Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden Tied in National Poll of Democrat Likely Voters…

The DNC Club, and specifically the super-delegates who hold ultimate power, have been very smart in how they are playing out the final DNC candidate for the 2020 presidential race.   While the polling shows a dead heat; if you ask the club voters if Joe Biden will be their candidate, a much bigger majority admit he will not.

Interestingly, the vast majority of Bernie Sanders supporters, including those who are admittedly in the never-biden camp, would welcome Andrew Cuomo as the alternative.

The objective, as it first appeared to become clear, was/is to position NY Governor Andrew Cuomo as the reluctant ‘consensus’ nominee.  A candidate maneuvered by necessity into position; a radical departure from the traditionally controlled voting system within the club; but not really as radical as one might think considering private club rules.

RASSUSSEN – […] The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 46% of Likely Democratic Voters still believe Biden would make a better presidential candidate for their party this fall. But just as many (45%) opt for Cuomo instead, even though he isn’t even in the race. Nine percent (9%) are undecided.

Among all likely voters, it’s Biden 38%, Cuomo 38%, with 24% not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Fifty-three percent (53%) have a favorable opinion of Cuomo, who has been in the news battling the coronavirus’ devastating hit on New York State. Just 33% view him unfavorably. This includes 25% with a Very Favorable opinion and 14% with a Very Unfavorable one. Another 14% don’t know enough about Cuomo to venture any kind of opinion of him.

As recently as August 2018, just 29% of voters shared a favorable opinion of the New York governor. Sixty-seven percent (67%) disagreed with Cuomo’s comment at the time that “we’re not going to make American great again. It was never that great.” (read more)

If Andrew Cuomo doesn’t exit the DNC convention (however it is held or handled) as the consensus nominee… well, I’ll eat a rice cake.

The ‘good cop bad cop’ routine with NY City Mayor Bill deBlasio just seemed a little too scripted… Then the framework of a usefully constructed contrast narrative started to become clear… Then, as if on cue, all national broadcasts started being interrupted for maximum exposure; again a little odd.

A deep, very deep, connection to Bloomberg reappeared as a little flashing light in the corner of the picture… Then the Murdoch’s started to shape the landscape; curiosity piqued… Followed by positioning that seems a little too centrally located in the political sphere.. Then Hannity and Bannon started singing his praises.  Well, Bannon doesn’t exactly have a good track record of judgement… I digress.  But it really wasn’t until the CIA started publishing their endorsement that things possibly started making sense.

It would take the construct, at least the optics of, a reluctantly drafted candidate to pull it off. Then again, what is all this – if not that.  Watch Cuomo’s eyes:


Notice how the graphics appearing on the screen are timed to prompt the oration; and all of it is targeting heart message, emotion over logic.

There is a teleprompter directly in front of and below Cuomo so he can reference the graphics as he gives his press remarks. You can see him checking the monitor for the next prompt. This is all rehearsed. Everything about this is a production.

A prepared script, graphics with points of emphasis, along with national media interrupting all broadcasts to run these messages, this draft nomination effort is brilliantly designed.

Meanwhile, voters in Ohio, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, California and Michigan are wondering why they are watching a New York governor presser every day on their televisions.

You have to admit these are brilliant political operations.

Andrew Cuomo cannot hint he would be open to such a convention possibility because the democrat voters, who don’t understand private political club rules, may suddenly realize their precious “democracy”, vis-a-vis an election process, is really not what they think…

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250 Responses to Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden Tied in National Poll of Democrat Likely Voters…

  1. Athena the Warrior says:

    There will be those who vote for him simply out of hatred for PDJT. However Cuomo will not be able to hide his disdain for anything not New York, maybe California. His elitist contempt will be just as bad as Bloomberg and that will not play in the Midwest or South or out West.

    Cuomo sounds snotty and arrogant. Dems will stay home and whine about PDJT rather than vote for Cuomo. Don’t forget the Bernie bros either.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      Also remember, if you go in and run against Trump and get smoked you are ruined forever for running for President again. That is something Cuomo has to think about. He might be better waiting for 2024.


    • Jederman says:

      Then there is the question as to whether cuomo will play by the rules IF he is successfully installed.

      His natural inclination for all things heavy handed, his infatuation and admiration of the force of the state machinery and natural skills with demagoguery could be a threat to the big club.


  2. Vince says:

    I think the President should, based on the data, encourage states individually to open back up. If we go by the data, the red states will be back running and New York will still be struggling weeks from now. Everyone will be wondering why Cuomo can’t get his act together.

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  3. Jimbo says:

    Order your rice cake now, because you’ll surely be eating it.
    Coumo will not be the nominee.


  4. TarsTarkas says:

    Cuomo saved New York and the world while Orange Man Bad was dithering and trying to make money off the HCQ drug he was heavily invested in. That will be the Goebbels message the MSM will be pounding. Cuomo saved New York, Trump deep-sixed the economy. Over and over and over again. Cuomo savior, Trump destroyer.


    • fangdog says:

      By now don’t you think the people who will believe Cuomo saved New York while Trump destroyed New York are one of the same “Useful Idiots” no matter; When, What or Where.

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    • cheryl says:

      You have a link that shows that Donald Trump was heavily invested in the HCQ drug?

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      • TarsTarkas says:

        Sorry, that was being pushed on twitter by a TDS sufferer. I know damn well it’s a lie. Didn’t think my over-the-top snark needed a sarcasm marker.

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        • GB Bari says:

          I got your sarcasm, but a wide range of relatively new people are visiting CTH nowadays. I’m guessing that few of them take time to read and digest the Guidelines for Posting.

          Newbies also don’t know any veteran Treepers nor who uses sarcasm vs. who doesn’t.
          Many will interpret what they read, literally.

          IMHO, it helps to add the /s after a post intended to be such.


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          • LarryInMt says:

            Sarchasm – Definition – the gulf between good sarcasm and the average internet reader’s ability to comprehend it


        • noswamp says:

          I read CTH every day and I was left wondering whether your snark was a snark or a fact. TarsTarkas you are a better poker player than me. That being said, it was BRILLIANT!!!!! Especially your come back with the “sarcasm marker”. That probably was more funnier than the “snark” itself. 🙂


        • littleanniefannie says:

          The MSM “spewer skewers” (CNN and MSNBC useless idiots) have been pounding on the “we need to investigate how Trump will benefit financially from this global pandemic”. Obviously Fauci is in their corner (Jonathan Karl Marx’s thumbs up boy) and he hasn’t been able to nail President Trump. Even the Democrat leadership isn’t decrying his mishandling of the situation now as much as they did a month ago. Of course, we don’t know who Nancy has up her sleeve to Mueller him over this Chinese virus, do we? If she can get it up and running quickly, she might insert Cuomo to head it up!! It would be a two-for—1) investigate Orange Man and 2) cover Cuomo’s unwillingness to prepare New York for a pandemic.


          • Zydeco says:

            Nanzi already appointed Jim Clyburn to play the Elijah Cummings role in the next impeachment. Article of Impeachment- Disparate Impact of Virus Management and Response on Black Americans.


        • cheryl says:

          And sorry too but I have seen that same lie at least 50 times today.


      • Snellvillebob says:

        It turned out his family owns around $100,000 in two mutual funds who owned the stock of a company that made HCQ. Their shares equaled approximately $1400 and $550 respectively. Wow, if both double in price the multibillionaires might make less then the $2400 stimulus couple is getting from the government.

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    • Patricia Weir says:

      The drug’s patent expired sons ago. It’s generic now. So Orange Man Bad cannot possibly profit from it. The MSLSD Flotation Device (aka Mika Scarborough) would do well to get her facts straight. But that might required effort.

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      • flyboy46 says:

        Mika NEVER lets facts get in the way of the “daily narrative”. No one knows when she last had a thought of her own.


      • Snellvillebob says:

        Several Hospitals, unable to procure HCQ, have made it in their labs. It’s not hard. I am surprised the Drug Cartels aren’t selling it, non-FDA approved of course.


  5. James Street says:

    “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey…”

    Do telephone calls actually get made? Or is it just a bunch of marketing experts sitting around a conference room table deciding what the percentages should look like to best market the product?

    I keep thinking of Hillary’s projected landslide victory right up until 9:00 pm election night.

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  6. corimari2013 says:

    Interviewed by Lou Dobbs on FBN, Dr. Mehmet Oz revealed that Governor Andrew Cuomo shut down his study to determine the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in the early treatment of the coronavirus.
    New York leads the nation is number of cases and deaths. New York City is also using drones to monitor and discipline people walking in parks.
    No sane American should want A. Cuomo to be the President of the United States.

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    • GB Bari says:

      A lot of sane Americans unfortunately will only hear the Dementocrats and their Media’s version of what happened. That most assuredly won’t show Cuomo to have made an incompetent error that caused many unnecessary deaths.

      It will be up to the honest reporters and skilled interviewers on OANN, Fox, and on YouTube shows to present the truth to America, and for the honest investigative media like CTH and other sites to present and maintain documentation of the truth. Hopefully that will work as well or better than in 2016, but social media may be censoring much more than they did 4 years ago.

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  7. L. E. Joiner says:

    I really wish the President would use a screen or teleprompter for his Task Force press conference remarks. He is looking down at written text, eyes half-closed, and reading like middle-school student getting through a really boring paper: no emphasis, running sentences together, no emotion, no pauses, except when he looks up and ad libs a word or two. Then he sounds like the President we see at rallies! But only for an instant; then it’s back to rote reading.

    Hate to say it, but Mr Trump could take some lessons from the NY Governor. He needs to speak forcefully and directly to the American people. Let the Vice President give us the statistics. Speak up, Mr President, look us in the eye, and tell it like it is.

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  8. Elric VIII says:

    Yes, it is time for the U.S. of A. to have a President with pierced nipples.

    In other news:

    Soylent Green is people!

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  9. cjzak says:

    Stuff like this will not win Cuomo any votes. Somehow this will be spun to try and make him look good, but he still is showing his dictator side here and probably for political reasons, mainly because he doesn’t want PT to get credit for promoting it as a possible successful treatment.

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  10. rcogburn says:

    I’m keeping my eye on Pelosi-spawn Gavin Newsom. CA looks to come out of this bettr than NY, and Comrade Newsom is already being praised for his rapid embrace of totalitarianism. Corona-time is is giving a bunch of these Dem governors their 15 minutes of in the national spotlight. Newsom has the Pelosi machine behind him plus direct access to the Communist/Globalist Silicon Valley and Hollywood crowd.

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    • rcogburn says:

      sorry for typos – posting on a phone!


    • cjzak says:

      He also looks and speaks much better than Cuomo. Wonder how Kimberly Guilfoyle would handle that if he ex was the candidate running against her current bf father. She probably has lots of tales WP she could share with the Trump campaign.

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    • Brutalus says:

      Everyone hates Newsom in CA…even the Democrat horde that elected him


      • rcogburn says:

        Newsom is a stooge, but he’s the Getty family’s stooge. Bought and paid for. Lots of deep pocketed, California proto-totalitarians around that guy. All-powerful Aunt-by-marriage Nancy can deliver the superdelegates, but she won’t be around forever. And he plays well with the Clintons. I’d keep an eye on him.

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    • fangdog says:

      Too many Californians still think the Gavin Newsom’s dictates are all about Coronavirus prevention. There are not enough people yet to realize it is about 90% conditioning the people for a Communist-style, centrally controlled, dictatorial bureaucracy.

      It takes about 30-days for the human-mind to condition a habit. After 30 days of this BS, a lot of the little BS items will be just a matter of normal acceptance by the sheeple.

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    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      Newsom is already locked and loaded for the Dems’ 2024 presidential ticket. The Dems don’t want to ruin their best presidential candidate on an iffy election in 2020.

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    • amazed treetop downlooker says:

      Plausible … putridly so !


  11. bertdilbert says:

    “all of it is targeting heart message, emotion over logic.”

    Corona virus was an emotional bullet. Trump caught the bullet and is diffusing the energy Diffusing the bullet is transforming emotion to logic. Salesmen will initially agree with an objection because not agreeing develops pushback.

    It is like Japanese Aikido. Take the energy of an opponent and go with it or deflect it to throw your opponent off balance. As the opponent moves to regain balance, you take that energy and throw your opponent to the matt.

    As Trump reopens America he will turn emotion into logic and throw the virus to the matt.

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  12. FPCHmom says:

    How will they claim he did a good job with the CV pandemic response when NY will end up having as many or more deaths than the rest of the country combined?

    And how will he campaign if he is fighting the CV when it returns in the Fall?

    I don’t know how they think he could win against PDJT.


  13. joeknuckles says:

    “Quid Pro Cuomo” does have kind of a nice ring to it.

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  14. We can be sure the President is keeping a keen eye on politics. However, he’s well aware we are in the fight of our lives with an invisible, dangerous and still mysterious virus. Clearly he wants and needs to guide our sputtering aircraft with 300 million a board in for a safe landing . If, in the process, Cuomo can be a part of that success, then all the better for USA. The President is, as usual, perfectly happy and willing to share credit if deserved.
    Different topic: the networks have government licences. In a time of national emergency, the President could, under emergency powers, command they carry his briefings, and then revoke their blessed licences!!

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  15. dimbulbz says:

    This Virus issue will pass, but the permanent damage it has brought will not. Look for an October surprise from the Media, for a new round of Virus popping up before the election. I’m not saying this virus isnt real, but the press would only have to keep people panicked for a few weeks in order to disrupt the election (which would inevitably go to Trump). Germ warfare doesnt have to be real to be effective. This may have even been a “dry” run. Something really bad – or really seemingly really bad brought forth at the right time would totally disrupt the re-election of Donald Trump. These people are dead serious. They dont care who has to die or be hurt. Its all about power. I fear we can be manipulated by these kinds of fears. Do you think it wont at least be tried? Somewhere Planning is under way.

    And can we please get the Hillary Lovers away from the President – Please?

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  16. Right to reply says:

    Won’t be him, and he even said he doesn’t want it. When is someone going to investigate the taxpayer funded investments he lost billions in? I want to know who owned those companies, and how Cuomo benefited

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    • coldanger says:

      There have been investigations, and people close to him were caught. While there was a lot of smoke around Cuomo, he was never charged with setting any fires. It wouldn’t be the first time some “associates” took the fall…

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  17. dufrst says:

    I’m not worried about Cuomo and frankly China won’t go for it. They want Biden.

    What I am worried about is coronavirus shutting down all Trump rallies this campaign season. What I’m worried about is mail in balloting across the board. What I’m worried about is off and on mitigation that keeps the economy dead. How can we Make America Great Again when America is shutdown?

    We need a game changer somewhere otherwise the Dems and the media will slip Joe Biden through to the presidency just like they we’re able to slip home through to the nomination.

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  18. TRUTH says:

    Are we really supposed to believe New Yorkers are too stupid to look out their windows at their neighborhood hospitals, to see they aren’t “OVERWHELMED” – and then listen to Cuomo describe a nightmarish medical catastrophe – and not realize what he’s says compared to what they see doesn’t match reality?

    I think NOT. New Yorkers are quickly seeing they’re being PLAYED – just like we see Trump getting PLAYED by Fauci, Birx and Pence (“Anonymous”) and hope he has a plan to turn the tables on the manufactured FRAUD we’re all enduring.

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  19. TreeClimber says:

    For future reference (whether Cuomo gets the nomination or not,) rice cakes with peanut butter and cherry jam aren’t a bad snack! 😀


  20. Brutalus says:

    The truth is….no one knows exactly how this is going to play out….but my money’s on Trump

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  21. coldanger says:

    So a couple of pressers on Covid, and, voila, your presidential material. In spite of the fact you left your state completely vulnerable to thousands dying by a lack of medical equipment, which you chose NOT to purchase. This is why we have so many worst of the worst “representing” us and making the laws and decisions that affect us all…

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  22. Og Oggilby says:


  23. Rynn69 says:

    Ugly man inside and out. He will not be the President.

    “America was never that great…” Run it on a loop:

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  24. “We’re not going to make America great again — it was never that great. We have not reached greatness.”

    That’s the real Cuomo.

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  25. Brutalus says:

    I always marvel that the Democrat Party run on constantly run on badmouthing the most successful, patrioti country ever conceived on the face of the Earth…it’s sort of like rooting against the oxygen and nitrogen blend of atmospere that keeps us all alive….and now Cuomo’a going to sweep in the biggest red, white, and f you sound bite “America was never great”…i think Mr. Cuomo will find out, if he gets that far, that he isn’t running against John McCain


  26. ATheoK says:

    DNC’s insider losers club…

    Dredging beyond the bottom of the barrel, deep in hades, to find losers utterly without quality, honesty or democracy.

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  27. A2 says:

    I thought the title of this post was Biden and Cuomo tied to a pole. 😉


  28. burginthorn says:

    New York? The last time I thought about New York was …

    Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    Remember that all those eons ago? …

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  29. noswamp says:

    Riddle me this folks. I don’t think it will work. Or else the Dem party will go down as the most corrupt party in modern history. I could be wrong. But put me in the column: BIDEN WILL BE THE NOMINEE. 100 percent.

    They tried and failed with Bloomberg remember? Doubt they will succeed here. No matter how sneaky they are. I have a good feel for these things. But if I am wrong, then I will eat crow on here and tell SD I was wrong! As of now I feel, AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.


  30. Retired IG says:

    When I saw Cuomo’s limp wrist, my thoughts only, I felt he was signaling all the PERVES everywhere, I’m in the GAME. And as President of Our USA (he means rich club of divergent’s from the norm making TONS of money) I will lead our COUNTRY CLUB from 2020 on Forth and we will Party On as we always have.
    Wish there was an easy use thermometer that took the intention and motive temperature.

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  31. TwoLaine says:

    What I said when you first posted an excerpt of this was that he said America was great, after he’s been repeatedly saying America was never great. That doesn’t jive.

    Listening to the whole thing however, he’s not looking at the viewer at all, ever. He cares not about us but his ratings.

    What I know. This is a man who can’t run one state, I sure as h311 wouldn’t let him anywhere near the rest of the country. He’s been a failure since Day 1. More people have left NY than have moved there. He breaks more laws than he keeps.

    They drive up their rents by importing illegals that they expect us to pay for, in every way shape an form, in an outrageously overpriced town and state.

    The only thing he leads in is a race for is the highest taxes, job losses, citizens, and allegedly the highest Coronavirus death rate.

    He could have prepared his state for a pandemic, but he spent YOUR money on illegals instead. On now, once again, we are all paying for New York’s unpreparedness. They learned nothing in 911.

    The people who are demanding the most right now, and taking the most advantage right now, and whining the most right now are the ones who proudly run Fugitive States and Cities. They see this $$$ GRAB as as way to fix the messes they have made. It needs to END, and END right now.


  32. Bob Parker says:

    Hey President Trump,
    If you’re looking for a nickname for Gov Cuomo how about THE HOARDER for his hoarding of both ventilators & the hydrochloroquin (Gov Exec Order prohibits Docs from writing RX’s, so patients have to obtain it thru hospitals. The NY hospitals are backlogged on authorizing the RX’s which means delays in getting the RX’s to needy people).

    And there are plenty of the Gov’s sound bites available that support THE HOARDER monicker.

    C’mon in Guv, We The People just can’t wait to give you the good ol’ ass-whuppin @ the polls that you so rightly deserve.

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  33. Crewdog 52. says:

    Watching FOX & Friends this AM. Kilmeade is a shill for Cuomo. Just a few moments ago he was saying what a wonderful job Cuomo was doing. Steve and Ainsley were left with a WTF expression on their faces. Telling!


  34. railer says:

    First, they have to get rid of Bernie. That job’s not finished yet.

    They can easily get rid of Biden. A select release of his medical records does that in a moment. Biden’s likely on more medications than all of us combined, what with the dementia and 2 brain aneurisms.

    It’s the transition away from Biden that’s problematic, as many Bernie people are fanatical. But the Uniparty can tag them as all youngsters who are helping kill people with corona, so they do have a contingency plan for that. They’ll just stomp them. But it will cost them to some degree. Trump will take advantage via tweet, and his data driven campaign will round up some votes out of them.

    Cuomo probably can fill the bill, but Hillary will have her say, so it’s going to be a fustercluck no matter how it plays out. The Uniparty is desperate to get rid of Trump, but this chaos will likely mean they’re stuck with him. He’s easily able to operate on a fluid battlefield, and they’re clueless when they can’t control set-piece events as they prefer.

    It’s all about the Congressional elections, imo. The D wing of the Uniparty will get slaughtered downballot with Biden, and may as well with Cuomo/Hillary. They are in really bad shape.


  35. TJ says:

    2 years of campaigning

    2 dozen candidates

    2 shallow billionaires

    Joe Biden emerges as #1

    “Screw Joe – Vote Cuomo!”

    From the people who brought you Hillary Clinton and the Russia Hoax.

    From the people that brought you Andrew Gillum and the Hate Hoax.

    From the people that brought you Joe Biden and the Impeachment Hoax.

    “It’s the corruption stupid.”

    Whoopi Goldberg Attacks Bernie Sanders


  36. Paprika says:

    I can see the debate now–
    Cuomo: “I want every American’s vote!”
    President Trump: “Yeah, just like you wanted every American’s ventilator!”

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  37. littleanniefannie says:

    “ Meanwhile, voters in Ohio, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, California and Michigan are wondering why they are watching a New York governor presser every day on their televisions.”

    If these voters are so dense that they cannot recognize DemocRAT engineering, they are totally inebriated on the Democrat Kool-Aid! The Democrat hierarchy knew Bernie was unelectable. They thought Biden could hold it together long enough to be elected and then they could use the w5th Amendment to get rid of him much like they tried to use their plants to do to PDJT. Maybe Cuomo was their choice for VP, maybe not. At any rate, they weren’t going to let Biden make that choice. They never imagined that the stress of campaigning would accelerate Bi-Dementia like it has. How convenient that a global pandemic bailed them out!

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    • Zorro says:

      It’s not a matter of density, it’s a matter of conditioning over years and years with the public and voters. The overwhelming majority of persons have no idea of the games that have been played on them.


  38. Mike says:

    His message even has hopeful heart touching dramatic music – like a soundtrack from a Marvel superhero movie. kind of like this:

    I’m surprised that they didn’t include “sun coming up” graphics to signify the “dawn of a new day.”


  39. I hope that President Trump is aware that Cuomo is moving full speed ahead to destroy part of the electrical power grid by dismantling and decommissioning New York’s Indian Point Power Plant.

    Cuomo has done more to destroy New York State than any other governor in our state’s history. He cannot be allowed to get away with this. Not now, not ever.
    This is a matter of life or death for our Country if MILLIONS of New Yorkers lose their electricity because of this man’s insanity.


  40. bunky says:

    LOL … Democrats believe that Cuomo isn’t any better than O’Biden.


  41. fangdog says:

    There are enough American voters who know the Democrats want America to be a Communist-Style Government to vote for a President who represents; Freedom, Liberty and Self-Destiny. As for celebrities and the media, there is a majority who see them as being anti-American as they are and reject them for having any credibility. The only way a democrat can win is voter fraud, IMO.


  42. Don L says:

    My guess is that just as fear of Bernie drove up Biden’s favorable numbers a while back, so is awareness of Biden’s serious mental demise has now driven up Cuomo’s numbers. He’s about as likable as Hillary on PMS.

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  43. czarowniczy says:

    The WashPost has already started the ball rolling with an almost daily blast against some aspect of how Trump’s managing…or rather mismanaging… the crisis with a jab here and there about what he screwed up before the crisis that helped exacerbate it. It’s a look at potential campaign issues and I wouldn’t rule out a possible House (Senate?) hotpoint in post-crisis investigations on ‘what went wrong and who’s to blame’.

    Cuomo’s gotta be the luckiest Rat politician receiving a campaign mitzvah since LBJ’s Dallas trip. He gets not only a deadly pandemic but a roaring economy going on and off the tracks to get all of the free airtime he needs to help convert this NY shlock jock into a Marvel superhero. No one like a Democrat to surf a wave of death, destruction an misery into a political office.


  44. rustybritches says:

    If you listen carefully President Trump has been honest about Cuomo when he hears that he is saying things about how the President has responded to the Virus He just clearly states that they have given new York everything they have because they were so un prepared for anything like this and regardless of what the DNC does with Cuomo He is a man who is giving a lot of stupid mixed messages right now and any person who goes along with this mess should be looked at as a human being with out moral values and will be the same kind of leader..


  45. rustybritches says:

    When You look at Cuomo and what he is saying at these pressers Please keep in mind America that this is what you should be seeing, Did he go out of his way to order the materials on his own that New York needed, No did he make sure that he invited the President to be on hand when the big hospital came into Port NO he didn’t Did he go personally to see where the Ventalators were when the President said they had been delivered, NO he didn’t he said the President had been misinformed and they were not in a warehouse in NJ but we saw that there was over 4 hundred had been delivered and he didn’t even know they were there ready for him to deliver to the hospitals. How would he have handled this situation with out the President doing it all for him
    Think about that ,, He was still allowing people into New York and still is with no more than a few questions when they get off the plane Want to know where all the highest deaths and sickness is Look no further than New York Illinoise and several port cities that people travel too from over seas.. These people are being helped by the President and aside from a few of these Governors who appreciate what the President has done The dems are trying to make sure he gets no credit for this either.. so America be ware Wake up because the DNC will play as dirty as they can
    We just need to make sure we tell the truth when we can to make people see that with out
    President Trump being in the White house and able to get the team he has None of these states would have survived with this shut down..


  46. Gunner says:

    One phrase — ‘America was never that great’. Remember that? It’s on video…so play it on a loop. All the so-called positives emanating from this man about POTUS is garbage.

    The nominee will be revealed all in due time…hint — it has two X chromosomes (that would be two ‘wasted ‘ X chromosomes).


  47. Angus D says:

    Hard to walk that back


  48. dallasdan says:

    Observing Biden’s obvious lack of enthusiasm, uncomfortable body language, absence from public view, and certain self-awareness of his cognitive decline, I believe he knows he will not be the nominee. Perhaps he has been told the same. He knows.


  49. MrToad says:

    Andrew also has CNN in his back pocket. He probably has much more influence with CNN than Trump has with Fox (especially with Paul “Not Who We Are” Ryan sitting on the Board).

    On the other hand, I think Trump will rock his world in a debate on just about any subject including the Chinese Wuhan Coronovirus response. I would think Trump also has decades of opposition research on every Cuomo in New York going back to Daddy Cuomo in the 70’s. Trump will bring up uncomfortable things that will ignite a hothead like Cuomo and he’ll probably bring it up during a nationally televised debate while an unprepared Andrew rages.


  50. arsumbris says:

    Cuomo disregarded his own task force report that predicted, in the event of a pandemic, NYC would be hit as hard as it has, with a shortage of ventillators, PPE, drugs, etc. It would have cost 0.04% of his budget to meet their recommendations. He blew the money on something else.

    Even if they ditch Biden and replace him with Cuomo, Trump is still going to shred him.


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