Lisa Page Starts New Political Job as MSNBC Analyst…

The notoriously political DOJ lawyer who was assigned to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, has joined notoriously political DOJ lawyer Andrew Weissmann as a paid MSNBC analyst. The media are not even pretending any more.

Laughably, the media assembly of highly partisan DOJ and FBI officials continues.

However, apparently the left-wing media does not think the American electorate will see all of these political operatives, gathering under one collective presence, as an indication of their extreme bias and political intent.  They have no credibility left to burn.

The media are all-in in their visible resistance.

The narrative engineering is going to get a lot worse in the coming months.

At this point it is simply absurd.

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323 Responses to Lisa Page Starts New Political Job as MSNBC Analyst…

  1. dmvargha says:

    There’s always a cush media job waiting for scum like this.

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    • Bob says:

      Hopefully the few viewers they have ….will change the channel and watch cartoons or anything but this useless witch.

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      • Greg1 says:

        Even if they don’t change the channel……..they are still watching cartoons.

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      • James Carpenter aka "Felix" says:

        How may we attempt to deal with the unfortunate fact that some “viewers” are getting EXACTLY what they want and are steadfast in only wanting more?
        Claims that the MSM is losing credibility ring hollow when looking at comment sections on ALL of the various boards offering public input. Trend lines might look favoable to Conservatives but icebergs hide a lot beneath the surface. And don’t tell me about the paid Soros trolls. Yes, I’m persauded they may exist. But assuming voting fraud, they still marked many ballots for Hillary’s “popular vote win”…
        As has been said:
        “Truth is the first casualty in war”.

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    • zimbalistjunior says:

      besides the obvious absurdity, what happens when someone tweets the bigoted texts she and strzok exchanged disparaging romanians, italians, gypsies etc (i forget them all but sheesh those two were weird idiots)?

      is there a gypsy equivalent to the JDL? i assume there is…

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  2. 4sure says:

    The brainwashed useful idiots who watch MSNBC think Weissman and Page and all the rest of the DOJ treasonist #$%@&%$ are heroes. Anyone who knows the truth does not watch that fake news channel.

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    • James Carpenter aka "Felix" says:

      “You want the TRUTH?!?!? You can’t HANDLE the truth!!!!”
      (nor are various shapes of snowflakes truly interested in it)

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    • jumpinjarhead says:

      The problem of course in your last sentence is that relatively (very) few Americans have even a clue about the “truth” on any of the problems endangering America. Most don’t care enough even to look but when they do they watch this and other sources thinking it is truth.


  3. nerveman says:

    We have certainly entered a surreal and absurd moment. It’s hard to say much more. The boogaloo is them. We are witnessing the most amazing psy-op

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    • BoreMole says:

      Has anyone started a poll of whether they would “hit that” or not? Every bit as valid as the rest of their coverage, IMO


  4. ed357 says:


    Could this be a planned defensive mechanism for these FBI/DOJ criminals….?

    You know…like…..”Trump45…..How dare you try to criminalize the Press..?

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  5. It’s simply so that when Lisa Page gets arrested, charged and indicted, they can claim Trump was doing it to journalists

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  6. Linda K says:

    Pay off time for Lisa.

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  7. PInky1920 says:

    Wonder who she’s already playing footsie with?

    Disgusting POS.

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  8. Wow!!! I guess the make-up people are still not allowed back to work.

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  9. Tl Howard says:

    Come on, Barr and Durham…they’re not just playing with Trump now. They’re poking you as well.

    “See us? You can’t do a damn thing. Neener, neener, neener!”

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  10. BigTalkers says:

    I’m sure her attorneys are grateful.

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  11. Mr. Durham?
    Attorney General Barr?
    These people are SPITTING in your faces and laughing about it.
    Wray is probably laughing with them………….

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  12. bulwarker says:

    It’s her reward for keeping her mouth shut, and more flagrant proof that no one will be held accountable.

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  13. dufrst says:

    They will be utterly defeated November 3rd. I cannot wait for President Trump’s Nov 4th news conference. I’m taking that day off and I hope he goes for 2-3 hours! MAGA!! TBYC!

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  14. Og Oggilby says:


    • Robert Smith says:

      Lisa looks a little stressed.

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    • plumnelly1 says:

      She still looks like Jar Jar Binks…

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    • Phil Free says:

      Mind-numbing. There is no way I could stand to hear her utter a single word, so I’m not even gonna go there. Steering clear of that dumpster fire.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Every time they talk about fitness to be president it’s an admission they made a conscious choice to behead the presidency.

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      • zimbalistjunior says:

        yup.. todays playbook—a combination refusal to follow orders with 25th amendment..

        theres also a chance they’ll go full throttle violence— find 100-200 psychotics to rush the white house, then hope for others to join in, for the police to be overwhelmed, the secret service to not follow orders to shoot—
        and worse comes to worse if the service does defend the president, and 100 psychotics are killed, the black hats can dine out on the carnage for months and years

        have i read that the military has pulled units back far enough away that they cant be called upon in time? has the mayor dismissed the national guard? are a million people descending upon DC?
        is this weekend the last ditch desperate attempt at a coup?

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      “You can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her think.”…

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    • Mr e-man says:

      Disgusting to watch her talk about oath to the Constitution.

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  15. cheryl says:

    Just when we thought MSNBC couldn’t be a bigger joke, they proved us wrong again.

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  16. Niagara Frontier says:

    MSNBC certainly must now register as a political action committee. It’s not even a close call.

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  17. Robert Smith says:

    The simplest explanation is they hired her for a LOT if money. Please be nice, Lisa. We are taking care or you. Bribery and protection

    She’s knows that they won’t protect her, but money is money. And they’ll Arkancide her otherwise.

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  18. OhNoYouDont says:

    Lisa Page must be close to being indicted

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  19. CM-TX says:

    Oh look, somebody that belongs behind bars, or hanging from a rope… but isn’t. Thanks Barr!

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  20. H.R. says:

    Who will be tuning in just to see Lisa Page?^^

    It’s a payoff to Lisa, not an attempt at a ratings bump by PMSNBC. I’m not sure they even have ratings requiring more than removing your shoes to count the viewers.
    **Trick question. The answer is, of course, her mom.

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  21. Mike in a Truck says:

    The DemCong have no choice at this point. The General Uprising has failed. It’s all out war and every dirty player is needed and to hell with credibility.

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  22. I hope they arrest her live on the air!

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  23. TradeBait says:

    Shows the world how a brazen, high schoolish mistress employed at an executive level of government can succeed in life. Also shows the type of people who supported the evil doers.

    Just remember. MSDNC, what goes around comes around.

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  24. FreyFelipe says:

    So they hire Lisa Page and Andrew Weissmann. What do you expect them to do given that Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Eichmann are not available? They’re doing the best they can in settling for the second string.

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  25. The Admiral says:

    Sweet Jesus… you can’t make this s*** up.

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  26. Galahad says:

    People who play the game get rewarded especially if the game is coup against a president. The sad part is that there are people out so far gone, that they still believe it. They have dug themselves so deep they cant be saved.

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    • Sally says:

      I seem to remember Clinton connected Walmart hiring People who served the Clinton’s purposes in the DOJ, and FBI. The people would target folks who Clinton’s didn’t like, or people who opposed them. Then they would retire, or go into the private sector where Walmart would give them Cushy Executive jobs that paid extremely well. Same stuff happens at CNN, CBS, etc. This is not new stuff going on, it has been going on since Clinton Cronies became filthy rich Billionaires with too much money and Greed.

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    • Not really much of a reward going to work for a failing company.

      What ever happened to Megan Kelly the original Big Time gal with all of her millions of book fees and TV stardom.

      Only three years after Fox fires her and I never hear her name mentioned.

      These people come and go so fast on fake news it is hard to keep track.

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      • Mr e-man says:

        Notice how they are still clinging to the Trump is bad instead of the we acted on bad information storyline.

        They haven’t given up their Russia story. How long can they keep up the charade? Past November?

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  27. Robert Smith says:

    How do they communicate?
    HAM radio?
    One-time pads?
    Numbers stations?
    Crying on burner telephones?

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Now they can just talk at work. 🙂

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      • free.and.true says:

        Wanna bet that THIS is one main reason the scumbags are taking these jobs?


        Of course, if you’re Sharyl Attkisson, this doesn’t apply to you…

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    • Joemama says:

      Carrier pigeons, pony express, NY bike couriers and two tin cans with a string between them are the only secure modes of communications for them now.

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  28. Snellvillebob says:

    This is the Deepstate paying them off legally for trying to take down an elected US President. I’ll bet their Salaries are in the $750k range. The Deepstate always takes care of its own.

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  29. Brutalus says:

    Looks like they’ll have to floss her before she appears on camera


  30. Saltherring says:

    MSLSD needed more diversity after all. Amongst the queers, former Obongoloid officials and leftist crackpots, they needed an ignorant slut. Page fits nicely into that role.

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  31. Still waiting on the swamp to be drained. This is not rocket science.

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  32. emet says:

    She was already an intern there for years.


  33. grumpyqs says:

    MSNBC Slogan “This is who we are”. This new hire drives home the irony of that slogan…

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  34. avi says:

    now we get to see her sexy gums


  35. Zorro says:

    Paying job for playing with the Deep State…and now over to Pete Strzok with the weekend weather.


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  36. scrap1ron says:

    So when does General Mattis get hired?

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  37. Magabear says:

    Wonder if they have a prison provision in their contracts? 🤔

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  38. Lisa Page belongs on PornHub, but MSNBC is close enough. One more Trump bashing lawyer for the brain dead zombies on the left.

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  39. biff0101 says:

    I say the next Deep State coup plotter to be hired by CNN or MSNLSD will be Peter Strozk! Taking bets now!

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  40. Loggerman says:

    Sadly it could show Barr has nothing on these people.

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  41. YeahYouRight says:

    I just threw up in my mouth. These people are disgusting.

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    • Me too YeahYouRight.

      Every time the MSNBC viewers see this woman they can think about her and her creepy FBI lover.

      Not something I would want the public to be reminded of if I were the liberals.


  42. Southern Belle says:

    Good. Now they’ll know where she is when it’s time!

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  43. govlawyer says:

    She’ll provide expert gavel to gavel commentary to her and her fellow conspirators’ trials–unless she’s going to flip and save her sorry ass from a lengthy term in Alderson Fed Prison.

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  44. CNN_sucks says:

    Hmm..fellow criminals on tv. Reality TV prison shawshank.

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  45. Weird status thrills- just when you thought they couldn’t get any sleazier.

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  46. Can she zoom in her from gitmo?

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  47. evergreen says:

    They’ll run with the “administration’s DOJ is prosecuting journalists!!”

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  48. Cobwatch says:

    The Swamp is being drained, and MSNBC are happy to receive the outflow.

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  49. Bluto says:

    MSNBC needed some comic relief. They didn’t have enough already.

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  50. In the Land of Poz says:

    Media not pretending any more. FBI, IC, half the Federal judges, local Democratic goverments, Silicon Valley overlords, the medical profession — also not pretending any more.

    One of the main differences between developed country and banana republic is “not pretending any more”. Nice things like rule of law are to some extent a fiction, but to the extent they are reality it is because the pressure to pretend it’s all true all the time is kept up, and act in accordance with the pretense. Losing that social contract for a “positive collective delusion” and things start to swirl down the drain. We are pretty far along that entropy road and it will get worse until November.

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    • Yes it will In the Land of Poz.

      One difference between us here and a complete Banana Republic is we still have our guns.

      Now we know why our For Fathers pushed so hard for this.

      God Bless Them.

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      • In the Land of Poz says:

        As the screen name suggests, I live in a highly pozzed state well advanced toward permanent Bananastan-ization. Rioting BLM are the least of our problems, the white leftists, unions, and endless government tentacles are much worse.

        Guns are useful here for when the inevitable creeps up but the trend will be dismal for a long time to come.

        Trump re-election will help, Republican flip of the house (if it happens) would be great. In the larger picture, everywhere on the ground there is a slow red-blue partitioning in which blue will get hollowed out and degenerate into chaos not known in our lifetimes before things get better, if they get better. First a purification by ideology, then purification by fire as the disaster zone eats itself.

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        • One of the Breitbart writers today ,John Nolte had an article about how it is time for normal people to get out of the blue cities in blue states.

          He pretty much gave the advice to them to just leave at any cost.

          I was thinking for a while it might not be so bad and could many conservatives wait it out in these cities and fight.

          But now I am thinking Nolte might have a point.

          It depends on what area folks are in and how bad things are.

          But I was thinking of the members of the Jewish faith who kept putting off leaving Nazi Germany because they were trying to sell their homes and businessess etc.

          They did not want to move to another country and be poor refugee because thy and their families had worked for several generations to build up very prosperous businessess.

          They put off getting out until it was too late and many of them sadly lost everything.

          I honestly thought until last week that we could turn these blue cities around.

          But now I think they are lost and will be burned and trashed and then when the residents have had enough maybe, or maybe not they will be rebuilt.

          America is going on to great and wonderful things.

          These Dem led blue cities are probably not coming with us.


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