President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing The White House…

Chopper pressers are the best pressers.  President Trump delivers remarks departing the White House to travel to Florida.  The President thanked the secret service agency for their actions securing the White House as organized Antifa riots, arson, looting and mayhem break out in every metropolitan area controlled by Democrats.


President Trump tweeted his review of the Antifa riots earlier today.

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89 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing The White House…

  1. Seneca the Elder says:

    #MAGA 2020&4EVER

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  2. TradeBait says:

    All I know is I will vote for whoever our VSG endorses for POTUS in 2024.

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  3. Jim Bowman says:

    Please, Mr.President! We need help now in Minneapolis and St.Paul. State and local leaders are so over their heads it’s scary.

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    • Sherryof texxas says:

      Jim, your gov has to ASK for federal help, our President can’t just send troops to take over. You city, county and state officials are in charge.

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      • FrankieZee says:

        AG Barr needs to classify ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization. The President needs to get them under control, before the elections. If not, this will look like child’s play compared to what is in store. I liked the way Trump said this was professional organized.

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      • Roni says:

        If feds intervene than the local, state officials are off the hook.
        PDJT, don’t take the bait.

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      • Trygve says:

        Like Sundance said, Trump needs to refuse Federal help this case.

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        • LafnH20 says:

          I agree, Trygve.
          We MUST Stop rewarding this kind of behavior…

          If bailed out – it only ARMS THEM to fight (Against U.S.) another day.

          “So the eagle, pierced by the bow-sped shaft, looked
          at the feathered device and said, “Thus, not by others,
          But by means of our own plumage are we slain”

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      • Toenail says:

        Voting in these incompetent people does have consequences.

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        • Raven says:

          As a Minnesotan I worked like a dog during the last election cycle to try and get competent people elected. It wasn’t until I got to know most of the candidates running that I realized only a couple of them really had the qualifications, the stamina, the backbone and the decency they professed to have in the beginning. Some of the politicians ended up being filthy dirty behind the scenes — while putting on a goodie-two-shoes face to the public.

          When Minnesota’s slate of Republicans running against Democrats lost in November 2018 it didn’t surprise me at all. God will not be mocked.

          God will not be mocked by people who publicly profess to love Him, then turn around and shake the devil’s hand and do all manner of evil. Maybe some candidates had a vision that was true and honorable in the beginning. But I truly believe “our” side lost in Minnesota long before the election even took place because most of our candidates purposely walked into the swamp, blinded by money and power.

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        • guest4ever says:

          Toenail—BINGO!!! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!


      • Beau Geste says:

        Request from the dem governor of the ‘great state of minnesota
        “WE need federal funding to serve ‘underserved’ people who live in areas which are ‘unserviced’ because of ‘racism’ for:
        new drug stores with more opiates,
        new grocery stores (there aren’t ANY),
        new department and retail stores ,
        new police station,
        new cars,
        molotov cocktails and bolt cutters.

        But there are plenty of new TVs and cell phones.

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  4. pageoturner says:

    Notice all the protests are in Democrat strongholds? I thought Democrats promised Utopia.

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  5. Dan Dan says:

    “So far we have good weather, we are go for launch today”

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  6. MAGA night at the White House tonight???🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  7. mallardcove says:

    Am I the only one who is suspicious of the perfect timing of the George Floyd incident? Not even a week passed after Biden’s “You Aint Black” gaffe. The black voters who were going to jump ship got a racially charged issue to re-direct them right back into the democrat bucket.

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    • RobD says:

      Yes! And likely to divert attention away from what’s been released regarding Flynn. Democrats and looney libs are desperately trying to shift the attention off of them and back on POTUS and conservatives.

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    • emet says:

      Most of the “protestors” would be calling 911 if they saw Floyd hanging around their neighborhood

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      • vikingmom says:

        I know a police officer in Seattle and he was called to a “suspicious person” call in one of the city’s more affluent (90%+ white) neighborhoods. When he arrived and asked what the person was doing that was suspicious, the homeowner said, “Well, he was just walking down the sidewalk and it seemed odd.” When asked why someone walking on a sidewalk was odd, the homeowner looked at the officer like he was an idiot and said, “Well, he was….you, know, black.”

        And I guarantee you, THESE are the people who are in downtown Seattle right now waving signs and calling the police “racist thugs”!

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    • vikingmom says:

      Truly an amazing coincidence how something like this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME there is dissension in the ranks, isn’t it? /sarc

      And when more info comes out later to show that things were not actually what they seemed in the beginning, the press will suddenly lose interest in the story and anyone who brings it up will either be ignored or vilified for “nit picking” little details (like the TRUTH) and not focusing on “the greater struggle”!

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    • Justin Burch says:

      I see Pallywood in this. George Floyd supposedly worked with the police officer who killed hi for 18 years with one in security and the other a bouncer. Watch the people who come to take the body away. Those are NOT paramedics. I don’t know know what they are. They look a lot like Pallywood actors. I am beginning to think this whole thing was another Mohammed Al Dura.

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      • billrla says:

        Justin Burch: I thought exactly the same about the video incident and the subsequent media pickup and public reaction, locally, and beyond. Staged incident.

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    • Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

      I’m suspicious as well. Many things don’t make sense that you see in that video and are hearing about after the fact…. There were only two cop cars and 4 officers there for 8 minutes before the ambulance arrived? No other police unit responded at least to block traffic?

      They interviewed the (kneeling) officers next door neighbors who looked to be retired. They said they didn’t know the guy was a cop. You would think they would have seen him in uniform at some point going to and from work?

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  8. BLaw says:

    I just remember the old days when the police effectively used the hard wooden batons. It’s time to start cracking some heads and faces. That will send a message loud and clear.

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  9. jus wundrin says:

    There needs to be a good investigation into who is funding/controlling these antfa terrorists. Get the NSA involved if need be. Its a good guess that its one of the soros open society groups, but I would not be surprised if some congress (D) types are involved too.

    Root em out, Mr. President!

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  10. Ninja7 says:

    When the President mentioned dogs, Did the shepherd that was honored at the White House, return back to his unit.? Just asking.

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  11. “Big crowd, professionally organized.” Sorry msm not your spontaneous concerned citizens.

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  12. Rj says:

    Let the Belgian Malinois and the non lethal crowd control weapons roam.


  13. Galahad says:

    Somebody said it well, you can be arrested for opening a business, but not for burning one down.. perfect!

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    • Mile in a Truck says:

      Hey…over here it’s me. Yer ol’ buddy CoronaVirus. Remember me? Thought we were tight what happened? Um, were still goin steady right…I mean we dont hang out togather no more. Like you dont wanna know me or something. After all we been through togather this is how you do me? Now I know how O.J. feels.

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  14. RobD says:

    Anytime the Dems and looney libs are losing in the media (Flynn, Obamagate, Spygate, Biden gaffes, Trump wins, etc., etc., etc., ) something grotesque happens, i.e., mass shooting, mass organized rioting, false narratives, Impeachment, Russia, COVID19, etc.


    This will continue so long as Pres Trump is in office. And he’ll get my vote again!

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  15. California Joe says:

    I posted this earlier today on the wrong thread. The Minneapolis medical examiner has reported that Floyd did NOT die from suffocation or asphyxiation! Preliminary findings point to drug intoxication, chronic heart and artery disease. The knee hold down is taught at the police academy by experts and is used a thousand times every day by police to subdue violent career criminals high on drugs like Floyd. Floyd was convicted of armed home invasion among other issues.

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    • Aeyrie says:

      I’d like to see a second, independent opinion on that, please. Minneapolis’ medical examiner should be unbiased, and I would like to think that person is, but he/she may not be. Obvious reasons.

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  16. Mike in a Truck says:

    Hitler expelled Antifa ( communists) from Germany. But we dont do things like that here.


  17. T2020 says:

    Pantifa has been pushing their domestic terrorism for 4 years! Why have they not been hauled in and disbanded already????

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  18. Rick554 says:

    Thank You GOD, for allowing PRESIDENT Donald J Trump be our President. And Please watch over our Men and Women in uniform and make sure they know how much we appreciate the job they do. Please steel our hearts for the long road ahead! Thy Will Be Done!!! REDHORSE!!!

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  19. Beau Geste says:

    The FISC issues ‘2-hop’ spy warrants on a US President without evidence, and without even checking the non-existent due process evidence.
    The soros groups are all international, ie ‘foreign-connected’.
    So it should be very easy to get the rubber-stamping FISC to issue FISA ‘multi-hop’ warrants on foreign soros and antifa groups, and trace to US terrorism. Similarly, it should be very easy to get regular warrants on US antifa terrorists from regular judges. Then review all their connections, activities, communications and finances over the past 10 years.
    Would the crooked FISA do that? Or would the crooked FISA court try top protect terrorists?

    If we chose to show our disappointment at lack of equal justice, by burning down the DC FBI Building, would we get off ‘scot free’ like thugs who burn down minneapolis, or would there be ‘unequal justice’ against us?

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  20. dustahl says:

    Is Trump calling for a MAG rally at the White House , tonight


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