Comrade Whitmer Suspends COVID-19 Virus Mitigation To Facilitate Crowd Marching…

Comrades, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered the COVID-19 Virus to suspend the random infection operation while she organizes political marches to support the family of George Floyd.  All expressions of political protestation are not created equal.

Apparently the virus reluctantly agreed to conform with the request, and Fraulein Whitmer was permitted to violate her own social distancing rules and regulations:

No longer needing to retain the premise of social distancing, Comrade Whitmer marches with justice warriors in Michigan June 4, 2020.  [Source Link]

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183 Responses to Comrade Whitmer Suspends COVID-19 Virus Mitigation To Facilitate Crowd Marching…

  1. scrap1ron says:

    Well wolverines, it’s time to open all your businesses to honor George.

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  2. Caius Lowell says:

    So basically 0bama supporters have freedom of assembly, as guaranteed by the Constitution, but Trump supporters do not. Trump rallies drove Democrats crazy.

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  3. frances says:

    The hypocrisy is mind numbing. Did you see the ABC poll: : Latest ABC poll: If Election Day is tomorrow. Who are you voting for? Results. Trump 70.8%, Biden 29.2%. 214,744 votes. The Dems are going to go completely off the rails.

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    • snarkybeach says:

      Usually the enemy squashes such polls. Maybe the DNC has a new batter up (not Bernie).

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    • somebody says:

      My head is spinning. Earlier posts here claim POTUS is slipping in the polls. Polls say he gets bad marks for riot response… good marks…..bad marks for handling virus…, no good marks. He’s up, he’s down.

      I don’t know which polls are right and which ones are wrong. I only know that I intend to vote for POTUS, as does my entire household and extended family, with the exception of my liberal sister in CA. With any luck my BIL can lock my sister in the closet on election day or her kids, because they’re all voting for POTUS!

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      • garavaglia1 says:

        None are right..even the ones you like. They are ALL designed to manipulate

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        • YvonneMarie says:

          My sister & nephew are neighbors with a lot of black families.
          I visited my kin for the 1st time in 3 months yesterday.
          The neighbors love my family. Everyone said “Hello” on our walk outside.
          Now today Antifa has taken over their sidewalks. Infiltrate whites dressed in back.
          BLM is organizing many “protests” in Trump suburbs of Detroit.
          I have a feeling BLM may get their asses kicked sooner than later.

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          • suejeanne1 says:

            I saw that video on youtube on YoungRippa59”s channel, where the grandmotherly lady is sweeping up outside, very very upset with “Black Lives Matter” and what was done to her family’s store – just horrible –

            sometimes on the news it sounds like they are trying to elevate “Black Lives Matter” over Antifa – that BLM is more caring about the black communities and if push comes to shove, BLM will come out the winner –

            but not with that grandma – she was definitely railing against the “Black Lives Matter” people that destroyed and looted the business where she works part-time and is a part-owner

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            • Jan says:

              Sundance wrote a couple of articles yesterday about what’s going on. The Left need Antifa& BLM to bring in the younger votes (Ovomit’s little trainer thug groups, similar to Bernie Bros.) The Left also needs the old church party Democrats (Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, etc.) to get the black vote out for Biden.

              What is so awful here is what Democrat leaders have done to the black community for more than 50 yrs. And since the ’60’s & civil rights riots/marches, the Taxpayers have thrown $22 trillion at race relations, better education, etc. & these communities are not much better than they were because the money never trickled down.

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        • Cisco says:

          I always remember HRC’s 82% of winning the election.

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      • dissonant1 says:

        If we have learned anything over the last number of years, it should be “Don’t pay attention to polls” (good result or bad). They can be easily manipulated and in the end mean nothing.

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      • Clarissa says:

        Patriots don’t answer polls. “Hello, I’m from the MSM and I’d like to waste some of your time asking you twisted questions designed to elicit the response I’m hoping to find.” Nope.

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        • iswhatitis says:

          Not to mention that they are in the pocket of the Communist Deep State – and the last thing I need is to paint a target on myself for them by answering their poll honestly.

          As they say – I may be dumb but I’m not stupid.


      • Clarissa says:

        Patriots don’t answer polls. “Hello, I’m from the MSM and I’d like to waste some of your time asking questions designed to elicit the response that I’m hoping for”. Nope.

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      • Patchman2076 says:

        The only poll to worry about is on election day, don’t read anymore crap about polls till then.
        We’re going to win this!

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    • simplewins says:

      You have a link for that poll?


    • Bill Durham says:

      Huh??? No such poll exists.


    • GB Bari says:

      Unless you can provide a link to that poll, it’s Fake news.

      Here is ABC’s latest published poll:


    • Markelito says:

      Do you have the link; I check I can not find it!


    • ms doodlebug says:

      I honestly can not imagine why anyone would vote for Biden. He has no record of achievements to show for his decades in government. He’s best known for gaffes, sniffing hair and inappropriately touching little girls. No one in their right mind would leave their child alone with ‘Uncle Joe’. It’s impossible to imagine him having an intelligent conversation with any world leader. I get the feeling he’s a decoy to prevent PDJT from developing a campaign strategy against their ‘real’ candidate. And it’s equally hard to believe they would nominate either Has Been Hillary or Smutty Michelle.


  4. Elric VIII says:

    Frau BLUCHER! (Sound of horses neighing.) These people take themselves much too seriously, and they are either clueless or complicit with those who do not love our country and want to see it in ruins.

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  5. neilmdunn says:

    So henceforth, all COVID rules–masks,social distancing, community restrictions, etc–must also be suspended in Michigan. Yes?

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  6. The American Patriot says:


    Proves virus thing is a SCAM!

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    • Caius Lowell says:

      More specifically, the CCP virus is a socialist control scam.

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      • suejeanne1 says:

        or very much like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” when the authorities are evacuating ordinary people who either live or are drawn to the area by their weird vision of a tower –

        so the authorities kill a lot of cows, I think they were, laying out along the highway, dead ducks, all of them . . . to scare the poor folks into immediate submission and willingness to get in the vans and put on the breathing masks

        there’s a meme here!

        (I don’t know if any animals were actually hurt in the production of that movie or if they were trained cows)

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    • freepetta says:

      Whitless is a scam.

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    • pochas94 says:

      Until the virus was characterized, there was ample reason for stay-at-home, washing, social distancing. There was a fear that hospitals could be overwhelmed. I think Trump did a fine job handling this, especially with some “experts” trying to extend the misery as long as possible, even unto Nov 3. And some were trying to debunk an inexpensive cure in order to protect their investments in a much more expensive but unproven remedy. That and incompetence on the part of several state governors unnecessarily cost many lives.

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      • somebody says:

        I agree pochas, nobody knew what they were dealing with and Europe sure didn’t look good. So those first two weeks probably did flatten the curve or maybe they didn’t, but I don’t begrudge those first two weeks. Had it stopped there it would all be a distant memory or a stale punchline. Even extending two weeks more until Easter, at least for the hot spot areas, I don’t think that was necessary for the entire country. Beyond that, nope. Especially the states that are STILL under stay at home orders.

        I also think I’d the 2 weeks or 4 weeks in some areas had been the extent, the economy would be fine and unemployment would be close to back where it was. I think the vast majority of businesses could weather 2 to 4 weeks.

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        • jnr2d2 says:

          I see LITTLE evidence of flattening in the numbers, see INME curves for all states and various world countries. All curves go up quickly over 3-4 weeks, and decline over 5-8 weeks with only a few top flattening. There appears to be some clipping at the top of some, like Texas and Ohio.


          • somebody says:

            Flattening the curve had to do with not overwhelming hospitals. Those curves gave been flattened. Look at the graphs for hospital resources.

            As for cases diagnosed, if you tes more you find more. However, even with ramped up testing some states are still trending down.

            Did the shut downs and social distancing keep hospitals from being overwhelmed? We’ll never know., but whatever the reason hospitals resources are fine now even in NY and that was the purpose


        • warrprin1 says:

          Gov’s March 6 Declaration of Emergency Powers dies a natural death at midnight tonight.

          He has announced that he “will let it expire”.
          Translation: Stay-at-Home Order expires at midnight tonight for all PA.

          As everywhere else, crowds have invaded the streets of Philly and a number of smaller cities. The Governor finally came out of hiding and lurched right into the middle of the non-social-distancing crowd in Harrisburg yesterday.

          The Wolfman says that he is “letting” the Stay-at-Home Order to expire tonight at midnight. The truth is that the Order was signed on March 6, and had a limit of 90 days, so was due to die a natural death today. He is extending the part of the E.O. that funnels state, and I imagine federal, money to State agencies.

          Gov maintains that we’re still in the “Yellow Zone” – restrictions on what’s open, and how business must be conducted for “safety”. But the horse is now out of the barn.

          Does anyone here think that our local media leaped to inform the public of the 90 day limit on the E.O.? Nope. The media are happy to allow Pennsylvanians to believe that the Governor’s “power” to fly solo, without the cooperation of our State Legislature, is an unlimited fait accompli.

          Think of the implications. The practicing professionals of our free press are cheerleading for one man rule. If they ever achieve their dream, they will recognize too late the catastrophe they have visited on our historic, but former, Constitutional Republic.

          God save the United States of America.


      • Joemama says:

        No, it was more sinister than that. They attacked HCQ because it could have stopped the shutdown instantaneously.

        Give HCQ + zinc to the vulerable, as a prophylatic, set everyone else free to work, treat anyone who got sick early in the disease progression with HCQ+zinc and quarantine them.

        No shutdown needed at all.

        Guess what. They could implement that today. There is a huge stockpile of HCQ available, since PDJT had manufacturers ramp up production back in Feb 2020, or so.

        No need for vaccines, no need to worry about 2nd & 3rd & 4th waves.


        • Joemama says:

          And no need for unproven social distancing (invented by a 14 year old girl for a science fair project) and unproven use of dirty, filthy masks, day after day.


  7. chris tulmeth says:

    the virus obeys,

    the overlords are pleased.

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  8. Genie says:

    Is frau Whitmer wearing a panty mask?

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  9. John55 says:

    The lawsuits should be flying thick and fast then, since this is a blatant violation of peoples constitutional rights. Governors cannot deny the right to protest to some people and grant it to others whom they approve of.

    The injection should be issues by end of day today … and would be issued by end-of-day today if the shoe was on the other foot. The Right really sucks at this legal battle stuff.

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    • snarkybeach says:

      I believe the MI Supreme Court is chock full of liberals. They’ve denied 2 or 3 recall efforts.

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    • bjorn says:

      There is no law there is only power. Have you not noticed the US in many areas has ceased to function?

      The traitors have a critical mass and are now showing it in your face. There is no voting option out of this. The US is starting to break up as a single entity. The tolerance of traitors and enemies in politics and media has undone the country.


  10. Dave Crawford says:

    The anti-Americans are pulling out all the stops this summer. But I think they will lose big anyway in November.
    But thanks for playing and ruining our economy for a brief stint. Obama did better.
    I will not bow, I will not kneel, I will not surrender.

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  11. Henry says:

    America – you know who, what and where your enemy is.

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  12. Raised on Reagan says:

    What about the President Trump campaign rallys? /sarc

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  13. All Too Much says:

    Willing to die, and take her supporters with her, in memory of George Floyd.
    It’s the righteous thing to do.

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  14. Ray Runge says:

    All is good news. This is surely a galvanizing event. Hypocrisy written LARGE.

    Can citizen Joe and Mary understand that the pandemic BS and the “Stand for the Government Junkie Assasinated” are a continual hoax?

    If this answer is “yes, I understand the lies that have become part of a daily cultural presentation”, then a core can respond in a way to save our republic.


    • Bucknutguy says:

      I agree. For many sheeple hypocrisy is the red line. It’s why the “do you know who I am?” Leverage rankles so many.

      This will certainly register with even the low information voter who has had to put up with all the BS while losing a job or a business.

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  15. DJ Snyder says:

    I still can’t get a haircut here… 😦

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    • Frau Whitmer really got a haircut for telling Michiganders to Google it!


    • Sharon says:

      I could get one if I was willing to jump through Kate Brown’s hoops for daring to enter a hair salon (masks all around, sign up for contact tracing, etc).

      I will not get a haircut until I can walk in as a paying customer who is not treated like someone who is, by their presence, presumed to be a disease-spreader.

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  16. regitiger says:

    before this is over…the radical left will blame black lives, and black lies matter for ruining biden’s “shuffle” at the presidency.

    wait for it.

    should be real fun to watch how quickly these jackwagons turn on each other.

    let the cities burn…yes, I just said that.

    there is just not much worth saving in these corrupt and unproductive cramped cess pools, crowded by the handout and gimme squatters that are the single biggest parasite to a normal functioning and economically thriving society.

    let the cities burn..the smart people will leave it all behind and the mass exodus will happen for more reliable and stable economies where real decent people actually work and earn a wage and produce a thing.


  17. Trump2020 says:

    The people of the United States have a well know weapon, well fashioned to deal with these traitors: “VOTE come Nov 3rd”

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    • 4sure says:

      How well has that weapon been working? Not so well if you look at the deep state scum and swamp in DC and the commies in states who are now giving us the .middle finger.


    • wildsailor2018 says:

      There will be no more room in the ballot box when the poling booth opens.


  18. KMD says:

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Gretchen…

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  19. JRD says:

    Must be the season of the B.I.T.C.H.


  20. keeler says:

    In the photo above, there seems to be very little concern over ANTIFA-BLM violence breaking out.

    How are these governors, city officials, et al vetting the people with whom they are marching and securing the route they are marching on?

    Doesn’t the ability to march peacefully with “the public” in “public” imply levels of influence over BLM-ANTIFA, and levels of control over public spaces, these same officials claim not to have?

    I guess ANTIFA-BLM violence respects the same ideological boundaries as Wu-Flu.

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  21. avi says:

    Whitmer really looks like a She Male out of the Kit Kat Club in Berlin

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  22. John55 says:

    I understand that other states with Democrat dictators, such as NY and NJ, are doing the same thing … permitting protests by those the state approves of while banning them from those the states does not approve of.


  23. mazziflol says:


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  24. rcogburn says:

    Don’t think of them as hypocrites. Think of them as combatants waging psychological warfare on the American people.

    Their psychological warfare campaign relies heavily on the “shock and awe” tactic of never ending, unrelenting strikes. By design, the attacks are supposed to be sudden, unexpected, and all-consuming. Before the populace can recover from one, then next one hits. (In an actual war, it would be like a campaign of sustained, non-stop aerial bombardment, with no respite). The objective is to wear down the enemy’s morale and willingness to fight, with with fear, disorientation, and sheer exhaustion.

    Each new attack carries its own propaganda “ordnance load.” So when they switch from one attack, Quid Pro Quo, to another, The Plague, to another, Riots In The Streets, they have also have to jettison the old propaganda and load up the new.

    These people know what they’re doing, but so do more and more Americans. That’s the Achilles heel of this stuff. Psych-warfare is basically telling massive lies on a massive scale. As long as the targets buy into the lies, they’re in business. If the targets can see through the lies – and recognize the tactics being used against them – the psy-ops become exponentially less effective.

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    • David R. Graham says:

      Excellent because true, thank you. This is war, not riots, and IO is exactly their forte which has exactly the vulnerability you indicate. Very helpful. You have training as well as insight, I am sure. Commenters should take courage from your comment here.

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      • rcogburn says:

        No actual training, just a student of history, self-educated on the stuff they don’t teach in school. Paul Linebarger, the CIA’s psy-ops teacher, literally wrote the book on this stuff – “Psychological Warfare,” in 1947 – Linebarger taught psych war at the CIA. He made his students read books about confidence men and con artists, as total deception is integral to a successful psy-op.


  25. David R. Graham says:

    Storms in life are inevitable and unavoidable, even necessary. Internal storms are more dangerous than seemingly external ones. Great and revered are those who can ride out storms to safety.

    How do they do that? They do that by keeping their minds calm, preventing their minds from jumping about between elation and dejection, fear and faith, doubt and certainty.

    The great ones are great because they maintain mental equanimity. Their emotions may rage or they may not, no matter, the mind of the truly venerable remains calm, deliberate, and careful.

    How does this happen? Great personalities fix their thoughts on God and lodge their trust in Him. Excitement and depression the great ones reject as equally misleading and dangerous. Like anger and envy, these impulses disable discernment and jaundice judgement. You experience such impulses? Fine, you are human. But, to not allow your personality to be swayed by them is divine.

    So, fix the mind on that which is good, loving, and beautiful. Fix it on that which is Godly and on God Himself. Do that with persistence, skill, and assiduity and you are guaranteed to succeed in banishing fear and navigating the storms of life through to safe harbor.

    Storms in life are fleeting, both internal and seemingly external ones. They are always dangerous. But unless they are met with equanimity of mind, they are lethal and you will succumb to them.

    So, repeat the Name of God most pleasing to you. Repeat the Name constantly. This is called Ramanam and, by St. Paul at 1 Thessalonians 5:17, pray without ceasing. If you have trouble thinking or saying It, sing It. Make up a tune to go with it, or use a classic tune well-loved by you.

    Think of God in all things at all times and trust yourself to His Wisdom. This way, you will know in any storm what to do and how to handle its particulars so as to emerge from it safe and sound. Skill at maintaining equanimity is your tool, your secret weapon for surviving the storms of life.

    God cannot resist answering your sincere summons. He belongs to you as your birthright, the greatest of all treasures and the only one that can accompany you anywhere anytime, even into death and beyond that bourn. You only have to really want Him for the ambrosia of immortality to be yours.

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      I was just having a similar conversation with hubby. A lot of people on our side are feeling the pull of despair. Because they are not seeing any “push back”. My contention is that its not because American patriots are unaware or unconcerned. I believe American patriots are fully aware and fully alert but they also know that hasty responses can have devastating effects. They know how to act and they know when to act. Its that mental equanimity you are talking about. The peace of remaining fixed on God.

      The forces of evil on the other hand, feel emboldened. They no longer find it necessary to hide their agenda. This is necessary. They need to reveal themselves. The process started in 2015 and continues today.

      This reminds me Elisha and the forces of king of Aram when they came to capture him. Elisha’s servant was afraid because they were so many. He could not see the army of God that was surrounding Elisha until Elisha asked God to open the servant’s eyes (II Kings 6). We are not alone. But we need to continually go to God.

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      • David R. Graham says:

        Most eloquent, thank you and my compliments to hubby, he must be a fine man. That Elisha experience has been on my mind many times in these times. “If God be for us, who can be against us?”, meaning, who can prevail against us? Our forebears were made strong by their immersion in Biblical literature. So can we be.

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  26. donnyvee says:

    Heil Whitmer.


  27. Nan says:

    The good news, in case she contracts Covid, she has a priest on one side and an imam on the other lifting up prayers to their respective god for the (self) righteous fräulein.


  28. Magabear says:

    Pardon the pun, but Witchmer and her fellow comrades have literally taken the mask off of the WhuFlu scamdemic. America, you are now open for business!!!

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  29. Dutchman says:

    David E Graham,
    Beautiful, well said and can’t add to it, as its perfection!

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  30. garavaglia1 says:

    Folks..even my sister..who is a rabid progressive and Trump hater….to the point of stating that she wants him dead…is very upset regarding the assembly of these people at George Floyd’s funeral today. The problem she has is that some of her friends weren’t allowed to attend the funerals of their loved ones. Anyway,,thought it was interesting. Will she vote for trump..hell no, but this whole thing has damn near driven her to the loony bin. As for me…25 year old episodes of forensic Files are proving to be more positive for my health that the shitshow going on in the “news”.

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  31. TwoLaine says:

    Pray for the white hat officers who are working practically round the clock with no end in sight, and ZERO support. They are exhausted.

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  32. theoldgoat says:

    I am sure the Propagandist Media will be calling her out for her photo-op like they did with President Trump. We just have to wait till the evening news… right?

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  33. TwoLaine says:

    Dear President TRUMP,

    Fill that stadium. No more excuses from the Wicked Witch, she’d dead!

    Gov. Whitmer: ‘We’re not going to be filling stadiums’ for Lions
    13 May 2020

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  34. trapper says:

    “What do we want!?
    Ham Sandwich!!
    When do we want it?!

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  35. TwoLaine says:

    I would like to remind everyone, the Chinese virus panic started right after Pastor Jeffress announced that President TRUMP was going after the evangelical vote big time. That’s when they closed down churches.


  36. Magabear says:

    BTW, aren’t political photo ops bad? That’s what he media has been telling the past few days.

    Demonrat hypocrisy has no equal.

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  37. Joebkonobi says:

    How can NC gov allow a funeral with no social distancing yet turn down a future RNC convention because of coronavirus? Racial injustice as many African Americans attend RNC convention. Sick of this crapola.

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  38. billrla says:

    Social distancing for thee, but not for me, and him, and her, and that person over there, and that person behind that tree.

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  39. gz9gjg says:

    Good ol’ Half-Whit. Cowardly administrator, definitely not a leader, who thinks Michiganders must obey any whim, ahem, “executive order”. That is, if they can figure out which one(s) of her over 100 EOs apply . . .


  40. Mickey Wasp says:

    Whitmer has been cucked. Husband probably allowed it and took film. ..
    Even before the weekend he went to check on their residence up north.

    True Believer or Hostage … long game.


  41. T2020 says:

    What a Supreme Evil B….


  42. teaforall says:

    She is nothing but a Pelosi CLONE


  43. Liberty Forge says:

    Pennsylvania’s Governor — the Honorable Tom Wolf — did this exact same thing yesterday.

    Now, tell me this is not coordinated. Ya think?

    Now Wolf is laying out plans for ‘police reform’, and this is after he was also one of the Democrat governors to shove Covid-19 patients back into nursing homes.

    They are all following the same script!

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  44. Bone Fish says:

    Looks like we have a unilateral alphabet agency insurrection, color revolution and organized crime spree on our hands. History shows events will continue to move very quickly from here.

    TINVOWOOT, (there is no voting our way out of this)
    – No one is coming to save us
    – Everything is your responsibility
    – We’re screwed until their parasitic system goes away
    – Get harder than all the problems
    – There’s gonna be a fight
    – Wreck who needs to be wrecked
    – Save who needs to be saved
    – Let’s WIN!
    – Screw everyone who stood by and watched


    • bjorn says:

      Yep. The US is splintering as we speak. The pattern is undeniable.
      The cities will each become mini failed states. The rest of the US will have hundreds of mini lawless areas internally that will be effectively foreign countries and no functioning govt. It has destroyed the country.

      Tolerance of mass alien enclaves, marxists in every area of public life and traitors has led to this. There is no way out but conflict. You better choose sides as they are going to be choosing you.

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  45. jello333 says:

    Thanks Gretchen, you just handed Trump an easy win in Michigan.

    How many people (of all political stripes) were unable to attend weddings because of your actions? How many people were unable to attend graduations, or family reunions, or important birthdays (say someone’s 90th)? How many people were unable to attend baby showers or christenings / baptisms, etc? How many people were unable to celebrate Easter, either in church or egg hunts? How many people were unable to celebrate Memorial Day, including cemetery ceremonies? How many people were unable to see their loved ones in hospitals or nursing homes, even as they were dying? How many people were unable to attend FUNERALS?!!

    And yet you scumbag of a human being…. you allow THIS? I don’t live in Michigan. I haven’t had any of the issues I listed above. And yet I hate you for this. I can only imagine what the people of Michigan must feel right now. (Same goes for certain governors and mayors in other states too.)

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  46. TrumpRally Junr 2020 says:

    Time for Trump Rallies!!!

    President Trump needs to start announcing his in person events. People can wear a mask and/or sign a waiver that they are there of their own free will and will not hold President Trump accountable if they get corona. Additionally, if the Blue states won’t allow the events at normal event centers, then he can have them in open fields or airport hangers. Wherever, whenever. We need to flood President Trump with requests for in person rallies. Maga is ready for our rallies. It’s time. Obviously the left is not worried about Corona. It’s time for minimum of at least 3 rallies a week. MAGA!!!!

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  47. Richard Adams says:

    Someone with a bucket PLEASE throw water on this Witch!

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  48. uy77 says:

    Time for Trump rallies everywhere!

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  49. maggiemoowho says:

    How does this help the Black community? Democrats know that more Black people die from COVID19 than any other race, yet they are encouraging protests and riots. In my opinion Democrats are trying to infect the black population with the virus. Black lives clearly do not matter to Democrats. POTUS, should point out that Democrats have no regard for Black lives or for health care workers lives.

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      Are the Democrats trying to get a spike in COVID cases to try and shut down the country again? This is also a possibility.


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