Devin Nunes Discusses AG Barr Remarks About President Obama and Joe Biden…

House Intel Committee ranking member Devin Nunes appears on Fox News to discuss the remarks earlier in the day where AG Bill Barr does not foresee any criminal investigation of President Obama or Vice-President Joe Biden.

Rep. Nunes again refers to the buckets of intelligence that would help outline everything that has taken place. Bucket-1 DOJ/FBI activity prior to July 31, 2016. Bucket-2 DOJ/FBI activity between July 31, 2016 and the inauguration. Bucket-3 everything that takes place after the Trump inauguration, to include the Mueller investigation.


The bottom line is we need full transparency and a complete declassification of the underlying documents that were redacted and hidden to protect the prior behavior.

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312 Responses to Devin Nunes Discusses AG Barr Remarks About President Obama and Joe Biden…

  1. SharkFL says:

    Martha has the most ridiculous ‘stupid face’ on television. She pretends she doesn’t know anything about anything, cocks her head to the left and furrows her brows. She is so confused

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  2. TrumpTweetsTruth says:

    Can Sidney Powell sue those responsible for harming Flynn?


    • Issy says:

      TrumpTweetaTruth – She could, but he really needs a killer plaintiff attorney. One who specializes in tort suits and gets big damage settlements for the client.


      • ATheoK says:

        You are describing lawyers very desirous and active at keeping democrats in power.
        They are frightened that Republicans favoring common-sense laws that protect voters from unscrupulous lawyers, will pass tort law reform.

        Which deprives those democrat tort lawyers of their golden geese.

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        • Issy says:

          You are correct, The plaintiff lawyers contribute heavily to the democrats, but in this case, I’m all for a greedy, aviricious lawyer representing General Flynn.

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  3. Winston says:

    “Joining me now is Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch and Tom, let me begin by asking why what does it serve, what would be the motivation of the Attorney General to offer this premature by any standard and evidence-free exoneration of both Biden and Obama?”


  4. Elle says:

    That interview was so insightful as to confirming what is really happening.

    Those upset – why? Don’t miss the forest through the trees!!! Nunes confirmed two criminal referrals… and I heard the word conspiracy emphasized!! Woo!
    Sundance helpfully provided the graphic of who already is on the firing line. It is not new because it has always been true.

    Barr’s wording was fantastic as well!! Did y’all hear what he said?! “Based on the evidence I (emphasis on I) have seen to date” … “not enough evidence” for Obama and VP Biden… Translation Obama and Biden are not in OUR (Nunes or Barr) buckets.

    Given the new info coming out about the Treasury whistleblower and Nunes talking about different buckets and the sudden revelations about spying in the Treasury Dept … I think remember reading something at CTH years ago that Treasury has its own unique judicial authority or some such.

    Clearly, neither Nunez or Barr exonerated Biden or Obama. Not as clear to me is if some individuals will be saved for military tribunals. There is a reason Trump’s first Ex Order laid the groundwork for trials. He probably did that first as he knew they would try hard to eliminate him. Likely some players ARE actual foreign agents/citizens. Lots of stuff seeping out again about Obama’s birth cert recently.

    As for Biden and Obama, I think Barr/Nunes moves are smart. Their is a reason they exile Kings. No better way to invigorate the opposition and make like harder. And given the wording Barr/Munes both used, they are far from off the hook. It is hard to complain about “election interference” if they go after Biden. Just give the Dems a thumbs up for a good chess move. I would imagine if Biden was left hanging he could bring them all down. They are each, individually in full preservation mode. Biden as VP helps them all on multiple levels.

    I could parse every word of this interview! But I won’t. No wonder the opposition is going full fascist/strong arm/lockdown. Their only chance to save their 40 year global conquest is to get control by brute force. If they don’t succeed, Lady Justice will be unchained!!

    Fasten your seat belts.

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    • Attorney says:

      Great thoughts.


    • Elle says:

      My post was referring to the Nunes interview .. just coincidence it fell under Fitton’s


    • Elle says:

      Someone else here made this point but I think it is imperative for everyone to note. Barr is saying.. based on the evidence he is seeing to date… that he does not believe that Durham’s investigation will bring criminal charges against Obama and Biden.

      Note: Barr is ONLY saying the charges will not come from DURHAM’S investigation. They could come from elsewhere. He does not exonerate in any way. Period.

      BIG difference!!!


      • Mean Old Man says:

        He is owned by the Deep State leaders. He was instructed to turn down the heat caused by the Grennel leaks.. Too much heat at any one point can prevent the Deep State Propaganda machine (CNN) from being effective. Turn it down.. give the them some ammunition to deflect…

        Barr is not real.. He’s a puppet as well.. just twists words around to appease both sides…


        • Elle says:

          I hear you. I am also aware of Barr’s past that makes his actions suspect. But even if he is owned, it changes nothing. He is not aware of the evidence. Period. Maybe “they” did not make that evidence available to Durham/Barr because they intend to keep it from him to use elsewhere. Maybe Trump owns him and squeezes him so hard he plays the bagpipes without the pipes. Maybe he’s a white hat. Most likely he is a fixer negotiating detente agreements for the blackmail and the compromising info that exists on EVERYONE. ”I’ll give you Clapper for withholding those pics of the Senator with the little boys.”

          Nunes said a similar thing that Barr did. I choose to be optimistic.

          It’s going down and it is clear from the Nunes segment that Durham is not the only show in town.


      • ATheoK says:

        “Elle says: May 19, 2020 at 12:47 pm

        Note: Barr is ONLY saying the charges will not come from DURHAM’S investigation. They could come from elsewhere. He does not exonerate in any way. Period.”


        How would you take the message, if your boss went before news reporters and live TV announcing that your work is not finding proof of criminal activity?

        You’d take that message as meaning you are not to prove the boss wrong.

        Regarding the investigations, Barr should have kept his mouth shut. Period.


        • Elle says:

          But Barr doesn’t say his “work is not finding proof of criminal activity”. He said that “whatever the level of involvement” it won’t lead to criminal referrals… and my point is that perhaps the criminal referrals for the big fish will come from a different “bucket”. Nunes is agreeing!

          Maybe you are more in the know than I and I will concede that if Durham is shocked by those comments and there are NO other buckets from which to refer…. then that stinks.

          I’m just seeing lots of good stuff coming out now. Like I said, maybe the Durham/Barr investigation was to deflect from other work being tightly kept under wraps.

          The alternatives are dark, so I’m going with optimism.


    • Brian says:

      Brad Johnson with what may be the list of indictments of the anti-state actors who tried to overthrow the government

      Perhaps , but consider the future implications if Obama and Biden were prosecuted. It would set a precedent that is is “open season” for an incoming administration to prosecute and outgoing President , regardless of guilt or innocence. That would turn the US into a banana republic or worse.

      For Biden , he is so “out to lunch” mentally that it is irrelevant , but for Obama , who is still a relatively young man , a total public disgracing would be , for him the worst possible outcome.

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      • Buck Ofama says:

        your comment about incoming admin. prosecuting outgoing president is the exact opposite of what happened to President Trump. So the precedent has already been set


      • The Phantom Stranger says:

        I’ve always thought the Deep State’s long-term plan with Obama was installing him as the first “global” president in a decade or two once they have both the UK and US under full political control. Possibly appointing him to head the UN or whatever international body the globalists will use to usher in a global governing body.

        That is why Obama’s image is carefully massaged and guarded by the media.

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    • Please says:

      Excellent post!
      Biden staying ‘in the race’ is a move to thwart any attack on him that could be quickly spun as “election interference” or “attacking political opponent”. Who will blink first? The D’s will have to remove him at their convention, but are hoping he’s indicted first.

      Maybe that is why Barr is slow-walking the Biden investigations into China and Ukraine, letting POTUSVSG play the tweeting ‘bad cop’. The D’s can’t really be serious letting him actually be the candidate for Pres, can they?

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    • bobusaf says:

      The people I want to see in orange jumpsuits, so that this never happens again, are, at a minimum, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strozk and possibly Paige (if she actually participated in the plot other than just talking to her boyfriend Strozk about hating Trump).. As for Obama and Biden, I like your comment about the old custom of exiling kings. The modern day equivalent that I would settle for is designation of both as “unindicted conspirators”. That should settle their places in history while not risking inciting sympathy for those two losers by making us look like a banana republic.


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