Under Fire Sketchy Loeffler Promises to Liquidate All Stock Holdings – Won’t Matter, She’s Toast…

Sketchy Nikki Haley endorsed Sketchy Kelly Loeffler right before Loeffler’s insider trading schemes surfaced.  Given the fact that Haley and Loeffler are both ‘Big Club’ insiders; and considering the extremes Ms. Haley is going through to retain her mask; there is a dose of karmic comedy as we watch sketchy Ms. Loeffler slowly implode.

The latest polling shows Representative Doug Collins is now crushing the corrupt and sketchy Big-Club-appointed Senator Loeffler by 23 points.  Under increasing scrutiny for her insider Wall Street schemes; and in a futile attempt to save herself; Loeffler now promises to liquidate all her stock holdings:

WASHINGTON DC – Sen. Kelly Loeffler plans to liquidate all of her individual stock holdings after weeks of political firestorm over trades made amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Loeffler (R-Ga.), who was sworn into the Senate in January after her appointment to fill a vacant seat and is on the ballot in a special election this November, has been criticized heavily by Democrats and her Republican opponent in recent weeks for stock trades made in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak.

Loeffler is likely the wealtheist member of Congress, and her husband, Jeff Sprecher, is CEO of the company that owns the New York Stock Exchange. She is widely expected to self-fund her campaign and had already seeded her campaign with a $5 million loan before she took office.

“I’m not doing this because I have to,” Loeffler wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. “I’ve done everything the right way and in compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, Senate ethics rules and U.S. law. I’m doing it because the issue isn’t worth the distraction. My family’s investment accounts are being used as weapons for an assault on my character at a time when we should all be focused on making our country safe and strong.”  (read more)

Ms. Kelly Loeffler was appointed by Georgia Governor Kemp because Loeffler is married to Jeffrey Sprecher; a GOPe party insider, mega-donor, and multi-millionaire CEO of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).  Jeffrey Sprecher is the founder and CEO of ICE, which now owns the New York Stock Exchange. Kelly Loeffler’s company, the financial platform Bakkt, is a subsidiary of the InterContinental Exchange.

No doubt Mr. Sprecher (pictured above circled) leveraged his network and political influence upon Governor Kemp to get his well-connected wife appointed.  Knowing that Mitch McConnell is the political leader of the Big Club, it was not a surprise when Mitch McConnell installed Loeffler onto the Senate Agriculture Committee.  Yeah, not sketchy at all.  Loeffler then has oversight over her and her husbands’ stock exchange interests.

Corrupt as hell.  All of it.  Insider party schemes, combined with Deep Swamp politics and personal influence peddling for financial interests.  The familiar network of personal financial benefit.   In 2012 Mrs Loeffler donated $750,000 to Mitt Romney’s Super PAC.

Political connections is why Kelly Loeffler was selected by Governor Kemp, and that same pay-to-play political network is exactly why Nikki Haley endorsed her in the upcoming election.  Transparent swamp dealing.

Jeffrey Sprecher owns the largest stock exchange in the world: the New York Stock Exchange. It has more than 2,400 listed companies and has a market capitalization of about $22.9 trillion.   Gee, Kemp appoints…. McConnell assigns… and then Nikki Haley endorses…. go figure.

GEORGIA – […] In recent interviews, nearly a dozen ethics experts in Washington said the entanglement of Loeffler’s public and private interests has few, if any, recent precedents in Congress.

ICE deploys lobbyists to influence federal regulatory agencies and Congress, including committees on which Loeffler now sits. Loeffler’s husband and other ICE executives often testify at congressional hearings. And, when she was ICE’s senior vice president for corporate communications, Loeffler herself publicly criticized the company’s primary regulator, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, for proposing “excess regulation” during the financial crisis of the late 2000s.

That commission answers directly to the Agriculture Committee’s commodities subcommittee, of which Loeffler is now a member. (link)

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312 Responses to Under Fire Sketchy Loeffler Promises to Liquidate All Stock Holdings – Won’t Matter, She’s Toast…

  1. tax2much says:

    Just goes to show how valuable those Congressional seats really are.

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    • vikingmom says:

      Exactly! And why almost NO ONE in the media is willing to investigate HOW members of CONgress become multi-millionaires while earning less than 200K per year is the biggest indicator to me that they are also part of the “big club”

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      • Bob says:

        Good explanation why they don’t want term limits…..it’s just that simple.

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      • Bill says:

        Vikingmom, it’s so disheartening to really stop and think about the point you raise. No matter which party these people represent, at the end of the day they went to Washington as supposed representatives of the people and yet they all leave multimillionaires. And even if they don’t leave that way, when they are out they then utilize their prior network and connections in order to exploit the system and enrich themselves on the tax payers dime.

        We are so far down the rabbit hole as a nation it’s terrifying. And I think the only thing truly keeping us afloat is the simple fact that no other countries out there are practicing any better standards which leaves us to continue our own terrible behavior.

        I wish Jesus would return and open everyone’s eyes to the horrible corruption that has entrenched itself at all levels of power in every government across the globe. How people can just turn a blind eye to these things based on the little letter in parenthesis at the end of their title is simply disgusting.

        I want ALL representatives to be clean and honest. Even if I disagree with them, I would feel safer knowing the person that was opposing my point of view didn’t also have filthy greed further driving them to make God awful decisions.

        And yes, the media is 100000% in the club. These unelected drivel spewing, low watt gurgling, sacks of human filth are absolutely in the club. They are paid MILLIONS to “supposedly” read the news and ask questions as a journalist. Please explain to me why a journalist should make millions? Simple, to influence their decision on what “news” they choose to report. They have to be taken care of to make sure they tow the party line. If they were paid what they should be paid, which is no more than $65,000 per year, they would probably be telling the truth instead of spewing propaganda.

        Seriously. Why on earth should someone be paid millions of dollar to wear makeup and sit in front of a camera and READ words. Millions of dollars for reading words?!?!? It’s all become so transparent. It’s a Giant laundry machine of taxpayer money being dealt out to all the important pieces of the machine in order to keep the machine moving.

        How sane human beings can just sit there and not give a crap about this stuff is just plain sad. It’s…..sad. That’s it.

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      • Judith says:

        The Enemedia are the “Big Club’s” body guards. They guard the perimeter and permit no sunlight to get through. WE give them their power by accepting their corruption and “pretending not to know things.”

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    • joebkonobi says:

      It also shows how those connected are desirable and beneficial to the uniparty to get into Congress. So glad she got busted. Now I want to see Pelosi and Feinstein get the same. Too bad the hierarchy of the GOP are behind the scams regardless of party.

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    • WSB says:

      Congress is a bank shark.


    • Yy4u says:

      Add me to your lik list


    • Liquidate? Really. How about liquidate, then donate entire proceeds to the American Red Cross. How about that, Senator.


  2. freepetta says:

    What a corrupt woman Loeffler is!! She originally said she had no holdings in her name, she had “others” managing her portfolio.
    What a LIAR!!

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  3. gary says:

    she was toast before the stock debacle.plus she looks like marty feldman.

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  4. How about our hold in the Senate? Screw Loeffler, what are the consequences though?

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    • Elect Collins the MAGA candidate.

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      • Let’s hope. Collins is a great man and genuine.

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        • Dutchman says:

          I LIKE that exchange;
          “What about OUR hold in the Senate?”

          “Elect COLLINS the MAGA candidate!”

          WE are MAGA.
          WE are LEGION.
          WE don’t improve our hold of the SENATE, or the House for that matter,
          ONE IOTA by electing a Republican.

          WE only improve our position in CONGRESS if we elect MAGA candidates.

          McConnell doesn’t WANT MAGA candidates, and will use the unlimited campaign funds available to him, to derail MAGA candidates, even if it means a big club democrat wins.

          Think Alabama.

          But, we DO have something we can do; target our campaign cotributions DIRECTLY to MAGA candidates for Congress, even if they are not our district or State.

          Doug Collins IS MAGA, and has fought the good fight in the House, alongside Nunes, and the gang of Warriors.

          Consider contributing to his campaign, instead of or in addition to the,Trump campaign.

          And there are others as well. Some are up for reelection in November, some not.
          MAGA contributions, as an alternative to Republican party contributions.

          Remember, in 2016, Hillary was,raking in the Big donor bucks, and Bernie kept up with her, with small contributions.

          It CAN happen, is all I’m saying.

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    • Collins can win, hes naga

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  5. srfndoc says:

    The swamp is deep and wide. I don’t even think another four years of Trump is enough time to drain it.

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  6. Dekester says:

    Great news…Doug Collins is one tremendous asset to your country, and a staunch supporter of PDJT.

    The other one is garbage.

    Collins in the Senate..brilliant.

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  7. Patriot1783 says:

    Hear that sound Kelly?? It’s the sound of your career and reputation swirling down to the sewer.
    When does the insider trading case against her start?

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    • Rhoda R says:

      She did it as a Senator, they’ve exempted themselves again. Did that about 7 or 8 years ago.

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      • bertdilbert says:

        That was her best defense right there. The you cannot touch me because I am a Senator. Then all they could have said was “oh”.

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      • littleanniefannie says:

        Folks, it’s time we demand that Congress pass no law affecting the citizenry which does not always apply to the Congress and vice versa. The Vice Versa puts them in Medicare and Social Security and takes away that little perk which allows them to lie with impunity and not be prosecuted!

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    • freepetta says:

      Poor Kelly she’s going to have to get a job with her husband.

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    • dilonsfo says:

      It never will. The DOJ will find no evidence that she knew anything. Same with the other Senators and Representatives. The only reason anyone is even bringing her up is she is a junior senator and was appointed and not elected. Burr is retiring this year and not running again. Senator “I hire Chinese spies” is a democrat and therefore untouchable. I mean, if you had a spy on your staff for 20 years and nothing happens to her, do you really think a little insider trading is going to bring you down.

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    • mandy says:

      Oh please. Club members are NEVER prosecuted and this bitch won’t be, either.

      Kemp screwed up with this – I don’t think he’ll win another term. What a real pile of steaming manure he turned out to be.

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      It’s not insider trading. It’s it’s investing with social awareness. /sarc


  8. Shyster says:

    Doug Collins is a hero and so glad to see the Big Club fail and fail hard.


  9. In that pic of Kelly standing behind her hubby she is so condescending. The eyes have it. Then there is hubby with big club silent partner George W.

    SD, nice touch on adding the “You are here.” As usual great choice of visuals.

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  10. MACAULAY says:

    I have listened to some of her explanations, and they seem to incriminate her, or would if anyone asked appropriate follow-up questions.

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  11. Big Jake says:

    Wow. The GOP really is turning into the Demonrat Party.

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    • Not the Trump Republican Party, Big Jake.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Big Jake;
      No, there is a # of big differences between the Democrat party, and the Republican party.
      If you want to vote Democrat, you mark the ballot for the names,with a,”D” after them.
      However, if you want to vote,Republican, you mark the ballot for the names with an “R” after them.

      It won’t make ANY difference in policy decisions, but maybe it will give you warm and fuzzies?/S

      Lets see, what else…..
      Oh, the Republicons in leadership in the,Senate, are JUST like the Democrat Leadership was, say in 2002.

      They said abortions shiuld be safe, sane rare, (in other words, they LIED about their true position) they SAID, and even voted for a WALL on the southern border (ditto,..lied) and on and on.

      NOW, the Dems are “out of the closet” and honestly expressing their true, Conmunist globalist elitist positions on policy.

      The Republicon leadership are 8-10 years behind, lieing about their true policy positions which in truth are as different from current democrat policy positions as Bidens is from Sanders;

      A distinction without a difference.

      RepubliCONS want to take our guns, they just don’t SAY so.
      RepubliCONS like abortion, they just don’t SAY so.
      RepubliCONS don’t want a WALL, or effective immigration control, they just don’t SAY so.
      Republicons want socialised medicine, they just don’t say so.
      Ultimately, Republicons want a one world, conmunist globalist government,….they just don’t SAY so.

      So, ironically the difference is Democrats are more honest about their policy positions than Republicons, although the actual positions are essentially the same.

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      • Yy4u says:

        Agree qith everything Futchman but this is not the time to kick them out. So long as Trump is pres they have to remain in the closet. When hw is out of office THEN we kick them to the curb,


  12. Abster says:

    She’s disgusting. It’s hard to believe the depth breadth of corruption throughout the land. What’s worse is there are never any consequences. President Trump is one of a very few politicians I would ever trust!

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      Abster: I hope he NEVER becomes a politician! So far, NOT.

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      • X XYZ says:

        Trump admits he is now a politician. He says that because he is an HONEST MAN. He’s not in denial of it. He aspired to political office and he was elected to it. What else should he call himself now?

        But he still thinks and acts like a businessman, striving to get things done. He is both. But it galls career politicians and makes them very angry! How DARE this vulgar outsider come into OUR playground and make US look like crooks, charlatans and fools, exposing who we are! This upstart! Impeach him! Crucify him!!! (Fortunately, one Jesus was enough.)

        Enjoy President Trump while he is here. If you think things are bad now, try not to think about what things will be like after he leaves office.


  13. Phoenix says:

    Doug Collins is a patriot and hero. Great to see the Big Club fail.

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  14. Richie says:

    If Nikki Haley is “toast” its not because of her corruption. The media wont report that and most dont even know who the hec she even is. If she is toast It will be because the deep state decided they dont need her services anymore. If Haley is called to perform her duty for the deep state, she will be promoted all over the fake news media same way Quid Pro China Joe has been.

    The old rules of morals and honesty that would make or break a candidate in the past dont apply anymore mostly because the MSM is not moral and honest and because the other half of the media, Social Media, is run by the dishonest and immoral who work for China.

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    • Richie, I think SD was referring to Kelly Loeffler as being toast and probably killed her election chances. Doug Collins is the MAGA candidate.

      Nikki’s did hurt her own reputation with that endorsement (among other things).

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      • Issy says:

        I find Haley unlikable. She reminds me of Hillary in that respect.

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        • X XYZ says:

          Haley is easier on the eyes than Hillary is. Just ask Bill Clinton.

          The only female politician who looks dumpier than Hillary in a pants suit is Angle-a-Merkel. (Ugh. Only in Germany…)

          Male or female, physically unattractive politicians aren’t electable. Unless they are the less UNattractive of the two candidates running.


      • Richie says:

        I’m referring to Haley, Loefller, Comey, Crooked Hillary…..etc…etc… you know that. It doesnt matter. Why isnt Quid Pro Joe toast?. Why isnt Comey behind bars?. If the media doesnt do their job, it doesnt matter. They decide who carries the baton, not us.


  15. Cripes! I feel like I should use a encrypted onion browser to even comment about these rich and powerful corrupticons.

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  16. Mountaineer says:

    ‘Influence puddling’. Typo? I think it fits

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      Yep, they piss it regularly! Amazing how quickly that swamp water runs through them.

      Influence puddling or influence meddling. Either way, they’re still infected by the swamp!


  17. Big Jake says:


    The GOP really is turning into the Demonrat Party.

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  18. frank field says:

    Glory to The Most High.

    Winning in the midst of perplexity. Go Doug. Go!


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  19. Bethany Beach says:

    It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it…fortunately. Still trying to understand the full relationship between President Trump and Mitch. Sometimes together (from outward appearances) and some times apart. No comparison between Collins and Loeffler.
    Collins is the one: spoke forcefully and eloquently on Trump’s behalf during the ill-fated impeachment fiasco.

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  20. Well, from what I hear talking to the locals in Northeast Georgia AND knowing how much Doug Collins helped all Georgians living on the lake with dock fees increases through the Corps of Engineers, AND there is big-time chatter about a $500,000 bail-out for Gov. Kemp just in the knick of time that Loeffler surfaced and announced her intentions…..
    It appears that most folks around here are in Collins’ corner AND Gov. Kemp better do a really great job handling this China-Flu mess because many are PO’d and not Kemp Happy, if y’all know what I mean..
    Just sayin’…

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  21. Snellvillebob says:

    Down here in Georgia we were left agast that our Governor BRIAN KEMP appointed this unknown woman over Doug Collins. BRIAN KEMP must have taken a good size reward for this. People are going to look for a new Governor next election but the trouble is we can no longer trust those who run the Georgia Republican Party because of this affair.

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    • Tsquared says:

      She and her husband gave the Kemp campaign lots of support to get him elected. They knew Isakson was in ill health and wouldn’t finish his term. Kemp is a scumbag from way back. I was surprised he made it through with his track record. Ga has a history of crooked politicians. They will get kicked out of one position and wait a cycle and run for another position. Lofler’s counterpart David Perdue is Sonny’s cousin and he has a closet full of skeletons as well. Sonny also dumped stock earlier this year. They all need to be horse whipped. None of the above mentioned have represented GA well.

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      • cheering4america says:

        Good thing he DID make it through; the alternative, Stacy Abrams, would have been a horrific result.


      • Snellvillebob says:

        Kemp was toting a shotgun in his campaign videos and talking like a hick. It was really obvious he is a scammer. I did not vote for him in the primaries but had to vote against Stacy Abrams in November.
        David Purdue has been fine and supports President Trump. I was skeptical of him at first since his haircut shouted CoC.


    • Randy Blain says:

      In 2016 I was coming to town and had to cross the river outside of Blue Ridge. There was a camera crew set up on the bridge and this big fat fat guy was strolling across with two workers. I asked what was holding me up and was told they were making a commercial for the election for Georgia State. Who was he I asked. He was the Speaker of the House I was told. I rolled over when they finished and rolled down my window and asked the guy with a belly wide around as his 6’2 stature. “What party are you?” .. “Republican” he says. “You a Trump guy?” The clown chuckled at me. “Nah..heh”. I drove off thinkin’ “Boss Hawg..total crook”.. When I saw Kemp take the stage at PTrumps Macon Rally I knew he was total plastic fake. It all comes out in the wash.

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  22. Our side has had a pretty good day today, all told.
    Finally the truth is getting out about the Chi Com Flu Hoax, they can no longer deny that the numbers are MUCH LESS than the “experts” had claimed.
    Boris doing better.
    And now it looks like Doug Collins will get the Senate seat he so richly deserves and which we so desperately need for our President’s next term.

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  23. Joe in Wyo says:

    Sell high and buy low….
    Could she at least ask her husband when we’ve hit the bottom so we could get some of those bargain equities too?? My 401k would sure appreciate it….. thanks, joe.

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  24. TradeBait says:

    Collins is elite. Any time a Uni-party RINO goes down and is replaced by a devoted MAGA Senator it is a major win.

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  25. Waymore says:

    I do like her hair, though.


  26. crosseyedmary says:

    Her husband owns NYSE? Unbelievable.

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  27. jus wundrin says:

    Yet nothing will happen to her, or burr. The ‘club’ will make sure of it.

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  28. mike dennis says:

    As much as I love seeing a rino go down, this whole thing about insider trading is total crap. The whole Wuhan virus situation was out there long before that briefing.

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  29. billybob says:

    Anybody arrested today ?

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  30. Robert VanBrunt says:

    She owns a WNBA team hahahahahahahaha

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  31. Robert VanBrunt says:

    She owns a WNBA team hahahahahahahaha

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  32. samwise163 says:

    Please Georgians, vote for Doug Collins in November (and for President Trump!).

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  33. Sugarhillhardrock says:

    I’m so happy to see one of these Uniparty elitists, that get paraded out before us average deplorables as some sanctified diety we’re supposed to support, go down like a Japanese Kate with no rubber fuel bladders.

    She’ll be just fine after she gets roasted in the primary by Collins, who is a hero, and who actually represents our Deplorable interests.

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  34. emet says:

    She got caught early on, which shows she was not qualified to serve in Congress

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  35. Corveb says:

    Ga Gov Kemp had Doug Collins ready to go while Trump was under fire when he appointed the Spanx queen instead. Reps in Ga hated that move, and he is toast if challenged next election.

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  36. Bogeyfree says:

    I still say if the polls look like PT will pick up 5-6 new GOP senate seats in the Fall we should consider sacrificing McConnell in the Nov election.

    It would end the Mitch games as he would be done. He is 78 today so 6 years sitting out makes him 84 in 2026 too old to run again.

    It would send a message to all RINO’s – we are done with the back stabbing of PT

    I call it payback for never putting the Senate in recess.

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  37. fred5678 says:

    Sundance, you had me at “…married to … multi-millionaire CEO …”


  38. DeeA. says:

    The establishment knows that Doug Collins will win. So now the swamp will try to smear Collins to no end. I hope the people of Georgia doesn’t fall for the corrupt establishment lies.
    Be strong Doug Collins! Doug Collins for Senate 2020!♥️😎

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  39. dallasdan says:

    “Sen. Kelly Loeffler plans to liquidate all of her individual stock holdings after weeks of political firestorm over trades made amid the coronavirus outbreak.”

    It’s called taking your profits after scoring big on insider information. I can hear the Wall Street gang laughing.

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  40. El Torito says:

    Nikki has a solid track record of endorsing losers. And banning historical flags. She did well at U.N. as Trump’s poodle.

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  41. Magabear says:

    The great thing about this is that even the GOPe gang has to realize that Loeffler is toast and their best bet now is to make nice with Collins. MAGA wins. GOPe saves face.

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  42. Skidroe says:

    Haley and Loeffler two peas in a pod. I would pay to see those two vicious women fight each other.

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  43. Danny Schroder says:

    Cearly shows Americans you can make MILLIONS inside the government….why else would she divest…?

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  44. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    I posted regarding this “exact” issue on the other thread……

    Exactly how many of “these” vermin have done this?………

    OK….here goes……I may be a little “off base” but I do not think that far off….

    They, the Deep State…(this includes…Governors, Mayors, House Reps….all of em)…
    How many have invested in companies of suppliers who provide the ventilators, masks, etc. just as the virus supposedly began?

    You can hear em now…..
    ”We are gonna get creamed in the election if we do not do something now”

    “Hey….I got an idea….flu season is here….let’s fake a virus from…..hmmm….Russia…No..too much…
    “China”…..Yeah …that’s the ticket…they always got this kind of stuff going there….”

    ‘We fake killing a bunch of people….keep ordering more equipment to fight the virus….(as noted above….ventilators are broken)…

    We shutdown the “Main Street Economy” and invest in all the companies stocks that provide all the stuff needed”
    “We would make a killing’

    And….the President….He…understands…as we also must….The Deep State is not just in DC…
    The American People must completely understand this also……

    Example: My mother and father always voted Democrat….Always….I asked them many times…
    “Why….why do you always vote Democrat?….Their answer was always….
    “Because we always have”…that was their reason / response…always….have”…

    Now most of us here..understand that there are millions of people who only listen to the MSM/Fake news…..
    That is a fact…..

    But now the President is attempting to “awaken” these Americans to what the Deep State will “Really Do” if we give them control.

    Close the State Parks….Stay at home or we shut of your water and electric……everyone must wear masks…. Drones will watch your every move ,,,,,,Can’t go to Church…..

    This will is waking people up….
    Now we must understand….
    Be Patient….the jobs will come “roaring” back…the President has proven this……

    And the best part is: “He is exposing them all”…..All of them…
    The man is a genius..
    Patience Grasshopper…

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  45. lotbusyexec says:

    Just as the President has term limits so must Congress and the Senate – no ifs, and whys about it. Executive order PDJT PLEASE! let’s get this ball rolling.

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  46. fred5678 says:

    Haley about to come on Hannity.
    Will be watching closely.


  47. convert says:

    Crooked as a dog’s leg.

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  48. X XYZ says:

    Sketchy? Does anyone remember Etch a sketch?

    Now consider this. Virtually all businesses in the country are now shut down. Nobody can go to a hair salon or get a haircut. Yet these well coiffed lady politicians, and all their male counterparts, be they in congress (which gives “free” haircuts and free meals daily, all on the taxpayer’s tab) or in the media (has anyone ever seen the amount of makeup they apply to any media reporter before the camera is turned on?) have these resources available. It’s a perk – it’s even considered a daily necessity of the profession of being on camera. The government-media complex.

    Does your wife, or your daughter or you (if you are a man) look so well groomed today?
    Two tiered justice?
    Second class citizens?

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

    So remember the law of the jungle – the big animals always eat first. But the big animals are not immune from falling or being killed and eaten (figuratively speaking). Then usually the small animals are left to survive.
    We don’t need to look beautiful. We just have to survive – and remember those who caused this grand inconvenience. Some of us might remember this experience, even though we don’t know who dunnit to us, yet.

    Will we “forgive and forget”? Or will we “never forget”?

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  49. dissonant1 says:

    You know what, today was a great day. I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my leg, was prescribed a $400/month medication, and it was sunny out.

    Why a great day? Because I learned the problem , was given the cure, and had the sunlight to brighten my mood and clear my mind. Now to see that Loeffler is down 23% to Collins, that her corruption has been exposed, and that the sunlight (“Sundance”) has shined with its disinfectant properties, makes me think that “Yes, we can identify the problems, there are solutions, and justice can prevail!” Thank you, Sundance (the appropriately self-named one), for making my day!

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    • GrandpaM says:

      Prayers for your speedy recovery from the blood clot.

      Liked by 1 person

    • WSB says:

      I just went outside and said a prayer for you, Treeper!


    • Zy says:

      Dissonant, I just have to reply to you. Last April I was near death from a blood clot that moved from leg to my lungs. A massive pulmonary embolism. The doctor told me he usually didn’t see people still standing with my condition. So glad that you are diagnosed and being treated.

      Liked by 1 person

      • dissonant1 says:

        Zy, so glad that you overcame this and thanks for your best wishes! I had a clot 20 years ago and so I was blessed to know this time to go to the doc right away. I had a good friend who succumbed to pulmonary embolism and it happened very quickly. For those of you who experience pain in your legs not due to muscle cramps or strains, this is not something to fool around with! See a doctor right away!
        Thanks very much for your concern and for your sharing your experience!
        Blessings to you.

        Liked by 1 person

    • angech says:

      have a check CXR or CT scan chest if you can, always helpful


    • listingstarboard says:

      Good luck with your blood clot, I had one in my upper chest and arm from a chemo port and took Eliquis, I would guess that is the med you were prescribed? It worked like a charm with no side effects–hope yours dissolves ASAP!

      Liked by 1 person

      • dissonant1 says:

        Thanks, Listing! No, this one is Xarelto, apparently quite new. No need to regularly check levels, like Coumadin. Don’t know why they didn’t prescribe Eliquis for me. The wonders of medical progress never cease to amaze me – when I think that the last time around I had to be in the hospital for close to a week while they monitored, and then all those follow up tests. Anyway, I feel fortunate to live in a time where the “inconvenience” is less than it once had been. Thanks again!


        • JTR says:

          I’ve been on Xarelto for a few years now, and it’s been great! The only side effects I’ve had are I bruise easily, and bleed profusely if get cut bad enough (yikes). It’s still better than Coumadin. You might want to get a Medic Alert bracelet, so if you have an accident, they will know that you take it. They have remedies, by the way if needed, but so far I’ve really been fine. A bandaid will suffice. I hope you have much success with it!

          Liked by 1 person

    • donna kovacevic says:

      Praying from Canada for a speedy recovery. I wish you could use my Insurance Companies coverage for medication, I would gladly let you use it. God Bless.

      Liked by 1 person

  50. J Gottfred says:

    Haley is on Hannity’s show bashing the WHO. A what point is she going to bash Loeffer? Probably pretty soon!

    Liked by 3 people

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