Charging The Rampart…

First, to those who are offering support – THANK YOU.  I am way outside the wire.

In the background there is good news.  The insurance policy against an anticipated Deep State cover-up is proceeding swimmingly.  Two years of preparation are paying dividends.

The next few weeks are critical.  Unfortunately, charging the ramparts means having to spend less time on research and writing and more time on preparation for the confrontation I have discussed.  That’s why the daily content of the site is less. However, that said, an alliance of allies is forming smoothly.

Each person is starting to grasp this is much bigger than previously thought.   I’m also traveling and setting the systems in place to trigger events with or without a Barr-Durham reveal.  Hoping for ‘with’, but preparing for ‘without’.

Coordination of travel is challenging, but whatever it takes.  Do or do not, there is no try.

Again, thanks for your support.  Every prayer is felt, and I really believe those prayers are making a difference.  Things are falling into place, doors opening, in a way that can only be described as guided. I’m humbled.  I will deliver.  Failure is not an option.

~ Sundance

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783 Responses to Charging The Rampart…

  1. 335blues says:

    We of the gallery enthusiastically support you in your efforts Sundance.
    When it comes time for our part, we will be ready.
    I refuse to entertain the notion of surrendering this great country.
    If need be, there will be a vigorous and vehement fight that we will win.

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  2. Count me in. We need to win by any means necessary. There is no other option!

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  3. Kulak69 says:

    MAJ KONG: “This is your attack profile: to insure that the enemy cannot monitor voice transmission or plant false transmission, the CRM114 is to be switched into all the receiver circuits. Emergency phase code prefix is to be set on the dials of the CRM. This’ll block any transmission other than those preceded by code prefix. Stand by to set code prefix.”

    GOLDIE: Roger. “Ready to set code prefix.”

    MAJ KONG: “Set code prefix.”

    GOLDIE (Dials up letters): “OPE Code prefix set.”

    Godspeed, SD

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  4. Nonniemae says:

    God bless and keep you. You are a treasure.

    If you need us to show up, call us up! I’ll come wherever you are if needed. Stay strong, calm, focused and safe.

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    • icthematrix says:

      “ Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope.”

      A great movie line that is playing out in real life. Sundance, your determination and fortitude inspire us all. I am praying for your endeavor. We’ve been saying for years that surely SOMEONE in our government would have the guts to reveal the truths and hold people accountable. The answer was…nope, nobody in government….but a determined patriot guided by God and a call to duty for his nation’s future…YES.

      Sundance, indeed, issue the call and we will meet where needed. Thank you for your selfless leadership.

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    • H.R. says:

      Nonniemae: “God bless and keep you. You are a treasure.

      If you need us to show up, call us up! I’ll come wherever you are if needed. Stay strong, calm, focused and safe.”

      Bingo! You’ve put it in a nutshell, Nonniemae.

      There are a ton of us anonymous Treepers that are willing and able to stand in the breech. All we need to know is what breech we need to stand in; when and where.
      Sundance, following good Sun Tzu practice, has let us know that action will be taken, but he has not revealed his strategy or tactics.

      I am depending on Sundance, when he needs it, to issue a call for an action at a specific time and place.

      There are enough Treepers – there will be, there must be – that will be near the place that will require action and will answer the call with enough cold anger and serious motivation, that Sundance will be be backed up.

      Sundance will be taking the first steps. It is up to us to fall in behind.

      Seriously and realistically, if action is needed in Philly or Boston, he can’t count on our CA, AZ, NM, CO, etc. Treepers to respond. But anyone within a day’s drive should answer the call.

      That is what we can do.
      Meanwhile, we can all keep up our writing/calling pressure on our dog faced pony soldier Congresscritters and Sen-[achooo!]-ators while awaiting the call, as well as volunteer as poll workers and poll watchers.
      Dang! I rambled on whereas you put it right there much more succinctly, Nonniemae. Great comment.

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  5. Raised on Reagan says:

    You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers Sundance.
    May God be with you.

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  6. ropala says:

    I’ve never known a site such as this one. I shut my television off 21 years ago. This is what I would pray for, something that would put television to such shame that I would never, ever miss television for anything it had failed to provide. Honesty, fluidity, and purpose.

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  7. Cathy M. says:

    I can’t tell you how much you are appreciated.
    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help, money or otherwise.

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  8. Deb the Bee says:

    Sundance, “stand your ground and don’t back down”. Waiting for my new cc since my one got hacked over the weekend. When it comes, I will certainly donate. Praying for you and hoping there’s something else I can do.


  9. cjzak says:

    Godspeed Sundance! We are there with you all the way. Anything you need at all there are thousands of us everywhere that stand ready to lend assistance when and if needed.

    If you unfortunately have to enter the gulag of NYS, there are a bunch of NY treepers spread out all over the state. Send out the word and We are there.

    Your mission will succeed and we all will be helping by sending our prayers, our will and our actions, as you need/want them. Again, We are there.

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    • Lillie Belle says:

      Some of us are from the outer boroughs of NYC, believe it or not. Though saddened, we have not given up. We desire wise, directive leadership. God bless you, Sundance

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  10. David DeAtkine says:

    with you, and I am certain God is with you.

    St. Michael the Archangel,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
    and do thou,
    O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
    by the power of God,
    thrust into hell Satan,
    and all the evil spirits,
    who prowl about the world
    seeking the ruin of souls.


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  11. RobInPA says:


    THANK YOU for all that you do for us and for our Glorious Country!

    May you be inspired by the righteousness, the tenacity, the spirit and the unwavering faith and divine guidance of our Founding Father’s and all of the brave Patriot’s that have following in their footsteps!

    I have read the following passage here many times, and now is as good a time as any to read it again. . .

    “To respond we must engage as an insurgency. We must modify our disposition to think like an insurgent. Insurgencies have nothing to lose. If insurgents are not victorious the system, which controls the dynamic, wins. However, if insurgents do nothing, the same system, which controls the dynamic, also wins.

    Do nothing and we lose. Go to the mattresses, and we might win. The choice is ours.

    Right now, through November 2020, every day is Saint Crispins day.

    If we are mark’d to die, we are enow
    To do our country loss; and if to live,
    The fewer men, the greater share of honour.
    God’s will! I pray thee, wish not one man more.
    By Jove, I am not covetous for gold,
    Nor care I who doth feed upon my cost;
    It yearns me not if men my garments wear;
    Such outward things dwell not in my desires.
    But if it be a sin to covet honour,
    I am the most offending soul alive.
    No, faith, my coz, wish not a man from England.
    God’s peace! I would not lose so great an honour
    As one man more methinks would share from me
    For the best hope I have. O, do not wish one more!
    Rather proclaim it, Westmoreland, through my host,
    That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
    Let him depart; his passport shall be made,
    And crowns for convoy put into his purse;
    We would not die in that man’s company
    That fears his fellowship to die with us.
    This day is call’d the feast of Crispian.
    He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
    Will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam’d,
    And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
    He that shall live this day, and see old age,
    Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
    And say ‘To-morrow is Saint Crispian.’
    Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
    And say ‘These wounds I had on Crispian’s day.’
    Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
    But he’ll remember, with advantages,
    What feats he did that day. Then shall our names,
    Familiar in his mouth as household words-
    Harry the King, Bedford and Exeter,
    Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester-
    Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb’red.
    This story shall the good man teach his son;
    And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by,
    From this day to the ending of the world,
    But we in it shall be remembered-
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition;
    And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
    Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.

    Throw aside the sense of discomfort and bear witness to the evil we oppose. Do not turn your eyes from the hatred focused in our direction. Stand firm amid the solace of our number and resolve to the task at hand.

    Those who oppose our efforts are merely vile parasites quivering as they stare into the Cold Anger furnace of righteousness.

    Who fuels that furnace?

    …..US !


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  12. MVW says:

    I have been following the site since I stumbled on it in 2015, I think, best I can recall.
    For years I have seen the public fed 2+1 = 69, and the public not blink an eye, just assume it does not matter, nothing nefarious going on. The sun will come up tomorrow. (Tell that to the Chinese in Hong Kong).

    Then the public smells it is time to come out of the woods, 2016, Trump is miraculously elected despite ballot foolery, and the hope was that Trump could patch up the Gruberment.

    Then the coup, and on and on it went, to the point that the swamp looked impossible. Sparks of sunlight would break through only to be swallowed in thick smoke. And always the media, then the internet was choked. Propaganda 24/7/365. And the public just could not seem to wrap their head around the happenings, thinking, ‘It will be alright, nothing will change, it is only words. We’ll just VOTE AGAIN.’
    But Ballot Foolery looks like it will be MUCH BIGGER in 2020 as 2018 showed.

    And then the 4th of July 2020 speech, which sailed over the heads of the general population, yet laid out clearly that Trump was fully cognizant of the battle for America. That speech was for those it was intended for, it was not polemics, tongue wagging political palaver. It was a pre-battle statement. D-Day is coming.

    The outcome can’t be left to chance, yet I still do not know who the spider is. It behaves like China Communist Party, but this war has been going on for too long.

    The real spider must be properly dealt with. Now.

    By the WILL of GOD, because that is what it will take.

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  13. Davenh says:

    Godspeed and prayers. Just say the word and many of us will put our shoulders into it.

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  14. jinghis says:

    I love a good mystery. Trying to figure out what Sundance is doing might give us some ideas about what we can do. That may be the hardest thing of all, being powerless to affect anything.

    What could Sundance be up to I wonder? Obviously he can’t tell us because it might warn the denizens. It definitely has something to do with information because that is what Sundance does. Which makes me wonder about travel and Grassly, I don’t see where that would go anywhere that couldn’t better be done by correspondence and faster.

    Doing anything via the legal system would take years, so that is out.

    Meet with the President and hand him a Case ready for a Special Prosecutor? Maybe organize a few Congressmen and Senators to push for a Special Prosecutor?

    Let’s try and come up with some ideas.


    • Re-read the first part of this post by Sundance. You’ll find he’s told us what he’s up to… if you’re interested! 😉

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    • What could blow this open is just about anything that relates to Seth Rich. There are plenty of “confrontations” to be had there.


    • fionnagh says:

      Any ideas might accidentally touch upon Sundance’s endeavors – that would be like Obama announcing the exact date troops would be withdrawn. Never tell the enemy what your plans are if you want to be successful. Don’t even give the enemy opportunities to speculate.

      No names, no dates, no locations, no specifics.

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      • LafnH20 says:

        Agreed, fionnagh.

        Loose Lips Sink ships.

        Give the ENEMY no ideas.

        ‘Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.’

        Sun Tzu
        The ART of WAR

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  15. taspok says:

    Contribution made. Spreading the word locally. Godspeed.

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  16. sbrainerd says:

    May God guide you and guard you!
    I’ve been reading your posts for years but never have time to comment. I will continue to support you in prayer and have scheduled a monthly donation.

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  17. SublimeZ says:

    “The path we have chosen for he present is full of hazards, as all paths are; but it is the one most consistent with our character and courage as a nation and our commitments around the world. The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender or submission. Our goal is not the victory of might, but the vindication of right; not peace at the expense of freedom, but both peace and freedom, here in this hemisphere, and, we hope, around the world. God willing, that goal will be achieved.”


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  18. We need t-shirts and ballcaps proclaiming,
    “I am Sundance”.

    Maybe I’ll make another trip to the tattoo parlor.

    A soldier needs a rally cry behind his leader, and for his cause.

    Thanks, Sundance.

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  19. redhotrugmama says:

    Words can’t express our appreciation for awesome writings. I have learned a lot these past few years. I can only imagine the weight of the country is on your shoulders and am confident you are more than up to the challenge. Let us know how and when we can help!

    I wouldn’t mind suffering without daily articles if it gives you more time and energy to focus on your important work. The open thread for a few days or even weeks would work just fine. Maybe that’s how we can help by just hanging out in the open thread for a few days or weeks………..whatever it takes!

    God speed!

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  20. FreyFelipe says:

    “I am way outside the wire.”

    Don’t look conspicuous, it draws fire.
    No plan survives first contact intact.
    If the enemy is in range, “SO ARE YOU!!!”
    The easiest way is always mined.
    Ammo is cheap; your life isn’t.
    The enemy side always looks stronger, especially when they are firing at you from both sides.
    The side with the fanciest uniforms usually loses.
    – Murphy was a Grunt

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  21. amaezed says:

    For what this is worth, at least inspiring….

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  22. 2thebeach says:

    Godspeed Sundance! My family appreciates everything that you are doing. Keeping you in our prayers!

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  23. Jennifer says:

    May the hand of God, Himself cover you and His light guide your path, Sundance! Thank you for your Patriotism and love of fellow citizen. I will keep you in my prayers!

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  24. StanH says:

    “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; …

    The game’s afoot:Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
    Cry ‘God for Trump/Sundance, USA, and Saint George!'”

    Gods speed brother! We have a country to save and we all will have our part to play.

    KAG! …by being Americans.

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  25. AKzombie says:


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  26. hrmfc says:

    May God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit be with you and may They give you wisdom, courage and peace. St. Michael the Archangel defend us in this battle of good versus evil.

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  27. Sundance has made it clear- he’s not fooling around. He has thrown down the gauntlet. There will be no quarter asked and none given.
    If I have discerned one thing about Sundance in the last few years that I have been following his magnificent and necessary blog, it is that he never does battle unless he is fully prepared.
    He told us he has been working on the plan for some time and he has looked at every possibility. This is the mind of a genius chess player at work.
    We are here, defenders of the Republic, holding down the fort and waiting to see what will be needed from us. Undoubtedly Sundance knows that he can count on us to follow him and our President Trump to the gates of hell if that becomes necessary.
    We are indeed at a turning point, or as SD calls it, an inflection. These have been the times that try men’s souls and everything we hold near and dear- our wonderful America, is at stake.
    Our situation is clear, we know what’s at stake. I cannot say it often enough that I believe it was Divine Intervention that gave us our warrior President and even Sundance at this time and place.
    Sundance- go with God and know that our prayers are powerful indeed.

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  28. Jim Comey is a weasel_Doug says:

    I can be on a plane anywhere in the country within 24 hour notice.
    I’ve been wanting to travel to DC but lacked a clear mission.
    Time to muster the troops.

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  29. Anthony Dennison says:

    Long time lurker, rare commenter here. In a sane world, SD would already have received the Medal of Freedom and several Pulitzer’s. Prayers and donations en route, but also a time for action and light. Thanks to the Treehouse, we are more informed than 95% of our fellow countrymen and it’s past time to make some noise – school boards, city commissions, Chambers of Commerce, etc. We can all contribute in some way. God Bless, Godspeed and Fight’s On!

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      All Treepers who possibly can must run for local offices. I don’t think there are any to overlook but I do know the school boards and planning commissions are critical.

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  30. margarite1 says:

    Sundance – if history is told honestly you will be described as a hero. Your work is crucial to saving our republic. Steady as she goes!

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  31. Zachary Navarre says:

    Had some issues donating earlier. Figured out what it was.

    The AdBlockPlus extension was for some reason interrupting the donation processing.

    I disabled it for the paypal website and it went through just fine. If anyone else is having issues, this might be the cause for it.

    @Ad rem or anyone else:
    If you notice anyone else having issues, suggest this to them as well.

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  32. erm9164 says:

    South Carolina ready and awaiting your call!

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  33. Steve says:

    God speed Sundance,
    What you are doing is not just for the people of the United States, the ripples will be felt across the globe.
    From Australia I thank you.

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  34. warrprin1 says:

    Sundance, the privilege is all ours. Thank you, perhaps it’s better to say, thank you forever. What you are doing is that important.

    This reaches beyond even the breadth and scope of our own country. So many around the world depend on a United States of America that lives up to the ideals expressed in our founding documents.

    Please stay safe, and as stated this past weekend, if and when needed, just S.O.S. You have an army of dedicated, loyal, like-minded friends. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I will appreciate anything and everything you post, however abbreviated it may need to be. Bon courage, mon ami.

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  35. bcsurvivor2 says:

    just donated to Sundance…
    I don’t know what Sundance is facing but it sounds like he has some trusted allies. yay God!
    Make sure my dear treepers that Sundance has your email address. If he calls upon us to march then we can all go. I’m not rich at all but i can bring a few of you from central florida if that’s what we have to do.
    Love and prayers…

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  36. RFBurns says:

    From Patriot to another,

    Long have I been a lurker on the ‘net, but now I will stand with you in aid of your efforts. If you should ever find your way to the Northeast in my neck of the woods, I will offer you what support I can should you have need of it on your quest. The Republic will have need of the services of many in the future I suspect. I offer this aid freely and without reservation as one who has served and continues to serve, as my forefathers have before me.

    Godspeed Sundance.

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  37. Toolnut says:

    Praying for your complete success (and safety). In every sense of the word, you are a true patriot. Thank you!

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  38. Jerry Smith says:

    Prayers, and my hand is up .. Here, if needed.

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  39. Dan Hoheim says:

    Good luck! Stay strong!

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  40. Blind no Longer says:

    Sundance you are in my prayers and millions of Americans praying for the preservation of this Republic!!! You are a remarkable person and even more remarkable Patriot!!!

    DRAIN IT!!!!!!

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  41. barnabusduke says:

    Donation sent also. Thank you Sundance for being our “ROCK” on this earth! As I tell all my friends, “Holler if you need me!” 😉

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  42. 4sure says:

    God has answered so many of my prayers. When you are given 6 months to live with stage 4 inoperable liver cancer and you get your affairs in order, you pray for a miracle. And you have hope that the prayer will be answered because God has answered your prayers in the past. You get on as many prayer lists as possible. The postmaster in the post office where I had my post office box asked me why I was moving to another part of the state. I told her why. She asked if she could pray for me right then. I said yes. She stopped what she was doing and there were people in line behind me. We held hands and she prayed the most beautiful prayer for me that I had ever heard. And I knew from her prayer that she and the Lord were on a first name basis.

    And today, one year later, I am cancer free. That is how God can perform miracles. I needed lots of
    big things to happen in my life in a short period of time. God made all those things happen. Every single one of them. Glory to God. And he can make things happen for SD.

    So, I will pray for you SD, and I know my prayers for you will be answered. And I will hit the donate button.

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  43. Frankie Da says:

    Sundance, it’s been a while since I last posted. But I’m here lurking twice a day. I’m in upstate NY, just below Syracuse if you need a resting place during your travels. God speed!

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  44. bcsurvivor2 says:

    So is there a way we like minded treehouse dwellers can stay in touch if things go south? I know the opposition is watching so no way to do it here. Just wondering…

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  45. sDee says:

    I’ve contacted patriots I know with blogs, facebook pages and/or heavy contributors to them. I pointed them to Sundance’s post regarding his mission, and to keep an eye out for Thomas Paine.

    Godspeed Sundance.

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  46. GrandpaM says:

    The Lord’s blessings to you Sundance! My powder is dry and all my muskets are sighted, just say the word. And if your travels ever take you to the Texas Hill Country, my home is open. Godspeed!

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  47. upstate909 says:

    Godspeed my friend. Prayers from Upstate South Carolina, which shall always be a refuge for you.
    Git er done!!

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  48. susanphd says:

    DANG! Sundance is so brave!! I love it.

    Someone posted a USG PSYOPS manual on this site last nite. I downloaded it and read it. Hoping this is going to be a PSYOPS operation the likes of which no one has ever seen.

    Also love all of the Sun Tzu tactics that our side deploys. (Many Sun Tzu statements are in the PSYOPS manual.)

    State-of-the-art PSYOPS plus SUN TZU plus 6D chess – only our Sundance can come up with an unbeatable plan.

    LET’S GO…….

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  49. icthematrix says:

    Love the illustration Sundance provided for this. THAT says a lot about where his mission is headed. The trash is stinking up both sides of the street…time to get rid of it.

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  50. FOIA by FOIA it begins.

    I’m going to submit Sundance for President Trump’s American Hero Garden.

    Just… Sundance.

    He knows. 🙂

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