Rebel Alliance Ground Reports – What’s Your Current COVID Living Status?…

With such incredible disparity between the states of our republic, I’m curious what is the current status of the COVID lifestyle near you.   What is going on in/around your town, city, region or hamlet?

This isn’t just a typical request for ground reports, it’s also a little selfish.  You are helping me with advanced recon for a travel itinerary.  It is quite amazing the scale of difference between states.  The media reports in large generic terms, but the stuff that matters is how it impacts your life; your daily function.  That’s what we are all interested in.

It is quite remarkable how different life amid COVID is within each state, even when two states are right next to each other.  So how is it your area?

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1,110 Responses to Rebel Alliance Ground Reports – What’s Your Current COVID Living Status?…

  1. Joyce M says:

    Oklahoma City, OK – life is nearly “normal” – see some masks at the stores, but so far none required. I ignore the arrows directing traffic flow in the store aisles and so far no one has said anything to me. The only place masks are required is doctor and hospital offices, although in the exam room the nurses and tech’s agree that masks are ineffective and everyone is just wearing them because it’s the rules.

    Most people are just going about their activities as normal, although my company is mostly still working from home. They are saying when employees come back to work, masks will be worn and “social distancing” observed in the buildings. (Federal property)

    The parks, amusement areas and outdoor activities are closed (doesn’t make sense to anyone), river and lake activities are not open. Weird logic.


  2. ebfarmgirl says:

    Am in a red suburban county, Anoka, in a blue state, Minnesota. Hardly anyone wears a mask to our farm stand any more. I don’t know where the liberals have gone, but find, refreshingly, that conversations are mostly about questioning the government. Hmmmm.


  3. ebfarmgirl says:

    Am in a red suburban county, Anoka, in a blue state, Minnesota. Hardly anyone wears a mask to our farm stand any more. I don’t know where the liberals have gone, but find, refreshingly, that conversations are mostly about questioning the government. Hmmmm.


  4. TexanInFL says:

    I live in Perdido Key, Northwest FL, right at the FL/AL line, which is outside Pensacola, FL (Escambia County). Escambia County does not have any mask orders. Pensacola’s wimpy mayor has imposed a mask order, he’s killing downtown PCola. Milton (small town north of PCola) mayor attempted to do the same was slammed by the city council, so no order there. Of course a lot of tourists, they seem to be relieved by the freedom. Alabama is about one mile from where I live, Orange Beach, lots of tourists, of course all over “social distancing” but for the most part no masks and minimum of Karens…though I’m not at all tolerant of them and will absolutely answer back when they say something, I do not back down, so I’m sure it’s got something to do with my attitude. “Tall Texan ain’t takin’ no crap”…


  5. minnesotamike55 says:

    Just found this. University of MN article about masks.

    Just what in hell are so called experts using to support their push on masks? Either they haven’t done a simple “mask studies” internet search or they are lying. Try it. Simple search shows so many questions and NOTHING absolute about masks doing any good. Studies get retracted, lots of questions about methods, doubt, studies not randomized, scientists can’t decide, etc.

    Key conclusion in this article is Cloth masks are ineffective as source control and PPE, surgical masks have some role to play in preventing emissions from infected patients, and respirators are the best choice for protecting healthcare and other front line workers, but not recommended for source control. These recommendations apply to pandemic and non-pandemic situations.

    Leaving aside the fact that they are ineffective, telling the public to wear cloth or surgical masks could be interpreted by some to mean that people are safe to stop isolating at home. It’s too late now for anything but stopping as much person-to-person interaction as possible.

    Masks may confuse that message and give people a false sense of security. If masks had been the solution in Asia, shouldn’t they have stopped the pandemic before it spread elsewhere?


  6. karenlivesmatter says:

    Reporting from the Caribbean here… so… in 5 months we have had 6 ‘deaths’ of people over 80 yrs old (longer than average lifespan) with a population of 130000 and are still under an ongoing ‘state of emergency’ .… the guv (dem) just said we had a severe outbreak of 6 new cases (around 100 so far, again in 5 months, but the numbers are still totally fake) so now… as of today, new travel restrictions, temp taken when you go to the airport, no sitting are bars anymore, every restaurant, no matter how nice has been forced to convert to disposable plastic or paper, (adding thousands to operating costs especially because ya know only 50% of the place is allowed to be seated, because safety) masks are not mandated yet, but will be if “we don’t behave” (demonrat guv words) and now beaches are restricted with hours because Covid 1984 hoax apparently has a time schedule… I’m the end of my leash and my friends are sick of hearing bitch about it and want me just to comply… ps over 25 gunshot homicides in the same time by you know who… South Dakota is sounding better and better… I’m wearing a red lace crotchless panty mask , and that is about the only thing people can laugh about these days… I know there are millions of us out there who know but what the heck are we going to do? asking for me, not a friend! God bless us!

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  7. shipley130 says:

    Southern Idaho is OK. Apparently Boise and few other hoity toity towns up north are having a mask shitfit but other than that, masks are not required to live your life.


  8. Redwishes says:

    UPDATE From Idaho – Well, the Ada County arm of the Ministry of Covid Compliance struck again. This time with a ‘mask mandate’ county wide. As if Boise City limits wasn’t bad enough, now the entire county is under Mask Mandate. While I don’t live in Ada County (I actually live right across the street from the county line), we do work in Ada County. The owners of the small business I work at are backed into a corner. Due to the ‘lockdown’ they were already struggling to stay open – people were just finally getting comfortable enough to come out and shop in person. Now this. They want to fight this, but don’t have the means to do so. So what now? They were gracious in letting us know that we will now have to wear masks at work and are upset at forcing us into it. Now, I don’t mind if you want to CHOOSE to wear one – you be you – and if it makes you “feel” safer having one on, then by all means do it. Myself? I “feel” safer without one on – if it keeps it out, it also keeps it in – and unless you are wearing a full face respirator (where nothing gets in or out) it’s a moot point. And isn’t nature amazing? I mean, for a particle as small as a virus, to float in the air and only be infectious when it lands in a 4×6 inch rectangle? I mean, it’s absolutely amazing that it ONLY ever lands there and not anywhere else on your head or body – regardless of how short or tall you are. Isn’t that crazy? I mean, I was thinking it would make sense to do my daily grocery shopping with a complete suitcase containing changes of clothes, etc, since it was my understanding that aerosolized particles would land on any available area and therefore infect my clothes and hair rendering a complete wardrobe change before every errand stop. But, now that the mask mandate is in place, I mean it makes total sense that the virus would only land on the area of your face covered by a mask – that tiny little area in comparison to the size of the rest of your body. It’s almost like getting a hole in one on the golf course! AMAZING! *sc, eyeroll, smh.

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    • Sharon says:

      Since they keep harping on the idea that wearing a mask protects others around me, that leads to be believe that (apparently) everyone wearing a mask thinks they are contagious and infectious.

      Otherwise, why would I need protection from them?

      So if they all believe they are contagious, then why don’t they stay home?

      It’s what my good friend calls – CRAZYMAKING.

      I’m in rural, central Oregon. And the population is FULL of Karens. Who knew that the future of the republic and dismantling of Constitutional rights would be determined by people freaking out over a flu virus? Another thought that comes to mind – – apparently all the people who are freaking out never thought they were going to die…of anything.

      It sure exposes the inherent “stupid” that apparently passes for reasoning in the minds of so many….like Mark Twain is rumored to have said, “It’s easier to fool someone that to convince them that they have been fooled.”


    • Sharon says:

      Oh, another bit of news today: the Portland Oregonian breathlessly reports that seven people died of covid yesterday. Seven! It is the end of the world or something………….until you take the time to read all 75 column inches reporting the crisis and then learn, in a disconnected tiny article, that the ages of those 7 were as follows: 86, 77, 81, 91, 77, and 70. And that tiny article ends with this sentence, “All had underlying health conditions”

      So they probably didn’t die OF covid. They died WITH covid.

      Crazymaking indeed.


  9. gypsywoman246 says:

    Under Comrade Cuomo here in Upstate NY outside of Saratoga Springs and 50 miles north of Albany we are under a mask mandate going into most stores. I only shop where a mask is not required, cause I don’t do masks. I did as an RN for 35 years when a patient was in isolation with a very contagious disease such as TB. I guarantee we had protocols and did not crumple a mask and put in a pocket for future use. Some restaurants are open for outdoor dining (some are wearing masks at their table…lol) Cafes have a strange rule…wear mask in and when you order then take mask off when you sit down…hmmm. It’s true you can’t fix stupid. After Comrade Cuomo was whining about the millions of cases NYC was going to have and begging the Feds for ventilators and PPE masks gowns hand sanitizer.more beds So, the Feds turned the Javits Center into a field hospital along with the military ship The Comfort and a few more field hospitals were set up in Central Park, Queens Brooklyn then disassembled after about 4-6 weeks for under use or no use..then he sent elderly hospital patients back to their nursing homes with many deaths, like 3000. See here’s part of their game. NYC has been in the red for years and now he’s trying to fix a dying city with Fed $$$ simple…follow the money. I would say 85% wearing masks in 90 degree weather…remember what I said about fixing stupid. So there you have it…the same playbook for HIV back in the 70s 80s with Fuhrer Fauci and Fraulein Birx on board for that one too…Follow that slush-fund debacle. After listening to someone who was instrumental developing the software program and tracing the CDC numbers…the state of NY has more deaths than the major cities in China, like Bejing, Shanghai and more then the entire country of Pakistan (212,000,000). He came to the conclusion it’s prob the H1N1 strain…Spanish Flu renamed Swine Flu. H1N1 in 2005 was recreated in the lab in then then became a pandemic in 2009 and could be what we’re seeing now. The numbers are so skewed at this point with complete fabrication, sorry, lying there is no possible way to believe anything at this point IMO and I don’t. Schools prob won’t open or on a limited basis cause Gen.Gates and Comrade Cuomo are partnered and says New York will work with Bill Gates to ‘reimagine education’. But here’s the best, Comrade thinks NY is doing so much better that he is requiring anyone coming to NY State from another state to self-quarantine for 14 days…I am totally not kidding….Lord help us!!


  10. gypsywoman246 says:

    Sorry…want to say I’m looking forward to my forced RNA/DNA vaccine and contact tracing. I’m thinking I’m gonna pass on that. Also digital currency, vaccination passports and the civil war starting in November…


  11. J Mark Schweska says:

    Reporting from Nashville. Our mayor has imposed a mandatory mask ordinance. He’s a Democrat. Surprised ?


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