NY Gov. Cuomo Asks President Trump for More Hydroxychloroquine – India Agrees To Supply U.S…

Specifically because President Trump has noted the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 the media are therefore against it.  It doesn’t matter that it works; it doesn’t matter that it saves lives; the mere fact that President Trump supports it means the entire resistance operation must be against it.  That’s the current scale of TDS.

However, non-political medical professionals, and some democrat governors who don’t want the run the political risk of killing their constituents simply to keep their resistance bona-fides, are admitting the treatment does work.  Today New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted to asking the federal government for more doses. WATCH:


A wise man once told me the best crisis response is not based on plans and strategies, but rather the maintenance of long-term personal relationships.  He was very correct.

The bulk of U.S. supplies of hydroxychloroquine come from U.S. pharmaceutical companies operating in India. Because the drug is now considered to be the leading source of treatment, India had banned the export. However, on Saturday President Trump called his good friend, India’s Prime Minister Modi… and today reports from India that an exception will be made to supply the U.S.

INDIA– […] Hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug, is among the medications undergoing testing as a potential treatment for patients with the disease. India is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of the medicine.

American President Donald Trump on Saturday said that he has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to allow exports of hydroxychloroquine amid a shortage in the US.

On Sunday, the government held an inter-ministerial meeting and again met on Monday to assess the domestic requirement for the anti-malarial drug.

“We have decided to go ahead with export of the drug after the Health Ministry gives its total domestic requirement plus 25 per cent extra to ensure buffer stocks are available,” a senior government official told NDTV.

The export of the drug will be on a case-to-case basis based on the requests from foreign countries and their diplomatic ties with India, the source said. (read more)

SATURDAY – President Donald J. Trump spoke with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India to discuss how the two countries can work together to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The two leaders agreed to remain in touch on the issue of global supply chains for critical pharmaceuticals and medical supplies and to ensure they continue to function as smoothly as possible during the global health crisis.

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276 Responses to NY Gov. Cuomo Asks President Trump for More Hydroxychloroquine – India Agrees To Supply U.S…

  1. scrap1ron says:

    China can’t feed themselves. Time to repay the favor with interest.

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  2. hawkins6 says:

    This L.A. Doctor believes Hyroxy.. works best with Zinc, which others here have mentioned. I don’t believe POTUS has mentioned zinc. I better watch today’s presser now.

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    • El Torito says:

      You can overdose on zinc. That may be why. Also it’s politically risky to overdo it.

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    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      This is the actual medical treatment being used in hospitals across the world right now and leading us to a much quicker end for this pandemic than the globalists want:

      1. Hydroxychloroquine (branded as Plaquenil) 200mg twice a day for 5 days
      2. Azithromycin (known as Z-Pak) 500mg once a day for 5 days
      3. Zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days

      The elderly should probably have an EKG before trying Hydroxychloroquine, but otherwise it’s a fairly safe treatment option with no major side effects.

      Fauci is 100% against publicizing this simple solution because it quickly ends the international crisis and makes President Trump look like a genius for suggesting it weeks ago. It also cuts into any potential profits from the Covid-19 vaccine for Big Pharma, estimated in the billions.

      The globalists wanted a long health crisis to gut the economy and end Trump’s presidency. The above medical treatment is simple, cheap and effective, and all components are well-understood from decades of usage. The globalists wanted a long crisis to introduce their deranged ideas into society.

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      • Ospreyzone says:

        We have a Bingo. I couldn’t have said it better.

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      • mike says:

        A lot of the globalists like Macron and Fauci are short guys who if dragged out and made shorter by angry mobs with family losses, would still increase world liberty, peace and prosperity…

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        • Mike, interesting you should say Macron. Dr. Didier Raoult, the renown French infectious disease specialist, popularized this HCQ/Z-Pack therapy for C19 based on his proven work with SARS. Despite being a minor national hero (probably for his arrogance), Raoult was discredited and his assertions were challenged by the French medical and political establishment this Feb and March.

          At the same time, HCQ was brought under control of the French pharmacy board (previously HCQ was an OTC drug in France). Then when C19 hit, France limited HCQ distribution to hospitals. UK banned the export back on Jan. 24. These people all knew but they obfuscated. Trump sniffed it out and made the travel ban on Jan. 31. PDJT didn’t think the bureaucrats would play “Resist” with a disease but he found out otherwise.

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          • JamesD says:

            The left are nihilists. They hate themselves first. And they hate anyone living, especially those living a life with meaning. They will do anything to destroy you. They have tapped into demonic hate of all that is good.


      • Phantom- many thanks for posting. I hope that the right people see your info.

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      • GB Bari says:

        And according to Zelenko, that treatment costs about $20.

        No wonder that Fauci and the CDC / Big Parma aren’t thrilled to recommend this…..

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      • chojun says:

        Your mention of pharma wanting a vaccine is spot on. A vaccine would be much more desirable to the general public than a treatment. A vaccine would be worth likely tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars.

        However, and unfortunately for big pharma, the best treatment appears to be a cocktail of highly available, cheaply mass-produced drugs that have been around (generics available) for decades upon decades.

        This is why there is such an uproar about HCQ.

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        • Adele Virtue says:

          I have read that a vaccine might also have a tracker installed to track everyone’s movements at all times and also something to sterilize us all.(not that those my age would mind but those younger would)


      • Kureelpa says:

        Dr Vladimir Zelenko said the cost was $20 – no money to be made off that.

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      • David Vicknair says:

        The operative questions are: 1. Does POTUS realize this? (probably) and 2. Is there enough hydroxychloroquine and Z-Paks in the US to implement this solution? Trump has already gone to India with hat in hand for the hydroxychloroquine. Z-Paks are also manufactured in India, but supply is probably more limited and difficult to ramp up. Can’t figure out where, but China is involved in this somehow. Raw materials?

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        • The US has at least three HCQ mfg facilities, owned by Mylan, Amneal (Indian co. that donated 1 million doses to US, incl. TX), and Sandoz/Novartis (who donated 130 million doses to the global cause).

          All I know about China’s angle is that their big leverage is their huge market not their cheap labor.. They require local mfg content, then they control where you can sell your output.. SD had a great article on this last week regarding 3M’s CEO admitting on Maria Bartiromo that 3M was controlled by CCP, not their board of directors.

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      • This will kill Bill Gates Vaccine that he and Dr. Fauci have been working on, cheap drug kills all Flu Vaccines. Listen to President Trump the clues are in his updates. Toresays podcast POTUS will allow the clowns to pull their own pants down. Do search on Bing, you find a lot stories with Fauci, Brix and Gates, oh yea HRC too.

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      • Ironclaw says:

        What is that, $20 for a complete course of treatment? The pharma companies must hate that.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      The HQ is an ionosphore that opens the pathway into the cell for the Zinc.

      The Zinc stops the replicase of the RNA – the virus can’t copy itself inside the cell.

      Meanwhile the HQ is also doing it own thing to knock down the SARS-COV2 activity. It prevents virus entry by binding to ACE2 receptor binding, and other more technical things to make the environment more inhospitable.

      IMO, as a complete non-medical person, but having read lots of the research papers lately and watched every MedCram, the safest most effective is the HQ/Zinc with HQ/Zinc/Azith not far behind. The fears of QT/heart issues are overblown – because, you know what, if some had some heart issue and died on the combo you would hear no end of it. Attack it early and you’ll likely be fine. The possible side effects are a lot less severe that having your lungs torn to pieces if you have a severe case.

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    • Ironclaw says:

      Rudy Guiliani interviewed a Dr. Zelenko of Monroe, NY and this doctor claims to have treated (at that point) 699 cases of Covid-19 with HCQ, Azithromyecin and Zn without losing any of them.

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  3. ip siscr says:

    We see the initial reaction for everyone to consider only their own, understandable. But we need to start to bring a lot of thse supply chains home.

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  4. melby123 says:

    But TPG reports: “Well, I’m Upset” – Dr. Oz Vents After NY Governor Cuomo Shuts Down His Study on Hydroxychloroquine for Early Treatment of Coronavirus (VIDEO)

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Doctor Oz is one to complain. That glory seeking a-hole is still a front rank member of the panic brigade.

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    • LindaH says:

      Just caught a few minutes of Dr Oz on Lou Dobbs show earlier when cooking dinner. He stated that a top doctor taking care of 800 cases of Lupis in the US, that not one of them have tested positive for the virus. Hydroxychloroquine has been used for their treatment for a long time, with no adverse side effects.

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  5. deannalaurence says:

    The cure should be sent to all of us, from the govt, avoiding the states and the doctors slow walking etc. The checks mean nothing compared to this. Instructions included and no dithering allowed.

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  6. jingosam says:

    How long is going to take before the Hillary loving Fauci & his sidekick Birx give their blessing to President Trump getting America back to work and the economy booming again?

    Think about this for a moment? Are they going to wait until there is not one single new case of Covid-19 reported in the US … plus 14 days as an insurance window against the incubation period? Or are they going to decide to wait until not one single new case has been reported in the whole world … plus the obligatory 14 days? That’s just crazy, you say! Well, that’s what I’m sure they’d like to do.

    But ask youself this question … and I’d really like President Trump to ask it to himself … If he’s not going to wait until there are zero cases worldwide … plus the obligatory 14 day incubation window … and you know that’s impossible … why the heck doesn’t he open America up now?! Remember, there was a Patient One … so if America is to open next week, next month, or tomorrow even … and there are still a few thousand cases around … or even just one … it could start all over again. So, what difference does it make if it’s next month, next week, or tomorrow that he jump starts the economy again? So, I think he should do it soon. Very soon.

    Because the longer it stays closed, the closer the whole world moves towards another Great Depression. And President Trump, unless he pulls off a miracle during such a continued shutdown and gets elected for four more years in November plus takes the Senate, will have gone from being the best president the country has ever seen to perhaps the worse.

    In my opinion, Fauci would love that … almost as much as he loves Hillary. Big pharma would love the time it gives them to get a new vaccine for Covid-19 and the billions it would generate for them. And the dems … well ’nuff said.

    So, open America up soon. And the world will follow. Get the economy booming again. And lock in those next four years. Those precious next four years.

    Oh, and one more thing. According to the CDC 80,000 Americans died of the common influenza in the 2017-2018 season. Just to reiterate … that’s 80,000 Americans. Common influenza. As of today, Covid-19 deaths has not reached that number worldwide.

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    • willthesuevi says:

      “How long is going to take before the Hillary loving Fauci & his sidekick Birx give their blessing to President Trump getting America back to work and the economy booming again?”

      The beauty of President Trump is he doesn’t ask permission, he gives directions. They either get on board or get left behind. His path is littered with the carcasses of self important bureaucrats, who outlived their usefulness.

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      • bertdilbert says:

        The states need Corona virus bailout package #4. Today at the press conference Trump says “I am not sure there is going to be one”

        That gave me a big smile.

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    • mike says:

      Not one case worldwide?
      How long before they can manufacture 5+ billon HCQ tablets per day, as well as zinc, flavonoid e.g. quercetin or EGCG), vitamin D and C tablets for more natural oriented consumer.

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    • Ironclaw says:

      The damage of not having an economy is a greater threat than the virus ever was.

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  7. T2020 says:

    Trump was right…AGAIN. Here in NY, the smart ones support POTUS.😁👍🏻

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  8. howardrichman says:

    Check out my commentary with my son in American Thinker today. It lays out the five studies which show that hydroxychloroquine works. Then add to that the South Korean success with the hydroxychloroquine-zinc combo and Dr. Zellenko’s success with the same combo plus an antibiotic. Shame on the CDC for not recommending it:


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  9. cdor1 says:

    The Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva offered to supply Hydroxy to the USA over a week ago. They purchased large quantities of raw ingredients to gear up for massive manufacturing. Why are we begging India?

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  10. 7californian says:

    I hear hydroxychloroquine is a good off-label treatment for TDS…

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  11. SeanNY2 says:

    Best line is the first one:

    “We have allowed usage [of the drug] in hospitals at their discretion”

    That is such a capital D Democrat view of the world. Cuomo views himself and the other politicians as “doing something” by allowing medical doctors to use their discretion. What’s the alternative? Not allowing doctors to use their discretion? Politicians preventing doctors from doing their job?

    In the Soviet Union, mayors often issued formal certificates of “non-interference” with a proposed project. Perhaps Cuomo can revive the practice and be seen as doing something by issuing signed and sealed certificates promising to keep his big nose out of other people’s jobs and lives.

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    • theoldgoat says:

      It is typical of these leftists to claim credit that they haven’t earned. Cuomo created some of the problems here in NY due to his incompetence, though on his behalf, he isn’t very smart.
      The left also think they know better than anyone else, regardless of their education and background. This isn’t exclusive to the medical field, it is every subject where they feel they are right – or the politics demands they control it, and too bad if they are wrong, it was the other guys fault in that case because they oppose him.

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      • Bendix says:

        You gotta remember how stupid some of the people who are listening to him are.
        They really think a doctor needs to ask a governor for permission, as if the patients belong to the State.

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        • Judith says:

          And why make the drugs available *only* at the hospital? By the time someone gets to the hospital their lungs are already destroyed. They require respirators. Only 50% make it out alive, and these *lucky* ones have scarred lung tissue!

          If this drug regimen is made available to doctors and urgent care *before* breathing problems begin, all the better! NO lung damage has occurred! And all those “over-crowded” hospitals can concentrate their efforts elsewhere.

          A win win! Why is this SO complicated?

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      • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

        Unfortunately, you don’t need a brain if you have a Name. Our country is littered with powerful dolts.


  12. TechDude says:

    It is well-known that the coronavirus germ spreads in the body by infecting cells, and those cells create a number of replicant cells. These cells go on to other uninfected cells, and replicate new cells in a mathematical progression. So one infected cell becomes 7 infected cells, becomes 49 infected cells, and then 2300 cells, etc. Until the body’s immune system is overwhelmed. Recent research had established that the presence of an adequate amount of zinc in a cell will prevent the virus from carrying out this replicant process. However, most people do not have the required amount of zinc necessary to fight off the infection. That’s where the role of an ionophore (like hydroxychloroquine) comes in. It opens a passage into the cell to allow more zinc to inhabit the cell, and stop any virus replicant process from happening. That’s why Dr. Zelenko prescribes 220 mg of zinc with his treatment.Set up a test area in a major city, & use a hundred of Abbott labs 5 min. test equipment-in 3 days you;ll have thousands of verified Coronavirus tests. Give each one a zinc and hydroxychloroquine regimen to follow for five days. If this works it will save tens of thousands of American lives

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    • theasdgamer says:

      Zinc is necessary when there’s a high viral load. HCQ and SARS-2 compete with one another for ACE2 sites (lungs and heart, primarily). If the viral load is low, then HCQ will outcompete the virus. The problem with using HCQ alone comes when the viral load is high. Then the virus is able to infect pulmonary cells and replicate. Zinc binds with the cellular RNA polymerase, which prevents the virus from replicating.

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      • John Bosley says:

        chzheadproud67 found out that this virus is probably getting around the body via the red blood cells.
        It also specifically attacks the hemoglobin knocking out the iron Fe that carries oxygen and removes carbon dioxide.
        Body starves of oxygen and carbon dioxide saturation.
        Giving forced oxygen will not work.
        The drugs plus replacement of blood via whole blood transfusion is what is needed before too much tissue damage occurs.

        This type of hospital care will quickly overload the system.
        Treatment must begin right away when diagnosed positive much like treatment for rabies needs immediate intervention.


  13. Jim says:

    Maybe we should tell Smithfield they can’t ship any more pork to China


  14. Mary Van Deusen says:

    Anyone notice that the gotcha questions stop dead when POTUS walks out the door? Then it turns into what it SHOULD have been from the start.

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  15. theasdgamer says:

    It’s interesting that Governor Cuomo is putting his stamp of approval on HCQ…this will take some of the wind out of the sails of the academics who oppose using HCQ/zinc to treat covid19.


  16. Minority of One says:

    They should sell Hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak, and Zinc sulfate packs without prescriptions. Just let us buy it direct.

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  17. rondo123456 says:


  18. boomerbeth says:

    Israel Pharmaceutical co, Teva will donate 6 million tablets to hospitals by the end of month and more than 10 million within a month.


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  19. boomerbeth says:

    In this new must watch video, Dr. Zelenko went on to explain that hydroxychloroquine helps zinc penetrate the cell (zinc decelerates viral replication in the cell). He stated that azithromycin combats secondary infections.
    Dr. Zelenko is surprised that many other doctors operate with a “peace time mentality.” Instead, he calls for bravery and mindset adjustment.


    • Weylan McAnally says:

      The doctor is wrong on azithromycin. Although it is an antibiotic that would prevent secondary bacterial infections, that is not its primary purpose here. It is useful for its considerable anti-inflammatory effects. Its anti-inflammatory action is eqivalent to indomethacin.


    • dayallaxeded says:

      VSGPDJT, please replace Fauci, Birx, and their entire staffs with Dr. Zelenko. We’ll be back to work on May 1.


  20. Rgt says:

    Trump business acumen pays dividends


    • Judith says:

      No. This is the President’s human side on display. He’s trying to save lives. His opponents, however, are sacrificing lives to make billions on a future vaccine.

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  21. j'accuse says:

    Here is an interesting summary of the growing evidence supporting the Trump Cure from Sermo, described by Wikipedia as “a private social media network for physicians open to licensed M.D.s and D.O.s in the United States, and 149 other countries across Europe, North and South America, Africa, and English-speaking Oceania.”

    The information is compiled by case reports by physicians in the network.



  22. Will J. says:

    If Trumps campaign was smart they would fund a quality filmmaker to make a documentary about the media through all of this and how incredibly evil they have finally shown themselves to be to the entire world.

    They are completely dismissing something that doesn’t just show signs of working, but is PROVEN now to work through multiple studies.

    I pray this is the beginning of the end of these scumbags.

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  23. Bendix says:

    Andrew may be dumb but he isn’t stupid. He isn’t going to let the Democrats blow his one last shot at the presidency.
    Besides, should he lose the race, and he knows there is a good chance he will, won’t he rather be remembered as the guy who gave his all for NY during the crisis?


  24. Bob Parker says:

    So Gov Cuomo wants MORE RX’s. Hey Gov, how about REMOVING your Exec ORDER that bans doctors from prescribing it for their patients. Instead the ill have to work thru NY’s already overloaded hospitals!!

    An by “overloaded hospitals” I mean that the NY hospitals are being swamped with RX requests. It is far more efficient for the docs to write the RX & have the patient go to their local pharmacy to get it filled.

    But NO, Gov Cuomo will not allow that process to be used in NY.

    THis Gov has some anal retentive issues as he has already displayed with his hoarding (he calls it stockpiling) of the ventilators.



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  25. spoogels says:

    Andrew Cuomo: ‘We Don’t Need Any Additional Ventilators Right Now’

    Because of Hydroxychloroquine?


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  26. mtk says:

    Wait… Wait…
    I thought two world class pharmaceutical companies just recently donated massive supplies of Hydroxychloroquine Sultate.

    Bayer donated 1million doses and Sandoz donated 30 million doses to HHS. No way, those supplies are exhausted.
    So what gives?

    So why, “Is the Government going aboard for supplies?”

    It is a multifaceted question of assumptions!

    Consider, that maybe Bayer and Sandoz may have unloaded expired stockpiles. Thus leading to ineffectiveness( through degraded/expired meds) and the self-fulling political narrative of more, “Orangeman is Bad.”

    Therefore, maybe PDJT/VP Pence’s Covid-19 taskforce has received medical opinions identifying an expiration date issue. Thus the need to get recently manufactured doses.

    Then consider as part of the multifaceted assumptions that, “These donated supplies are not enough to meet projected need, and therefore projections of supply(need) require a third source once the donated suppies are exhausted. But, wait, wait… Is that not the type uncertainty the MSM operates in to NARRITIZE, “Doctors can not proscribe Hydroxychloroquine Sultate because supplies are low.”

    And, just to get conspiratorial, “What if the donated suppply effectiveness( i.e. 31 million doses would not have been proscribed yet) is being setup to be convoluted with a generic version of Hydroxychloroquine Sultate.
    Thus making it very differcult to measure Hydroxychloroquine Sultate effectiveness vs patient outcomes.

    These questions are all very real world pharmacology science issues that now have to address very real world non-pharmacology issues. Again more of, “Orangeman is Bad.”

    Just saying.


  27. BehindEnemyLinesInCal says:

    Well, if democrats want to wait till all the FDA studies are done, so be it. Distribute it to registered Republicans only. See … easy! Leaves more for us.

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  28. MVW says:

    What I believe is Fauci’s goal is to be able to make the claim in a future bioweapon outbreak that the4 US economy needs to be shutdown again.

    This puts the US in a position to be shutdown by any terror organization or China at will. That is what I think is his main reason to **not** push HCQ full deployment and instead the draconian ‘mitigation’ by social distancing, or in other words shutting down America.

    Fauci is a demon.

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  29. hydroxychloroquine is essentailly a zinc enabler. Allow zinc to enter cell thus stop virus from replicating. It only works if you actually have zinc reserves. That’s why zinc supplement is added for those who are low on zinc. I suspect those who are in severe stages lack zinc. So while hydroxychloroquine+zpack work best for moderate to mild symptons. If you add zinc supplements to it, it may even work on those with severe


  30. woodstuff says:

    There needs to be a scientific study of Dr. Fauci’s secret bank accounts offshore.


  31. GREENMIRROR says:

    Lot of discussion today about Ferritin keeping the O2 from finding iron during lung function something like hypoxia. Extracorporeal machines seen in china hospitals…is anyone doing autopsies? discussing autopsies?

    Still try something for this, but the solution to the next attack?

    Clearly at war with terrorists unleashing biological weapons.
    No 2020 elections.
    Close the borders.
    Quarantine Hot Zones.
    Search all colleges, universities, biological labs, national security issue.


  32. regitiger says:

    in a strange ironic twist of fate/fortune…the benefits of HCQ is probably going to ensure that those who are living in malaria infested regions, who are actively taking HCQ long term, AND those that are being treated for lupus AND rheumatoid arthritis will likely never get this disease….

    that’s not only VERY POSSIBLE…but the data is showing it already..

    there is NO ONE SINGLE CASE OF COVID-19 for anyone person who is on this malaria derived drug…not one single lupus sufferer or rheumatoid arthritis sufferer taking the same! The CDC KNOWS this…In fact this administration is aware of this data. The ONLY reason this is being withheld from the press is due to the reality that hoarding is a fear and the first line responders and health care professionals dealing with active infected victims are consuming the currrent inventory. The data suggests the drugs are most effective only in those showing first signs of infection…or in later stages of infection…there may be some small studies showing a prophylaxix efficacy, but they do not want this information out because the existing production just cannot tolerate that kind of demand…it would cause a massive shift and a price war and direct medicines to the highest bidder. There are also other reasons too..big pharma doesn’t want to spend billions in vacinne research and the profits derived thereof, is a simple off lablel, cheap and easy to produce drug will do the trick.

    follow india…with the highest dense population in earth, we shall see just how effective HCQ is going to be over the next several weeks. India is going to be implementing an order that these medicines be avail widely throughout the country in rapid fashion, to be used prophylaxix….(India follows a very different medical philosophy in “trials”…domestically, this is very true. And be prepared when the press “alerts” that India is not being responsible or cannot be trusted…That will happen.

    what we are about to see is the black market drug scene latch on to the reality of scarcity of these drugs…we will see pharmacy robberies…and we will see trafficking of these medicines.

    we will also see some fraud products that are almost guaranteed to be harmful in these criminal based organizations.

    so be aware of this reality…it’s coming.

    it happened during the AIDS/HIV crisis early on. All manner of “wonder drugs” were being sold in the underground purporting to be the real deal and the wonder cure.

    I am not saying HCQ is fraud. Not at all! There is ample evidence that it can be used safely and that the results are thus far very promising. The patterns of dosage appears to be within 72 hours of first signs of illness or positive test whichever happens first. The side-effects given the dosage is followed and not exceeded, is minimal and comparable to getting reye’s disease from taking aspirin…and those side effects studies are related to LONG TERM MEGA DOSAGES for lupus and R-Arthritis !!! We are talking at best 7 days of moderately high dosages of these drugs. Same thing with z-pak.

    the main uptake I want to strongly warn about is that there WILL BE COUNTERFEIT drugs making its way to mainstreet. There are in fact many variants, for example, of these medicines that are purely designed for veterinary purposes. The chemical makeup and quality IS NOT the same thing as human HCQ.

    so be very careful foils…and let your kids know and inform them of this new reality. Kids are prone to not being very careful, lacking the experience and judgement. They are scared stiff of this disease. It’s just a reality…take care of them, make sure they know the risks of anything off the street…

    I believe we will see a 180 on the official guidelines from CDC…about prophylaxis use of this drug.

    but it really doesn’t matter….any responsible doctor, in his own judgement, can make a decision irrespective of the “official” guidelines about the use and prescription of these drugs….

    and THAT should give everyone some comfort knowing that “the state” cannot seriously impact your health choices. Selecting and shopping for “the right doctor” is probably a good smart mvoe right now.

    think if it as taking out insurance. Just having these drugs now, before any future obstacles, whether driven by demand, or by “policy”….is a good smart intelligent choice.

    just make sure the drugs are legitimate, packaged correctly, marked correctly…AND that you follow sensible informed guidance from a professional health care provider.

    to my knowledge there are few drugs that contra-indicated with these drugs..there are some other pre-existing health issues that need to be taken into consideration…AND THIS is where getting the solid advice of a doctor willl help inform you about risks…while the risks are very low, there are some outliers to be aware of….just be careful in how you make your decisions.

    don’t self medicate….meaning…get expert professional guidance..


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