Four Issues Highlight How Lindsey Graham’s Senate Hearings Are a Deep State Cover Operation…

The testimony of former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is now complete and we are able to make an honest assessment into the motives and intents of the Senate Judiciary Committee; and specifically Chairman Lindsey Graham.

Without a doubt, it is now clear Senator Lindsey Graham is executing the familiar chaff and countermeasure approach to cover-up the former administration surveillance abuses.

Here are four specific reasons that clarity is assured.  Ranked in order of brutality:

♦ Number Four:

While there was some cursory inquiry into the reasoning of Rod Rosenstein to authorize the direct targeting of Trump campaign officials, not a single Senator inquired about the specifics behind how the August 2, 2017, scope memo was created:

Who specifically identified the targets; what justification was provided by the special counsel to target the officials; why were those specific persons selected; and under what predicate was Rosenstein authorized to expand the Mueller investigation?

The Senators on the Judiciary Committee, with full knowledge and forethought; and with specific access to the document in question; and with malicious intent to deny justice on behalf of those targeted; totally failed to make appropriate inquiry.

♦ Number Three:

To make matters worse… The Senate Judicary Committee members specifically stated they were aware of the content of the Mueller Report.  As a witness, DAG Rosenstein brought a copy of the Mueller report with him to the hearing; and yet not a single member of the committee highlighted the hidden/secret October 20, 2017, scope memo.

There was ZERO inquiry from the Senate Judiciary Committee into a known issue that was/is relevant to the ongoing prosecution of General Michael Flynn; and the underlying evidence, first uncovered within the report; highlighting how Rod Rosenstein authorized a hidden memorandum to target Michael Flynn Jr. as leverage to force a guilty plea from the original target that Rosenstein authorized.   This was completely ignored:

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s lack of inquiry was either because they held no awareness of the hidden scope memo; or, more likely, because they needed to pretend they held no awareness of the hidden October 20th scope memo to avoid exposing it.

♦ Number Two:

Despite the former Deputy AG stating twice that he was troubled by the leaking of the highly classified FISA application to the media, the committee intentionally and purposefully avoided asking the obvious question:

If DAG Rod Rosenstein was so concerned about the leak of the Carter Page FISA, then why did the DOJ under Rosenstein’s tenure purposefully refuse to indict SSCI Security Director James Wolfe for leaking the FISA application?

During his testimony Deputy AG Rosenstein testified this specific leak was alarming to him because it identified the innocent target of the investigation, Carter Page.  However, Rosenstein was NOT alarmed enough to prosecute Wolfe for the leak.  Why Not?

The Senate Judiciary Committee never went near that highly explosive issue.

However, if the purpose and intent of Senator Graham were not crystal clear by those three prior issues that were left undiscussed, the number one proof of his intention is stunning in its brutality.

♦ Number One:

The Senate Judiciary Committee was recently made aware of a letter from the DOJ to the FISA Court written in July of 2018.  The letter was/is a specific example of fraud upon the court during the tenure of Rod Rosenstein.  It is inexcusable that Rod Rosenstein was not asked about the July 12, 2018, material lie to the court.

Please notice this DOJ cover letter (making the committee aware) was personally sent to Chairman Lindsey Graham by the DOJ as ORDERED by the FISA Court.

The content of the communication was a 2018 letter from the DOJ to the FISA Court. The letter below was sent by the DOJ National Security Division on July 12, 2018.

The purpose of the hearing today was specifically about the FISA abuses, yet the committee did not ask a single question about this letter.  Here it is:

This is an incredibly misleading letter to the FISA court because what the letter doesn’t say is that 18-months earlier the sub-source, also known in the IG report as the “primary sub-source”, informed the FBI that the material attributed to him in the dossier was essentially junk.

By July 2018 the DOJ clearly knew the dossier was full of fabrications, yet they withheld that information from the court and said the predicate was still valid. Why?

How is it even remotely possible for Senator Lindsey Graham to conduct an inquiry into Crossfire Hurricane and FISA abuses, and yet completely avoid asking Rod Rosenstein about the content of a letter that was specifically created during his tenure; and goes directly to the heart of his personal involvement.

The content itself is a complete fabrication of information and it was written by Rosenstein’s DOJ a full fifteen months after the DOJ was fully aware the predicate for the FISA application was fraudulent.

This 2018 justification letter was so alarming the FISA Court itself demanded the DOJ send a copy of it to the Senate Judiciary Committee to use in oversight.  However, Chairman Graham didn’t ask Rod Rosenstein a single question about it.

There is no way to look at the absence of inquiry without accepting the motive and intent of the committee is to bury information; thereby protecting DC entities.

The hearing was intentionally scheduled to give the appearance of Senator Graham taking action; he isn’t.  It’s the all-too-familiar…

.….Chaff and countermeasures!

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398 Responses to Four Issues Highlight How Lindsey Graham’s Senate Hearings Are a Deep State Cover Operation…

  1. 7californian says:

    I bet Comey & Brennan and the other coup participants breathed a sigh of relief after this show hearing…

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    • MJJ says:

      DAG Rod Rosenstein hid behind he commanded 115,000 DOJ Employees? No Senator asked him, How Many Secretaries, Law Clerks, Interns and Assistant Attorneys that were working and checking Documents for you, the DAG to Read and Sign?

      Second, does that make you look silly that you can’t Delegate and have your own Staffers do some Fact Checking and did not warn you??

      Third, You told Congress and Senators in 2017, It is against the Law to Sign Off on Warrants that lack a basis of the Truth and why do you Excuse Yourself now from the Signing Under Oath? You just admitted you did not Read all of it but still signed it Under Oath and Perjury of Law, Isn’t that Breaking The Law by your Signature???

      Fourth, have you ever signed anything else that amounted to such falsehoods, Incompetence, or Failure to Read it before you signed it and later had to correct it?

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    • oodeluph says:

      Graham, McCain’s toady, has always been a corrupt weasel. No surprise there.
      Senate “hearings“ are always nothing but Kabuki theater. White noise photo ops that have yet to yield anything but hot air and posturing. This time, it is becoming ever-more clear that there is a great deal of CYA going on and not just for the traitors being called to testify.
      Good thing it isn’t up to the Legislative branch of government to investigate and indict.
      What a nightmare to have a long-held suspicion realized; Congress is not only corrupt to the bone, they have proven themselves to be “nonessential”.
      If not for President Trump this nation would already be in the dumpster.

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    • Mark L. says:

      There already had the questions.


  2. 7californian says:

    I bet Comey & Brennan and the other coup participants breathed a sigh of relief after this show hearing…

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  3. Cthemfly says:

    Rosenstein is a corrupt and cowardly apparatchik. Graham is a corrupt power broker. Both deserve our disdain but Graham is truly a repulsive creature possessing no core set of values other than his own self serving opportunistic political survival. We need men with chests to borrow from CS Lewis.

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    • DaughterofLiberty says:

      More and more Graham looks totally alcoholicy to me – watery, glassy eyes; terrible dark circles under his eyes – but hey, that’s how they like ’em in DC. El Presidente the Magnificent doesn’t even drink – therefore a threat even on that level.

      I’d bet however that certain people have very compromising photos of him….

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    • vml9000 says:

      I never expected anything but mucking things up from deep state cover artist Lindsey Graham. One of the biggest phonies in the Senate.

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    • John Obidienzo says:

      Rosenstein is a vessel. His signatures appear on documents through automatic writing, psychography. We are to believe his actions were manipulated by ghostly others.

      The living corpse that is Robert Mueller chose himself to be Specious Counsel through the vessel that is Rod Rosenstein. We are to believe the vessel’s old aegis was pirated by a friggin ghost ship.

      Today, Lindsey Graham officially revealed himself to be a crew member of the ghost ship…..his captain John McCain…is snickering.

      If I could capture the whirlwind it would consist of all that I have witnessed over the past few nights. I would direct it straight on through the Senate chamber where it would find that blustering sack of sh*t….and reap.

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  4. starfcker says:

    “AG Barr threatening to release Antifa communications to show which elites and politicians played a role in coordinating these riots.” Why is he threatening anything? Why doesn’t he JUST DO IT?

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    • dd_sc says:

      Because DC is about leverage, not justice.

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    • Jederman says:

      If he is willing to drag his feet investigating the only coup attempt in our 250 year history, and label the “suicide” of Epstein “suspicious” and nothing more. Then a few Lefty pols coordinating the burning of American cities is no biggy. Whatever, I guess.


  5. I would have blindsided Rosenstein with questions about Sheryl Attkison’s lawsuit against him……like: “As US Attorney in Baltimore were you involved in directing espionage against Americans as Ms. Atkinson has alleged in her lawsuit against you?”

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      That might have elicited the shortest answer Rosenstein made during the entire hearing. “Ms Atkisson’s accusations are baseless, and due to ongoing litigation I cannot comment on events or department actions which she believed warranted such an outrageous claim.”


  6. Nessie509 says:

    Senator Cruz should adD John Ratcliffe as a witness. Republican questioning can focus on two salient issues:
    1. All 52 Obama Administration personnel testified that they hadn’t any evidence that the Trump Campaign conspired with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton.
    2. Shaun Henry of CrowdStrike testified that nothing was taken from the DNC Computers and He cannot confirm the Russians broke into the computer.

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  7. Marc says:

    Hi Sundance!

    Not sure how hard my request is to accomplish, but with the level of censure given to conservatives are receiving both on Facebook and Twitter, would appreciate if you could add a link for us to echo your articles on Parler!

    TY and GB


    • GB Bari says:

      Getting The Last Refuge onto Parler would be an awesome addition and another big draw for the site. I have been using that now for a few months but only recently became active. Epoch Times and Dan Bongino are both on there regularly now, along with others.


    • MelH says:

      Parler makes it difficult to participate, has obscure rules and isn’t an intuitive app. so new people can interact. I wanted it to work. have given it 3 tries over the past 3 years, and it’s just not intuitive enough to draw masses. Anybody can do Twitter in a matter of 2 or 3 minutes, without reading any rules. Sorry Parler, but your site could be helpful if working it were similar to the other social media. You could start off by making it very easy to open an account and right away find a hot topic with several participants.


  8. AJ says:

    We need a 3rd party and fast


  9. hagarthorrible says:

    If PDJT truly deserves the platitudes he is the recipient of, he must force the full disclosure of each and every document and transcript of communication from the inception of this attack commencing way back into the summer of 2016 on my American rights …on your American rights! Are we not covered by the same ‘equal protection’ clause as this rabble in the streets? President Trump, you owe us TRUTH for our often unpopular support of you!


  10. Landslide says:

    Lou Dobbs better take a chill pill right now, because you know he’s going to blow a gasket over this! Bring it on, Lou! We know you’ve read this!

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    • I have to say, though I often mention Lou Dobbs as the only talking head I watch regularly on TV, I was strongly disappointed in his show today, in which he endorsed Graham’s questioning of Rosenstein, although it was, to me, weak tea (and properly so, since as Sundance has pointed out above, it was DELIBERATELY so). Dobbs brought up what he said was contradictory earlier testimony to Rosenstein’s by lawyer James Baker, as if that were enough to get people’s attention to this ongoing treason. It is NOT, Lou Dobbs. You fell far short of nailing Rosenstein for his lese majeste crimes in authorizing factually unsupported criminal investigation of the President — yet taking it so lightly as to “joke” about removing the President through 25th Amendment process. You and all your partners in treason are the jokes — dark, dark jokes upon your high offices.

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  11. billybob says:

    As James Madison spoke
    -“It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties. We hold this prudent jealousy to be the first duty of Citizens and one of the noblest characteristics of the late Revolution. The free men of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise and entangled the question in precedents. They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle.”
    In short – lock and load

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  12. dufrst says:

    Sundance has a lot of great and critical questions but the Senate GOP is clueless. I wish someone of knowledge could really be in charge of that committee. Grassley could have been but he’s past his prime. Graham is simply whistling past the graveyard. He’s a swamp creature through and through.

    The only credible people out there are the House GOP but they are out of power, Sidney Powell, Ric Grenell and DNI Ratcliffe. I have no idea about Durham and Barr is questionable, albeit better than Sessions by miles.

    The media and the Swamp will protect Obama at all costs. Unless Trump gets his personnel in which he has been unable to do with the exception of Ric Grenell and Ratcliffe and if one of the conspirators is working with Durham and it’s clear from today’s testimony, Rosenstein is not working with Durham, I am afraid this will not go anywhere.

    I’m afraid that the swamp is so deep, that even Flynn won’t be able to get air until Trump pardons him. I have very little confidence in the DC Circuit because even if the panel overturns Sullivan, he can appeal the decision to the full court. That court is still liberal despite Trump’s many appointments. They will surely overturn the panel and Sullivan will get to do his trial. Of course, Sidney Powell will appeal to the Supreme Court, but that would put Flynn’s fate in the hands of John Roberts. I have no allusions about Roberts doing the right thing.

    This is truly a sad realization of the fact that we are in a tyranny. Trump frankly is powerless because he is just one man in a gigantic system that despises him. Without the two things I mention earlier, he doesn’t have a prayer that all of it will come to light. Even if he declassified everything, you think the media will cover it?

    Sorry for the pessimism. I know Trump will fight to the end and we have fighters like Flynn and Powell and Grenell. But it might not be enough without more fighters and a conspirator turning on the conspiracy.

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    • coltlending says:


      Didn’t the Democrats put up a bunch of Lawyers to ask questions at some hearing?

      Why wasn’t Mark Levin asking his own questions and those SD has put forth?

      I’ll tell you why.

      Just about everyone who’s been in DC more then 6 years is through and through bought and paid for by the likes of Soros & China and the MIC.

      Then there’s the ones down stream.

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      • GB Bari says:

        To the “bought and paid for by the likes of ” list, please add the United States Chamber of Commerce (USCoC) since they are year after year the HIGHEST spending lobby in Washington DC.


    • NevadaSmith says:

      Durst, fear not, Sullivan has NO standing to appeal anything! He is in the judiciary. not the executive. Appellate court won’t recognize him as a valid party with a right to appeal.

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    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      The Deep State will eventually let Flynn go but not before November. They will move heaven and earth so that Flynn doesn’t become an asset for Trump’s reelection campaign.

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  13. trnathens says:

    It’s up to PDJT now.

    I have faith in Him.

    I believe in God, good.

    I believe with all my heart that Love overcomes hate, Good overcomes evil, and the Truth shall set us all free.

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  14. Winston says:

    Not that a sufficient number of Americans were paying enough attention anyway to the incredible depth required to recognize the perpetual Uniparty scam once again so clearly revealed today even without a pandemic and insurrection in progress…………..

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  15. So will the Senate vote no on the 53 additional witness subpoenas?


  16. Derangement Syndrome says:

    “Trust RR”


    People who write for a certain media company pushed that lie until today, wow.


  17. Derangement Syndrome says:

    “Trust RR”


    People who write for a certain media company pushed that lie until today, wow.


  18. Peter says:

    Summary; if things continue as they are we will soon see Americans in gulags for wrongthink.

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  19. dow40kby2024 says:

    Cold Anger…… We know AG Barr.


  20. Drogers says:

    Mr. Rosenstein speaks openly about his complete failure to conduct due diligence.

    We don’t necessarily expect Republicans to explore every possible scenario under every rock but good gosh; do you have to spend 90% of your time discussing subjects of no importance whatsoever?

    I anticipated some gaps in relevances but a day spent smokin and jokin for the cameras and folks back home.

    #notdisappointed #mad

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    • MagaMia says:

      Agree, Drogers. Democrat Mazie Hirono did more damage today than collectively most of the Republican questioners, with Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz as notable exceptions.

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  21. Bryan Alexander says:

    I watched 5 or 10 minutes and turned it off. It was a waste of time.

    Congress can shed the light on bad practices. That is it. It is RARE for Congress to find information and submit referrals to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution that the justice department does not know about. I wondered if Lindsay Graham was interested in actually trying to find NEW information. The hearing today made clear that he has no interest in finding any new information.

    Graham wants this to all go away because it threatens several of the Senators. **** You cannot threaten Senators for any reason. They are the Club of the 100 Most Powerful People In the World. They are the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body. Threaten US???? ****

    After watching Rosenstein for 5 minutes, it is clear that the entirety of the Deep State has made the decision to have Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page as the “fall guys” for this. If anyone ends up being prosecuted for wrong doing in Obamagate, it is their intent that it be these three and no one else. Comey knows too much. Everyone else is too “under the radar” to generate any public outcry to prosecute.

    Barr is finding out WHAT happened, but will likely do nothing because the entirety of the Deep State will focus on destroying him and anyone who dares to challenge them. Ditto for any US Attorney who would attempt to indict anyone. Their career would be toast.

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  22. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • Why isn’t Clinesmith (sp?) charged and sitting in confinement facing years in the federal pen pending his decision whether he wants to cooperate in exchange for his truthful testimony regarding his role in this fiasco? That’s exactly what Mueller did after manufacturing process crimes in the absence of an underlying predicate.

      WTF is Barr / Durham doing beside further destroying our confidence in the rule of law?

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      • starfcker says:

        Great post, Clivis. And why aren’t James Wolfe and Combetta sitting right next to him contemplating the same thing? Oh yeah that’s right, we don’t have an Attorney General. Or an FBI director. All we got is a bunch of guys who are going to huff, and puff, and blow your house down. Next week.

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    • goldvalkyrie says:

      I disagree that Cruz “cornered and killed.” So Cruz doesn’t believe that RR was “complicit” but incompetent; why does Cruz let RR off the hook by saying he believes RR is incompetent and “not” complicit? Am I missing something, because everything I have read shows that RR is complicit, and if that is correct, then Cruz is part of a cover up.

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      • GB Bari says:

        If you listen to how Sen.Cruz couched his question, despite him saying that he did not believe RR was complicit, Cruz asked RR if he was negligent (after knowing the facts) or just unaware (i.e., ignorant) of the facts. Sen.Cruz did not give RR a positive option there.

        IMHO Sen.Cruz was being polite, because it sounded to me like Cruz might think RR definitely WAS complicit but tried to maintain some decorum in the hearing and found another way to ask the question.


  23. Graham had to limit his questions as a condition for democrats to even allow him the inquiry. Republican leadership in Congress is ball-less. Has been for decades as a condition for their allowed existence. The Romans used eunuchs. Republicans fearful of the progressive media understand that to stand up too straight will bring the wrath down upon them and cancel their office.


    • 28angelica28 says:

      Excuse me, I thought Limp Lindsey was in the Republican controlled Senate. What has that got to do with the democraps allowing him the inquiry? Are they now controlled by Nazi Nanzi? This is insanity.
      If the American public, at least those of us educated in the underhandedness that the demoncraps are doing, knows the questions to ask, why do we keep electing idiots who are either too stupid to know or are too corrupt to care?

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    • jaxnix says:

      You would almost think that the Republicans have forgotten they’re not under a consent decree anymore.


  24. Elle says:

    The narrative has been established:

    “Rod Rosenstein blames FBI while defending Russia probe”.

    Get that? All those tortured quotes by RR today were about creating the headline that RR defended the Russia probe. Not a hoax. No sir.

    Summary: Motives were pure, honest mistakes were made, corrective action already taken. IF The law was broken, it was the FBI’s fault and Comey, McCabe Strzok need to be drawn and quartered to assuage the American public. Obama is to be protected Cause it wasn’t Nixon. The final sentence of article: “ Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), who said Obama left the White House with ‘grace’.”


    • Specifically, “The Empero’s New Grace”…

      but Mommy, he doesn’t have any grace at all…he tried to destroy his elected successor, with every weapon he could forge out of the maimed souls infesting all of his agencies.

      Obama’s soul is screaming out to us all, “We don’t need no stink-ing grace!”

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    • GB Bari says:

      Obama left the White House with grace?
      Is “grace” the new codename for ‘listening devices’ ?
      Because everyone will recall that President Trump had to do some quick renovations that involved walls……


  25. Derangement Syndrome says:


    In light of Jeff Carlson’s tweets defending Rod Rodentstein today (and in the past), what are the odds that Rod’s office was feeding Jeff all those scoops he got over the past 2 years?

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  26. cardo says:

    Was Rod the weasel under oath?


  27. berniekopell says:

    Lindsey had his moment in the Kavanaugh hearings but since then has been promising a lot and delivering zilch on FISA abuse, other than today’s relatively useless show hearing. When a Democrat from Hawaii is the only one to inquire about Rosenweasel wearing a wire, you know it’s time to flush.

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    • Winston says:

      “you know it’s time to flush”

      It was time to flush a long time ago. 3.5 years with zero SpyGate perps prosecuted and now this obvious farce.


  28. Trumpeter says:

    Never trust a Never Trumper!

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  29. Trumpeter says:

    Never trust a Never Trumper!

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  30. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    The Donald and his people aren’t depending on pathetic Lindsey Graham to bring sunshine to the Coup. Graham is fraud just like his buddy John McCain.

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  31. Robert Dobson says:

    John McCain served as the conduit through which the dossier made its way from contacts in Halifax to James Comey. Lindsey Graham was always a bit too cozy with John McCain. I watched 10 minutes of this unimaginative drivel. It wasn’t a hearing – it was a show.

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  32. David K Peers says:

    So what’s going on? Esper goes against White House policy in extensive media interviews, Mattis comes out with scathing Trump criticism, Obama does a televised national address telling the protestors to keep protesting, the NYTimes and WaPo issue bogus news bulletins saying Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work (ignoring the Journal of American Epidemiology report that says it does) and the Senate buries RussiaGate.

    Coup d’état?


    • G. Alistar says:

      Coincidence….except for the media types. The NYT, WaPo, CNN, ETC., fill every waking minute consumed with hatred for the President. Hate, emotion and anger has blinded them. Mattis? Esper?


  33. The public hearing was about what you expect from these things, 5 mins each led to not a whole lot being able to be fleshed out, mainly a show for Senators to pump up their profiles.

    Chairman Graham from the outset made it clear he didn’t believe Rosenstein was part of a conspiracy to remove the President (I agree with this) and determined McCabe’s “team” was the main problem. (I also agree with this)

    I don’t carry much hope the public hearings will be of much use from this committee, the behind-the-doors depositions where Senate Judiciary staffers dig deeper will be where the real information will be gathered – let’s hope the transcripts are expeditiously released when they occur.

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    • Mr e man says:

      Rosenstein was clearly in on it. His role was to execute the recusal, the firing of Comey, and the appointment of the Special Counsel. A trifecta of coup culpability.

      He’s a crook. Don’t let the mild manner fool you.

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  34. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    If today’s minstrel show wasn’t enough to convince everyone Pres Trump’s “party” continues to collude and remove him from office “permanently”, coupled with NeverTrumpers (née Bush) creating a PAC supporting Biden….should anyone need further evidence, catch Mark Esper’s disgusting press conference.

    I’m not speaking about the obvious, wherein Esper essentially called a presser to disavow an order from HIS Commander in Chief. That was bad enough, but when he took q’s, pay close attention. He was literally READING his answers to their questions. Reading them as in the coordination between Esper and the Press, ala Donna Brazille/HRC. They don’t even try to hide it.

    For the life of me, I can’t think of worse picks for Trump cabinet positions other than if he kept Valerie Jarrett, Ben Rhodes, Kerry etc. on in his admin.


  35. fishon2016 says:

    So is really anyone on this site shocked by any of this at all. We have been shown over and over how bad it is. Just look at the last couple of months. This will never see any light in the normal way it should. It appears that there are way more bought off politicians that believed. I know this will sound weird but I now look at what they are wearing in the news shows. Thousand dollar suits many thousand dollar suits. Just me I am not shocked thanks to Sundance I have seen the light and nothing they do shocks me anymore. Thank you Sundance.


  36. parleyvous says:

    Trump should hire Sydney Powell or someone to sue DOJ and FBI. Discovery process would be damning and hard to cover up.


  37. Disgusted says:

    Rosenstein needs to go to jail or be hung for treason!

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  38. Mr e man says:

    Graham isn’t the only R on that committee. Why are our Senators not up to speed on all of this? The Wolfe decision question was red meat when he said he was troubled about FISA leaks. If they don’t know it they are sad. If they know it and avoided it they are corrupt.

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  39. Johnny says:

    The saddest thing of all, if we were able to put together a tea party like march on DC, I promise you that Barr would

    1. Use every camera to do facial recognition on us.
    2. We would then have a Fisa warrant signed and and in effect within 24 hours
    3. Every National Guard unit on the east coast would be waiting with locked and loaded scary AR-16 fully automatic rifles. Not to mention much other equipment they have not used on looters and rioters.
    4. We would have a swat team raid our homes before daylight. Pointing loaded weapons at our family.
    5. After a trial that lasted all of 5 minutes we would shipped off to GITMO because we are white conservative extremists that are not worthy of communist re-education.
    6. The organizers would be tried for treason and sedition, and hung to deter further uprising in America, the land of the free.

    If you think this is not possible, then you are very naive to what I government has become. The Coup was pulled a long time ago.


  40. Rod Rosenstein convicted himself and revealed the entire FISA mechanism as being corrupt.

    Accept the Win


  41. Cjones1 says:

    The Senate Committee paid lip service.
    Rod Rosenstein was taking to Bruce Ohr & Christopher Steele in December 2016 (before his appointment in 2017 as Deputy AG) when the pair met at the Mayflower Hotel. That was revealed, as I recall, in Bruce Ohr’s remarks revealed with Judicial Watch’s FOIA releases.
    Steny Hoyer’s meeting with Ohr & Steele in later releases.
    Rosenstein should have been asked what he knew, who also knew, if he revealed this to the Trump administration, and if he talked to any of the Russian collusion investigation team conspirators about this before defining the scope of Mueller’s investigation. Mueller and his former Obama administration colleagues committed official misconduct, corrupt acts, and criminal acts in their efforts to undermine the Trump administration.
    Rosenstein was given a pass today although it is clear to many that he was part of the problem. This Senate hearing today was not part of the solution.


  42. gymcy81 says:

    Dear Senate Committee,

    You – and the testimonies – are approximately 3 years late, and $30 million short on this 20/20 hindsight inquiry. As such, the delayed theater does not look good to either side, nor in between, of the theatre.

    The FBI got pointed out as the villain. (but not the funder$ of false report(s) etc. etc. etc.)
    What’s next on the 20 yr. long dc obfuscation playground?
    Someone else will point fingers back at the doj?
    [ doj, fbi etc. guess whom is supposed to help, be accountable for equal ‘justice’ at the time that it is occurring. ]

    Timely truths would be better – yesterday.
    [ and the information was available. Remember, you have an “intelligence” subcommittee too? ]

    love thy neighbors


  43. Heika says:

    Sen Whitehouse is asking THE RIGHT QUESTION here, but he may not like the actual answer!!


  44. digleigh says:

    Can these 2 articles of analysis regarding DNC plans, and deepstate freaking 4 yr.coverup continuing longer be more depressing?? That along with Republicans critiquing every da– second of every breath, of everything this President does?? Could we ask for the next 3 or so months PLEASE to realize that if Trump is NOT REELECTED , AND SENATE LOST OR HOUSE STAYS IN DEMS hands, these violent nuts will be in charge , and everyone in American cities will be in danger..Unfortunately, because of the poor public pro-groupthink Marxist education and anti-American, fake news Marxist media, and manipulations by Soros groups, and fatherless or absent father youth, they will embrace the lie as the racehustlers just get richer and richer , and race hustling lawyers milk the victims families…I AM SICK…..God help us all, or just bring on the end of civilization…..


  45. lawton says:

    I love Powell giving some reality to the Rosenstein is a white hat crowd.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. inspectorudy says:

    I watched enough of this fiasco today to realize that Senate hearings are a complete joke. It is all about them and their egos. If it hadn’t been for Cruz, and Hawley there would not have been any hard questions asked by the cowardly R’s. The idiot from Hawaii actually asked a hard question about Rosenstein wearing a wire when he met with Trump. WTF were the Republican hard balls? I will state here and now that if it weren’t for AG Barr and Durham and Grenell, we would never know anything about this sedition. We sure as hell will never learn anything from this group of RINOs!


  47. Doug Amos says:

    Soft karma and truth is wasted on the left at all times and that is just what this baloney added up to; a waste of time, to no one’s surprise. We already know who is guilty; Sundance takes care of all that for us and much to their discomfort, they know we know; Durham and Barr included. The hardware today was the jobs report; that is something everyone can take to the vote box and it was excellent. Still betting on President Trump; somehow, some way, he is going to get us through this.


  48. itsspiritual says:

    We are in this place because Christians compromised on Gods law and counsel. We allowed these luciferians to convince the nation that Gods Word was not the bedrock of what’s moral and just. It started with the jezebel spirit inspired feminist movement, reveling against Gods order of Christ over man over woman over children. Look around, and see the end result of woman being in leadership over men in all things, and most egregiously in the church. This Heretical church and society has normalized vile sin like homosexuality and God is ignored by even those who claim to follow him. I’m sure some of the same will attack my post and tell me I’m hateful as they reflexively do. I will stand on the Word if God and hopefully there are enough of us left to save what’s left of our undermined nation. Return to truth and prayer, speak Biblical truth to a world that is in dire need. In Jesus name!


  49. Cowboy Vito says:

    ‘The dog that didn’t bark’ from Conan Doyle, maybe my favorite author.
    ‘The questions not asked.’


    • oldguy05 says:

      I never realized how much Spicer sounds like Pee Wee Herman until now.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Rthuba says:

        The moment they stated “Committee” vs. “Grand Jury” – Everyone knew it was a continuation of the slow drip of nothing. ALL of the documents point to the same thing so “Asking questions as if they aren’t already known, is cover.”

        Liked by 3 people

        • Marsha Frey says:

          I’ve never looked to a Congressional hearing as a truthful quest. The hearings of Nadler and Schiff were nothing short of sedition – yet they were permitted and led to impeachment. Graham flows where he thinks it benefits him – always has. Any “buddy” of John McCain had some serious flaws in their thinking and Graham is a perfect example. I had great faith in Trey Gowdy all though the early hearings, but his “defending Mueller, telling the public Mueller was to be trusted” and we believed Gowdy ended in a huge disappointment. I look at anything most of these earlier Reps/Senators said/did during the time we had both houses as questionable. Many have been shown to be less than honorable. My only hope is in Trump, Barr, Durham and several of the U.S. Attorneys appointed by Barr. They are the only thing standing between the Constitution and the death of this great document — which takes America with it should these men lose.

          Liked by 2 people

        • clive hoskin says:

          Graham is the same as the Rooster.All hat and no cattle.


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