Irrational and Political – Arizona Returns to Shut-Down Status – Bars, Nightclubs, Resorts, Pools and Recreational Activity Closed By Comrade Governor Doug Ducey…

A weak and pathetic Arizona Governor, Comrade Doug Ducey, is irrationally responding to an increase in positive COVID-19 tests by shutting down most of the state’s recreation activities.  The state’s common sense leadership structure has collapsed under media pressure to comply with politically motivated demands.  Irrational fear now rules.

For three straight months the media took their talking points from political activists who were coordinating a national panic.  The drumbeat was testing, testing, testing… all narrative engineering efforts were specifically structured around testing.

By taking this approach those who were weaponizing fear knew that any increased test rate would be fuel to demand extended lock-downs.  They need this process to continue through the November 2020 election cycle; testing provides fuel for that narrative.

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona’s governor ordered bars, nightclubs and water parks to close again for at least a month starting Monday night — a dramatic about-face as coronavirus cases surge in the Sunbelt.

Republican Gov. Doug Ducey also ordered public schools to delay the start of the classes at least until Aug. 17. Many districts planned to start the school year in late July or early August. His orders can be extended.

“We can’t be under any illusion that this virus is going to go away on its own,” Ducey said.

Arizona emerged from stay-at-home order in mid-May, but infections have since begun spiking. On Sunday, it reported 3,858 more confirmed coronavirus cases, the most in a single day for the state and the seventh time in recent days that the daily toll surpassed the 3,000 mark. (read more)

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot easily achieve ‘mail-in’ voting; which they desperately need in key battleground states in order to control the outcome.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot shut down rallies and political campaigning efforts of President Trump; which they desperate need to do in key battleground states.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot block the campaign contrast between an energetic President Trump and a physically tenuous, mentally compromised, challenger.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats do not have an excuse for cancelling the DNC convention in Milwaukee; thereby blocking Team Bernie Sanders from visible opposition while protecting candidate gibberish from himself.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats do not have a mechanism to keep voters isolated from each-other; limiting communication and national debate adverse to their interests.  COVID-19 panic pushes the national conversation into the digital space where Big Tech controls every element of the conversation.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot keep their Blue state economies easily shut-down and continue to block U.S. economic growth.  All thriving economies are against the political interests of Democrats.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot easily keep club candidate Joe Biden sealed in the basement; where the electorate is not exposed to visible signs of his dementia.

♦Without COVID-19 panic it becomes more difficult for Big Tech to censor voices that would outline the fraud and scheme.  With COVID-19 panic they have a better method and an excuse.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot advance, influence, or organize their preferred presidential debate format, a ‘virtual presidential debate’ series.

[Comrade Gretchen Whitmer knows this plan, hence she cancelled the Michigan venue]

All of these, and more, strategic outcomes are based on the manufactured weaponization of the COVID-19 virus to achieve a larger political objective.  There is ZERO benefit to anyone other than Democrats for the overwhelming hype surrounding COVID-19.

It is not coincidental that all corporate media are all-in to facilitate the demanded fear that Democrats need in order to achieve their objectives.  Thus there is an alignment of all big government institutions and multinationals to support the same.

Nothing is coincidental. Everything is political.

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381 Responses to Irrational and Political – Arizona Returns to Shut-Down Status – Bars, Nightclubs, Resorts, Pools and Recreational Activity Closed By Comrade Governor Doug Ducey…

  1. Padric says:

    What’s interesting to me is the timing of all these spikes in cases. If you look at the daily tracking numbers according to on thing becomes pretty apparent. The spikes are all in states, with the exception of California, all have 2 things in common: They had already begun to re-open their economies and were the sites of large protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd. TX, AZ and FL and GA all show that prior to prior to the end of May, their numbers were either steady or declining. Then, every single one of them hits early June, just days after the protests start and WHAM. The numbers start skyrocketing.

    Will the media ever mention this? Of course not.

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    • JayneJayne says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some “seeding” of the virus. Absolutely nothing can surprise me in this climate.


  2. Telly says:

    The number of new cases is irrelevant! How many had to be hospitalized and how many died is what is important. There are good doctors saying that the shutdown harmed progress towards herd immunity. This is a scam. Take your Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Zinc, etc. and fear not.

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    • guidvce4 says:

      Totally agree, Telly. Its a concentrated effort to shut down any possibility of having a President Trump rally anywhere. AZ gov “Doofus” is obviously being influenced by the left and establishment rinos to end the possibility of the rallies taking place.
      Time for the citizens to call this idiot’s bluff. Statewide. Let’s see how he handles that.
      Probably like the rino he is. Sad.

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  3. So did our weak and wobbly REPUBLICAN governor in Texas

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    • Bob says:

      With cops trying to handle riots how are n to go after businesses who open and say screw you


      • Debbie says:

        Cops now feel demoralized and not supported by their Mayors. Cops probably could care less about going after businesses that do not shut down. I am so tired of hearing about Corona. 2009 there were 61M cases of swine flu in this Country. 1968/69 100,000 people died from flu. Media stayed away from placing fear in people…hardly heard about swine flu, unlike todays media having placed fear in people, with Corona. We have always lived among viruses and never shut down. Some years of the flu are just worst than others. Life is short. Those who needs to make a living…let it be. Those who are afraid of viruses become a hermit…selfish to stop others from living a full life.


  4. dawg says:

    The mass hysteria, delusion, panic and outright STUPIDITY among the media, politicians, governors, health officials, friends, relatives and yes, even DOCTORS surrounding this thing has really begun to weigh on my mood and attitude. This is the first time in my life when I feel like I actually may be battling depression.

    Everywhere I look I see outright stupidity, if not insanity.

    Beaches and pools closed that are literally probably the single safest place to be considering the chlorine and UV light. Schools closed when healthy kids are literally 100% resilient to the virus. A teenager driving in his car by himself wearing a mask. Tennis matches where they dont allow ballboys. Forcing high school kids to wear a mask at football practice.

    Herd mentality abounds when all we need is herd immunity, and everything we are doing is delaying herd immunity.

    And all this mass stupidity is limiting if not outright destroying my rights. Its hurting us all financially. Its hurting my young children’s education and development. Its affecting me and my family’s joy.

    Ive never prayed and read the Bible so much in my life. But Good Lord, what on earth has happened to people’s ability to critically think? I vastly overestimated people’s ability to interpret raw data. I underestimated our willingness to just blindly believe fear-mongering bad news on top of skewed and out-of-context statistics. My faith in our country’s collective intelligence is absolutely destroyed. We are just a bunch idiot sheep that would follow the herd right off a cliff if a wolf told us to go that way.

    Anyway, we are leaving Friday for a 9 day beach trip to a private island that we go to every year and Ive never looked forward to it as much as this year. The family members that will also be there all think similar to me so it should be a refreshing getaway.

    But it wont fix me completely, so keep me in your prayers, and Ill keep praying for all of us.

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    • dawg- I feel just like you do, although I am not getting depressed, just super duper, white hot ANGRY all the time. My friends ask my why I’m so pissed off all the time and I tell them, if you’re not PO’d then you’re not paying attention to what is going on.

      In NY our nightmare really began on March 22 and it has not come close to ending. Every day I wake up and think it was all a bad dream, but then remember where I am and that this may not end for years.

      The muzzle masks are the last straw for me. They have become the symbol of our persecution. I refuse to wear one unless I have no choice to get into a store where I need to shop. It’s no use to get into a fight- they will just kick me out, regardless of any paperwork I might show them. They don’t care if you have a health issue, they insist on the mask. So I shop as little as possible and get what I can online.

      The police are not enforcing social distancing in Westchester so there will be heavy fines and penalties.. No doubt they will do the same with the muzzle masks.

      Here’s an article from a local paper.


      • bodieisland says:

        Seneca & Dawg, Don’t give up, we must do our part to have the backs of all Patriots (esp) POTUS. I am in Virginia, just 20 miles from the WH. It’s supposed to be a “Right to Work” state, yet, yesterday the teacher’s union said they don’t think they want to come back to work in September when schools are scheduled to re-open. 10th largest school district in the US, and teaching grade schoolers “self-touching” thanks to GLESEN, but too stupid to teach remotely during covid-19. On one hand I am glad parent’s are putting their values into their children (Dimwits) but children need socialization. Seneca, I hope the one’s who lost loved ones in nursing homes have a class action suit against DeBlasio AND Cuomo. God works in mysterious ways. Lots of love and prayers coming both your way. May God hold you in the palm of HIS hand.

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  5. Rick says:

    Herd Immunity is the only mechanism known in our history to end pandemics.
    Why was this video censored from youtube?

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  6. Rick says:

    In fact, it is our civil right to gain herd immunity and the government is preventing it through unconstitutional quarantine emergency powers against the healthy. Unprecedented! Unconstitutional!

    There are trillions of viruses in the ocean alone. Viruses make up 80% of the human virome. They are part of a balance between healthy microbiomes and unhealthy ones.

    The only way to keep viruses from taking over a person’s health is through toxic exposures, nutritional deficiencies, and stress. It has been said stress is the number one cause of cancer.

    Our criminal government’s health agencies are all operated by multi national pharmaceutical companies. They are using fear mongering in what amounts to the biggest Trojan Horse to ever hit our shores.

    Until the fearful are educated and convinced of the truth, this runaway train is poised send our republic over the cliff.

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  7. paulashley says:

    I just watched this recent “Uncommon Knowledge” episode about the lockdowns and it is powerful. I think Treepers will love it, and I pray that Trump and Pence see it. My idiot governor Cooper is beyond hope.

    The Doctor Is In: Scott Atlas and the Efficacy of Lockdowns, Social Distancing, and Closings

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    • PMM says:

      Looking forward to listen to this. I am a huge fan of Dr. Atlas after reading his book about a logical and free-market plan for healthcare. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. I wrote a letter to Kelly Anne Conway recommending the book, hoping that the administration might use his suggestions to reform healthcare.


  8. minnesotamike55 says:

    The stupidity or outright inability to reason on the part of democrats is astounding! What did they expect? The people locked at home are now coming out and are the new “herd”. This group will have to wander around spread some virus, get some virus, and eventually the positives will taper off. But then we will likely have another group that finally starts getting out, and the same thing will happen, over and over until we get enough of the population exposed.

    Although the lockdowns did allow time to get more prepared, it only delayed the inevitable 40% of the population or so getting the virus and getting over it. Herd immunity is the only way to stop a virus short of a vaccine. There was a study done that showed the virus has a 1-2 month cycle through any given population and we are in that for the current release from lockdown. Unless we just open up, we could have this same up and down of infections for as long as the democrats want it.
    By the way, have you seen manufacturer disclaimers on mask packaging saying they will NOT protect you from viruses? Anywhere they are mandating masks, everyone should demand masks that the manufacturer claims will protect against viruses. If they don’t, why wear them?

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    • bodieisland says:

      Mike, exactly, why wear them? In my case 70yo, disabled from car accident, but no real health problems, I can’t breathe with them on. I had a procedure on Monday, put the oxomiter on, O2 was 100% but after 45 minutes it dropped to 89% and set off alarms. (paper mask) Pelousey wears coordinating masks, and what studies have been done to show proof these home-made masks stop a microscopic virus particle from entering thru the fabric mask? We don’t do this for flu season and that kills thousands of people, and 2018-2019 was a really long (bad) flu season and I heard nothing about it. IMHO we are being scammed “by any means necessary” covid shamed = white guilt 50% of these deaths were from nursing homes and no one is being held responsible for not following CDC guidelines, and they all came from just 4 or 5 states. We are all being punished for the killer actions of cuomo, newsome, whitmer, wolfe etc


  9. SanJac says:

    Little Tony’s latest is going after Florida Texas and Arizona. He goes after all the things of the American fabric but not once did he mention the 3 weeks of burning and looting. We know there was never a “War zone” atmosphere in the hospitals and is not today and where did the voices of the generic medication treatment go ? These evil people are trying to stop any future rallies and going after the states of most probability for them.

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  10. MAGAtoinfinityandbeyond says:

    Gov. Doug Douchebag!
    Enough said.


    • Rick says:

      Until people know the coronavirus tests are completely fraudulent, they’ll push this trumped up pandemic through the election and into perpetuity if it meets their needs.

      There are ways to end this epidemic post facto. The FDA outlawed a 40 year proven drug that would protect the vulnerable from COVID-19 made by Merck called something like alphaeron. If the immunocompromised took this drug at 5 cents a dose they could go back to hugging their grandkids and this trumped up epidemic would end quickly.

      There is a natural product developed by the brilliant microbiologist who saved Magic Johnson’s life that would do the same thing, but the FDA won’t allow it to be used.

      The FDA under any number of names affiliated and compromised by Bil Gates and big pharma are criminals who should be investigated for the multitude of crimes against humanity.


  11. Debbie says:

    Viruses are not going anywhere. Viruses are a part of life. Stupid government people are playing God. Ten Commandments…thou shall have no other Gods before me. Life is for the living, not to be locked down, to avoid an earthly host or will lock downs become a norm because people have become such weaklings. People must live right and try to eat healthy!


  12. Rick says:

    There is no doubt the trumped up COVID conspiracy is all about stopping Trump. Just another phase in the coup that began with the Russia Hoax.

    The problems in our republic are so deep and pervasive. Corruption up and down the ladder from corrupt intel agencies, Federal law enforcement, judges, politicians and our corrupt alphabet Health agencies and institutes. Up and down the ladder our Country is deeply corrupt.


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