Do You Really Want The Book?..

Begin with the end in mind.

Whatever happened to…

You see, a funny thing happens when you intercept fraud…. It disappears.

That’s just one tiny example.  There are thousands more pixels.

Which sets up a question.  It’s a very big ugly digest.  All of it.  The sum is much more than its collective parts.  So, do you really want the book?  It’s a trilogy: (Vol 1) The Politics. (Vol 2) The Fraud. (Vol 3) The confrontation.

The number one statement I receive is a version of: “I wish I had never started following your research, because it was so much easier when I did not to know.”  Simultaneously, I receive an equal amount of requests to write a book about them.  [“Them” doesn’t just include the background surveillance against Donald J Trump (aka Spygate), although that’s a recently common reference.]

Here is why I have never, until now, contemplated doing it.

There are many really good and well-written books about politics and scandals.  However, every book, regardless of how well cited, researched and evidenced, always has a big missing part, at least for me: Where’s the confrontation?

Where’s the part in the ‘expose” when the writer takes all of the facts, all of the evidence, all of the cited and documented discovery, and gets in the face of the subject?

What’s the purpose, if not to initiate action.

Where’s the book writer of DC corruption who puts a microphone uncomfortably in the face of Mitch McConnell (or staff), or Peter Strzok, or Andrew McCabe, or John Brennan, or Kevin Clinesmith…  and asks the questions… or confronts Jake Tapper… or travels to the symposium,.. or Tom Perez… or Martin Gugino… or the team of Bubba Wallace…. or Rod Rosenstein… and challenges them in unavoidable detail, to document that part.

Relentlessly.  Visibly.

The answers are just as easily found on the perimeter; but no-one is there.

That Andrew Breitbart approach is always missing; that’s why we miss him so much.

The recent books are great.  I have likely read most.  They are terrific data records and they show solid documentary evidence on a multitude of schemes, but drive no outcome.

We gain knowledge; we seem satisfied; but perhaps, just perhaps, we are satiated only because we have stopped thinking about the purpose any longer.   What value is there in knowing the fraud and scheme if there is no confrontation to conclude it.  Maybe even stop it, or expose it on a level that cannot be denied.

Ongoing denial of truth permits continued trespass.

The villain escapes, ultimately because we have stopped the accountability quest.

Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Next book, new controversy…. new evidence…. same shallow outcome.

Put another way – CTH receives hundreds of requests for interviews on some of our deep dive research; so many that we just don’t respond to them any longer.  But when we did respond, consider this customary reply:

My honest and respectfully intended question to you would be: What is it that makes media folks always want to “get an interview” when the information is there for the taking?

Perhaps, by training, by habit, or by unintended consequence you have developed yourself to live for the process itself as an end result. Is it logical to believe that journalism is the interview; the conversation is the point; the smoke is the fire?

Please forgive my uneducated and poorly worded suppositions, but apparently journalism has evolved into reveling in the process and, as a consequence, it completely ignores the end point, misses the bottom line, doesn’t actually SEE the subject matter and never actually applies what might be discovered.

In fact, I’m led to believe that sometimes those within the industrial media complex avoid the subject matter deliberately, because if they get their heads around it and nail it home, they won’t have anything to talk about any more–because they will have exhausted their stash.

Not attempting whatsoever to lump your intention into such a fray; however, many have gotten into the habit of milking each situation for “so many leads,” “so many interviews,” “so many column inches,” and “so many angles” that problem-solving does not appeal to them at all. They oddly appear to favor the endless process.

So when there’s an approach like what you are encountering with our significant site research, and my reluctance for self involvement, I don’t fit –because I don’t give a flip about “the process.” And therefore, I do not fit into the rationale of the box or the PERT chart.

If you want to make these truths known, they are free for the taking; and they are by no matter or consequence dependent on my advancement.

The same general outlook applies to my perspective on writing books.  Should not the book itself drive an action?  Does not that action, by necessity require a confrontation?

There you have it.

That’s why I have never written a book about all of the subjects we have deeply researched.

That said, the first two volumes of the Big Ugly trilogy are essentially written.  Vol. I “The Politics”; and Vol II “The Frauds”, are assembled.  The summaries of over a decade of CTH material makes each one about 700-1,000 pages (with citations).  But the missing volume III, “The Confrontations” precludes the release.  I will not release a book outlining fraud without initiating an unavoidable confrontation to expose each individual fraud on a very specific level.

So there’s the question: Do you really want the book?

It’s not really a book, per se’, the pages would be released digitally in live-stream video, a rather direct series of confrontations based on prior assembly.

Recent events have shifted the dynamic.

It would be very ugly, and most likely very public.

Think about it.

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  1. Conservative_302 says:

    Can a regular person sue the government for the fraud against the American people and wasting our tax payer money by the Russia hoax? Would anything come of it? I’ve always wondered this.

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    • annilinn says:

      Conservative-302…I talk about it all the time. What recourse as an American citizen ( and taxpayer) do I have? It always seems the answer is none. 0. Sundance is right. People gather information, write books that never have an ending, a result never revealed.

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      • old white guy says:

        I had said it for a couple of decades now, words without action are meaningless.

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      • ms doodlebug says:

        We, nor Sundance, are going to write the ending. Only God can write the ending, the Alpha and the Omega. Throughout the history of mankind, poverty, greed, lies, every evil we see today, has always existed. We can record our fight against it, but we can only write of what is happening here and now. We can do our best to not be evil ourselves, but not one of us is perfect. For every evil our laws forbid, for those our laws punish, there are others to take their place. There is simply a continuation of what came before us. Good and evil, the light of day, the darkness of night. There truly is no new thing under the sun.


    • TradeBait says:

      Out of all of the posts in this thread – this one and the posts below identify the issue with Book #3. To quote the evil Cankles, “What difference, at this point, will it make?” All the sunshine on the evil will not to make a lasting difference because the sun hides itself approximately half of every daily period. Darkness rules again. For the sun alone to cleanse the sun must shine continually. That will not happen until the Son returns.

      Which leads to us doing something to complete the clean up if we want lasting, positive change. We have to take our buckets, brushes and bleach – and get busy scrubbing. How can and does that happen? I will now retire from the discussion and contemplate my navel as I have no clue how the powerless can take down the powerful in a corrupt system without violence if the the Lord does no intercede.


    • COliberty says:

      Class action lawsuit…America vs ??? Could be interesting.


  2. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    We desperately need direction. We need a leader. Sundance, write a book if you can profit from it. But if you really want to effect change then lead a movement. You’re well on your way to doing that already. What’s stopping you from going farther? How can we help?

    Why hasn’t the NFL been brought to it’s knees already? Or Hollywood? Or the cable companies?
    Why are people still shopping at Amazon? Why did we lose the House majority in 2018? Why was Romney elected to the Senate? Why is Jeff Sessions in a GOP primary runoff?

    Clearly someone needs to tell a lot of people what to do, because they’re not figuring it out themselves.

    Sundance, I hate to put the pressure on you, just like I hate to rely on President Trump so heavily, but you are in a unique position to be a leader. Write your book and profit from all of your hard work, but if you turn it into something watchable I think it would reach a much wider audience. A channel for people to watch. I have said numerous times I wish the Trumps would start a new TV channel with REAL news and in-depth REAL reporting, and give you a couple of hours every day to disseminate what you find. But that’s not possible, at least not right now,. What about an internet channel?

    I offer to help in any way that I can. I’m sure there are many others here who would do the same.

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    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      My dream TV channel would include:

      lots and lots of REAL news, in-depth coverage
      daily Sundance special topics
      daily Maria Bartiromo interviews
      daily Kellyanne Conway special topics
      daily Stephen Miller special topics
      daily or weekly Paul Joseph Watson
      daily or weekly Joe Dan Gorman (Intellectual Froglegs) comic relief
      daily coverage of the best internet comments, e.g., from The_Donald

      I would love to be a Chicago reporter. I’m unafraid to stand in the middle of a stinking mass of soyboyz. I used to be a Democrat, I understand how their minds work.

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      • govlawyer says:

        From some of the things I’ve heard from Liz MacDonald on Fox Business, it’s clear that she’s been following your stuff….perhaps freeing her from the necessity of following Wall Street could allow her to give you a hand source wise and maybe even allow her curiosity to be given free rein.

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    • Snellvillebob says:

      Corey R. Lewandowski said it very well yesterday when he stated, to the effect, that half of Republicans are Democrats but not a single Democrat is a Republican. This should explain a lot.

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      • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

        Democrats never vote Republican until they have their revelation and leave the Dem plantation, as I did in 2008.

        Republicans on the other hand actually consider voting for certain Dems. The first example that pops into my mind is the shocking number of people posting here on CTH who thought Tulsi Gabbard was a good person and considered voting for her. SHE’S A DEMOCRAT. There are also the people posting here at least once per week saying sh*t like “I can’t vote for Trump again if he doesn’t/does” do some random thing. Like not voting for Trump will be better. Or not voting for their GOP Senate candidate and letting the seat go to a Dem will be better.

        I used to be a Dem. I never once voted for a Republican, not for a single office, until I left the party in 2008. Dems vote in a bloc. We need to as well.

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        • Snellvillebob says:

          Those posters who say such as “I can’t vote for Trump again if he doesn’t/does” are agents trying to nudge, persuade and lead good people astray. Soros and friends likely have training camps for useful idiots like them.
          Around 1971, then Governor Ronald Reagan had road graders pulled across the entrances to my college in San Luis Obispo because someone at UC Berkeley shouted “Next weekend we are going to shut down every campus”. It never happened and you could climb the cyclone fence 10 feet away from the National Guard to get back to you dorm room. A few years later I changed to Republican just to vote for Reagan so I could watch him prematurely age like Jimmy Carter did. Four years later I voted for him again because he was doing a great job and have voted Republican ever since.


        • 4sure says:

          So you have voted for a pub starting in 2008. Which means you may have voted for a pub POTUS twice in your life. Better late than never, and welcome aboard, but it means you voted against us many times in the past.

          Many of us here, including myself have been life long Republicans and have always voted for the Republican POTUS and straight pub ticket . In my case, I have voted for a Pub POTUS 14 times(56 yrs). and congressmen 28 times.

          So, tell me again , why I or any life long pub. should be lectured by you on why we should blindly vote for a Pub. Unfortunately, I blindly voted for the bastards for 56 yrs. and while I have not yet done so, I believe I have more than paid my dues and have earned the right to now vote against some of the bastards like Romney, Graham, McConnel, and others and Nikki Haley and her kind in the future if I live long enough and continue to vote. I have never missed voting in any election starting in 1964 when I became eligible. I will vote for PTrump but not for that POS Graham. And if my vote is the one that causes him to lose, I will celebrate with a bottle of good Rebel Yell whiskey as I think that would be the fitting brand while I wave a Confederate flag just piss Nikki Haley off. (Since I have never owned a confederate flag, I will have to buy one and when I get through waving it, I will send it to Nikki Haley. Chit, I may buy 2 and send 1 to Bubba Wallace.)

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          • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

            So you have voted for a pub starting in 2008.

            RIght. 3 times now. McCain (ugh!), Romney (ugh!), Trump (best vote of my entire life!).

            So, tell me again , why I or any life long pub. should be lectured by you on why we should blindly vote for a Pub.

            But it’s not “blindly”.

            WE GAVE AWAY THE HOUSE MAJORITY TO THE DEMS! And look what happened. Non-stop anti-Trump bullsh*t. Multiple coup attempts culminating in an impeachment. If the Dems had control of the Senate too Trump would have been removed from office already. Imagine how we’d all feel about that.

            I understand that you hate some of the Republicans. I do too. But what’s the fix for that? Primary them! Run for office yourself or vote better people into office, then make sure those people win in November.

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      • dd_sc says:

        The inherent problem of a two party system. When the modern Democrats started taking their hard turn to the left in the 70’s, the moderate ones didn’t form a centrist party; they became Republicans.


      • Kureelpa says:

        I don’t know that it comes down to Party, though I’d never be a Democrat – someone asked why people are still buying from Amazon – people just don’t think too hard about these things & they don’t want to inconvenience themselves, because basically they are selfish.
        It is like Hannity still working for Fox, long after Fox tried to get rid of him – I would have left & got another job – I’ll always cut off my nose to spite my face for a cause.
        I might add that the people in our neighborhood who regularly get deliveries from Amazon, are Liberals.

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      • missycaulk says:

        And I heard on the Wilkow Majority on Sirius XM the other day something similar when discussing the Supremes.

        Why do the conservative (supposedly) judges over time turn liberal and move the progressive ball forward.

        Yet NOT one judge has ever turned conservative?

        No judge should ever be nominated OR approved that doesn’t have a history of ruling on Constitutional principals.

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    • chuck lowe says:

      Write the book before the coming conflagration and before books (wrong think) are banned.

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    • susanphd says:

      sundance is better off staying in the shadows, keeping a low profile, and not revealing her identity. too many crazy radical leftists would threaten her personal safety in this lawless, insane environment.


      • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

        Sundance is a guy. And I think he’s already been threatened plenty of times.

        You’re proposing that he cower in the shadows?

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  3. I think one of the great benefits to making such public confrontations (in the spirit of Andrew Breitbart) could be that they become infectious and inspire established journalists of courage to similarly engage with the subjects of their research. If this were to happen it would mean there was no way to escape answering the hard questions. As someone put it recently, “they won’t be able to walk down the street.”

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    • fuzzi says:

      Laura Loomer has been a confronter, in-their-face type of reporter, and was banned from all social media for her efforts. That’s what the System does to Breitbart wannabes. It could be worse, though: RIP Andrew and the other reporters who “suicided” or died “of natural causes” when they dug too deep.

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      • Miya says:

        They won’t be able to shut her up when she becomes a congresswoman, as she’s set to do in November.

        Social media doesn’t matter. Americans rely on screens too much (as Sundance has pointed out).

        Conservatives need more face-to-face interaction. Like the ANTIFA “training” but with the Constitution and prayer instead of Marx and Molotovs.

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  4. timothy says:

    Thx Sundance.

    Praying for you.

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  5. Sharpshorts says:

    Write the book if you think it would make a difference…with the knowledge
    you will become a bigger target.
    What weapons can good people use against evil other than reasoned persuasion?

    “Give me Liberty or give me death”
    History has shown us that adopting the methods of evil to fight evil is a last resort.
    …The eternal struggle between good and evil…

    We’ve got to ask ourselves the question…are we there yet?

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    • sat0422 says:

      I was devastated when Andrew Breitbart died. The mob is dangerous and that is why there is always the “the slap on the hand” (from Right to Reply) and nothing more.

      Be safe, your blog is enough.
      I urge every person who has commented here today to share your message with others.

      We share the messages written in the Bible with others. As we all know, some people ignore the Bible and others think about it but don’t want to change their ways for whatever reasons. I believe the same about red and blue people.

      Just this week I called out a critic of Trump. (I rarely do because you just can’t win with blue people).. I checked yesterday and her response to my question about which Democrat/Communists she would rather see leadering our nation since she didn’t like Trump was there. It said she would not answer my question because I had lied about something in my question. HeHeHe I guess she doesn’t like the Democrat/Communist inference……..

      I’m glad to print off articles and to forward messaged from the treehouse but I don’t want you to stop and write another damn book. We are just a stone’s throw from Ray Bradbury’s story about books anyway.

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  6. Genie says:

    If Sleepy Joe wins, it will be time for another Declaration of Independence; a sharp one-pager instead of a book.

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  7. Peter Rabbit says:

    One way or another, the Confrontation is unavoidable now. Anything you do will be superbly handled. Many will gladly volunteer.

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  8. Don Cru says:

    I say release volumes 1 and 2 as a natural progression toward the third volume. A release of volumes 1 and 2 will help define the path to and through volume three. We need to get there somehow…

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  9. bulwarker says:

    I think we have gotten to a point where the monster the Left created simply doesn’t care. All their leaders can be exposed as frauds and criminals and the mob will still continue to destroy under the guise of a “greater cause.” Similarly, on the Right, you can expose the RINOs for the corruptocrats they are and many will still vote for them because Red Team/Blue Team – and politics has devolved into voters asking themselves who they dislike less.

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    • Jederman says:

      Given that “Blue Team” is in reality, no longer Democrat or Liberal but openly socialist/communist, and thus openly anti-American and dedicated to destroying our governing system why are they permitted to continue as a legal political party?

      My understanding was that we are free to believe what we choose. We are not, under every circumstance, allowed to act out what we believe. If a political party is dedicated to overthrowing our government (such as it is) why isn’t it sedition? Why shouldn’t an organized socialist/communist threat be neutralized in this country?

      Is it because the globalist won’t permit it? Joe average is too indifferent, too stupid, too busy? The past pressure we used to place on Lefty subversion has shifted to pressure on non-existent Right Wing threat to our system?

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  10. The Conservative Treehouse. My one utterly dependable resource for what is truly going on behind the scenes in the sh!thole known as DC.

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    • mdaush says:

      Sundance is a deep thinker for sure. All of us have taken some kind of actions in the past. The Tea Party, trying to educate friends and family etc. We are frustrated because our words and actions have not been enough in the past.
      but is all the violence, the Scamdemic been necessary to see the shackles of the deep state? The communist intentions of the BLM and Antifa?
      Do we boycott? Do we march?
      Sundance, write your book and let us see the wise strategies of confrontation that can be done to advance the cause of liberty and freedom! You are as frustrated as we are……Let’s getrrrrrr done!

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  11. citizen owner, U.S.A. says:

    Sundance…yes, I really want the book.

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  12. GaBoy says:

    Sundance, your audience deeply admires all your hard work & research. I/we would definitely buy & read a book you wrote. And you should benefit monetarily for your hard work so yes, please write your book. However, keep doing exactly what you’re doing too. Your work is vitally important to us and to our great President Trump.

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  13. Rob says:

    Sundance, no book is necessary. Your influence is staggering with just your blog.

    Worried this is a cash grab. You deserve it, don’t get me wrong. But a book isn’t going to do anything your highly influential blog already does.

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  14. Doug Amos says:

    Attention spans are too short; brief, sharp jabs of reality are the way to go; lightning strikes. Thankfully, the media, Maria included, drowns itself in repetition. How many ways can they say the same thing; hate President Trump? Any details included are always fabricated. The gift of Sundance and CTH is that it is always raw, new, fresh, honest truth. It is like they are under siege; they do not know where the next punch is coming from but they are keenly aware that it is
    imminent. Like President Trump, CTH always fights back; so must we.

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  15. Carly says:

    I would love to read your book! Could you include the fundamentals of OSINT research so that we can join your army of researchers? I recently priced courses in OSINT and they can be steep … as much as 7000 USD … i kid you not. My interest would be to use tthe tools readily available to the public to expose LOCAL government to sunlight.


  16. American Handmaiden says:

    President Trump summoned his army in his Mt. Rushmore speech. The question each must ponder and pray upon, is what part in his army do you play? President Trump has put his all on the battlefield. Will we? We know the cost of taking a stand with destruction of your livelihood, your character, endangerment of family and ultimately your very life. They know the majority of Americans want to live peacefully and are adverse to putting ALL their “stuff” at risk. Sundance is asking himself, and us, a very, very dangerous question. What are you willing to risk for this 244 year old experiment that is on life support? The global cabal and their useful millennial idiots, slobbering media and millions of clueless Americans, while still a minority, do indeed hold all the cards. Fear allows the few to control the many. Only by acting in concert, and by the initial wave being willing to sacrifice ALL, will the weapon of fear be removed from their hands. “We stand together or we hang together..” The biggest obstacle we face, IMHO, is how to organize and communicate undetected . How can we ask/encourage Sundance to risk all of we are not willing to do the same?

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    • Tyshab says:



    • romy911 says:

      Yes, I think he is asking us, “Are we ready for the confrontation?”
      Sundance stated:
      “Here is why I has never, until now, contemplated doing it.”
      “What’s the purpose if not to initiate action.”
      “Recent events have shifted the dynamic“
      “It would be very ugly, and most likely very public.”
      “Think about it.”
      Sundance, if recent events have brought us to the point of it’s us or them, and they are going to destroy the country, I’m ready for the confrontation.
      Rush always says, “Don’t worry folks, I’ll tell you when it’s time to panic.”

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  17. cash says:

    CNN Crossfire was the first visible beginning modern journalisming. They would have a topic and no matter how outrageous, someone argues before and someone argues against…
    * Nothing is ever resolved.
    * No longer is someone right and someone wrong
    * Argument is the only constant, forever.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      Thoreau wrote that all news, to a philosopher, is gossip, and those who edit or read it are old women over tea.

      Henry David the great also wrote that he only needed to read once that a ship had sunk; meaning, once he knew ships could sink, he was enlightened.

      Read/watch a lot of news, or a little; you’ll be happier with the latter.

      Eric Sevareid the CBS journalist (paraphrasing from long ago) said that the main industry in America is not steel or autos; it’s the production, refinement and distribution of anxiety.

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  18. gryphon says:

    Whether it be in a book or a series of videos the confrontation MUST be made and shown to the people. The wool has been down over our eyes for far too long. Show us the way, Sundance. Tell us exactly what you need us to do. Our time has come.

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  19. Right to reply says:

    ACCOUNTABILITY – There has to be!
    Wolf and the text messages – A slap on the hand
    Clinton emails – A slap on the hand
    Comey memos – A slap on the hand
    Strzok/Page – A slap on the hand
    Sitting judges who decide, not based on law, but on political allegiance
    Laws created by corporations, and not by elected officials
    Ex President living in DC organizing to destroy America, and Repubs say nothing

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  20. samwise163 says:

    The non-answer to you’re question Sundance is this: the problem is you have caused all of us to not be able to “UN-SEE” all these things. The only place to go is further down the rabid hole. I wouldn’t go back to the surface even if I could. 🇺🇸

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  21. Patriot1783 says:

    Your strength would give strength to others; as did one once before:
    “Tank Man”

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  22. anthony earl says:

    we are getting a book somewhat daily with chapters with each story.

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  23. samwise163 says:

    The non-answer to your question Sundance is this: the problem is you have caused all of us to not be able to “UN-SEE” all these things. The only place to go is further down the rabid hole. I wouldn’t go back to the surface even if I could. 🇺🇸

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  24. MicD says:

    If the political fraud and lies aren’t enough to fuel a white hot confrontational core that spins off unavoidable truths over and over and over, I don’t know what is. I think this is why Andrew was so effective, he talked about what fueled him, over and over and over.
    MAGA sd

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  25. lemontree says:

    Isn’t that what the left does though, but without facts? They ask the President the most obnoxious questions based on lies that the left puts out. We call it activism instead of journalism. The problem isn’t in the book, the problem is in no action by the people who can bring it. Where is Congress? Congress is writing their own books instead of referring people for prosecution. Where is the FBI or DOJ? Most likely writing their own books for when they leave their positions or setting up their CNN gigs, and private companies when they leave.

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  26. DHarvey says:

    While reading the excellent commentary from fellow readers for some reason the idea of a ‘series’ came to mind. There had been such an overwhelming amount of info you have produced over the years Sundance I think three large tomes would be difficult to digest.
    But a series with each book or video focused on one individual being confronted would be digestible. And as each successful ‘edition’s came out there would be an anticipation and hunger for the next target in the series. In any event yup count me in to support the effort.

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  27. SupY’all says:

    Often I think when reading your pieces, “ok, but what can I do?” Me, living a quiet little life on the Gulf coast, beyond voting and conversing with others, what can I do? I think this new venture could help with that. Help me to see the next step in this fight for our future. And help with, as you’ve often said, to “ask the right f’n questions”! Thank you, big time, thanks.

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  28. Bob Guzzardi says:

    Frankly, I don’t think a book or books are necessary. This link provides all the research anyone needs and most articles are interlinked with others to provide depth. This is an outstanding site with more information and analysis than I can get anywhere else. It is, primarily, the analysis which is helpful and productive. Whatever you decide, all good to you.

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  29. convert says:

    I’m wondering how, why you think that the proposed “next level” will be more effective? The only reason they haven’t doxxed you, destroyed your life, your family, gotten you fired, and taken down this website for “hate speech” is because they knew that it would result in even more publicity for you and your research. If you go next level, there will be no reason any more not to destroy you, Sundance. They will ban your videos across social media, incl YouTube because they can.

    And if Biden is elected, I fully expect everyone here to be doxxed as well. I don’t know, I’m just afraid of you being completely and permanently’out of the game, Sundance, and it’s scary. Don’t mean to be sensationalized or hysteric, but it’s my honest opinion and fear.

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  30. Zachary Navarre says:

    My personal take:
    I want you to remain safe Sundance. This is my primary concern.
    I want you and your family to retain the joy and comfort of your private life.
    I want you and your family to remain financially secure.
    I want for you and your family to not have to deal with the almost assured legal battles that would accompany this kind of hypothetical work.

    And selfishly, I want you to continue investing the massive time and energy into this site that you do so I can come here daily for the fellowship and information that has become so important to me and others.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that you have considered these factors and many, many others.

    Having said all that, should you decide that this is your purpose I will support you in any way that I am able. And I know there are countless others who would do the same.

    Liked by 7 people

  31. govlawyer says:

    Volume 3 will be written after Volumes 1&2 lay it out in such detail that spurs those who deep down already knew the truth to act because they can no longer deny and accept the status quo.

    Liked by 2 people

  32. sucesfuloser says:

    Kafka never ending. There’s guilt and fear involved, to go deeply into the truth one has to lay themselves bare and those that do are quickly ostracized, their lips get sewn shut.


  33. This is how I read it: Sundance is telling us it would be a ‘throwing down of the gauntlet,’ a modern day Declaration of Independence. There would be very harsh consequences. There would be no turning back. Do we want the book? Yes. Are we ready for the book? THIS is the question we all must answer for ourselves. Because we WILL have to step up with more than commentary on a blog. Perhaps I am wrong, but this is how I read it.

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Nessie509 says:

    We still admire Woodward and Bernstein for the Watergate Expose in the Washington Post.
    We still remember the arching eyebrow of Sam Rayburn, Chairman of the Joint Committee For The Investigation of the Watergate Scandal.
    But for all that show and glitz there wasn’t any Grand Prize Pony. Just a Show Pony.
    The real work was done through a impaneled Grand Jury and through Subsequent Indictments and Prosecutions of the 39 Watergate Conspirators.
    And, the Grand Finale…The Resignation of Richard Mulhouse Nixon who faced certain impeachment and removal from office.
    So…Write that Book.
    Lift that Quill.
    Get a little drunk.
    Kick over the Still.
    Books help voters understand what went wrong. In a World full of “Jour No Listers” who write cover stories for Democrats, a good book that explains what’s really going on is a good and noble thing.


    • Tyshab says:

      I don’t want a book that tells why went wrong, I want a book that tells what we did to change the wrong. Sundance and trump and a handful of others have already put much if not all on the line. What about us? When do we step up?

      Liked by 2 people

  35. rmramerica says:

    “Where’s the part in the ‘expose” when the writer takes all of the facts, all of the evidence, all of the cited and documented discovery, and gets in the face of the subject?”

    Sorry, I part company with you there. Journalism’s outcome, purpose is not an “in your face” challenge, but exposure. Revelation. Same with writing a book. What’s frustrating is getting a platform where revelation has impact. Traction. There are few places today that offer immediate, “in your face” opportunities to publicly challenge.

    Tucker Carlson’s show is slowly attracting some serious attention, traction from a national audience, but more importantly, policy influencers are beginning to pay attention to his show as well. Get a daily/ or a weekly segment on there. Call it “Behind the Mirror” or some such identification – but expose and challenge – “in your face” there or a platform similar to that. And always ask, why aren’t we the people challenging them as the frauds and charlatans of our public consciousness.

    The Watergate reporters didn’t get in your face, the Washington Post was the platform and instrument of national debate forcing action, the removal of a President. Find a consequential soapbox or build/leverage one where people can listen. A “Speaker’s Corner” for your views.

    Everything else is just interesting conversation.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. jbrickley says:

    It would be like Christ’s return and his tongue would be as a two edged sword proclaiming the truth and cutting both ways. No one, absolutely no one, would be able to lie to Christ for he will see them for what they are and without the blood of Christ they are doomed. There will be much gnashing of teeth and wailing in that day.

    Speaking truth will bring out violence, there is no doubt of that… Unlike Christ, every knee will not bend to man alone and they will lash out with furious anger like a trapped and wounded animal. Already the masks have fallen to reveal a portion of the evil that lies beneath as Trump triggers these people. So long as he can keep doing that more eyes will be opened to a partial truth. These people work in the shadows and they have recently been emboldened to speak and act out what they believe publicly.

    Liked by 7 people

  37. Rockwell Torrey says:

    It would all be for nothing, Sundance. The war was lost when the American people surrendered their freedom during the pandemic and no shot was fired. Not everyone, but enough. Enough economic illiterates to believe the government can just print more money to pay us to stay home indefinitely.
    This project would have been fantastic 25-30 years ago, back when enough of the right people could have been swayed. Too late now. Not your fault at all; history waits for no one.
    The only event big enough to garner the needed attention at this point would be China’s crackdown on Hong Kong, but the media would spin that as what President Trump is attempting to do.
    It’s not that people won’t see the truth of what you show; they will simply make a choice not to believe it. Because it’s easier than standing at the barricades.
    Our descent into self-idolatry demands that we believe that nothing is greater than our social media presence. Everything else can be sacrificed as long as our Facebook and Twitter page remains. And how do you fight that?


  38. No says:

    I think Sundance is asking us a different question than most here think. We don’t get the trilogy without the confrontation. But the confrontation will have a huge price… the destruction of Sundance and this platform.
    By the end of this, most of those clamoring for the book will be disavowing having ever heard of SD and this blog. It will be like what became of the John Birch Society…verboten crime think. Read Anonymous Conservative’s blog for how big, ugly, deep and old the power SD is considering confronting.
    As for my answer to his question. It depends on whether you think victory is possible or probable. If you think Trump and team can and will drain the swamp, break this power, and you can help, join the fight. Write your book, play your role, do your part. If you think this is tilting at windmills… Keep nibbling around the edges…don’t destroy yourself and this community in vain.

    Liked by 2 people

    • thedustmaker says:

      Yes No ;o) I agree. This, the confrontation of shameless, powerful, brute beasts will be costly. Our President did indeed count the cost, for years I believe…. and I also believe he has found it to be much more costly than his wildest dreams, and he indeed is plowing forward.

      I believe SD is counting the cost…. and not looking at a monetary profit as some might think is possible. Only a long shot win would have a profit, the profit that would be for millions/billions of people. The signers of the Declaration of Independence…. just some of them lived to see the fulfillment.

      I can’t say to you, the famous line from a past movie…. “very dangerous, you go first”
      Praying for your decisions Sundance

      Liked by 2 people

    • Hans says:

      The Indians had a good name for this… Today is a good day to die..

      No … represent a high percentage of Americans.. they sit on the sidelines…
      I myself have never sat on the sidelines and have no intention of doing so now..

      When I was young I served in Vietnam … I later worked in third world nations . I know what massive corruption looks like.. Lagos Nigeria 1977…

      I have seen people killed in the streets thru mob violence. Yes people can squeal like pigs.. so..

      I have had a full life.. I will have no regrets.. I will fight for this country and my grandkids..
      I am not afraid to die.. we all will some day.. but if I don’t fight today.. I will be dead for the rest of my life.

      Liked by 5 people

      • derk says:

        Read a book back in 8th grade titled, “A Good Day to Die.” Had quite an affect on me back then, and have quoted the title many times since.
        Means you’re doing something worthwhile, often dangerous even to the point of death, but it needs to be done. It usually involves that feeling of being totally alive, with a meaning and purpose not found any where else.

        Confrontation is what is needed in this time, I’m with you, and with Sundance.

        Liked by 1 person

      • tuskyou says:

        “if I don’t fight today, I will be dead for the rest of my life”

        This statement resonates with me. I felt a chill go down my spine when I read it. Thank you for you’re powerful words.


    • romy911 says:

      No – great comment.


  39. Yes please, we need the confrontations. We need the continuous exposure and accountability. We need someone to publicly shame and confront these people and attempt to force the arrests and charges. If enough journalists really did journalism it wouldn’t be possible to silence them all.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Learning says:

    We need do less surfing and more being Breibart and confronting people as we have influence ability. I am thinking of that lawyer who got the Rabbi and the priest to sue NY over religious discrimination. Stop waiting for the “Golden Horde” to rescue us.


  41. Rob Crrgin says:

    The frustration is that even when we uncover the truth, we lack the cultural power to force that truth into public consciousness, and therefore, for any action to be taken from the exposure.


    • Tyshab says:

      No, we don’t. We lack the cohesion of the opposition. They all show up. We send one or two out to be taken out and sigh and bemoan our fate.


  42. Learning says:

    The other thing we can do as regular people who need to work and have families is support Citizen Journalists on the various platforms ie Bitcute, Patreon etc. There was that kid who confronted Cuomo on his “ventilatahs” lie.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. psalm1391216 says:



  44. Sundance

    If you tell it, I will listen. If you write it, I will read it. If you sell it, I will buy it.

    Liked by 3 people

  45. J says:

    Without the confrontation we are complicit in their schemes. Confrontation is required. Demanded. Giving lip service without confrontation gives them power and makes us weak.

    It is time Patriots stand strong together and take our nation back. Lead the way Sundance. Show us how it is done. Let us destroy the enemies of free people everywhere, with the truth and by our actions, so utterly that they may never threaten our God given rights again.


  46. DCBOY says:

    I think General Flynn sums it up pretty good: ‘I was once told if we’re not careful, 2% of the passionate will control 98% of the indifferent 100% of the time,’Flynn began. ‘The more I’ve thought about this phrase, the more I believe it. There is now a small group of passionate people working hard to destroy our American way of life.’

    ‘Treason and treachery are rampant and our rule of law and those law enforcement professionals who uphold our laws are under the gun more than at any time in our nation’s history. These passionate 2% appear to be winning.’

    ‘Time and again, the silent majority have been overwhelmed by the ‘audacity and resolve’ of small, well-organized, passionate groups,’ Flynn added. ‘It’s now time for us, the silent majority (the indifferent), to demonstrate both.’

    Liked by 6 people

  47. Scarlet says:

    I fear for your life, Sundance If you publish the books.


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