President Trump Interview on Current Political Events – COVID-19, Economic Reopening, Stimulus, Russia Nonsense, Joe Biden…

President Trump holds an interview with Fox Business News’ Blake Burman. The president hits on a variety of current headlines including ongoing COVID-19 mitigation, a potential fourth round of stimulus, the nonsensical Russia conspiracy nonsense and the 2020 election campaign.

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116 Responses to President Trump Interview on Current Political Events – COVID-19, Economic Reopening, Stimulus, Russia Nonsense, Joe Biden…

  1. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “The president hits on a variety of current headlines”

    Nice to hear it direct from him.

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  2. Moe Grimm says:

    Again, Signal vs. Noise, but there may [may] be more on this as treated by AoS today: Time is running out towards 2020 Nov. on Barr/Durham anything which given a catastrophe is over. And could well be over AS PLANNED on their calaendar/timeline.


  3. They cannot mandate wearing a mask, and President Trump would never try that BS.

    But, he still talks about all these hyphenated Americans, not mention of whitey American.


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    • nimrodman says:

      Of note, George Floyd was killed May 25th
      By the 26th riots were underway and by June 3 some 200 US cities had imposed curfews

      Given incubation time of 14 days claimed
      We’re now well over 2 weeks past incubation dates

      And so how much of the recent “rise in COVID cases” might be attributable to those rioters returning to households and communities?

      I doubt that’s quantifiable, but I’ve no doubt it’s a contributing factor, perhaps a large one, perhaps even the main one.

      Oh, and they need not even have travelled interstate, looks like “protests” were everywhere, essentially (see map below)

      World map showing sites of protests
      Map of protests around the world with over 100 participants. Minneapolis-St. Paul is marked in red. (click for a dynamic version of the map)

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      • nimrodman says:

        note – the “click for a dynamic version” in the caption is from the Wiki page, you gotta go there and click it if you want the dynamic


      • johnnybiface says:

        I’m amazed. If that graph represents the # of protests for George Floyd, anti USA and anti law enforcement that the world is, that alarms me about how mentally unhinged, uneducated, and how puppeted and viral this dumbed down world has become. Communism is penetrated worldwide thanks to a one ideological world media and Soros funded propaganda. Again, the USA remains the last bastion of hope for a world gone mad and dehumanized.


    • MightyConservative says:

      THC, Texas Governor just mandated it statewide. Any county with over twenty cases, masks are required.


  4. mallardcove says:

    “Masks” have become a proxy for “Trump Supporters” and “Non Trump Supporters”

    When the media, politicians, etc. are bashing those not wearing masks and blaming them for coronavirus spread, what they are really doing, is bashing Trump supporters. They are trying to psychologically have people link those who don’t wear masks, to those who support Trump.

    So when the media goes full panic about coronavirus and governors start shutting things down again, they are going to blame those of us who didn’t wear masks. What that really means, is that they are blaming Trump supporters.

    “Those damn people who refused to wear masks ruining it for us all!” = “Those damn Trump supporters/conservatives ruining it for us all!”

    This is the main reason for the mask push. It’s an attempt to blame those not wearing masks for coronavirus spread, hospitalizations, deaths, shutdown, economic disaray, and despair. And then people will link those not wearing masks to Trump supporters/conservatives because they are being conditioned to do so, so Trump and Conservatives will get the blame.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      It is worse. As soon as the President surrenders to the “mask mandate”, he 100% validates every action taken by the democrats to shut down their states and cities. He legitimizes every word out of Dr. Faucci’s and Dr. Bix’s mouth. Mask mandate by the President is the same a full surrender and increase chances of loosing in November.

      In true leftist fashion, the next logical step is pushing for more, a national shut down for Wuhan Virus Wave #2 and soon to hit “Wuhan piggy flu”.

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      • billinlv says:

        This was posted by a poster named Steve Boussom on American Thinker this morning. I think it is a brilliant idea and so I post it here giving credit to Mr. Boussom:

        I suggest that Trump end the National Declarations of Emergency that deal with COVID-19. The COVID-19 mortality rate is so low that it does not merit a National Emergency, even using MSM numbers which are questionable at best. Next Trump should stand up and explain why he is ending the declarations by pointing out the facts. The facts are also that people get the flu every year and yes some die from it every year. Not sure if Fauci and Redfield are under Trump control but if yes then fire them immediately for fear mongering. If not employed by Trump then divorce administration from them immediately and start informing the USA of the real facts that this flu is certainly not an epidemic.

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        • bill- thanks for posting this and I totally agree that it would be a stroke of genius for our President to end the National Declaration of Emergency.
          The mask issue is for many of us the mountain to “die on” if for no other reason than what the muzzles signify.
          The state of NY is now a gulag with daily orders coming down from Killer Cuomo and his henchmen. We are at the mercy of an insane tyrant- 2 actually when you count in the Commie mayor.
          Masks do nothing except to show SUBMISSION. Just like what they did to the Jews when they made them wear the Star of David patches.

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          • billinlv says:

            President Trump in large measure has been handcuffed but he could take back the initiative by ending the insanity of the Wuflu. We are in very deep doo doo and could use a win. The mask is indeed a sign of submission and too many of us so fearful that we have lost our ability to think and act rationally.

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        • Bogeyfree says:

          Yes and I’d add the following to the Pence Team

          1) a medical data expert who can dig deep into the numbers and the states and tell Americans the real story behind the numbers and not just cases and fear mongering.

          2) a medical mask expert to be able to explain how masks do nothing with the CV and the minute size of the particles.

          3) Add Dr. Zelenko and others who have had incredible first hand success using hydroxychloroquine, zinc and zpak as a very early prophylactic treatment with CV. To date around 48 trials with 28 of them peer reviewed.

          4) a nursing home expert who can speak to the massive harm done by pushing CV infected patients into non compromised facilities along with pointing out that half of all deaths came from CV and my bet is if they dig deep into the data they will see a vast majority died in the homes that were poisoned by their own governors.

          It is time to take back the narrative.

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          • billinlv says:

            It is indeed time to take back the narrative…..
            as Todd Beamer said as he took control of himself and led the others on board his hijacked flight……..Let’s Roll!
            We need role models like Todd Beamer.

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        • I agree; he needs to end the national emergency which will end the endless supply of money..I am totally opposed to the mask mandate and will never bend a knee to tyranny..I do not wear a mask..I will starve to death first.

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        • cofvevern says:

          Fauci is under control of the NWO and the DS. They need to be called out. Of course there are more positive cases because of more testing. But they are mostly either asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic (like a bad cold). Our hospitals are not being inundated by Covid positive patients who are severely ill. The Dems have the support of the NWO/Soros financed groups to push this false narrative. Who among them will set the truth free??


      • WhiteBoard says:

        honestly – we need our Reps to step up and say they wont wear a mask – this is wrong.

        that would lead a real conversation

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      • THANK YOU DOC 00!
        Our President must NEVER surrender on the muzzle mask issue.
        For many of us in the Blue Gulag not wearing a muzzle mask is a sign of our rebellion.
        If President Trump ever does a mask mandate, he will break my heart.

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      • The American Patriot says:

        Trump is NEVER going to surrender to the mask mandate, and, he will not legitimizes every word out of what two doctors (that Trump fired) mouth.

        You sound like a troll sent from another site to spread doom, gloom and doubt!

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        • northwoodswatcher says:

          I agree, let the President end the national emergency and make a major push against mask-wearing for all of the many reasons no one should be wearing them, except doctors in surgery and the like.


    • nimrodman says:

      you’re dead-on, mallard
      for a flipped perspective, see the map of Lefty “protests” and riots I just posted above

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      • FrankieZee says:

        In Florida they are not asking people who are positive if they participated in PROTESTS. The largest hospital ion Florida is not doing any non emergency operations as they are being flooded with COVID 19 patients. Miami had some big protests and you know Blacks are the hardest hit by this KUNG FLU.

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      • Kay123 says:

        Even if we could lower the virus….. DemandaRats would find
        “something else” to terrorize us with. Like the border crossers
        infected with twice our deaths but DON’T YOU DARE STOP

        Test swabs infected? Vaccine infected with cancer, abortive
        disease? Not getting any of it!!


        If I die… be it!! If I take some DemonRats with me I
        will rejoice in Heaven…..standing up not down on my knees.

        Sorry….I am fed up with playing games with ALL

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    • Scott Wallace says:

      Even good ol’ Fox News is in on the mask shaming now. Also my local weatherman.

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    • kay says:

      In Arizona the republican governor made a decision that he wouldn’t make a statewide mandatory mask edict but left it up to each city/town/county. Maricopa immediately voted to impose martial mask laws. Phoenix city council voted that as soon as you leave your house you must have a mask on or there’s a $250 fine. The Phoenix police came out and said no way were they going to enforce that but if in the course of a traffic stop they would educate about the mask laws.

      It’s a cash cow for the city but thankfully the police are staying out of this ridiculousness

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      • jimrockfish says:

        I’m in Arizona too. Tucson and Flagstaff immediately jumped on the mask mandate as well. And now with Ducey edging us towards lock up again, it’s not good here.

        Sundance called Ducey “weak and pathetic” yesterday. Exactly true.

        I refuse to wear one. President Trump said earlier “it’s not normal, we need to get back to normal”. Indeed sir.

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    • Joebkonobi says:

      They also want masks as a visual to gain support for mail-in voting. If battleground states go mail-in ballots it will not be good. I would bet the farm that OFA and other radical groups already have plans on the BIG CHEAT.

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  5. @ChicagoBri says:

    A hoax by newspapers and Democrats…he has to stop repeating himself. : )

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  6. VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

    Updates from Provo Utah.

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  7. USA Citizen says:

    Joe Biden was a very bad Vice President under Barrack Obama and he would be a horrible President of our country. He won’t do anything for this country. Joe Biden knows he has Dementia and he is depending on letting his Vice President become President from the get go. Who will be his Vice President, nobody knows. People think about this seriously, it would be a disaster if Joe Biden wins in November 3, 2020. The Democrat Party knows Joe Biden is very Senile, but they don’t care, just so they can get rid of President Trump who has done so many great things for this country in such a short time, but the corrupt Democrat Media, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NEW YORK TIMES and WASHINGTON POST never tell you what great things President Trump has done for our country, all they do is smear his name because they want President Trump out. The Media is working for the Democrat Party. If you love this country and want freedom, and jobs, jobs, jobs, then vote for President Trump in November 3, 2020 and keep our country great.
    Also, watch FOX NEWS, this network is the only network that will tell you the truth, not the Democrat Liberal Media.

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    • USA citizen says,

      “Also, watch FOX NEWS, this network is the only network that will tell you the truth.”

      I would have liked your post, but for this.

      FOX is part of the problem. They are just sneakier. They get their digs in. Paul Ryan is on their board.
      Every time you tune in, you are helping pay Donna brazille, Juan Williams, etc. Salary.

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    • texastrumper says:

      I agree with your post until I read the very last sentence. Trust me, Fox News is not on President Trumps side. They have a few that will support him but overall they are as bad as CNN. Be very careful on whom you place your trust.

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        • gda53 says:

          As a ‘neutral’ maybe. And someone who sneers at the President, clearly. I can just see him talking about the President inside his social circle. It would not be complimentary.

          The only good thing is – I think Tucker has taken the red pill. So much so that (unlike many others who would rather destroy America than accept a PDJT) he now recognizes that its Trump/GOP or its the end of civilization as we know it.

          He can’t quite say Trump, so he says GOP.

          Still pointing the finger at leaders who aren’t speaking out at this time of crisis (though he never names these “leaders” I think we know who he generally means), but he’s not making an effort to HEAR PDJT. For the ordinary mortal, the fact the PDJT’s great speeches (and there have been many) are buried by the media may be an excuse, but not for Tucker.

          That’s just lazy, if not dishonest, journalism.


    • Super Elite says:

      You had me until you got to FOX NEWS. Watch carefully whatever you watch.

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    • Right Mover says:

      No, FOX News is anti-Trump propaganda now, too.
      Anyone who believes FNC is still on our side is deluding themselves and living in 2008.
      FOX News ain’t your friend.

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    • iswhatitis says:

      Same here – the last sentence kills the post.

      Actually, not to be too “assuming”, but the whole post really looks like a “paid ad post” for Fox.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      The reality is even Biden’s VP won’t be the President as that role will be coming from BO, VJ and GS themselves.

      Biden and his VP are just figureheads and pawns.

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  8. Free Speech says:

    Mr. President, you should push back on the mask agenda harder. Regardless if you do or don’t, I’M NOT GOING TO WEAR A MASK BECAUSE I’M NOT SICK.

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    • Abster says:

      Good gracious…I agree. I was at park on wooded trail today. It’s hotter than the hinges of hell and peeps are walking, running, cycling in masks! I try hard to convince many to unmask and also present reasons as to why. Too many are frightened and/or brainwashed.

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      • FreyFelipe says:

        And the most frightening thing of all is that all too many of these people will be voting!

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      • garavaglia1 says:

        They’re just virtue signaling.

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      • soozword says:

        My family took a trip to Bryce Natl Park in Utah on Sunday and Monday. Couldn’t believe all the people in masks (not required to enter visitor’s center)! Even out on the trails you saw entire families in masks, including young children. If this is any indication of their voting preferences, PTrump may have some trouble winning in November if the media messaging does not change and change dramatically soon.


      • simplewins says:

        I see idiots driving in their cars with a mask on. Silliness.

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        • romy911 says:

          I look for them in cars. That makes makes me laugh. I saw my Dem neighbor take his trash cans down his driveway in a mask. Not a soul around. Another chuckle.

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    • linda4298 says:

      Pa. gov Wolf just mandated everyone must wear a mask.


      • Sandalwood111 says:

        Governor Laura Kelly of Kansas has signed an executive order. Everyone going into a building to shop or take care of matters as post office, civic matters, convenience store shopping, must wear a mask beginning, Friday, July 3. All clerks must wear them.


        • Irisheyes says:

          I won’t. Ms “Elizabeth Warren wanna-be” can go take a flying leap. If enough of us ignore her order, what’s she going to do? She can’t arrest / fine all of us. This is my hill!

          Also, just FYI, I emailed the current chief of police in my city who is also currently running for re-election. I asked him what his stand is on the mask issue, not giving away my own perspective. I have yet to hear back from the lily-liveried politician.


        • mandy says:

          Read a headline a week or so back, apparently Governor Pete Ricketts of Nebraska has said that municipalities within the state which require face masks for public services will get exactly 0 in state assistance.

          We have the lowest unemployment rate nationwide, we didn’t shut down, etc etc etc. But all that said, our police forces have been taking the knee, and there have been some large BLM rallies even in tiny rural towns, and a few riots in Omaha and Lincoln and a couple of smaller towns….

          So … we got that goin’ for us…lol…

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    • JustSomeInputFromAz says:

      Depends on where you live. Here in Maricopa County, Arizona we now have a “face covering” mandate if you are unable to keep the six feet distance “guideline”.

      ALL the stores now require a “mask” to enter.

      I think the mask thing is silly, but here just doing some basic activities such as buying groceries in person requires compliance.

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  9. treehouseron says:

    His comments on the masks were fine, once again people have been lied to by the news and they bought it hook line and sinker, again.

    I always love what he says and how he thinks, we know two things to be fact:

    1. He said when he put on a mask, he thought he looked like the Lone Ranger.

    2. He also tweeted yesterday “The Lone Warrior” !

    Putting two and two together, I’d say he tried a mask on yesterday about the time he tweeted, LOL

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    • romy911 says:

      I thought his mask responses were fine also. Did everyone actually listen to the interview? The media has been been trying to force the “will you wear a mask, Mr. President? or “why are you against masks, Mr. President?” His answers are pretty relaxed, ie., if wearing a mask makes people more comfortable, they can wear a mask.
      I do not think he will mandate them. He’s also not going to ban them.
      I am anti-mask and was enraged about it. I mean enraged! Just ask my husband.
      My mask wearing rage is at least a month ahead of many of you. I’ve calmed down. As Illinois has opened up and we can eat in restaurants again, I’m seeing people eating out and enjoying themselves. I’m enjoying myself. It’s good to get together with friends & family.
      At some point, people are going to figure out that the case counts mean nothing. Even hospitalizations mean nothing. The only thing that matters is the death count & that is still dropping.
      They are trying to enrage us. They are trying to discourage us. Dems & the Media are warring with President Trump over the masks.
      It was a good interview.
      Opening up the schools are my die on the hill issue. I want my grandkids back in school. They are little and love school.

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  10. Genie says:

    I would have liked to hear PDJT respond to the Russia bounty with some sarcasm.
    “Yeah, we made a list of potential responses if it was verified. First on the list: Hire hookers to pee on Putin’s bed and send pictures to the New York Times jackasses.”

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  11. USA CITIZEN says:

    Joe Biden was a very bad Vice President under Obama, and he would be a horrible President of our country. He won’t do anything for this country. Joe Biden knows he has Dementia and he is depending on letting his Vice President become President from the get go. Who will be his Vice President, nobody knows. People, think about this seriously, it would be a disaster if Joe Biden wins in November 3, 2020. The Democrat Party knows Joe Biden is very Senile, but they don’t care, just so they can get rid of President Trump who has done so many great things for this country in such a short time, but the corrupt Democrat Media, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NEW YORK TIMES AND WASINGTON POST never tell you what great things President Trump has done for our country, all they do is smear his name because they want President Trump out. The Media is working for the Democrat Party. If you love this country and want freedom, and jobs, jobs, jobs, then only vote for President Donald J. Trump in November 3, 2020 and keep our country great. Don’t believe a word from the Democrat Media. Only FOX NEWS will tell you the truth.

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    • texastrumper says:

      OK, now I feel like your just trolling. I don’t recognize the user name either. See above.

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    • FreyFelipe says:

      My own theory is that, if he wins, Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff would be the ‘real’ President/Dictator and Obama unchained would pick his Chief of Staff.


      • Kay123 says:

        Well everyone knows “Zero” always lead from
        behind. Behind Biden would be his style.
        Out of the picture, first to blame the “stooge”
        in front.
        Blame, point, deny, never admit to anything.


  12. grandmotherpatriot says:

    It’s time to go back to work …. no more free rides. I understand that many people , businesses are hurting but, the longer we pay these people to do nothing but sit home the worse our nation becomes.
    Think how many will die when the funds run out? More murders and chaos, the food chain breaks, sanitation breaks down , disease and squalor rise. We are a sovereign Nation so masks cannot be mandated, period.

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    • junglee69 says:

      Agree 1000%. We don’t need a 4th stimulus package. And we don’t need to increase the $600 per week unemployment benefit. Enough of this spending. Our kids and grand kids will never dig out of this spending mess.

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      • grandmotherpatriot says:

        Yes , I agree as these many of these people receiving the stimulus are not Trump supporters, many receive medicaid, low rent, food stamps and public aide, not to mention that many work in cash paid positions. Us taxpayers and hard working Americans keep paying for the freeloaders.


  13. MVW says:

    Face diapers and Jail for Americans for the crime of being well.

    The America’s Totalitarian Media are mirror images of the Chinese Communist Party Media, with propaganda and lies in word for word lockstep. The behavior of our media is indistinguishable from Communist Media. These are criminals with the privilege to slander and lie without liability.

    And these Face Diapers are an attempt to finish the job of killing our Freedom. Put a bag on our faces to mark citizens as subhuman slaves.

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  14. FreyFelipe says:

    At this point, all one should have to say about Joe Biden is, “Joe Biden is Joe Biden” as Joe Biden, to anyone paying attention, is now a synonym for demented.

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  15. Right Mover says:

    He’s also writing his posts at a 5th grade reading level.

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  16. Booniebees says:

    The 403-page investigation by the Government Accountability Office was ordered in a provision of the CARES Act, the $2 trillion emergency pandemic aid legislation, which Congress passed in March. So far, $643 billion of this allocation has been spent, the auditors said.
    “It is unfortunate that the public will have waited more than 4 months since the enactment of the CARES Act for access to comprehensive obligation and expenditure information about the programs funded through these relief laws,” the report said. The report noted that as of April 30, nearly 1.1 million payments, totaling almost $1.4 billion, had gone to dead people. According to the G.A.O., the Internal Revenue Service said it did not have the legal authority to deny payment to anyone who filed a tax return for 2019, even if they had since died.

    The auditors recommended that Congress give the Treasury Department access to federal death records, to avoid future payments to the deceased.

    My question is, Is this a way we can also clean our voter rolls in some of these districts that have over 100% of there population voting? How are dead people still on all these government programs.

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  17. WeThePeople2016 says:

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    • Ausonius says:

      The bureaucrats are mostly Leftist DEMS who will support the agenda without any kind of open marching orders. They can tell what the agenda is from the Leftist MSM and act accordingly. Don’t look for any memos or anything obvious to tell them what they should do to destroy President Trump and America: they already know instinctively.

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    • kaste668 says:

      Well surprise surprise surprise🤪

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      Let’s see IMO…….

      Overcounting and allowing just about any death to be called a CV death are just two concerns in my book.

      If this is indeed happening then maybe PT should have an independent group test the CV test itself to ensure it doesn’t “tilt” to excessive false positives.

      And while he is at it, I would recommend using the NSA database to cross check communications of various folks to ensure nothing was planned, coordinated and leveraged regarding CV.

      Imagine if a communication was exposed where the parties are saying something like this…….

      We need more cases so we can keep this going through summer and keep businesses shut down.

      Anybody doubt that something like this isn’t just sitting in the NSA database.

      All somebody has to do is look IMO.

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  18. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    I just wanted to say…. if you need me..
    I’ll be at Mount Rushmore with our very favorite genius President Trump on Friday night 😀

    Finally after four years of writing the campaign to come to Mount Rushmore!
    I’m super excited! I Never thought i’d win the lottery but i finally got a miracle !!!

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  19. crikey9 says:

    Just received a note from a sister in law with an attachment about how people are testing positive after going to church. She wanted me to talk to him about the danger of church. I sent back No and not just No Hell No. those stories of people testing positive and the church did everything right from masks to social distancing but OMG you know communion….I am horrified about how easily led people are. Never a question as to how all of the church goers could get covid from church but they just seem immune to covid while protesting, block parties, tearing statues down, blowing each other away every weekend in Chiraq. I also told her she was being lied to about a 2nd wave..they are fraudulently reporting the number to create a panic in the weak minded

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  20. Bogeyfree says:

    How come Lindsey and McConnell are not calling for an investigation into this??

    Hey AG Barr is people or agencies purposely plot to fraud the American people is that a crime??

    Would that be considered sedition??



  21. northwoodswatcher says:

    I guess we all know this, but it bears repeating:

    They are supposed to be used by the executive (governor or mayor) to indicate a change of policy for employees of the administrative arm of government. It is a way for executives to manage the administrative operations of government.

    REPEAT: Executive orders do NOT apply to citizens. They apply to government EMPLOYEES.

    No mayor or governor has the power to issue EDICTS.

    Any governor or mayor who issues decrees not only ought to be recalled, but should be brought up on charges for violation of oath of office and illegally using state powers and law enforcement to promote forcible submission on the part of citizens. They ought to be sued for damages (and legal expenses) too, and DOJ file an amicus bried in support of each case.

    REPEAT: Mayors and governors are public SERVANTS — not MASTERS.

    The federal government should step in, meaning DOJ, not only when a state egregiously and repeatedly abuses its powers, but WHEN IT INVENTS POWERS OUT OF WHOLE CLOTH.

    An executive order is like issuing a proclamation about the proper observance of Flag Day.

    An executive order cannot compel someone to wear a mask or to do a dance in the street singing “Ring around the rosy, pockets full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down!” — which would be almost as silly and probably more effective.

    Actually, any number of jurisdictions have laws AGAINST people wearing masks, because those kinds of people usually want to rob you and not be recognized during the commission of the crime.

    Even when an emergency act is invoked at the state level, the governor has no power to compel citizens to submit to executive orders.

    ONLY WERE MARTIAL TO BE DECLARED, a la Lincoln, would that even be remotely possible.

    Governors and legislatures can compel certain conduct if and when they pass and sign a piece of legislation INTO LAW. If said law seems to run contrary to the state or federal constitutional protections afforded to citizens, the law can be challenged in court.

    None of these governors or mayors are bothering to pass laws.

    They have gone straight to playing dictator. Dictators deserve the gallows.

    It was DOJ’s job, i.e., Barr’s job, to clamp down on this behavior on Day One.

    DOJ didn’t do that probably because the calculation was made that the American citizenry needed to have the communist belief system of the demonRAT Party shoved in our faces, emphatically and repeatedly, to make clear the differences between Republicans and demonRATs.

    Point made.

    Time to use the U.S. Marshals Service to arrest Whitmer, Wolf, Murphy, Lamont, Newsom, Northam, etc., and haul their asses down to Gitmo.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: Please declare federal martial law in the demonRAT states — use the INSURRECTION ACT, please! — and install military governors to replace the demonRATs.

    Cancel the elections in ALL demonRAT states until the military governors can get a handle on all of the illegal voting and round up and eject from the USA all of the illegals.

    And when Antifa and BLM come out to protect, frig the rubber bullets. Go full metal jacket.

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  22. northwoodswatcher says:

    That would be “protest,” not “protect.”


  23. disgusted citizen says:

    Mandate masks.. defund the police.. raise taxes … etc, what an impressive platform to campaign on.. basement biden up by 12 points nationally … ha.ha.ha.

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  24. bessie2003 says:

    Such a huge difference in President Trump’s availability to the press compared to any previous President. Most accessible President ever!

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  25. Theckman says:

    Dr. Fauci testifying to congress this week, basking in the attention, glowing with the report that the prospect of the second wave of Covid was dire.
    Possibly 100,000’s more cases and who knows how many deaths.
    Then a by the way message he just could not wait to throw at the public about the new strain of H1N1 that would be far 💀 deadlier then the H1N1 in 2009.
    This new mutated form of H1N1 from pigs 🐷 in China was a possible future threat so let’s scare the crap out of people Fauci might as well have been saying with a smile.
    Anyone that believes this monster should be dictating the course of action for the United States has no common sense or has not watched Fauci speak.
    Obviously an operative and I believe would unleash any virus or poison on behalf of his cult the NWO.
    The role of the government is not to overwhelm the population with all the worst case scenarios that this country faces. Why not mention nuclear attacks, possible other bioweapons that could wipe out a city in Lockett split while your at it!? FAUCI should be FIRED. The fraud is not helping address the pandemic and is likely one of the main perps of this whole farce.
    We can only hope he’s sloppy and contaminates himself.
    I believe this has been the highlight of Fauci’s life a power hungry mad scientist that feels justified in being a fear monger and killer.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. CharterOakie says:

    What a wet-behind-the-ears FBN “journalist” doing the interview.

    Would be surprised if he was given the honor again.


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