Tucker Carlson Questions The Wisdom of The Lock-down Approach…

During his opening monologue today Fox News host Tucker Carlson outlines how the Wuhan Virus has led to an authoritarian police state without any real basis in science.

“It is easier to be fooled, than to convince people they have been fooled.” Mark Twain.


What Carlson alludes to, though he didn’t specifically connect-the-dot, is the reality of how some sectors of the U.S. economy (the supermarket industry) have continued without issue. That factual reality doesn’t reconcile with the doomsday claims.

No other business segment within the economy is as exposed to the population as the retail food business; and yet supermarkets operated without issue.

There are few high-traffic businesses more densely populated than grocery stores.  In fact, within the U.S. economy retail supermarkets have the highest foot traffic of any business sector in the entire economy; that’s just an empirical fact…. and the coronavirus impact increased that foot traffic by an average of 40 percent.  Now, stop and think about this logically & apply a large dose of common sense. Think about human-to-human interface.

♦First, with approximately 90 percent of the total U.S. population penetrating through grocery outlets; and with 100% of that massive number of consumers going through checkout lanes; if the COVID-19 viral strain was as significant as claimed by the worst-case data, then supermarket cashiers would have been the highest exposed profession of U.S. workers in the entire nation.  There wouldn’t even be a close second place.

Considering that metric; and considering the overall population penetration & density within the business operation; there has not been an employee-based business disruption due to the coronavirus.  Put another way: the coronavirus has not stopped the function of the highest human interface occupation in the entire U.S. economy.

♦Secondly, think about the businesses that are closed; perhaps think about your job that may have been shut down…. now frame your risk based on the supermarket example as highest human interface and highest population penetration in any business field.

If the #1 at risk industry has operated, essentially without disruption and with almost zero substantive mitigation, while carrying the largest population exposure rate, then all other less-exposed business operations would have significantly less operational risk.

Why would anyone be concerned about opening their business?

If you take the factual outcome of the retail food industry as a measure, it would follow that other than a few proximity businesses which may need prudent modifications or remain temporarily closed (ex. modified airplane seating, concerts, stadiums or capacity seating venues etc), then all other businesses should immediately resume operations.

No other business segment within the economy is as exposed to the population as the retail food business; and yet supermarkets operated without issue.

So why shouldn’t all businesses immediately get back to work?

Perhaps a few initial modifications might be needed; but not much, and not for long.

Think about it….

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450 Responses to Tucker Carlson Questions The Wisdom of The Lock-down Approach…

  1. arelius11 says:

    Who has other people ring up their groceries anymore? Self-check out people!

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    • Kenji says:

      … I would like a grocery clerk to wipe down the touch screens between uses

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      • KBR says:

        Use your alcohol gel and wipe em yourself.

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      • sat0422 says:

        That is done after every customer at my local Costco. As for the post office and their clear shower curtains; other grocery stores and their Plexiglas shields not so much. Some grocery chains have an employee who sprays the handle of baskets and some do nothing. I finally found a box of gloves last night at a convenience store!!!

        Now, yesterday it was reported that the United States Post Office was going broke again. Imagine that…
        1. Why didn’t our government ship a box of 4 masks and a box of gloves to every household….
        2. Why weren’t that stimulus checks mailed…
        3. Why don’t we just give the post office to FedEx and UPS (and any other shipping giants) and require them to share in the partnership under the Umbrella of the U.S. Government. They use it anyway and they know a hellavah lot more about running a business than the goons who oversee it now.

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  2. rich hahn says:

    A very large percentage of deaths are people in nursing homes, rehab centers, etc. That’s where state and federal government should be focusing there attention.

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    • Kenji says:

      For the love of God! Rescue your grandparents from their Elder Care DEATH chamber!

      PS … why has no one in the government explained EXACTLY why the elder care facilities are death chambers? I want details. Sloppy sanitation and practices? Foreign staff bringing the virus in? What are all the vectors and contacts of this shockingly horrific outbreak!? Or as usual … the government knows … but doesn’t like the politically incorrect answers?

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      • trumpetter says:

        On NY Cuomo directed that all WUFLU victims that recovered be returned to the nursing home.

        This Govenor is so incredibly negligent, among many other faults.


  3. convert says:

    What?! I thought he was one of the leading champions of the lockdown.

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  4. walt39 says:

    I think the fact that grocery stores aren’t having a lot of trouble with cashiers getting sick means something, but not quite what everyone seems to assume.

    The usual conclusion is “The virus isn’t really that bad/that easy to catch.”

    I think the more accurate conclusion is “The virus is just as easy to catch as the numbers indicate but CASHIERS ARE ALMOST ALL LATE TEENS/EARLY 20’s. Most are female (less likely to get it or have serious disease if they do). Most or all get the disease, have no symptoms, pass it on to some customers for an unknown period, and are thereafter immune.

    Not a problem for either the cashier. Not a problem for her store, either. Somewhat harder on customers, perhaps. And not an easily interpreted data point for our COVID-19 strategy.


    • auntiefran413 says:

      That’s not true of the St. Louis markets,Walt. We don’t have any BIG national chains here. I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that we have two very successful family owned and operated chains — one of 25 stores in MO and IL, the other with 200+ over about five states.

      The checkers in the four or five that I visit are mostly women I’d suppose are between 40 and 60. The men (and yes, there are several of them) are in their 50s. Baggers and stock clerks are younger. As a matter of fact, both chains have a practice of hiring people who are mentally handicapped to handle the carts. Kudos to them!

      Unfortunately, each chain has lost one checker to COVID19 and immediately after that plexiglass screens were put up to protect both the checkers and the shoppers.


      • auntiefran413 says:

        St. Louis and St. Louis County are hot spots right now so they’re admitting only X number of shoppers at a time — one in, one out. I haven’t been in a grocery store since this became an issue. My daughter has turned into the mom and won’t hear of me going into that environment. She’s doing a fair to middlin’ job, I might add. 🙂


  5. First quarantine in history where the healthy are locked up. Please correct me if there is precedent, but I find this odd and painful to every functional participant in society.


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