Kudlow: American Economy, Workers and Consumers Poised For Great American Comeback…

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow weighs in on reopening of U.S. economy in a post-pandemic country. White the second quarter economic data has more bad news yet to be assembled and reported, the U.S. economy, workers and consumers are poised to make a Great American Recovery.

The U.S. stock market is looking forward and climbing in response to the economic reopening; while -as expected- many blue state governors are intentionally attempting to hold back their economies and planning for a federal bailout to cover their revenue shortfalls. Remove the possibility for a bailout and those governors will be forced to join the reopening.

Kudlow also appeared on Fox News this morning.


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34 Responses to Kudlow: American Economy, Workers and Consumers Poised For Great American Comeback…

  1. Big Jake says:

    #DITCHMITCH is gonna leave Trump hanging on this. Force him to veto or sign a bailout. You watch.

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    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      Starve the Chinese Communists of U.S. dollars. No imports, not investments, bring factories home.

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      • thedoc00 says:

        There are better ways to kick China Inc. below the belt.
        1. The State Department commences a review and restructure of all export licenses that include China Inc. directly or as an end user. This one also has the advantage of getting Silicon Valley’s attention. It will also get Wall Street’s attention as they finance allot of the action in those licenses.
        2. Hong Kong is for intensive purposes gone. Short of a military operation by the US, acting alone, it has always been irreversible. Remove all special privileges and access enjoyed by businesses using Hong Kong as “way-point” or base of operations. Treat them directly as China Inc. entities. This one knocks a major source of Western Capital and Financial Transfer out from under China Inc. to the US. Wall Street will love this one.
        3. Put the WTO and WMF on notice that China Inc. is to be treated a fully developed nation or the US starts to downgrade its support.

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    • paulashley says:

      He should call their bluff and veto it. Mitch has to be reelected, too.

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  2. Perot Conservative says:

    Orange County may drag Newsom out of his bunker.

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    • delighteddeplorable says:

      Yes, there’s growing evidence of a significant turn back to the right in the OC. Looking very good for Greg Raths to unseat the odious Katie Porter.

      Big Trump boat parade in Newport yesterday. It was marvelous!

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  3. Democrats dread an economic recovery. They want the economy dead. They want you dead. They never miss a chance to prove it.


    “Democrats that Politico interviewed were distressed over the prospect that the economy would be improving before the election. “Trump beats Biden on the economy even right now!” one Democrat told Politico. “This is going to be extremely difficult no matter what.”

    Another Democrat told Politico: “Even today when we are at over 20 million unemployed Trump gets high marks on the economy, so I can’t imagine what it looks like when things go in the other direction. I don’t think this is a challenge for the Biden campaign. This is the challenge for the Biden campaign. If they can’t figure this out they should all just go home.”

    Political strategist Arthur Schwartz responded to Politico’s report in a tweet, writing: “Dems are spooked because the economy is going to rebound quickly. Their strategy for November is to keep the country closed. Their interests are served by hurting as many Americans as possible.”

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  4. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Well, not in Virginia. The Governor just mandated all businesses to require face masks starting Friday.


    • WeThePeople2016 says:


  5. Ninja7 says:

    Miss the “Koala bear , of Larry Kudlow ” 🤔🤔
    Appreciate his loyalty to President Donald J Trump, Interesting that therapeutics were stressed a wee bit more than vaccines.
    Very positive interview, with the hand that was dealt.

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  6. magatrump says:

    No Bailout. No No No.

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  7. vikingmom says:

    Living in Washington, it is abundantly clear that our Democratic governor is relishing the opportunity to destroy the state’s entire economy, in order to implement the ultra extreme environmentalist eugenicist wet dream that he, Bill Gates, and Bernie Sanders have dreamed about for decades! (Pardon my crudeness but it’s the most appropriate description I can think of.)

    The fact that the president called him out early on as being utterly incompetent is also fueling his demonic, despotic determination to ruin the states, come hell or high water!

    And sadly, the media in this state is goose-stepping in unison with every edict he puts out, refusing to ask any hard questions, and cherry-picking facts to whip up utterly irrational fears throughout the populace. I have lived here my whole life and while it was s never a conservative state, it used to be sanely libertarian, but now it has tilted so far left that it’s about to tip over… Just like Guam! LOL!

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    • Adele Virtue says:

      Stevens county is close to stage 3 of opening. One more week and we get there. It is nice to see our favorite diner open again, even if at 25% capacity.

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    • Blue Water Fox says:

      Born and Raised on the dry side of the hill . Wife the same. So sad to see how much the state has changed.Christmas shopping downtown Seattle was a treat . The carnival rides and games at Seattle center during State basketball at the key arena. Missing what we had.So much has changed in the 59 years of my life. Hard to believe after we chased Inslee out of Selah how he is a two term governor.

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      • vikingmom says:

        I grew up hanging out at Seattle Center on weekends with my friends, after high school football games at Memorial Stadium – rode the bus from Ballard down there and back and felt perfectly safe doing it! I remember the Sonics winning the NBA Championship in 1979 and how the city went nuts! Worked a block up from the Pike Place Market for years back when “Starbucks” was a deli that served good coffee…I miss my city! 😦


  8. Deception Stinks says:

    By now, I ‘think’ President Trump knows ARIZONA teeters on a BLUE state status … and it’s because of a RINO governor who’s shown his extreme BLUE leanings throughout this [DS] pre-planned COVID-19 debacle.

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  9. Mary says:

    The reason the stock market is climbing is about $5 trillion in Federal Reserve fake money that is being created out of thin air to support it. The US has unemployment of roughly 30%, higher than the Great Depression, and is passing new appropriations in the trillions of dollars every few weeks. The “reopening” of the economy includes insane federal and state guidelines that enshrine probably forever the idea that the government can order restaurant ts and churches to close off half of their seats to keep people from getting “too close”, according to government standards of “closeness”. These orders and guidelines are forcing American businesses to retool their entire operations to comply across the country. Anyone who thinks this is a recipe for a big recovery is crazy.

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    • paulashley says:

      It angers me no end that Kudlow and other conservatives in the administration keep touting the “open safely” cr@p. Besides being baloney, it gives cover to the governors to keep slow-walking getting back to normal. Does no one have the guts to tell the truth? Do they like shooting themselves it the foot?

      At the very least, the administration should be saying that the data show that 99% of us can go back to pre-COVID behavior NOW, and that if governors want to delay opening up, while they have that prerogative (excepting unconstitutional edicts) they are simply hurting more people.

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      • Adele Virtue says:

        Does anyone think this is Trump’s plan though to expose the left for what it really is, to open up the eyes of those who blindly follow the left and do not think for themselves because hey, the left will never hurt me since I am one of them. Now it has become but I worked my whole life for my business and now you are making me lose it for nothing? This might just possibly help Trump by showing them the truth. All I know for sure is it is all in God’s Hands and no better place in the world I want to be.


  10. Mike in a Truck says:

    F.U. Toy Cooper!


  11. paulashley says:

    Why does Kudlow, like other conservatives, have to spout the “open safely” and anti-social distancing cr@p? It only serves to give cover to the authoritarian governors and thus delay any recovery. Sheesh, please show some courage and tell the obvious truth: we can get back to work in our normal pre-COVID way, PERIOD.


  12. hokkoda says:

    Gas prices up 10% at my local pump in the last 10 days, mirroring a similar trend nationally. Higher gas prices = more people moving around, and more people moving around translates into more economic activity. I bet the economy recovers much like the Dow. An initial surge, then slower growth, then another surge later this summer/fall. The worst thing that can happen to Democrats is to have 2.1M Americans “not die” from COVID19 and then an ecomomic recovery that has the Dow back up close to 29,000 (or higher) and unemployment back down below 10% or even lower. Maybe not a V, but a tilted W.

    All that really is needed at this point is for the Government to flatly refuse any more government stimulus. Don’t underestimate today’s Dow “surge”. It often does that when they see the Government about to dump a s**tload of free money on them. However, I think the Dow going up 6,000 points in 8 weeks is also a recognition that the economic fundamentals are quite strong.

    The face mask thing is reaching levels of stupid heretofore unheard of. Some lady at Sprouts (no mask) was screaming at everyone in the store and threatening them all with legal action at the “International Court of Justice” for being “sheep”. My daughter caught this on camera and we had a good laugh about it. I keep a mask in my pocket, but have only been asked at one place to please wear one…Asian Food Market…go figure. I didn’t mind so much since 99% of the places I go don’t require one. What I see happening with the masks is that as the weather gets hotter, people will start “cheating” to the point that nobody takes it seriously any more. I do think that the bizarre and arbitrary government restrictions (6 feet, face masks, 50% occupancy) are going to fall off quickly as business owners and customers start cheating on it.

    I checked my RINO-meter – Ben Shapiro – today and he’s going on about wearing the masks as being “responsible”. Sometimes I want to sell stupid people like that my brand new, one-way, screen door that only keeps the air from getting out of your house. He, of course, uses the “killing grandma” emotional blackmail that Liberals always deploy. Good to see the posers are still playing to form.

    There is a TON of pent up consumer demand. After people got done buying stupid stuff like 24 cases of toilet paper, they really didn’t have a lot of spending. I’ve saved many hundreds of dollars on gas alone. Expect a huge surge in consumer spending…

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  13. minnesotamike55 says:

    I simply can’t put myself in the mind of a lefty who wants to ruin the economy to hurt Trump. But then, they have no logic so how could a logical person ever come to grips with their thinking?

    After ruining thousands of businesses and local economies, the tax dollars are simply drying up. The scam in local government about providing a bunch of services is about to come apart. When states, counties, and cities cut their operations it will cause a massive under funding of all the pensions out there. They will hit the remaining workers with increased pension withdrawals staving off a disaster for a while, but inevitably, reducing government stiffs the pensioners. The ultimate Ponzi scheme is going to crash.

    Any bailouts should require cuts in staff, programs, and budgets. That won’t fix it because they need a certain amount of employees to maintain the pryamid scheme. Taxing the locals will backfire in many areas causing a shift to red team but then red team will be blamed for the failed pension funding. Just like pyramid Ponzi shemes, once they start to crash, there is no stopping them unless a new source of funders comes around. That would be weak republicans in my mind.

    It will be a disaster!


    • mike says:

      Let’s face it. Lefties and the DS elite not only want to kill people, they ***are*** killing people.

      With the Lockdown itself. With internet censorship. With the mis-, disinformation campaigns about the virus and HCQ-AZM-Zinc (+magnesium), vitamins C and D, and generic prophyllaxis generally.

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  14. Magabear says:

    Reopened economy – Yes!!!

    Bailouts for lockdown Nazi Governors – No!!!

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  15. USA Citizen says:

    China will take over the USA if you vote for Joe Biden. Joe Biden even said, “China isn’t so bad.” Former Vice President, Joe Biden and his son Hunter got Billions of dollars from Communist China, and nobody knows why. Stop the Democrat Party from winning in the 2020 election, because the Democrat Party will let America become Communist and let China take over the USA. China wants to be the World Power, not America anymore. If China takes over the USA, we will no longer be free. In China they will kill you if you speak up. China doesn’t give you a fair trial, they just kill you. Wake Up, USA, and vote for President Trump, he is the only one who can save America from China.


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