President Trump and USA Rescue Thousands of Cruise Ship Passengers The Rest of the World Refused to Help…

There’s a whole lot of headlines about this story, but the one that really deserves to be written is how Team USA and President Trump rescued thousands of passengers and crew members from aboard cruise ships the rest of the world refused. [LINK]

[…] This ends a voyage that began March 5 in Chile and was supposed to finish March 19 in Argentina, but it ran on for days as countries declined to welcome passengers ashore during the coronavirus pandemic. (more)

You are darn right we rescued those international passengers; now ask yourself: why wouldn’t anyone else help them?

You see, this is again another example of how The United States of America is the greatest force for good the world has ever seen.

Despite an entire planet of global elites constantly putting down Team USA while hypocritically holding themselves up as moral arbiters; and despite every ridiculous democrat cocktail party attendee swooning over other nations while putting their own country down; when push comes to shove it’s Team America that comes through.

Every time.

When an earthquake hits Haiti, who goes?  We go….

When a tsunami hits Japan, who goes? We go…

When a hurricane hits the Bahamas, who responds?  We respond…

When fires burn in Australia, who goes?  We go…

When floods ravage India, who goes? We go….

When famine strikes, we mobilize…

International academics, pontificating media and global elites, many within our own country, sit around looking down their noses, criticizing Team USA, while doing nothing on any comparable scale to the global response consistently provided by our nation.

Every time the proverbial shit-hits-the-fan, it’s team USA to the rescue.

When the crisis is so overwhelming that no-one can even fathom where to begin, who do they call?… The United States of America.

Team USA rescuing those cruise ship passengers is no different.

When have you seen the Norwegian Army responding to a Mississippi delta flood?  When was the last time you saw UN blue helmets show up during Hurricane rescue and recovery along the gulf coast?….

When a tornado destroys one of our towns, it’s ordinary Americans that show up to rebuild.  Colorblind, holding hands, keeping faith, providing hope and getting it done.

That’s our USA grit…

That’s our USA spirit….

You’re darned right we rescued thousands of international cruise line passengers the rest of the world denied; and I am proud of President Trump for doing it.

That’s just the way we roll….

To the U.S. corporate media I say: ‘keep on bitchin’, griping and looking for something to complain about’, because to most Americans you get smaller every single day.


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275 Responses to President Trump and USA Rescue Thousands of Cruise Ship Passengers The Rest of the World Refused to Help…

  1. Alleycats says:

    Awesome post Sundance.
    I knew something was up when stoopid reporter asked President Trump about the ship in the daily press conference Q&A. Stoopid reporter looking for a soundbite was all.

    Well stoopid reporter – here’s your soundbite. America to the rescue just because it’s right.
    Are you going to run with it? Nah, didn’t think so.
    Stoopid reporter…

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    • Perfect, just perfect. “Stoopid reporter”, repeated again and again. I bow to thee, Good Spirit.

      (Well, I should also put in this little bit: Yesterday I heard on the TV people here in Tennessee, black and white, expressing their sincere gratitude to one and all for unstinting, instinctual help following the recent hurricane, like a family. But that’s just Tennessee — bunch of Hoosiers, if you ask me…hee-hee-hee).

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    • feathers says:

      What you cannot find (in any of the media reports about the situation) the actual planned route. This is important to truly understand Sundance’s point. I had to research it. Here is the original route for the “14 Night South America Cruise sailing on the Coral Princess” departs San Antonio, Chile with a final arrival (disembark) at Buenos Aires, Argentina. This ship was ever intended to dock in the U.S…ever. So, yes – the U.S. stepped up when others would not!

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    • Just to get this in somewhere…. WordPress is as bad as any of the other platforms that filter and ban commentary. Guess this will be my last post.


      • chickenhawk says:

        why use wordpress?

        it’s not needed to post


        • Right wing says:

          Please enlighten those of us who are challenged in this area. Do you mean we can use Facebook or Twitter instead of WordPress, because that will not work for many of us.


      • woodstuff says:

        Please stay. So very many are enriched by your posts!

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        • What a kind thing to say! Thank you. I may have misunderstood the function of WordPress. When I attempted to join the Conservative Treehouse community a couple of years ago, it seemed that I was presented with signing up with WordPress. Seems I inadvertently created a blog for myself, though that’s not something I do! I’m not particularly tech savvy; I generally just squeak by. When it seemed that my posts were not going through, I assumed, obviously incorrectly, that it was WordPress issue. Someone informed me otherwise, so I stand corrected. Guess I’ll hang around. I like it here!

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          • MelH says:

            carolweekleylmt, Please don’t assume the inability to “like” or “reply” was something you did wrong. WordPress goes through big bouts of being unable to do whatever has to be done to allow everyone to participate. it feels like censoring, since there were two good years before I had to turn cartwheels and log on and off several times before earning the right to participate. Maybe there are too many of us now, and WordPress strives to be annoying enough to scare us away?

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  2. MfM says:

    Hey cruise ship lines, whose your Daddy now?

    Why aren’t you registered in the USA?

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    • Issy says:

      I fail to understand why cruises are still happening? Why?

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      • steviedawn says:

        These cruises started at the beginning of March.


      • oldumb says:

        Why should cruises stop? Because you are scared of the flu?
        Now world wide everything should stop because a minority is scared? F*&k my rights you are scared.

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        • Issy says:

          Not afraid, I just don’t think insisting that cruises stop during a pandemic is unreasonable, when our country has to step up and save these people.

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          • oldumb says:

            They didn’t need to be “saved”, they needed to disembark, but for cowards – they would. If it were only the cruise lines, but it everything, because people are scared. The cowards are running the show – how bad can that go?


    • TarsTarkas says:

      domestic overregulating and lower cost foreign nationals in the crew and support staff are big reasons.

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    • DGinGA says:

      They generally aren’t registered in the USA, even though many are owned by American companies, because the U.S. government requires that ships registered under the U.S. flag have to be, like, 80% built in the U.S. with union workers and that the ships must be staffed with union workers. That requirement becomes prohibitively expensive, especially for the new mega-ships. There is also a requirement that any cruise ship that sails exclusively in the United States and its territories must be staffed with union workers. This is why even a cruise from L.A. to Hawaii and back will have a stop in Mexico so the cruise is not exclusively within the U.S. There is one cruise line that has a cruise exclusively in the Hawaiian Islands (It might be Norwegian Cruise Lines; not sure.) According to a cruise-oriented magazine I read recently, that cruise – staffed entirely with union workers – has the lowest customer satisfaction ratings of ANY of that companies’ ships. If the union regulations were removed I imagine the American-owned cruise lines would be happy to build their ships here.

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    • Kureelpa says:

      I see that the Ruby Princess that Australia allowed to berth is Registered in Hamilton, Bermuda, but was recently moved to be based in Australia, in 2019. Quite a few of the cruisers have since died in Australian Hospitals.

      I think that other State Goveenments refused entry to other Cruise ships.


  3. Frank says:

    Yep. I noticed it. Imagine a world with no USA. Look at how callously the other nations treat each other. Look at how sackless and weak their men are in times when they are needed most. They are pathetic. So let them whine and complain. Quote their BS back to them. Hold up the mirror so they can see what they hate most.

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    • Chris Jackson says:

      I’m also disappointed in some mayors and governors blaming Trump personally for not running their cities and states for them, not making the tough calls for them.

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  4. maxxheadroom777 says:

    There are those who say that in these last days the great famine portended by the Black Horse of the apocalypse is not for want of ordinary food but for want of truth; food for the soul. If what we’re seeing in the public square now is not a famine of truth and common sense I don’t know what else it could be. It is a shame and a disgrace of God’s Providence that so many of his children are buffaloed and stampeded by the lies of evil men who have wormed their way into positions of earthly power. As the LORD says, “Better for them that a millstone be tied to their neck and they be cast into the sea that to offend one of the LORD’s little ones.”

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    • Old Dawg says:

      So true, so very, very true! However, the really sad part is that there are so, so many who have had endless opportunities to learn the “truth” of God and his plan for everyone. Yet they choose to embrace the lies that enslave them thus ensuring that they remain lost wandering in the darkness of ignorance.

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  5. Conservative_302 says:

    Trump is THE MAN. Great Americans from all walks of life are helping fight this virus. America has and will always be a great country. We needed President Trump to remind us how great we are. Trump is Gods gift to us, and I am so very thankful to God for all his blessings.

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  6. ProudGrandpa says:

    If you’ve never heard it, look up Gordon Sinclair – The Americans.

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  7. digleigh says:

    Amen! Sundance!!

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  8. ezduzit63 says:

    Keep up the GREAT work Sundance..God Bless you…

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  9. Santiago 1314 says:

    We should have “Forced” all those Cruise Ships to ChiComs and let Them figure it Out.!!!


  10. doohmax says:

    “Because to most Americans, you get smaller every day.” And the choir said…….

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  11. 1like to read articles from around the world in order to grok their vibe. India Times has an article about President Trump wanting to purchase Hydroxycholoroquine from India.

    Anyway I read the comments from several different publications. Same article, different audiences.

    Almost without exception, the comments coming from the Indian people were positive, generous and caring. I was expecting them to be like “Nah… those Americans can suck it”

    But it’s just the opposite. I’m very impressed with this human attitude. Good people.

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    • Rj says:

      There is a reason for there kindness it’s because we have many politicians who want the caps taken off the HB visa program to flood this country with those from India. Just look at the video of Mike Lee admitting this.


  12. Doug Amos says:

    Kindest country in the history of the world. If the USA is in trouble, guess where the rest of the world is? No one can match the capacities for recovery and, of course, the first country to lend a helping hand will be the United States of America led by their incredible president, President Trump. A cast of millions and millions of beautiful people who ask nothing more than freedom and the truth and that they be allowed to live out their lives under the precepts laid out for them in the Constitution of the country they love so much will be right behind him..

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  13. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Of course they denied welcome. It would skew their numbers if they could have even handled the few needing hospitalization. And speaking of ‘could have handled hospitalization’, notice the mayor of Miami Dade didn’t even mention overcrowding, full, over capacity, pushed to the limits, overworked, or war zone. Strange, no? BTW, the article also includes the Zaandam and the Rotterdam cruise ships that docked in Port Everglades mentioining “Sharief said the men were over the age of 70 — two had been diagnosed with Covid-19, one suffered a heart attack and another succumbed to a preexisting illness.” When this is all over, CDC will bury an analysis of age deaths and comorbidities and the real causes of death. Until then, they’ll keep the schools, churches and Disneyland closed.

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  14. anyhow those course people what the heck Thinking go on course at this time of Difficult we are facing, (COMMON SENSE)
    Now crying for help,

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  15. Mike in a Truck says:

    “Body count body count that’s the game kick their asses and take thire names.” I remember a time when body count was the order of the day. Stack em 5 deep. An arm, a leg, a head- hell a set of eyeballs, was counted as a full body tallied up.Fun times. Now the sick,depraved, degenerate, satan worshipping MSM is engaging in body count and scaring America to death. Enough of this crap. Shit holes like NYC may need quarantine but not the entire country. This will end one way or the other. Americans dont like being told to go to thire room and stay there. Mr. President open the economy back up.Clocks ticking.

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  16. John-Y128 says:

    Sure it was the ‘right thing to do’ but…

    Under ‘full transparency’ how is there not a publically published list telling us how many were on board both ships, the ‘testing’ results of everyone including the crew and the disposition of ALL of them?

    How many were hospitalized or quarantined here stateside, how many were flew out to their home countries, etc., we received only generalities, that were made about American, Canadians and British citizens that were on board.

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  17. gymcy81 says:

    … love thy neighbors ….

    A common biblical refrain:
    …have courage, to do the right thing (for others),
    I AM with you…
    …be not afraid, I AM with you…

    Palm Sunday…
    Good Friday, is a rough day ahead – as so it will be dealing with the c-virus…
    Easter is forthcoming, arising – and with due diligence by more and more people, ‘the bell curve’ may begin to succumb to our devoted efforts, again…

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  18. TwoLaine says:

    So, who will be rescuing us from this ridiculous self-imposed quarantine?

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  19. That IS a perfect example of the greatness and philanthropy of Trump’s America. It demonstrates our EXCEPTIONALISM as a nation AND as a people.

    While others condemn us, and our President for promoting “America First” they smear the concept as meaning “America Only” or “America at the expense of all others.”

    Nothing could be further from the truth. We Americans have been consistently PLUNDERED by other nations who use the greed of OUR corrupt politicians to manipulate a pseudo American zeitgeist riddled with undeserved “US Guilt” that shames is into numerous unfair trade agreements.

    NO MORE!

    America IS exceptional!

    Americans ARE worthy of respect!

    Americans DO deserve the “Level Playing Fields” that Bulldozer Trump is building for us!

    And, as the cruise ship story tells us, this will be good for EVERYONE.

    Trump 2020

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  20. bunky says:

    Sundance, your last line is perfect.

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  21. nats1mom says:

    Wow, Sundance, you are absolutely awe-inspiring! I will read again and again! Thank you from a proud American.


  22. gymcy81 says:

    As others (wisely, swiftly) rise to the occasion …
    to “pay-it-forward” and help others in need …

    (and then in appreciation, when they recover,
    they return the favor, the love, and thereby may also help others, over time ….
    and ” love thy neighbors” continues… )

    Matthew 22:36-40
    Mark 12:31
    Luke 10:25-37
    1 John 4: 20-21

    Deju Vu:
    It’s (c-virus journey)
    like the journey of Ash Wednesday, Lent, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter…. occurring all over again (in of course, a different way…)

    As we suffer in various ways, and live, and witness it,
    there will likely be plenty of people to write all about it – including some of you, scientists, journalists, medical caregivers, survivors, etc. …

    I do not know
    (HE knows)


  23. golfmann says:

    God bless America….

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  24. CountryDoc says:



  25. NoTwoSystemsOnlyOneChiCom says:

    If it was good enough for the A-Team when asked why they weren’t hiding in Switzerland: Because we’re Americans.

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  26. yet another real life example of why this course of national suicide we’ve embarked on must end!
    for if the u.s. falls who’s there to pick up the slack? if the u.s. falls who’s there to pick up the pieces?
    we truly are the last best hope for liberty and justice left. this 250 year long experiment in self governance must not parish!!


  27. 4EDouglas says:

    The world without America would be constant war and unlike anytime before-a dark age..


  28. GREENMIRROR says:

    Time for us to go find where the bioweapons from SARS to MERS to this newest one come from and kill the hell out of them and everyone associated with them.


  29. As the great Paul Harvey used to say at the end of his broadcast ..
    “Now you know the rest of the story”

    Good day

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  30. TonyE says:

    Well, I’m pretty happy about the USA.

    Without the USA my wife and I would have never met. Our kids were born and raised and live in the USA.

    So, thank you, USA.

    And the chance to make a good living. Thanks USA for that.

    Now.. it’d be nice if the USA would thanks us for all the taxes we’ve paid… ;By now I figure we’ve paid about just a tick under $2M in income taxes alone. We work pretty hard. <8-0

    Oh well, I don't expect much from most of the politicians in the USA. And nothing from the Commies in my State of Calimexistan.


  31. dr D says:

    Dang, Sundance. I don’t get choked up that easily, but I am right now.


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