Comrade Crazy – Governor Gretchen Whitmer Claims She is Being Victimized By Citizens of Michigan…

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer addressed the issue of her husband attempting to use his position to get their personal boat prepped and in the water prior to Memorial day so they could enjoy the holiday. The Michigan governor said her husband was joking when he told the boat storage operator he was the husband of the governor and asked if that would move him up in the line of requests.

Additionally Governor Whitmer highlights how the citizens of Michigan are victimizing her; including scary men who have surrounded her home while carrying “automatic weapons.” Whitmer says the COVID-19 virus has created an undue hardship on her and her family, and she is burdened by hurt feelings and wounded sensibilities.  Whitmer personifies what happens when left-wing moonbats are allowed to gain political power.


Additionally (below), Whitmer denies reports that her family violated her own stay-home orders and traveled to their second home. She insists her husband only traveled to their second home to rake leaves by moonlight for one, or, well, maybe two days… or something.



On a positive note.  Whitmer will never be Biden’s VP selection.  Whitmer carries a personality trait found in many moonbats; every time she opens her mouth she is becomes even more unlikeable.

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395 Responses to Comrade Crazy – Governor Gretchen Whitmer Claims She is Being Victimized By Citizens of Michigan…

  1. JWC says:

    She’s got a huge HUGE issue looming with the failed dam in Midland. Our AG sued the owners for trying to lower water levels because it would jeopardize fresh water mussel population. So now we have an empty lake and 10,000 displaced people. First thing she said when she did her little disaster press conference was “we will hold whoever did this responsible”…omg. I’m sure her personal boat launch issue is all she can handle right now. I’m astounded by her mediocrity. (Her predecessor left the state with a balanced budget .)

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Trump should go to Michigan and go for a boat ride before she can launch her boat. As he tee’s off a golf ball into the lake, he should exclaim how he had no problem launching the boat, Then bag on Whitmer about her dam management.

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      • “Dam-n” Management.!!! Nice Play-on-words, whether you meant it or Not.!!!

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      • Bugsdaddy says:

        ^^Like this^^

        They didn’t even touch on the other abuses of power.
        Ex. When Whitmer opened the golf courses a few weeks ago, guess who was one of the first to get a tee time at the country club (just a short ways from the Guv’s mansion….Mr Mallory (er Whitmer!!) Yes, that’s Whitmers husband….Mallory.

        Mallory has also been spotted at the summer home previous weekends, then in Lansing a couple of days later….hmmmmm….

        Also there were face book posts and twitter posts this weekend (since removed) of the graduation parties the Guv had for her daughter. Before the weekend the Guv changed the crowd size for private events to 25 people. Low and behold, the invites for the graduation party had 25 people at 1 o’ clock, 25 people at 2 o’ clock, etc. Drone footage (since removed, showed well over 25 people gathered in closer ( than 6 feet-gasp) proximity.

        An extreme case of” good for thee, but not for me” runs in that family.

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    • Rj says:

      I want to know the progress of the lawsuit against Dana and her Ukraine connection who helped her steal the election of the trifecta in Michigan.

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      • YvonneMarie says:

        No surprise there.

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      • jaxnix says:

        Also check on Dana and dam failure in the Midland area. May 1 the damn operator wanted to lower the lake for safety reasons. Dana refused that request because of a fresh water mussel. The dam failure is on Dana and no one else.

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        • Dwayne Diesel says:

          Actually, it’s on all of them. The dam operator, regardless of the government bureaucrat, should have done the right thing.

          And why is the Michigan AG deciding on when to release dam water? They do not have the experience or expertise to even make that decision.

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    • YvonneMarie says:

      But he is a Trump hater.
      He loaded Michigan with thousands of refugees.

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    • paulyho39 says:

      What an idiot for a gov! She is unbelievable…does not handle opposition at all….I was going to say “badly”…but that would be too kind! She is a whimpering “poor baby “…who needs to perk up and try to meet the needs of her poor state! I hope they get their act together the next time they vote for governor!

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      • Theckman says:

        I am so sick of hearing about the voters of Michigan better get their act together.
        Do you all think you could have swept in and stopped the corruption that characterized voter irregularities in multiple counties that all benefited the Democrats.
        I’ve said it multiple times Florida was almost in the same situation as Michigan.
        The cheating was very apparent and if DeSantis had not had a cushion of votes would have lost to a drug addict that was in rehab last I heard (Gillum).
        These democrat operatives pick weak candidates for these elections they fund for a reason.
        If elected they control these dimwits.
        Once Trump won the democrat power apparatus has been working diligently to elect as many democrat governors, attorney generals, etc,,, to do their bidding.
        The dumber the better and as an extra bonus any dirt they can get on them such as Gillums multiple issues is what they look for.

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        • romy911 says:

          Theckman – don’t take the criticism of the voters of Michigan personally.
          Many of us live in states that elected tyrant governors/mayors and whose majority voted for Hillary.
          Michigan did help elect President Trump.


        • tucker7518 says:

          Remember Brenda Snipes and her boxes and boxes of votes for Gillum.

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      • emroled says:

        Look up the red/blue election maps. Detroit, Flint, and Ann Arbor hold the cards – and they won’t be getting their acts together.

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        • Theckman says:

          You mean the election officials are left holding the cards. Flint and Detroit’s population since 2010 has plummeted and on top of that what’s left is a demographic that does not vote.
          Ann Arbor is the only area that the population votes and is democratic.
          The Democrats were not prepared in 2016 for the voter fraud in Flint and Detroit because they believed Michigan would never go for Trump.
          2018 voter fraud in those areas started and now they also have added population of illegals that have been given IDs At Secretary of State which I believe Will be used for voter fraud.
          Oversight is needed and it’s not the voters that can do that. That’s why mailin voting is a license for Whitmer to hand the election to Democrat candidate.
          There’s no doubt that’s their playbook.
          To respond to not taking it personally about criticizing how stupid Michigan voters were to let Whitmer win I just expect this site to understand there are multiple reasons poor ill suited candidates get elected.
          Blaming the voters is simplistic. Trump winning Michigan was because of more votes; but if the Hillary camp had done their homework they could easily have cheated in order to get the 12,000 votes needed.


    • TarsTarkas says:

      AND the endangered mussels are now even more endangered as a result of the flood. Either washed away or with now permanently low water levels.

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    • Bob Parker says:

      Surely you over-rate Herr Whitmer by proclaiming her mediocre.

      Indeed Witless Whitmer makes a perfect VP for Biden for then you have the “Dumb & Dumber ticket”.

      The only way that Whitmer should get into the White House is if she has a ticket to tour the place.

      Bert D. & Santiago, can you just imagine the Trump campaign doing 1 or 3 commercials on Whitmer’s “Damn management”. A few overhead shots of the flooding, a closeup of the “saved” fresh water mussels, & of course, lots of photos of those who lost everything thanks to her DAM(n) MANAGEMENT.

      And how about that MI AG Nussle?? That hag is about as stupid as the Guv which of course makes Messle a virtual lock for a Cabinet position for Biden/Whitmer.

      In Messle’s case, I would highly recommend her for the medicine cabinet, & preferably 1 that locks.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      You forgot to add to your list of damages, that with no waster in the lake, the only thing those “Fresh water Mussels” are good for now is garlic, marina sauce and linguini.


    • texasooz57 says:

      Well, who voted her into office? Or, was Michigan the beta test for the ballot stuffing, vote by mail thing?

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    • Joemama says:

      I hope the fresh water mussels are OK. Has Grinch Whitmer declared a state of emergency for the mussels?

      She had better hold those responsible for inconveniencing the mussels.



    • California Joe says:

      Damn! How dem mussels doing now? LOL


  2. rcogburn says:

    So many comedians in the Democrat party!

    Adam Schiff does a parody version of the Ukraine call, now Mr Gretchen has them in stitches with his hilarious gimme my boat gag!

    Keep the laughs comin’ Dems!

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  3. Rick554 says:

    I could only watch about a minute of that show. Lord have mercy!!

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  4. etbnyc says:

    Oh my God this freakshow projects in a clinical level. “Don’t devolve into your worst self”??? Too late, Whitmer you’ve already done so.

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  5. Wayne Townsend says:

    “automatic rifles?????”

    Well, let’s throw in a really, really big lie.

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  6. Dan says:

    If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen…

    Or, because she’s female, and what I just said is bad…. If you can’t handle the scrutiny, get out of the Governor’s office.

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    • refinedheathen says:

      10 to 1 says this sociopath can’t make a decent sandwich.

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      • Phil Free says:

        Notice, she also has a different name than her husband. Husband’s name is Mallory, but ol’ Gretchen is Whitmer! How about that …….

        yet another sign of a real “winner” .. [eyeroll]

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    • paulyho39 says:

      Exactly! What in the world did she expect?? People would fall down on their knees to worship her after what she’s done to their state??? Wow! She is just “too much” for me!

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  7. crikey9 says:

    Who is the whack job behind her…

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  8. alliwantissometruth says:

    Maybe, just maybe Americans will now begin to understand the leftist agenda and how it’s totally against their interests and the interests of their country

    I’ve got a lot of friends, and many are left leaning. Although I’ve converted many of them, some, even with my loud mouth and convincing common sense, still refuse to see the light

    Their brainwashing and manipulation is too strong for them to admit they’re wrong, even when confronted with facts and basic common sense

    But I’ll tell you, something is changing, even within them, as this lock down has stretched out

    When talking to them now, I’ll be doing my usual “these stinking democrat tyrants are purposely trying to destroy the economy and peoples lives, etc, etc, etc”, and instead of an argument, I hear “I know”

    Their zest to defend the democrat party isn’t there anymore

    One buddy’s wife, who I avoid like the plague because…. well, because she’s an absolutely deranged radical leftist and dumber than a box of rocks, actually told me she doesn’t know what she’s going to do because she just can’t vote for democrats at this time

    So yeah, there’s some heavy resentment against the democrat party out there, and a lot of it is coming from democrat voters themselves

    Of course we’ll have to see, but I’m thinking this continued shutdown and the whole vibe of the democrats might be the biggest blunder they’ve ever made

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  9. PinotNoir says:

    Sorry future electorate, if ever elected to an important position the signer will be missing. Will provide close captioning on a screen for folks. Who pays attention to the speaker with all that weirdness going on next to them? Vote for me, Dux Bellorum Pacifica sans signer.

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  10. How on earth did she get elected in the first place?????????????????

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  11. TwoLaine says:

    While her husband was “away raking leaves” :), for an indeterminate period of time :), were gardeners allowed to work, land & lawnscapers? Did he “plant” anything while he was away? “Seeds” maybe? Husbands are so hard to keep track of…….

    Oh, and I find that if you’ve used that line once, you’ve used it a million times, and the excuse/lie you gave to cover it, we heard that one a million times too for all those caught in the first lie.

    The real problem is all these guvs who like everything being shut down because THEY can get around faster, even though they already had special privileges.

    12 weeks. What an abject failure she has been.

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  12. bluecat57 says:

    So resign. SOLVED! And you will FEEL good and superior.

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  13. California Joe says:

    After everything President Trump did for Michigan even more than promised the people of Michigan fell for her nonsense Waffle House waitress campaign and stabbed President Trump and themselves in the back electing a Democrat floosie! Same thing with Wisconsin, Kentucky and West Virginia. We get the government that we deserve!

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  14. donnyvee says:

    I am perfectly fine with the guvnor and others in positions of power feeling nervous at the sight of an armed citizenry. Am I the only one who feels like this?

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  15. Magabear says:

    I could see why a witch would want to break out the broom under the moonlight. Maybe hubby is a warlock? 😄

    2018 may go down as ushering in the most mediocre, creepy political class in U.S. history. Whitmer, Wolf, Pritzger…….the list is long and unimpressive.

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    • Santiago 1314 says:

      Sleep Creepy Uncle Joe, Down in the Basement, with his Romney Binder of Black TransSexual Women, “Beating” himself.!!!!

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    • paulyho39 says:

      My first question is: Why the people elected these idiots in the first place…and second: Does anyone think the residents of those states will be smart enough to vote them out, next time around??? Me? I doubt it!

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  16. Rj says:

    According to one of Grand Rapids Mi news sites said Gretchen and her family have stayed home for the last two months yet her husband is up north cleaning up their getaway and trying to get their boat in the water ? And She is claiming scary men surrounded Her home with automatic weapons now too ?

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    • johnnybiface says:

      I may have nightmares about being attacked by the sign language specialist.

      Were the men surrounding her house her own security guards? It wouldn’t surprise me if that was so and she wanted to insinuate it was bad men.

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  17. robert van brunt says:

    The sign language chick is unlikable and she hasn’t even opened her mouth!

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    • Lady Sid says:

      “Chick”? What “chick”? I didn’t see no “chick”! At least the signer made Gretchen look feminine by comparison. I think this was her audition for Biden’s V-P.

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  18. Joebkonobi says:

    Why is there no recall petition?? Seems like a no brainer.

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  19. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    Has anyone posted this? (Not in this thread, but maybe some other?)

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  20. Michael Osmon says:

    Raking leaves in the spring, huh?

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  21. Trumpelstilsken says:

    On the other handle, wouldn’t it be a positive note if she were indeed tapped as Joe’s running mate — precisely because she is so insufferable and unlikeable? 🤔

    She could single handedly deep-six his campaign.

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  22. CNN_sucks says:

    These idiots like Whitmer has no self awarenes. She is a fascist and a nazi. Period.

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  23. She is proof positive any woman that really wants to marry can find some guy somewhere…..

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  24. jf86 says:

    What the hell is going on with the person on stage with her?!?! Just saying…

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  25. Mike in a Truck says:

    Why do all these Communist Democrats have sign language interpreters that look like they just escaped from an insane asylum? Why do they need them at all with closed captioning? Our retarded governor here in N.C. has a health official…dont know what her title is , maybe executive witch doctor, that has the craziest eyes. I can just see her dancing naked around a pentagram after midnight with the burnt corpses of babies smoldering in the center.

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  26. solonthelawgiver says:

    This is insane, she has no empathy for the people not working. She is not kind in keeping people out of work. She does not follow the science which is now clearly pointing to the ineffectiveness of this shutdown and even the damage it is causing. It is also extremely infuriating being talked down to by an individual who looses nothing by keeping this shut down going.

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  27. Auwtsnae says:

    Whitmer complains about citizens outside her house carrying guns while failing to acknowledge the state police security detail inside her house with guns.

    Poor NitWhit.

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  28. dd_sc says:

    So, a new sign language person. Is it always someone different, or was the other replaced after starting the loser meme?

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  29. Junior Samples says:

    Those scary men with automatic rifles? Um, that would be the Michigan State Police.

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  30. Broc says:

    We keep putting these Power-mad idiots in office. Who is really to blame?


    • Dekester says:

      The MSM put these folks in power. In their eyes they can do no wrong.

      Same here in Canada..if a Conservative burps in public without saying excuse me.

      He/She is toast.

      Imagine if that were a Republican Governor?

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    • Bone Fish says:

      The whole of government absentee ballot stuffing operations are keeping these socialists in office. Learn to starve the monkey.

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  31. Santiago 1314 says:

    The “Stepford” Governor better keep her Eye On The Hubby out “Raking Leaves” in The Moonlight, On THE APPALACHIA TRAIL

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  32. Randolph Scott says:

    Old Lady Whitmer, FU you crybaby bitch!

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  33. sunnydaze says:

    Why do I feel like even the ASL Interpreter hates Gov. Whitmer? LOL.

    Never, EVER have seen one with so many grimaces on their face!

    It was kinda, well,……Perfect!

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  34. Doug Amos says:

    Now every husband in Michigan is going to have to rake leaves in the dark all night. They all have the dead eyes.


  35. GB Bari says:

    FTA – “Whitmer carries a personality trait found in many moonbats; every time she opens her mouth she is becomes even more unlikeable.”

    While I certainly agree with that characterization of Whitmer, being both an obvious crook, a liar, and a very dislikable person didn’t stop Shrillary from being nominated by the DemonRAT Party as their candidate for President in 2016.


  36. sarsfield says:

    newsflash: the about to be ex-2nd (dentist) hubby of Gretch was last seen swimming like mad after beaching his boat near Drummond Island in N Mich after escaping from his marina in Elk Rapids. Observers at the marina reported he had several missing teeth and was steering w/one hand and clutching his groin w/the other, in obvious pain. His last known swim direction was towards Georgian Bay.

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  37. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Now, I’m coming from PA where we’ve got our own little freak show going on every time the governor and ‘it’ comes up to speak.

    But please….what in thee Hell is that sign language thing???!!!!

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    • Caius Lowell says:

      Seems like a nanny state, virtue signaling, incipient socialism thang, don’t it?


      • Linus in W.PA. says:

        I was explaining to some friends about how PA may have come to having a transgender person as an official somewhat ‘in charge’ of our ‘health, ‘ when that person is probably not mentally stable.

        So, the Obama years can be viewed as ‘governing to the extreme minority.’ You could say governing to Gay/Lesbian minority, but really, the Obama years were even governing to transgenders who don’t even rate to a unit person if you put a 1,000 people in a room.

        So, Obama and crew (Democrats) govern by making laws for transgender people, and the put transgender people on a pedestal. And the put transgender people into important positions all the while when a transgender person is confused and unbalanced to their core.

        And then, when the feces finally hits the fan, and we have to depend on ‘it,’ we get situations like what we are dealing with in PA with Mr/Mrs Levine.

        And that is a direct consequence of governing to the extreme minority, majority be damned.

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  38. Caius Lowell says:

    Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) also carries a personality trait found in many Democrats; every time she opens her mouth she is becomes even more unlikeable.

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  39. Well, if you can’t take the heat, GET OUT of the kitchen.

    In THIS case, maybe the Big Girl job is hotter than the kitchen.

    So Gretchen… How ’bout you kwit yer bitchin’ and get back in the kitchen


  40. trialbytruth says:

    I was so hopeful streachin Gretchen would be tapped for VP, look at all that hair she has to keep Creepy Joe busy


  41. Barnestormer says:

    She insists her husband only traveled to their second home to rake leaves by moonlight for one, or, well, maybe two days…

    …using a rake he maintains at the second home, a local reporter hastened to add, not the one the governor frequently steps on.

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  42. Dave Hunter says:

    This is too rich, the governor actually saying she’s being victimized by the opposition to her diktats that are keeping people unemployed and thus destroying their financial situation. The utter lack of awareness of what she’s done and continues to do is just astonishing.

    I thought the Democrats had messed up when they proceeded with the faux impeachment nonsense, but in that case they only fired up the president’s supporters along with him gaining some new ones. But this unending shutdown nightmare in the blue states is another thing entirely. It’s like these Democrat governors are utterly and completely without empathy for working people. Tell you this, it will be a cold day in hell when Americans allow their governors, county commissioners and mayors to shut down their lives again.

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  43. omyword says:

    N9te to Putz: Get Out! Next to Cumokoko and Pelosi’s nephew Grisom she is the most hated gov. In the US. And the most unethical.


  44. jacksprat says:

    Unfortunately, Wretched Whitmer possesses the Hillary gene! IMHO!


  45. Tiffthis says:

    Why is her face so shiny? It’s not Botox. It’s Vaseline (or something)


  46. franker01 says:

    She looks like somebody who should be wearing Leather and carrying a Whip.


  47. I’m simply glad that this isn’t about her and her family. Otherwise the entire 4:10 clip would seem over the top instead of the paltry 3:50 that was spent discussing how her and her family had been impacted by her decisions.


  48. Bluejay says:

    I am sure Hitler felt victimized by the Jews.


  49. HoosierDaddy says:

    Gretchen is a witch, but that’s a Damn fine interpreter for the hearing impaired


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