Rebel Alliance Ground Reports – What’s Your Current COVID Living Status?…

With such incredible disparity between the states of our republic, I’m curious what is the current status of the COVID lifestyle near you.   What is going on in/around your town, city, region or hamlet?

This isn’t just a typical request for ground reports, it’s also a little selfish.  You are helping me with advanced recon for a travel itinerary.  It is quite amazing the scale of difference between states.  The media reports in large generic terms, but the stuff that matters is how it impacts your life; your daily function.  That’s what we are all interested in.

It is quite remarkable how different life amid COVID is within each state, even when two states are right next to each other.  So how is it your area?

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  1. Sledge says:

    The state of decay in Washington State remains steadily downward while the bureaucrats don’t miss a paycheck, continuing to threaten and shutdown businesses and profits, with unlawful mask enforcement and ridiculous restrictions while the elected sheriffs remain a national embarrassment, disgrace, and completely impotent to protect and save America in their chosen form of cowardice. Hiding behind such bold statements of we won’t enforce while allowing other divisions and departments of government to enforce and run roughshod over the public in their jurisdictions. Their oaths and the actual purpose of their office and government fully trained out of them like good little bureaucracy loving goofball stooges on the dole. Very sad.

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  2. John says:

    Atlanta, GA. Masks are optional in most places, but because it’s deep blue territory, you are generally expected to LARP with the rest of the sheep. I’m still required to wear one at work.

    Since the black supremacist rally at Stone Mtn Park on July 4, I’ve noticed more overt animosity from local black people. Not all, of course, but there are lots of ghetto types inside the 285 perimeter, and they’re acting out more. They seem to be getting their courage up for more violence later, but we’ll see what happens once the National Guard is in position in the next few days. If you wind up in this town, I would worry about this issue more than the covid stuff.

    UPS seems unable to deliver packages now; they’ve held a small package of mine for nearly a week under the excuse that COVID-19 something something.


    • patriotscout170 says:

      We are north east of Atlanta at I85 and the SC border on a big lake. Masks are optional, normal conditions, No protesters, No BLM, No antifa, No crap. Sherif here is a great guy (lives up the street from us). The county vote 76% for Trump. We have female black cops, female white cops, male black cops, male white cops. They all do their job daily with respect. It’s a we’ll armed community too. This is our Vacation home.

      On the other hand our primary residence is in the DemoRAT Republic of New Jersey (South exit 5). Where masks are required. No real protest going on outside of Philly and Camden. But we are about 16 miles out of both those Sh_tholes. They are already doing the plan that booker and biden are pushing by steeling the taxes collected from the burbs and funneling to the urban areas. Our town gets back on about $.16 of every dollar we send to Trenton for our schools. This translates to $900 per child in our district. While places like Camden, Newark, Trenton, Asbury Park get $28,000, $29,000, $30,000, $30,000, And asbury park $34,000 per child. Senate leader says we are over funded, so they cut our budget for next year by $185,000 thats $256 per child cut (and they have done this for the last three years as well. We make up the difference in property taxes. But our school district is one of the best in the state for our size. This is happening to all the burb school districts. so back tot he ground report….
      Our town in jersey is mostly an R district. We are surrounded by Burbs, from what i know of my neighbors they are very well prepared for an un-civil contest (as well as am I). There were no issues of disturbance before we rolled out of Jersey two weeks ago. Headed back in a week.
      SD stay safe on your travels. Its time for action!


      • jumpinjarhead says:

        Welcome to my part of Georgia. It is a relief to see you are not like most refugees from the hellholes in the NE and California who bring their progressivist totalitarian ideology and politics with them.


  3. Spryte says:

    Reporting in from the Hot Zone – 15 miles south of Myrtle Beach. More masks seen lately but none worn by tourists. Several states have made visitors quarantine on their return home. Some stores require masks and most locals wear them. Beaches are jammed and I understand hotels are full as are the elevators, haha. Nary a mask in site. Things change daily as far as the rules go here in So. Carolina.
    Also, my name is Karen but I’m not THAT Karen.

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    • Mari in SC says:

      Things change daily as far as the rules go here in South Carolina…Isn’t THAT the truth. I am 20 miles west of Charleston and while the governor has steadfastly refused to implement a statewide mask requirement saying it is a local issue and unenforceable for law enforcement, more and more local jurisdictions (Charleston, Summerville, Dorchester County, Isles of Palms, Folly Beach, etc.) have implemented mask bans, most since 7/1. I did a stock up shop on 6/30 because I am not wearing one based on belief and principle. The Goose Creek town council voted against a mask requirement at the end of June but now the mayor has signed an emergency order requiring them. I was in a Berkeley County Publix Sunday morning and they had a sign at the entrance saying the local government requires them. No, it doesn’t and I breezed in without one. I saw only one other adult without a mask although I didn’t go through much of the store since I only needed flowers and was in a hurry. No one said anything to me then or any other time. I try to smile all the time just because the rest of them look so sad.

      Our infection rate is up and the state is blaming young people going to the beach with nothing said about protesters. The death rate is usually single digits per day with an occasional high teens or low 20ies day. I don’t go out much so I’m not sure if people are complying with mask orders or not.

      Former neighbors from Baltimore County, MD, are visiting. She did not vote for President Trump or the Hildebeast in 2016 and I haven’t asked who gets her vote this year. She has posted stuff in support on BLM but even she is saying things are going too far with statues and riots. She works for Johns Hopkins University and says they support Dr. Fauxci but none of the researchers think a vaccine in 6 months is reasonable, especially given mutations. They are totally fine with the mask tyranny.

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      • paulashley says:

        I hope your former MD neighbors stay up north.


      • pluffmudgirl says:

        I am just another 15 miles west in Moncks Corner. Business as usual here in the more rural area of Berkeley County SC. The local WalMart employees are required to wear a mask but don’t require shoppers to wear one. I see about 20% of the shoppers wearing a mask. The few restaurants we have are seating folk with social distancing although some of the fast food places are only doing drive-through. I occasionally see someone wearing a mask out in public and they are predominantly the elderly. … and I am 65. Churches have been holding services for a month with folk sitting every other pew. Yes, we are singing. The 4th celebrations for the town and the Military Short-Stay facility were cancelled….but there were the most amazing private fireworks shot off all around the lake. Lots and Lots of celebrations. The town celebrations weren’t missed. Our local Farmers’ Market opened back up but there were only four stands when there are usually 20 or so. My visit to the dentist was more strict with their precautions than my routine doctor visit. I had a call from the dentist to question my Covid exposure and I had to sign a form and have my temperature taken before I was even allowed in the office. The doctor visit had a sign on the door stating to stay in my car and call the office number if I had a fever. They would send someone out to the car.

        Visited NC mountains near Cashiers last weekend. Mandatory face masks everywhere. The grocery stores had motion-sensor dispensers for hand sanitizer and facemasks available for customers. Went “junking” in the various antique shops in Franklin and folk there were ambivalent about customer face mask wearing. The outdoor garden and plant businesses weren’t using masks. The restaurants we wanted to visit were closed up. This month is the make-or-break time for the local tourist businesses there in Cashiers. I felt sad for those folk who depend on summer tourism to keep their business afloat.


      • Spryte says:

        Mari, it really is a ball of confusion in SC. The tourists are here in droves and not worried until they return home and test positive. I don’t wear a mask unless forced to and have not been called out…yet. We’ll get thru this mess but I’m hoping your Baltimore friends smarten up and vote correctly…RED


  4. Maricopa County, Arizona & Phoenix Metro

    Public Areas – All overhead electronic signs on the freeways warn people to #MaskUpAZ. The area is saturated with posters at store entrances, billboards, wayfinding signs, pop ups & alert bars on municipal and retail websites, radio PSAs all broadcasting divisive maskers vs unmaskers propaganda.


    Hospitals – Hearsay is floating that hospitals are full or crowded, no one has first hand knowledge. We regularly pass by Mayo North Phoenix, home of a huge drive thru testing station, we’ve never seen it in use.

    To the governors sharing the full hospital story on the news: Not two months ago, you had wheelbarrows parked in front of the Treasury Dept raking in cash to increase hospital capacity. You haven’t expanded hospital capacities, exp not for a COVID spike, nor have you used our tax dollars to protect the public. This spike has been pulled out of a hat for someone’s private amusement, meanwhile shops are closing down in neighborhoods and big box stores are what’s left.


  5. Bourne, MA, Cape Cod:
    Most stores require masks.
    75% of people on the bike path wear masks (not me).
    2-3 people I know, know someone who had wu-flu.
    I know 1 person, a friend’s daughter, who is a nurse in NY.


  6. CTim Bo says:

    Things we are seeing in our area of Tennessee or about a million people with a mortality of less than 1 per 100,000:

    1) the incidence is literally ten times higher in our “hispanic” population than in “non-hispanic”.

    2) A high number of cases appear to occur in zip codes where “homeless” industries thrive. Like almost everywhere else, the “homeless” and drug addicts are exempt from any regulations.

    3) Revenge of the hillbillies. Since the virus is density dependent, there are very few cases as you leave the more populated areas. Some of the more rural areas have found no cases.

    4) Although we are now “required” to wear masks, our local leaders refuse to prosecute anyone for violating any of the regulations, relying on our own sense of responsibility. Saw more masks this weekend than ever before and no one in the couple of stores i visited without one.

    5) Unlike the blue cities in our state, we have had no rioting, looting or increase in crime which dems are now blaming on Covid.

    6) Our obnoxious liberals can’t accept that we aren’t dying even with the expected uptick in cases we are seeing as we reopen.


    • paulashley says:

      A discouraging report of a lack of civil disobedience in what I had imagined was a bastion of independence and liberty. As I tell my sister who wants to leave increasingly blue Colorado, you can’t really escape the left. No locale is immune from their reach.


  7. Dearyme says:

    Far south in Brevard County home of NASA if we weren’t bombarded by the news you really wouldn’t know much is going on—go into Publix the employees all have masks the shoppers not so much I really think that life is so “normal” down here is how the economy is based—we are mostly an economy in this county of service workers Walgreens 7 Eleven WaWa Walmarts are EVERYWHERE — we have Harris Corp Rockwell Collins Embraer Northrup Grumman etc and a zillion doctors and lawyers–so we are in weird bubble here❤🇺🇸❤


    • destin326 says:

      Here in the Destin, FL area, vacationers everywhere and the beaches are crowded with no mask wearers that I have seen. Restaurants are full with less capacity with servers wearing masks but not patrons. Real estate is booming. Resale, remodeling and new construction are all way up. Never ever seen a construction worker or yard service worker with a mask and they are everywhere. Walmart, grocery and liquor store customers maybe 25% mask wearers. No one complains, personal preference. Sane people here, there are probably some exceptions.

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    • dkmimi34 says:

      That was true in our beach town in south Brevard County until yesterday. The city council finally caved to the harpies demands. We are now mandated to wear masks in all essential businesses. Fines will be imposed.
      This was a great small beach community but now have an influx of newer residents from South Florida, northeast and because of the space center (space x) transplants from California.
      They are very vocal and demanding. Anyone against is selfish and anti- science and must be a Trump supporter, as if that is a crime.
      They contaminate everywhere they go.
      Pray for America.


  8. Sharz96 says:

    I’m in Lake County, Illinois, about 8 miles south of Wisconsin border. Very disheartening here. Virtually everyone wears masks. Not quite as many outside or in their cars as a few months ago but far too many. A few, very few, slide it below the nose but most are just mindless sheeple. Many stores have signs requiring them but most are pro forma “per gov order masks required” and little or no effort is made to enforce it. Menards, I hear, is the big exception. They deny service. Stores seem fully stocked again.

    Restaurants outdoor seating only with capacity and part size restrictions.

    Gyms just now opening but insane procedures required. Mine is nuts. Masks except while actually working out, locker room amenities severely restricted. I won’t be retuning any time soon.


  9. Blood of Patriots says:

    Lawrence, KS – Masks, masks and more masks. Most all places now have signs saying no entry without masks. My son says he heard that we will be rolling back to phase 2 next week. Hate the mask!


    • Rex says:

      South of you in Labette County. County commission just voted not to obey Governor Kelly’s latest order. No one is wearing masks. Hospitals are laying off. (No covid patients) University people and other hard core democrats have been panic posting all sorts of bs on facebook. Same with local ty stations. Some old folks reliant on tv are scared to death.

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  10. Tim says:

    Virginia Beach, VA – beaches open with little social distancing going on. Restaurants and bars are open, I think 75% capacity. All playgrounds, theme parks still closed. Local water park was set to open (the kids were over the moon) but apparently the state called and said waterslides are forbidden to open. Park said they were “blindsided” by the decision. Maks mandate in effect, and most people are going along with it, probably 75-80%. I’ve noticed a weird racial aspect to compliance…nearly all the people not wearing masks are white, and just about all black/hispanic/etc. I see are wearing masks. Not sure what to make of it, but there you go. Wife just drove thru West Virginia, said it was like no pandemic had ever happened. No masks, no social distance stickers, nothing. I don’t wear a mask most of the time and have had zero problems anywhere. Maybe a few weird looks is all.


  11. David Jones says:

    The northern township areas around Cincinnati are quiet. 30% of folks wear masks. Word on street is more and more people I know like Bernie Sanders supporters see COVID as control scheme. No demonstrations and few infected.


  12. Jenevive says:

    Connecticut here..Central CT..we are in phase 2, phase 3 has been put on hold.
    Stores require masks and some like Walmart monitor how many are allowed in.
    but outside most people don;t wear them if they are just doing outdoor
    activites. In the stores most everyone wears a mask..some pull them down and only
    put them up when someone walks buy.. The stores I have been don;t seem to have
    Mask police monitoring what you are doing.. Wear the mask to get in the door
    then take breather every once in a while in an aisle where there is no one..

    People walking the town trail for the most part don;t wear masks.


    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      In Central CT with you (near Avon Mt).,

      Accurately describes the situation. The Karens are out in force though. You get dirty looks…I play the game better than them…when approached….I first remind them of the six feet rule. Then I let them ask about my mask. Then, I ask them where their goggles or face shield are located. I usually get a WTF? look….I then provide them with knowledge- eyes have mucus membranes…if you are just wearing a make and the virus is dispersed in the air in particles (sneezing, evaporation, etc) I said you need googles or a faceshield….

      I then walk away. I’m tired of stupid games.

      I have a whole bunch of member berries-

      Member when we were told just two weeks to flatten the curve? I member.

      Member when they talked about new cases and they always followed with and so many died? I member.

      Member when they said masks were good. No, masks were bad, no masks were bad? I member.

      Member when they said Chloroquine and Zinc were bad for you, it’s not tested (despite 75+ years of use)? I member. Member when they made fun of Trump for taking it? I member.

      Member when they said it’s bad for old people and then shoved a bunch of sick old people together? I member.

      Member when they said mass gatherings were bad? Protesting was bad? Well until a black man was killed by a white cop. I member.

      Member when they jailed and fine people for not wearing masks or following protocols? Member when they let looters, vandals, and rabble rousers ruin public property and not arrest them? I member.

      But, member, they don’t want you to member…..they want you to be Joe Biden and forget it all and only member what they tell you. The difference is you have FB, Twitter, and Insta…Joey B has a teleprompter, his basement and a video camera. But, it’s cool if you are a moron who continues to go along with this you can say you and Joey B have something in common- you both can be easily manipulated for the power brokers.


  13. Eric Thedeplorable says:

    Williamsport, PA here. Mask wearing is about 50-50 when out in public. It almost seems to be a split party line issue at this point. Very few businesses are enforcing Wolf’s mandatory masks for all order. They just leave the signs up saying you must wear them and many force their employees to wear them. There is virtually no sickness here. Our area has roughly 100,000 people and we have around 30 cases last time I checked. Nearly all of our cases are nursing home patients. Our newly elected democrat mayor is doing his part and shut down the city pool for the summer back in May, so the entire city is forced to drive 5 minutes down the road to pack into the neighboring township’s pool. He also pushed the 4th of July fireworks show out of the city and 20 minutes away to a neighboring community, so the city responded like many others and set off their own massive displays. That has continued each night since. One of the first acts the city and local townships took was to rip down the basketball hoops at all of the parks. They have since gone back up, but I would not be surprised if they get removed again. Our children are the real target here. Governor Wolf knows he has no power over inividuals, so he is attempting to strong arm businesses into doing his dirty work by threatening them with losing their liencenses to operate. People are finding out the real reason why you need a license to do anything in this state: control. Generally speaking, adults have returned to normal in this area. One area where the left wing plan has been very successful is dividing the people. The pro-mask crowd has become extremely bitter and nasty because of their fear. The anti-mask crowd is finally publically fighting back, and in many cases is becoming just as bitter as the left. I have also noticed doctors and medical professionals are afraid to speak out against things they privately criticize. They too are fearful of losing their licenses and being targeted by the PC mob. It really feels like a Soviet style propoganda attack has been launched on us. They haven’t sent the state police after us yet, they have only threatened it. They just keep putting out propaganda phrases and then watching us fight over them. “Flatten the curve” was the first one. “My mask protects you, your mask protects me” and “no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service” are the newest ones.
    The real leverage Wolf has is control over the schools. Our children are the ones who have suffered the most, and there seems to be no end in sight. They have been robbed of an education, proms, graduations, friendships, sports, extracurricular activities, and their childhoods. I am certain Wolf is going to keep schools shut down, or at a minimum force masks on our children while they attend, and destroy sports by requiring masks, social distancing, and no spectators. It really is disgusting what is happening. Our children are the real target for the worst suffering, indoctrination, and conditioning, and Custer’s last stand is coming in the fall.

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    • Seneca the Elder says:

      Eric- you just described suburban NY.

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    • Becca says:

      I’m a half hour from you. 100 percent correct. And wolf is now trying to quarantine anyone who comes back from the South (it’s “advised”, but those edicts quickly get imposed by some employers). just announced kids would be required to wear masks in school all day long (unless they can be 6ft apart, which is going to be impossible in school).

      Around here masks all the time in stores but thankfully not outdoors.


  14. Texas here. Masks required unless outside, pumping gas, etc. However there is a loophole – a medical condition which would make it less safe for one to wear a mask. But you do not need to provide documentation of the condition. 😜


    • Blue Wildflower says:

      El Paso, Texas is a democrat stronghold. Masks are everywhere, walking by yourself, driving a car, etc. $250.00 fine for nor wearing in public. Testing is everywhere, takes about a week to get results. (So why even get one) 30 minute for law enforcement.( glad they have it) Almost everyone I know is living in great fear. I think these people would give up every right they have to feel safe again.


  15. Sandescaper says:

    Lancaster, PA – Masks are required unless you can keep a 6 foot distance outside. I am a landscaper and work outdoors. I very seldom wear a mask outdoors or when meeting others regarding work at their homes. My customers seldom wear masks when meeting outdoors either. I ask them if they want me to wear one while at their residence. Most say no followed by “I am so finished with this”. I have noticed that the Amish community has never worn face coverings, not many anyway. They have continued to meet together and have church services, weddings and gatherings since this all began. They have managed through this without stopping their lives unlike the English. Good case study like that of Sweden.


  16. dennistherealmenace says:

    Anne Arundel county Maryland here. Mask’s are still required inside businesses by the state order. I’m seeing less and less compliance, especially in the main street busineses. Normal people are getting damn sick of the masks. I walked in downtown annapolis on the 4rth and lots of people were not wearing masks. Howard County is full of compliant mask wearers, lots of swamp rats live there. People are still freaked out about the kung flu there. The fear merchants have done their job well.


  17. baggerts says:

    Wichita Kansas. Governor’s ‘mandate’ unconstitutional, so the counties opt out. This didn’t stop our city council from inventing a power to supersede the county board of health and 4 to 3 vote up an ordinance. IMPORTANT: the ordinance is boiler plate that matches virtually every other such ordinance in the country. Our legislators and executives aren’t even writing this stuff – I suspect it is #Masks4all that is. Even though most counties opted out of the Kansas Governor Kelly’s ‘order’, Masks4all and their tool the Washpost is still reporting that Kansas is a mask required state — obvious compliance porn. Further, there is not a sheriff in the state or police chief who will enforce this order, citizens know this, and half don’t give a damn.


  18. My current COVID Living Status:

    1) Businesses, Parks, etc have been allowed to reopen BUT masks are REQUIRED and “Social Distancing” separation is still expected.

    2) Travel to/from certain States must be followed by a 14day Self-Quarantine so the prospect of getting NO PAYCHECK for 2 wks makes certain destinations (vacation spots and family visits) ndearly impossible

    3) Schools have been “Greenlighted” to open at local discretion, but extensive “Recommendations” for operational protocols have been issued (open windows, lunch served in classrooms, one-way traffic in halls, staggered arrivals, masks for adults, etc)

    And, like everywhere else, the peer-pressure exerted by The Karens is becoming more evident every day. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Governor sets up a 1-800-YES-KAReN tipline so they can report violations of quarantines or masks. Seriously. Talking to neighbors has become awkward because I’m AFRAID I’ll mention something I shouldn’t. I’m starting to feel like Anne Frank….

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  19. Abster says:

    Richmond, VA…masks are still required here. I walk in a county park each day. Happy to say, there is now only a handful of peeps that are still masked. It’s blazing hot and very humid now. Not sure how you can breathe like that! I have been to a few restaurants. They require you mask until you are seated. My friends and I haven’t / don’t. I am usually the only one around who is unmasked in Target, Kroger and Publix. If you see me, say hi!

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  20. Seneca the Elder says:

    From the Covid Compliant People’s Republic of NY- I am about 50 miles north of NYC and it’s still not much better than it was in March. The mask situation has gotten much worse even as the weather got better.
    If you go into towns or cities, most people are muzzled. I have been refused service and asked to leave a hair salon and various stores for refusing to wear one even though I claimed to have a health condition. I think that the muzzle masks will be a permanent requirement in NY. That’s what the Dems want.
    The general vibe in NYC and vicinity is awful. Avoid Manhattan at all costs as it is downright scary. The cops are enforcing masks and social distancing but it’s okay to riot, loot, kill, rape, Rob or commit real crimes. People are still afraid that they’re going to die if they walk past someone without a muzzle.
    The economy is not coming back anytime soon. Our local tourist town has lost a third of their businesses. It is run by Communist socialist Dems.
    Things are a lot better the further north you go and 100 miles out of NYC it feels almost normal in the beautiful Red counties.
    Schools are being turned into prisons and even little kids will be forced to wear muzzles. It is child abuse plain and simple.
    Killer Cuomo keeps extending his illegal and unconstitutional orders. The Dem controlled legislature gave him unlimited power back in March and that law expires in April, 2021.
    The dopey Repubs are trying to rescind it but they don’t have the votes.
    NY is no place for sane men (or women). It is a blight on the planet.

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    • jean0404 says:

      Things up here in Saratoga County are not a lot better! Everyone everywhere is wearing a mask. Even alone in their cars with the windows up! I, too, have not buckled under pressure to wear a mask. I feel like I’m in an episode of the Twilight Zone that never ends.

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    • Krystal says:

      Agree with all you say! I live in Brooklyn- NYC -and masks are required everywhere – I pull mine down when I can outdoors and walk away from people. No indoor dining – the outdoor dining is silly with all the cars zooming by. Some businesses have closed for good. No schools and not sure if and how it will reopen in the Fall.
      I still work virtually but at this point I am glad as I fear the destruction in Manhattan more than the virus. We may reopen in the Fall but they said it will be limited. I have a feeling they will be releasing some of their real estate as other firms will also due to them thinking to keep the workforce as virtual as possible saving them money.
      Finally got a hair cut with a mask the nail salons have opened but some are doing temp checks etc….and taking contact info. I think I will wait.
      Overall NYC is a mess, people are still fearful sheep and it is very disheartening.

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  21. Conservative_302 says:

    Wilmington, DE. For two weeks my friend and I are able to sit at the bar in a restaurant/pub, order food, and drink beer. We have to wear masks going into and out of the restaurant, it also has limited seating and social distancing signs around the bar. Churches still have join online sings up. I am not a huge drinker, but having a beer after playing tennis in 90 degree heat feels so american/normal, and the cold beer tastes so good.


    • Conservative_302 says:

      Ps. This totally busts the lie about Joe Biden. If I can drink beer amongst others in a bar, why does he remain stuck in his basement? No way could he have pulled off Gladiator Trumps great 4th of July speech, let alone five continuous sentences. Take heart in the fact I live in an extremely liberal state and everyone I talk to is afraid to vote for Joe because they believe he is demented. That’s is going to turn a lot of voters away no matter how badly the media tries to spin it.

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  22. jschmitt8657 says:

    Here in Louisville, if you are coming to “peacefully protest”, you’ll be in good shape since our dim leaders and their minions keep insisting that the virus is smart enough to avoid those protesting. However, if you want to have fun, family gatherings or go to mass, if you don’t socially distance, you’ll be the cause of the next hot spot. Stores are about 50-50 with mask wearing. Seems more and more of my tax clients are worried 14 day Andy will shut us down again in the Fall. Did notice that the Trimarc signs are back to advertising avoiding texting and drunk driving and not keeping your distance.


  23. MfM says:

    I’m in PA. My area near Philly just went to green. Barbers and hair dressers just opened for the first time since March. You could tell who was getting black market hair cuts.

    So we went green the end of June and then Gov. Wolf slapped a stricter mask order on just before Independence Day. I can’t wear a mask and the only place I’ve been is grocery stores. Over the months lots of comments, but none from staff. All public fireworks canceled, lots of home ones. The local country club had them, but discouraged trespass more this year. Townies know the best spots, as does the ice cream truck, so no worries.

    Things at the grocery store are still spotty with availability. Beef prices are high, with no sales to be able to take advantage of. There is hand soap, but not all brands are fully stocked. Five pound bags of grated cheese at good prices, but no bargains in block cheese.

    Still limits on dry and canned goods in some places. So at Aldi instead of buying a case of canned tomatoes one trip and four bags of sugar another, every time I go in I buy the limit of about ten items I usually use, if they have them. Bread is always available, but not all brands, yeast is still spotty. I’m making sour dough bread most weekends to help with the food budget.

    TP is in stock, but disinfectant wipes disappear quickly. No sales on any of them, which is why we aren’t hurting, because I stock up on sale, and haven’t bought any since 2019.

    There were gradually fewer masks in public, like the bike path and sidewalk… until Wolf’s new decree last week. More people are annoyed at all the hypocrisy they see all around them. People pushing masks on Facebook, but then celebrating the Fourth out of State with extended family and friends, with no social distancing and no masks. People saying BLM demonstrations are good, but don’t go to a funeral.


    • MfM says:

      In PA ‘elective’ medical procedures have started up again. Since they have been shut down for 4 months there is a backlog. It’s easy to cut off 4 months of hair on one head, much harder to do surgery or procedures that are vitally needed on hundreds of separate individuals. More routine things like routine skin cancer screenings are still waiting

      People are finally waking up to the horrific death toll in PA’s nursing homes. Many Counties around Philly are in the 80% range of deaths from nursing homes. It is ‘odd’ that Philly is much, much lower. Thousands of the most vulnerable were infected because Wolf and Levine SENT Covid patients into nursing homes.

      My small county has had hundreds die, but few people I know, know anyone who has had it, or died of it. Yet everyone can point to businesses that have closed because of this.

      There is lots of talk about public schools reopening and day cares have been open for a couple of weeks. Staff is suppose to be masked… it’s very spotty. UPS & FedEx are still wearing masks, but not while driving. They ‘forget’ to pull them up when they go into some small businesses.

      Masks are treated like talismans by many. That if you wear them, you wont get the virus. If you have your mask on, you can do anything. I know the virus is real and am older and have some health issues. I am avoiding crowds and picking times to shop. When I go grocery shopping I see whole families, parents & kids all parading around with masks. Touching them rearranging them and playing with their face all the time.

      I avoid public bathrooms, but numerous times in the past 4 months have had to use them, and like usual people aren’t washing their hands after using the facilities… but they are wearing a mask! If they were staff of the grocery store, I would absolutely talk to the management about it, as I did before all this Wuhan Virus. There, I’m more concerned about food safety than the virus.

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Bob says:

    Montauk, NY (Long Island). Beaches are open, as are all businesses. Town has blocked non-residents parking near beaches (in town), which makes it difficult for outsiders from using beach. Masks are worn inside, and about 50% use outside. Activities, fishing, cycling, running, beach “work”, continues, life goes on. There are no masks being while surfing!


  25. Vlad Mordik says:

    John Carpenter’s Escape from New York (1981) is being broadcast continuously, by Mayoral decree, throughout the internet of things, onto sides of buildings and even into the clouds.


  26. Bigly says:

    Love this loophole. Use it all the time. Michigan sounds like Illinois – how is a cross country high school team supposed to run with masks? Looking at home school options as the school system has lost its collective brains. Convinced it’s not medical reason it’s so they don’t get sued.

    Congress has to pass law protecting govt and business from lawsuits – some jerky saying they contracted Covid from your countertop or railing. Then the madness stops.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bigly says:

      Google Covid Deaths and graph it – we are being con-ed. 91 per 1 million in Florida.

      Per 1 million.

      What are we doing? This is like global warning – the left uses fear to control us.

      May you die? If you have risky conditions you need to be careful – the rest of us need to get back to work.

      And the older folk that haven’t seen their family’s since March – it’s so sad and pathetic – are we insane?

      Liked by 3 people

  27. Nick says:

    NE Ohio – differs by community – Beachwood just declared masks mandatory; Geauga county, no requirement; Expecting turn-coat governor (DeWine) to make things harder…


  28. Ellis says:

    Southeast TN. Hamilton county just mandated masks everywhere beginning Friday and lasting until September 8. A lot of exceptions but with north Georgia minutes away it is fair to say a lot of revenue will simply cross the state line.

    Up to now I see few masks as most people don’t care about this underwhelming virus anymore. Much grumbling about mask mandate as it is seen as pure virtue signaling backed by no scientific data. I expect little compliance outside of downtown.


  29. gringz says:

    Here in SE Texas, my county has gone from 5 active cases a couple of weeks ago to 99. Most people seem to be going about their regular business, not freaked out, but more people wearing masks.


    • Susan Harms says:

      you do know “active cases” may just mean, “tested positive”. No epidemiologist would count a positive test as “with disease” when determining risk ratio.


  30. DPDave says:

    Houston, Texas. The State RNC has a convention in 2 weeks in Houston. Mayor Turner wants it cancelled, the GOP says full speed ahead. Funny how Houston is now Tagged as a super contagious area as the news tells us and that Houston has a mutated strain that is more contagious


  31. Nancy says:

    New Hampshire, Summer and tourists from surrounding States are here to enjoy our lakes and mountains ….our town offices recently opened, by appointment only, library too, masks a must….mask required at outside landfill only 4 cars allowed at a time but otherwise life returning to “normal”……so a bit schizophrenic…..Some are wearing masks but most are not….my husband is 84 I am 76….we are careful but you can’t expect the world to stop….life goes on in Live Free or Die New Hampshire.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. dm says:

    Mid Maine:
    1) Our town has 5,000 or so year round residents, and 3,000-4,000 snow birds + summer & fall visitors. A far larger than normal % of the sum is 65+ years of age. The town has 1 mid sized nursing home + at least 2 apartment buildings for the elderly.
    2) Yr. round residents have and continue to behave prudently. We VOLUNTARILY began social distancing BEFORE it was fashionable & mandated. For example, our church switched to on line services and suspended on premise worship. Another example is 60-70% of yr. round residents where masks in stores. A result is 0, ZERO, confirmed cases amongst yr. round residents of our town. The closest confirmed case is 20 miles away, and that is a cluster (12-15 infections) with an unknown cause.
    3) However, some–perhaps many–locals expect a C19 outbreak soon. Why? Summer visitors come from C19 infected states–MA, CT, NY, NJ–or passed thru infected states on the way to ME or flew here. Worse, many refuse to quarantine or to wear masks in stores:-(
    4) ME is part way back to the normal routine. Local stores NO LONGER limit the # of shoppers. Barber, beauty & other shops have re-opened. Churches have resumed on premise services (while continuing online services). Families and friends are enjoying larger get togethers. Dentists & eye docs are seeing clients again.
    5) Many yr. round residents now say ME’s initial C19 policies (close schools, close businesses, close churches … ) FAILED to protect the most vulnerable AND HURT the least vulnerable. In particular, closing schools needlessly deprived 5-21 yr. olds of educational and other services. FYI, new C19 cases per day PEAKED in ME several days BEFORE the governor locked down the state.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. warrenjay13 says:

    Crown Point, NY is a small village in the Adirondacks boarded by Lake Champlain and Vt; 80% of the people were the (fear)mask while shopping, and Communist Cuomo is mandating employees to wear the (fear)mask while they work behind plexiglass….who ever makes plexiglass is making a lot of money.

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Dave says:

    Suburban Ohio between Cincinnati and Dayton … Everything appears to be open and relatively normal. Some social distancing still in restaurants but they’re open. Our favorite grocery store just mandated masks for the first time inexplicably? We had to find something different since I’ve yet to wear a mask and don’t plan to start now … it could be the idiot mayor of Dayton doing some scare-mongering because orange man bad or something …

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Dave says:

    Suburban Ohio between Cincinnati and Dayton … Everything appears to be open and relatively normal. Some social distancing still in restaurants but they’re open. Our favorite grocery store just mandated masks for the first time inexplicably? We had to find something different since I’ve yet to wear a mask and don’t plan to start now … it could be the idiot mayor of Dayton doing some scare-mongering because orange man bad or something …


  36. jean0404 says:

    Upstate NY:
    Sheeple abound. It’s just astounding the level of unthinking compliance people are demonstrating! In early June I made a haircut appointment at my local salon. My longtime hairdresser texted me to come into saline with mask on. I reluctantly complied. However, less than a minute inside, I told her that I wasn’t going to be able to sit with mask on during haircut because I was extremely anxious. Owner of salon said don’t worry, just take it off and relax. She even told my hairdresser she could do the same. Well, my hairdresser kept her mask on and gave me the worst haircut I’ve had in years! I chalked it up to her not being able to concentrate with her mask on, plus maybe a little resentment that I wasn’t wearing one.

    Liked by 2 people

  37. Bob Guzzardi says:

    West Palm Beach masks are mandatory and our condo requires masks in all common areas. Most people seem to be okay with masks indoors. Other than that, retail stores are opening slowly. Not too depressing but travel is somewhat restricted


  38. Ausonius says:

    We just traveled from rural northwest Ohio from Columbus and back. Normal people and lives in rural Ohio: 4th of July concerts and fireworks in a small-town park, practically no masks, no “social distancing,” just fun! McDonald’s refuses to open its lobbies, even in small-towns where the virus basically does not exist, thereby sending people to independent restaurants to talk while sipping pop or iced tea.

    Here in Columbus the fat, idiotic DEM mayor “mandated” masks: he needs to go on a diet and worry about himself! I just came back from a large Kroger grocery store at the edge of the city and more people were mask-free, including employees and delivery people doing restocking, than ever before!

    No word yet on schools: many proposals, and some school districts are doing on-line surveys to see what parents want! Imagine that! The odds are, however, that the namby-pamby parents will be more vocal and get their way and force all kinds of restrictions.

    The only statistic that counts: Zero to single-digit deaths right now in Ohio from the Wuhan Flu.

    Isopropyl alcohol still not on the shelves at Kroger’s, but I have found it at Dollar General and CVS.


  39. We are full time rv-er’s
    In Sevierville tn, maybe 10% masked Shipowners griping Gatlinsberg was much less
    In Paducah ky, maybe 15%
    In Fredericksburg Tx, leave them at home!
    Wimberly, Tx maybe 15%
    Next week in currituck, nc. And outer banks
    Spoke with phone customer services in Ohio Somewhere, said fireworks were ruined due to wuhanflu.


  40. We are full time rv-er’s
    In Sevierville tn, maybe 10% masked Shipowners griping Gatlinsberg was much less
    In Paducah ky, maybe 15%
    In Fredericksburg Tx, leave them at home!
    Wimberly, Tx maybe 15%
    Next week in currituck, nc. And outer banks
    Spoke with phone customer services in Ohio Somewhere, said fireworks were ruined due to wuhanflu.


  41. Correct please
    The SHOPOWNERS are griping


  42. Correct please
    The SHOPOWNERS are griping


  43. Eric French says:

    We live on Lake Wallenpaupack in northeastern Pennsylvania, about 30 miles from Scranton. The Independence Day fireworks on the lake are the biggest event of the year, bringing in major $$ for the local businesses. They cancelled them on the Tuesday before the 4th, so the area was packed with people who couldn’t cancel, but could go on fireworks spending spree to have their own celebrations.

    So we hung out on our dock and watched. We live in a deep cove, and about 10% of the homes around the cove put on a great show! In fact, the “intimacy” of it all made it even more special. Imagine if this became the norm and EVERYONE around “the cove” participated, what an event THAT would be!

    The whole thing is metaphorical of America as a whole; big entities, businesses or government, eventually can’t get the job done, but local people with the resources and freedom, show up and the true meaning bubbles up. It’s an Independence Day I’ll never forget.

    Oh, the region ignored governor Wolf’s public mask mandate, but everyone did abide when going to restaurants etc. In other words, folks had a blast! Also, his dopey health person, Levine, “reccomended” that people from several states, including FL and NC, remain quarantined for two weeks when visiting. Well, we have relatives from both states visiting, and that recommendation is being totally ignored.


  44. Eric French says:

    We live on Lake Wallenpaupack in northeastern Pennsylvania, about 30 miles from Scranton. The Independence Day fireworks on the lake are the biggest event of the year, bringing in major $$ for the local businesses. They cancelled them on the Tuesday before the 4th, so the area was packed with people who couldn’t cancel, but could go on fireworks spending spree to have their own celebrations.

    So we hung out on our dock and watched. We live in a deep cove, and about 10% of the homes around the cove put on a great show! In fact, the “intimacy” of it all made it even more special. Imagine if this became the norm and EVERYONE around “the cove” participated, what an event THAT would be!

    The whole thing is metaphorical of America as a whole; big entities, businesses or government, eventually can’t get the job done, but local people with the resources and freedom, show up and the true meaning bubbles up. It’s an Independence Day I’ll never forget.

    Oh, the region ignored governor Wolf’s public mask mandate, but everyone did abide when going to restaurants etc. In other words, folks had a blast! Also, his dopey health person, Levine, “reccomended” that people from several states, including FL and NC, remain quarantined for two weeks when visiting. Well, we have relatives from both states visiting, and that recommendation is being totally ignored.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Ed Holder says:

    Huntsville (North Alabama) is requiring masks in public as of today, with fairly reasonable exceptions (not required outdoors unless you have a group of 10 or more non-family not able to distance; not mandated for religious services; not mandated for indoor athletic activities). We apparently do have a pretty good uptick of Covid hospitalizations in this area right now, though the death count isn’t rising so far. There has been quite a lot more mask wearing than a few weeks ago.


  46. DJ Snyder says:

    Saginaw Valley, Michigan… I haven’t had to wear a mask anywhere I go except church, and I take it off as soon as I sit down in the pew. Sadly, most other churchgoers are masked with exception of toddlers and 3-4 adults on average. Sad. 😦
    Also, I politely explained to Versiti (the local blood donor company) over the phone that I wouldn’t donate blood or plasma again until the mask requirement was lifted. Fortunately the lady I talked to was very understanding of my position (I wasn’t the only one, she said), and said she’d make a note of that.
    (Full Disclosure: I got a COVID-19 test awhile back, and it came back negative. I still carry the test result paper in my car just in case.)


  47. lettruthspeak says:

    Outside Cleveland, Ohio here where masks were just mandated. Cuyahoga County where Cleveland is will take up the matter but will probably mandate them because the idiot head of the Commission, is recommending them. I live in Lorain County adjacent to Cuyahoga, no mask mandate except for workers, but many in small stores don’t wear them, as my husband doesn’t either because he works outside. Nobody around policing it as near as I can tell. Yeah, just what the police need to be doing with all the BS going on is making people wear a mouth diaper. Our creepy, cowardly, RINO governor, DeWhiner, passed the mandates on the cities and counties because he and his HHS director, Acton, were getting sued out the wazoo and losing every case. Then she resigned and he made her his personal Covid-19 adviser, with about a forty thousand dollar raise. He’s such a worm. My daughter is getting married in September and if we have to wear masks I swear I’ll leave this damn country. They are highly recommending masks for school age children, grade 3 and up. Good luck with that, morons.

    Liked by 2 people

  48. Jason Ross says:

    Medieval Faire in NE Ohio is open — masks recommended but not required. I’m planning to attend the Celtic theme weekend in August. It’s a 1.5-hr drive from my corner of NYS.

    But the drive through the PA/Lake Erie shore could be considered the ‘liberty corridor’ because mask usage is either not required or not enforced. Went to the local WalMart (NYS) and about half were not wearing a mask…. I expected it to be trending the other way because of the national media hysterics.

    People are over it.


  49. Treeper 46 says:

    Lake Norman NC — Local merchants here do not enforce the masks (some exceptions like Costco) we go about our day UNencumbered by any government mandate requirement, I keep a blue paper mask in the car just in case I want to shop and don’t want to deal with the Karens. Grocery stores do not enforce the masks as far as I can tell. I would say it is about 50/50 participation on masks. Restaurants are not enforcing as well, but eating out is not as enjoyable as it used to be with only 50/50 capacity. Also not having sports is a downer, but can’t imagine enjoying sports w/racist element attached now.
    These dems really are trying to make sure we can’t enjoy the American Lifestyle we are accustomed to.
    Lake Norman NC – where we had an incredible turnout at the July 4th Trump Boat Parade. No masks, it was well organized, and such Patriotic Pride. Well over 1000 boats, but of course no news coverage. Drone picked up the view, a local real estate agent distributed.

    Cheers to VSGPDJT – loved his Mt Rushmore speech. We have a great president.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. npsrangerman says:

    Upstate SC is much the same. Bigger cities are blue and on the lockdown bandwagon, but people have resumed their lives as best they can. Highways are packed. Utility workers carry on. The state has seemingly bought into the testing sham with urgent cares and even some walk-in pharmacies performing hundreds of covid viral tests daily many of which are positive. My own physician tells me that the tests are being performed inappropriately upon the asymptomatic. (Apparently people are either 1. Wanting to know if they have the virus, or 2. It is a requirement to return to their jobs irrespective of the facts that the test Results in those who are not sick or who have no symptoms do not really differentiate between actual cases of the virus and those who have recovered and are certainly not fit to use to “test for cure”. But, for the most part, most of SC is open for business. Just stay away from areas containing historical or cultural landmarks and statuary. Also, I would plan to refuel in rurally locales and not urban areas, especially if they appear sketchy. Enjoy your trip!!!


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