May 30th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1227

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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957 Responses to May 30th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1227

  1. Tl Howard says:

    I’m watching the Discovery Channel for the launch. Geo. W. Bush just gave a taped message. Damn, he looks JUSt like his dad…and he has very little hair left on the top of his head.


  2. Dan Dan says:

    Think about it…

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    • Tl Howard says:

      That poor woman, Our POTUS need to see this video.

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    • Ninja7 says:

      Dan Dan, Thank you for sharing. Never really considered the lack of shops near nursing or assisted living facilities. That is heartbreaking.

      Question Keep getting “The media could not be played”, have to go to the Twitter page to play it. Just started the last couple of days, any changes to CTH, That would cause this?

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      • Deb says:

        It’s a Twitter thing. They don’t want the tweeted videos imbedded on other sites. They want to get the clicks and control “narratives.”

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      • Reserved55 says:

        I use Brave.

        Clear cookies before playing twatter videos, it works.

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        • Ninja7 says:

          Thanks Reserved55, That explains why sometimes it worked from CTH and other times did not. Using a tablet, but once I cleared out the browser history and cookies it played from CTH.

          TREEPERS are the BEST. 🤗😁

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      • stephen fenlon says:

        I get it often in the UK,
        especially on certain news sites of a certain political bent.
        Surprisingly, only when it’s detrimental to the Dem’s narrative
        also find U Tube and Twatter buffering themselves stupid in exactly similar circumstances.

        But I’m sure it’s just a coincidence !!



    • MaineCoon says:

      Heartbreaking. It’s pure evil what they are doing. They are evil. May God bring someone into this lady’s’ life to help her.

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  3. Brant says:

    It would be extremely helpful if outfits like DNI (which I guess is in our/law and order hands now with Ratcliffe) and maybe NSA if it’s in the hands of law and order, could maybe just maybe track some cell phone pings, twitter posts, dark web ads, and similar to see where who they contact with where they come from. Maybe cell phones with area codes not for that area. Ya know, law and order stuff like that. Also, I am always always suspicious of “protestors” with back packs like they are at school/ college or something. Those folks would be the very first I focus on for searches and at least keep very watchful eye on for the slightest infraction like spitting on a sidewalk. But that’s just ignorant me out here in hill billy Hicksville.

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    • You expect our top federal law enforcement and homeland security agencies to investigate actual criminals and terrorists, as opposed to spending all of their time, resources, and methods on partisan scheming and “social justice” projects?


  4. Dan Dan says:

    Think about it…

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  5. gda53 says:

    Someone upthread posted Patrick Byrne’s latest on Deep Capture.

    This guy was always sort of intriguing to me so I bit.

    “….around Christmas 2017 I had been in the White House, had lunch with HR McMaster, and when he had brought up the Russian investigation I had also said nothing, because I knew I was in a White House under federal investigation and figured I probably should not muddy up the investigation by saying anything (not saying anything to HRM was a big mistake, obviously: we are friendly and I should have trusted him).”

    Well, I THINK this guy’s heart is in the right place, more or less, but the fact that he’s having lunch with McMaster (the first name on Adam Housley’s list of in-house traitors) and saying “I should have trusted him” tells me he’s either gullible, or really has not been following things.

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  6. Jimmy R says:

    The longer the federal government tolerates Antifa’s existence, the more justified one is in assuming that Antifa is an arm of the federal government. It’s an organized terrorist organization that the feds could squash like a bug.

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  7. burnett044 says:


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  8. Dan Dan says:

    “So far we have good weather, we are go for launch today”

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  9. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    In his press conference last night, the governor of Minnesota said that the Pentagon shared intelligence intercepts (or the info from them) with him. Regarding protesters and their planning, etc.

    This is heartening to hear, for me. As much as I dislike government spying, if the NSA can track the messages being sent by the radical groups organizing the inorganic George Floyd protests in Minnesota, then we may finally be able to nail Antifa once and for all. I just hope that these communications can be traced back to their leaders or whatever other radical leftist leaders are organizing these anarchistic acts.

    Only the far left likes anarchy, particularly the kind of violent anarchy that Antifa engages in. Most people are repulsed by it. So if it can be shown that this was all set up, methodically, by bad actors on the left, then that could go a ways to dimming Dem prospects in November.

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    • Jason Ross says:

      In the chess battle for America, eliminating ANTIFA takes a knight or two off the board.
      Not by any means the queen, but I’ll take it.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Paranoid me thinks governor (or someone in his staff) might share the intercepts with ANTIFA to let them know how to avoid being spied upon in the future. AG Ellison IMO certainly would.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Antifa has been on DHS’ radar for at least a few years now. IIRC, not officially designated as a “domestic terror organization”, but put on special watchlists and treated as such. Perhaps, given the nature of the mayhem currently, and with Barr essentially calling out the group by name, things might start moving in the right direction.

      From 2017:

      FBI, Homeland Security warn of more ‘antifa’ attacks
      Confidential documents call the anarchists that seek to counter white supremacists ‘domestic terrorists.’

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    • jeans2nd says:

      How convenient, re: NSA removing our Fourth Amendment rights, just as FISA renewal is currently being debated and failing to pass this past week.

      All those years spent using the NSA DB to target us was seen as righteous by those doing it during Obama’s tenure. Now you think it is ok to use it for what you deem righteous.
      When, exactly, will it be not ok to use the NSA DB?

      Please think about this a wee bit longer.

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  10. Ausonius says:

    Conservatives lose a Freedom of Religion fight to attend a religious service in opposition to the unconstitutional lock-down thanks to LEFTIST Chief Justice John Roberts:

    “The Supreme Court ruled against a California church that was seeking to overturn the state’s limits on attendance.

    The court ruled 5-4 against the South Bay United Pentecostal Church in Chula Vista, California, with Chief Justice John Roberts joining the four liberal Justices.

    The church, which says it has crowds of 200 to 300 people, argued that the limitation placed on how many people can attend its services violates its constitutional rights protecting religious freedom. It specifically made an emergency appeal so that it would have a ruling before services were scheduled to be held on Sunday.

    “Although California’s guidelines place restrictions on places of worship, those restrictions appear consistent with the free exercise clause of the First Amendment,” Roberts wrote in an opinion.”

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    • jimrockfish says:

      Well, hold your services, ask for the community and everybody for support, then let Roberts and the other 4 enforce the ruling.

      And how is RBG ruling on these cases? It could be anybody doing the work.

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    • scrap1ron says:

      Send Johnny and the leftist governors a message that the consent of the governed is hereby withdrawn. Make them enforce it, film at 11. Let’s see how that plays out to the public when these same leftist administrations allow antifa thugs to run amok, but arrest people who attend church services. Stop being victims.

      Stand up for your rights, dammit!

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    • Magabear says:

      What Roberts has basically said here is that if a Governor picks just one secular activity that has comparable seating capacity as a church and limits their ability to function, then churches can be kept from functioning as they normally would for as long as that Governor wishes. How is this different from China?

      The word free in the “and free exercise thereof” part of the 1st amendment has now been rendered meaningless by John Roberts. Harriet Myers would’ve been a better justice than this nitwit.

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  11. palafox says:

    Crap like this will also make the average citizen begrudgingly accept domestic spying, just like the passage of the “Patriot” Act after 9/11.

    “Don’t want to give us FISA powers? Oh, yes you DO!”


  12. Well, now we know why Democrats emptied their jails; they knew they would need reinforcements.

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  13. FofBW says:

    Should PT have to send in our Military, they will go after the command and control center of ANTIFA and the leadership as well.

    If you do not pull up the roots and all, it will live on.


    • Bogeyfree says:

      Or since this is terrorism they could just use the NSA Database to track the leadership down.

      My guess is they could get a 2fer.

      Who is planning the riots and who is leveraging the virus.

      My bet, same people.

      Time to use all tools and I’d start with the NSA database. Seems like a good assignment for Mr. Grenell.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      The only way he could do that, and not get castrated as being a dictator, is to send in the military upon a request from a Governor.

      I don’t completely agree with that, but as a Republic that would be the correct call.
      He “has” stated, he “will” send in the military if requested.

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  14. cheering4america says:

    You’d think there would be something in a “Smart” TV (or any other “smart” device) that could be easily traced, if it were to, ahem, walk away from a looted store.

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  15. sync says:

    Why there?
    Social distancing homeless camp set up outside San Francisco City Hall

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  16. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    it is on. If NSA/Ratcliffe have the communication receipts, the left is going to dread that these riots ever took place. Almost certain this is from today. POTUS, Barr have Antifa in their sights. Media is in panic and now trying to blame the nearly-universally-panned (after being praised) riots on “white supremacists.”

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      Worth repeating…..

      If Ratcliffe uses the NSA Database on these terrorists, PT can get a 2fer…….

      They can show who is organizing/leading these riots and who is leading/leveraging the virus fraud against America and the American people.

      What the DS hates the most is sunlight and truth that is documented and handed to the American people.

      This time please include with the declassified and exposed documents, pictures of the leaders who have been conspiring to undermine and overthrow the Government of the United States so we can see them up close and personal.

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  17. Lucille says:

    Twitter censors Trump, claiming he’s “glorifying violence,” keeps up Khamenei’s tweet calling for jihad violence
    May 29, 2020 by Robert Spencer

    Twitter did this after the President’s Executive Order calling for an end to politically motivated censorship on Twitter. And so the war is on. It is clear from Twitter’s leaving up Khamenei’s tweet calling for jihad violence that they’re not censoring Trump out of concern about violence, but because he is the largest voice dissenting from their agenda. Once he is silenced, it will be easy to silence everyone else. Who appointed Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, and Mark Zuckerberg, and the clowns at Google/YouTube and the Southern Poverty Law Center, as the guardians of acceptable opinion and permitted speech? This sinister far-Left oligarchy must be broken or free society and free inquiry will be a thing of the past.

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  18. Reserved55 says:

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  19. sync says:

    May 18: Federal judge tosses Pam Geller’s lawsuit against NYC mayor who said no one can protest in NYC

    Click to access Geller-Decision.pdf

    May 29: NYC mayor and hypocrite De Blasio backs George Floyd protests despite coronavirus gathering ban

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  20. Perot Conservative says:

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  21. sync says:

    South Bay United Pentecostal Church v. Newsom.

    “Roberts seems really, really annoyed with his colleagues, in a very passive aggressive fashion. He accused the other conservatives with Lochnerism. He accused them of acting like “unelected” and “unaccountable” judges. And his charge is directed at the Court’s newest member, Justice Kavanaugh. Perhaps Justice Alito didn’t join the Kavanaugh dissent to stay out of Roberts’s fire. If so, Alito’s move ,may prove shrewd.

    Roberts may be laying down a marker. Is this decision Chief Roberts’s Harry Blackmun moment? Is he signaling that he will now go full-bore judicial restraint? Is he breaking up with the conservatives on the Court? I hope I am not reading too much into a few citations. But Roberts can say a lot with few words.This concurrence is an inauspicious sign for conservatives, as this term draws to a close.

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    • QCM says:

      Roberts is compromised, he is no more conservative than RBG.

      If he parts with the conservatives it will be hard to even notice.

      Shouldn’t have illegally adopted a baby from Ireland.


      • Niagara Frontier says:

        Would it be helpful to offer him immunity from prosecution for any and all crimes he may have committed in exchange for truthful testimony leading to the successful prosecution of his blackmailers?


    • dallasdan says:

      Roberts is dependably unreliable.


  22. sync says:

    Are houses of worship “comparable” to secular businesses like grocery stores, banks, and laundromats?
    Chief Justice Roberts said yes.

    Roberts has failed the country: Our houses of worship have no more value than a laundromat

    Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


    • sync says:

      Justice Kavanaugh’s:

      I would grant the Church’s requested temporary injunction because California’s latest safety guidelines discriminate against places of worship and in favor of comparable secular businesses. Such discrimination violates the First Amendment.

      In my view, California’s discrimination against religious worship services contravenes the Constitution. As a general matter, the “government may not use religion as a basis of classification for the imposition of duties, penalties, privileges or benefits.” This Court has stated that discrimination against religion is “odious to our Constitution.”

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  23. Bubby says:

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  24. senda72 says:

    FBI’s top lawyer, Dana Boente, ousted amid Fox News criticism for role in Flynn investigation.
    Boente was asked to resign on Friday and two sources familiar with the decision to dismiss him ~ said it came from high levels of the Justice Department rather than directly from FBI Director Christopher Wray.

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    • cheering4america says:

      Last paragraph (cough, cough):

      “Few people have served so well in so many critical, high-level roles at the Department,” Wray said in a statement. “Throughout his long and distinguished career as a public servant, Dana has demonstrated a selfless determination to ensure that justice is always served on behalf of our citizens.”

      Yet another coup participant allowed to retire with full benefits. Supported by Americans, working against Americans.

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    • The Boss says:

      I wonder if AG Barr’s little Saturday work session included Boente on his agenda?


  25. MakeAmericaGreat says:


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    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      Woo hoo!!!! Wray next??????? Please!!!

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    • Bubby says:

      Now if we could only get Chief Justice Roberts to resign!

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      He smelled them getting closer…..

      Is he still getting his retirement?
      Is he keeping his Top Secret Security Clearance?
      Will he now work for one of the Fake News Networks?
      Is he writing a book?

      Resign……Pffft… he’ll rake in the cash……

      He should have been put in jail..

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      • MakeAmericaGreat says:

        Gunny, it’s a start. Although I agree, would love to see him in an orange jumpsuit in prison instead.


      • mr.piddles says:

        Is he still getting his retirement? Yes. They all do. And even if he didn’t, they all cash in on lucrative Post-Government Corporate Gigs anyway. He’ll be alright.

        Is he keeping his Top Secret Security Clearance? Probably. See next question.

        Will he now work for one of the Fake News Networks? Likely, as there may be a few openings with McCabe, Brennan, and Clapper possibly falling out of favor with Fake News Execs. Which is OK by them, because, really, there’s only so much James Clapper you can take, when you think about it.

        Is he writing a book? Prediction: a book has been in the works for some time. It will say a lot of negative stuff about Comey that we already know, and same for McCabe. And will go on at length about how he was “committed to saving The Country from Donald J. Trump.” Also, the “wear a wire” scandal will finally be settled, one way or another.


  26. sunnyflower5 says:

    This is concerning from MN Gov.’s Daughter

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  27. lawton says:

    “Boente was asked to resign on Friday and two sources familiar with the decision to dismiss him said it came from high levels of the Justice Department rather than directly from FBI Director Christopher Wray.”

    Jensen or Durham found out he was working on behalf of the crooks I bet.

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    • Deplore Able says:

      “Few people have served so well in so many critical, high-level roles at the Department,” Wray said in a statement. “Throughout his long and distinguished career as a public servant, Dana has demonstrated a selfless determination to ensure that justice is always served on behalf of our citizens.”

      Boente was just a swell guy and always did a great job.

      Fire Wray ASAP.

      Drain the Swamp!

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  28. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  29. Perot Conservative says:

    Maybe my repeated posts at The Hill helped?! Ha! One down, two to go!

    FIRE Chris Wray.
    FIRE Brandon Van Grack. (MIA)
    FIRE Dana Boente! [In process?]

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  30. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  31. WeThePeople2016 says:


  32. Reserved55 says:

    You’ll find this article very interesting and could be damning

    Tweeters send to Chanel


    The same documents appeared at the Freddie Gray riots.

    “A document was found marked “confidential” – it is a clear set of guidelines and instructions written for paid protestors in Baltimore. You may recall LARGE protests broke out in Baltimore shortly after the April 15th, 2015 death of Freddie Gray. There has long been rumor and ‘conspiracy theory’ that all of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organizing and rioting was funded by special interest groups, namely, George Soros. Do we now FINALLY have proof of that claim with documents labeled as from ‘Friends of Democracy?’ You be the judge as I break down each page of this document.

    This article dives into what appears to be DEEPLY rooted corruption among Baltimore officials, law enforcement (LE) and even Tax Authorities (state? federal?). The documents in question also seem to implicate someone with ties to US Intelligence or US military.”


    This page is the same document as the one in Minneapolis
    PAGE 13
    This page describes how the paid rioters should act during the op. Including what types of violence can be used and when it is permitted.

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    • bessie2003 says:

      Reading this, watching the Tim Pool videos and watching these not-spontaneous spontaneous riots show up in strategic places screams to me this is the opening salvos of the Democratic campaign for the Presidential election as this has all the hallmarks of weathermen-style organizational tactics.


  33. Bubby says:

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  34. Perot Conservative says:

    Dana Boente out – will we get another Swamp dweller, or an outside-the-Beltway, honest attorney like Jeff Jensen and John Bash?

    AG Bill Barr making progress. Now …

    FIRE Chris Wray
    FIRE Brandon Van Grack [in limbo]

    Is this the slow rolling but picking-up-speed Big Ugly?

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  35. WeThePeople2016 says:


  36. WeThePeople2016 says:


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  37. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  38. Joemama says:

    Please note the section entitled “Aggressiveness”. They have law enforcement officers on the riot payroll apparently.

    This document dates to 2015, but it is reasonable to assume that these people are still in the business of coordinating riots.

    328BG is a prepaid cellphone that costs about $20 with 60 minutes included.

    This article talks about the D. A. Donnelly mentioned in the document:


  39. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Not good.

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  40. Perot Conservative says:

    Will Sundance have to revisit his opinion of Barr if this comes to fruition?

    Big Ugly? I think this calls for a top-shelf margarita tonight.

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    • Free Speech says:

      I think these riots have called Barr’s bluff. Something has to be done about Antifa and like groups, and Wray aka James Comey Jr is Deep Cover Resistance. You will get no help from Wray, and I suspect FBI has elements cooperating with them (possibly even going all the way up to Wray).


    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      Wow. I believe this guy, he has exceptional sources.

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    • Landslide says:

      But this is a bummer…..🙁


  41. Perot Conservative says:

    Huge standoff in Los Angeles, right now, daytime.

    Hoodlums getting smart – taking the Riots & Arson to an upscale area

    WHERE is the national guard?

    My guess is LAPD will lose tonight. Badly. This will be ugly. Looters will go for damage & high-end goods.

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  42. booger71 says:

    Well..the protests have started in my neck of the woods. No riots so far. I recognize most of them belonging to the moronic “rainbow pride” coalition.


  43. burnett044 says:

    Just now watching agenda free tv on you tube…don`t care for Lookener ,but he is covering the protest and riots across the nation…they are every where….sad day for our nation…

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  44. Ground report via a friend in Center City Philadelphia. Looting and violence gaining speed there. 8:00 curfew not being enforced (surprise, surprise). Police protecting public buildings only . . . Apple Store, Footlocker etc being looted / destroyed.

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  45. sunnyflower5 says:

    Thank God. This man is a hero.


  46. QCM says:


    The riots have gotten WAY worse than I had imagined.

    See the video of what ANTIFA are doing to cops in Chicago!

    Absolutely CRAZY!!!


  47. Dora says:


  48. bessie2003 says:

    This video from Tim Pool today brings up some of the mis-direction, mis-information techniques and tactics that the anti fa types have been known to employ. He’s a bit emotive but there is some useful information here.


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