Larry Kudlow Outlines Internal Discussions and Way-Points Toward Re-Opening the U.S. Economy…

Sean Spicer interviews NEC Director Larry Kudlow about the administration’s thinking toward re-opening the U.S. economy.  According to Kudlow internal conversations currently include: whether geographic regions can be opened; whether specific job types can be opened; and what influences the timing around re-opening.

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  1. SW Richmond says:

    Waypoint 1: throw Fauci out
    Waypoint 2: go back to work

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    • JohnCasper says:

      Don’t fauci me bro.

      “Free from Fauci at last! Thank God Almighty, free from Fauci at last!”

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      • Risa says:

        Lol, thanks for the humor!
        I can’t “like” via WordPress, but “LIKE”!

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        • Bill Durham says:

          If this went on under Obama, this site would be on fire. I have supported Donald Trump from day but I will not remain silent when my civil liberties, my religious rights, and my right to work and travel are being violated left and right. I won’t take it from Obama and I ain’t taking it from Trump. He better get his head out of his backside and stop this. If Donald Trump does not end this shutdown, then he is complicit. period! And you can jam it if you want to call me a troll or a rolcon. I am not a sheep. Rush Limbaugh was spot on.

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          • Gus says:

            Right on! Right on!


          • CNN_sucks says:

            Agreed. Whoever these two ‘smart’ people who advised him to shutdown the economy should be fired.

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          • Dwayne Diesel says:

            Bill, you are spot on. This charade has gone on long enough.

            Re-open? I’m sorry, these businesses could re-open anytime they damn well feel like it but they won’t…because they fear government interference in they way of fines or arrests. Doesn’t matter if the fines or arrests are illegal….they will deal with that later.


      • diogenes says:

        Are you foot loose and Fauci free?

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    • mike says:

      I do think we have to have better chemistry.

      Papers show that all their CV19 ARDS cases were severely vitamin D3 deficient. One paper showed that most advanced CV19 cases were surprisingly potassium deficient, hypokalemic. All ARDS cases are vitamin C deficient. Whether its cause or effect, I would want to be highly vitamin and zinc, potassium and magnesium replete.

      Second, people need doctors to back them up on HCQ+AZM+Zn. I suspect that XR potassium needs to be added too, with blood checks for both hypokalemia (CV19 depletion) and hyperkalemia (contraindication due to kidney failure).

      Me? I take 10,000 iu vitamin D3, 30 mg zinc, eat cooked onions (quectin) instead of “normal” starchy foods, and take vitamin C about 5-6x a day.

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  2. Publius2016 says:

    I’m essential too to me and my family

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  3. Alex50 says:

    Just saw an interview with one of the chief epidimologists, Ali Mokdas of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), which is the research center at the University of Washington that gives us the models predicting COVID-19. Martha MacCallum of Fox News did a great job interviewing him. When she asked about why the models have been so wrong and are constantly being lowered he said mitigation was not taken into account for the higher estimates. Martha MacCallum pointed out that the higher estimates did indeed factor in strong mitigation efforts and Dr. Mokdas became evasive and changed the subject. When MacCallum pointed out that Japan did not close down businesses and basically used masks as a mitigation strategy and consequently has suffered a mere 85 deaths (population of 127 million), Dr. Mokdas again changed the subject and spoke about deaths in Italy. If this shady professional is representing the organization that is guiding the CDC in helping to formulate our response, we are in deep trouble.

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  4. 4sure says:

    Nazi Pelosi, just said that it is not known when the economy will reopen and we could have a severe depression.

    Just what the commies want and will continue working to make happen.

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    • MaryLS says:

      Darn right there will be a depression, and the longer things stay closed, the worse it will be.

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    • alliwantissometruth says:

      “Nazi Pelosi”

      Sounds similar to Nancy


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      • X XYZ says:

        Good “Catholic” Nancy pretends to be saintly, always wrapping her hands in a virtual rosary, (clutching at her pearls?) and cloaking herself in what is now called “virtue signaling”. Did she wash the feet of immigrant children today, as she did in a recent year or so ago? No – the news cameras are not in operation tonight. It’s Passover and Holy Thursday. Besides, there is no reason for her to leave her gated estate, and risk any infection from the current plague.

        There is no “saint Nancy”. There are no Nazi saints.
        She’s just the “Nance”.

        Beware of phony saints. Beware of names that sound similar. False cognates, etc. 😉

        Saintly Nancy, she’s the new saint of politics, indeed. And don’t forget the elder ‘patron saint’ and former governor of NY, AKA “Mario The Pious”. A little phony religiosity goes a long way toward being elected – and re-elected, and getting your kids into the racket of politics, too.

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    • peace says:

      We would only have a severe depression if we had to look at her, schumer, or hillary every day. America will be open for business any day now.

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    • theoldgoat says:

      Il Duce Pelosi wants an economic meltdown and a civil war. I believe the left have been pushing hard to cause a civil war so they could usher in their vision of government which has nothing to do with our founding.

      If the economy isn’t opened soon there won’t be enough left to open it. Businesses all become interconnected in our society. Remove a large chunk of our business through shutting them down to nearly nothing and they will fail. When they fail, they leave a huge gap in those who purchase things from other businesses. So it cascades. We are in a looming crisis that is far worse than the Wuhan Coronavirus. We will at some point see a lot of suicides, famine will follow as people won’t be able to afford to eat in large swaths of the country, housing will bottom out and homeless rates will climb.

      The housing bubble that popped and caused the economic downturn during Bush’s term showed just how fragile the economy is. Gas costs were rising and it pushed people to have to decide between paying the mortgage on homes they really couldn’t afford. We recovered, but at a slow rate. This is hundreds of times worse than that. We are looking at services that will be gone because of downsizing. Millions are now out of work, and quite a few will not get their jobs back. Savings are being drained.

      This “cure” for a disease released by China is going to be far worse for Americans and the world than the disease ever would have been.


    • fangdog says:

      Evidence the stock market (which is the economic emotional pulse of the people) doesn’t listen to Left-Wing Communist Democrats as Nancy Pelosi. Is the fact the Stock Market has recovered nearly 50% its value pre-Corona hysteria of 29,000 plus.

      People are starting to realize how much politics is involved in this very dangerous flu. As well as it being used to further an anti-America agenda having nothing to do with the Country’s medical health.

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    • stenwin77 says:

      She’s hoping. I don’t think she has anything to do with that decision. (I’m hoping) They have honestly thrown every arrow they had against Trump, this is their last gasp. It’s a big one.

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  5. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    Once regions reopen the areas controlled by marxist democrat anti American deceives in blue dumps won’t be able to keep their sheep in the pen.

    Let it loose please.

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  6. Joey JoJo Junior Shabadoo says:

    Any other Canadians here? I’ve been wondering if Trudeau will open Canada up when the US opens. He was on the news today saying things wouldn’t get back to normal “until a vaccine is developed”. Surely he wouldn’t keep Canada closed with the States back in business?


    • MaryLS says:

      Yes. I live in Canada but am American by birth. Trudeau was being coy. He hinted, but did not actually say we would stay closed that long. If Trump got people back to work, Trudeau would have little choice but to do the same. Businesses would pillory him if he did not. So I am putting my hopes on Trump. Trudeau does not know anything anyway– just takes orders from the UN and is bullied by China. I don’t put much stock into anything he says.

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      • Joey JoJo Junior Shabadoo says:

        Thank you! Very reasonabl answer. That was my take-away from Trudeau’s words as well. I, too, am putting my hope in what President Trump does!

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      • Dekester says:

        Cheers MaryLS,

        I am out in B.C. and many of us are extremely biased and despise Trudeau.

        Trudeau is an imbecile, an utter fool.

        We blame Ontario and Quebec for this disgrace of a P.M.

        As regards economy..we always follow along.

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        • William Warburg says:

          Oilberta here. Trudope has to wait until his chinese handlers give him the plans. He did send the16 tons of critical supplies b4 we needed them – they sent back faulty goods. C. Companies in Australia cleaned out med sup plies, repacked them and sent them to China we need to renege on any debt to CHINA and give them to boot for lying and ruining every country in the world. And we need Trump pills so we can get back to work.

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    • nigelf says:

      I can’t see how he could keep it closed. The individual Provincial Premiers seem to be making all the decisions on that, just like your Governors are doing right now.


    • ezgoer says:

      Trudeau already said today that Canada got the virus later than the U.S so it will re-open later.


  7. Barb Meier says:

    Cut us loose. Set us free. End the national emergencies.

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  8. Todd says:

    I absolutely hate the idea of reopening the US economy on May 1st. A lot of people are suggesting that day, and I think that would send a very odd message.

    May Day! May 1st is the International Communist Holiday. China, Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba would be so happy. May 1st falls on a Friday.

    When America goes back to work, it should be on a Monday.

    Back to normalcy.

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  9. Chuck says:

    Just open it all back up dammit! Damn the frikkin torpedoes and get everyone back to work. All this has done is set a precedent for future presidents to stomp on the necks of US citizens.

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    • LKAinLA says:

      Bingo Chuck. That is what I keep emailing to the White House. I have been sending at least 4 emails per day plus other avenues of correspondence relaying that exact msg.
      Meantime I have been studying up on Fauci and his “biometrics expert” wife. She is a fantasy expert also.

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  10. Roni says:

    4-8 weeks to reopen?!!! Data driven by their health experts….meaning those 2 bureaucrat wizards and their flawed model?!! It’s going to revolve around the virus?!
    Listen Larry (and others), if you delay lifting this shutdown, there won’t be an economy to roar back. People are anxious and angry. This could cost PDJT re election. No govt paycheck can replace the income they lost/are losing.

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    • 4sure says:

      Never thought I would live to see Holy week shut down in America. For me, it is a sad week in the history of this country.

      Pastors and christians should be outraged and should show up enmasse at churches this Easter Sunday to celebrate the risen Christ and take communion.

      Without the cross on Good Friday and the empty tomb on Easter, we would be hell bound with no hope for salvation and no hope for eternity.

      As Christian’s, I am appalled that we let this happen. Nothing in the history of this nation has ever shut down Holy Week.


      I will never trust this effing gov’t. again. !!!NEVER.!!!

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      • GB Bari says:

        We should NEVER trust the government. The Founders certainly did not.
        That’s why they limited the government’s powers in the original Constitution.

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      • Mars says:

        I am replying to tell you how profound your post is! God help us all.

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      • MaryLS says:

        That is exactly what needs to happen. Christians need to show up at the churches on Easter. Let the priest know you are coming, so he can open the doors. The churches can be a big force in the return to sanity.


      • X XYZ says:

        America has been changed. “Radical transformation” was not just merely spoken words imposed upon us by a former president who was eight years in office. America is not what it used to be. Neither is the world what it used to be.

        So what do you intend to do? (This is the impersonal “you”, directed towards everyone here, not meant to be taken personally.)

        Quo Vadis? Where might you be going? Maybe on a Crusade? To Washington DC? Or to Rome?

        If and when you ever do go to Rome, when you get to the Vatican and approach the gates, please let us know how the Socialist Pope receives you.


      • Rock Knutne says:

        4sure ~~

        When priests started raping boys and pastors started hiding that fact by shipping them to other states and other parishes where the crimes continued, lots of us left for good.

        Their turn to the left ensured I’ll likely never go back.

        I’m still a God loving, God fearing Christian but I do my praying at home. The only thing I miss is midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

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    • LIG says:

      I keep repeating myself. The Governors made the decision to shut down your states. Hound your Governors and state representatives. Tell them you hold them responsible for killing jobs in your states and record unemployment. Email local and state. Get on their nerves. Keep on hounding at state and local level. Now might get results in two weeks. You know how slow government works.

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      • Rock Knutne says:

        Lig ~~



      • dwpender says:

        You are correct. Do remember, however, that these State (and Local) Tyrants only began issuing their “stay at home,” “shut down,” etc totalitarian police state edicts AFTER DJT declared a federal emergency and gave them virtually unlimited federal money to pay for their “crisis management.” Would they have DARED so to abrogate their citizens constitutionally protected liberties if they had to tax their own citizens/voters to pay the costs of the “emergency actions”?

        DJT (unwittingly, I believe) empowered these State potentates. Unless he reverses course and pulls Federal funding for States that fail to follow his “restore your citizens’ liberties and reopen” plans, their Governors will resist, obstruct and defy any efforts he makes to reopen our country.


  11. AloftWalt says:

    Another 6 to 8 weeks will absolutely destroy our economy. I fear that the Republicans could actually lose both the Executive branch and the Senate at that point. Very scary.

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    • MaryLS says:

      Dems would not fix things, so people would be silly to vote for them and hope for change. If the economy tanks, I would worry about anarchy. The country would be in chaos. The UN troops would arrive to enforce the police state. All scenarios look bad if things stay closed much longer.

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    • Matthew LeBlanc says:

      Mass rioting will occur if they try to keep this going this summer when it is 100+ in the inner cities


  12. Publius2016 says:

    45 said it today: Mental Health experts will recommend reopening to stop drug addiction and suicides…

    weighing the risks, CHOOSE LIFE!

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  13. billybob says:

    Could ANY Governor explain to me why my job is not essential but a Liquor Store is ? I think not

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    • Boots says:

      Interesting question. Were the dictators afraid people would riot, burn, destroy cities if they couldn’t get booze, get drunk?

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      • billybob says:

        Isn’t that the $60,000 dollar question Boots . So if I can’t pay my bills , I’m losing my home and maybe losing my family because I have become bankrupt , that isn’t as bad for my mental health and society as as not being able to catch a buzz from a six pack . We are dealing with people who have a severe lack of comprehension of the human condition and the repercussions that their mindless policies produce .


    • JohnCasper says:

      Have a little compassion for Hillary and Nancy.

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    • Nathan Hale says:

      Well, my local beverage store has bumped up a few notches on my priority list, “I’ve had to restock my two week supply three times this week.”

      This too, shall pass…

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    • Nathan Hale says:

      Well, my local beverage store has bumped up a few notches on my priority list, “I’ve had to restock my two week supply three times this week.”

      This too, shall pass…


    • So how about a pot shop billybob.

      Here in Colorado our pot shops are considered essential businesses along with the liquor stores.


    • LIG says:

      Sadly the answer is the addicted could end up hospitalized because they need the drug. Alcoholism is rampant . Plus people at home bored are more docile if they zone out on liquor and binge watching bad t v.


    • stenwin77 says:

      Lowes and Home Depot are essential ?????


    • 55praises says:

      That truly is a key point/question – exactly what is essential, and who decides? Based on the measures being taken at a big box store I work in (as a vendor): limiting the number of customers in the store, only one entry and one exit, disinfecting surfaces that multiple people use such as shopping carts… MANY businesses forced to close could have taken similar measures.

      It seems we are being forced to protect ourselves from ourselves. In other words, we are so simple that we are unable to take actions to reasonably protect ourselves and others from a contagious virus.

      This is a dumbing down in the extreme. God gave us a brain, most of us know how to use it (or did, before the educators got hold of us in the indoctrinating school system).


  14. JohnCasper says:

    Even listening to Fauci is worse than a root canal … without novocain.

    Either he or his head must be off. And in about half no time!

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  15. alliwantissometruth says:

    We need an absolute date. That’s very important to businesses. They need to plan. Staffing, product, manufacturing supplies, etc.

    Give the country a specific date. Make it soon

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    • MaryLS says:

      I was hoping for Easter, but since it is too late for that, Trump must use Easter to announce opening by May 1st. People are getting very angry.

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      • vikingmom says:

        Absolutely agree with both MaryLS and alliwantissometruth – Give us a date, give us a goal…”soon” is way too subjective and people are becoming angry and/or discouraged!!

        Make it clear that the Federal government WANTS people to be able to work and support their families and will do everything possible to make that happen. Put the blame for any continued shutdowns, draconian civil rights violations, and problems with unemployment payment systems right back on to the states. Let those Governors take the heat for THEIR decisions!!

        But, please, Mr. President, do it NOW!!

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  16. JohnCasper says:

    During the First Great Depression, Roosevelt (and Congress) tried one thing after another to get the economy in gear again and none of them much worked. It wasn’t until many years later when WWII got the country in gear again. I think there might just be a lesson there.

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    • theoldgoat says:

      In many model studies done about the Great Depression, it was shown that Roosevelt slowed the recovery through his ideas and efforts. Much the same way that Obama slowed the recovery from the more recent recession. If the economy isn’t opened soon, it will have suffered so much damage it won’t be able to bounce back. Too many things are already backlogged. Too many businesses are in trouble, and how many people will have disposable income to invest even at this point?

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  17. RJ says:

    My recommendation would be to reopen Heavy / Highway construction in all 50 states. This means all projects receiving full or partial Federal funds whether the money is from Federal Highway Administration or CDBG funds. Mandate they have the proper authorization to resume work ASAP.

    I know in Pennsylvania our Left-wing Governor has shutdown this important part of our economy except for a very minute segment of contracts. Roads, bridges, waterlines, sewage, paving and similar work is essentially shutdown throughout the state.

    Put the pressure on the Governor’s that have prevented workers and contractors from working.

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    • MfM says:

      And it’s dumb. The roads are empty! Right now would be the perfect time to do road work.

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      • Magabear says:

        Was just going to say that. 👍

        Would’ve been the perfect time to complete some of these never-ending road projects here in PA. Our roads suck!

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    • X XYZ says:

      Don’t you remember Obummer and the federal “infrastructure” boondoggle, with the “shovel ready” jobs?

      Obummer just laughed at us, mockingly.

      Remember when President Obama joked with members of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness that those “shovel-ready jobs weren’t as shovel-ready as we expected”?
      That was one of the few times Obama seemed to acknowledge, if only faintly, that his $763 billion economic stimulus program was less than it was cracked up to be.


      It was no laughing matter. But we and the (mostly RINO) leaders we elected remained mute. How soon we forget. Or some want to forget.

      I used to be proud to be an American. No, not any more.
      Welcome to the United States of STUPID America.


  18. Robert Schecter says:

    I’m not a big fan of all these requirements to open the economy. Just do it. As to the Dems holding their people hostage, some leverage will have to be applied to them

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  19. Texian says:

    I don’t see defeat.. I see opportunity.. get off your asses.. and just go..

    There’s an open playing field.. can you see it.. wanna run with the ball..

    Are you an American.. or a pussy..

    don’t wait for opportunity.. make your opportunity..

    You can start providing a service.. a product.. a whatever..

    Nobody else is right now.. people need stuff.. want stuff done..

    opportunity is everywhere.. and the clock is ticking..


    ..only love is forever..

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  20. sickconservative says:

    Just spent some time with my neighbor that haven’t seen out for last three weeks with covid 19 and don’t like that he wasn’t offered any treatment, self quarantine was only option he had.
    Why aren’t confirmed cases allowed treatment.
    He survived two weeks of hell as he described it but now back at work and giving antibodies.

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  21. California Joe says:

    We have millions of Americans working in food preparation, dairy operations, meat and poultry products, trucking, police, fire, EMS personnel, supermarkets and even our military and nobody is dropping like flies! Just end the shutdown, Larry!

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  22. California Joe says:

    If President Trump is waiting for Dr. Fauci to say when he can end the shutdown I’ll save him the wait. It’s November 4th the day that Democrats win the White House!

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  23. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Little Twit.

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  24. The data which prompted the extended shutdown is bogus. So simply end the shutdown!

    2+ million dead – WRONG
    200,000 million dead – WRONG

    And now they are counting anyone as Corona virus death, even if that didn’t cause it. Noticed how all other deaths have declined?


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  25. JohnCasper says:

    Fauci has gone from a Stage I cancer to a Stage IV cancer.

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  26. PVCDroid says:

    Hannity is pushing testing and scarlet letter identification for everyone. This is such bullshit. Just open the damn country and let’s go. Any testing requirement or commission to study opening the country is only going to slow this down unnecessarily. Provide the public with masks if they want them and watch out for the elderly and infirmed. Provide nationwide therapeutic guidelines for HCQ, zinc and Zithromax.

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  27. Magabear says:

    As I’ve mentioned once or twice here before, I work in an energy sector manufacturing building. People’s hands are all over parts, paperwork, workstations, etc. While we’re trying to be as sanitary as we can, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. No one has gotten sick since all these stay at home edicts have been ordered.

    If our industry can maintain a healthy work environment, so can most other businesses. Let’s stop the fear mongering and let life breathe again.

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  28. evergreen says:

    Have not watched any briefings in a couple of days. Has there been any remark on the effectiveness of the malaria drug combination?

    The shutdown was premised on preventing a flood of ER’s and outstripping ventilator and ventilator nurse availability. I have not checked or followed stats lately, but I sense from various murmurings that the caseload has been vastly overestimated. If that is the case, and since it was disclosed early on that everyone will be exposed to the virus over time, then it would appear that the economy should be reopened for business and those who choose to remain absent may do so, while those who choose to engage may also do so.


    • PVCDroid says:

      Big secret is hospitals are empty because elective surgeries were cancelled. Bigger secret is the dems want half of us to die (you know which half) and will model Venezuela style policies this year to inflict as much pain as possible at the State level until we slap them upside the head a few times. More are saying HCZ + zinc + antibiotic are effective but not enough because they hate Trump. He is stockpiling and distributing HCQ now. Biggest secret is if we got everyone on this therapy at the onset of their illness, the pandemic would end and we get heard immunity within a couple months. Toughen up America.

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    • kelley says:

      In this poltical climate I feel like we would def hear about it from the “experts if it DIDN’T work.. I have been waiting for the journalists to ask about the study in New York.. funny it has been crickets!

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    • steph_gray says:

      Yes -PDJT has mentioned HCQ favorably in the last couple of briefings. Not today’s because he was outta there pretty quick. I don’t blame him for wanting to go back to real work instead of putting up with the CDC twins.


  29. joebkonobi says:

    Reopen and blame it on Pelosi. Small businesses are the engine of the economy. Open it saying because Schumer and Pelosi (dems) won’t pass more small business loans w/o including payoffs to their leftist lobbyist, we must either open or lose the economy. It’s time to fight politics with politics. Trump has the bully pulpit, time to put it to maximum use. Do Not Cave to the Dems Demands.

    Also POTUS has declared a National Emergency. He can use allocated but unspent DOD, State Dept., etc., funds to help small business. Let them sue over that, they would not dare and POTUS wins either way.

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  30. kelley says:

    I noticed rosie memos tweeted an article about how Ohio’s “health experts” are now going with how many people they “think” have the virus.. similar to the B.S they announced here in South Carolina… the models have been so far off it seems they have found a way to cover themselves and keep us all locked down by giving extreme estimates of how many that they think have it that won’t be tested..
    FauXi has got to go! Smug lil troll..
    Please Trump set us free!!

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  31. jimrockfish says:

    I applied for an SBA disaster loan. I’m a sole proprietor and without going into business details, it would have saved my business. Still waiting to hear from the SBA. However, I did read this today. It appears the $10k advance that was supposed to come very quickly after the application had been submitted , has now been cut to $1k. Disappointed to hear this. And that’s a government decision not the banks.

    Feels just like how both my banks no longer taking Paycheck Protection Program applications because they ran out of money. But Pelosi says there’s not enough data to justify the extra $250 billion. I hate these people.

    FTA……”Now, there are some caveats. The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Massachusetts District Office announced in a bulletin on April 6 that, nationwide, the SBA has decided to implement a $1,000 cap per employee on the advance, up to a maximum of $10,000. So, a business with three employees, for example, would be eligible to receive only $3,000 up front, as opposed to the originally stated $10,000”.

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  32. thedustmaker says:

    At this point here in the mountains of New Mexico, for miles around us, at least a few hundred people have taken to howling at 8pm every night. Yup, I’m thinking this has gone a little bit too far, a lot bit too far, tis fun to howl about it though!

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  33. Bogeyfree says:

    When doctors are allowed, ordered or told to record the cause of death of their patients who actually died from other causes such as heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, normal flu, Alzheimer’s, etc as a COVID-19 death simply because they had CV SYMPTOMS or because they were AROUND a COVID-19 infected person…….

    You know we have a MAJOR problem in the accuracy of the reported CV death count.

    So, not only IMO are the models way off, they are allowing, instructing deaths to be counted as COVID deaths who should IMO be recorded as death by something completely different.

    It’s not very hard to reach a high CV death count when you can “borrow” or assign CV death counts from virtually the full gambit of actual deaths of thousands of Americans, every day.

    On average 7,400 Americans die everyday.

    My bet is, if someone looked back and took the actual day by day daily American deaths in total recorded for these past 30 days, we would see nearly the same average daily number of deaths at around 7,400.

    And if that were to pan out the next question should be how is that possible if we have been inundated with all these NEW CV deaths, right?

    The reality is IMO, it is primarily a game of slight of hand. For example,

    I had terminal cancer but was observed coughing near my time of death so I died of CV

    I had pneumonia but had a fever at the time of my death so I died of CV

    I had diabetes but a family member tested positive for CV so I died of CV.

    See how easy this game is.

    For example is 20,000 are counted as CV deaths over the past 30 days then this should work out to be an ADDITIONAL 667 NEW deaths vs last year since there was no CV last year.

    So, in this case the daily average of Americans deaths for the past 30 days should be around 8,067 vs 7,400 or an increase of 9% above our avg.

    When someone takes the time to do the research and if over these past 30 days there was not a significant spike in the daily average total death count in America then IMO we have all been had!

    Plain and simple!

    Numbers don’t lie but liars do figure!

    Liked by 1 person

    • auntiefran413 says:

      Earlier today I read a statement from a physician who was appalled by what is happening.

      An appendectomy — hospital is reimbursed $3,000
      A corona virus diagnosis — hospital is reimbursed $13,000
      Ventolator required — hospital is reimbursed $30,000

      He went on to say that doctors are “encouraged’ to use the codes for the last two services! You think this doesn’t have an impact on the number of cases reported? i have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

      Liked by 2 people

    • bessie2003 says:

      Thank you for posting this;

      it seems to be the best interview of the day. Love that the Sec. kept on referring to main street; the interviewers asked really direct questions, not that touchy feely stuff that’s taking over the airwaves. Helped create the impression of confidence the WH is on this.


  34. repsort says:

    I got a plan to reopen the economy…. Follow the Constitution.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. California Joe says:

    Beyond the point of insanity! After two months of Coronavirus raging through American:

    West Virginia – 4 Deaths
    Oregon – 38 Deaths
    Arizona – 89 Deaths
    Nevada – 78 Deaths
    Utah – 13 Deaths
    Idaho – 18 Deaths
    New Mexico – 16 Deaths
    Hawaii – 6 Deaths
    Texas – 199 Deaths
    Arkansas – 21 Deaths
    Wyoming – 0 Deaths
    Colorado – 193 Deaths
    Montana – 6 Deaths
    Oklahoma – 60 Deaths
    Vermont – 23 Deaths
    Maine – 14 Deaths
    New Hampshire – 21 Deaths
    North Dakota – 5 Deaths
    South Dakota – 6 Deaths
    Nebraska – 14 Deaths
    Iowa – 29 Deaths
    South Carolina – 67 Deaths
    North Carolina – 65 Deaths


    Liked by 3 people

    • Bogeyfree says:

      And IMO half of them may not be people who actually died FROM CV

      From what we are hearing having Cv symptoms or being around a CV person is good enough to record CV death on the death certificate.

      This is the real CV Sham.

      Not the virus itself but how our CDC is allowing the deaths to be counted.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Bogeyfree says:

      Now add a column next to each one of these states and your CV deaths with the # of common flu deaths by these states for the same past 45 days.

      They NEVER show comparative data to another transmissible disease like the flu because it would destroy their scare narrative.

      Liked by 3 people

    • j'accuse says:

      Trump keeps saying Easter so we’ll see. I have a lot of objections to the drastic actions taken but like most I’m relying on our govt experts such as our CDC epidemiologists and their counterparts all over the world including the WHO, who have collectively been studying pandemics of every imaginable kind and how to respond including scenarios involving synthetic weaponized viruses and have received billions in public & private funding. The CDC and HHS’s job is to assess the pandemic, report findings to the president and make policy recommendations. I have no reason to question their models but I hope we don’t find fundamental statistical errors or that they knowingly using spurious data. They’re duty as public officials is to report accurately and disclose all findings without omissions or spin. They don’t make policy decisions – the president and Congress do that.


  36. ezgoer says:

    Reopening the economy will be up to individual state Governors, not Trump. All the blue states will stay closed into June to do maximum damage to the economy as Dems think this harms Trump’s re-election chances. Trump lost control of this after he endorsed the lockdown on info he was fed by Deep State Fauci. Russia and Ukraine gambits failed to remove Trump. But the Dems/Deep State/Media got him with the virus scam. They destroyed the economy. They got Trump to endorse destroying the economy. Not enough time to rebuild it before election (which starts early voting in October). No president is re-elected with prevailing high unemployment. This is very bad.


    • California Joe says:

      Agreed! President Trump is toast. He let the news media and Democrats force him into a box canyon and they won’t let him out. If he thinks Fauci is going to go along with opening up the economy he’s dreaming. His worst enemies had him destroy the stock market and economy with his own hand. They are not going to give him the chance to fix what he destroyed himself!:


  37. j'accuse says:

    Sean Spicer is absolutely correct on suppl\y chain issue because thousands of business rely on supplies, equipment and inventory of any imaginable type. For example I have a family member who owns a custom picture framing and for the frames and uncut mat material she relies on a supplier that has a tri-state van route and she generally has deliveries 2x per week. The various types of glass is from another regional company who cuts it size for her and delivers. She has a large CAD mat cutter that needs blades and sometimes replacement parts from the small firm that builds the machine and provide tech support (these things new cost `~$15k so Amazon doesn’t have them).
    The domino effect is easy predict and Kudlow doesn’t seem to grasp that not all the supplies, inventory, equipment, etc that businesses need to operate are shipped by tractor trailer or rail car. Or maybe because he’s a ‘big picture’ guy’ the assumes those issues are that significant. I disagree and perhaps an economist should evaluate those impacts. The supply chains for any number of businesses and services we take for granted may be several stories thick and consist of different makers or importers.
    I think Spicer is a smart guy and if he want’s another job in the administration, Trump should find him too him. He deserves a medal of honor for enduring all the petty abuse by the dishonest MSM.

    Liked by 5 people

  38. lokiscout says:

    Well at least this story was about REOPENING the economy! (Sorry about shouting but I have no other way of showing emphasis!) 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  39. 2ndbearflagrevolt says:

    I run a grocery store in California. I stay quite for the most part from posting, even when asked for ground reports. I see over 2.5k customers a day and have over a hundred employees. The company is over 30k employees in total. This whole sham is embarrassing. Ask me how many dead, how many employees or customers are dropping like flies? ZERO. although I am compromised by my need to support my family like 90% of working Americans, I share this site to as many Californians as I can, and spread the primary wealth of info on here as high and as far as I can. Everyone keep fighting as big or as small as you can. Thank you for what you do Sundance.

    Liked by 3 people

    • coastermomohio says:

      Thank you for the information. I had allowed myself to become somewhat worried about going to my local grocery more than once a week. Then I noticed that they had all these workers there who were probably in the store a lot more hours than I was, and I hadn’t heard about them dropping over from the virus. This is something that seems to escape any scrutiny. Yes people are getting sick or infected and sadly some are very critically ill. But overall, most people are just fine – even the ones who are out working every day.


  40. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    If Pres Trump knows he has been played he’d being getting us out of this immediately but he’s not. Is this checkmate? The apparatus for permanent undoing is in place. The bushit we’re hearing, several more months of this is beinv spouted by people who not only want our country to fail they think the machinery needed to accomplish that is now in place. If we see it how is it possible the president doesn’t? It’s not possible, therefore is something else going on? Like what? Threat of more bio warfare from facilities within if Trump doesnt stop the economy from crashing.

    The fraud doesn’t add up, we see though the phony number’s, models and people. Trump”s response doesn”t add up. Not in light of who he is, how he sees through the lies of the deep state and thd treachery of China. This is the same man thd called out Barry’s fake birth certificate. Something not adding up.


  41. jingosam says:

    Surely President Trump has someone besides Fauci and Birx advising him on the necessity of keeping the country shut down? If not, I’m beginning to think he’s a very poor judge of character. For starters, just look at how inept those two have been as far as predicting the number of deaths to expect from Covid-19. Does anyone know how those two got into the position they are now in? Did they recommend themselves? Did someone else recommend them to President Trump? That should tell him a lot. Either way they are doing a darn sight more damage to him than Jeff Sessions ever did … and heaven knows he did a lot! But President Trump finally woke up to that traitor. When will he realize that these two are far, far worse than Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller, Schiff, and all the rest of the sorry lot put together. Put America Back To Work Again! before it’s too late.


  42. Doppler says:

    You just encourage the people with risk factors – >65, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, COPD, compromised immune systems – to remain in isolation and give them N95 masks when they do venture out. Have those with mild symptoms stay home till they’re recovered. And generally send everyone else back to normal. Have HCQ and Zinc available for everyone who gets sick.

    I truly think some of our Navy ships that suffer breakouts should try to power through, medivacking those who need to be hospitalized. Otherwise our entire fleet will be disabled, just as China appears to be escalating its invisible war against us.

    Level 1 evidence is nice to have, but much of current medical treatments have never been through that test. It costs a fortune, and takes forever to achieve it, and mainly acts as a bar to expensive new medicines being marketed until they’ve proven their worth. FDA regulates marketing of drugs, not the practice of medicine. Very few treatments developed before the mid-60s were ever tested in this fashion.

    We can’t cede sovereignty to a cadre of medical statisticians.

    Liked by 2 people

  43. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    I really like the idea of sending a f**k you to all of them Easter Sunday.

    We are Americans, we cannot allow this taking of our freedom of assemby, especially on Easter. This is a massive fraud, designed to cripple us. They are a small group, they have the microphone, their words are lies. We have the numbers.

    Go to church on Sunday. Tell everyone to go to church.


    • Magabear says:

      First you have to get your pastors and priests out of hiding to open up the church doors.

      I’m really disappointed by how timid Christian leaders have been during this “crisis”. This “let’s all be good sheep and do whatever the government wants us to” mentality is less than inspiring.

      Liked by 1 person

  44. Julia Adams says:

    The mass shutdowns are an unprecedented social experiment on Americans that is destroying the soul and core our nation. The experiment must end.

    At this rate, we will have 30 million unemployed Americans by the end of the month. You can’t cure a pandemic by killing an economy.

    Liked by 3 people

  45. Sepp says:

    Which governors did NOT decree state-wide shutdowns?


  46. icthematrix says:

    The Dims and docs of doom set a trap. Many people have bought into it. The President is caught in it. HOW CAN WE OPEN BACK UP WITHOUT KILLING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!! I see this reaction in the news, propaganda press pushes it, Dim leaders mantra it. All for the purpose of killing the economy and Trump.

    The answer is EASY. Several have alluded to it or given examples. There are thousands of essential businesses operating every day, RIGHT NOW. We use social distancing guidelines at our company, at our customer counters for pick up of materials, etc. However, we touch things regularly, have discussions, pretty normal stuff. We wash hands far better than ever. Our people aren’t dropping, none diagnosed or even sick with anything to date.

    OPEN THIS NATION UP MR. PRESIDENT. MAY 1ST! Take May Day away from the communists. Get Republican led states to get on board. Hopefully the people suffering under Dim states will see we are free and demand their own release from bondage.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. rjones99 says:

    By far the biggest problem with the overall Corona response is the motivation it gives to every strategic foe to invest in biological weapons research or to pursue acquisition of biological weapons from those who develop them along with the vaccines/treatments the developers reserve for themselves.

    We’ve now shown the world that the US is so fearful of sustaining injuries that we will literally shut down our entire economy to save people who would very likely die relatively soon anyway. We’re like a mouse stuck in a glue trap that is willing to chew off its own leg.

    What now will restrain anyone who has the means to go to China to buy the newest strain of tarantuala flu virus? What do the middle east whackjobs have to lose?

    To me, it looks like we are more or less destined for a VERY SUBSTANTIAL conflict with China, sooner rather than later, unless we just agree to let them continue the current slow motion takeover. Before going to war, we ought to grab Kissinger before he dies and expedite his exit. He wrecked the world.


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