligation to pay it.
    The genius of democracies is seen not only in the great number of new words introduced but even more in the new ideas they express.
    History is a gallery of pictures in which there are few originals and many copies.
    No protracted war can fail to endanger the freedom of a democratic country.
    The main business of religions is to purify, control, and restrain that excessive and exclusive taste for well-being which men acquire in times of equality.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. ropala says:

    I spent a week in Luanda, Angola on a job assignment the first week of 1997. It did wonders for my perspective of this country. Wonders.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Shark24 says:

    This is an incredible speech that should be shown to every school child in the US. God bless him!

    Liked by 4 people

  27. President Trump is considering making the DACA “kids” eligible for citizenship in his bid to KILL DACA for good afterward.

    That’s a great thing, but if these “kids” grew up here, it’s highly possible that some of them are of the same ilk as isis lives matter and pantifa.

    Time will tell.


    • Missy says:

      That proposition will come with lots of strings, too many for dims to say “yes”….Wall, strict asylum rules, enhanced vetting, and hopefully, mandatory parental deportation. Sufficient vetting will disqualify 70% of them, who have used stolen SS#s before their DACA days. Unadjudicated felons.

      Most have committed multiple felonies, all of which should be grounds for deportation. If we won’t allow legals to immigrate with a criminal record, why would we let illegals stay if they have committed such felonies?

      Better let your Congress Critter know that this is EIGHT amnesties in one. See Lots of ammunition.


  28. hawkins6 says:

    Imagine if Maximo Alverez’s eloquent opinions and other real life stories were allowed to be disseminated on all university and college campuses as a counter to all the “theoretical” professorial propaganda about the wonders of Marxism and Communism. The warnings about these youth indoctrination facilities were being made by some but the Republican Party, the DOJ etc didn’t care or take it seriously enough. But as Maximo has shown–wisdom and experience can prevail over youthful ignorance and indoctrination, if it is given a chance.

    The recent interactions between Trump and many in the Latino or Hispanic American community have created a sense of increasing unity and amicable, mutual-co-operation. I had similar optimistic feelings of unity and declining racial hostilities occurring within the black community after POTUS’s Opportunity Zone initiatives, lowest unemployment rate etc

    But then, the Dem/BLM/Marxist “systemic racism” campaign took advantage of Floyd’s “death by white cop” scenario and the race war scheme was ignited and exploited once again. I wonder what the Dems have planned to drive a wedge between Hispanic Americans and P Trump’s positive economic proposals and his non-Hispanic American supporters.


    • Judith says:

      @hawkins6.. That’s easy: DACA.

      And I wouldn’t characterize those BLM riots
      as a success. They actually were an epic fail, as they showcased that lunatic ‘brown shirts’ fringe to even the most obtuse and pussified limousine liberals. (but..but.. I’m on YOUR side.. WHAM!!)

      That hit a bit too close for comfort, and Dimmies and RINOs alike want NO part of it. Some of them actually want to fund their local police! I can’t wait to hear what the desperate housewives have to say NOW! //s//

      Of course, the Snowflakes have yet to figure out that President Trump has got OUR six. ‘Orange Man Bad’ is hardwired into their brains, just like A Clockwork Orange. Still, I suspect that many more are red-pilled AR (after riots) and have joined the silent MAJORITY.

      We’ve still got our work cut out for us..

      Liked by 1 person

  29. Fredericka Ibsen Thompson says:

    Many … not “most” …


  30. Cathy M. says:

    “Historian Victor Davis Hanson proposed several measures to address left-wing political corruption across academia”
    He provides 5 measures.

    Below is his summary/last paragraph.

    And truer words were never spoken . . .

    “Hanson continued, “If they did that, I have a feeling a lot fewer people would want to go, you know. Eighteen and 19-year-olds are not sophisticated. They’re just told, ‘Go to college, and you’ll make more money, and you won’t have to work in a plant.’ No, it doesn’t work that way. Go to college, borrow $200,000 for your sociology degree, work at Starbucks, move to the city, get pissed off, and then go riot. That’s pretty much the formula for Antifa.”

    Liked by 4 people

  31. TonyE says:

    I like this guy. I was the same age when I came from the Old Country. Me and my cousins went to the Marist Brothers too. Wow.

    I gotta tell you, Cuba was stolen from us. Twice.

    The concept of “latino” is absolute BS. Made up by the Commies.


  32. luke says:

    Amen thank you SD for this reminder. We must win at all costs including expiring the non violent first.


  33. Wrong, ..God wins in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. John Ostrowski says:

    God wins in the end.


  35. James says:

    And if you get your opinions from ” Coulter is correct (now you can run screaming from the room).”,”then many here with their heads in the sand ” is where your head is.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. warbucks57 says:

    I am lucky to know Max personally. He is sincere in his comments and the real deal. He has been very very successful, is extremely charitable, and often says that he could never repay what this country has given him!

    Liked by 2 people

  37. Spurwing Plover says:

    Translated beware of the Democrat Party and Hollywood as well as the liberal run Campuses as well as L.A. San Francisco and all cities run by the Democrats


  38. Pale rider says:

    I’d like to point something out. Police have the people to back them up, government has the people to back them up, business, neighborhoods, not a single group can aspire or thrive without the consent of the people. We ALLOW communism.
    This guy needs to say what he says but truly, it’s not President Trump who has to fix this, it’s us. It will get to the point, just like democrats do, that we defend anyone who stands up to this lie. It’s not a good place to be as a society because good liars and cheats become our masters. Sound familiar?

    Liked by 2 people

  39. thedoc00 says:

    Never ceases to amaze how people who have migrated to the US away from socialism, Marxism and communism are ignored by the media and fawning democrat lemmings.

    While I was serving a tour of duty in Germany, I had the honor of meeting quite a few “displaced” persons from WWII. Many were Polish soldiers who served in with British 2nd Army, were resistance fighters in Poland or actually served in the 1st Polish Army with the Soviet Army. They all either fled Poland or could not go home because they had death warrants waiting for them, issued by the Soviets and Polish Communists.

    8 Years later, while at Fort Riley, my Cavalry Squadron Maintenance Tech was an escapee from the 1956 uprising in Hungary. He escaped as a teenager with a members of his family who were resistance fighters but sadly lost his parents.

    My wife worked with Greek immigrants who came to the US, as kids, to escape socialist Greece and communist violence.

    These people and others like them shaped our outlook. Today’s young democrat as well as Uni-Party lemmings and media just fail to even hear these people and others like them who have fled Communism in South America, Far East, Africa, et al.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. clive hoskin says:

    Bull $hit.NEVER EVER give up.NEVER.


  41. BitterC says:

    Sure Sundance….if he can only give amnesty to Cubans maybe. I cannot believe you just tried to paint a picture of 30+ million illegals as American loving.

    The ones that chant “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us” as they wave Mexican Flags and contribute to La Raza. The ones that think they have a right to be here.



  42. USA Citizen says:

    Bernie Sanders, the Socialist and Communist, is telling Senile Joe Biden what to do and what to say to get Bernie Sanders message out. Joe Biden will do and say anything the Liberal Far Left Democrats and Socialist Bernie Sanders want. Don’t let this Far Left Liberal Democrat Party turning into Socialist and Communist fool you. They want to take over America and turn it into another Venezuela. The only people that will prosper will be the rich Socialist Democrat Party. The rest of the American people will suffer greatly, that means YOU! Stop this horrible Democrat Socialist/Communist Party from ruining our country and ruining every American in this country. Help President Trump win in November 3rd, so we can take our country back to be free and get back to where we were before the China virus shut us down. This virus will pass with very little deaths nationwide, and President Trump will make this country prosper even greater than before. Which means, jobs for everyone, Blacks, Latinos, Asians and Whites. Vote for President Trump on November 3, 2020 and keep our country the greatest country ever.


  43. OldSaltUSNR says:

    “If you ever wonder why President Trump is considering a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, replay this video for your answer.

    The reason President Trump is open to providing legal status to Latino immigrants is because many -perhaps most- of those same immigrants love America more than our native population…”

    “Sundance”, my friend, I cannot give you Kudo’s enough for writing this. My wife is an immigrant, and a rock-solid, Christian conservative, while the rest of her family are San Francisco Democrats. Many well meaning but misguided conservative Americans want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The bathwater being, all the various biased, politically based, government interventions in the US immigration system. Even with illegal immigrants, they aren’t all socialists, they aren’t all “criminals”, there are many good people in that stream of humanity coming to America.

    That said, controllable borders, LEGAL immigration, and a path towards citizenship are no-brainers. They are what made America in the first place. CONTROLLED immigration is the key for any sovereign nation.

    Neither is an immigration system slanted towards only those will wealth, higher education, or special talents and skills, the proper answer. America should be first in the consideration of immigrants, but it should not be “cash and carry”, i.e. America for sale. My entire 40 year IT technical career (post active duty Navy, and parallel to the Navy Reserve career), was hamstrung by the H1B immigration farce that was first warped into place during the Clinton Administration. I didn’t graduate from MIT, but my credentials were pretty good, i.e. Navy Officer, EDS Systems Engineer, experience in all areas of systems and applications development, a WIDE level of experience from mainframe to what used to be called “midrange”, to servers, to PC clients, programming from assembler language to high level languages, from soup to nuts (i.e. back end to front end servers, databases to web development), as we used to say in the Navy, I had the “whole nine yards”. Yet, I had to fight and claw for every hour of work I ever had in the industry. I was typically a key player on projects that were LITERALLY 95% foreign national. I am convinced I’d have several $million in the bank, had it not been for the corrupt H1B system that denied me work, over and over again. (I actually had a company withdraw a contract offer in the 1990’s, when they discovered I was an American citizen, saying “Oh, I’m sorry, the client only wants H1B’s for this position”).

    My belabored point is that I have as much experience and as much reason to be upset about the immigration system, but I’ve never felt ill will towards my fellow (H1B immigrant) colleagues, nor the poor illegal immigrants that I used to hire in Southern California, whenever I had projects around my home. (I didn’t hire them to do the work that I wouldn’t do; I hired them to WORK ALONGSIDE me). We paid them good cash wages, ensured they were fed well, and treated them with the same deference we would treat any poor American, grateful for their contribute in our lives.

    Bottom line: We need a SANE immigration policy. America needs to tell the Communist Democrats to GTH, and change our corrupted government systems for the better, back towards the American ideals which first made American great. Don’t get trapped into becoming a hating racist or xenophobe, just because our Communist enemies define us that way, or because they’ve corrupted every part of America for 60 to 80 years. We aren’t anti-immigrant, EVEN anti illegal immigrants. Get that part right. That’s not us. We ARE for legal immigration, controlled immigration, and sane immigration. I have no problem with a “path towards citizenship” for illegal aliens, i.e the deal Reagan first made, IF WE STOP THE STREAM OF ILLEGALS, and flood of illegitimate, cheap-labor H1B indentured servitude that the Democrats and GOP RINO’s have established as the status quo, and weed out the commie-socialist revolutionaries and government-dependent aliens during the process. Don’t let the enemy define us, or manipulate us into who and what we are not.


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