Rod Rosenstein Testifies Tomorrow at 10:00am – What Questions Would You Ask?

Rod Rosenstein is scheduled to publicly testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow morning at 10:00am EDT.  This testimony is important because it will either begin a larger reveal, or we should be able to identify whether Chairman Lindsey Graham is positioning to bury all the background events.

With that in mind, what questions would you like to see asked by the committee?

Rosenstein was at the epicenter of the ‘insurance policy’ phase of the coup against President Trump after his inauguration.

Rosenstein authorized the 2017 special counsel under very sketchy circumstances.  There are some indications Rosenstein is going to take the “mistakes were made” approach, and attempt to position himself as a victim of circumstances that were generally beyond his control.

We have over two dozen documented contacts between Rosenstein and Robert Mueller before the special counsel was launched.  The first contact was a phone call the morning after former FBI Director James Comey was fired.  Literally hours after Comey was fired, based -in part- on a letter written by the former DAG recommending the firing, Rosenstein was coordinating the appointment of the special counsel to investigate President Trump.

You could spend several hours of inquiry into just that part of the decision-making process alone; without even touching the ramifications of his role in the Carter Page FISA applications and what came next.   Rosenstein was also the principle influence agent in 2018 who told President Trump not to declassify any documents requested by congress or POTUS would be facilitating an ‘obstruction’ charge against the office of the President.

Yeah, Rosenstein has a lot to answer for.

The Mueller investigation was used by corrupt interests within the special counsel’s office to threaten any/all executive branch and congressional officials with “obstruction of justice” charges if they revealed any exculpatory or counter-narrative information during the Mueller probe.  Former AAG Matt Whitaker calls this the “obstruction of justice trap”, and outlined how even he was threatened by Mueller and Rosenstein.

As outlined by Whitaker, the special counsel was used in 2017, 2018 and into the beginning of 2019, as a shield (hide information); and secondly a weapon (threats) against any entity who would reveal the background intelligence that undercut the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

AG Barr has recently said the DOJ/FBI conduct during the first two years of the administration “was abhorrent” and “a grave injustice.”  How does that statement reconcile with Barr’s prior comments toward Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein when they were the principle decision-makers behind those abuses?

Rosenstein also was in charge of the July 2018 response from the DOJ to the FISA court where both the DOJ and FBI lied to the court about the predicate of the FISA warrant’s validity a full fifteen months after the DOJ and FBI were aware the underlying predicate was built upon fraudulent representations.  There’s another several hours.

Additionally, and adverse to the interests of Lindsey Graham, Rosenstein -together with DC Attorney Jessie Liu- was the architect of the agreement not to prosecute SSCI Security Director James Wolfe for leaking classified ‘top-secret’ documents (the FISA warrant) to reporter Ali Watkins.

Within the Wolfe story the corruption within the Senate intelligence committee surfaces.  Chairman Graham likely will not want to touch that issue, but there’s more than a few hours of inquiry justified.

What was the purpose of the expanded scope memos; including the still hidden third scope memo written October 20, 2017, that allowed Mueller to target Michael Flynn Jr. in the effort to coerce General Flynn into a plea agreement?

Under what principle was Rosenstein acting when he expanded the scope of Mueller on August 2nd and October 20th?

Then you get into the ridiculous indictment of Russian actors (Concord LLC Inc.) that was a completely fabricated pretense, created seemingly only to give some sketchy justification for the Mueller probe’s origin.  How was the special counsel team communicating that activity and under what pretext was Rosenstein convinced to even pursue indictments the DOJ was later forced to drop because of their false pretense?

Rosenstein was also the primary person who blocked the production of documents to congress during their investigation of the Russia collusion-conspiracy nonsense.  What justification does Rosenstein carry for blocking the production of those documents?

You see, Rosenstein is found at the heart of corrupt activity within the DOJ, and by extension the Mueller investigation.   His testimony will either begin the reveal of the story, or his testimony will be purposefully shaped to avoid sunlight and shape public knowledge of the truth behind the events.

What questions do you want to see asked?

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329 Responses to Rod Rosenstein Testifies Tomorrow at 10:00am – What Questions Would You Ask?

  1. GTOGUY says:

    Why did you sign a FISA warrant without knowing that the Woods file was accurate.?

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    • hokkoda says:

      I think even simpler, “Is this your signature on this FISA application, Mr. Rosenstein?” Keep it simple. Don’t ask too many “why” questions. Ask lots of when, who, where, what and how types of questions. “Why” questions always lead you back to their pat answer, “We were only doing what we thought was best for the country at the time.”

      Don’t ask “why”. The best questions to ask require more basic yes/no types of declarative statements, and do not allow him to expound.

      “I don’t recall” doesn’t help the coup plotters as much because there’s too much of a paper trail.

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      • regitiger says:

        the why questions ARE important.

        as you are aware, all GOOD prosecutors already KNOW the correct answers to the questions. (yes, I know the senate is not prosecutorial in this capacity, but follow the logic)

        you ask them for a variety of reasons:

        a. get it on record, under oath.
        b. by asking the questions, you are directly intimating that YOU DO KNOW THE CORRECT ANSWERS…Someone like Rosenstein, a legal type (vomits in mouth quite a bit) knows the angles.
        c. opens to cross examination by creating an opening. Down the dark halls where the secrets and truths are buried.
        d. lets the opposition KNOW…we are not playing softball.
        e. Informs the public, we are not leaving anything on the table.

        Of course, he will 5th..and that’s okay..hilary did it too, and cost her MUCH!

        this case at this point is being measured in the court of public opinion…all sides…

        seeing and “feeling” the expressions, tone, measure, tempo and bead sweat is useful in collecting the kind of responses that he will produce as reaction.

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  2. FishtheDish says:

    Ole Miss LG has been taking heat lately for all talk no do. I agree that we will know quickly in the questioning whether they are trying to get to the bottom of this or if it is a whitewash. Regarding questions – it needs to be a well thought out sequence. Starting with answers that you already know (and that RR knows you know) and then work your way forward. If done well he will start taking the fifth and then we will all know.

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  3. MelH says:

    In a unique sign of appreciation for all Grenell did in just a few months to tear down the wall of secrecy hiding the flaws of the Russia probe against Trump and implement rare transparency in the intelligence world, Trump gave the long-time U.S. diplomat his actual Cabinet Room chair.
    This is a quote from some article this morning but i wanted you to notice Grenell’s claim to fame was ” tearing down the wall of secrecy hiding the flaws of the Russia probe against Trump…”. The Coup is now “the Russia probe against Trump.” It will ever be thus because the Democrat characterization says so.What were the flaws of the Russia probe against Trump? I didn’t know Russia had a flawed probe against Trump, did you?

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  4. Angel Martin says:

    Ask Rosenstein under oath if he is, or has knowledge of, NYT Anonymous.

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  5. Joemama says:

    Was it worth it, Rod?

    I’ll expect an answer in about 4 years, if you are a still viable piece of protoplasm.


  6. johnnyfandango says:

    When you asked if you were going to be fired and proceeded to whimper and cower under your desk. Did you #1 or #2 yourself or both?


  7. maggiemoowho says:

    I’d ask Rosenstein, “how much did the devil(Obama) pay you for your soul”.

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  8. Where has Weiner’s laptop been?
    Where has Weiner’s lap been?
    Where has Weiner been?

    Remember, you’re under oath so please lie. Please.

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  9. Tess from Philly says:

    Is there any indication that Rod might plead the 5th?


    • Revelation says:

      He either pleads the 5th in entirety or he folds like a cheap suit and gets Arkanacided.

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    • hokkoda says:

      It depends on whether he has already cut a deal with Durham. If he sings, he knows he’s in the clear, so why not just spill. Right? I don’t think it is an accident the extent to which RR’s actions in the coup have been exhaustively redacted for 3+ years now. That might have been part of the deal. He talks and they protect him.

      These guys are all super-arrogant. They know the DOJ’s favorite three words with respect to DOJ employees are “declines to prosecute”. McCabe, Comey, Strzok, etc. They’ve all got a version of that letter. So, he probably goes in with the attitude of the Russians duped them, and they were all just trying to do their best for Mother Country under very difficult circumstances.

      That’s why I would avoid “why” types of questions and focus on “when”. It is hard to understand the coup without layering the FBI, DOJ, IC and Media actions to see how this was all orchestrated.

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  10. Ockham's Phaser says:

    Mr Rosenstein, Why did you find it necessary to send 29 heavily armed FBI agents to raid his home in the middle of the night and arrest an unarmed Roger Stone … for a process crime?

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  11. Bubby says:

    Did your wife Lisa Barsoomian work for R. Craig Lawrence during the Mueller investigation?
    Has R. Craig Lawrence represented Mr. Mueller in the past? How many times?
    Why didn’t you recuse yourself from the Mueller investigation due to the obvious conflicts your wife presented with Mueller leading the investigation?

    Something like that but I’m not a lawyer.

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  12. Shyster says:

    All I know is that I’m gonna vomit and then cold rage when Miss Lindsey starts and thanks Ratenstein for his years of dedicated public service and each and every time each scumbag senator does the same.

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  13. Mr e man says:

    You were right in the middle of all this. When are you going to tell the complete truth of what was going on?

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  14. ericsrightsock says:

    Top or bottom bunk Rod ?

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  15. MACAULAY says:

    Every question should be calculated to allow him to lay the blame on others. He MAY be prepared to do that, as it looks like the FBI will be the fall guys here. Like McCabe.

    If someone more competent were involved than Senators, the questions would also be calculated to let him lay blame OR take the 5th. But, the Senators aren’t up to that, and don’t have the time, anyway. Nevertheless, watch Hawley—he is a rising star who has hopefully not been in Washington long enough to have been bought.

    I would want to develop who brought up him wearing a wire into the Oval Office, and who brought up the use of the 25th amendment, and what could have been the attitude of the people involved to talk like that over the firing of an FBI Director who served at the Discertion of the President—and who is/was corrupt as hell, to boot. .

    It all sounds like Sedition, and he should have to explain why it was not—or take the 5th.

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    • hokkoda says:

      Yep. I think the “when” questions are most important to establish what was done and who was doing it. As the acting AG, he was in the catbird’s seat able to see it all. Mueller reported to RR, for example. This puts the squeeze on people who testify later just like you said.

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  16. Chump Change says:

    Would you like your noose in nylon or polyester.


  17. lcsteel says:

    Another Rino dog and pony show…. I expect Rosenstein received the questions a week ago.
    Barrs praise of this little weasel is a big reason why I think Barr is corrupt.


  18. EC says:

    Did Obama know the FBI was illegally spying on the Trump campaign?

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  19. Mike in a Truck says:

    Well I have a question for Lindsey the Limp Hearted: are you going to put Ros under oath? If not there will be no further participation from me. It’s all a magic show at that point.

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  20. Pale rider says:

    Something like “when did you stop beating your wife”. Whatever the questions need to come from Elise Stefanik.

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  21. Vincent Piotet says:

    With due love & respect:
    “principle influence agent” = ouch !!!!
    *** principle = noun; principal = adjective ***

    For example:
    I’m sure the Dems will lose big time in 2020.
    Why, you ask ? The principal reason is their total lack of principles.

    BTW Thank you a lot for your insightful articles – they provide so much understanding !

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  22. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    If Rod answers any questions and doesn’t plead the fifth it’s probably a bad sign.

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    • wcmcgirt says:

      With all that he’s involved in, lying to Congress is the least of his problems. I look for him to lie like a Persian rug.

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      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        I wouldn’t think Rod would be worried about lying to Congress either……

        More like who is not there…


  23. nimrodman says:

    Mr. Rosenstein:

    It’s been reported that you made a comment about “wearing a wire” to a meeting with President Trump.

    What would have been your intent in “wearing a wire”?

    Would your intent in “wearing a wire” have been to entrap President Trump?

    If you had indeed decided to “wear a wire” to a meeting with President Trump, what type of device did you have in mind at the time you discussed “wearing a wire”?

    Did you have in mind a common device such as a mobile phone or small dictating recorder?

    If it were a specialized listening / recording / transmitting device you had in mind, who would have provided such a device to you?

    Did you have such a specialized device in your possession at the time you discussed “wearing a wire”?

    In your May 16, 2017 meeting with the President when you were accompanied by Robert Mueller, did you or Mr. Mueller or anyone else in your party employ any listening / recording / transmitting device?

    It’s been reported that Robert Mueller “left a phone behind” at that May 16 meeting. Was that phone configured or used as a listening / recording / transmitting device?

    Did you and/or Robert Mueller attempt to entrap the President at that May 16 meeting by using a listening / recording / transmitting device?

    Did you and/or Robert Mueller record or transmit audio of the President at that May 16 meeting by using a listening / recording / transmitting device?

    Did Robert Mueller disclose to you that he was going to emply – or actually had employed – a listening / recording / transmitting device at that May 16 meeting with the President?

    Did you and Robert Mueller discuss prior to that May 16 meeting your intent or strategy to record or transmit audio of the President by using a listening / recording / transmitting device?

    Did you and anyone else, at any time, discuss an intent or strategy to record or transmit audio of the President by using a listening / recording / transmitting device?

    If so, who and when?

    What was the setting?

    An actual attorney could tighten these up to make them bulletproof, but the idea is to ask the questions in several different ways so he can’t squirrell out of all of them on syntax.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Mr. Rosenstein:

      Have you EVER employed a listening / recording / transmitting device in conversation without the other party being aware of it?

      If so, who and when?
      What was the setting?

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  24. TexSwede says:

    1. How can you say with any confidence that Russia hacked the DNC’s emails when neither the FBI nor the DOJ ever physically inspected the server?
    2. Crowdstrike testified under oath they found no evidence that any emails were actually taken – just that the server had been compromised. How then can that be the foundation for stating this was the source of the access?
    3. Did the fact that Crowdstrike had conflicts of interest due to work for the DNC et al and their CEO’s demonstrated bias give you any concern? Those issues alone should have made their report unacceptable.
    4. Oh, and why didn’t the FBI demand a full, unredacted report from Crowdstrike on their findings.
    5. Are you crooked, incompetent or both?

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  25. PMadison says:

    RR is likely to believe lying will help him. He should be reminded before each question that there may be evidence available that could contradict anything he says that is not 100% truthful.

    Then: “Were there ever ANY discussions that you are aware of or were party to that discussed how Mueller’s investigation might influence the 2018 midterm elections? Please elaborate in full.”

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    • PMadison says:

      “Mr Rosenstein, have you ever had a discussion with anyone about Seth Rich? If so, please characterize those conversations in full detail.”

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  26. TexSwede says:

    Oh, and let Sidney Powell do all the questioning for the Republican Senators.

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  27. No mention anywhere about lying scumbag hrc testifying today about some of her crimes.
    I guess the riots are doing the job intended.
    God it is scary what these evil criminals will do to stay out of jail….

    Imagine if it were a former Republican anyone in this same situation…..You would hear NOTHING ELSE on the so called news today and all night.

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  28. HillCountryTexan says:

    Most likely he has already been given the questions or at least the direction the questioning will take for this latest version of Kabuki theater brought to us by the U.S. Senate.

    Hawley or Kennedy may ask pointed questions but most questions will be the equivalent of:

    Hey Rod…what’s your favorite color?
    Do you prefer mustard or mayo?

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  29. scrap1ron says:

    The only questions I have for this seditious bastard are what he wants for his last meal and if he’d like a blindfold.

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  30. Chewbarkah says:

    Rosenstein needs to be forced to divulge who actually wrote “his” SC appointment document, the August 2, 2017 scope expansion memo, and all subsequent scope memos. You can bet he did not write them himself, beyond perhaps copying scripts supplied to him. I’m also curious on what happened to the 5th victim in the August 2, 2017 memo. Even if the person’s identity is a secret, why were they put on the list? What was the suspected “crime”? What became of it?

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  31. Uncle Al says:

    Mr. Rosenstein, you were responsible for, had a leadership role in, or participated in an extraordinary number of fraudulent or at best deeply flawed endeavors. The sheer number, scope, and complexity of all of these activities must have consumed all your waking hours. This leads to my question:

    During your two plus years as United States Deputy Attorney General from April 2017 until May 2019, what did you ever do right?

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  32. “Mr. Rosenstein, approximately when did you realize you are a disgusting slimy weasel?”


  33. Koot Katmando says:

    I have not had a chance to read the responses. But the first question I would ask is when did you know there was no creditable evidence for collusion? Then destroy him when you can show there never was a case right on TV in front of his mother. Show the world he had to know there was not case yet he appointed the SC anyway. Then haul him out and lock him up. He should be hung along with the others.

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  34. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    Has anyone ever told you, that you look like Barney Fife?

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  35. Orson says:

    Questions? I allot my time to the Honorable Ted Cruz from Texas. Keep an eye on him. He’ll be loaded for bear…and Graham will have to, somehow, limit his time.

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  36. Doug Amos says:

    “Where do you want to have lunch Roddy?”


  37. romy911 says:

    I’m going to borrow a question from this really smart guy on Twitter:

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  38. Patience says:

    Rod, What do you know about the death of Seth Rich?
    Did you have anything to do with (in any way) with Seth Rich being attacked or murdered?

    Have you read, heard or know about a man who goes by johnheretohelp on twitter?
    Did you have anything to do with any of the allegations he has tweeted about you?

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  39. John says:

    Can you tell the truth?

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  40. California Joe says:

    What role or influence did Rosenstein have in getting Jeff Sessions to recluse himself since he never had any contact with the Russian ambassador other than a few social functions sponsored by the State Department and attended by a hundred other Congressmen????

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  41. Bulldog84 says:

    Miss Lindsey will undoubtedly limit the scope of the questioning in ways we cannot even imagine.

    I suppose Uranium One will be off limits.


  42. Carter Page has stated publicly that he’s had a relationship with our CIA dating back decades and public records discovered revealed that he was a cooperating witness for the FBI in a criminal matter involving a Russian national as late as 2015. The FISA affidavit for Page doesn’t mention any of this and, to the contrary, asserts that he is a foreign agent working against the interests of our country.

    Did you know of Page’s long-standing affiliation with the CIA or his other patriotic efforts to help our country? If not, why not? And if not, why wasn’t he arrested as a spy based on the sworn assertions you attested to in the FISA applications?

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  43. BarclayMtnMan says:

    HP or FMJ?


  44. PMadison says:

    “Mr Rosenstein, when you accepted a post under Pres Trump, was it your intention to support his policy initiatives, or undermine them?”

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  45. Bogeyfree says:

    IMO The DOJ does not prosecute their own.

    RR walks and this is setup to lay the ground work and escape hatch being…….

    that mistakes were made, we had bad information and we need some new policies and procedures so this doesn’t happen ever again.

    I’ll be shocked if Lindsey even puts him under oath.


  46. WSB says:

    Were you a putz before the age of 21 or only after?


  47. David Vicknair says:

    Hemp, 3/4” or 1”?


  48. Q: Whose idea was it to have Patton command ghost armies when you ordered the amphibious assault on Mr. & Mrs. Stones’ fortified coastal positions at Del Boca Vista?

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  49. phillip jeffreys says:

    Should the gov’t record all your conversstions now given that the law firm you currently work for has an office in Moscow?

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  50. Judiciary says:

    Just who the h do you think you are?

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