Wray Reversal – FBI Launches Internal Investigation Surrounding FBI Conduct in Flynn Case…

This is not a surprising development; though with breaking news it is prudent to pause before assigning motives.  At first review it appears the FBI cannot hold back the sunlight.

FBI Director Christopher Wray has announced his launching of an internal investigation based on details surfacing from the Michael Flynn case. “FBI Director Christopher Wray today ordered the Bureau’s Inspection Division [INSD] to conduct an after-action review of the Michael Flynn investigation” the bureau said in the statement:

(screen grab from Catherine Herridge)

This is an interesting development considering this same FBI Director previously claimed the office of inspector general found no intentional wrongdoing by people within the FBI; and Wray further asserted there was “no evidence of political bias” after each of three OIG investigations completed in 2018 and 2019.

If the OIG did not find FBI wrongdoing, then what changed?  Why is FBI Director Chris Wray now launching an internal investigation?  The answer appears to be an outsider’s investigation via Missouri U.S. Attorney, Jeff Jensen.

Second part of statement below:

The inspection division (INSD) previously reviewed FBI conduct and reported to Office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz.  The resulting IG findings of FBI conduct was carefully worded and disingenuous at best, but it was embraced by FBI Director Wray.

Now the outsider review by US Attorney Jeff Jensen; combined with the simultaneous declassification of documents by DNI Ric Grenell; appears to be highlighting a lot more internal FBI corruption.  Hence this unavoidable shift in tone from Wray.

This announcement today comes as Ric Grenell is working to declassify the transcript(s) of the Flynn-Kislyak call, with some rather interesting comments.  More soon…


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359 Responses to Wray Reversal – FBI Launches Internal Investigation Surrounding FBI Conduct in Flynn Case…

  1. prairiedayz says:



  2. prairiedayz says:



  3. Blind no Longer says:

    Wray’s corruption goes waaay back. He’s on the Mueller team, worked with him, trained by him, and schooled in the art of corruption and cover up.
    IMO, Wray has been left in there for a reason. President Trump has a plan…. and Wray will be exposed for all the country to see when all the pieces of this coup pie are ready to be served up for public consumption.

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    • oldguy05 says:

      It was Wray who promoted Weissman to lead the Enron Task Force. Wray, Comey and Weissman have a long history together.

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    • Clayton W. Barnett says:

      I have FULL confidence in the FBI leadership ethically and judiciously investigating the alleged corruption committed by the FBI leadership, and subsequently, the FBI leadership sharing their final report to the American people – exonerating the FBI leadership.

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  4. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    Oh look …the door to the big ugly is finally ajar.

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  5. Forget Wray. Release of the Flynn-Kislyak call transcript should end it. Anybody with real sense knows, and Sundance has, I recall, said as much, to wit: If there were anything untoward in the call, the FBI would have pounced on it instead of saying there was no reason to continue the investigation against Flynn.

    This is ENTIRELY obvious. Why bother about anything Wray “intends” to do? He is irrelevant; he will have to go, sooner or later. Barr will too. The President won the impeachment when he released HIS call transcript; the same applies to this.

    Never let definitive evidence go to waste.

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    • starfcker says:

      “Why bother about anything Wray “intends” to do? He is irrelevant; he will have to go, sooner or later. Barr will too.” Well said, Harry. Those two boneheads are fooling nobody.

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    • Amy2 says:

      Optics. After a couple of years of investigation, if anyone still asks about it, he will say they instructed all agents to take some ethics classes.

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      • sysconfig says:

        His answer to the FBI conundrum was a VHS training video which exempted dept heads . I read somewhere it was 1st class . If any one has a VHS player laying around maybe we can get a copy of the vid or sumtin’ for kicks and giggles.

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    • PVCDroid says:

      “Release of the Flynn-Kislyak call transcript should end it.”
      Are you kidding? The media and libtards will read Boris and Natasha into every single sentence between the two.

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    • sysconfig says:

      If it wasn’t an IC product , then the carefully crafted 17 agency assessment (only 3 really) back in october 2016 which also used crowdstrike (which also had a DOJ contract at the time.) as a source is an even bigger fraud than what it appears to be, not even reaching the the line of just reasoble disagreement.instead fabrication . How could they not have had access . They did. Yet obligated to admit under oath they had nothing while using same info in the 17 agency assessment.

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  6. Pete says:

    Hey Johnny! Where have you been lately? Have you been tooling around maybe thinking you can outsmart the President of the United States? Too late you are almost fired anyway!


  7. Troublemaker10 says:

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  8. Curt says:

    Wray is a swamp rat and he can’t be trusted. There’s no way he’s going to do an honest investigation into a matter he was completely obvious years ago. He will destroy evidence first chance he gets. Why would he do an honest investigation now?

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  9. With all the gov’t resources aimed at innocent civilians who run for public office, the CCP has been free to steal secrets, buy up PPE, run intel, etc., with a free hand.
    The Swamp Creatures are the CCP’s useful idiots.

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  10. Gary Lacey says:

    “”FBI Director previously claimed the office of inspector general found no intentional wrongdoing by people within the FBI””
    Well yeah, FBI left its fingerprints on the cookie jar,….. Not to worry….Wray will figure out how to get around this, too….maybe. This is more than protecting the institution….there’s something missing……Obama???


  11. JimFromNH says:

    On August 2nd, Chris Wray will be 3 YEARS as head of FBI…
    What (if anything) has he accomplished for the American people?

    No riveting congressional testimonies, no big reveal, no worthwhile investigation of the stacked deck against the incoming president, or the subsequent coup, no big cases solved.
    As if Sessions, Rosenstein, & Barr just told him to ‘keep quiet, and do as little as possible’.

    He never finished up the Broward County shooting case, the Las Vegas shooting, lost FEMA relief,
    or crackdown on Central American gangs. No election fraud action. Etc., etc.
    Just Useless HR training for senior officials, and ethics classes for morally reprobate agents on payroll.

    Seems like they could have programmed an ‘Alexa”‘ to be FBI Director.
    DNI-head Grenell has it right to offload responsibilities from FBI Washington.
    Sounds like there’s plenty of reason to cut their budget also.

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    • Contrarymary says:

      Plus the only “terrorists” they’re looking into are supposed “white supremecists”. Any whites out there, unless they’re antifa marxists, better watch out. The fbi will be looking for you. These bureaucracies need to be abolished.

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  12. Liberty ONE says:

    LOL! The FIB’s “investigating” the FIB’s, the joke of the year. How about deputizing as Federal Agts. 20 retired “old fashion”, honest hardworking gumshoes to sink their teeth into these lying POS. Then you would see the SHTF!


  13. Mike Van says:

    Sorry. We don’t comment on ongoing investigation’s. See u after November.😀

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    • distracted2 says:

      And also, we can’t fill that document request because we have an ongoing investigation. 😁

      Maybe Mr. Wray has heard the resounding call, heard around the world, for Mr. Grenell to relieve him of his duties.

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  14. soretailcat says:

    This is just a smoke screen to paint over the actual corruption at the FBI that took place after Flynn was cleared. Note the specific wording is an after action review of the “investigation”. The “investigation” ended on January 4th when the FBI cleared Flynn. This is to provide an official talking point for the crooks in the media.

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  15. John-Y128 says:

    “At this point, what difference does it make?”
    If Dir Wray had any balls, he wouldn’t do the ‘internal investigation’, waste of time and money.

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  16. Richard says:

    Easiest investigation ever. All he needs is a mirror.


  17. oldhorserancher says:

    Top ten things that Wray has accomplished at the FBI.


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  18. Bluto says:

    The results of Wray’s investigation will prompt him to develop a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation which will instruct his crooked agents how not to be crooked (or at least not get caught with their hands in the cookie jar). That’ll take care of the problem.

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  19. Screaming Eagle says:

    Hmmmn, the day after Radcliff is confirmed, and D.C. district court signals that judge Sullied-van is out of rope, Rip Van Ray awakes from his 36 month slumber ?? Too little too late Bucko. Checkmate !!

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  20. coolmamie says:

    I don’t mean to be dense, but I am wondering who ordered/performed the actual capturing of the Flynn Kislyak calls. I understand there was not a FISA on Flynn. I also think I understand that the FBI had the documents/recordings. Kislyak was being recorded, I know, but I understand Flynn was also being recorded. BY WHAT AUTHORITY? A warrant? A presidential order?

    I am not clear on whose idea this was in the first place.

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  21. fillemup01 says:

    Too little, too late, Wray. This comes only after the information you sought to suppress became public and you began to feel a little heat. You’re as corrupt as the day is long. President Trump can’t fire you soon enough to suit me. (Final nail in your coffin: Brennan thinks you’re great!)

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  22. Fill-em-up says:

    Wray, too little too late. You’re scrambling for cover after the information you sought to suppress became public. President Trump can’t fire you soon enough to suit me.

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  23. CaliradoMike says:

    The escape hatch is obvious to anyone paying attention. Wray must be fired. This new investigation is limited to “current” FBI employees! “We checked, we really did, and there’s nothing to see here, folks. Move along now…”. Comey and the Coup Cabal have all been fired and / or are under investigation (all should be, G Bull D!) How the hell is Bruce Ohr still gainfully employed? Slow down and carefully review the wording:

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  24. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Chris Wray is a bad joke. Seriously, Mr. Director? Multiple IG reports, Congressional investigations, and criminal referrals against your predecessors weren’t enough? NOW you’re going to do something … more?

    I guess the “bias training” you implemented isn’t cutting it.

    TBH – if you have people working at the FBI who need to be told, “Do not falsify evidence. Do not forge official documents. Do not frame innocent people for crimes” then they don’t need to be working for the FBI, with or without additional “training.”

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  25. I would like to see the transcripts of Comey, Wray, Obama, Rice, Mueller, Clapper, Brenna… plotting this garbage takedown of Flynn, this Russian collusion fiasco/coup on a duly elected incoming President.


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