President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing the White House – Video and Transcript…

President Trump delivers impromptu remarks departing the White House for Miami. [Video and Transcript Below]


[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: So we’re going to Miami. We’re going to different parts of Florida today. We’ll be back at about 11 o’clock tonight. And a lot of stops, a lot of very good stops, so we look forward to it.

Tropical Storm Fay is probably going to be hitting a place called New Jersey, a good place, pretty soon. So we — we are on the watch. We’re fully prepared. FEMA is ready in case it’s bad. It shouldn’t be too bad, but you never know. You never know. But at this moment, it’s looking like it’s going to be hitting New Jersey fairly soon, and we are fully prepared.

And other than that, I’ll see you in Miami. Okay? Thank you.

Q Mr. President, (inaudible) economic plan?


Q What did you think of Joe Biden’s economic plan that he put out?

THE PRESIDENT: He plagiarized from me, but he can never pull it off. He likes plagiarizing. It’s a plan that is very radical left, but he said the right things, because he’s copying what I’ve done. But the difference is he can’t do it, and he knows he’s not doing that. It can’t be the same because he’s raising taxes way too much. He’s raising everybody’s taxes. He’s also putting tremendous amounts of regulations back on. And those two things are two primary reasons that I created the greatest economy we’ve ever had. And now we’re creating it again. Okay?

Q Still thinking about pardoning Roger Stone?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I’ll be looking at it. I think Roger Stone was very unfairly treated, as were many people. And in the meantime, Comey and all these guys who are walking around, including Biden and Obama — because we caught them spying on my campaign. Who would have believed that one?

Thank you.

END 9:43 A.M. EDT

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24 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing the White House – Video and Transcript…

  1. fionnagh says:

    Oh my, nobody but nobody trolls like our President – outstanding retorts!

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  2. anniesezso says:

    The stamina of this man is otherworldly Win, lose, or draw, America owes him a huge debt of gratitude!

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    • Bill Durham says:

      New hill Harris poll claims Biden up by 4 points on Trump. What the poll doesn’t mention is that they had Biden up by 12 a few weeks ago. The margin of error is 3.2 and they also skew the percentage of democrats. Rasmussen had Trump at 45% approval. Not bad but not his high. Momentum is building. That may explain the media meltdown recently. Joe dementia is getting worse and worse. My aunt had the same deal. She could get up and be lucid for a family event. But would crash for two weeks. My uncle would have to lock her away until she could bounce back. Joe seems to be riding the dragon. They dope him up for a brief appearance. And then shut him down for days to recoup. They won’t let him debate. The media is experimenting with narratives to explain it.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        And all that is just talking about the “crazy” Joe version.

        When Biden’s lucid I don’t like what he wants for America!

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      • James says:

        Bill why waste the space repeating this propaganda,and serves no purpose, other than giving clicks to what ever site you got this from,
        “New hill Harris poll claims Biden up by 4 points on Trump”

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        • tojak says:

          In my youth, I worked for a major polling outfit…

          At first, the polls were fairly accurate…

          But, the pollsters discovered that certain organizations would pay big money for “polls” that support their policies and/or candidates.

          By carefully wording the “polling” questions, by the order in which the questions are asked, by selection of the folks included in the “sample”, the “poll” can be made to support whatever results the folks paying for the “poll” want…

          “polls” of today are simply dim/commie propaganda and should be treated as such.


    • Mariposa323 says:

      This man can not afford to lose . And he won’t ! I was in Doral today standing with patriots mostly Cuban American , waiting for the motorcade, lots of great energy and enthusiasm . People understand what is at stake ! LEO were everywhere receiving lots of thumbs ups, lots of honks of support , two men , one a doctor , were blasting our local officials like Giménez for the lockdown ( very good sign , looks like we’re going to primary that dude out of office , God willing ! ) also lots of Hispanic moms , always a good sign !

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  3. Sonia says:

    Copying other’s people work? Everyone does it, don’t they. Much ado about nothing.

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  4. Ninja7 says:

    Can not recall a time that Joe had an original thought in his life. I might be wrong , but I kinda doubt it. Now he is at the point where he can even finish a coherent thought. This is elder abuse. JMO

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  5. dow40kby2024 says:

    No POTUS Ive ever seen or heard of has worked even close to what this man has. Not even close……….

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  6. fangdog says:

    Forget about Biden this and Biden that, but can you imagine the mentality of those who would vote Biden President of the United States? It really gives meaning to sheep being easily led to slaughter.

    Liked by 6 people

    • yucki says:

      They’re not voting Biden, they’re just voting their HATE.
      That’s a platform of devils bound for hell.

      Liked by 2 people

      • fangdog says:

        What ever it is,
        I lose all credibility for someone who voluntarily wears a mask. I immediately think ,”Libtard democrat “dumb and stupid”. However, I do have to think “enemy” trying to destroy my freedom, self-destiny and right to bear arms.


  7. freepetta says:

    Biden and Obozo need to share a 12×10 cell block on death row with a giant Bubuh. Maybe the security video will work better for them then it did for pedo Epstein.

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  8. gildie says:

    Everytime Trump mentions the spying, Barr’s stature shrinks another inch.
    By November, he should be about 3 feet tall.

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  9. Mathias says:

    “Come on man, I thought you liked me?” Said dem-dementia Joe Biden, singing Ebony & Ivory, as he dropped his pants, mistaking Hussein for Corn-Pop.

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  10. woohoowee says:

    Dear Mr. President,

    If you decide to right a wrong(s) and help Roger Stone avoid China Flu via prison, it won’t bother me one bit 😉

    Liked by 3 people

  11. CharterOakie says:

    Awesome, once again.


  12. Retired IG says:

    Guess I have been “infected” with the “night owl” virus. LOVE the Presser’s, SO MUCH. If anyone has a script to the WSJ the editorials absolutely ROCKED after the Mt. Rushmore speech. And if you have the time or energy for the input, the 2019 movie titled “The Farewell,” is well worth your time. Not to be a spoiler but learning about how FEAR actually causes death is a LESSON to behold. It’s a China/America story. But so what.
    I am, and live in Red country now. I believe that that God alone is not the only one on the side of the truth. Great and majestic forces are at work. We are living in the “Kali Yuga.”
    Have my faith rooted in so many different things. Nothing is SIMPLE for me.
    But I have all in the Treehouse in my thoughts (which are all prayers).
    From my heart to yours,


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