Professor Joseph Mifsud Was Activated by Israeli Intelligence – Prove Me Wrong…

The outline IS HERE, and in the interests of my own time I’m going to be selfish and not re-re-duplicate it all again.  However, the bottom line is this: Maltese Professor Joseph Mifsud was activated by compartmented Israeli intelligence allies of President Obama.

Walid Phares recently exposed and admitted he was targeted by the Mueller probe as the fifth [redacted] name in the August 2, 2017, authorizing the scope memo provided by former DAG Rod Rosenstein.

Rod Rosenstein recently admitted he signed the scope memo as it was presented to him by the special counsel team without asking any questions about it.  Whatever the Mueller team asked for, Rosenstein granted without any interference. That was his testimony.

If you go back to the original assembly of candidate Trump’s 2016 foreign policy advisors, the recent releases now show that all five key team members were targeted by President Obama through the use of the intelligence apparatus; due to an overarching need by the former administration to retain previous foreign policy outcomes; including the Iran deal.

  • Paul Manafort = Ukraine/Russia
  • Carter Page = Russia/Ukraine
  • Michael Flynn = Turkey/Iran
  • Walid Phares = Egypt/Iran
  • George Papadopolous = Israel/Iran

Take that broad overview and apply it to all the current information about what took place and everything reconciles.  This Big Picture approach does not conflict with reporting by Lee Smith, John Solomon and other solid researchers of the Obama foreign policy motive; instead it frames their individual assemblies as absolutely correct.

When the Obama-era U.S. intelligence apparatus proactively activated; and that includes pre-emptive action by CIA Director John Brennan; the potential for Trump foreign policy conflict triggered the deployment of intelligence units that were both foreign & domestic.

Fusion GPS and Chris Steele enhanced the fraudulent CIA and FBI investigations of Manafort, Flynn and Page.  Notice George Papadopoulos is not mentioned in the Steele Dossier.  Why?  Because that was outside his lane of responsibility.

All of the Trump foreign policy people were sub-divided research targets.  Each target was assessed and investigated based on their footprint of interest.  Allied intelligence interests were activated to assist the Obama-era intelligence actors.

However, because Russia is technically not a U.S. allied intelligence interest, the Russians couldn’t play a similar role as other nations; hence, Fusion/Steele were needed. But for George Papadopoulos, the Obama apparatus had an intelligence community they could lean on to assist.  That’s where Israel comes into the picture.

Compartmented Israeli intelligence units; those Israeli elements that were/are anti-Benjamin Netanyahu; activated an operation on behalf of President Obama’s U.S. intelligence needs.  It was that Israeli operation that targeted Papadopoulos.

Once you accept that cornerstone, then everything in the background story of George Papadopoulos makes sense.  Everything factually reconciles.


  • Joseph Mifsud – Israel
  • Christian Cantor – Israel
  • Erika Thompson – conduit
  • Alexander Downer – source
  • Charles Tawil – Israel
  • Mueller scope – Israel

If my analysis is accurate then the redacted portion on Walid Phares would state:

•Allegations that Walid Phares

º Committed a crime or crimes by acting as an unregistered agent for the government of Egypt;


This compartmented targeting explains why Israeli asset Charles Tawil was activated to give the $10,000 cash to George Papadopolous in July 2017 shortly before the Mueller team asked for the expanded scope memo (as above) on August 2nd.

#1) Papadopoulos was lured to Israel and paid in Israel to give the outline of a FARA premise (ie. Papadopoulos is an agent of Israel). #2) Bringing $10,000 (or more) in cash into the U.S., without reporting, is a violation of U.S. treasury laws. Add into that aspect the FARA violation and the money can be compounded into #3) laundering charges.

[A “laundering” charge applies if the money is illegally obtained. The FARA violation would be the *illegal* aspect making the treasury charges heavier. Note: the use of the airport baggage-check avoids the need for a search warrant (the agents didn’t have one).]

Andrew Weissmann and Brandon Van Grack (special counsel 951/FARA expert) were  conducting an entrapment scheme that would have ended up with three violations of law: (1) Treasury violation; (2) FARA violation; (3) Money laundering…. All they needed was Papadopoulos to carry the undeclared cash into the U.S.

The key aspect is the FARA violation.  As we have seen in the EDVA case against Flynn’s partner Bijan Rafiekian, the DOJ-NSD bizarre interpretation of FARA laws create a violation from any unregistered purposeful business contact with a foreign entity.

What Weissmann wanted for Papadopoulos was to create the same FARA scenario that previously trapped Manafort, Flynn and Rafiekian.  They intercepted Papadopoulos in Washington DC because it was the customs port of entry.  Papadopoulos was ticketed to Chicago with a transfer flight at Dulles.

However, because Papadopoulos suspected something, and left the money in Greece with his lawyers, upon arrival at the DC airport the sting operation collapsed in reverse.

No money means no treasury violation, no laundering and no evidence of the consultancy agreement; which would have been repurposed in the DOJ filing to mean lobbying for Israel via Mr. Tawil (FARA 951 violation) and Tawil would have become a confidential informant and witness (though Tawil would likely never be used to testi-lie because the special counsel would force a plea).

That operational collapse is why the FBI agents were “scrambling” at the airport and why they had no pre-existing criminal complaint.  The DOJ couldn’t get a warrant because they couldn’t tell a judge their suspect was traveling with $10k from Israel because the judge would ask how they knew that.

The entrapment’s success was contingent upon the cash as a pre-existing condition; and arriving at a Federal airport means they didn’t need a search warrant.

Note how even if Papadopoulos didn’t have the full $10k, the DOJ-NSD would only have lost the treasury violation…. they could still have used any substantial amount of money to charge the FARA part of the business arrangement by questioning Papadopoulos about where he gained the cash from.  [Full Backstory Here]

All of that was done while trying to block this:


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412 Responses to Professor Joseph Mifsud Was Activated by Israeli Intelligence – Prove Me Wrong…

  1. Jeff Dunetz says:

    Obama didn’t have any allies in Mossad or Israel.


    • wondering999 says:

      Disagree. I have met Israeli leftists who make excuses for Obama, and who swallow the hate campaign of American media against President Trump now.


      • Anti Israel Israelis are evidence that that country has a problem with leftists and corrupt deep state influence just as the USA does.

        Liked by 1 person

        • wondering999 says:

          Yes and I think it also speaks to an individual, personal problem; self-destructive impulses, lying to oneself. Thinking like an adult leader means giving up false pretenses of innocence. None of us are without sin or mistakes; some people are better at manuevering through reality than others. I think honesty helps. Virtue signalling is destructive


  2. Margaret Berger says:

    Obummer has files on everyone according to Maxine. Bet those files include people of other countries too. Who needs allies when you have really good files? Oh my goodness the things you can accomplish with good files. Think Obamacare, Flynn, Daca and so much more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Think or Covid19 and the e tire SCOTUS. One can just Look at Macron – it’s insane to think they have nothing on that little clown. Maxine really let the cat out of the bag and she was absolutely right.

      Anyone who thinks these files won’t be used against conservatives once it goes left in the WH again needs their heads checked. It will be the weaponized IRS across the board.

      Liked by 2 people

    • jsh says:

      It didn’t start with the Noble Barack, Hill and Bill demanded the FBI files on Congress on entering the WH. It’s just expanded.


  3. Mr e-man says:

    These people are evil. This is an insidious plot thought out at very high levels by multiple people, in multiple countries. Why is there no whistleblower in any of this? And why have there been no plea bargains by those culpable in this plot? Even underlings would have had to be told certain aspects, others could put 2 and 2 together to see a huge plot to 1) steal the 2016 election for Hillary, 2) Undermine President Trumps agenda (make him fail), and 3) Remove Trump from office.

    And the media and corrupt politicians like Nadler are going full bore with the program. They know it is false. They also have to know something of the construct of it. That means they are conspiring with these crooks.

    And all they have to do is carry it 4 more months and they may get away with it all. If Biden is elected, he will fire Bill Barr on day one, the investigation will end, and no one will say a word about Barr’s firing being “impeachable”. They will win the game. They are that close.

    This is unbelievable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I’d imagine all the suicides and Arkancides have silenced anyone not happy with a lay-off or compromised w blackmail. We are dealing with straight up blood thirsty gangsters that will stop at nothing to get what they want. It’s a fools errand to underestimate them.

      Liked by 2 people

    • PVCDroid says:

      Remember the stories of that thug Robert Creamer (Veritas did a covert interview on him) visiting the Obama WH 150 plus times? These people were simply no good, rotten, devious, conniving, treasonous, despicable human scum gratuitously breaking laws as if it was completely normal. Sounds like a normal democrat these days I guess.

      Liked by 1 person

    • wondering999 says:

      The reason you find it “unbelievable” is because of something called “Normalcy Bias”. This is Wiki, but it’s informative — about 70% of people disbelieve a disaster while it’s happening, just because.

      Hell was unleashed on the Balkans in the 1990s; in Syria (‘regime change”), on Libya, on Ukraine/Donetsk. So long as life has continued as normal within our borders, almost nobody in the U.S. has seemed to care … unless we had friends or relatives getting maimed and murdered in remote corners of the globe, by inexplicable civil disorder, fomented by criminal operatives.

      Because it had lasted for centuries, loyal citizens of the Habsburg Empire thought it might go on forever, Ancient Romans probably expected the same. Americans have been sure that we can’t fall through the floor of a thoroughly rotted floor, just because it hasn’t happened before, or during our memory…. this is a mistake. Normalcy bias. We need to activate ourselves somehow.

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  4. Jimmy Jack says:

    Cue the cucks and leftists labeling Sundance an anti Semite for producing a FACT based argument.

    Keep digging into Malta – the nexus runs right through there and seems to include numerous Knights of Malta which makes sense given it was UK intelligence via Steele that kicked off this whole coup.

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  5. chojun says:

    I think the fact that GP left that money in Greece with his Lawyer doesn’t get *nearly* as much attention as it should. It seems like such a mundane sentence in this overall story.

    Additionally, to Sundance’s point that the operation against Papadopoulos failed _in reverse_, chances are that the bills dropped on PapaD were marked and would be traceable to either 1) The FBI, or 2) To the CIA or State Dept via foreign agents.

    Here’s how I imagine it played out in the offices of the Special Counsel:

    Andrew Weissmann: (Responding to knock on his office door) Come in.

    Brandon Van Grack: Andrew.

    AW: Have a seat. What’s going on?

    BVG: FBI detained Papadopoulos at Dulles.

    AW: Good news.

    BVG: FBI didn’t find the cash on him. He didn’t have any cash.

    AW: What?

    BVG: He left the cash with his attorney in Greece.

    AW: …

    BVG: …

    AW: …

    BVG: …

    AW: …

    BVG: …



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  6. P Marshall says:


    Liked by 1 person

  7. sarasotosfan says:

    Big Picture: the operation against Trump was built entirely on FARA violations, real or imagined. Paul Sperry has an excellent write up on the proof of this: all casea when opened are coded with the violation alleged. Apparently the codes on all these Mueller cases were initially coded as FARA violations.


    Liked by 1 person

  8. ChampagneReady says:

    It is almost certain that they would have marked the money they planted on Papadap so they could prove it was that money that he had on him when they searched him. It is just incredible that George outwitted the entire CIA and FBI. A lot of the credit also has to go to his then girlfriend, now wife. She was super sharp too.

    But even more, George said he was going to get the money from his lawyer and would be turning it over to the DOJ. If AG Barr has that money and they found it was marked, it is absolutely impossible that the framers can claim they didn’t try to set him up.

    Durham has instant proof of what he needs enforcing all the other aspects of the Trump frameup.

    Liked by 1 person

    • wondering999 says:

      Papadap’s wife had prior experience with the Mifsud nogoodniks. She had worked for Mifsud’s London “office” before Papadop was hired there.

      The London “Centre” had hired her with a fancy title, to work in what wasn’t really a functioning office in London but just sort of a place where people randomly came and went; to do projects that were undefined, so she couldn’t actually accomplish anything. She knew they were sketchy, not who they said they were, and not trustworthy, especially since they didn’t pay her for months, after hiring her at an agreed-upon rate.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. No indictments, no arrests as usual. I suspect all this like everything else will be put on hold until after DJT is reelected. If he is not, it will all go away without a peep.


  10. mugzey302 says:

    Israel has a deep state just like America has ~ so don’t use the broad paintbrush or you just might get some on yourself.

    Liked by 3 people

  11. plane of the ecliptic says:

    Oh yes, those FBI Agents waiting at the Airport. Are they more of the overwhelming honest, hard working 90+ % that fake conservatives like to talk about?


  12. Margaret Berger says:

    Wasn’t one of the first things that was said to Papadopolos, “This is what you get when you support Donald Trump”by one of the hard working honest Everyman fblies agents that arrested him? No bias there Harowitz.

    And yes, Israel has a deep state too and they seem to be BFF with our gals and guys. It’s a big deep state club and the deplorables aren’t in it.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. “Compartmented Israeli intelligence units; those Israeli elements that were/are anti-Benjamin Netanyahu; activated an operation on behalf of President Obama’s U.S. intelligence needs. It was that Israeli operation that targeted Papadopoulos.”

    It does all make sense. It also makes sense that since the leftist compartmented Israeli intelligence units helped Obama, that is exactly why the right pro-Netanyahu Israeli intelligence helped Trump to correct their Israeli counterparts to give Israel what it wanted, the U.S. embassy moved to the Jerusalem, not in our interests. Israel is not our country and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not an American conflict and has nothing to do with the American people halfway around the world in our country, the United States. And our military/country being kept in the Middle East to fight Israel’s war, and Saudi Arabia’s, against it’s arch enemy, Iran, also not in the American people’s interests. We also have no defense treaty with Israel or Saudi Arabia. This is fatal Israeli interference in the U.S., against American interests. After all, Trump ran on, and got elected to, remove our military from the Middle East and Afghanistan and here we are still there when Iran is not our problem. They aren’t a friendly but we have no need to engage them and be in the Middle East with our military, that is not defending our American borders. As someone said before, “American foreign policy in the Middle East makes no sense from an American perspective, but it makes perfect sense from an Israeli one.”

    U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, is supposed to be representing America and our interests in his job. He is not. He represents Israel and Israeli interests. It is straight up treason by Israel’s American co-conspirators to use their American public servant office, our country, to work for the foreign interests of the foreign state of Israel, which greatly threatens our nation and its citizens. This, of course, is on top of all of the other special interests groups, foreign and domestic, many of our traitorous public servants have sold our country out to. We have a massive treason problem in our government. The American people are getting it from all sides, inside and out.


  14. Gail says:

    The Israeli left is heinous and almost as self-loathing as the American leftist Jews. They have actively colluded w/Soros and the virulent antisemitic CommunoIslamoFascist death mongering globalist Red/Green Axis.And like all devout leftists, scream “antisemitism” at those who actually support Israel and fight against real antisemitism.Im Jewish and socially liberal. I’d vote for Falwell before ever again voting D.


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