Lou Dobbs Discusses “Spygate” With Investigative Journalist Lee Smith…

Lee Smith appears on Lou Dobbs to discuss the latest revelations in the Obama-era surveillance operations.  Mr. Smith calls it “Obama’s culture of espionage.”

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66 Responses to Lou Dobbs Discusses “Spygate” With Investigative Journalist Lee Smith…

  1. Mark L. says:

    Barry was just a Chicago operative.

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  2. Sherri Young says:

    How about the legislative branch too? Maxine Waters was favorably impressed with Obama’s spying database.

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    • hagarthorrible says:

      yep…she told us that NOBODY WOULD STAND AGAINST OBAMA’S DATABASE! now we know where the database came from! HANG THE BASTARDS!

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      • hagarthorrible says:

        our courageous PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP doesn’t seem to be intimidated; we must stand with him against these treasonous criminals whatever their political persuasion…DRAIN THE SWAMP!

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      • Beau Geste says:

        But Barr and wray haven’t assigned anyone to ‘look into” illegal, unconstitutional political databases. The whistleblower’s miles-high pile of digital evidence wasn’t worth checking out. Nor was the Uranium One evidence. Nor was the weiner laptop “insurance file” important enough to examine, despite containing lots of classified records.

        What is wrong with them? Should I go break into a Target to steal some equipment I want, just to demonstrate my frustration with several kinds of justice?
        1. deep state crooks and traitors get off
        2. regular ‘unconnected’ prople get falsely prosecuted
        3. political opponents get persecuted.

        I would never convict any citizen prosecuted by the DOJ/FBI until they prosecute ALL the leaks, lies, fake evidence perps, and coup plotters and enactors. Just say “no”, it only takes one out of 12.

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        • Ninja7 says:

          Beau Geste, Remember that one has to get onto the jury, in order to do that. Just Saying and not being snarky (for once)

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        • Joe B says:

          Don’t forget the Awan bros.

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          • John Drake says:

            I haven’t forgotten the Awan Bros…and the trove of data and nuggets of scandals they secreted out of the House Democrat server.

            Wasserman-Schultz has been uncharacteristically quiet for an unusually long time as well…perhaps believing its better to let sleeping dogs lie..


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  3. John Davis says:

    Obama’s cabal of Chicago style politics.

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  4. Sherri Young says:

    About the Flynn / Kislyak call —

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  5. Curt says:

    Lee Smith is one of the few great investigative reporters out there today. He has been on this ENTIRE corrupt criminal cabal within the Obama administration from the very beginning. I believe he has as much knowledge about this corruption as anyone. If he says the appointment of a Texas prosecutor is good, then it’s very good!

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  6. Gofer1 says:

    “The man who worries most is the Man who gave the original order and he starts to panic then the dominos begin to fall.” The Domino Principle 1977 movie

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  7. inspectorudy says:

    I didn’t watch it but I can only imagine how little time Lee actually got to speak. The monster egoist Dobbs never lets his guest speak and if he does he interrupts them to add his two bits. He and Hannity are the worst!

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  8. calbear84 says:

    When Lou Dobbs busts out with “for crying out loud,” we know it’s serious! 🙂

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    • ann says:

      Lou has his heart invested in the wellbeing and future of the country.

      Unlike many of the pontificating pukes, he is not psychologically disconnected from the American people.
      Nor is Hannity, for that matter. One may dislike his repitiions, but each night he helps walk viewers through this complex Gordon’s knot. Gotta give him his due.

      Suggest moving on, plenty of hypocrites to excoriate within mass media’’ target rich lineup.
      in my respectful opinion. 😄🇺🇸🦅

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      • Russ says:

        I came to peace with Hannity when someone here said “for those on the first rung of the ladder of understanding, there is Sean Hannity.”

        Everyone reading here is far beyond that. But for the newcomer to critical thinking, he plays a useful role.

        Dobbs is way smarter than Hannity IMO.

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    • ann says:

      Not aimed at you, Calbesr. ♥️

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      • calbear84 says:

        No worries Ann!
        I love Lou, he’s a patriot and a good man. Can’t wait to see him smile when the traitors get what’s coming to them.

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  9. Shark24 says:

    I will give the Chinese a shout out right now for their ancient curse: “May you live in interesting times”. Boy ain’t that right. Of course we will “Never give up, never surrender!” 🙂

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  10. billybob says:

    Anybody arrested today?

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  11. ann says:

    Obama, Progressives in general, lack humility.
    A group of people that have convinced each other they can do no wrong, because they are messiahs.

    Weird, Progressivism is such a narrow and parochial doctrine.

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  12. Nonniemae says:

    Rush has an easy link on his website to Gen Flynn’s defense fund. I used PayPal. Super easy.

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  13. litenmaus says:

    February 7, 2018 –
    WASHINGTON — “U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, released a majority staff report Wednesday titled “The Clinton Email Scandal And The FBI’s Investigation Of It,” along with text messages between two agents that shed light on the investigation. The report details the congressional investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server and the oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s involvement with their investigation of Secretary Clinton’s private server.”

    Mark time 3:33 Lee Smith regarding (R-WI) Senator Ron Johnson:
    “Ron Johnson is the one who put out the Strozk/Page texts.

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  14. David D says:

    Just a heads up, Lee Smith has a good article about Flynn and what happened there and some reasoning there regarding the Iran deal and other factors. It doesn’t have the fine detail and the evidence type items, real documents, etc that you can find here, but if you need something to share with someone that stays out of the weeds and is clearly understandable, shows a good timeline and is a good starting point for someone to begin learning about what happened I found it to be good. I send people here all the time if they want deeper knowledge, but I’ve found theres lots of people who are basically unaware, buying the narratives of a non issue, etc, and his piece is a nice easy starting point to start opening their eyes. His magazine is Tablet if anyone here wants to check it out. I never comment, so will also take a second to say thanks to Sundance and the CTH folks for all they do here. Amazing work…

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  15. Dutchman says:

    Notice Lou Dobbs question; “And WHY doesn’t Senator Ron Johnson already HAVE subpoena power?”

    I suspect because he needs to have it authorised by the “Leadership” i.e. McConnell.

    Jordan and others in the House have recently become vocal about how Speaker Ryan was impeding their efforts at every turn, prior to the midterms,…it wasn’t JUST the ethics investigation against Nunes.

    And now that a few rebellious Senate Republicans are starting to take the bit in their teeth, if we LOOK, we will see how Senate leadership (McConnell and Co.) JUST LIKE RYAN are doing everything possible to delay and obsfuscate any investigating or revealing of truth.

    And Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson are shining a SPOTLIGHT on the obvious, repeated and increasingly blatant obstruction of exposing the truth, committed by Majority Leader McConnell.

    His actions amount to Obstruction, and can NOT be explained away, by stupidity, or timidity, or an attempt at comidy, there is only one possible explanation, and thats complicity.

    He is being stripped of his turtle shell, and exposed to the harsh desert sun.
    No where to run, no where to hide, Mitch!

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