BREAKING: President Trump Vows to Veto FISA Reauthorization if Passed…

Moments ago President Trump tweeted he will veto the House FISA re-authorization if it is passed without first investigating and exposing prior FISA abuses committed against his prior election campaign and administration:

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote by proxy on the FISA re-authorization previously passed by the Senate.  No-one has any idea if the FISA vote will actually pass the House and it appears most republicans are positioned to vote against it.

Lou Dobbs discusses the issues with Representative Jim Jordan shortly before President Trump tweeted his intent.  WATCH:


These developments come on the heels of increased sunlight into the corrupt purposes and intents of Obama-era intelligence officials and how they weaponized their authorities to target the Trump administration starting with National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

[…] It was the FBI, not the NSA, that wiretapped Kislyak’s calls and created the summary and transcript, the former officials said. (link)

The FBI was conducting (FISA) surveillance on Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.  When Kislyak contacted Flynn the call was intercepted by the FBI.  The calls were then transcribed and “tech cuts” created.

On January 3rd Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were text messaging about the intercept.  It is important to note these text messages have never been released; and were intentionally removed and hidden from the text messages that were released.

We only know about these specific texts from a Senate oversight committee paper that put a timeline together.

This January 3rd communication is critical so I’m going to explain it.  You will see why the FBI and DOJ and Intelligence Community have kept it hidden:

A FISA order, in this case on Sergey Kislyak, is referred to as “technical coverage” or a “tech”.  The FBI interceptors, staff doing the interception, then type up summaries of telephone conversations captured. Those are referred to as “tech cuts” or “cuts”.

The “CR cut” in the text message above is a “Crossfire Razor cut”, or a Flynn cut.

This is a summary of the call intercept.  This is the non-traditional intelligence document that FBI Director James Comey gave to DNI James Clapper to use for the briefing of President Obama on January 4th. There are no redacted or masked names because it is a raw intelligence document.

The Clapper briefing officially informed the White House of the existence of an open FBI investigation into Michael Flynn.  That briefing led to the January 5th “pull aside” meeting outlined in the Susan Rice memo.

The FBI was investigating Flynn and monitoring Russian communications to see a reaction to the sanctions imposed on December 29, 2016.  When Kislyak called Flynn the FBI legally intercepted the call because the FISA authority was surveillance on Kislyak and Flynn was also under investigation.

But there are more implications…

Peter Strzok  texts: “[Bill Priestap], like us, is concerned with over sharing.  Doesn’t want Clapper giving [the Flynn cut, or summary of intercepted call] to White House.”  All political, just shows our hand and potentially makes enemies.

Lisa Page responds: “Yeah but keep in mind we were going to put that in the doc on Friday, with potentially larger distribution than just DNI.”

Strzok Replies: “The question is should we, particularly to the entirely of the lame duck U.S. Intelligence Community with partisan axes to grind.”

The implication of the Lisa Page response about sharing the Flynn intercept, is the intention of the FBI to include the “CR cut”, the FBI summary intercept of the Kislyak call, within the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) which was being released on Friday.  The filter of their entire conversation was political.

We don’t know if the Kislyak-Flynn call was used as a part of the classified evidence within the ICA.  It sounds from Lisa Page’s text response that the issue was discussed and then a decision made not to include it:  “we were going to put that in”, implies they did not.

Bill Priestap and Peter Strzok have issues with the raw “tech cut” of the intercept being shared with DNI Clapper and White House.  Lisa Page downplays those concerns by saying: ‘hey relax, in context we were about to put that readout in the ICA which is a far bigger deal than just sharing it with the White House.’

Putting it all together.  The FBI intercepted the call.  A “tech cut” summary of the call was generated exclusive to the FBI.  James Comey gave that call summary including Flynn’s name to James Clapper; and James Clapper briefed President Obama.

Michael Flynn wasn’t unmasked in documents related to the call because Flynn’s name was never masked in the documents, the FBI “CR cut”.  [READ SENATE DOCUMENT]

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220 Responses to BREAKING: President Trump Vows to Veto FISA Reauthorization if Passed…

  1. Now we’re getting somewhere on this criminal spying “they” do!

    I’m all in…

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    • sundance says:

      He’s all in.

      We’re all in.

      Every MAGA voter needs to stand shoulder to shoulder on this critically important point…

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      • jnr2d2 says:

        Yet FBI (Strozk) said someone else had the “pen” for this intercept. Answer please Sundance.

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        • Maquis says:

          Someone else digging into this said that the “pen” was a reference to the obligation to write a response, that in this event it wasn’t about a pen register. I guess we’ll see what happens.


      • jumpinjarhead says:

        I have been standing in the same spot for 3+ years. Those on my left and right keep leaving as they get bored and disappointed as thus far every new disclosure brings hope that justice will be done but alas, there has been precious little justice in general and none in terms of actually holding criminally liable all those involved in the several (so far) iterations of this rolling coup.

        It is worth pointing out again that insofar as any of us is aware, this coup attempt has no precedent in our history.

        As such, it must be asked and answered what exactly has changed in our “modern culture” where such a horror is now even possible, much less attempted. If we do not identify and address this societal cancer, is it even possible to return the nation to a safer place where coups are anathema to those who represent the citizenry in our government, whether elected or otherwise?

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        • This is a very question.

          Short answer: Psychiatry happened. Reference:
          For example:
          – Drugged whole society with help of Big Pharma
          – Undermined education (read “Why Johnny can’t read”)
          – Undermined justice (feelings/intent vs action/law)
          – Attacked Christianity –
          – Supported globalism, open borders, lessening of patriotism. WHO was founded by top psychiatrist
          – Perverted Hollyweird

          Another excellent resource is the book “The men behind Hitler”.

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          • jumpinjarhead says:

            An excellent beginning in answering the fundamental question!

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            • EVIL happened while we were sound asleep at the wheel.

              That, is what happened. Some of us were awake and were called what the CIA said are “conspiracy theorists”, but what we pointed out was simply the plain old truth of things.

              But, we have President Trump now, and truly, things are different like never before.

              Since this whole “problem” is global, it’s the Making Earth Great Again movement… with one hell of a LEADER for a CHANGE.

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              • jumpinjarhead says:

                Well spotted. Anyone who cannot see that there is truly Evil abroad in the world is deluded or blind. The great and existential rub, of course is that this “Evil” is not just “out there” in the abstract affecting others but rather is, in varying degrees and manifestations, in each of us.

                Our moral, spiritual, ideological and political (and as I have tried to explain, all of these are but different facets of the same Evil) enemies have understood this better than us in most cases and as a result have been very effective in neutralizing our efforts for “good” by nudging each of us into varying states of compromise with, acceptance of, and incredibly, even approval and advocacy of wholly immoral, atheistic, hedonistic, selfish attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and entire “lifestyles” that are anathema to our Judeo-Christian heritage.


              • Jan says:

                I would say every President since Ronald Reagan have been grossly corrupt, including 41 & 43, and forming the basis of the Uniparty. When you look at the OLD members of
                congress–both the House & Senate–they’re all members of the Uniparty and utterly bereft of any conscience, ethics, morals or intelligence, except for maybe Sen. John Kennedy. Could be more out there that I’m not thinking of right now.

                OUR duty is to make sure we don’t have voter fraud this summer/fall & to vote these crooks out of office where we can.


        • billrla says:

          jumpinjarehead: Good comment, and thought provoking. What has changed in our modern (American) culture? Almost everything, starting with the longstanding and ongoing effort, alarmingly effective, so far, to undermine American sovereignity and what it “means” to be an American. The founding principles of the nation are under active attack, from within, and from without. Some of us want to live by our founding principles. Some want to get rid of them. Some don’t even know what they are.

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          • snarkybeach says:

            I want to point to WWII, where major Hollywood stars gave up their cushy life to fight on the line (Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gabel etc) and regular folk bent over backwards to do what they could toward the war effort. Today’s Americans are spoiled and selfish by comparison.

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            • gary says:

              lee marvin, shot in the chest on iwo. and willaim smith of laredo and every which way but loose. flew ferret missions over the soviet union during the korean war. fluent in russian, serbo croation frenc and german. cia and nsa clearance.

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            • littleanniesfannie says:

              Today’s Hollywood pansies are too busy flying all over the world proclaiming their disgust and disdain for global warming. They are simultaneously either oblivious to their own claims or too pompous to care. How many of them are so self-righteous and so self-serving as to be totally revolting and perpetually disgusting?

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          • jumpinjarhead says:

            Wow—a very insightful comment!

            Indeed, the effort to “undermine” (great term for this strategy of our cultural and political enemies (who see the vital linkage between the 2 even better than many conservatives, if many posts here in the Treehouse and elsewhere are any indication) extends to every aspect of our society, not merely our sovereignty.

            Their incremental strategy has been incredibly successful in moving America from its Judeo-Christian foundation to our current atheist-dominated “culture.” This loss of “virtue” has been the common denominator in every negative development in our society for the last 50 years from the ever-increasing divorce rate to the millions of babies murdered by abortions to the widespread criminality and breaches of their solemn oaths of office by the many members of the ongoing coup. (I rarely see the point about oaths mentioned but it is one of the key indicators of our moral bankruptcy so evident in this rolling coup—EVERY key player in this coup was subject to their oath to support and defend the Constitution). All of this is directly attributable to the near total loss of virtue, both among members of our government as well as most of the citizenry, in our nation today.

            Sadly, as is evident in many threads in the Treehouse and in other social media platforms, far too many conservatives apparently cannot see this vital relationship between the political morass in America and the widespread loss of virtue.

            Many have obviously succumbed to one or more of the many lies of our enemies such as “I don’t care what he/she does on their own time as long as he/she does her job as a government official etc.” or “who am I to judge …….”

            “Integrity” actually means to be consistent in one’s values, beliefs and actions in every aspect of one’s life. To try to compartmentalize various aspects of a human life simply does not work as one area of values, beliefs and actions inevitably spills over into all other areas.

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            • TheLastDemocrat says:

              It is true they have been undermining every aspect of our society.
              I don blame psychiatry; I blame the Marxists. To them, the main Enemy is Our Prevailing Culture.
              After I had really figured this out – I was puzzling over what happened to the (D) party – different things would pop into my head, as A-ha insights.
              Like the rise of Dada art. That popped into my head, and I guessed that Dada was the Reds attacking art.

              So, go look up Dada at Wikipedia. Sure enough. Red origin early 1900s. This was over ten years ago.
              I started posting stuff at WUWT and a couple other places. I saw the Commies behind all of this culture stuff.
              I would actually order these books where they admitted all this in various pieces. Art. Abortion. Parenting. American pride. Etc.
              I am woke.

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              • jumpinjarhead says:

                Another very encouraging and insightful post!

                Of course, a key aspect of communism, and really any of the false utopian and totalitarian regimes and movements over the centuries is atheism or at least a minimizing or distorting of true Judeo-Christian principles.

                Unless one understands and accounts for the inherent evil potential in our ubiquitous human nature that is God-ordained as “original sin,” any effort to create a utopian system, as history repeatedly proves, will fail, often very violently.

                This is the essence of the brilliance of our Founders who had the benefit of many key attributes sorely lacking today.

                They were very well-educated (broadly and substantively) and had the benefit of a strong Judeo-Christian belief in and understanding of the nature of humankind as thoroughly expounded in the Bible.

                Accordingly, they constructed a governmental system designed to buffer against and otherwise mitigate this human nature and thus make it more difficult (not impossible as we have recently seen, especially after virtue has largely been supplanted with self-absorption and atheism) for one or more people to hijack the nation and impose some version of totalitarianism on the people.


            • Kim Hudson says:

              The root cause of this loss of integrity you speak of can be traced back to simply communist infiltration of our government & society. The Deep State players revealed in the State Dept during the impeachment are the latest generation of embeds that began enmass during FDR’s presidency, though there were communist infiltrators in the US going back to the 1850’s. Diana West is credited with the deep research on the subject & has
              written several excellent books. The latest is titled The Red Thread. Here is a link to her interview with American Thought Leaders’
              Jan Jekielek
              How Communist Ideology Infiltrated America’s Security Agencies & Fuel SpyGate


              • jumpinjarhead says:

                Great post! Very very true, especially in light of recent revelations of Soviet infiltration of the FDR White House and manipulation of US policy throughout the Cold War (emphasis on the “War” aspect that most Americans grew to take for granted, ignore and forget).

                I would cast your spot-on post a bit differently as I see our current predicament “culturally” as more of a moral/spiritual phenomenon with the “political” being more of a symptom of the deeper cancer.

                As such, I think the core source of our present sad and perverse social condition is the atheism that accompanies and actually gives rise to communism (or any of the other totalitarian and “utopian” socio-political movements or “experiments” we have seen in both nations and sub-groups that have attempted or experienced them).


          • HeLLINaHandbasket says:

            I would say, it was just one simple thing that brought America to its knees.

            The dismemberment of the family.

            For if the family remained strong and intact, nothing could have moved the nation to where it is today, not anything at all.

            But we took our eyes off the ball.
            We thought both parents working would be okay.
            We thought daycare would be fine.
            We thought the kids can take care of themselves.
            We thought working 12 hour days was necessary.
            We thought a bigger house was required.
            We thought expensive things had value.
            We thought more stuff would bring pleasure.
            We thought there’d always be more time.
            We thought our family was resilient.
            We thought it would all just work out.
            But it didn’t.

            Because, without the family unit intact, everything falls apart.

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        • Ploni says:

          Almost everyone misses the answer to your question because it lies deep within everyone in his or her most painful place.

          America is nearly lost because Americans have gleefully told God to leave, especially from their own hearts, minds, and souls.

          Don’t blame Hollywood if you’ve loved seeing images of naked breasts or scenes of fornication or adultery or homosexuality or of incest.

          Don’t blame the government if you didn’t vote or protest or keep track of the issues.

          Don’t blame religion if you didn’t call out the clergy as hypocrites and connivers.

          Don’t blame the media if you didn’t scream ‘”Liar!” when they lied, obfuscated, or avoided the stories that didn’t interest you.

          Don’t blame industry if you were content with their virtue signaling, pandering to every social-action mafia, Marxist culture warrior, or virtue-signaling Leftist.

          Before fighting this, perhaps America’s greatest battle, we all bettee look into ourselves deeply to figure out exactly what it is we want ourselves and our nation to be, but most importantly, if our Republic will truly be “one nation under God.”


          • sturmudgeon says:

            Ploni… ” or avoided the stories that didn’t interest you.” Did you perhaps mean to say “or avoided the stories that interested you”? Otherwise, I don’t get it… lol


          • Super Elite says:

            No baby, we can blame them all. And give ’em the boot, too. In fact stomp them.


          • jumpinjarhead says:

            We are in total agreement with your most excellent post! Bravo!

            You have seen what I have widely encountered in trying to raise awareness of what is the absolute core issue for each and every American who truly is concerned about our very troubling trajectory reflected in virtually every relevant metric.

            As you rightly observe, however, very very few are willing to consider where they are themselves along this trajectory, usually either ignoring the issue or deflecting it by focusing on merely another symptom that is not personally threatening.

            Others, even some Treepers, adopt the tactic of the enemy and, rather than considering the assertion, attack or question the bona fides of the one making the assertion.

            Unless and until (a great many?) more Americans, especially those who are rightly very troubled by the kinds of things we have seen done by officials of our own government, especially in the last 12 years or so, with the most recent involving an actual coup against a duly-elected sitting president, need to contemplate, understand and embrace the principle of “virtue” as understood and lived by most of our Founders and the majority of citizens living during our founding era.

            Absent that, as I have contended elsewhere, our sincere, but wholly blindered efforts at such things as restoring the trustworthiness of our government and its officials and agents, the reality of American exceptionalism and a return to true justice as meted our by that government, will ultimately be for naught.

            As I continue to urge, we must have moral and spiritual revival before these myriad other “social” and “political” problems can be fully and effectively addressed.

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            • Gigi the Old says:

              So true that the Founders knew human nature and designed a system with checks and balances to protect against its died in the wool depravity.
              Finished reading Arthur Pink’s “The total Depravity of man”. Heavy duty. You are left with no illusion about the “goodness of man“ a la Jean Jacques Rousseau.
              One of the great problems of the present day Christian Church is its embrace of Arminianism, and rejection of the doctrines of Grace. Total Depravity. Great Christians, great thinkers knew it.

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              • jumpinjarhead says:

                What a great contribution to our efforts to raise all of our perspectives from the gutter in which we now dwell!

                This is the stuff that colored and enriched the profound and God-enlightened discourse of our Founders.

                More please.


        • 🍺Gunny66 says:

          Semper Fi…

          How did the American Congress allow this fatal farce make them disregard the American spirit….the law…

          I know….for years everyone was monitored, bugged…..Obama spied on everyone”
          Trillions are at stake…..

          Where is the American spirit which founded this country? Where is the fortitude that compelled farmer soldiers to withstand the brutal winter at Valley Forge to create a fledgling republic?

          Where is the courage that compelled Pickett’s 15,000 infantrymen to charge across an open field for three-quarters of a mile towards the crest of Cemetery Ridge under heavy artillery and rifle fire for their cause?

          Where is the bravery of the young men on landing craft at Normandy beach where 90% of them would be dead by days end?

          Rubio….soap boy…….Lindsey…..McStain….All of em…in on it..

          The lack of mental toughness and unwillingness to push back against the ludicrous rules imposed by our overlords is the result of decades of indoctrination by the State and perpetuation of falsehoods by the Deep State controlled media, using the techniques created by Edward Bernays to control and manipulate the masses for the benefit of the few.

          Our choice is to continue to accept – the lawlessness… a boot stomping on our faces forever, or a 2nd Civil War. I didn’t say the choices were good. But that’s the unpleasant truth.

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          • jumpinjarhead says:

            Well said Gunny. If I may temper your last point slightly. Before we even consider the dire choice you posit, we had better seek and re-acquire “virtue,” both as individuals and corporately Asia Americans as the lack of that vital quality is what is the real cause of ALL the ills you so wisely enumerate in your post.

            If we do not get that fundamental piece of this “puzzle” figured out, all the rest will ultimately fail.

            Consider, for example your last phrase. If that horror was to occur, and the “good guys” prevailed (which is in no way a foregone conclusion), without having first addressed our lack of “virtue,” those we would thereafter place in the “new” government would be no “better” than those they replaced. Eventually, once the excitement and spirit of the moment subsided, these new officials would succumb to the same temptations etc. that we have seen occur in recent years since it is the lack of virtue that makes them weak and vulnerable to the same human temptations that have plagued humankind since the epic failure in the Garden.


        • bjorn says:

          This has been the way things have worked for decades, since at least WW2. Its just that it is being seen as joined up for the first time.

          Nixon, JFK,Patton all are glimpses of the same thing we see now. For the last 50 years you have been persuaded they did not exist and it was all fringe crazies and all these events are unconnected. Now the edges are starting to become visible even to mainstream and it seems that a massive conspiracy has arrived all at once. When in reality it was here all along.

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          • jumpinjarhead says:

            More great insight!

            The “glue” that holds all these horrible “things” to which you allude together is the corruption that has slowly but increasingly supplanted our Judeo-Christian values.

            As with most human change (and reflected in the physical world in Newton’s First Law of Motion), the first is the hardest and one started each further change becomes increasingly easier. Our moral, spiritual and political enemies realized this early on while a great many of those being “nudged,” including apparently many conservatives, even now do not fully appreciate what has been done, and is still being done to them.


      • MLK says:

        An important read re Sullivan:

        This is in agreement with my early comments here on the December 2018 sentencing hearing:

        “Judge Sullivan, in addition, is clearly livid about putting in what may be wasted effort on the case, and no doubt feels ill-used by Flynn’s reversal of course — which happened only after Sullivan elicited from Flynn reaffirmations that he was guilty and was not seeking to withdraw his plea.”

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        • jb says:

          “wasted effort”
          Like a judge’s effort is ever strenuous to being with.
          He must have been pulled away from the golf course 2 or 3 times, or had
          to wake from the bed an hour earlier

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          • Кomrade Яetslag says:

            The whole legal profession is a “wasted effort.” There are so many regulations, laws, and prior decisions that potentially apply to any case, that an attorney must have encyclopedic knowledge to function. Inject political bias, hidden agendas, and judge idiosyncrasies, any defendant and defense attorney in a federal case faces virtually insurmountable obstacles to win.

            Imagine all the billable hours that the Mueller team racked up, only to see their efforts fail miserably to prove Russian collusion with Trump.

            My advice to any young person is to be an engineer, or accountant, or doctor, but anything but an attorney. The legal profession is horribly chaotic, dysfunctional, and corrupt. Maybe the money is good, but satisfaction of productive achievement is incredibly rare.

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        • Learned Hat says:

          This is just a softening device. He is a partisan activist. Judges “waste time”. On cases that settle or go nowhere all the time. Think about how much time you have wasted when you know the jury has gotten it wrong. He is biased and compromised emotionally and politically.p just like Judge Rudy before him.

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      • John Good says:

        I wish that I could vote for Trump in Nov/20 to prevent what has happened here in Canada!

        Check out this latest outrage! I’m sorry, but this type of shit is what my parents ran from during WW2 Europe, BUT they chose the WRONG Country!

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      • bertdilbert says:

        If the democrats want FISA, then they believe they can still control it’s misuse to spy on people they do not like and that they will not be spied upon. Think about it.

        We need to find out why they believe this.

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      • SD… I couldn’t possibly agree more. More than I have ever believed in anything earthly.

        Thank you and the gang for all you do, I’ll be hitting that button again very soon!!!


      • Santiago 1314 says:

        @Sundance; We know that Flynn was NOT Unmasked… No Need, Because, he was NOT Caught via a FISA “Wiretap” on Russian Amb… If he was Caught Up in FISA On the 29th, there would have been UNmask Request, by Someone, Prior to Obama meeting on 5th… There was None… Flynn was being “Tapped” by FBI, since the Beginning of Crossfire Razor which Started in August 2016… Flynn was Caught Up by FBI “Wiretap”; Directly ON Flynn… Which Court Authorized That WireTap.??? It would not have been a FISA Court, it would have been a “Standard” US District Court… I’m Guessing SULLIVAN/Contreras and that is why Sullivan has Hired Consul… He/They were in On Coup D’SWAMP from the Beginning via Contreras friendship with Strozk… Rogers was Correct, When he Told Trump in Jan. 2017; “Trump Tower was Being Wiretapped” …Everywhere Flynn went they were Listening… FISA Court was ALSO “IN” as Members Of The Secret Society Of Insurance Underwriters.!!! Certainly the Beginning Judges were “IN” on the Swamp d’Etat.


        • Learned Hat says:

          Pretty sure Flynn was being spied on and setup for years – certainly back to his invitation to the Cambridge Intelligence Seminars where Svatkova was also invited.


    • Robert Smith says:

      When Trump has chosen to move strongly they wilt away. The presidency wields great power and Trump has been very judicious applying it. They must surely wonder at the many ways Trump can otherwise wreck their database fun if they want to pass it over a veto.

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  2. FreyFelipe says:

    And every single one of the Founding Fathers yell out with joy, “We Love Trump!”

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    • Bill Durham says:

      It appears that strokz and priestap were opportunist. Once Trump was elected they wanted out of the scheme. Priestap advises against targeting Flynn and he is sidelined. Strokz concludes Flynn did not lie. He doesn’t want to share the cuts with clapper or the white house. He doesn’t want to go on team Mueller. He says there is no there there. He wants to avoiding peeving Trump. It’s page, McCabe, and Comey who won’t let it go. They are neck Deep in it. Strokz was a love sick dog being lead around on a leash. Priestap and strockz want out. The top guys do not. Flynn will find out that McCabe and Comey are dirty. Strokz and priestap seems to know it. They were following orders.

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      • jumpinjarhead says:

        Well spotted. That seems the only plausible explanation for Strzok’s references to “lame ducks” and the “political” fallout.

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      • GB Bari says:

        IMHO Peter Strzok was and remains neck-deep in the coup. He wasn’t just “following orders.” He was aggressively and actively looking to derail PDJT’s election and then actively helping to frame the President to weaken the President and/or and have him removed.

        Please re-read back to the original set of texts that were released between him and Page in 2017. He was virulently anti-Trump talking about the “insurance policy” and all that. Re-read where Page asked Strzok regarding Trump, “He’s not ever going to become president, right? Right?!”
        Strzok responded, “No. No, he’s not. We’ll stop it.”

        Strzok also doctored the Flynn 302 yet he was present at the ambush interview of Flynn in the WH in January 2017.

        Then go back and watch the video’s of Strzok’s testimony to the Republican-controlled House in July of 2018.

        Here’s a link to a summary of that testimony.

        Then see if you feel sufficiently justified to come back and tell us he was just following orders.

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      • gary says:

        it appears struck and priestap,by their silenec, are no better than the rest of the scum.


      • Hugh Jass says:

        Not really. Strozk’s was both CIA & FBI. He was a “secret agent” of the CIA at the FBI. He was walking a tightrope.


  3. treehouseron says:

    President Trump EARNING your vote.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      He has been earning our vote from the day he took office.

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      • GB Bari says:

        President Trump earned my vote long before the 2016 election by his consistent refusal to walk within the narrow guidelines of the Leftwing DemonRAT political correctness, and tell it like it is, not using any flowery puffed up language.

        When he told us over and over again about his intentions re. China. illegal immigration, excessive government regulations, and taxes, I was all in.

        While I initially supported Cruz, it became obvious that DJT had a far clearer and more realistic view of the problems in Washington than did any candidate who already worked there (including Cruz).

        And that observation of PDJT’s perspectives is even truer today than it was in 2016.

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  4. Jimmy Jack says:

    Thank you President Trump. This will also force Republicans who vote for it or vote to override his veto and answer for it at the ballot box in November AFTER more of the widespread abuse and treason are made widely known.

    Overturn the Patriot Act next please and while you’re at it get rid of AFFH and the a Smith Mundt Act expansion in 2012. .

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    • FreyFelipe says:

      Get rid of all these things the Founding Fathers would say are worse than even King George.

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    • vikingmom says:

      YES!!! The “Patriot Act” was the RINOs version of Obamacare – shoved through on a pretense of needing to do “something” and chock full of all kinds of awful things that most voters would NEVER have supported!

      Thanks W!! (NOT!)

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  5. Carrie says:

    I fear that most Americans still do not understand the FISA abuse angle. But what they do understand is a certain stable genius tweeted that he will veto it! That puts all eyes on this topic- now. Thank goodness PT knows exactly how to use his tweets to highlight issues the dirty media never will.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      Carter Page and the two hops rule is very confusing. It was a warrant to spy on Trump and his entire campaign. A FISA warrant means the government gets to spy on you and every one in your life: friends, family, co-workers, everyone. That needs to be constantly repeated.

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      • Truthfilter says:

        I agree. The general public hears “Carter Page” over and over but there is no explanation as to why or how that unlawful FISA warrant on him is so significant. The two hop rule is never mentioned. By design.

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        • Carrie says:

          The truth is that the Snowden movie does a much better job explaining how they gather information. I recommend many young people to watch that film and then I explain how many times they searched PDJT and his family and campaign staff. They usually understand then.

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      • regitiger says:

        spy powers like these are why china has so much control over its people.

        you want that kind of freedom, go test it and move to china.

        that’s how you sell it.

        because that is exactly what this is.

        spying on americans is rape.

        that is also another graphic way to describe it.

        if you have nothing to hide, publish your checking account numbers and record all your conversations over the last ten years and let us see them…all of it!

        that’s another way to describe it.

        the only way for a tyranny government to gain control over people, like you and me, is to steal our information and use it against us…that is how the spy powers give tyrannt governments a head start.

        that’s another away to describe it.

        when you hide your information from anyone you choose not share it with, you are defending your rights under the protections of the constitution and you can live free and secure and safe. When the government steals your information, and listens and records your calls, emails, browsing history, books you read, and people who are your friend and enemies..that is a criminal act.

        the purpose, and sole primary responsibility of main government is to protect the rights and interests of citizens against all enemies….when the main government becomes adversarial to it’s primary cause….we are compelled to revolt. It is the nature of humans not to be trampled like common cattle.

        when I put my hand over my heart and say the pledge of allegiance, I am making an oath…one that places full faith in an idea I believe in. when main government starts to spy on me and my business, my hand raises, not to heart, but to the trigger action and bolt.

        we have a reason the constitution protects our right to arm ourselves against those that would steal out liberty and freedom and to strike out against a government that has become corrupt…..when the government begins to spy on you is a very good reason to start loading ammo and developing solid marksmanship skills.

        if spying on americans makes us all safer, I’ll take my chances!

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    • jumpinjarhead says:

      Even with this latest spotlight by POTUS, one has to wonder just how many Americans will ever understand either the FISA abuse angle or much else as to this rolling coup.

      I mused over that very question as I read SD’s excellent summary and analysis. I concluded that very very few would take any of their precious time or energy to read or watch much of anything about this coup, and if they do, I very much doubt it will be here in the Treehouse but rather will in all likelihood a source in the lamestream media.

      The upshot of all this is very few Americans will be anywhere near conversant on this unprecedented coup attempt—that still continues to this day.

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  6. Landslide says:

    I am continually amazed at how many balls in the air our President has to juggle. Unreal. I thank God for people like Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, and Brad Parscale—the men around him that he trusts completely and that are incredibly smart. (and not in the cabinet or Congress) of course, Mark Meadows is key. LI imagine them bringing these hourly issues to his attention when he’s busy 100% of each day. It makes me dizzy just thinking about it! Never seen a President (or any other leader at age 74) that is right on top of such a vast amt. of details. Sort of like thinking of Sundance’s brain.😊

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    • Dekester says:

      Me too. We all know it, but your Presidents ability to laser focus, and respond with near perfection to ever challenge is astonishing.

      All the while he has the likes of Rubio and Romney working against him.

      Truly one incredible human being.

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  7. sundance says:

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    • Johnny Boost says:

      If all Republicans vote no, they can’t override a veto.

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    • regitiger says:

      the dems will pass this renewal….we know why they will, but it’s important to list the reasons why

      a. the spy powers are supremely profitable, both politically and financially. dems almost 9 to 1 gain more from spy powers than gop members…remember who they represent…huge technocratic ideologies who do have a plan to run the show.

      b. spy powers are the only means to both continue to legally spy on trump and his associates and business partners and political partners. They will continue to do so, because BARR AND WRAY have proven there are no downsides…You can count people like graham and mcconnel among those that are interested in seeing these powers expand, even it is means impeachment infinity against this president.

      c. these spy powers actually sell votes. What I mean by that is that they print votes and sell them. Proxy vote…mail in ballots…harvesting…has all the ingredients needed to defraud elections…and that is precisely what they have in mind…later this year, and each cycle thereafter. Need an outcome, pass this law given some more power to the technocrats…done…you got your election result you want. or should I say, we get the election result that is mutually beneficial. get rid of the paper….save the trees…and kill a nation.

      I could go on…but I am sure anyone here who has been alert for the last several years, going back as many as 30 understand the nature of the corporate fascist state of america.

      now before I signoff, I don’t want anyone here with the takeaway that any of these issues cannot be solved. It’s a giant elephant for sure. It will take quite a bit of effort, focus and endurance. It can be done. It will take more than just President Trump …his legacy will be the hero we needed but did not deserve. The rest will be entirely up to us. He has just showed us the way out.

      time to stop thinking about who is going to go first.

      just go!

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      • Robert Smith says:

        Part a) is spot on. The coup ruined their magic printing press for money and influence. There will be great pressure to clean up the coup, because Trump won’t let it go away, so they can get back to making money for themselves.

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      • ezgoer says:

        So McConnell is too stupid to realize the Dems are going to use spying and vote fraud to eliminate most Republicans,including him. GOP — the stupid party.


  8. Carrie says:

    Great show by Lou Dobbs- as usual. But I sure hope Jim Jordan is right and Ratcliffe will release the Flynn- Kislyak transcript, the original 302 by Pientka and the Strozk version of the 302 so we can all see how the FBI twists the truth into a lie. And it’s so important that there are almost no redactions- a lot us riding in Ratcliffe and our faith in him right now.

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    • diabolikk says:

      Three people I don’t trust. Graham, Pompeo, Grassley. In fact, the only person I trust in DC is President DJ Trump. So make of that what you will.

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      • sickconservative says:

        Have a little trust in Grassley but Pompeo is marginal and Graham has become a joke.

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      • jnr2d2 says:

        Trump of course. Grassley is mostly good — good questions in his letters. Pompeo seems fine to me. Graham is a weasel, but can be manipulated by Trump. We are stuck with him if he doesn’t get a credible challenger in a primary this year. Come on SC!!!

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        • sickconservative says:

          You won’t find someone that could beat him at this point as I have been trying here in NC the good old boy influence is strong,
          SC is my second home and like here being an incumbent especially long term is almost impossible to beat.
          Tim Scott is becoming a good one for working with our President,


          • Skidroe says:

            Ratcliffe will see and know everything NOW. He needs to play the same game that the Dems play and pull Graham, and the other rhinos off to the side and tell them he will expose them all if they don’t get their act together soon and support our President. The coup needs to be totally exposed and people need to be Prosecuted. He could basically blackmail them all. “Do this or I will expose you “. Do the same with Barr.

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            • dave says:

              Ratcliffe saw it all over 3 years ago, along with Trey Gowdy. They were the only republicans allowed to see it all.


            • I do not agree he will blackmail the Rinos. I think he’ll just start releasing documents and they will suddenly realize they’ll have to make a decision – – an an important one at that.


            • sturmudgeon says:

              Skidroe… I don’t see how a “threat” to expose the rhinos would work… if they support the President, and all the crap is exposed… would not their own crap would be out anyway? Where is their incentive, if they are culpable, and that is their reason for being as they are?


    • MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

      BUT…the MSM and the dems don’t care regardless. It is going to take some document(s) that have some of these useless republican’s riding shotgun with the dems to get the full attention of many. I believe The Donald is going to have that dropped during the Lindsey Graham hearings.


      • jumpinjarhead says:

        Even if “some documents” drop, it is a bit like the old question of trees falling in the forest. I have to wonder just how many Americans will even notice?

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  9. Serpentor says:


    We’re talking!

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  10. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    The spineless senate republicans are on the clock. This is Trump vs the republicans and he has ammo in his possession to make things very difficult for them. I believe it about to get real ugly between Donald and rhinos. I despise each and everyone of those pathetic rhinos scumbags.

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  11. TradeBait says:

    Any politician who votes for FISA renewal personally benefited from its corrupt nature. It is systematically flawed and an open door to abuse as we have seen.

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  12. fangdog says:

    What is it any American citizen would want the government to have a vehicle to indiscriminately spy on any American for whatever reason imagined?

    The herd of sheep following a goat up the slaughterhouse chute are not as many as it was before Trump. Though there are still too many “Useful Idiots”, there is just not as many every passing day.

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  13. sundance says:

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    • ann says:

      I no longer believe in the need for FISC

      Has FISC prevented the deployment of dirty bombs ? Or bio weapon attacks?

      Why should we trust them anyways?
      Did the Bureau & DoJ detect, stop or punish participants in 3 known long term intell breaches? NO.
      Fed LE denied, minimised and disavowed responsibility of intell security for the Legislative branch.

      I’ve not been shown any proof that FISC is used for anything but blackmail and political leverage. . Plus’ Roberts is WORTHLESS.

      Shut the entire damn thing down, along with the Bureau and JD’s national security division .

      Build a managblly sized smaller, fire walled agency to handle punishment of high level corruption, counterintell and Nat sec.
      .cause what we have, the hundreds of Dana Buentes and Jesse Lieu actions work AGAINST our country’s best interests,

      Quit hiring Bob’s Boys and Rhino’s made men.

      If the Senate only hires compromised courtiers and or multimillionaire power couples, why keep it running? shut the whole shebang down and start over. .

      Better option than promoting WEAK YESMEN into leader positions, (Wray, Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller, Lynch).

      our most sensitive and critical functions have run amok.

      If these 17 entangled ineffective agencies and their between the cracks task forces want to survive, produce public performance reports.

      thoroughly aiir IC, JD & FISC dirty laundry; 2012 forward .

      Collyer’s DoJ compliance review references FISC’s prior “come to Jesus” confrontations with JD involved behavioural contracts.

      They were not fulfilled.

      how do we know the illegal data JD obtained was destroyed? We don’t.

      I don’t find the JD/Bureau credible or their promises realistic.

      So we are supposed to swallow the tale that hundreds of SA/TS cleared outside contractors hurled their records into bonfires 🔥.
      ill reputed, unsavoury operators like , Crowdstrike or Comey’s professor pal,,
      Uh huh.


  14. RockyBalboa says:

    We’re in too. Thank you President Trump for standing up against the swamp. No more FISA! More accountability. Why isn’t Clinesmith and many more in jail already?

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  15. Bogeyfree says:

    Look at all the Spying Abuse EVIDENCE, Mr. Barr!

    1) Adm Rodgers 6 month audit which found 85% of the searches non-compliant

    2) Judge Collyer’s 99 page report also supporting this NSA Contractor abuse and surmises it goes back much further to possibly 2012

    3) And don’t forget the 47 Hammer Hard Drives with millions of pages of evidence turned into the FIB in 2015 by the man (Whistleblower) who actually did the spying.

    So add all of this up and some of the other recent stuff regarding surveillance and unmaskings on Gen. Flynn and it becomes OBVIOUS to most IMO that spying on Americans to gather information for the purpose of future LEVERAGE from 2009-2016 may have always been the plan.

    Now add in the claim that this spying INCLUDED spying on JUDGES as WB Dennis Montgomery has said.

    Think about this statement alone……….

    “I produced 600 million pages. If you printed out each page it would be thirty miles high stacked one on top of another. The information is very sensitive information. They collected google searches, credit cards, phone records, images, pictures, anything and everything, and they did it for one reason: LEVERAGE. They didn’t know when, but they knew sooner or later they would need that information to use for leverage against a person … The amount of information is mind-boggling, and I gave all of that to FBI Director Comey’s office.”


    Federal Judges may have been compromised. Think about that!

    This screams IMO a much deeper dive, damage assessment investigation is needed beyond just 2016/2017. It needs to include 2009-2016 as well and probably more so.

    The question EVERYONE should ask AG Barr is…….


    Imagine, if this is true and they found evidence that somebody like a Justice Scalia may have been frequently queried or surveilled before his untimely death??

    IMO, if there is one standard of justice for all as Barr says, how can this investigation into all this prior spying and EVIDENCE from 2009-2016 be ignored??

    To ignore it IMO means, one standard of justice is just words and just BS.

    Maybe it is time people begin to ask, was Russia Collusion to get PT the COVER-UP?

    And was spying, gathering info on Americans for future leverage their real game and what they wanted hidden all along???

    IMO many facts and evidence sure seem to point that way and demand a much deeper investigation.

    Now imagine if Grenell or Radcliffe produced just one NSA Audit summary report that showed unequivocally that Judges were queried/surveilled, then IMO it should all unravel after that.

    After all, we ALREADY have a statement along with 47 Hard Drives of evidence provided by a Registered WB claiming this!!

    IMO, Americans can not allow the DOJ to ignore all the spying done on Americans from 2009-2016 let alone what they did in 2017-2019.

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    • twinkiethekid2 says:

      Just posted something similar above before seeing your post. I did a back of napkin estimate and 600m pages would only need only 1-3TB of storage. 80 lines/page x 72 chars/line x 600m. 47 Drives sounds like a lot more stuff than 600 m pages to me, but not really in the scheme of what they have on all of us in Utah.

      Fwiw – If the Hammer indeed has 1 Zettabyte of storage, even with the latest 2m cabinets that can hold up to 10 Petabytes/cabinet (10,000 TB). That would equate to a datacenter with ~ 10,000 racks of storage.

      1000TB = 1 Petabyte
      1000PB = 1 Exabyte
      1000EB = 1 Zettabyte

      10PB/rack x 100 racks => 1 Exabyte
      100 racks/exabyte x 1000 => 1 ZB

      Being in IT for over 30 years and realizing this is like the first time I saw Hubble’s deep field image. No words can even describe…

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      • regitiger says:

        it would be expected

        a. that not all of these hdd are “full”
        b. full disk encryption, NSA style, not OTS, is a significant chunk of volume overhead
        c. likely many of these 47 are backup drives…copies

        on the matter of Utah and scale of data storage capacity.

        are you aware that there are 19 of these facilities that NSA has direct control over….Utah is just one of many.

        are you aware that beyond direct control, NSA has NSL agreements with virtually every single telecom and tech server infrastructure in the US and abroad, both officially or not? Meaning they get to “taste” data at any time in the much larger PRODUCTION infrastructure?

        are you aware that the cybercom component of NSA command flies nearly 1300 unique satellite and airborne sensored vehicles all the time that covers elint collected from nearly the entire range of communications, hard wire, or Radio?

        think of it this way…take the same deep field , I believe each is about .003 arc seconds of field….and take approximately 11 days of continuous observation to resolve accurately (thanks lagrange points)…so you know how long it would take to hubble to collect and store and then “process” that imagery to cover lets say…1/2 of the viewable observable field of view from earth perspective. just 1/2…that would take about 30,000 years! and that is assuming instantaneous target selection from one field to another and no pauses in the entire process.

        now to put in perspective…in terms of collection of data, storage, and processing…NSA and cybercommand has the capability to view the entire deep field level scan on a daily basis with near real time end product processing to cover about the same 1/2 observable universe.

        How is this possible? NSA has literally hundreds of thousands of “hubbles”…and far more capable than a 30 year old telescope…on a network that requires the power equivalent to the tune of around the same power demand as the tiny city of atlanta. I am talking about every single energy cost for the entire infrastructure.

        now there are some rumors about…the energy cost of running all those enormous crypto coin mining servers….yes, it’s a heck of alot of energy….peanuts compared to what NSA/CYBERCOM demands….

        yes, it is staggering….

        I do not feel safer!

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        • twinkiethekid2 says:

          Agree with all your points. Just didn’t want to get in the weeds if you know what I mean but it’s completely mind blowing. The amount of data we are talking about and all the means of collection of all the information on each and everyone of us, each and every day. Ultimate information yielding ultimate power.

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        • twinkiethekid2 says:

          Not to keep beating a dead horse, and I’m sure based on your above comments, but I saw this YT vid on spy satellite imagery last year and for everyone else who wants some more red meat, this is interesting. about 10 minutes long

          In other words, be sure to smile when looking up. 🙂


  16. Shyster says:

    Barr is an enigma…. He helps Flynn, appoints Durham, boldly pronounces Trump was treated unfairly and possibly unlawfully BUT then protects Obama and Biden and wants the barest of FISA reforms vetoed, not for doing too little, but for going too far. Seems rather schizophrenic to me. Barr knows that without reform, a corrupt DOJ and FBI can misuse the FISA process again and yet knowing such, and knowing he will not always be there to safeguard the process, he seeks less restrictive changes. This guy is nothing but contradictions. What is his end game, hard to discern with any degree of confidence. On that basis alone, I refuse to trust him.

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  17. Brian in CA4 says:

    I’m all in and would like to see a list someday of all of the Americans who were illegally spied upon by the Obama administration for political purposes. I believe that it would go a long way toward revealing the true extent of the damage done to our society by his administration.

    These deeds must be punished or it will happen again. Didn’t Obama swear an oath when he took office?

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  18. Daniel M. Camac says:

    First, the Damnocrats who are not physically present should have no voice in this vote.

    Second, IMHO the #1 witness for Senate hearings should be Joe Pientka. If he speaks the truth, their whole charade collapses.

    Third, I have the utmost respect for Sundance, his dedication to our country and Lady Liberty and his uncanny ability to see things most of us (well at least me) do not see.

    But I gotta say, Mr. Lou Dobbs is really coming in a close second. Go gettem Lou! and of course another hero who’s been fighting forever, Rep. Jim Jordan.

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  19. Phil says:

    Are we sure that the CR cuts are accurate representations of the actual conversation? Is it possible that Flynn didn’t talk about sanctions, and therefore never even “misspoke”?

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    • QCM says:


      I would be willing to wager the CR cuts were deceptively edited.

      If the CR cuts are ever compared to a full transcript, this will become obvious.

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  20. mandy says:

    How many pieces of legislation has President Trump vetoed thus far, and of those, how many times has Congress overridden the veto?


  21. JCM800 says:

    “An effort to protect Americans’ browsing and search histories from warrantless government surveillance failed by a single vote in the Senate on Wednesday. The privacy measure, sponsored by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) got 59 votes, one vote fewer than was needed to overcome a filibuster.

    The vote was over a section of federal surveillance law that was originally part of the USA Patriot Act in 2001. That provision, known as Section 215, gave the FBI the power to obtain “any tangible thing,” including “books, records, papers, documents, and other items,” without a warrant. The provision was only supposed to be used for foreign intelligence investigations, not ordinary criminal investigations.”

    The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

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    • mimbler says:

      When I see failed or passed by a single vote, I translate that as “pre-arranged vote”

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    • evergreen says:

      Look, safety is not assured by nosing around in citizens’ private nooks. It’s keeping an eye on weapons of mass destruction in the most classic sense that protects. Once people get back to that notion, citizens will be better adjusted and prepared to watch their own 6–and their neighbors’.

      Ditch the domestic spycraft. It serves no purpose other than to be an addiction for the power hungry.

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  22. billybob says:

    Anybody arrested today?

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  23. Scarlet says:

    I hope this is a signal that Rosenstein is going to face a very hot seat


  24. Dutchman says:

    Once AGAIN, Trump-team have out-manuevered McConnell-team, who wanted to re-authorise FISA, without amendments.

    And, it looks like NO using FISA on American citisens is the line being drawn in the sand.

    Well, we lose a “test”, but well worth it.
    I had earlier posited that just as there is the Ghomert test, to detirmine RepubliCAN or RepubliCON, that the position on FISA re-authorisation is a good test.

    However, Trump-team has succesfully manuevered Mcconnel team, to where they HAVE to vote no.
    Granted, this vote has been thrown back to the House, where there IS a Trump team, never the less, McConnell must be p.o.’d.

    Funny how many complained about us “losing the House” (can’t LOSE something you never had) and yet the Republicans in the minority in the House, have done far more to help PDJT, than the RepubliCONS in the Senate, where they hold the Majority.

    PDJT, working thru his House Trump-team proxies is directly confronting the deep, dark heart or center of the Swamp;
    Senate Republicons who I have long believed originated the Insurance policy plan, just as they originated the IRS/TEA party plan.

    As to Lou’s question “WHERE did Obama FIND such a group of sleazebags?”(paraphrasing).

    BUSH brought Mueller in to run FBI,..
    and Comey was brought in as Muellers protege. Bush also brought Andrew Weismann in to FBI, and elevated Rosenstien. Brennan too, IIRC.

    This was an operation carried out by the small group, with complicity and guidance from Obama admin officials, including Obama.

    But this operation could not have gotten ‘off the ground’ let alone gone as far as it did, without ACTIVE co-operation and Co-ordination from and with Congressional Republicon Leadership.

    Impeachment starts in the House. And, there was no way, politically, that a Republican controlled House could ram rod thru articles of Impeachment.

    So, Paul Ryan HAD to pass the Gavel to Nancy; HAD to. It was as essential to the plan as getting Rosenstien in, as effectively A.G. so he could appoint a SC, and run interference.

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    • WSB says:

      Excellent post, Dutch!

      This is why I no longer believe we have had honest elections for a very long time.

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    • regitiger says:


      I really enjoy how you join things together.

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      • Dutchman says:

        In the olden days, a finish carpenter was called a joiner, or jointer, for making tight joints, in wood.
        A Dutchman makes repairs to wood, with joints so tight, you can’t tell there was ever any damage, literally ‘as good as new’.
        I had many jobs in my life, “Jack of all trades, Master of some”, and one that I Mastered, was being a Dutchman.

        So, thanks for that!

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        • regitiger says:



          • Dutchman says:

            I’ve cut this board THREE times, and its STILL to short.
            My job as Dutchman, was fixing other peoples f*ck ups. I got to be an expert, by making so many f*ckups, and having to fix them, that eventually I reach the point where there was no f*ckup I couldn’t fix.


    • ppanther says:



      • Dutchman says:

        Lighten up on the caps lock, please.
        Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the protecol, but using all caps, as you have in your comment, is considered by most to be YELLING, and EXTREMELY RUDE!….
        Agree with the essence of your comment, …

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  25. SHV says:

    I will be interesting to see if the Senate Rethugs vote to override the veto. IIRC, the Senate FISA vote was 80-16.

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    • emeraldcoaster says:

      Would also require 2/3 majority in House. I don’t think that’ll happen unless Pelosi’s crew votes by proxy for McCarthy’s team, too.


  26. Todd says:

    Most democrats don’t care if candidate and then President Trump and his team were illegally spied upon. They agree with it, and have been persuaded by the Big 6 Media.

    I think the only way hard core leftists will ever disagree is if/when President Trump says, “they didn’t just spy on me and my team, they spied on you too.”

    How many thousands (millions?) of Americans on the left, right, and independent middle were spied upon during the Obama administration?

    Mad Maxine Waters admitted how President Obama was making a list and checking it twice, finding out who’s naughty or nice.

    Speaking on the air with Roland Martin, Waters says that President Obama’s Administration has invaded the privacy of American citizens in ways that would only be imaginable in science fiction novels.

    —- They didn’t just spy on the POTUS, they spied on you too.

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    • ann says:

      And targeted some of us to audit. For political affiliation and donation activity.


    • regitiger says:

      I would agree mostly with the pretty solid evidence..

      one thing that american hate the most, is being cheated, deceived, robbed, and conned.

      it’s not the’s the coverup.

      you see this all the time on our culture.

      in fact the media makes this a form totem and relishes in it.

      what I am saying is that the media is now in full damage control and it’s become very obvious why.

      complicity about a full on fraudulent claim.

      democracts by and large are not a totally different specie of human…yes, they smell funny, but inside where it counts, I am pretty confident many many many of them are more than just curious about what just went down…

      when it distills down to “doesn’t matter because its orange man bad anyway”…of course, we find the full koolaid crowd.

      I’m not going to cheapen the social experience and the dependable human condition by suggesting even the fraud media has that much control over humans. particularly in this instance.

      how does one explain the reality of the anti-hero…the guy you actually want to win at the end of the movie….because he’s been wronged..never mind he is not a pleasant dude. There’s something about the curious and irrational nature of humans that is very interesting when it comes to predicting how they evaluate realities…..some of the best movies of all time, deal in this “magic”…the trick is to sway the audience to think well outside the norms they would otherwise travel.

      and let me tell you ..this entire conspiracy is a best seller!

      no equal….not kidding..

      the more information comes out..and the more the left radicals and media resists discussing it, becomes even more interesting and people get very very interested.

      don’t look over there…nothing to see.

      and millions stop what they are doing to look over there and find something to see.

      just how we operate.

      democrats included.

      i live among them…delightfully …but also obviously betrayed.

      when you get right down to it…we actually share most of the same kinds of walls in our main government..just crop dusted with different letters and spells.

      of course I am not talking about the serious deadheads…we got those two.

      ask em a question and they will give you three incoherent answers …

      for the typical democrat, city dwellers too, I firmly believe there is a sea change in motion…a paradigm shift.


      that’s a very big deal for a human to digest. even democrats.


  27. JCM800 says:

    “A law repugnant to the Constitution is void. An act of Congress repugnant to the Constitution cannot become a law. The Constitution supersedes all other laws and the individual’s rights shall be liberally enforced in favor of him, the clearly intended and expressly designated beneficiary.” –Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (1803)

    “An unconstitutional law is void and is as no law. An offense created by it is not crime. A conviction under it is not merely erroneous but isillegal and void and cannot be used as a legal cause of imprisonment.” – Ex parte Siebold, 100 U.S. 371 (1879)

    “An unconstitutional act is not law. It confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office. It is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” – Norton v. Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425 (1886)

    “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule-making or legislation which would abrogate them.” –Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966)

    “The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statue, to be valid, must be in agreement. It is impossible for both the Constitution and a law violating it to be valid; one must prevail. This is succinctly stated as follows: The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.”

    “Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principals follow that it imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it…A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one. An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law. Indeed, insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the land, it superseded thereby. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.” – 16 American Jurisprudence 2d, Sec. 177

    Liked by 4 people

  28. Drogers says:

    All the nefarious players will come out of the woodworks against Mr. President for this.

    Not that he should have to but President Trump’s argument writes itself.

    The level of sanctimonious hyperbole and pearl clutching will be off the charts.

    Liked by 3 people

  29. Newhere says:

    This may well mark a tectonic shift in the posture of the dissident/anti-establishment left, which has been unable to state out loud that President Trump has been FAR better than any left-tard they’ve ever gotten behind, on precisely the issues they once claimed to care about. I’m not talking about the identity-politics SJW nonsense. I’m talking about the trade-skeptic, war-skeptic, IC skeptic LEFT, that used to have a presence during the Bush/Patriot Act era, until the lost their F-ing minds.

    There are a few and I used to count among them; not many left, but a few.

    I’ve noticed subtleties in how they talk about Trump. Recognition is coming.

    An unequivocal promise to VETO FISA is massive, and they know it. It is undeniable.

    More Walkaways are coming.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Todd says:

      I walked away from the Democrat Party back in 2007 and hopped on the Ron Paul Liberty Train, which inevitably led me to this point in time on the Trump Train!

      The Left Banke

      Liked by 2 people

      • Drogers says:

        Todd –

        I have been a lifelong Conservative and I have my mother to thank for that. In a one parent home she instilled a work ethic, responsibility for one’s actions, and a promise of success if I was willing to work for it. I retired at 54 years old, live in a three story house on a lake, and can fish and boat to my heart’s content. I place it all at the feet of my mother.

        Truly, it doesn’t matter how or when you got here we’re just glad you are.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Yy4u says:

      Newhere…I have noticedbthe same thing. They cannot admit they were wrong about Trump so they simply don’t bash him

      Liked by 1 person

    • evergreen says:

      OK. So, is this proof now finally that Pelosi and Schumer are idiots in the first degree?

      Trump could give them their old-school democrat wish lists, but they resist him.


  30. JCM800 says:

    “What kinds of surveillance are authorized under FISA, the Patriot Act, and the Freedom Act?
    Here are a few of the key forms of surveillance authorized under FISA, the Patriot Act, and the Freedom Act:

    Records searches expand the government’s ability to look at records on an individual’s activity being held by third parties.
    Secret searches expands the government’s ability to search private property without notice to the owner.
    Intelligence searches expand a narrow exception to the Fourth Amendment that had been created for the collection of foreign intelligence information.
    “Trap and trace” searches expands another Fourth Amendment exception for spying that collects “addressing” information about the origin and destination of communications, as opposed to the content.
    Physical searches and telecommunication surveillance are both authorized under the Patriot Act, Freedom Act, and FISA.
    Telecommunication surveillance includes wiretapping phones, accessing voicemail, intercepting emails and text messages, and wiretapping VoIP calls (such as Skype).
    The FBI can force doctors, libraries, bookstores, universities, and Internet service providers to hand over information on their clients and customers.
    Roving wiretaps, sneak-and-peak warrants, national security letters, and lone wolf surveillance are among the most controversial provisions set out in the Patriot Act.

    Why are Patriot and Freedom Acts dangerous?
    FISA, the Patriot Act, and the Freedom Act include many provisions that are arguably unconstitutional, specifically violating the First and Fourth Amendments.

    In terms of the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech, law enforcement under the Patriot Act can prohibit the recipients of a search from telling others about the search. Furthermore, the FBI can authorize investigations of American citizens for exercising their freedom of speech, such as writing an editorial or reading a certain book.

    As for the Fourth Amendment, which stipulates the government cannot conduct a search without a warrant and probable cause, both of those stipulations are effectively out the window when it comes to much of the bulk interception data collected. Law enforcement also no longer needs to provide prior notice to the recipient of a warrant before searching their property.

    Beyond the constitutional implications, FISA, the Patriot Act, and the Freedom Act also grant law enforcement a huge amount of unchecked power without any judicial review. Targets of an investigation no longer need to be agents of a foreign power, nor do authorities require probable cause. Judges do not have the authority to reject applications for such investigations.”

    Liked by 2 people

  31. ChampagneReady says:

    The indictment train is speeding down the tracks now.
    Don’t think it’s even an exaggeration to call it a runaway train lol.

    And with the SpaceX launch delayed we still have time to put Pelosi in the cargo bay.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. PDJT also needs to veto any foreign worker visas.

    Liked by 6 people

    • JCM800 says:

      Absolutely, Unemployment Hardships are affecting All Americans, of all political backgrounds.
      American Citizens Only!
      Keep Rejecting Invaders at the Border.
      Asylum Claims be Damned!

      Liked by 2 people

  33. Todd says:

    The illegal coup against President Trump was/is a bipartisan uniparty/globalist sellout affair.

    I wonder if the whole damn thing was Made in China? Russia, Russia, Russia was the diversion, a ruse. How much of the American Big 6 Media is being paid off by the Chinese? How much Kompromat?

    Here is a single example from 2018….

    Can Politico pull off its new partnership with a Chinese-owned paper?

    —- I hate to link to the Amazon Bezos Post, but it proves the point. The American Big 6 Media sold out to China. They care more about evil numbers, not good people.

    Liked by 3 people

  34. Uncle Al says:

    I entreat President Trump to veto EVERY piece of legislation that comes to his desk by way of a proxy vote, and he should announce RIGHT NOW that that’s what he will do.

    Liked by 5 people

  35. StanH says:

    Yes sir! Your Deplorable Army awaits your orders.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Truthfilter says:

    The reason FISA is so dangerous is because the deepstate actually wants to expand it. During the last 3 years, people like Mary McCord and others of Lawfare I’ll have argued for more federal legislation and LEO powers with regards to “domestic terrorism.” Look up their very broad mix of what constitutes a “domestic terror threat.” It’s every single one of us who disagrees with their agenda. We’ve been called racists, homophobes, xenophobes, “White nationalists” for supporting President Trump and his agenda to secure our borders and put Americans first. We are the “potential domestic terror threats” they want to eradicate through expanded legislation which inevitably leads to expanded surveillance via FISA and other channels. (Look up “Mary McCord Domestic terrorism” and see what this witch has been doing and writing since she resigned in 2017.

    Liked by 2 people

    • CNN_sucks says:

      Agreed. They (real terrorists) will dehumanize us all. Any opposing views are censored and if persistent send to gulag.


  37. Hoyt Pauer says:

    FISA judges to Guantanamo. Crush the Deep State

    Liked by 3 people

  38. jmclever says:

    Where in the timeline does the text between Strzok and Page that says the president (Obama) wants to know everything?


  39. DeWalt says:

    Still waiting for the Judges to except some responsibility for their failure to do the only damned job they had.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. hokkoda says:

    Good for Trump, will be interesting to see what Pelosi does. A lot of her base hates FISA too, so it’s a risky vote to empower the Uniparty that both bases oppose. They’ll waste capital passing it, and most likely without a veto proof majority.

    It’s also a nice kick to Barr’s balls, imho. If Barr wants his FISA, he’s going to have to produce indictments.

    Liked by 4 people

  41. WeThePeople2016 says:

    No vote tonight.


  42. 335blues says:

    If Lyndsey Graham accomplishes anything of substance with his hearings,
    if will be the first time in his senate career that he actually done something.
    At this point, I will be surprised if he produces.
    I expect another dog and pony act.

    Liked by 2 people

  43. Newhere says:

    I think we’re seeing the effects of Meadows chief of staff, Grennell/Ratcliffe DNI, in the quality of information and advice that the President is getting. People matter.

    Liked by 3 people

  44. Parker Longbaugh says:

    Will Rod be under oath and subject to charges of perjury during his time being questioned by the Senate committee?
    I apologize if this has been answered or if I missed this information.


    • mimbler says:

      It is always a crime to lie when testifying to congress whether sworn or not,

      Liked by 1 person

    • Does it matter? Many Dems have appeared before Congress, under oath, and later proved to have lied. But nothing was done. And, even when they DO reveal evidence of a crime that was committed, nothing is done.

      These Congressional hearings are meant to give the ILLUSION of a search for truth but it’s the DoJ’s responsibility to ACT on the criminal referrals sent from Congress. While I rant about the perfidy of Barr’s leadership, I can’t ignore the deafening silence of Congress on that same regard. THEY are the ones colluding, IMO.


  45. DeWalt says:

    Lionel says it well.

    Liked by 3 people

  46. ezgoer says:

    So there’s enough wiggle room on the non unmasking of Flynn for Durham and Barr to decide there’s no criminality here. Watch.


  47. mtk says:

    Peter’s and Lisa’s text messages read like they are blowing smoke to talk around subject. The read through reads like all the things that should not done.
    For example… Doesn’t want Clapper giving [the Flynn cut, or summary of intercepted call] to White House.”
    “Yeah but keep in mind we were going to put that in the doc on Friday…”
    The doc being the ICA

    So the loves birds small talk reads like the ‘small group’ did none of those things(lucky us )
    Yet in the brackground with the leaks and MSM gearing the up TDS since the election.
    Everything, that they say shouldn’t done, was done.
    We don’t if the CR cut was used in the ICA report because of the classified redacting. And, it certaintly seems Comey provided Clapper with everything to work his magic on Obama. Resulting in ‘by the Book’ and the ‘Memo to self.

    Put together… IMHO, truth be told these pieces of the puzzle are just designed to get the wheels of the govt churning for the kick off the public presentation of the insurance plan, which was launched with the Steel Dossier on Jan 10th.

    With the TDS MSM building steam over the last two months since the election, the Dossier was just the kind of ‘Juicy’ music to their ears.
    This was then followed up within a month with the leaking of ‘The FBI has an active investigation on Flynn’ into the mix.’ Just more music to the chatter bots and public face of the insurance plan.
    I still say, little has been giving within Our Circles of discussion on the ‘Witch Hunt’ to the public statements Comey made just prior to getting fired. To me, as I recollect them. His statements appear to be designed to push the President’s button. To get fired so the DOJ can appoint THE special prosecutor.


  48. Doug Amos says:

    Forget Graham and save some heartache. He is taking you on the train to nowhere and Jordan, apparently and unwisely, climbed on board. Keep it simple; it’s all garbage. None of it; Fisa, the perpetrators, the Rinos is redeemable. Anything and everything Obama is toxic; likewise McConnell and Ryan. This is the biggest game of playing for keeps in which we will ever be involved in our entire lives. Still betting on President Trump and no one else.

    Liked by 2 people

  49. T2020 says:

    I have my stock of 🍿ready! Better than the end of the first Rocky movie!!👊🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  50. Spyro says:

    That’s what I love to hear. Screw the dirty Repubs that want their turn to be scumbags like Obama and his crew.


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