Senator Chuck Grassley Ponders Lack of Durham Response Prior to 2020 Election…

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley implied this morning that USAO John Durham may not provide evidence of the already well-documented effort to remove President Trump from office until after the November election:

Senator Chuck Grassley
135 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: 202-224-3744
Fax: 202-224-6020

Senator Grassley is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee as well as the Senate Budget Committee. Senator Grassley was elected in 1981 and has held office for almost 40 years.

WASHINGTON DC – […] Attorney General William Barr said in May that Durham, who is investigating misconduct by federal law enforcement and intelligence officials, will likely not conduct a criminal inquiry into former President Barack Obama or former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

“I have a general idea of how Mr. Durham’s investigation is going. … There’s a difference between an abuse of power and a federal crime. Not every abuse of power, no matter how outrageous, is necessarily a federal crime,” Barr said during a press conference. “Now, as to President Obama and Vice President Biden, whatever their level of involvement, based on the information I have today, I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man. Our concern over potential criminality is focused on others.”

Barr told Fox News in June that he expects there to be “developments” in Durham’s investigation into the Russia investigation this summer even as he hinted that it would continue through the November election. (more)

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482 Responses to Senator Chuck Grassley Ponders Lack of Durham Response Prior to 2020 Election…

  1. bcsurvivor2 says:

    This is unusual for me to not have read all the comments.
    I spend my morning here.
    This time…
    Sundance, if you do indeed get an audience with senator Grassley let us know where. I will be there outside of where ever you meet to lend support.
    God Bless you Sundance.
    can’t wat to hear Grassley’s response.

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    • bcsurvivor2 says:

      I also gotta say , this tweet by grassley is the one that might make me get on twitter just so i can call him out

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      • Grammy850 says:

        You know I may do this also.
        I am so furious over his statement that oh we wouldn’t want to influence the elections. My goodness how can we make a informed decision if we don’t have the truth about the very people we elect. This is insane, the very fact that vital information about our government institutions and demoncrat Criminal activity that was and is still ongoing by already elected officials and those seeking elected office is essential for anyone that values our voting rights as a USA citizen. Mr Grassley I shouldn’t be expected to vote if I do not know who would be worthy of my vote. They must be honest,love our country and have integrity. You bet this information effects an election and has major influence on how I vote and it should in every way possible. How can you not want me to know about everything. It seems to me you’re the one picked to let us know justice is not coming from Barr or Durham anytime soon. You all are a bunch of cowards ending on a happy note
        Praying for you Sundance Grammy

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        • Julian says:

          I don’t feel he’s saying that, I see him calling out Barr. It would be helpful if President Trump called out Barr and asked what the hell Durham is up to.

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        • Orville R. Bacher says:

          With Durham NOT indicting before the election, he is influencing the election in favor of the Democrat Criminals, who were the catalyst for the coup from the beginning.
          Typical Washington Deep Cesspool move.

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          • michael says:

            Durham is Deep State also. That way he can hang onto his job. Note that Durham was not actively investigating anything prior to his appt. This crap is right in the open. I guess
            IGs don’t investigate unless they are told too. I have no more faith in Grassley than I do
            Chuckey or Nancy or (China) Mitch.

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        • clive hoskin says:

          I get a funny feeling that Grassley is like the Rooster.All hat and no cattle.He,like Durham seems to be running the clock down.Do they really think that we are that stupid?????????


      • Tereese says:

        Grassleys number is 202-224-3744

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        • C Ede says:

          I called this morning. Only got to leave a message about his tweet and Sundance’s tweet. Hope PDJT retweet’s!! Everyone call! It’s an easy first step in mobilizing our “warriors”…as Trump would say.

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      • MelH says:

        Twitter has a new method of Censure; after one response to your Tweet, they send an invitation to sell you a “push” app that will get you more responses. In actuality, they put Conservative Tweets into a file entitled “Unsent Tweets.”

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    • TrustyHaste says:


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    • Old Dawg says:

      I’ll be there too! and I guarantee that I will have more patriots with me. Thank you, Sundance!

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    • Tereese says:

      Call Grassley’s office 202-224-3744…Tell him what Sundance said…yeah inundate twitter etc., but CALL HIS OFFICE too!

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    • Tereese says:

      I am kind of shocked at the replies to this post. Yesterday everyone said, “we will support you anyway we can” and today you all say good job Sundance. Grassley wont pay attention to one tweet – but he will pay attention to phone calls and an overwhelming social media presence…Sundance took the first step and now that step needs to be followed i.e., call Grassley, Tweet him, instagram him, tik tok him before tik tok is removed, facebook him and tell him what Sundance proposed….we have to be at that meeting in spirit and prayer – but there has to be a meeting if what Sundance is saying is true!

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  2. GTOGUY says:

    Since President Trump was the one who was and is being attacked, I’m sure he knows and approves of what Barr / Durham are doing.

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    • litlbit2 says:

      Is anyone else beginning to sense that there is a very strong possibility AG Barr is not so squeaky clean, therefore the constant delay? Then we move to Durham a older person today but during the younger years, they all traveled in a close knit fantasy circle. WACO?

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    • jeff montanye says:

      you would think. he probably wants to be reelected. convictions of the crossfire perps would go a long way toward reversing any baggage remaining from the mueller investigation and the impeachment. trials, plea bargains, convictions and sentencing would change the subject from the deteriorating economy.

      but if the alternative is assassination . . .

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    • Ray Runge says:

      GTO GUY, what are Bagpipes and Durham doing?

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    • Tereese says:

      Chuck Grassley…202-224-3744

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    • Dee says:

      Maybe not, he didn’t know about FISA abuses or the coup for some time. He only gets the people Mitch wants him to have that is why he has a small backing in the WH. At this point i just want them all shot and for this mess to be over, and then on to blm, etc. Way past cold anger.

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      • clive hoskin says:

        Dee,have you seen the latest stats re fire-arm sales.So far they are approaching 5 million or so for the last couple of months.Does that tell you something?


  3. kimosaabe says:

    Sundance has the evidence. Your move Chuck G. Make it the right one.

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  4. Carly says:

    Pray that God comforts the afflicted (Trump and patriots) and afflicts the comfortable (you know who they are).

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  5. gda53 says:

    Did Chuck Grassley miss the innumerable interviews where AG Barr says “late spring, early summer”?

    Is he deaf? Or is he stirring the ant’s nest

    For those who are not familiar with the seasons and dates, early summer ends July 21.

    So Chuck is being a bit premature?

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  6. cedarhill says:

    Well, Chuckie can now posture since he doesn’t have to Bar the Door for the Swamp… he’s got the best Barr in the world at the Door..

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  7. MrACC says:

    Waiting for your orders, General Sundance.

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  8. sarasotosfan says:

    Nice put down Sundance! That was no velvet hammer!

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  9. JonS says:

    You go SD!

    BTW, my family worshipped in the same congregation with Sen Grassley (Chuck) back in the day. A personal friend of my father’s. Whatever he may be publicly, he is a God fearing, God loving Christian man.

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    • warrprin1 says:

      Then Jon, if Senator Grassley is such an honorable, God-fearing man, why hasn’t he broken ranks with Mitch & Co., to cast the solitary vote required for a Senate recess that would permit President Trump to have his Nominees confirmed by default? That would be the God-fearing thing to do, agreed?

      I used to admire Senator Grassley. With the possible exception of Rand Paul, I have written off each and every one of our GOP U.S. Senators. FAIL.

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      • oldumb says:

        You are conflating politics with faith. You are judging another mans relationship with the creator.
        You may want to not suppose so much, of which you know very little. IMO

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        • Contrarymary says:

          “By their fruits you will know them”. It doesn’t say unless you’re in politics. Character is character, no matter the situation, oleum.

          Warrprin, I believe Sen. josh hawley is a good man. Have been watching him closely, closely since I watched him give this speech. I never paid much attention to him and definitely never listen to commencement speeches, but this one made me give him a standing ovation (in my living room:)

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          • clive hoskin says:

            It’s a pity that we don’t have more like him.


          • oldumb says:

            I disagree. We don’t know why Grassley hasn’t acted like we want him to. Maybe he knows things we don’t. Maybe if he went against the party he would lose influence and access.

            Don’t forget the man of God that told his wife to pretend she was his sister, so when the foreign king took her, the king wouldn’t be killed.

            Judge that? He was a man of God.

            We cannot judge a mans heart or his actions. Simply the act of judging him, we stain ourselves.

            I stick with my statement, backed up by judge not , lest you be judged.

            Thanks for the link, it was awesome. MAYBE Hawley is the real deal.


      • MMinAR says:

        There’s Tom Cotton, I haven’t written him off.

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      • Michael Jones says:

        I still have faith in Cruz and Cotton.

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      • romy911 says:

        I think we can write all the Senators off. I used to think maybe Ron Johnson – Wisconsin. Silly me. Not a single one supports our President or We the People.

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    • MGBSE says:

      If he’s not a God Loving Honorable man … he is a godless liar … and his soul is lost.

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    • Now is the time for your father to take advantage of that personal relationship and press these issues to his friend.

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    • Will Hunt says:

      “compartmentalizing” ala WJ Clinton???

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  10. California Joe says:

    What somebody should ask Grassley is how long would it have taken to investigate, indict and arrest a cadre of high ranking White FBI and DOJ officials who had attempted to frame newly elected President Obama for a crime that he never committed? About 20 minutes!

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  11. john another says:

    By NOT prosecuting the DOJ has influenced every Federal election since before 2012.
    That’s just a fact jack.
    Despite the fact that Trump saw a massive unrepresented electorate despite and won in spite of incredible headwinds does not diminish the fact that his opponents still control every lever of power outside the Executive, and that is tenuous with all the resistance within.
    This massive unrepresented electorate must immediately confront our elected representatives.regardless of whatever blackmail they may be under

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    • john another says:

      Bit too much despite

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    • john another:
      A very keen insight!
      And I certainly agree that we should confront our elected representatives, however, to abandon them on election day is tantamount to requesting an expedited order for our own execution.
      Think what we may of these people, if they are running on the Republican ticket they must be voted in to their respective offices….each and every last one of them!
      Third party candidates, as has been borne out over and over, is a liberal, Soros trap.
      We have no choice. Abstentions are simply stupid!

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  12. merry says:

    Sundance, I want to help. Can I help with travel expenses? Do you need a new suit or shoes?

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  13. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    Hope grassley sleeps well tonight.

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  14. Sundance…. I love you and admire you, but now I fear for you. Please be careful.

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  15. Blind no Longer says:

    Sundance you go!!!! Once you see the strings…….you can never unsee them.

    Do they know, we know, what they’re doing????

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  16. Fasterpill says:

    I couldn’t find your tweet. Did he delete it or maybe Jack did?

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  17. AT says:

    What if you contacted Ric Grenell with this information – he seems like the only person in the Administration- other than Trump – who cares about getting to the bottom of this.

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  18. Linda K. says:

    I called Grassley and gave him what for already. These are trying times. I am hoping for indictments!

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  19. PCS says:

    Grassley is bragging and mocking President Trump is how this reads to me.

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  20. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    I think our only hope to see any justice taken out on the swamp is Ghrislane Maxwell doesn’t commit “suicide”, rats people out and the DOJ has no choice but to do something. They could all start turning on each other if their backs are to the wall. Our government is a sorry mess when it’s so corrupt a long shot like that is all you can hope for.

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    • tojak says:

      The feds have ghislaine… She was their big catch… They will now sweep everything else under the rug to keep bubba dnd the prince happy…

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      • martyb59 says:

        I believe Comey’s daughter one of the lead prosecutors on the case? Wonder if she is as corrupt as her daddy?

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        • Joemama says:

          Oh, you mean Corney’s daughter.

          Kind of neat trick how the FBI hid all of Comey’s documents by spelling it Corney, with a font that didn’t have any space between the “r” and the “n”, so it looked like an “m”.

          I doubt that the corn fell very far from the husk. If she doesn’t recuse herself, you know that she is a criminal, just like her corrupt dad. Actually should should resign, because there is probably almost nothing that would come before her that isn’t a conflict of interest.

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  21. lambgraham says:

    We at Last Refuge knew this was going to happen.
    When Barr uses the phrase “push” the President of US out office instead of overthrow it does not strike fear to the conspirators.
    When Flynn’s original 302 disappears like a fart in the wind you know Barr’s not serious.
    When Barr disregards evidence that points to Obama and Biden as being master minds of the over throw of the President you know the fix is in.
    Barr is a real Tiger in going after Parents who cheat to get their kids into college and solving NASCAR’s hanging rope case. He’ll have a field day this summer distracting us with the arrest of Maxwell.
    Barr has run out the clock and the Chinese Virus gave him great cover.
    Only hope is Trump wins in November and appoints some one like Sydney Powell as Special Prosecutor.
    Hey Grassley you corrupt SOB we’re still waiting on the criminal referrals in the Kavanagh case.

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  22. lambgraham says:

    We at Last Refuge knew this was going to happen.
    When Barr uses the phrase “push” the President of US out office instead of overthrow it does not strike fear to the conspirators.
    When Flynn’s original 302 disappears like a fart in the wind you know Barr’s not serious.
    When Barr disregards evidence that points to Obama and Biden as being master minds of the over throw of the President you know the fix is in.
    Barr is a real Tiger in going after Parents who cheat to get their kids into college and solving NASCAR’s hanging rope case. He’ll have a field day this summer distracting us with the arrest of Maxwell.
    Barr has run out the clock and the Chinese Virus gave him great cover.
    Only hope is Trump wins in November and appoints some one like Sydney Powell as Special Prosecutor.
    Hey Grassley you corrupt SOB we’re still waiting on the criminal referrals in the Kavanagh case.

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  23. andy says:

    At which point are the entirety of the representatives, judges, and executives who remain all considered accomplices?


  24. CorvairFan says:

    Barr isn’t going to do anything. He’s cast his lot with the deep state and he said s confident Trump will lose. If necessary to guarantee a Trump loss, he will lean on Ghislaine Maxwell to somehow implicate Trump.

    The deep state had Hillary and Jeb picked out to be our choice in 2016. Either way, they had control. Trump came along, and the voters, and upset the entire system. They’re going to keep the viruses, impeachments, leaks and fraudulent investigations going. I shudder to imagine just how far they’ll go to remove the best president in my lifetime.

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  25. Chip Doctor says:

    Unpopular position here, but I think there needs to be some panic on our side. Too many are just willing to trust the process like it is 1980. We are less than three months away from becoming a communist state. There is no more time time for this “patience grasshopper” BS.

    Thank God that SD has stepped up, but unfortunately many will just wait to see what he does. Then there will only be two months left. We better all get involved and stop trusting a process that no longer exists.

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    • Due Gonzalez says:

      It’s past time to push back. Your opinion may be unpopular as you say, but IMO it is the truth.

      Time to take back the narrative and fight for this country as founded. Marxist with their false logic of a society where the class and classless societies will merge as one; need to be confronted with the facts. Mocked at with the reality that this utopia they seek never emerges but rather morphs into more powerful and rich elites squashing the life blood and freedom out of the populace. I may be the one that is alone here in my thoughts, but I am trying to do my part in planting the seed everywhere I can, that if you vote Democrat you are voting for the completion of the Marxist/globalist takedown of our Nation.

      I’m not mincing words. Unfortunately, I have alienated family when calling them out on their beliefs. Example, nephew in So Cal who still wears his Obama shirts and his FBI girlfriend. Our moving out of state due to the high taxes!! I simply said to my mom, that it is a typical liberal/communist response when they actually have to live with the con of their vote, move and bring those same stupid ideas elsewhere. Also funny in a sad way, this young 30 something has barely worked, completed his college in his late 20’s while he and girlfriend lived in my brothers home rent free. He is presently unemployed, but spends his time managing his investments. Apparently, my millionaire brother and wife were off the hook paying for his education as he lived at home and finished and started his degree in his late 20s, so he qualified for grants based on his meager minimum wage, part time income. No hypocrisy at all in their communist lifestyle.

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  26. IF NO PROSECUTIONS TIL AFTER ELECTIONS there will never be any prosecutions because Trump will lose and any real investigations will be shut down. All of this is why Trump should declassify and release it all now.

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  27. fangdog says:

    What has Barr done Sessions didn’t do? For that matter,what has Bull Durham done that Huber didn’t do?

    Trump surrounds himself with damnest people. Makes one wonder how in the hell did he become a billionaire? Talk about making silk-purses out of sows-ears. Trump ought to let the hiring up to Melania.


  28. WSB says:

    By God, SD! I will start calling Grassley’s assistants tomorrow. All over his state and DC.

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  29. WSB says:

    PS this is an executive problem…who do we start leaning on? Ratcliffe, POTUS, BARR?

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  30. WSB says:

    Bless you, SD.

    It begins.

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  31. Liberty ONE says:

    I recall reading somewhere there is a federal law that investigations involving pol’s during ELECTIONS CANNOT be released within 30 days of an election. IF this is true Oct 6th id D-Day OR as I suspect it WILL be AFTER the elections. D/S at work, don’t rock the boat!

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  32. Mathias says:

    “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!” The Uniparty think we’re all Gomer Pyle. But the real surprise will be, if President Trump loses the November election — with there having been no pre-election mass exposure of the coup — that half the country will slowly begin to not follow the laws that hold society together.

    Let’s see the Uniparty run the country, when there is mass civil disobedience, of any fee, or fine, they think they can burden us with. Law enforcement will have to decide if they want to be used as a tool to physically enforce DMV payments and other nuisance fees.

    We could (if properly motivated) employ weekly “yellow vest” style, strikes and protests, until demands to see justice, in the countries biggest crime ever, the 2016 Deep State conspiracy, to steal the votes from Americans and rig the election, with the Russian collusion lie.

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  33. Julian says:

    I personally think Grassley is one of the Senators who gets a pass.

    He has passed criminal referrals onto the DOJ hasn’t he? It’s my understanding he can’t go around and prosecute people himself.

    What more is he supposed to do? Go on Hannity and Tick-Tock? We all know that has achieved precisely SOUTH OF ZERO.

    In my Senate Pass list I would have (keeping in mind none want to cross McConnell because they risk their career – and why do that when the DOJ isn’t stepping up to the mark – unless you’re planning a Presidential run in the near future and need to make a name for yourself?)

    1. Rand Paul (R) – Just like his general philosophies which I tend to agree with more than any others.
    2. Chuck Grassley (R) – See above.
    3. Ron Johnson (R) – I believe this guy would do more if he thought it would achieve anything, and he already does more than most.
    4. John Kennedy (R) – I’m willing to say I think this guy gets it, but he too lacks power to do anything.
    5. Josh Hawley (R) – Got to give the young guy some credit for saying the right things. If he gets no positive re-enforcement for such he’ll likely not continue in that vein and turn Swampy.
    6. Marsha Blackburn (R) – I like her strong support of the President unlike most of her Republican colleagues.
    7. Tom Cotton (R) – Not my favorite, but he has been strong on refuting the MSM on the Wuhan Virus – I’ll give him credit for that.
    8. Ted Cruz (R) – Another who I really don’t trust, but he does give a decent speech when he wants to. That shouldn’t be discarded unless there is a clear alternative that is demonstrably better.

    Beyond those 8, I’m really struggling to think of any others I’d vote for.

    8 I find reasonable.
    45 I would vote for their Primary opponent in a heartbeat.

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    • John says:

      I’ve written off Marsha Blackburn and I’m very disappointed. Did you see her this weekend? “You’ve GOT to wear a mask! YOU’VE GOT TO WEAR A MASK!” Is she just taking all the “massaged” testing numbers as gospel and not looking at the reports about how manipulated those numbers are? Oh man, what a mess we’re in!


  34. The Raven says:

    Barr and Durham got a visit. It was explained what could theoretically happen to their families if they got the wrong ideas.

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  35. Something of a wild ride on the comments here this morning. After reading the first comment (on the page when I showed up, not the real first comment), I thought for a minute that maybe Sundance was Grassley (!) (along the lines of “Ben is Glory; Glory is Ben” on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, lo these many years ago). But no, it’s just the usual variation among CTH commenters. Lord, you guys better not try to write a book together.

    I thought Grassley was calling out Barr and Durham in his tweets, and I thought Sundance’s tweet was just the truth, not a stinging “confrontation” as many commenters here seem to think.

    Whatever, if Sundance can keep the attempted overthrow of the duly elected President in the news now, he will merely be showing the nation what it needs to confront BEFORE it ever goes to the voting booth again. Having an election with it unconfronted is simply obscene, insane…incompetent, irrelevant, immaterial…all of that and more…damaging to every last soul and to the soul of the country.


  36. Genie says:

    It would be interesting to hear Jim Jordan state the Wolfe coverup bullet points in rapid fire on multiple TV shows.

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  37. Will Hunt says:

    ha…. chuck has everything he needs to proceed except the will to do it.

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  38. Winston says:

    Believes the system is still capable of self-correction:

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  39. eric says:

    swamp protecting the swamp.


  40. Linda K. says:

    Politics is hopeless.


  41. eric says:

    they are delaying til after the elections because they think Trump will lose and their chosen swamp puppett will make it all go away and cover it up.
    like in ’16 when they thought hiLIARy would win.
    something happened they didnt count on.
    there is always a but.
    and it came in november.
    they are making the same mistake…4yrs later.


  42. Issy says:

    I have no respect at all for this gas bag Grassley. A tweet bemoaning the lack of action is all he can do. Good job Grassley, he can mark that off his To Do List.

    Reminds me od Michelle Obama’s “Save Our Girls” tweet.

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  43. Joshua2415 says:

    I like to think that somewhere, deep in the bowels of Trump Tower, a small team of patriotic Americans have put together a documentary (hopefully hosted by James Wood), that walks through the entire Deep State assault on our republic over the last 20 years, culminating with their direct attack on the democratic election process and the attempted coup of a duly elected president. That documentary is in the can, waiting for POTUS to declassify everything, just in time for a late summer release. Barr or FuBarr, sunlight is coming, and the world is going to know just how corrupt our government has become, long before November 3rd.

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  44. Donzo says:

    If Bill Barr were to actually indict the traitors between now and November I suggest we change the expression Hail Mary to Hail Bill.


  45. No one should be surprised that Durham has not indicted anyone. No one should be surprised that Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Clapper, Rice, Power, Rosenstein, Yates, are not indicted.

    The bureaucrats in the deep state did what they did with bipartisan encouragement and support. They would not have dared to do it without the support of democrats and republicans like McCain, Ryan, McConnell, Corker, Alexander. Burr and others.

    If they dare to indict one of the bigwigs or even less important people, it will open up the bipartisan nature of the Russian collusion hoax.

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  46. dimbulbz says:

    This is no longer politics. it is the worlds biggest RICO case. Trump needs to just release everything – EVERYTHING… and tell Barr and Duram to pick up their last paycheck and get out. I am sad to say that I see the deep state scorched earth policy has worked, and the people who have pursued it are about to be rewarded for their sedition.

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  47. minnesotamike55 says:

    I see Grassley’s comments as almost a surrender. He seems to have a, tired of it all, I’ve done what I can, here ya go people, attitude. That is exactly one of the expected outcomes of the DS lefty strategy. Demoralize republicans until they give up.

    I don’t see Trump losing just because there is no resolution from Durham. Keep in mind Barr admitted that covid has interfered or slowed the investigation, maybe on purpose.

    Trumps Mount Rushmore speech had a little noticed comment about exposing the people behind the riots and anarchy. If that happens it could do more to damage the democrats than any Durham revelation. Given all the money and lawyers behind the coup plotters, we might see some little fish sacrificed, but big fish might swim around for quite awhile.


  48. jumpinjarhead says:

    If this proves accurate, it only bolsters my view of the Deep State that it is proving to be too powerful to be defeated using conventional means.

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  49. stevelbrown says:

    Barr is running out the clock


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