Healing, Not Hatred…

A video recap of President Trump’s earlier remarks on the tragic death of George Floyd.

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  1. Donna in Oregon says:

    (The God of my understanding can heal anything, anywhere, any time)

    A Prayer for Restoration

    Come Lord Jesus! Holy Spirit come! We welcome you, we open our hearts, bodies and spirits to your great power.

    Come Lord Jesus! Holy Spirit come! We need you, to bind up our wounds, restore our vision and renew our hope.

    Come Lord Jesus! Holy Spirit come! We lift up the names of those who are suffering. Lord come and touch those who need your healing in a miraculous way.

    Come Lord Jesus! Holy Spirit come! We long to be vessels for you. Come pour your love through us. May it become like a great river of blessing to those in need.


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    • Serena says:


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    • railer says:

      Thanks, Donna.

      May we be those vessels of God’s blessings wherever we walk.

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    • LafnH20 says:

      AMEN, Donna!!!

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      I would run a banner at the beginning that informs the viewer that this is from a speech made by President Trump on May 30 at Cape Canaveral, and that the major news outlets refused to share the speech with the American people.

      Or would doing that be hatred?

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      • LoonsCall says:

        shared it to my f.b. post but they have limited it.. so that it is only on my personal post.. think a lot of people are starting to lose hope or become depressed.. that is exactly what they want.. we can BE unhappy warriors, we just need to not only stay in the fight but stick together.. our fathers & grandfathers & mothers, grandmothers, too did not sacrifice their lives for this, guarantee you that

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      • The Boss says:

        I think this is also the video Twitter censored. THAT is hatred.

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        • LoonsCall says:

          wish i could say i was surprised that it got censored.. am no psychic but somehow saw this coming several months ago.. realize that many saw it too.. hurts to be right.. we just need to turn this around.. am sure many people are saying, but how? .. don’t know much about u.s. politics, but surely there is a way of recalling some of these people.. i would start with deblasio.. & the nursing home killer cuomo.. they keep saying they are “fighting” but don’t believe that either.. i think those 2 twerps are working hand in hand


        • technoaesthete says:

          Forgive my ignorance, but this is clearly a campaign ad, no? Isn’t it illegal to shadow ban, or whatever, campaign ads that have been paid for? Especially if they are only doing that to one campaign or one party?


          • LoonsCall says:

            their resilience.. their stop at nothing attacks, the relentless msm.. the constant barrage.. the bowing, the leaning on knees.. has started to bring me down. NOT! not now & not EVER!

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            • harrietht3 says:

              I think ruthlessness is a more fitting descriptor of our attackers; resilience has a more positive connotation — and nothing positive can be said about them. Relentless, as you write, most certainly applies to them.

              But I know what you mean: knock them over and they just bounce back; thwart their plans, and they burst out at some other opportunistic moment. In short, there’s no time when we can let down our guard — be ever vigilant and prepared, as they are perpetually plotting.

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            • P says:

              LoonsCall: Remember, Gondor prevailed in the end and the White Tree of Gondor bloomed.

              Good will triumph over evil during this age also! Our King is coming to reign over His Kingdom one day soon, and then there will be peace on earth.

              We must all stay the course and keep the faith and BELIEVE HIM. We’ve read to the end of the book and we know we win through HIM alone. Until that day comes, we need to encourage one another and continue to share the Gospel and the blessed hope for mankind that His Word promises.

              Romans 10:13
              For whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord, shall be saved.

              Revelation 22:12-21
              12 And behold, I come shortly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every man according as his work shall be.

              13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

              14 Blessed are they, that do His Commandments, that their right may be in the Tree of Life, and may enter in through the gates into the City.

              15 For without shall be dogs and enchanters, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth or maketh lies.

              16 I Jesus have sent Mine Angel, to testify unto you these things in the Churches: I am the root and the generation of David, and the bright morning star.

              17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come: and let him that is athirst, come: and let whosoever will, take of the water of life freely.

              18 For I protest unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.

              19 And if any man shall diminish of the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the Book of Life, and out of the Holy City, and from those things which are written in this book.

              20 He which testifieth these things, saith, Surely I come quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

              21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, AMEN.

              THE END



        • farmerren says:

          I’m a Twitter user and follow SD on it. The ‘Healing’ video can be found on Parler.

          As censorship of conservatives continues believe SD should think about setting up and also using Parler (maybe even Gab). I recently started using Parler again and more and more people are using it.


          • GB Bari says:

            Found on Parler under whose account?


            • farmerren says:

              Sorry been away. I’ll hunt around and let you know.


            • farmerren says:

              I’m back: I found the video on Eric Trump’s post on Parler. That’s not the one where I saw it several days ago but it didn’t take long to find it.
              And I do believe it would be good for Sundance to start posting on Parler etc. Just in case doors are closed at twitter.


      • Niagara, perhaps we should ask Mattis to answer your question? He is quite the arbiter of common sense. Have you read his Atlantic piece? He finally rightly earned his nick name! He’s a mad-doodle!! Complete nut job.


    • jmuniz1 says:

      The dems are nutts

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    • wee2low says:



    • 4EDouglas says:

      I come from as does my wife Appalachian/Southern stock. I’m all three races. My Native Grandma was the target of some KKK shenanigans when they arrived in Oregon. she was Eastern Cherokee. Her family had a Plantation that was broken up sold off and the slaves freed. by her Gr. Grand father. -Because he heard a Scots Presbyterian Preacher preach on evils of slavery. this was just before the civil war. I have copies of the original paperwork..
      the family broke up some fighting for the south some for the Union.
      On My Mom’s side Ihave a black ancestor that was married to a ship captain ancestor she was Barbadian. (when I found her I thought OH Boy! Pirate queen!! no, she was the Daughter of one of his clients.
      also it was during the time of th eRoyal NAvy and US Navy took a dim view of Pirates.)
      If your family has been here a while chances are good that there is somone who is American Indian , Black or white. we are a melting pot. The Democrats are the ones focuse don race..
      We can’t le tthem win..

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      • Ninja7 says:

        4EDouglas, That is the beauty of being a melting pot.
        The American culture is a mercenary culture (and I mean it in a POSITIVE WAY). We have the ability of seeing a multitude of different cultures, races, nationalities (Food, Customs,etc). Being a melting pot, we are able to fuse the good, great aspects of the other cultures into Our Melting Pot. The not so good things we usually disregard ( if we are smart)

        The Democrats playbook focuses on the negative things (biases, prejudices,) That every culture has, the not so good things. Attempting to stoke these embers into a raging bonfire.

        So, we all have a choice to make, are we going to be committed or are we going to contribute? As a “Ham /Bacon and Eggs”Breakfast, the pig is committed, the chicken contributes. 🤔🤔

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  2. Pale rider says:

    Common goals! We need to look at who is the enemy. Hint, it ain’t whites, OR Blacks, we can unite under those rules.

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    • Ken Lawson says:

      The people behind what’s happening don’t want the goals most of us want. They don’t want peace, they don’t want prosperity, they don’t want anything that resembles American values. They want to control everyone. They are Marxists and they are typical totalitarians that don’t believe in freedom of the masses. And the problem is that those who’ve fallen for their lie don’t understand that those people behind all of this aren’t on the side of the common man. The people who are following them need to be educated as to who it is they are serving, and at this point they are not open to anyone’s opinion other than their own. Have you noticed that the people leading the violence aren’t looking to talk terms of peace? They want everyone prostrate on the ground in front of them, bowing down and pledging allegiance to them and their cause. They don’t want unity, they don’t want to get along, they want power and control. You can’t talk common goals with them and you have to break the hold they have on the people following them. But until the people following them are willing to open their eyes to how they’ve been mislead, there is no chance at a resolution to this mess.

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      • dawg says:

        This is so true. We are in a war between Truth and Lies. One of the things that I am praying for daily is that God shows people the TRUTH.

        “It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain

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        • vikingmom says:

          That has been my constant prayer as well… Those of us who have seen “behind the curtain” recognize what has happened and who has been behind all of it.

          But the country is full of people who only see /believe what is on their evening news… Are they ignorant (and often arrogant)? Yes!!! But most are not actually malicious and I think a fair number would be willing to change their minds if they were presented with the TRUTH!!

          And it is slowly being revealed so we must continue to pray for everything to be made known and then we can begin to rebuild our nation!!

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          • dawg says:

            “we must continue to pray for everything to be made known”


            I have been consumed with frustration because of the feeling that I, personally, had to do everything I can to inform everyone or everything.

            I realized this is impossible. That its not going to be me that convinces anyone. Praying that God opens their eyes is far more effective.

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        • hawkins6 says:

          Great Mark Twain quote dawg.
          It’s as true today as it was when he wrote it.


  3. lotbusyexec says:

    Beautiful video and message – much needed as we end this week. Thank you, Sundance for all your hard work and your tireless dedication to the truth. It is very much appreciated. Healing and an open heart does wonders 🙏

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  4. distracted2 says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for posting it.

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  5. hawkins6 says:

    P Trump made a great speech but it was ignored by the rabid MSM and everyone involved in the violent actions and likely by most of the “peaceful protesters.” It seems to be too early to heal those determined to destroy the USA–if that is a consideration now.

    Dem Leo Terrell said,–“There is no “systemic” racism in a city that is totally run by minorities.”

    But the protests continue to allegedly oppose white “systemic racism” that began in a city led entirely by black Democrats and where George Floyd was killed. I could be wrong, but I think too many people have lost their minds and need to come to their senses before meaningful healing can occur.

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  6. railer says:

    Great message from The President.

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  7. Right to reply says:

    They twist what he says because they are twisted. From here to eternity, ensure you never, ever vote Democrat again.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Mobile, Alabama 06/05/20 — The old statue of Civil War Admiral Raphael Semmes has been removed from its longstanding place in downtown Mobile. It was removed overnight under the cover of darkness and residents noticed it gone early Friday morning. Lemme guess… the city is run by insane democrats hellbent on erasing history?

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      • MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

        It is run by Blacks and has been for years. SOS.


      • Gary Siegel says:

        “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped.” 1984 George Orwell

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  8. ALL IMPORTANT MESSAGE… Healing not hatred… I may be an old fart, but I remember when communities came together, if that lighting struck Billy’s house, our neighborhood got together and had a “barnraising”, if the fire dept needs a new truck, our church would have a bazaar and we would all go to raise funds, if Jane’s mom needed surgery, we would have another fund raiser to get her the money. WE BUILT THIS NATION TOGETHER! What the hell separated us? Do you remember when that happened? I remember the :Age of Aquarius”? and now we are 1/3 step from all out civil war? How the f^ck did that happend? We better heal this rip soon or we as a nation are doomed and it will be ALL OVER!

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Yes, we need to forgive and heal our wounds, not open them wider.

      I was watching Ken Burns…”The Vietnam War”

      They had personal interviews with people who were their, lost family, lost friends, Enemy soldiers, Vietnam Cong, Mothers, sisters, everyone.

      They all shared their grief, their anger, the survivors, their struggles emotions to this day of what the War did to each one of them.

      Toward the end of the film, some of these people went back to Vietnam and actually visited the places of their battles.
      The most poignant part was:

      When they went back and visited, the actual enemy soldiers whom they fought also met them. These enemy soldiers also lived under the same conditions all these years.
      Loss of friends, family…the horrible dreams, the memories…

      Surprisingly, upon meeting……both sides just hugged each other…. most cried…
      The respect for each other in their battles, same sense of loss,

      Seeing each other brought a “Healing” and a purpose to teach all that would listen:

      The fighting did not accomplish “Anything”…..only pain and loss.
      Both sides agreed, to wage a war of death and destruction, just because someone far away says so….for no reason, other than greed, should never happen again…

      I have been in those situations….And anyone who has can tell you…

      Most times …

      “Healing from your wounds is most always more painful than getting the wounds themselves.”

      “Pain is just weakness leaving your body.”

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      • phillip jeffreys says:

        So, all the things that happened after the US pulled out are swept under the rug?

        The US leadership effort was horrendous. That, however, does not change what was visited upon the Viet Namese people by the benevolent COmmunist party. One can arguie over whether we should have ever engaged, our interests or whther the right strategy was persued. But let’s not sweep under the rug all the effects/outcomes of that war.


        • 🍺Gunny66 says:

          phillip jeffreys,

          Did I say all things are swept under the rug? NO……Not all people in the film went back…
          Some as you say….well

          The thread is about healing…..I was taken aback by the soldiers on both sides….who had experienced the same thing and came together to HEAL…..

          “A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.”
          ― Bertrand Russell,

          And Bless Your Heart

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        • pyromancer76 says:

          Exactly, healing, not hatred. And forgiveness. Forgiveness is essential when the immediate battle is over.

          But! At the same time! REMEMBER. Remember what nefarious forces are out to dominate and tyrannize over others. Follow the money; follow the ideologies; follow the major actors.

          For Constitutional Republics to thrive and prosper, this citizen knowledge and study of history – in our schools from the beginning – must be active. Thank God, and our ancestors, and our current patriots that we live under a Constitutional Republic that certain nefarious actors are trying to take from us – today. Thanks, Sundance, for your efforts.

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          • Great point pyromancer.

            Always remember who the real troublemakers are.

            We went from hating the German Nazis to hating the Russian communists in a single heartbeat after WWII.

            Almost immediately.

            Stalin and the Russians were our Allies and then they were the dreaded Enemy.

            Gunny and pyromancer make a very good point about healing and also about remembering.

            And jumping to conclusions.


      • FofBW says:

        Amen Gunny. Semper Fi!!

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    • wee2low says:

      I think people are starting to rediscover that. We lost our way by being promised over and over again that the “great power of government” would take care of all of our needs. I think we’ve gone to that well one too many times and people are finally starting to wake up to the fact that depending on these institutions is folly. Will you see this on your TV? No. Will you see this in a Twitter feed? No. It’s there if you look though. A recent example was a couple of guys I follow on YTube. One is up in N Idaho and the other is in West South Dakota. Once they figured out that PantiFa was going to get froggy in their town, the locals got together, armed up and showed the Commies, in not so many words, what was going to happen to them if they decided start their violence. The locals were in contact with local law enforcement and everyone knew what was what. You know what happened? Not a darn thing. The protests, while misdirected IMHO, remained peaceful and many got to exercise their 1st Amendment right. You may no agree with the message (I certainly don’t) but exercising your God given rights should be celebrated.

      I for one am guilty for not being involved enough in my local community. We are moving states in a couple of months and this is something I would like to change when I get there.

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  9. May the Lord come quickly…

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  10. Martin says:

    Most assuredly a message all can agree on, even if there is no common knowledge of who or what sparked the unrest in the first place.

    I’m in agreement, but circumspect about the origins. There’s more to this than meets the eye. As usual.

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  11. tav144 says:

    Wow that was amazing. Just beautifully done.

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  12. KBR says:

    If the rioting can get whites hating blacks as much as BLM hates whites, the Demoncrats can get the civil war they so want.
    They want it because it will weaken our nation such that NWO (or China or Russia can take us over.)

    The media is selling hate. I don’t buy it.

    It is interesting to me that the victim’s name is always the full name. The press talks about Biden, Trump, Grassley, Nunes, Pelosi, Schumer…but almost NEVER simply “Floyd.” Could it be coincidence that his first name is the same as soros? IDK.

    I just see conspiRACEY everywhere right now.

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    • markone1blog says:

      Coup attempt number __ (please fill in the blank) after Russiagate accusations, Ukraine accusations, Coronavirus accusations, impeachment accusations (which couldn’t decide what it was going to make its focus), and now police violence accusations. I am sure I have thrown two or three junk accusations from the lying Democrats out. But what have I missed?

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  13. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Racism is whatever Big Media and their democrat lawmakers say it is. For instance the 4 Minneapolis policemen charged with the death of saint George of Floyd are all racists. The rabid mob has been saying that white popo are hunting black people. Only 2 of the officers are white guys and one of them, not the kneeler, is a rookie. Another is a Vietnamese-American and the fourth guy is a rookie who is as black as Obama. Still for purposes of the riot managers they are all racists. Big Media is doing its level best, and succeeding so far, to avoid showing the cops’ mug shots in the news for as long as possible so they can keep the public inflamed and the insane street protests going on and on.

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    • Hans says:

      I heard that rookie only had four days on the job. So he went thru training and he was wet behind the ears. He was supposed to learn and I pretty sure to stand back and observe.

      .I guess that this is also a learning opportunity for all rookies… that to democrats and communist the ends justify the means.. under these people there is no compassion or common sense.

      Everyone Remember that when November rolls Around.

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      • DJ says:

        The Minneapolis City Council is holding an “emergency meeting” this morning to decide how to “dismantle” the MPD.

        ” “Yes. We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a transformative new model of public safety,” agreed Bender.”

        Essentially, they want “community policing”. Which is in itself a guarantee of lawlessness.


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        • Ellie says:

          If there are any decent, hard-working taxpayers or small businesses left in Minneapolis, they should seriously consider leaving the city. They will not be safe there.

          Something is happening in Minnesota, and to quote our beloved president ” they don’t have your good in mind”.

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          • Raven says:

            Moved out of Minneapolis 25 years ago, but made the mistake of staying in Minnesota. It is a beautiful state, full of lush deep green in the summer, brilliant colors in the fall, crystal snow (and lots of it) in the winter, and spring — ah spring in all her glory is full of God’s earthly wonders.

            But something is seriously wrong with “Minnesota Nice,” a term I have never, ever agreed with.

            Last night I heard media spin — already — that the trial for the police officers who “murdered” George Floyd could not take place in the Twin Cities, and would be held in another city in Minnesota, a larger out-state city. The city they mentioned was Duluth, the town I moved to from Minneapolis, the town I lived in for almost 20 years before moving into the country.

            The media spin story included the fact that Duluth had no people of color, so George wouldn’t really get a fair trial there.

            That is where the HUGE SPIN really starts.

            Duluth has people of color. Duluth is also a radical leftist/Marxist city with a mayor who was ‘brought in’ from outside and brought all her leftist ideals with her. First day on the job Emily hung her Buddhist flags in her office. Oh, how international of you, Em. Since then she’s done all rabid liberal crap to Duluth every other liberal town suffers through.

            Duluth will be the perfect place for the left to do their best damage, and spin the narrative however they want it to go.

            Poor little country town with no people of color taking on a big city boo-boo. What a complete joke.

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          • That is exactly what I was going to post Ellie, Minneapolis is lost for now.

            Perhaps it can be regained but for now it is gone.

            Leave it even if you must leave all behind including any real estate you can not now sell, it will soon be worthless anyway.


  14. Publius2016 says:


    From 45 Historic Speech at Cape Canaveral!

    Fake News boycotted the speech!!!

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  15. Don McAro says:

    Do you know how many Idiots have no idea the President has made any statement on this?
    I just say… Its obvious that you watch CNN all day.

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  16. Thank You Twitter for censoring ‘Healing Not Hatred’. Nothing could define your agenda better, nor draw more attention to this video.

    ” Lord, confuse the wicked, confound their words, for I see violence and strife in the city. Day and night they prowl about on its walls; malice and abuse are within it. Destructive forces are at work in the city; threats and lies never leave its streets.”

    The hatred of leftist manipulators makes them blind .. but allows U.S. to see them clearly.

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  17. phillip jeffreys says:

    At what point do media leadership and talking heads become guilty of agit-prop and incitement?

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  18. DannyD says:

    “…dishonor the memory of George Floyd”
    You mean the methamphetamine & fentanyl using criminal, Mr. President?

    I certainly appreciate the President using rhetoric to twist things in his favor, but this entire event is completely ridiculous. The dude brought this on himself with his criminal behavior, drug use, and obvious resisting of arrest. To ignore that while moving on to a discussion of systemic issues is to submit to a lie and then build upon it.

    Politically expedient? Perhaps. But none of it has anything to do with the Truth or reality.

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    • KMD says:

      Really, sir?
      Please attempt to distinguish between the memory of a human life, and what that represents, instead of focusing on drug use as a way to dehumanized and “twist” an argument in your “favor”…

      While I can appreciate your frustration with a lack of insight into the MANY circumspect details surrounding Mr. Floyds death, IMHO…focusing on them at this time only serves to draw attention away from an increasingly overt & organized attempt to sow chaos and incite racial violence…

      Never forget, (((they))) want us divided. (((They))) want as at each other’s throats. Nothing pleases these evil people, than to see us wanting to kill ourselves!!!

      Cool your head, use sound judgement, and think about the larger, more pertinent picture. That being, some evil SOBs are attempting to start a CIVIL WAR. Don’t help them, even though your concerns may hold some validity. Think of more productive ways to help extinguish the flames that the evil ones are fanning…

      Godspeed, Patriots!

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      • 🍺Gunny66 says:


        Very Good post…agree completely..



      • JCM800 says:

        Who is (((((They))))?


      • DannyD says:

        Yes, really.
        The entire narrative around the Floyd story was he was just some innocent black guy accused of a petty crime who died at the hands of a vicious, racist, white cop. The fact that he was on drugs, likely acting irrationally and aggressive to the point that it required not 1 but 3 officers to restrain him, and also recovering from Covid-19 which means he may have had compromised lung health to begin with – all of this is highly relevant to proving that this is all just a big lie being used to push that civil war you are talking about.

        What could be more productive to extinguish the flames of evil than telling the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth? Perhaps the President should take a knee out of solidarity with the protesters to make them feel good about themselves. #muhfeelingsmatter


      • …it is really sad ..and I had to partially agree with Danny D…you would never convict 70-80% blacks to vote for you doesn’t matter how you try -as VSG/ESG PDJT doing now for 3.5 yrs…..So Mr.President waste your energy on those 20-30% black common sense citizens…go by your instinct not by SJW naïve do gooders in WH ..I spare to call them by mames….


    • sDee says:

      How else can he survive one full blown assault after another from the pure evil aligned against him?

      President Trump has survived all that they have amassed against him, often securing the highroad in the aftermath. He is battling and winning, to fight again the next day. How are we doing to expose, remove and hold accountable the (R) politicians who sabotage him, to his face and behind his back?

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    • MVW says:

      ” ‘…dishonor the memory of George Floyd’
      You mean the methamphetamine & fentanyl using criminal, Mr. President?
      I certainly appreciate the President using rhetoric to twist things in his favor, but this entire event is completely ridiculous.”
      Separate issues. Floyd was a criminal, a dirtbag. Yes. He may also have been trying to do better. Yes. Was he doing better? It does not look like it based on his behavior. **IMO**

      “The dude brought this on himself with his criminal behavior, drug use, and obvious resisting of arrest.”
      Yes and No. Yes, he was engaging in criminal activities and was also resisting arrest. These things put himself in the situation. No is that the extreme measures taken by the officer went too far. That is obvious and led to Floyd’s death and the officer being in serious trouble. All together this is just a big tragic mess for Floyd and the officer.

      Leave it to politics to use a tragic mess to create a bigger mess, in this case an atomic skunk bomb. (it deserves more explicit language, but no need, it is understood)

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      • cplogics says:

        The comment from the President about Floyd looking down from above was disgustingly gratuitous. This week-end the traveling minstrel show will be going from state to state giving altar calls for every sicko white person to come kneel and confess the burden of the sin of white privilege. I say keep Floyd’s criminality front and center so the left and their MSM stenographers don’t create the next budding astronaut narrative or his desire to join Space Force. With the left the imagination and the lies are endless.


    • Anne says:

      His air supply was NOT cut off. He was not strangled. Pressure or force on the side of the neck being restrained like that, will not kill a person unless you crush it and that is not what happened. What was was shown in the arrest / restraint video did not and could not cause death.
      Try it yourself. I did. Lay down on floor and have someone kneel on neck just like that ‘cop’. You can still breathe fine. It is hands around the neck, squeezing the front of neck, the throat, that would cut off air, not the side, not even both sides; the side of the human neck is very strong.


    • JCM800 says:

      Excusing Criminal Behavior due to “Social/historical Justice” is the Exact Opposite of Conservatism.
      Personal Responsibility is a salient feature of Conservatism.

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  19. sDee says:

    Division, leading to resentment and hatred, are the primary tools of those intended to rule over us.

    Those who lead men to greatness, unite us.

    With hindsight, I’ve faint memories as a child of two leaders who stood against these same forces of division and racism. So too, I have some memories of my father trying to explain that it was not an army invasion, but the press, politicians and academics who prepared his homeland for Hitler’s national socialism.

    Now I am old and some realities have hit. Other than a brief rekindling in the 1980’s, Donald Trump is the first President in my lifetime to rally freemen and to call this enemy to battle out in the sunlight. And that, it was the warnings of father which explain the fate of those two uniters of the 1960’s.

    God’s speed and protection Donald J Trump. This evil is never sleeps.

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  20. grandmotherpatriot says:

    Uniting is great but I’m afraid it’s too late as the Media and far left have destroyed America. Fact is that more white people have been shot by the Police than black many unarmed but all were being pursued for a crime. Less Black people have been shot by the police under President Trump than Obama . Fact more police have died or have been attacked by the Left wing mob of all races and creeds than any criminals. We all bleed red and personally I am tired of fueling this story any further. I will continue to support President Trump and fight for Freedom but I refuse to fuel these lies by the left wing. Blue Lives Matter!

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    • Deplorably_Vespucciland says:

      Reality that will never be broadcast by our overlords in Big Media. In 2018 there were 59,776 reported acts of violence by whites against blacks while there were 547,938 acts of violence by blacks against whites. That’s approximately 9 to 1. So who are the real racists? President Trump loves all Americans while the socialist democrats only seek to divide Americans in their quest for power.

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      • grandmotherpatriot says:

        We all know what this is … never let good crisis go to waist. The problem is that too many young Americans have bought into the HATE AMERICA as we all racists bs taught by the Federally Funded Colleges.
        White people are afraid to stand up for their Freedom as they fear being called a RACIST. They bow to BLM – Black Lives Splatter in Chicago by other Black people and yet, we’re being fed a lie that white people are all racists. It’s all BS.
        Facts do not matter to the media, the media is a joke. None of these journalist would make it out alive in the Southside of Chicago and that is just a fact.

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        • Kay123 says:

          IMO….as long as something is true…. we should
          never be afraid to shout the truth.
          I will as long as it takes to right a wrong.

          This Floyd case is so wrong. The anarchists knew
          the truth…. but hustled the public before the truth
          came out.
          Seems that is the MO of the Chief Instigator-Agitator.
          Remember the Affordable Care Manifesto ..Nancy Piglousy
          “”We have to sign it to see what’s in it????””

          Remember the Bogus Birth certificate they hid
          (and legally locked every record the
          Manchurian Candidate had ???
          Obunghole/Jarrret/ Piglousy and many others…helped hide
          all documents before election so the people could not open
          them before swearing him in as pres.

          Never sign anything until you have complete disclosure about
          complete history and records. Duh!!!

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    • Bubby says:

      Grandmother I struggle with this to. To me the hate is all one sided. The corrupt leftist msm gins up hatred by repeating story after story of rogue cops beating/killing blacks. The funeral of George Floyd is getting more corrupt msm coverage than any Policeman, Fireman or member of the Military who died in service to the country! I never hated obama I just thought he was the worst President in our history. But the hatred of the left towards President Trump and WTP in flyover country expressed by Hollywood’s liberals, NYC/DC liberal elites, Antifa, BLM, even ordinary leftists is sociopathic! How does one heal that? I’m at a loss I have no idea on how to unify with that rather large segment of the country? But with God all things are possible and I will have to leave that unifying up to Him!

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      • grandmotherpatriot says:

        I can only speak of my personal healing as everyone has different methods of finding inner peace for me, I find that prayer and meditation work best.
        I am conservative that was born and raised in Chicago and learned from family , friends as well as my husband who worked for the City of Chicago for over 40 years that the Chicago Political Machine will stop at nothing to keep power and anyone that dares to speak-out and tell the truth against the political machine will be silenced , life destroyed etc.
        I don’t hate anyone but as a Chicagoan I see right through Obama/Biden lies.
        How do I work through all of this ? Well for years I have been tracking legislation as that is the only way to identify and find the truth.
        I volunteer at the VA in Hospice and during this pandemic I made over 800 masks for the homeless shelters, greater food depository , battered woman’s homes as well as for Veterans in need.
        We are all judged by our actions.
        Many good people here Chicago in all races , creeds and colors have come together to heal but the left wing media will not recognize healing as their job is to divide , spu hatred , create chaos. American journalist , not all but many are puppets for those that supply their daily bread.
        My faith is in God not goverment and no one can strip me of my Faith.

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        • Kay123 says:

          Bless you GrandmotherPatriot.
          I heard of several g’mas making masks. Thank you.

          China was holding them hostage to many poeple
          abroad as well as here in US. They were selling 39 cent
          masks for $8. So glad PT sent them packing.

          So glad you are abie to keep focused on God. It helps.

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    • dawg says:

      Lets start a Blue Lives Matter Instagram post where people just post a blue screen instead of a black screen for BLM?

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  21. fangdog says:

    For a time I was in partners for a common goal with a Black-man. Not once did I see color and neither did he. We both collectively contributed our individual talents and that was it. We both agreed a waste of time it is to think of anything racial or even cared about it having anything to do with what we were doing including our relationship. Once you get rid of “because I am Black” or “because I am white” who gives a rats-ass?

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  22. Mike in a Truck says:

    I dont give a rats ass about Communist Democrat cities being burnt down by the communist voters that voted the communist leaders into power. You got what you signed up for. If your a Conservative living behind enemy lines- egress now. Your cause is lost and this is just the beginning. Now the Communist leadership of some of these cities is talking about defunding/abolishing the Police. Who ya gonna call- Antifa sissies? Get out of those Communist run cities- its NOT going to get better.

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    • grandmotherpatriot says:

      I am a conservative that was born and raised in Chicago , Il the Land of Lincoln , Lincoln a republican. Where are we going to run to ? Antifa is everywhere as the lying media reaches far and wide , the Communist Schools are structured to teach children to hate America across all the States. I am not running from anyone as this is my Country , my home and I plan on staying and fighting. I have plenty of supplies, food and fresh water. Running is bowing and giving a knee to these facist pigs. I’ll stay and fight !

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      • I Will Not Comply says:

        I don’t see anything about firearms in your post. You’re going need some. I don’t think plenty of supplies, food and fresh water are going to do the job. They will be taken from you. Good luck, be safe.

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        • grandmotherpatriot says:

          I live in Chiraq trust I am fully armed and have been for years !

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        • Kay123 says:

          Chitcago is a union enforced, no-gun, lawless, drug infested
          Demoncrap stronghold.
          Grandma..I hear you and admire your courage ….but be safe
          and protect yourself in many ways, wink wink. 😉😇


    • Gary says:

      Some might consider that position to be unconditional surrender of an American city. That’s not going to work for everyone.

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      • grandmotherpatriot says:

        That is exactly what these violent Antifa want ” unconditional surrender”. Just imagine if the Founding Fathers surrendered to the Brits.

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        • Judith says:

          Agreed. Why berate good people for staying to fight the good fight? Ceding more territory is *not* the way to win a war. In fact, if more patriots moved INTO blue territory, then we could win it BACK! Ever think of that?

          I believe we are being gaslighted to do the opposite of what should actually be done. Cut and run? Moving out, while the UNiparty backfills the vacancies with migrant slave laborers, is a *sure* recipe for Americans to find ourselves outnumbered -and surrounded- to boot. Can’t run forever.

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    • I agree Mike in a Truck.

      Until yesterday I believed that staying and fighting for our side was the best way to handle the situation in these blue states and cities.

      But now I think that the smart move is leaving.

      I use to ask my Dad how it was that Hitler was able to cage the Jews in the death camps so easily and he really had no answer for me.

      After reading so many books and stories written by Jews that survived the Holocaust I realize that many were caught because they were trying to leave in such a way that did not diminish them financially.

      Also travel was not easy once Hitler took charge.

      But my point is that many, many Jews thought they had “time” to plan an escape and to make their financial plans so their lives outside Germany would be easy.

      They were very wrong in not just packing up and leaving behind businesses, farms, homes, paintings, gobs of bank accounts and fleeing with only the cloths on their backs and their kids.

      I am beginning to see something like this happening in the blue states and cities where bussissness and homes that can not be sold are keeping good people where they do not want to be.

      People now need to think very seriously about things and do not allow themselves to become trapped or they will lose it all.

      Until yesterday I felt like putting up the good fight in some of these blue areas was worth it because we would eventually win.

      Now I am thinking the price people will pay is too much and we will be better off leaving and regaining.

      I hope everyone who is in this terrible situation will make the best decision for themselves but they need to hurry.

      The Democrats will burn everything down to keep Pres Trump from winning and they do not care who they hurt.

      Battles need to be chosen carefully, loses will be horrific.


  23. Nicole says:

    Good morning Treepers
    How can I share this video?

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  24. Nicole says:

    Can they use this as an ad. This was well done!


  25. Trump2020 says:

    I have been praying for unity. There is an evil, nefarious element in this country that always seeks to divide us not unite. I pray that God opens peoples eyes; that the scales fall from their eyes to see the truth.

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  26. Mathias says:

    I hate to be the cold water thrower, on the cold anger crowd, but please let’s not live in fear of obvious facts. Flick your finger ten times if you don’t want them. Others, begin…

    2018 Violent Incidents

    90% Black on White

    10% White on Black

    WTF? HUH? — Behold witness to the Magic trick.

    Wow, to pull off a “black genocide” Whopper Hoax, of this magnitude, you’d have to have the media actually running the hoax? Oops.

    Do you want me to Wiki pictures of the owners of the media companies? Hint, they ain’t black. Hint, they use a black pimp, with huge ears, to brainwash kids in the Orlando area? Hint, they’ve consumed your whole life with daily lectures about evil white men, who were allowed to organize, who built Hollercoasters, for the citizens of Europe to ride on for free.

    We are the evil. We are the only evil, say the men who Mattis serves on his well-calloused knees. They tell you this, about you, while sacrificing our sons, killing their enemies, in the meaningless, useless ME.

    This one thing and only this thing, you are sold-told daily, on NPR, everywhere, for fifty years — that this one event is the only singular tragedy in human history that matters. You, America, who came and died, to save the day, must be punished for looking like the people who built the Hollercoaster.

    You see, the people who run, their scared media corporations, don’t fear low IQ immigrants taking over.

    What they fear is free thinking Americans, who won’t go under their boot.

    They wake up every night, with their bags packed, and international wire transfers ready, fearing someone, somewhere, still has the plans to the Hollercoaster.

    Why else, these monumental hoaxes, all in a row?

    Young men of Western Civilization, break the psychological chains, from shifty palm-rubbers, who promote you as “lone wolves,” with do-it-alone “rugged individualism.” These radio myths were put in place to guarantee your self-suicide, or the breeding of the 12 into the 88 and your disappearance from the planet in three generations.

    Understand the problem? You must unite. You must organize. You must not fear the far-left lawyers who own the FBI, are monitoring you, if seen in groups of two.

    Family may no longer be family now, but WE are family. Connect with your strongest brothers in Germany and Serbia. For the 12 must be men of iron will, for this mission your ancestors genetics has perfectly prepared you for.

    There will be ghastly horrors and beautiful victory’s. The cause is just. No injustice is justice, for this crime they have brought to us.

    See in your eyes, the Trust-fund traitors Ted Kennedy and John McCain, barbecuing in Hell, laughing their ass’s off, for legislation and actions that have brought us to this place, with their 3rd World army, invited in to finish you off, now in action in the great cities your father’s built, that we had to abandon.

    The 1% is using the 88, to remove you from existence. Across the land, your proud history is being deleted by silicon tech-heads & rainbow soy soldiers, led by last-gasping communist radicals, from the 1969 Berkeley uprising. This gray army, now fronted by “slow goin Joe” Biden, their Alzheimer’s King, would flip a switch and kill us all in a second, if they could. Act accordingly.

    This illuminating week, has shown the naive, the 3rd World “God’s children” of hyper-violence, Nancy has invited to your funeral. Let’s be sure she’s well thanked.

    Trump has scared them, the globalists, the traitors, the Davos lizards. Know the enemies names who betrayed you — make sure their children understand why their last name had to be changed.

    Young men of Western Civilization, the spirits now nod in approval. Plan. Prepare. Last week. Record with your eyes. What did you see? What did you learn?

    Trump cannot save you

    The Police will not save you

    The military will not save you


    They released the wind
    Now they shall feel the whirlwind

    Don’t go quietly into this good night. I believe in a prophecy, that one day a real rain is going to come and wash all the filth from the streets.

    Disagree with facts? We dropped atomic bombs on Japan. Which I agreed with. Sometimes you can agree with atrocities, especially when you’ve been enlightened to the evil of your enemy.

    The slow boil plans of the Red Shield, Soros and the Kissinger Group, have all of Western Civilization hanging on a precipice. We allowed them to do it. Now let’s allow them to not do it. The present course of history must be reversed. Show them why they fear us so.

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  27. swampfox999 says:

    The dem underlying message is–If you get rid of Trump, this chaos will stop so that you’ll be safer with them. Don’t fall for it. It is the safety of slavery and submission. The truth is if you vote in the dems it is only the beginning of your loss of freedom and the end of America as the shining city on the hill. The dems are not the party of JFK. They now have fully embraced tribalization and identity politics. They are the party of hate, victimization, and justified violence. If they get power, it will be a triumph of the totalitarian nihilistic French revolution over the American revolution. Ladies and Gentlemen, they will show you to the guillotine. Remember, they hate Trump because they hate you. You no longer can be both an American and a Democrat. It is time for you to choose.

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  28. MVW says:

    Candice Owens is a smart, honest about herself and others, courageous woman who will speak against the crowd when the crowd is wrong. Judgement, sense of proportion, able to separate issues that are mixtures of good and bad. Many just can’t do that or because of intimidation don’t.

    It is not about black or white skin, it is about behavior, and mental behavior begets worldly behavior. Get your mind straight, don’t let smoke get blown in your face and don’t do it to yourself.

    Anyway, she is the realist and is not fake. Respect!

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    • Orygun says:

      I love Candice and wish I could give her a hug. I feel her frustration.
      The media created this gangsta culture in the black community where money is easy all you need to do is grab a gun and take it. Just read the filthy lyrics of some of the black rappers. The black community has been the recipient of the biggest campaign to glorify criminal actions by the media, Hollywood and the professional sports community and it needs to stop.

      Every media pundit who encouraged this evil brainwashing of the young black kids should be tossed in the prisons with all the victims of their BS. Looking back in history the media pushing fake narratives has always been at fault.
      They truly are evil.

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      • annieoakley says:

        She was summoned to appear before the VP today. I hope he is on her side. I think he will get her to ‘tone it down’.


  29. vicarioushikermom says:

    I am seeing pockets of common sense arise. I live in a majority black community (I am white). Blacks and whites have always gotten along in my neighborhood and in our town. However after the Ferguson riots, black store clerks were stony-faced toward whites for a few weeks. I was concerned that would happen again. But just the opposite has happened. Black people are going out of their way to be extra nice to white people. Why is this? I think it is because they do not want to be associated with the destruction and looting that has taken over the peaceful protests. It is too bad the leaders (so-called) of the cities that are being destroyed are cowards and appeasers who are bowing down to those who would destroy our country. They are not doing themselves or anyone any favors. Because the majority of Americans of all colors find such behavior abhorrent. You won’t see this touted on the media, but I believe it to be the case.

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  30. Winston says:

    Just wait for the riots when none of the cops are “adequately” convicted due to OBVIOUS reasonable doubt inducing evidence listed below, assuming they can get a fair trial. Although the knee on neck thing was absolutely inexcusable, the cops are mainly guilty of being too stupid to realize Floyd was apparently having a heart attack, assuming otherwise probably because he SAID he was going to resist arrest.

    And, BTW, on that “independent autopsy”: done by whom, paid for by whom? ALSO, the definitive claim that Floyd was asphyxiated is unjustified as any hypoxia signs are just as likely to come from a heart attack. You know, when your heart stops pumping and, as a result, stops oxygenating your blood and pumping it around your body…

    Asterisk emphasis is mine. Of course, we know why this isn’t in the MSM:

    MAY 29, 2020
    MEDICAL EXAMINER: GEORGE FLOYD WASN’T ASPHYXIATED [this article is from the preliminary autopsy before the toxicology report came back]


    “The Hennepin County Medical Examiner (ME) conducted Mr. Floyd’s autopsy on May 26, 2020. The full report of the ME is pending but the ME has made the following preliminary findings. The autopsy revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation. Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease. The combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.”

    Further, the complaint’s Statement of Probable Cause recites that Floyd complained of being unable to breathe well before Officer Chauvin put his knee on Floyd’s neck:

    The officers made several attempts to get Mr. Floyd in the backseat of squad 320 from the driver’s side. Mr. Floyd did not voluntarily get in the car and struggled with the officers by intentionally falling down, saying he was not going in the car, and refusing to stand still. Mr. Floyd is over six feet tall and weighs more than 200 pounds.

    ***While *standing* outside the car, Mr. Floyd began saying and repeating that he could not breathe.*** The defendant went to the passenger side and tried to get Mr. Floyd into the car from that side and Lane and Kueng assisted.

    The defendant pulled Mr. Floyd out of the passenger side of the squad car at 8:19:38 p.m. and Mr. Floyd went to the ground face down and still handcuffed. Kueng held Mr. Floyd’s back and Lane held his legs. The defendant placed his left knee in the area of Mr. Floyd’s head and neck. Mr. Floyd said, “I can’t breathe” multiple times and repeatedly said, “Mama” and “please,” as well. The defendant and the other two officers stayed in their positions.

    The officers said, “You are talking fine” to Mr. Floyd as he continued to move back and forth. Lane asked, “should we roll him on his side?” and the defendant said, “No, staying put where we got him.” Officer Lane said, “I am worried about excited delirium or whatever.” The defendant said, “That’s why we have him on his stomach.” None of the three officers moved from their positions.

    The defendant had his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in total. Two minutes and 53 seconds of this was after Mr. Floyd was non-responsive. Police are trained that this type of restraint with a subject in a prone position is inherently dangerous.


    On released final autopsy. The claim of “murder” in it is totally, legally unjustified from what is found in this autopsy plus police statements above which might be proved by body cameras. They are doing this to placate the mobs. Just wait for the riots when the court case is concluded which will be when? Just prior to the November election?

    BTW, this article is dated June 1 as is the final, official autopsy:

    Had Fentanyl, Homicide is ‘Manner of Death’


    The official, final autopsy:

    Click to access 657b9939bb4e46cea274d10f81c662cc.pdf

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    • Winston says:

      Also this, more reasons none of the cops will be convicted of murder in a fair trial. I heard of this first somewhere where the caveat was something like “but didn’t contribute to his death.” That’s far too definitive BS which should not hold up in a court of law.

      George Floyd tested positive for COVID-19, autopsy shows
      4 Jun 2020


      COVID-19 Alerts: British Doctors Warns Of New Anomaly Of COVID-19 Patients Appearing Normal Despite Suffering From Severe Hypoxia
      4 May 2020


      British doctors are baffled and are reporting of a new anomalous occurrences of COVID-19 patients with extremely low oxygen levels in their blood , ie a condition known as hypoxia but yet appearing normal and not in any kind of distress.

      The doctors are shocked that these Covid-19 patients are talking normally and apparently not in distress, but have oxygen levels low enough to typically cause unconsciousness or even death. Such occurrences challenge all the tenets of biology and medicine.

      The anomalous phenomenon as some British doctors are calling as“happy hypoxia” or “silent hypoxia” is raising questions about exactly how the virus attacks the lungs and whether there could be more effective ways of treating such patients.

      A typical healthy individual would be expected to have an oxygen saturation of at least 95%. But British physicians are reporting patients attending A&E with oxygen percentage levels in the 80s or 70s, with some drastic cases even below 65%.

      Why don’t some coronavirus patients sense their alarmingly low oxygen levels?
      Apr. 28, 2020


      Coronavirus and the heart
      April 14, 2020


      Lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome have taken center stage as the most dreaded complications of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. But heart damage has recently emerged as yet another grim outcome in the virus’s repertoire of possible complications.

      Why Are Blacks, Other Minorities Hardest Hit By COVID-19?
      6 May 2020


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      • Donna in Oregon says:

        Oh wow, COVID 19 contributed to his death? That and the Fentanyl probably didn’t help either.

        Check this out, some Defense Lawyer for these cops is going to want this info:

        Stimulant Use, and
        Harm Reduction

        The following is a non-exhaustive tip sheet for stimulant-preferring or polydrug
        users, focusing on amphetamines, cocaine and crack cocaine. While COVID-19 is
        primarily considered a respiratory infection, our heart and breathing systems are
        highly interdependent. Stimulant use—including cocaine and amphetamines—can
        have a number of negative effects on heart health. Cocaine and amphetamine use
        can each lead to very dangerous, sometimes fatal consequences, including very
        high blood pressure, heart attacks, irregular heart rhythms, stroke, and other kinds
        of damage to the heart.

        The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified people
        who have serious underlying heart conditions, including cardiovascular disease,
        high blood pressure and diabetes, to be at higher risk for severe complications
        from COVID-19 infection.1 People who smoke drugs also experience higher rates
        of respiratory conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and
        asthma, and both of these are related to increased risk of more severe COVID19 complications. Maintaining your overall heart and lung health are important
        considerations to reduce your risk for the more negative consequences of COVID19. Those working with people experiencing homelessness or engaged in streetbased sex work should also consider and share this guidance. People in these
        communities may use stimulants non-recreationally to stay awake if unhoused, for
        protection against violence or theft, to stay warm, or to keep working.

        Click to access COVID-19-Stimulant-Use-and-Harm-Reduction.pdf

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        • grandmotherpatriot says:

          Those of us that are still restricted from leaving our homes due to COVID19 are being incarcerated by the STATE while Antifa runs wild burning , looting and killing.
          It has amazed me from the start that COVID19 can be killed by washing hands with a hand sanitizer but there is no cure?????
          It’s sad how many have died due to COVID19 but just think how many will parrish due to, job loss, starvation , other diseases due to the looting and theft of Antifa. These businesses will not recover. Some will say that this only will bring down the cities but this damage has now brought down more than just the cities. As businesses were forced to close during the peak and now destroyed due to Antifa it will be a chain reaction across the nation to farmers and many other suppliers to these businesses now burnt and destroyed.

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  31. MfM says:

    When I first saw this, my first reaction was, Trump has talked about this several times and mentally ticked them off, starting with this one. What more can he say?

    I’ve shared this video numerous times since he made the speech. Any time someone says either Trump is ignoring the issue or hasn’t said anything. Those on the right were “yup, censored”. On the left it was it wasn’t good enough.

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  32. MfM says:

    Trump’s full speech from which this video is taken.

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  33. Rob Crrgin says:

    Anyone else concerned the DC Mayor has ordered the National Guard out of DC and ended the curfew right when they’re about to have this big funeral service this weekend?

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  34. Mathias says:

    The democrats claim to be the “party of science.” Well here’s James Watson, the co-discoverer of DNA. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years of human history and nobody could figure out DNA. He might be pretty smart, right democrats, utopians, communists, dreamers?

    Ask who in Hollywood sold you the Wakanda, “We wuz Kangs” lie. No large pyramids south of the Sahara. That’s odd Kang’s? Their definitely the party of “Sharpton science,” which defines as lying.

    Watson, the co-discoverer of DNA, states pure truth. He’s dismissed from history, so the left can try to create a myth of equality for their black pets, that they plan to crush civilization with.

    Can you imagine what Florida blacks would have done to that SpaceX rocket, before launch, if they could loot and tag it? There not going to let us leave them behind.

    In October 2007, geneticist James Watson, best known as one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA, and the familiar double-helix model we all had to learn in High School, was lambasted by the scientific community for a response he gave in an interview regarding the divergence of intellect between geographically isolated populations.

    “There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically,” James wrote. “Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so”.

    The response resulted with a suspension of Watson’s administrative responsibilities and was forced to… cancel… his book tour. And tragically, in 2014, Mr Watson auctioned his Nobel Prize medal he won in 1962, stating that “no-one really wants to admit I exist”.

    Now we know why Joe Biden was so impressed with Barry. I’ll trade you two “Barry’s” for one Corn Pop and one Candace.

    Dreamers, just check the test scores that have been documented for fifty years of public education. They’re four grades behind their fellow students. I wish it wasn’t so, but it is so.

    If you send your child to school and are forced to have Snoop Dogg behind you, dragging you down, we won’t make it to Mars, but we’ll all make it to Oakland.

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    • 4EDouglas says:

      Look up the whole discovery of DNA effort -Watson and Crick were not only good at research they were good at industrial espionage.-look up Rosalind Franklin.. who actually discovered the DNA helix. Watson is no saint. I’ve done a bit of research as an undergrad assistant-so I can say this is not unusual…
      That said- I know too many intelligent, hard working black men and women (I see environment more than genetics as a factor.) The Dems encourage keeping people poor and ignorant because they think they easily manipulated.- and dependent. .
      Trump has awakened some Blacks-to the reality that all is not just welfare and drugs.
      Same for Hispanics. this whole road show funeral is turning into ‘Wellstone ll ” ..


  35. CM-TX says:

    Hilarious provoking of thinking things through…

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  36. Lion2017 says:

    I wish he would give this speech again at today’s press conference!!

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  37. JRD says:

    I can confirm.

    South Florida is TOTALLY FED UP with the violence and bored to tears with EVEN the protesting BS.
    We now know the Communist Chinese virus was a plandemic.

    Biden will get crushed in Florida in November. Bring it BITCHES!

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  38. President just invoked the name of Floyd saying the guy is looking down and pleased with the economic outlook for us . . ,

    I love the sound of democrat cranial explosions in the morning . . . It sounds like . . . like VICTORY!

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  39. warrenjay13 says:

    This is the message that will win.


  40. warrenjay13 says:

    This is the message that will win.


  41. cheryl says:

    Nolte wrote a good article at Breitbart that I enjoyed.

    Nolte: The Left’s Eating Itself. Let them Fight.

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  42. Winston says:

    Mr. Floyd’s tragic death can’t legally be called “murder” (see above), but let’s not pretend there isn’t a problem:

    It turns out you -can- spot a bad apple. You just can’t remove one
    Jun 4, 2020

    There are plenty of good, duty-minded cops who would love to kick out the bad ones. But the system fails everyone miserably.


    So it turns out that Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who was filmed murdering George Floyd last week, had 17 different complaints of serious misconduct during his career.

    That puts him among the 10% worst offenders in the Minneapolis police department.

    The complaints vary from being named in a brutality lawsuit, to using demeaning, unprofessional language in public, to aiming his weapon at children.

    But Chauvin never got into any serious trouble.

    On Monday I wrote that civilians have filed 2,600 misconduct complaints against Minneapolis police officers over the past several years. Only 12 of them (0.46%) resulted in any discipline against the officer, with the most severe punishment being a 1-week suspension.

    It’s not just Minneapolis. Around the country, the percentage of civilian complaints that result in disciplinary action is astonishingly low.

    And the rate at which offending officers are severely disciplined, fired, or charged with a crime, is effectively zero.

    A 2019 academic paper studied 50,000 civilian complaints against Chicago police to see if those complaints could be an indicator of who is/isn’t a bad apple.

    The results were obvious: officers with the most complaints have the highest likelihood of being involved in a major civil rights issue. But they’re seldom removed.


    Good Cop, Bad Cop: Using Civilian Allegations to Predict Police Misconduct



    • JCM800 says:

      SCUTUS blog.com
      Qualified Immunity


      • Judith says:

        Now you’re talking, @Winston. That’s the first cogent argument for a “peaceful” demonstration that I’ve heard so far!

        George walks around with a rap sheet a mile long, and so does the COP! So.. How about we punish *both* offenders to protect society from their *repeat* behavior?

        Had George remained in prison for his *multiple* felonies he would still be alive today. And had the cop been punished and removed from duty he wouldn’t still be out torturing criminals like George. Win / win.

        You see, I DO get angry at the bad cops who give their brethren a bad name! They make it dangerous for good cops like my dad, who comprise the overwhelming majority of law enforcement.


    • If you were planning to remove the Police Departments, installing “community policing”, isn’t this along the lines of something you’d do to initiate that conversation? Accommodating media, running with the plan…ignoring the Presidents thoughts, words and deeds. SMH


    • If you were planning to remove the Police Departments, installing “community policing”, isn’t this along the lines of something you’d do to initiate that conversation? Accommodating media, running with the plan…ignoring the Presidents thoughts, words and deeds. SMH


  43. Trump2020 says:

    List of companies that support ANTIFA and other left wing extremist groups

    View at Medium.com

    Liked by 1 person

    • James F says:

      She left out Cisco Systems who gave five million dollars of material support to BLM terrorists.

      “Recently, the CEO of Cisco announced his company is donating $5 million to the Black Lives Matter foundation. Airbnb is donating half a million dollars, so is Dropbox. Video game make Ubisoft is giving $100,000. Intel has pledged a million dollars to assorted antiracism groups and is pressuring its employees to donate more of their money to the foundation, the Black Lives Matter Foundation.”

      Liked by 1 person

      • James F says:

        Never mind. I see it now at 46.

        Liked by 2 people

        • 4EDouglas says:

          This is “Danegeld”-and you don’t get rid of the Dane. take it away Mr. Kipling:

          It is always a temptation to an armed and agile nation
          To call upon a neighbour and to say: —
          “We invaded you last night–we are quite prepared to fight,
          Unless you pay us cash to go away.”

          And that is called asking for Dane-geld,
          And the people who ask it explain
          That you’ve only to pay ’em the Dane-geld
          And then you’ll get rid of the Dane!

          It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,
          To puff and look important and to say: —
          “Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.
          We will therefore pay you cash to go away.”

          And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
          But we’ve proved it again and again,
          That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
          You never get rid of the Dane.

          It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,
          For fear they should succumb and go astray;
          So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
          You will find it better policy to say: —

          “We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
          No matter how trifling the cost;
          For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
          And the nation that pays it is lost!”


      • doyouseemyvision says:

        BLM does not do anything for the black community or attempt racial healing. They’re a grievance org.


  44. Just like he refused to wear the mask in supplication to the pandemic panic, President Trump refuses to buy into the “America is inherently racist” lie or validate the democrat riot machine.


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  45. karen says:

    Beautiful video
    God Bless the USA !


  46. Remember those photos of the black ministers and “leaders” taken with PDJT in the Oval Office?
    Where are they now?
    What are the saying?
    Their silence is deafening………..

    Liked by 2 people

  47. Winston says:

    Virus Vs. “White Supremacists”

    Liked by 1 person

  48. JCM800 says:


    Until Big City Cucks (who consistently give up their gun rights) defend themselves and their property, the Disproportionately Black Criminality Predominantly Black Riot Cycles will repeat.
    If putting Blacks in Leadership positions didn’t reduce them, Do you expect Whites in the Same positions will reduce their empty excuse of (More Diversity, More Money for Social Programs will compel us to stop committing crimes)?

    “Do black people commit more crimes than white people?
    The simple answer to this question is: yes.

    The black population of the United States is approximately 13% and the white population is approximately 62%. These are the FBI crime statistics for 2014.

    (Chart in Link, FBI UCR available online)

    In 2014, blacks accounted for 27.8% of the total amount of arrests for that year, an obviously disproportionate amount for a population of 13%. The overall level of arrests of black people is higher than might be expected in almost every category except for driving under the influence of alcohol.

    Black people accounted for most of the arrests for murder (51.3%), robbery (55.9%) and gambling (58.9%). They were also significantly above the average in several other categories: weapons crimes (40.7%), prostitution and commercialized vice (41.8%) and aggravated assault (33.1%)….”


    There are many, many, available sources with other years that consistently show the Disproportionate amount of Crime committed by approximately 13% of the Population.

    If you don’t agree with the statistics.
    Locate others and disprove the above.

    (Organized Crime should be prosecuted, of course)

    BLM, Anteeefa, Democrats or Soros, didn’t FORCE anyone to commit a Criminal Act.

    The hand of the Actor who committed the Criminal Act is responsible.
    That hand should be cuffed and incarcerated, regardless of color.

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