Walls Closing In Around FBI Director Chris Wray as Documents Show His Enabling of Corrupt FBI Objectives….

An interesting article from Fox News asks the question of whether Mueller’s special counsel attorney Brandon Van Grack misled Judge Sullivan in the Flynn case by not being forthcoming about the background documents under the DOJ Brady obligation.

Additionally, as a consequence of the Flynn evidence discoveries people are now asking why the FBI and DOJ did not produce these documents earlier.  Representative Jim Jordan is specifically asking these questions of current FBI Director Chris Wray.

In response to the Fox News article the FBI has released a statement which itself is very interesting.  Apparently the FBI Director is trying to dig himself and his institution out of a hole; but it is only getting worse.  First, here’s the follow-up from the FBI.

[FOX NEWS] – After this article was published, the FBI provided a statement to Fox News saying that under Wray’s leadership, the bureau had turned over relevant Flynn materials to the U.S. attorney probing possible FBI criminal misconduct during the Trump probe, John Durham — but the FBI didn’t say when exactly the handoff happened.

“Under Director Wray’s leadership, the FBI has fully cooperated and been transparent with the review being conducted by U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen, just as it has been with U.S. Attorney John Durham and was with Inspector General Michael Horowitz,” the statement read.

The FBI continued: “With regard to certain documents in the Michael Flynn matter from the 2016-2017 time period that are now the subject of reporting by the press, the FBI previously produced those materials to the Inspector General and U.S. Attorney Durham. The Flynn investigation was initiated and conducted during this time period, under prior FBI leadership.

Since taking office, Director Wray has stressed the importance of strictly abiding by established processes, without exception. Director Wray remains firmly committed to addressing the failures under prior FBI leadership while maintaining the foundational principles of rigor, objectivity, accountability, and ownership in fulfilling the Bureau’s mission to protect the American people and defend the Constitution.” (link)

The FBI statement is factually flawed on many levels and substantively false on the specifics.

“With regard to certain documents in the Michael Flynn matter from the 2016-2017 time period that are now the subject of reporting by the press, the FBI previously produced those materials to the Inspector General and U.S. Attorney Durham.

Notice how this part of the statement does not say the exculpatory documents were turned over to the Special Counsel (they were).  Also notice how Wray is attempting to deflect the timing by saying they were produced to the IG and Durham.

U.S. Attorney John Durham didn’t enter the picture until May 2019, as instructed by newly confirmed AG Bill Barr.  So what was the FBI doing with those documents prior to Durham in 2017 and 2018?

The prosecution of Flynn started mid-2017; and Chris Wray knew of the specific misconduct within the FBI at the same time.  Remember, Wray removed James Baker from official duty as FBI legal counsel in December 2017 [LINK] approximately three weeks after the corrupt and coerced Flynn guilty plea on November 30th.

FBI Director Wray allowed James Baker to remain in the FBI, in some unknown capacity, through May 4, 2018, when Baker officially resigned [LINK]  By late December 2017 Wray clearly knew several FBI officials were participants in a multitude of corrupt schemes, including the prosecution of Michael Flynn.

The sheer volume of removals from the FBI outlines the extent of Chris Wray’s knowledge. Think about it….

FBI Agent Peter Strzok was removed; FBI lawyer Lisa Page was removed; FBI counsel James Baker was removed; FBI public relations officer Michael Kortan was removed; and eventually FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was removed.  All of these removals surrounded discovery of their corrupt and political activity in 2016, 2017 and early 2018….

…But the evidence was not provided to the Flynn defense until April 2020?

Let’s not forget in July 2018, a full year after FBI Director Chris Wray took over leadership, the FBI lied to the FISA court about the Carter Page FISA application; and the DOJ/FBI made the ridiculous claim the FISA application was still adequately predicated.

So it seems more than a little ridiculous for FBI Director Chris Wray to justify the hidden documents by saying the FBI did turn them over to John Durham (2019) and/or AUSO Jeff Jensen in 2020; when he held back the evidence in 2017, 2018, while the underlying activity was being discovered.

Also don’t forget the original purpose of U.S. Attorney John Lausch (Chicago), yeah, remember him?  In 2018 John Lausch’s entire function was to produce documents.

Additionally, if the FBI did factually turn over all of these documents to Inspector General Michael Horowitz while three distinct IG investigations were ongoing, then how did the IG claim they could find “no evidence of political bias”, when the explosive documents – specifically the Bill Priestap notes – show direct evidence of biased intent?  What does that say about the fidelity of the Inspector General?

Lastly, again the construct of the Mueller investigation being used as a shield surfaces.  Not only did the corrupt Mueller probe control various elements within the DOJ and FBI, but the Mueller probe as an “ongoing investigation”, shielded those documents from sunlight and discovery.

Again, Chris Wray pointing out how his institution turned over documents and evidence to Durham (2019/2020) and Horowitz doesn’t reconcile with how his FBI participated in the corrupt Mueller investigation; and it does not seem accidental in today’s defense Director Wray mysteriously omits outlining prior FBI document production to the special counsel team.

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437 Responses to Walls Closing In Around FBI Director Chris Wray as Documents Show His Enabling of Corrupt FBI Objectives….

  1. Judiciary says:

    Wray made millions at the law firm of King & Spalding where he led a “special matters” group representing companies and individuals in government investigations. He made far more than he does now as FBI Director. Why would he take such a huge cut in income? What was the incentive?

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    • spinoneone says:

      Relatively unknown attorney at unknown law firm versus “Director of the FBI.” Ego.

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    • Bill says:

      Wray got Sally Yates a job at King & Salding after she was fired by President Trump…Wray is a liar and an Obama thug….

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      • Chris says:

        Wray was officially confirmed by the Senate with bipartisan support on August 1, 2017; the vote was 92–5. He was sworn in by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a private ceremony on August 2, 2017. The vote tells me all I need to know about this criminal.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        Exactly. That speedy confirmation told us all we needed to know.

        I don’t think we even know the tip of the iceberg of what Yates was involved with.


    • Issy says:

      Wray is a member of the government/private business revolving door club. They are called forth for a job in govt. when needed to provide a service (coverup) and then aptly rewarded by a job in private business for said service.

      Mueller and Comey had this revolving door con perfected to the mutual benefit of each other. While one was doing their stint in public service, contracts and various monetary rewards were funneled to the one on the outside. A tag-team effort.

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    • lackawaxen123 says:

      deferred income … he is most likely still a partner at the firm … and makes money even if he is not working there …

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      • stripmallgrackle says:

        …and if Wray & Friends successfully devise a plan to dig themselves out of a hole, I’ll be looking forward to the step-by-step. I’m thinking book tour, and a top shelf banner display in the self help section at Barnes & Noble.This would be the kind of advice that those of us who are thermo-dynamically challenged could use.

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    • Ken Lawson says:

      Money is the second most powerful thing that drives many people. Power is the first. To people in positions like Wray’s or in politics, they are usually driven far more by power than anything else.

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  2. looseends660722553 says:

    Mollie Hemmingway earlier said tonight that she hopes Wray finally gets it and can finally make changes. No, Wray is beyond. repair. He must be fired.

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  4. Stephen F. Paul says:

    I get the irony with the “walls’ thing. But this guy is was beyond redemption as this point. he made the choice ! he picked a side and he chose the wrong side. I just hope he has to pay a big price. He took part in a criminal conspiracy ,there is no two ways about it. he could have come clean with in the first year, he has been there long enough to figure out whats what ,and like I said he choose .

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      He’s been stalling, waiting for Trump’s removal. He took the job thinking he’d play his part in the “Resistance”. He may still think that: bureaucrats are notoriously insular.

      He had no plan B. He’ll be fired and be a minor hero on CNN. Maybe that’s good enough for him.

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  5. Mark says:

    Wray says he is following FBI protocol. Protocol is to withhold exculpatory evidence in a political hit job.

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    • Issy says:

      Yes, that’s the way they have it set up. All the rules, regulations and protocols are designed to allow them to do what they want without breaking a law. It’s illegal and everybody knows it, but unless there is a statute that can be cited they’ve broken, they get away with it.

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      • guest4ever says:

        Issy—BINGO!!! Winner, winner chicken dinner!!! We ALL know Will (Shakesphere(sp)) was right—-certainly about lawyers!!!

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        • Issy says:

          “First, Kill all the lawyers.” I know there are some good guys and some on here generously share their knowledge with us. I don’t think there are very many good ones in the fbi. I think many of the agents are lawyers. That’s really scary, a lying lawyer who may shoot you.


      • As a Man Thinkth says:

        The FBI/DOJ policies, procedures and regulations was designed
        by members of the Lawfare Group to serve as a rubics cube to frustrate all outside investigations….right down to FOIA requests, reductions, hand written 302s. To state the obvious, the federal judges are corrupt officials that referee the “rigged wrestling match”….The Great Malinko, Eddie Graham, The Assassin….The main stream media runs the concession stands hawking the programs and selling pop corn….Everybody knows it’s fake, but it always a sell out…go figure?

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    • johnnyfandango says:

      Translation, Ray- ”it was not in my preview”
      It’s not even about saving face anymore as he has no face to save. What an embarrassment on our country.
      Ray you are a bum. Looking forward to the Civil rights lawsuits that are about to fly.
      Who has the guts to sue Obama….Powell/Flynn?

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  6. roddrepub says:

    Wray your time will come and you will have to pay the bill.

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  7. Realist says:

    And when this all shakes out all roads will be found to lead back to Bath House Barry HUSSEIN Sotero OHOMO, the PARTICULARLY DEVOUR MUSLIM according to ALL his Indonesian school contemporaries.

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  8. rockdoc76 says:

    Well that settles it. There is not a single f’ing FBI agent with honesty and integrity. Not one white hat anonymous whistle blower in the entire agency. How do these people sleep at night or look at themselves in the mirror?

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    • Conservative_302 says:

      Amen. If I hear one more person sucking up to the FBI saying that only FBI leadership stinks,but the regular men and women of the FBI are so great, I am going to puke. They all stink at this point. The entire FBI is a disgrace.

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    • guest4ever says:

      Rockdoc—I don’t think they look at themselves in the mirror.

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    • babrightlight says:

      At best, they are moral cowards. I remember that IG Horowitz said in his testimony that he set up a Hotline for people to call in to provide info toward his investigation. Total number of calls: NONE. The same result for this Flynn investigation.

      FBI: Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity? Tis now a hat trick of failure.

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    • As a Man Thinkth says:

      Obviously, these agents were regeriously selected and screened based on ideology and devotion to elitism…much like the Cesar’s Roman Guard…Mueller accomplished this screening by making it mandatory for each agent to serve FIVE years in Washington DC…Most senior agents retire and remain in their home communities…The cost of living $$$ does not balance with the minimal increase in retirement pension ….

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    • 49perry says:

      It’s called being born without a conscience, it happens often.


  9. spinoneone says:

    Here is Mr. Wray’s problem: Van Grack is attempting to evade Judge Sullivan’s order to produce the documents and whether or not Wray or someone else previously gave the documents some sort of circulation within the DOJ/FBI is completely irrelevant to Judge Sullivan’s order. Van Grack did not produce the documents for both Judge Sullivan and Flynn’s defense team and then he lied about the existence of the documents in a formal filing in response to the Judge’s order. Van Grack should now be facing contempt of court and lying to the judge charges. I am not holding my breath.

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    • Issy says:

      Lying to the court appears to be a specialty of the fbi/doj. This is why a juror in a white collar case should be skeptical of them. The problem is so few make it to a trial. The enormous pressure they put on people most often results in a plea deal. Another notch in their belts. The conviction rate is extremely high and the more convictions, the higher you rise in this bureaucracy.

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      • guest4ever says:

        A high (over 80% I believe) conviction rate has been correlated to a tolotarian(sp?) state. I think we’re pretty much there. Certainly DOJ and FBI.

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    • Evidenced by his actions thus far, Sullivan does not deserve the respect of being called a Judge. He ranks right yup there with Amy Berman (sp?).

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  10. strateshooter says:

    at the end of the day…
    Bill Barr has been in place a while now and he needs to either step up to the plate or just resign.
    Anyone who does not just rely on CNN for news now knows that a massive attempt to remove Trump was executed by Obama Admin (state +DOJ) , CIA and FBI + 5EYES + DNC + friendly media. >i.e. aka the RICH AND POWERFUL.
    I think , as with BREXIT, the powerful just hope that all this is going away via info warfare/propaganda. It won’t , even if POTUS loses in Nov 2020. People know. And people DO NOT LIKE THIS at all.
    I honestly think that if this coup attempt is addressed , no matter how painful , the USA will see a second civil war. People will not allow an arrogant select few at the top of the tree to determine who will be their leader.
    Too much is now known.


  11. stenwin77 says:

    And yet, Trump hired him. Whom is he listening to about hires? This is getting old.

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    • iconoclast says:

      PDJT had to appoint someone, and the corrupt Senate would approve only one of their own, a member of the Deep State. A reformer, someone, like, say, Sidney Powell, could never get through that gauntlet.

      This is why PDJT needs a second term. He needs the time to cut through the Deep State obstinance.

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  12. Issy says:

    This article brings back memories. For instance, John Lausch, the document producer, was another appointment by Sessions to make people think he was doing something. This was fake just like the appointment of Huber to pacify critics.

    Ms. Rhee on the Mueller team, I was trying to remember her name the other day. I think she was the one who went after Flynn so strongly.

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  13. frankbrus says:

    I think the real reason no FBI person down the line leaks or produces real evidence of wrongdoing is a fear for their life. Have people forgotten all the improbable suicides?

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    • guest4ever says:

      Frankbrus—Actually, I think there were 1 or 2 FBI folks who were whistleblowers who went to Devin Nunes office, believe it or not.

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      • BitterC says:

        John Solomon says he had a representative for a high level FBI guy come to him late summer to say Flynn was being framed.

        My wild guess? Priestap. I am gonna speculate that Priestap went to Wray shortly after he took over in August to discuss his notes that we are now seeing and did not get the reaction he had hoped for

        I caanot wait to hear the testimony of Priestap that fleshes out those notes

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        • coldanger says:

          Priestap retired just as allegations of sexual harassment against a senior FIB official came to light. Amazingly, no charges were filed 🙄

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    • mikeyboo says:

      And their livelihoods, and their own-and family- well-being.


      • Issy says:

        I am not concerned with their livelihoods if they are committing illegalities or being complicit to what they know is being done.

        A former fbi agent can pretty much be assured of an excellent, better paying job in private business. They just won’t have the power they had. Those pensions are pretty sweet too probably better than the private sector.

        They are morally challenged to remain in such an organization and I have no sympathy for them. Ask yourself if you would work with these type of people.


  14. frankbrus says:

    It might be instructive for the Sundance team to produce a post on untimely deaths since Trump’s emergence as a candidate.

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  15. railer says:

    At this point, we’re building up to the point where Trump fires Barr, likely after the November election, similar to how he fired Sessions after the 2018 election. Wray is just part of the defense mechanism. Barr is the key at DoJ.

    The acting DNI (and soon the confirmed DNI) and the Flynn case are combining to destabilize DoJ’s position. It is becoming untenable. They either move bigly or they will be moved.

    For now, the drip drip drip serves to destabilize them, and is the proper course. 6-months from now, we can reconsider. The drip drip drip is also the proper background for an election vs. Biden/Hillary. They’ll have a stock line and Trump can have a stock response. Otherwise, he can remain hands off and needn’t make the coup a central focus. It will ooze out and he can respond as one of us, an interested observer. Perfect.

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  16. dbobway says:

    The President has to get re-elected, take back all of Congress. Then gain more Trump Republicans in both houses, before he can clean house. SSCI has to, McConnell has to go, McCarthy has to be real. Then the FBI needs to be disbanded and integrated into DHS and away from being a weapon for the DOJ.
    Without that, our law enforcement will be, sprinkling powdered sugar on a turd,
    and call it a doughnut,

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    • I consider the FBI — indeed, all of the coup plotters — to be wholly owned subsidiaries of the CIA, as led by Brennan et al, and with figurehead Obama/Soetoro, the Indonesian Wonderboy (I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a bat with a lightning bolt crudely drawn on it — maybe even a secret patch, to be flashed at all meetings). The New World Order “elites” didn’t like the prospect of 100’s of trillions at stake, against the “inalienable rights, blah, blah, blah” of the American Deplorables, who just weren’t buying enough crap from the elites, for too many years….

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  17. I would just like to add that revealing the near-universal corruption behind the “Get Trump” movement is — should have been — very simple: Comey should have been arrested, indicted and convicted immediately after his 2017 testimony before congress, when he PROUDLY ADMITTED his crimes against the President (just as, later, Plenipotentiary Lt. Col. Vindman, and every other accuser of President Trump, would do, one must never forget). Similarly, Sessions should have been grilled by Congress AND the media on just why he recused himself, IMMEDIATELY upon his doing so. And the Special Counsel should not have been appointed, illegally, just 8 days after the President fired Comey, nor should it have been Mueller, who did not qualify for several basic reasons.

    Did I mention this was a “near-universal) corruption? Well, I mean it, because all of the above clearly shows it was, and from the very beginning of the persecution of the President.

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  18. TwoLaine says:


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  19. Padric says:

    OK, this may be a little odd and definitely long, but please bear with me. For those who have not read the fantasy series “The Wheel of Time”, allow me a moment to explain how I read through the FBI’s statement. In that series there is an organization known as the Aes Sedai and one of the hallmark’s of that organization is that they are famous for not being able to lie. They swear on oath not to do so while holding a magical device that then renders them physically incapable of telling a lie. BUT, that doesn’t mean they don’t have ways around that by using linguistic slight of hand. They make statements where you hear what you want to hear, often the obvious interpretation, but it wasn’t what they meant. So, in viewing the FBI’s statement as though it were written by an Aes Sedai, here’s what I come up with:

    “Under Director Wray’s leadership, the FBI has fully cooperated and been transparent with the review being conducted by U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen, just as it has been with U.S. Attorney John Durham and was with Inspector General Michael Horowitz,”

    Here’s where they lay the groundwork for the rest of the statement by stating things so that you are conditioned to mentally insert the most obvious interpretation of what they say next. How? Well..

    #1 They want you to believe they have been fully cooperative with US Attorney Jensen’s review of documents and produced anything he asked for

    #2 They want you to believe that they have fully cooperated with Durham and given over everything that’s ever been asked of them.

    #3: They want you to believe they cooperated with IG Horowitz and gave him everything he asked for


    “With regard to certain documents in the Michael Flynn matter from the 2016-2017 time period that are now the subject of reporting by the press, the FBI previously produced those materials to the Inspector General and U.S. Attorney Durham.

    Here’s the slight of hand

    #1 “certain documents in the Michael Flynn matter from the 2016-2017 time period that are now the subject of reporting by the press”

    They want you to think they are referring to Priestap’s notes. Are they? Who knows. They very well may be referring to the Lync messages between Page and Strzok or some other documents that are less explosive.

    #2 “the FBI previously produced those materials to the Inspector General and U.S. Attorney Durham”

    BIG HARD STOP right here. Why? Because the natural assumption is that they are saying they gave these to IG Horowitz but are they? MAYBE.

    Here’s a different, possibly wrong but worth considering take. Previously they said “Inspector General Horowitz”, here they just say “the Inspector General”. Know who else they could have turned these over to under the auspices of Crossfire Hurricane and Razor having been a “counter intelligence investigations”? Why that would be the Intelligence Community IG Michael Atkinson, the same guy who allowed the anonymous whistleblower Ukraine fiasco to get rolling.

    As for them turning the documents over to Durham? Again, WHICH documents?

    And as the Fox News article points out, the letter doesn’t address WHEN they released these documents and that plays a large role as well.

    See? They didn’t lie in their statement. Not their fault you heard what you wanted to hear, right?

    So why am I reading this letter in this way? Well, because the FBI and the government as a whole, have a history of playing word games in order to misdirect. And because, honestly, any other reading begs the following question:

    IF Durham had the Priestap note, why didn’t he turn it over to Sydney Powell earlier? I may be mistaken but as an officer of the court and one who is conducting a related investigation, he surely knew the Flynn case existed and I believe that would require him to do so.

    The only logical conclusion I can come to is that Durham DIDN’T have the Priestap note, but did have the other stuff. That’s how Sydney knew the 302’s had been altered because Durham DID provide that info to her, if not the communications themselves.

    Since Attorney Jensen is former FBI, he knows the way their file system works and how to search it effectively. Whereas Durham likely went through channels and requested any emails, communication, etc regarding this Priestap’s note wouldn’t have fallen under that search since it was merely notes about a meeting. Jensen, on the other hand, likely just went and searched for everything related to Flynn and came across Priestap’s notes. If the guy still retained his clearance he might have just went and did the search himself instead of requesting it from anybody, removing the possibility of anyone stopping him from getting the info.

    So they did “cooperate” with Durham and Horowitz. Durham and Horowitz just didn’t ask for the right things. See? Again, no lie. Also not their fault that Durham and Horowitz didn’t ask for Priestap’s meeting notes.

    As for the rest of the letter, it’s just blame casting and virtue signalling pablum.

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  20. Reilly17 says:

    Contrary to popular opinion, there is no doubt in my mind that there was a Counter Intelligence sting run against the coup plotters, many of whom were in Mueller’s SC. There have been no leaks re Durham and other players in DOJ/FBI who are in on this with President Trump, including Wray. All incriminating evidence is being held very closely to the chest until airtight cases are completed. President Trump has taken on the world including China, a pandemic, NAFTA, the economy, too many wins to mention, and despite that many people otherwise logical think he is being duped by Wray? Deception is key in these things, and it looks like it has succeeded. Never forget “We caught them all”.

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  21. mike diamond says:

    Why aren’t these dudes in prison!?


  22. ssbishop says:

    Or, as the famous President Nixon quote summarized: “I know you heard what you thought I said, but what I said isn’t what I meant.”

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  23. Zephyrbreeze says:

    Wray is a fixer and a cleaner for the government rats-mob-mafia.

    His IQ is probably in the 130-140 range.

    He knows ever jot and tittle of the law, upside down and backwards.

    He’s sly, cunning, and machiavellian.

    He knows game theory.

    But criminals are delusional to an extent.

    They overestimate their strengths and underestimate their vulnerabilities.

    But Wray has walked into quicksand to save his sinking colleagues.

    The harder he struggles, the deeper he sinks.


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  24. Zephyrbreeze says:

    If you want to read more about Peter Strzok’s dirty past read here – points for seeing the WHO connection:

    “The truth is that after Peter Strzok III turned 18 his life is arcane, which is the usual story of many like him. Did you know that Peter Strzok II (Strzok’s father) and Hillary Clinton have a lot in common? It turns out after advocating for Khomeni in Iran and then working in Saudi Arabia to calm the waters of an Iranian government (appeasing them with anti-Semitic rhetoric), Strzok’s father Strzok II also dabbled in “charity work.” Strzok’s father was involved in so-called charity work in Haiti but also helped dismantle and reassemble Upper Volta..now known as Burkina Faso.

    “Despite Deep State efforts to scrub information, the Internet is forever. Below you will see a very controversial happening in the early Eighties. Peter Strzok II (Strzok’s father, also known as Peter Strzok Sr.) was an employee of Catholic Relief Services and was interviewed by the New York Times in 1985 over his testimony or statements regarding mishandling money intended for Ethopia. In the article he identifies himself as a former employee of the charity and he is a retired US Army Corps Engineer who served the agency in Africa and Haiti. So Peter Strzok II worked in Haiti with a charity? That sounds eerily familiar. Can we all guess which charities partnered to help Haiti?”


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    • Zephyrbreeze says:

      “The Clinton Foundation and The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) seem to work in tangent. Coincidence? Peter Strzok Sr. was actually the director of CRS in Haiti. If we look into CRS financials they seem to overlap and feed into Clinton Global initiatives and balance sheets.

      “In the early 80’s Upper Volta was in turmoil. It is said that mineral disputes with:

      “Shadow Government III – Bush Clinton FBI PATCON”

      and deeper,
      and deeper…

      Odds that Wray doesn’t know about any of this?….zero.

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  25. Bennett Reid Anderson says:

    Wray is dirty, like Sid Blumenthal dirty.
    Bureau of
    is broken for at least one generation.


  26. Bennett Reid Anderson says:

    Wray is dirty, like Sid Blumenthal dirty.
    Bureau of
    is broken for at least one generation.


  27. The IG operates un the President. Your wonderful question about how the IG could claim no evidence of political intent based on the recent release of the conspiracy to set a perjury tramp for Flynn or force him resign CLEARLY shows political intent.

    Trump should demand a public response by the IG to the release of those documents. If he had them how could he not find political intent. If he didn’t have them who kept them from him?

    This isn’t Barr’s responsibility. This is Trump’s responsibility. Hold the IG accountable.


  28. Laramie Evan says:

    Personally, I think a more revealing indicator that Wray is corrupt are the redactions on documents produced by the FBI. All along, they’ve been withholding documents and making redactions to others on the basis that they were “classified.” This applies to text messages exchanged via insecure apps (e.g., WhatsApp) that clearly lost any classified distinction if only due to the medium of exchange via an unauthorized app. But, it also applies to “official” documents withheld in response to direct evidentiary requests.

    We have seen a stream of documents subsequently produced and documents subsequently unredacted where there can be no plausible claim that the material was ever classified. The material was embarrassing, yes, but that’s no ground for withholding the material.

    Wray was in charge of this. Wray and Rosenstein were directly questioned about this, under oath, before Congress. Both lied or deflected (e.g., Rosenstein ‘I’m not directly in charge of those decisions.’) These documents show that both were corrupt, even more so than any recently surfaced material.

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    • coldanger says:

      It seems most of the redactions are people’s names, and the purpose for them, as you said, is to keep their embarrassing involvement a secret…

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  29. crikey9 says:

    Is “the walls are closing in on Wray” like the unfulfilled Hannity Tick Tocks…..wake me up when Barr arrests some high level swamper


  30. Jim Mullin says:

    Why was Wray even hired in the first place


  31. Ron Hyatt says:

    When do I see perp walks and Orange Jumpsuits? Until THEN, it’s bitness as usual, blah blah, blah blah blah.

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  32. Roger Holberg says:

    Nice of him to have shared the documents with several people. But the fact is that he didn’t turn them over to General Flynn or his attorneys at any time even though they were exculpatory and were required to be provided by the Brady decision.

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  33. Ron Hyatt says:

    I want heads to roll for the Corona Dem panic. That’s the same as shouting FIRE in a movie theater.


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