Frey Has Sad: Minneapolis Mob Turn on Mayor Frey For Not Being Woke Enough – Force Mayor To Do Walk of Shame – Video…

Last week Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey allowed the mob to burn the police precincts in an expression of his alignment with their woke demands.  However, the Minneapolis mob was not satisfied with his permission to riot, loot and torch the city, the mob wants more.

The mob always wants more. You can never be woke enough.

The mob has an unquenchable blood lust for power.

Today the social justice warriors demanded Mayor Frey prove his virtue by promising to eliminate all police officers and allow the woke community to take over the organization of their politically correct civic society.  The Mayor could not make the promise…. So the mob turned on him and forced him to do the walk of shame through the crowd.  WATCH:


Mayor Frey’s skinny jeans, antique T-shirt and woke hairstyle could not shield him for the demands of the mob. The crowd shouts “GO HOME JACOB” and then “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME” while giving him the middle-finger salute. Moments later as he walked alone, dejected down the sidewalk, they start throwing bottles of water at him. Jacob has sad.

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554 Responses to Frey Has Sad: Minneapolis Mob Turn on Mayor Frey For Not Being Woke Enough – Force Mayor To Do Walk of Shame – Video…

  1. wmingpt says:

    Anyone see the video of him holding onto Floyd’s casket and crying?

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    • Amy says:

      LOL they did this to the last mayor too Betsy Hodges.
      Now I know what they mean by stupid white people. Ok. I get it now.

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      • oldguy05 says:

        It’s the only sensible thing I’ve heard this soy boi say. He should have given them the bird and told them to %#*& themselves.

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        • Divingengineer says:

          Just elect a black mayor, city council, police chief and district attorney and police force.
          Make sure they are all hardcore democrats.
          This is a proven solution to avoiding criticism and ensuring “social justice”.

          Or disband the police and let the mobs burn down the entire city and loot the ashes.

          The options are limitless.

          So many opportunities to eliminate “white supremacy” and live the good life in Minneapolis, I have more ideas,I should offer some consulting services to the city.

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          • Hoop says:

            What the MEDIA knows – but will NEVER PUBLISH….

            To put this into context, there are more than 800,000 sworn police officers in America, authorized to make arrests and use deadly force.

            Over 50 million Americans have at least one encounter with a police officer per year, usually involving something minor such as a traffic stop.

            Police make over 10 million arrests each year.

            On average, just over 1,000 Americans each year are killed by police, but nearly all of them were armed.
            In confrontations with unarmed people over the past decade, only between 50 and 100 have been shot per year by police, about the same number as police who are killed in hostile encounters per year.

            These are big denominators, yielding infinitesimally small fractions of tragedy. Over 50 million police encounters, less than 100 unarmed people killed.


  2. wmingpt says:

    Anyone see the video of him holding onto Floyd’s casket and crying?

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  3. hudsonthedog says:

    How are these white self-haters so ignorant of history? It’s the French Revolution redux and Frey is part of the aristocracy. It will NOT end well for him.

    Look at the groundlings out there filling up the square, chanting for blood. The only thing missing is the guillotine. And when the mob comes for Frey what will he do, call the police?

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    • mike says:

      Helicopter off the roof…

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    • Phil Bacon says:

      Black people missing as well. In fact, across the country mostly we see angry whites.

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      • vfm#7634 says:

        Looking at the Rasmussen poll of Trump’s approval by race and sex, where racial differences are way down, it wouldn’t surprise me if white women have a higher disapproval rate of the President than black men now.

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        • uselogic19 says:

          True. My neighbors are prime examples. Prior to covid & riots, tried to have a rational conversation with them. Pointed out all the great economic data for women, blacks, hispanics, everyone. Best since they’ve been alive. Didn’t even register. “I don’t care. He’s a horrible person and a racist.” Me: I’ve met the guy years ago and he really isn’t. He’s just a typical, sometimes blowhard, NYC real estate guy.

          “We don’t care. We don’t like him. We hope he dies.” End of that conversation.

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      • not2worryluv says:

        And mostly those white folks are all under 30 and living at home. I’ve heard so many parents of college kids now at home trying to convince their parents that the police are mad men, that blacks are all living in poverty and all of this is President Trumps fault!
        These kids have been brainwashed by academia and have no respect for authority, including their own parents. It’s like argumentative Thanksgiving chatter every day in these households with Uncle Joe broadcasting support for these youngsters from the Basement.

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    • Splat says:

      It’s the hip hop culture worship. All the heroes of today’s young white people and even some of the older idiots are black people who talk about sex, drugs, violence, and criminality.
      Makes sense they would feel some sort of bond.
      On the plus side, when the fighting starts, it will be a great opportunity to cull the weak crackers from the herd as they will be easy to spot among the darker skinned morons.

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  4. Cheops says:

    Lessons for a liberal:
    1) Appeasement never, NEVER, works.
    2) The revolution always, ALWAYS, eats its own.

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    • John Juan says:

      The Revolution always needs enemies to stay relevant.

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      • John Juan says:

        Watching scenes like this, I’m always reminded of “The Killing Fields.” A bunch of small picture people trying to reset the country to Year Zero. After you kill off the counter revolutionaries and wrong thinkers (that would be us, folks), it’s whimps like this mayor whose head will go on the block next. Each one of these protest cycles gets worse; an opportunity for the left to flex their muscle and demonstrate their capabilities. Media helps this tremendously as all we see is violence from leftists. I recently saw a video of Couere D’Alene, ID. Dozens of armed citizens waiting for Antifa to show up and start trouble. It’s very refreshing to see, but it makes me wonder how long it will be before these protests come en masse to red states.

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        • flyboy46 says:

          They know better than to come to God’s country. They don’t like thinking where they go when they are sent home in a box.


    • CNN_sucks says:

      This is going to be akin to the great purge in the 1920’s in Russia…teach and guard your children..the #1 kids’ book now is communism for kid..dangerous times.


  5. Truthfilter says:

    I honestly can’t stomach this anymore.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      Yeah, I had no idea their mayor was a 12-yr-old.

      It’s like mean-girls, except with funded by taxpayers. Sick.

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      • polk8dot says:

        What can one expect from a person who went to a university that promotes itself as ‘home to a vibrant and inclusive community of creative thinkers, bold leaders & compassionate global citizens’ (
        Boy, must they be disappointed in him now for refusing to submit to the mob rule!

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        • mikeyboo says:

          “Boy, must they be disappointed in him now for refusing to submit to the mob rule!”
          Wait there’s still time for this effing pajama boy to see the light.


  6. jameswlee2014 says:

    “Probe with bayonets: where you find mush, push. Where you find steel, withdraw.” V. I. Lenin.

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  7. johnnyfandango says:

    Strange that Mayor Soyboy had no security detail tagging along next to him.

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  8. PVCDroid says:

    This does not look authentic to me. I guess he is showing the world that BLM is in control and he must walk away in white shame…without any entourage or security. Yea right. Tired of these bozos lying and their bad acting that is so obvious.


  9. FTA:

    “The mob always wants more. You can never be woke enough.

    The mob has an unquenchable blood lust for power.”

    That’s because the motives of these crowds are NOT GENUINE. These riots are not about George Floyd, or Freddie Grey, or Mike Brown. They were NEVER about any of that. It’s about a group of petulant children who refuse to eat their vegetables but STILL want dessert EVERY night. And they like it SO MUCH they’re going to TAKE IT BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Especially if its YOUR dessert.

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  10. Jeepers Treepers says:

    Serious question. Does the Left actually want to be without police, or do they want a new, national police force run by them?

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    • TMonroe says:

      It’s almost if they want to heat up things enough to reshape them according to prearranged plans to theirnasvatgae…

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    • Kerry_On says:

      This is Minneapolis. This is Ilhan Omar’s district. Keith Ellison is the state AG. Keith Ellison’s ANTIFA loving son is on the City Council. What they want is SHARIA LAW & Morality Police and Sharia Courts.

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      • RJ says:

        Bingo! Give the winner a prize for the right answer!


        • mike says:

          Islam is incompatible with the Constitution and the Republic as we understand it, those arab “republics” notwithstanding. Jefferson realized this on reading the Koran.

          Trump (next term) should invoke the guarantee of a Republican form of government in the Constitution and clean house in places like the rotten apples (Mini and Big Nuevo).

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          • jeff montanye says:

            i’ll bet few of the white girls in the crowd want sharia law. but their self-awareness, and awareness generally, may be so low they don’t yet realize it.


    • Donovan’s Trigger says:

      That is the goal.


    • dd_sc says:

      That’s a possibility.
      Defund municipal police
      Call for federal action when crime skyrockets
      Enter the federales

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      • ann says:

        The Bureau? Actual public service, peacekeeping?

        Im skeptical, as IF the Bureau had authentic counterintelligence, wouldn’t Antifa’s upper hierarchy and funding already be disrupted?

        Take a look at the public relations twitter accounts of local FBI branches.
        Pandering to leftist groups was a prominent theme back when I had an account,

        Today’s FBI is not the FBI our grandparents had.


    • Jeepers Treepers:
      Your comment really irks the “woke”! I suspect it’s because you astutely
      understand their next move.
      Most of us should begin reviewing available copies (if they exist anymore) of Dickens’ ‘A Tale of Two Cities!’
      The French Revolution was the first Communist revolt that history has recorded in great detail.
      As we’ve seen elsewhere, the Communists always hew to tradition .


  11. itsy_bitsy says:

    The degradation of “woke” officials is deserving! They have isolated themselves from the peaceful law abiding majority, and now they are attacked by the very rabid elements they have defended! Karma!!

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  12. Julian says:

    Wow. So much sympathy for this idiot. Not.

    They’re right about one thing though. He should go home, he’s obviously a rank failure

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  13. Roger Duroid says:

    CNN says it is possible to have no police force if all their money goes to community services so people are happy and have no reason for committing crimes, etc. Who knew it was that simple.

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  14. Hoss says:

    Tar and feathers would have been more appropriate … not just on Frey, but the entire crowd too!

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  15. scrap1ron says:

    What a pathetic pandering putz. Are there any adults in Minneapolis government?

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  16. Carter Burger says:

    Wait until the mob doesn’t get what they want….elimination of the police department. It’s not gonna be pretty. Democrats are painting themselves into a corner with their base they are not gonna be able to get out of.


  17. BitterC says:

    It makes me wonder if the Dem elders…Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, not sure about Hillary, etc are beginning to have qualms about the genie they have unleashed…the Frankenstein they’ve built.

    The young Turks in the party – AOC, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, Ro khanna, et al are cheering the street mob at this point, but also wonder if it gives them any pause, as in do they realize they won’t be able to control the mob either when they take party over.

    I am starting to get seriously worried about how thoroughly the radical left is extorting & intimidating state, local and fed politicians, as well as corporate America. It most reminds me of Mao’s rise to power with his Red Guard but similar enough to Lenin’s Bolsheviks, Hitler’s Brownshirts and Robespierre’s sans-culottes. None of the aforementioned ends well.

    White people kneeling to blacks. Have seen some chick that shaved her head in solidarity. These people are nuts and the media shows no signs of pulling up.

    The riots quit being about Floyd about day 3. Watched many streams this wknd and these people are talking revolution, civil war, ending capitalism & it would seem they see these things going on every day ad infintum. Am waiting for the announcement they will not stop until Trump AND Pence step down.

    No reason to think they will accept this election’s results with any more grace than the last.

    It must be depressing to Trump and would imagine he’s getting some complaints from some of the kids. His strength of body and spirit is truly amazing

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  18. vfm#7634 says:

    How ya like dem struggle sessions, Jakie?


  19. Phil McCoxwell says:

    Are all of you cops and FBI folks paying attention? All of you union folks who vote as a block for the democrat party……you guys paying attention? What about firemen and first responders? Still feel like voting democrat will secure you pay and your retirement? What about if fireman start putting out fires…do they become the enemy? Just like removing graffiti, is putting out a fire racist? You cops, firefighters or any first responders who vote democrat need to remember this. You have been discarded by the democrat party. You are now enemy numero uno and will be the first casualty in a democrat led country, of course you will be required to protect those politicians who denounce you and will put you in prison for simply bumping into a black person, but keep on voting democrat…..for that pension and benefits….dontcha know. If you are a cop and you still vote democrat you are too stupid to be on our streets upholding the laws. And you goons who were enforcing the unconstitutional lockdowns, look where you are now. You have crapped on good American citizens in the name of what? It is no longer voting republican or Democrat. Now it is voting for or against America.

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  20. Scott Smallets says:

    He should have worn blackface 😂😂😂


  21. Bob says:

    After witnessing mob for two weeks now you know why the Founders despised democracy which is mob rule, three wolves and a sheep voting to decide what to eat for dinner


  22. shipley130 says:

    Reeks of nazi…


  23. honeybee12345 says:

    ‘We are not in Mayberry’: Minneapolis community leaders call on City Council to respond to recent violence

    NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT – Connect the dots, people. Jeremiah Ellison is Attorney General Keith Ellison’s son. He is the Ward 5 Representative on Minneapolis City Council. He wants to “dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department” and “dramatically” reform public safety. “We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department,” said Ellison in a tweet Thursday.Do remember that Keith Ellison AKA Hakim Muhammad is supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood and AntiFa. IMPORTANT: Minneapolis signed the global pact, “Fair Cities”, a United Nations plan to dismantle police in America and replace them with GLOBALIST POLICE. You can now see the ROT inside Minnesota … can’t you?? Do not just “like” this. Pass it on!


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