President Trump Tweets About NASCAR Noose Hoax – Media Go Bananas…

Earlier today President Trump drew attention to the purposeful fraud pushed by NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace.  In interviews Mr. Wallace said: “a noose was placed in my garage” and “the noose was hanging over my car.”  Both of those statements were false.


On June 25th NASCAR released a picture of the garage pull-down rope and knot that both they and Bubba Wallace described as a “noose hanging over the car“.

Except it clearly was not hanging over the car, and it clearly wasn’t a “noose” or it wouldn’t function to help pull the door down. Driver Bubba Wallace now calls it “a non-functioning noose.” Or, in simple terms, a garage pull-down rope with a loop-knot tied in the end.

However, what NASCAR did not realize was the picture they provided actually makes the situation worse; because the picture shows something else, something worse:

The picture was taken Sunday, in Bubba Wallace’s garage stall #4, when the race was cancelled due to inclement weather (rain and lightning). However, pay close attention to the partially visible uniform on the man standing at the left of the picture.

That person is a member of the Wood Brothers Race Team and this is a VERY important facet. The picture was taken Sunday, prior to the “noose” (hereafter called a knot) being cut down. According to a statement by the Wood Brothers team, they informed NASCAR officials the garage-pull in question was in place in 2019:

“One of our employees notified us yesterday … he recalled seeing a tied handle in the garage, from last fall. We immediately notified NASCAR and have assisted the investigation”. (link)

So that would explain why one of the Wood Brothers team was present on Sunday June 21st when the photograph was taken.

But here’s the problem…. If that picture was taken by NASCAR that means NASCAR was aware the knot in question was in place in 2019; and therefore knew Bubba Wallace was not the target…. and they would know this on Sunday; before they went out and made a big racial publicity stunt over it.

If it wasn’t NASCAR that took the picture, and the picture was taken by a member of Bubba Wallace’s #43 crew, that means the Richard Petty Motorsports team was aware their driver Bubba Wallace was not a target, and it was the team who made a big racial publicity stunt over it. This scenario seems most likely.

The visibility of a Wood Brothers crew member in the picture taken Sunday means either NASCAR knew the provenance, and/or Richard Petty Motorsports knew the provenance, before they made a big, fake, racially explosive media narrative about it. Either way is very bad news for the sport of NASCAR because that truth highlights a very damaging intent.

Again, this is how RPMotorsports described the details around the event:

Remember, the corporation of NASCAR decided to make this a big deal on Sunday, and then again on Monday when they called for the FBI investigation. The rope was cut down prior to the FBI arrival (FBI didn’t arrive until Monday).

The picture NASCAR released in  June shows that whoever originated the story, likely a person within RPMotorsports, knew immediately the rope-pull was in place in October 2019, and that Bubba Wallace was not a target of some racial angle. Ultimately, this is the conclusion the FBI also reached after their investigation.

Prior to the FBI reaching that conclusion, our own research had already discovered this.

However, knowing the larger background of that picture released today, it is not surprising that both NASCAR and Richard Petty Motorsports are in full damage control mode; trying desperately to save themselves from public backlash over a toxic racial hoax the Bubba Wallace team created, and ultimately NASCAR promoted.

The Bubba Wallace team, Richard Petty Motorsports and ultimately NASCAR have seriously compromised the integrity of their sport in order to advance themselves. Which leads to the next aspect in order to understand an alignment of motives.

A great article on RPMotorsports and their new owner Andrew Murstein from September of last year, explains why that specific team would intentionally fabricate this story to advance their interests:

New York Sports – […] “When we bought RPM, Richard had a similar objective and focus as I did which was to improve performance and bring diversity to the sport,” said Murstein, RPM’s Co-Owner. “I remember at the press conference I made that objective clear. It’s a major major sport but the athletes and the fan base were not as diverse as other sports.

I wanted to focus on changing the image of NASCAR and give everyone the same opportunity to succeed.”

[…] “To me, it was way overdue,” said Murstein. “The more that I heard about that the more determined Richard and I were, and we wanted to make a shift, so to speak, to a higher gear in the sport. We wanted to also expand the fan base, and show that anyone could excel in NASCAR regardless of his or her skin color.

[…] The fact that Murstein is dedicated to diversity is not something new because it’s also been a mission for him with Medallion Financial, a company that was exclusively lending money to women and minority owned companies since the 1980’s when he joined the family business until its IPO in the 1990’s. Upon his arrival, Murstein focused on successfully diversifying the Company and tried to find other niches in terms of lending money to minorities that were overlooked by banks.

[…] About the time the Company was going public, Murstein approached former New York Governor Mario Cuomo about joining the company’s Board of Directors. Cuomo thought about it for six months or so and then after seeing a story about Medallion and it’s diversified lending in the Wall Street Journal, he called Murstein to give him the good news that he was coming on board.

[…] With Cuomo, a Democratic, joining the Board of Directors, Murstein added some political balance (read more)

And there you have it.

The toxic blend.

A politically connected NASCAR team owner with a motivation to increase racial diversity in the sport;…. combined with a socially sensitive NASCAR President, Steve Phelps, who wants NASCAR to “discover its place in modern American pop culture”…”in order to promote this sport in a way we haven’t in the past”;… combined with a racially motivated Bubba Wallace team looking to advance both sets of owner and corporate interests.

What was the outcome?

Pictured above: October 2019 Paul Menard crew – no problem

Pictured below: June 21, 2020, Bubba Wallace crew – OMG Racism!

(NASCAR Timeline Link)

Last point. This wasn’t the first time this exact “purposeful mistake” was made.

MICHIGAN – Police have ruled that a rope resembling a noose which was found at the University Hospital in Michigan was not the result of a hate crime but someone practicing tying a fishing knot…

Remember that the next time you tie nooses in your shoes.

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420 Responses to President Trump Tweets About NASCAR Noose Hoax – Media Go Bananas…

  1. Vera says:

    “Mr. Wallace said: “a noose was placed in my garage” and “the noose was hanging over my car.” Both of those statements were false.”

    Not exactly, I think you mean “Both of those statements were straight up lies for the purpose of propaganda”. Can this racist be sued for deliberate “false statements” easily predicted to create financial loss for others?

    We know there is at least one racist NASCAR driver, he’s named Wallace.

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    • James Groome says:

      The knot was not a NOOSE, it was not “placed there”, NOR was it “over his car”.
      It was a Loop knot,
      The Loop knot was tied on a garage door pull down string – not placed.
      The Loop knot was beside/behind his car NOT “over it”.

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    • Checkered Demon says:

      Maybe Bubba has that upcoming documentary on lynching that Jussie was about to debut after the Nigerian MAGA Hats incident. In fact check for any calls to Kamala.


  2. Haha!!! Southpaw here and my kindergarten teacher couldn’t get me to tie nooses in my shooses so I tied bow ties. Passed the class without controversy.

    SD, the absurdity of it all; makes a great point.

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  3. jjohn143 says:

    Bubba Kaepernick, the man who brought down Nascar. Here, Here to the PC crew, if you can’t own it, Burn it down.

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    • WSB says:

      If you can’t steal it…burn it down.

      Or, just burn it down.


    • James Groome says:

      NASCAR killed NASCAR when they changed it to NASCOT— National Association of CARS OF TOMORROW.
      Slowing down faster teams is not the way racing is supposed to operate… the slower cars are supposed to find ways to GO FASTER.
      They have gone to sticker horsepower… lol idiots.

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  4. Vera says:

    Question: are not knowingly false accusations of racism made by Black Americans simply just anti White racism?
    Seems obvious to me.
    An FBI investigation is certainly required. The same number of agents that attended the pretend racist noose event would be good.

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  5. Don’t you have to have a slip knot for a noose? The knot has to slip around whatever it is around when pulled.

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  6. Vera says:

    Why the refusal to call out Wallace as an anti White racist?
    The facts are undeniable.

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  7. Rockindubya says:



  8. molonlabe28 says:

    I’ll bet I’ve been to more NASCAR races than everyone on this comments section combined

    I was planning on attending 10 this year, which is slightly more than I usually attend

    And, since Dale, Jr retired, Bubba has been my driver, because I thought he was a fairly nice young man

    No more, though, of course, for pulling for Bubba and buying his merchandise

    And I haven’t made up my mind about whether there will be any more NASCAR races for me again

    The sport tried very hard to distance itself from its Southern roots 25 years ago by closing Southern tracks, reducing the races for the ones it didn’t and building tracks out West and up North

    I quit going for many years, as did a wide swath of its historical fan base

    Attendance at races vacillates between poor and pitiful

    In a year or two, the 2 families which own the sport will sell it to a hedge fund

    I’m hopeful that the B-School crowd does better than the two families, who have driven it into the dirt

    The purchase price will be pennies

    So, to Hell with Bubba and NASCAR

    They need me worse than I need them

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    • Free Speech says:

      Sad reality is NASCAR is like every other sport. They make more off the tv contracts and the corporate sponsorship than they do the fans. NASCAR has to do what NBC (aka MSDNC) wants or that tv contract will get cancelled. The love of money is the root of all evil.

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      • LetsPlay says:

        Free Speech gets it right when so many get it wrong “The LOVE OF money is the root of all evil.” In this day and age, there is no more Honor, Respect, Commitment, Loyalty … just the greenback. It is up to the American consumer to vote with their wallets and tell these corporate goons that they are not the bosses around here. We are! WE, THE PEOPLE!


      • Tl Howard says:

        TV networks have cameramen who have to work VERY hard not to screw up and show shots of the tens of thousands of empty seats at most NFL games.

        It used to be that fans of a team would stick out an 0-6 record before they decided they’d stay home.

        Even opening games are poorly attended these last few years by fans of many teams.

        There is a correlation between tv ratings and attendance at games. When viewers SEE the many empty seats at a televised game, they ask themselves, “Why am I watching a game like this, between teams going nowhere?” And they tune out.

        That affects ratings. Ratings affect contracts.

        Someone with a plane should work hard at every venue to show the empty seats at NASCAR events. The networks HATE THAT.

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        • rrick says:

          No can do. In the days following 9/11, the professional sports leagues lobbied for flight restrictions around every stadium. They got what they wanted. Since that time there have been flight restrictions of 3,000 feet vertical and 3 nautical miles radius around every sporting event of 30,000 people or more. If you think those are arbitrary numbers you would be correct.

          They said it was about public safety, they said it was that stadiums full or people make a juicy target. But what about the filming rights? They locked that up too. The leagues will go after the pilot and passengers who dare to film, even take still photographs, of a sporting event. Even aircraft towing banners have to remain outside of the Security Sensitive Airspace (SSA). It is big business (big money) and they will hammer anyone who horns in on the action.
          A friend who flew blimps told of how each crew had to sign that they would not take their own private pictures of any games. I do not know if that applies to every company that flies a blimp.

          Incidentally, it is perfectly fine to overfly a sports stadium when a game is not in progress. However, in the hours leading up to a game, and certainly during a game, the FAA will violate a pilot who penetrates the airspace. The problem is, the schedule for a game may not be published, or if it is, a pilot may not know of it. Are pilots supposed to carry the sports section of the local newspaper? So, in practical terms, the Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is become a de facto permanent flight restriction. Therefore, the prudent pilot would just avoid flying within 3 nm of a stadium for a pilot wouldn’t reliably know if a game is about to begin.

          It is entirely and only about the money.


          • armie says:

            A bit of trivia: CBS used to have a provision in their labor contract that kept technicians on the clock continuously while they were flying. In the mid 70’s, a blimp camera crew ran afoul of some wind activity and got stuck circling the hanger for several hours before they could land. The technician ran up a significant amount of penalty pay, which the network refused to cough up. Their rationale was that a blimp assignment involves floating, not flying.


    • Lanna says:

      Try NHRA, fastest, most extreme sport. Fans, crews, sponsors and drivers are fantastic. Lots of interaction: “every ticket is a pit pass”. Inclusive, but merit based. Antron Brown, driver who happens to be black, is 3rd generation NHRA, his grandpa, dad and uncle were NHRA before him. Two of Antron’s kids are now driving NHRA Jr. Drag. Antron, at Sports Legends dinner, said, on being a role model, that he hadn’t really thought about it, but hoped ALL kids, not just African American kids, would see by his example that with hard work you could achieve anything and not to let anyone tell you different.

      Bubba was given his spot, rich white daddy spent over $1 million on getting him into racing. Mediocre driver, spoiled crybaby who throws tantrums and passes out when he doesn’t get his way. Got his shot in NASCAR due to their Race to Diversity initiative, they’d hoped he’d be the Tiger Woods of racing.

      Medallion Financial tried to exploit what they saw as a ‘hole in the market’, same thing they did by targeting women and minorities with loans.

      BTW, many people call NASCAR drag racing, but it’s not, it’s actually what NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) fans call ’round de rounds’ because they go round and round. Only time they were associated with drag racing was in the ’60s when Richard Petty boycotted them because they banned HEMIs and he moved to NHRA. NASCAR teamed up with NHRA and sanctioned drag races so they’d be able to make some money off of Petty. I think that ended about 1967.

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      • James Groome says:

        Brooklyn Heavy, was another Black NHRA and AHRA Super Stock drag racer in the 60’s – early 70’s – he competed and won against the best in a 1969 Camaro named Herbies Hugger” it was Hugger Orange with a L89 (Aluminum headed 396 cui big block) He also did a bit of street racing on the Jersey Turnpike. He is mentioned frequently when people speak of late 60’s Super Stock legends.


        • montanamel says:

          PROPANE-X … Out of LYON’s Drag strip at Long Beach, CA….cira 1968–75 or so….HEMI DODGE CHARGER converted to Propane…Later tried starting a 1/8 mile strip out on Terminal Island… interesting nights during some “long hot summers”… Street racing was born in California….along with dry lake bed racing….and Jet Car and Rocket Car racing…

          Long live MoPar… Long live the smell of Nitro by the start-up lane in Bakersfield…


      • TMonroe says:

        Merit and legit history. What a concept

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      • rrick says:

        Bubba Wallace ends Bubba Wallace’s career.


  9. icthematrix says:

    I understand how everyone feels about this, and I know how this was played in some form or another for certain people to achieve bonafides and virtue signaling for the “new” NASCAR.

    However….President Trump made an unforced error by wading into this briar patch.

    Our President has been battered and tossed over the last couple of weeks, but came back with a strong holiday weekend. BLM and Antifa are crapping in their own corn flakes by demonstrating over and over how sick and evil they are by killing their own and getting their own killed by stupid demonstrations on a dark interstate. The chatter and flutter over Bubba had died down.

    So why, Mr. President, step into this now? Bad idea, bad timing. Many more hills to plant a flag on than Bubba and NASCAR.

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    • Sorry, no error there. PDJT brings to the front the real issue. NASCAR has been sold out and just like football is losing attendance and credibility. As other Treepers have pointed out sports are being bought up and changed by those with radical agendas.

      I hope the panpanic keeps Sports and Hollywood shut down indefinitely. Americans are learning to live without them while those elites feel the pain.

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      • icthematrix says:

        Regardless of what NASCAR did or didn’t do, the President’s comment two weeks after the fact will invigorate few but reinforce the tag “racist” from far many more who don’t follow the sport or the intricacies of the deception. My point is that it gains him little to nothing while pushing up negatives from the mushy moderates whose feelings are being influenced by all of this.


      • Tl Howard says:

        His tweet also reminds people of the use of the race card for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, not principles.

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        • Tl Howard says:

          DJT has been a friend to the NFL and from what little I know of NASCAR, to them as well in that he has attended some of their events, given them visibility because of it.

          I think he feels personally offended by their using the race card during these dangerous time.

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          • dbobway says:

            My family is from a town 60 miles from Talladega. I listened to races on the radio with my Grand Pa, in the early 60’s. I Graduated from High school in Denver, Co. in 73′, and have been a Bronco’s fan for10 years before they had a winning season, up till today.
            First NASCAR, in the old days, it was about the brand of car and then the driver. The big 3, Chevy, Ford and Dodge promoted their product on the track. If you were a Ford man, back then, Fireball Roberts was your guy, Earnhardt in a Chevy and so on. It was a pure American racing sport, unique to the south. Then they brought in Toyota and all the cars are shaped the same, as are the drivers. They turned a unique sport into mayonnaise.
            They ought to change the car names to Dukes or Kraft. The debacle of all the teams, pushing ‘Bubba Wallace’ a race baiting liar’s car to the front of all the cars, by the # 1 legend of the sport, Richard Petty? Humiliating.
            The NFL created an event out of their games, as did NASCAR, big flags, beautiful renditions of the National anthem, with a fly over, was such an uplifting part of these events, shared by a racially diverse crowd of Americans. A good QB who brought his team to the SB, then started dating a hot DJ, who is a leader of the BLM, talks this QB into becoming a vegan, he loses that tiny edge, he physically had on others and loses his job. So instead of reversing course and regaining his physical prowess, Colin took a knee instead.
            So when our President tweets his displeasure, with these events of selfish attention, that have ruined to 2 of our most treasured, American past times. He is speaking for me.


    • Vera says:

      Be careful second guessing the Don…..
      This is a simple matter of Black anti White racism.
      Make the Democrats defend the blatant lies of Black racists up to November.
      Very simple marketing concept.


    • jeff montanye says:

      he did more than that; he mentioned “the flag” which i believe would be the confederate flag, a far harder position to defend than calling noosegate a hoax.

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      • noswamp says:

        Jeff I agree. Trump is not a racist. We all know that. But this was an unforced error, giving his enemies fodder. His WH staff must know that. He’ll be fine, but someone at the WH needs to help POTUS be critical of the left’s assault on our freedoms while giving all Americans his positive vision for the future.

        I like what Hilton said on his show about positive patriotism. Check it out my friends. Seems as if he is pivoting to this right now. The two speeches this weekend marked the beginning of that. I love it!

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      • Texian says:

        (I presume you refer to the Confederate Battle Flag..)

        Truth is Revolutionary.. Your History teacher was wrong.. Fake News..

        There is not enough space here.. but let’s start at the beginning.. was all about the money..

        that would be “Revenue”.. a gubmint word for “Taxes”..

        Lincoln was purchased.. and now had to serve his bosses.. (sound familiar?)..
        an oppressive 40% tax was levied upon the South.. the South gave them the finger..
        seceded and recovered their own money.. i.e. “Revenue”.. which was at.. Fort Sumter..

        Reading is Fundamental..
        here’s a start..
        U.S. Congress Morrill Tariff Act and Corwin Amendment March 2, 1861 (ratified by none of the Southern States).
        Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address March 4, 1861
        Abraham Lincoln’s Declaration of War April 15, 1861
        Jefferson Davis’s Message To the Confederate States Congress April 29, 1861
        Abraham Lincoln’s first Message to the U.S. Congress July 4, 1861

        a cliff notes version:


      • Free Speech says:

        People continue to think they get to define to Southerners what their cultural symbols mean and what their heritage is.

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    • Guffman says:

      Bubba Smollet, NASCAR, and the entire race-baiting media were just comfortably thinking that this fake noose story was quietly fading away. Then PDJT tweets to hold ALL accountable for the national BS uproar that they all KNOWINGLY promoted, and then never apologized for, once it was exposed as phony.

      I APPLAUD the President once again for being the one with the balls to call out for accountability and at the very least, an apology to all those in the sport and the nation, who were falsely smeared as racists while pushing this made-up story. Bubba, NASCAR, and the lying media all owe the nation a huge apologu…. we’re waiting!

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  10. ezgoer says:

    So what did NASCAR accomplish with this hoax? They alienated their core base fans. They look like fools to the general public. And they probably turned off the few minorities who had little interest in the sport to begin with. Lose, lose, lose all around.

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  11. California Joe says:

    Murstein lent money to minorities and women at 24% interest rates making a fortune as a predatory lender!

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    • James Groome says:

      H was 12% lower than the Euro bankers asked of Lincoln… that’s right the euro bankers wanted Lincoln to pay 36% on 400 million… he printed greenbacks instead.


  12. California Joe says:

    The White Karen in Central Park got arrested for calling the police on a Black guy harassing her and she got arrested today for filing false charges. She was fired from her investment banking job. The ASPCA even confiscated the stray dog she adopted so why isn’t the FBI arresting Bubba…I ask myself?

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  13. Ackman419 says:

    But PDJT is divisive.
    Uh huh.

    Every time someone takes a knee, or has a fit over an innocuous garage pull, or a statue, or a flag, it divides our nation. The media grabs onto it and pushes division.

    I’ve got a feeling this cancel anger is going to flame out soon.
    We aren’t all stupid and emotional over identity politics.
    Intersectionality isn’t scalable,

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  14. CountryDoc says:

    POTUS tween causing apoplectic reaction. This will give the issue 100 times more publicity, leading to greater awareness of the deceptive democratic/BLM/Atnifa/Soros agenda. The RINOS and CoC/Globalists will sit silent, hoping watch the violent death of POTUS. But there will be more converts awakening to the deceptive tactics of the democrats than converts to BLM/Democratic agenda.

    Blacks who want equal opportunity despise Bubba, Kaepernick, Jussie Smollet.


  15. thehawkeyehoneypot says:

    If obama had a son it would be a kaeperneck, bubba, jessie smollet hybred


  16. Troublemaker10 says:

    “The flag decision” to me had to do with the decision about “kneeling for the flag and national anthem” (not Confederate flag ban).

    NASCAR now allows kneeling during the National Anthem

    I don’t know why Trump brought it up. Maybe it just bothers him; or, maybe he plans to expose that Nascar stirred up fake racial tension simply for a publicity stunt.

    It does dawn on me that if Sundance is correct that Nascar knew the rope thing wasn’t anything targeted at Wallace and falsely promoted it as a racist attack anyway….then the FBI knows it….and if the FBI knows it….so does Trump.

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    • Country_Kat says:

      I can almost promise that it was in reference to the Confederate flag. NASCAR banned it at all of their venues due to whining from Bubba. Both the Confederate flag and the hoax are all of Bubba’s doing (with NASCAR being more than willing to help push the narrative). That move alienated their base and their Southern roots, although I’m sure that their recent statement on the kneeling will also play a role in their dwindling fans too.

      I had only been to one NASCAR race and that was after I won the tickets through a Dodge dealership contest. At one time, I would have said it was my “once in a lifetime” experience. Now, it’s nothing, NASCAR has ruined that memory for me. May they go down the drain with the rest of the ‘woke’ crowd. I’ll spend what little we ‘blow’ on non-necessities by going down to our little drag racing track, at least the cars there aren’t governed and are allowed to reach whatever speed they can afford to reach!

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  17. Fools Gold says:

    They’re upset that I quit NASCAR and mentioned how I sorely miss the days of Winston cup where the Racing was real and the drama was real, not fake like CNN for example…


  18. wvcoalman says:

    NOOSECAR will stick to NASCAR like Traitor stuck to Hanoi Jane Fonda.

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  19. Jimmy Jack says:

    Brilliant take down. Thank you.

    It really helps to have names when we get to the nitty gritty.


  20. PJ Butler says:

    Living through the sixties and Seventies, working in Democratic run unions shops, I know what racism looks like and always in perpetrated by Democrats. I’m betting none of these hooligans ever saw a colored only bathroom sign, or a colored water fountain, a white only bar, cafes, or restaurant signs.
    We were in changing times back then. Some went out and rioted, marched, and some died while other were making changes in the work place. An educated black was an oxymoron. Training was left up to us to assist teach skills to stay safe and be productive.
    Back then, those wanted to work and learn did, those who were being forced to, would rather collect their public assistant; staying a burden on the rest of us.
    These hooligans of today ain’t worth squat in my book and all need to have one thrown at them

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  21. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Just say’n… 😉

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  22. unconqueredone says:

    Sorry, but the pictures of the knots above are not the same. While I agree that this is a stunt in every respect, the loop hanging from the garage is much more like a noose than a bimini knot. If the knot in the garage was a slip knot, then it was a poor choice for a garage pull and a noose even if unintentionally. All that said, since it was there for months, it could not have been aimed at Bubba. In our racially charged atmosphere it would be no surprise if he might see it that way. After very publicly making an issue of it and finding it had nothing to do with him, the embarrassment would likely prevent walking it back.


  23. coldangeringa says:

    I disagree with the view that this was an unforced error by the President. I think it was completely in line with the pivot he executed over the holiday weekend i.e. Democrats support the attack on the American traditions, values, and symbols you hold dear using race as the blunt force instrument.

    Yesterday: a flag, a statue, a red hat. Today: definitions, context, our history. Tomorrow: a gun, a business, your livelihood. Ultimately: freedom and liberty.

    When you cede the power to arbitrate morality to the government because “who can argue with banning a certain flag or statue,” you willingly hand over your freedom to determine your own morality. Then the only question becomes “who’s morality?” and the only answer is “The mob’s!”

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  24. namberak says:

    This is a textbook example of PDJT being a laser pointer and the media being cats.

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  25. Brenrod says:

    This is an impressive analysis of the bubba NASCAR hoax. This is what I call real Investigative journalism at the highest level. I almost missed this story because the headline made it appear to be about the President’s tweet when in fact it was a major expose of the corrupt parties involved. Great work Sundance!

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