The Anger Games – Friday Night Riots – Open Discussion Thread

The riots, arson, looting and related violence has spread from Minneapolis Minnesota to several urban areas around the nation.  From ground reports it appears Antifa groups have organized and infiltrated activist and protest groups in Minneapolis and beyond.

Democrat strongholds in Atlanta (GA), Washington DC, Houston (TX), New York City (NY), Los Angeles (CA), and other deep blue metropolitan areas are now seeing organized riots, anti-police violence and chaos.

Many people are calling for federal intervention; however, that type of confrontation is the intended goal of the social anarchy crowd.  The leftist chaos is purposeful bait.

Politically speaking, the merging of Antifa (revolution communists) & Black Lives Matter (sub-text political Islam), has a purposeful agenda unknown to the standard brick thrower. Suburban white liberals, essentially modern affiliates of the former Bill Ayers Weather Underground, are the organizing entities.  Most of the people on the street are oblivious.

Local authorities in/around the urban danger zones have the primary responsibility to maintain domestic tranquility.  Federal intervention to replace local political ineptitude, and lack of desire to confront a crisis of their own creation, is short-sighted.

If local officials and/or state governors are not going to take action; factually they do not want to take action because they are fearful of backlash from their own tribe; then federal assistance doesn’t work.  It is better for President Trump to watch from a distance and keep reminding the U.S. electorate how he supports, but will not replace, local officials.

The 2020 Anger Games were predictable.

Occupy Wall Street 2011 or Antifa 2020 same/same



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1,017 Responses to The Anger Games – Friday Night Riots – Open Discussion Thread

  1. Sherri Young says:

    If anyone has the link to the Minneapolis medical examiner’s preliminary autopsy report. please post it as a reply to this comment.

    Going from memory, it sounds to me as if George Floyd may have been in the midst of a panic attack.

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  2. If they haven’t already, the DOJ should put Antifa on the list of domestic terrorists, and then pursue them aggressively using all means. They should definitely go after them under the RICO statutes, up to and including the people and entities (Soros) who are funding them.

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    • Eileen McRae says:

      Many Republicans requested this in 2019 by sending letters to the FBI. Response was that ANTIFA did not have an “organizing unit” so it would be difficult to label them a domestic terrorist group.

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  3. FPCHmom says:

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    • Jason Ross says:

      Those at the forefront of several looting videos I’ve seen are not black.

      The governor of Minnesota is basically gift-wrapping an opportunity for POTUS to declare war on ANTIFA. I don’t see a downside to this.

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      • frances says:

        Yes declare Antifa a criminal organization, but DON”T send in Fed troops, leave it to the Dem mayors and governors to resolve this with their own resources including National Guards, if Trump goes in he owns it. If he doesn’t they can wine about he didn’t come in, that is a weak strategy, they want him in so they can document anything and anything for their ads.
        Also a state of constant unrest is needed to support their call for mail in ballots, you know, to keep you “safe.”

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    • Eileen McRae says:

      If the DOJ or Homeland Security would suggest this, it would not be an EO that Trump could be blamed for.


  4. Auwtsnae says:

    Other than the fact that the police officer was white and the deceased was black, what evidence is there that the officer’s actions were racially motivated?

    When it comes to police use of lethal force, former-Harvard economist and African-American, Roland G. Fryer Jr., found such claims to be based on deficient statistics.

    In his 2016 study of 1,332 police shootings in ten major American cities, he was “unable to detect any racial differences in either the raw data or when accounting for controls.”

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      After watching many episodes of Live PD have often seen officers kneel down on unruly perps after takedown during a resisting arrest scenario. Arrestees have been white, black, brown, whatever. The cop will stay there until the resistance stops. Still, no apparent reason why this Minneapolistan cop kept on the guy for so long. He had stopped resisting earlier as they cuffed him on the sidewalk but he went ballistic when they tried to get him into the squad car. Reports say he stiffened up and then fell to the ground claiming he’s claustrophobic and wouldn’t get in the car. That’s when the abusive part of the incident began.

      The Left’s talking heads blabber on saying this is all about “racism” but that can’t explain for instance why the rioters in Atlanta broke into the College Football Hall of Fame, stole what they could and destroyed what they couldn’t walk away with last night.

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    • jc says:

      chauvin is married to an Asian so if he’s a racist he’s a selective racist


  5. CM-TX says:

    Seriously, what did she think was going to happen after striking an officer TWICE! She’s a big girl too!

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  6. Yy4u says:

    1917 Moscow Russia
    51 years later
    1968 Chicago USA
    52 years later
    2020 Minneapolis USA

    Like 17 year locusts, Bolsheviks rise up


  7. Talk to the hand Progs says:




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  8. Patriot1783 says:

    Maybe he shouldn’t have been in the road, blocking up travel lanes with their cars, late at night, wearing dark clothes, attacking and looting UPS and other trucks?
    Warning graphic video, happens near end.

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    • paper doll says:

      When you attack trucks and play in traffic, stuff happens.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        Reginald Denny unknowingly drove right up onto the Rodney King riot. He could neither back up nor go forward without hitting anyone in his big rig. His truck was attacked by rioters then he was dragged out and beaten within an inch of his life. When he was finally able to be interviewed for television much later, you could see a skull malformation where he had been hit by a brick.

        That is why it is a bad idea to ever stop when confronted by a rioter.

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      • lady4trump says:

        Some people think they should be allowed to get away with anything and everything. The Bible says a certain group of people were always going to be a problem to the rest. The Bible is never wrong.
        It doesn’t mention Antifa by name, however.

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  9. Lulu says:

    Diversity is division. This is the future of the US because we have had tens of millions of people brought to the US who were not only not assimilated but were indoctrinated along with native born Americans to hate the country and break up into tribes.

    This is the end result of open borders and identity politics – it ends in civil war or a police state.

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    • Debbie says:

      With open borders, we will become comparble to Third World Countries…uprisings always over something and nothing. We will NOT become a Nation of Everyone sitting around holding, hands, and singing the “KUM BA YAH” SONG and that is for sure. However, open borders is what the Demorats and Establishment want for us…riots among the people…to get rid of each other…population control.


  10. Joe says:

    The media and Dems will not stop until they have located a “white supremacist” someplace, anyplace, involved in any way whatsoever with the rioting. Just one will do, and then, hoo boy, watch the nonstop coverage of the poor sap. It will never end.

    It has been hilariously funny watching CNN and MSNBC anchors and the “progressive” hierarchy everywhere, but especially in Minneapolis and Atlanta, wonder and wonder till their heads hurt as to exactly who is behind all the destruction. It’s too comic to be believed that they really do not understand that the rioters are the very monsters created by CNN and MSNBC and the rest by harping for decades on how irredeemably racist the United States is. Instead, they have created this illusory distinction between the “peaceful black protestors” and the rioters, a distinction that simply does not exist in any important sense.

    Wolf Blitzer, Chuck Todd, Van Jones, and Jake Tapper will profess their utter mystification as to the perps’ identities until they have identified the white men behind it all.

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    • beth60497 says:

      Yeah, I watched the state rep from that district in MN telling wolf this am about how “white Supremacists” are purposely there to destroy their diverse community because “they can’t stand that all these POC are succeeding”


    • 7delta says:

      I’ll buy white supremacists are behind it. It’s just not the white supremacists they want us to think it is. It’s their leftist supremacists-who-happen-to-be-white buds, the globalist psychopaths, progressive eugenicists, Islamic supremacists and Marxist travelers who are organizing and funding it. These people don’t care what color somebody is. Everybody they don’t control is in their way. They just want power…by any means necessary.

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  11. Sherri Young says:

    I don’t see how George Floyd’s death was a murder. I don’t see intent. Not sure it was racially motivated either.

    Look for the term “excited delirium”.

    “8:14 p.m. – Kueng and Lane attempt to walk Floyd to their squad car, but Floyd stiffened up, fell to the ground and told the officers he was claustrophobic. Chauvin and Thoa arrive in a separate squad car.

    The officers make several attempts to get Floyd into the squad car, but he struggles with officers. While standing outside the car, Floyd begins saying and repeating that he cannot breathe. Chauvin tries to get Floyd into the squad car with help from Lane and Kueng.

    8:19 p.m. – Chauvin pulls Floyd out of the squad car. Floyd goes to the ground face down and still handcuffed. Kueng holds his back and Lane holds his legs. Chauvin presses his knee onto Floyds neck. Floyd repeats, “I can’t breathe.”

    At one point, Lane asks, “Should we roll him on his side?” and Chauvin says no. Lane says he is worried about “excited delirium” Chauvin responds, “that’s why we have him on his stomach.” None of the three officers moved from their positions.”

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    • mimbler says:

      And with all those phones recording, I have yet to see a video of his resisting being put in the car. Obviously, that wouldn’t fit the narrative.

      However, in solidarity, I would support a shoot on sight order against the white supremacists rioting. /sarc


  12. Sherri Young says:

    Excited Delirium

    “Excited delirium is considered a relatively uncommon health condition characterized by severe agitation, aggression, distress, and is often fatal. In many cases of excited delirium, individuals will have displayed noticeable increases in body temperature (fever), utilized drugs that altered dopaminergic functioning, and exhibit overtly bizarre behavior. Although the condition is rare, those with excited delirium are often misdiagnosed, and end up dying before they receive proper medical treatment.”

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  13. alliwantissomethruth says:

    Chicago Mayor Frog Eyes, the three foot thing that calls itself a woman, issued an order yesterday, telling the police to stand down and not arrest any rioters

    Not that any actual consequences would be handed out by the Soros bought DA Kim Fox anyway. She refuses to prosecute minorities or white leftists no matter the crime, not too mention judges here pretty much let criminals go free in the rare instance they find themselves in court

    The same thing is happening in all democrat controlled area’s. They are a law unto themselves, and their motto is prosecute only law abiding, taxpaying whites and continue taxing them into oblivion

    The federal government is now an extension of local democrat control and have been for many decades. No democrat politicians or officials are ever arrested or prosecuted for their numerous crimes. It just isn’t done

    We the people have ceded control of our government and country to the Marxist / Corporate / Globalist left, and they’ve been showing us their power and just who’s in charge for a long time

    What could be more symbolic of that power than thugs burning down our neighborhoods while the taxpayers are forced to lock down in their homes?

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    • nimrodman says:

      “… and their motto is prosecute only law abiding, taxpaying whites and continue taxing them into oblivion”

      yeah, there’s a shorthand phrase for that, it’s called

      “Get Whitey”

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  14. frances says:

    There is a video on twitter of a skid of bricks left on a street corner in Dallas. The black guy videoing the bricks says with a laugh, “There are no construction sites anywhere near this corner, next time you will have to do better, we can see what you are doing, we are on to you.” Apologies for not having the link, I found it in a story on zerohedge

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  15. David R. Graham says:

    This has evolved from demonstration to riot to war, from law enforcement to [what should be] shooting [to kill] rioters to ordinary [lethal] military operations.

    The law enforcement component now is to arrest principals of Democracy Alliance on suspicion of inciting riot and other unlawful activity and to interrogate them inside a vigorous RICO context. Arrest of Mayor, Governor, and AG in the same context would not speed amiss.

    The political Left and political Islam are rat families infesting the walls and foundations of civilization. Poison and traps are the customary means of coping with such. And clean hearts and homes.


  16. nimrodman says:

    Just saw a snippet of AG Bill Barr on TV saying “crossing interstate lines to participate in a riot is a crime yada yada and we will seek to prosecute to the fullest yada yada”

    Geez, I watched the unicorn live stream the other night, probably Thurs nite, and some guy who likes to hear himself talk was handed the mic and droned on for about 5 minutes

    He said he was from Colorado

    Hey Barr! Assign some frikkin analysts to watch some video of the riots and start to identify some of these f#kkers

    For this one guy, you got about 5 minutes of video, with his face at various angles

    hell… he might even have given his name, he was proud to say he came from Colorado

    it’s not rocket surgery, G-men

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  17. paper doll says:

    Seems to me zeroing in on Soros \ antifa and calling out China, goes hand in hand…..major money honey pots for the dems and other elites. It will be interesting.


  18. jello333 says:

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  19. Mr. Sundance….a new thread for Saturday Night?
    Or are we staying here?


  20. Eric W. says:

    I guess this is why there are always “food deserts” in the inner cities? Michelle Obama never quite makes the connection as to why hard working business people give up on the inner cities. She has never for a moment placed herself in the shoes of a person who built a business watching it burn to the ground while the locals (some regular customers included) cheer at the sight of the flames.

    One other thought is I wonder how many millions of dollars in federal opportunity zone investment just went up in smoke the past few days?

    Eric W.


  21. thedoc00 says:

    This all a mass shooting by police vs rioters in the making. The democrat authorities (civic and police) handling the Strategy and Tactics of the local police are setting them up for a massive deadly force incident, those “authorities” are purposely deploying officers in driblets vs overwhelming numbers.


    • thedoc00 says:

      Hate to say this but the 3rd Infantry in DC should be deployed now to the capital Mall, along with at least Brigade of Federal Troops. The President and VP also need to be secured. This is no ordinary outbreak of civil unrest.

      Notice ALL the democrat politicians and celebrities are moving about rather freely….


  22. TigerBear says:

    I’m an oldster, with a broken heart 💔 sobbing and weeping for our once great nation! 😢😢😢😢😢

    We have fallen so far! 🥺


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