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The Peasants Are Revolting – California Rebels Defy Comrade Gavin Newsom…

The Rebel Alliance is pushing back against the insufferable and silly rules of the little blue dictators hiding amid their governor mansions. Yes comrades, the pesky red subversives have taken to the street and realized ‘hey wait, there are more … Continue reading

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Why Was Flynn Targeted? – A Timeline Review of the Three Phases….

The recently unsealed documents in the Flynn case provide some key information to fill in a timeline that shows exactly why incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn needed to be removed by the pre-existing Obama intelligence community. WATCH: . You … Continue reading

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Lou Dobbs Interviews Sidney Powell…

Fox Business Host Lou Dobbs outlines some stunning information about the recently released FBI documents and how they align with President Obama’s involvement. Additionally, General Mike Flynn’s defense counsel, Sidney Powell, gives her perspective on the release and what it … Continue reading

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President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing The White House…

Chopper pressers are the best pressers.  President Trump delivers remarks to the press pool as he departs the White House for a working weekend in Camp David. [Video Below – Transcript will Follow]

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Dan Bongino Interviews President Trump…

Earlier today President Trump called-in for an interview on current political events with Dan Bongino.  The interview begins at 03:45 of video: The interview covers current COVID-19 mitigation efforts as well as the financial packages used to help offset the … Continue reading

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President Trump Participates in Presidential Recognition Ceremony – 4:15pm ET Livestream…

President Trump participates in a presidential ceremony to recognize heroism in combating the coronavirus pandemic. The event is titled: “hard work, heroism and hope” and the anticipated start time is 4:15pm ET.  [Video Added]

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NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Reports About White House Punishing China…

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow appears on CNBC to answer growing questions about whether there is a White House plan to punish China.  Kudlow is careful to tamp down any specific reports, while affirming there will be retaliatory measures. … Continue reading

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