Ground Reports – Healthcare Focus – What’s Going On In Your City, Town, Neighborhood?…

There’s something really odd, a profound disconnect of sorts, between what the media is sharing and the reality of what the general public is reporting from their own experience.

According to most national media hospitals are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients.

U.S. media claim doctors and nurses are collapsing under the stress and strain of conditions they describe as “war zones” in the battle against COVID-19.

Media are now reporting about nurses and doctors committing suicide as they try to deal with severe PTSD, and psychological trauma, as a result of endless shifts in overcrowded hospitals filled with desperate and dying patients.  Additionally, refrigerated trailers now fill with piles of dead bodies as the morgues are overwhelmed with deceased coronavirus patients.

Influencers, perhaps people with an interest in pushing an agenda, are sharing videos of nurses and doctors pleading for help and crying under duress amid their struggle.


It all seems rather sad and unnerving.  Additionally, that level of professional instability seems a little disconcerting…. Perhaps too dramatic.  That said, that’s one summation of a recent 24-hour media cycle.  However, there is a disconnect.

I’m not talking a little disconnect; there is a profound and entirely opposite set of reports from nurses, doctors and healthcare workers –in multiple states– who are being laid-off, sent home, told not to come in; and doctors worried of losing their practices because hospitals, and their offices are completely empty.

For every media claim of overwhelmed hospital war-zones, there are a dozen reports from actual workers, nurses, doctors and medical personnel reporting exactly the opposite; and yes, a disparity in reporting even in the New York metropolitan area.

Medical personnel in Wisconsin, Missouri, California, Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Georgia New Jersey, and every region in the USA are reporting there are few to no patients in their facility and the medical staff is being laid-off, or told to go home and/or stay home, because there is nothing to do.

How the heck is this level of profound disconnect possible?

If you google (or duck duck) search: “medical personnel laid-off”, or “nurses sent home” there are thousands of various reports showing hospitals and treatment centers essentially devoid of any patients. There are videos of hospitals on social media showing empty medical treatment floors, empty ICU units, empty waiting rooms, empty x-ray labs, and workers waiting for something to do…

Obviously, the collective -albeit anecdotal- reports do not fit with the 24/7 media claims of “war zones” and PTSD suffering medical workers so overwhelmed they are now committing suicide because they cannot cope.

So you tell me: what’s going on in your town, city, or neighborhood in the healthcare provider industry?

Are hospitals near you “war zones”?  Or are they empty?

Do you have family in the healthcare service field?  What do they say (absent specifics and identifying information, obviously)?

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  1. Rynn69 says:

    This is an excellent article on what is reality, fantasy, or may be the case in a handful of hospitals that is being projected as a national crisis and embellished on specifics. It is UNCONSCIONABLE the BS being peddled by the media to frighten people. People are rightfully becoming suspicious…

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  2. Thomas says:

    Savannah, GA. Went fishing with my neighbor/ Dr this morning. Hospitals mostly empty in prep for “the model” susnami to come. Have had patients succumb with previous symptoms. New thing I learned , cardiac arrest seems to be cause. Not sure if from virus or the body’s antibodies fighting. I, for one, think it’s ‘been here done that’

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  3. auntiefran413 says:

    Metropolitan St. Louis here. I go in for a blood test almost weekly (depends on the results). I go to the cardiology lab at Barnes-Jewish-Christian (BJC) West for those tests. On March 27 there were far fewer cars on the parking lot, but handicap spaces were filled. On April 2, there were maybe eight cars on the geneeral lot and none in the handicap spaces. The hospital lot was equally barren.

    BJC-West is a complex of about eight buildings — one the hospital itself, the others serving two or more specialties. The last two times I was there, everyone entering the building – staff included – was being tested (temperature check) at the door. Visitors were given a sticker with the date on it. I asked if this was been done in all buildings but my greeter didn’t know but assumed so.

    I had actually gone for the blood work on Wednesday, March 1, only to find a note on the lab door to the effect that because of the coronavirus they’d be available on Mondays and Thursdays. I was expecting a waiting room of 6 to be filled because of the shortened schedule, but I was the only one there. The week before there was a young man there who was kind enough to sit across the waiting area. I


    • auntiefran413 says:

      I wonder what I’ll find next Thursday.


      • Dutchman says:

        Not speaking to YOUR tests, but there is an AWFUL LOT of testing and procedures that aren’t necesary, at all.

        A lot of incentives to conduct unecesary tests, and procedures. This is highlighting that reality.

        You don’t have to catscan every person that hits their head, for instance.

        But, ctscans are expensive, and would never ‘pay for themselves’ if they were only used when medically indicated.

        And,,you can’t get sued for malpractice for ordering unecesary ct scan, but on one in a million chance patient has anuerism, your covered.

        Even ‘routine’ blood tests are way overdone. My wifes Dr. ordered a bunch last month, insisted on it before she would write Rx renewal, even though I know enough about my wifes condition to know tests had nothing to do with Rx.

        Tests came back inconclusive, so “no results”. They agreed she could delay retesting, due to cv, and us living 25 miles from lab.

        So, in part we are seeing how much “healthcare” isn’t truly necesary, it is bloated crap, clogging up the system, and is NOT about patient care (whats best for the PATIENT) its about maintaining the SYSTEM, and frankly patient be damned.

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  4. Brant says:

    I live in South Georgia. I teach online. A colleague lives in Albany (about 1 hour from me). They are a “hotspot” and until very recently were 2nd on list of deaths. She said CDC was there trying to find out why. I think they have had a couple dozen deaths for their relatively small area. She has driven by hospital. I can ask if she would again if she feels comfortable doing it and tell me what she sees. I don’t think I will ask her to get a picture.

    The sister in law of my wife’s sister works as respiratory therapist (I think her title) at hospital in Tifton, ga. I think they supposedly get Albany overflow of “regular” patients. She told is they had 2 deaths last week. She has kids and she does come home and immediately strips, clothes in wash and showers.

    There is a Publix nearby and they have fluoride gallon water. We are on a well and have a 2 year old. I may drive there tomorrow to get water and will drive by hospital and will report back.

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    • Brant says:

      Sorry, second on list of deaths should probably read second as to percent deaths from positive cases I think. Not number of deaths.

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    • Rockindubya says:

      I read recently that a funeral was held in Albany (I have a good friend living there…) on Feb 29 for a beloved patriarch in the black community. Thousands in attendance. A week later another prominent man met his demise. Many of those in attendance at the second funeral also were at the first. One can imagine the handkerchiefs, tissues, hugging, consoling, fellowship, etc. and the community meals afterwards. It hurts my heart to consider the grief their last act of respect has brought through no fault of their own.


    • pageoturner says:

      Those most at risk are over 65 with underlying medical conditions – particularly diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease. The virus is especially lethal for diabetics who also have a high incidence of high blood pressure & kidney disease – both highly correlated with obesity.

      Albany is 70% black. 70% of blacks are obese.

      This is also why New Orleans is so hard hit.

      In Georgia, from what I’ve been able to find on the state website, only 3 out of 50 deaths under 65 had no underlying co-morbidity.

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    • Helen Pearson Souza says:

      I am in a ‘hotspot’ for Central Valley of California..Tulare County. I mentioned to Hubby last week that I suspected when the numbers are final, there are going to be some very angry Americans. Then I started reading how all deaths in hospitals would be codified by the CDC as Wuflu deaths. Hmmm. That only reinforces my belief that there is a complete disconnect between what my eyes are seeing and what’s reported on the corporate media. But in the meantime, Hubby is a prime candidate with COPD and CHF and is 76 years old. So, I have no choice but to hunker down until the all clear. I’m lucky to have younger family who are constantly checking up on us. What a time in our country to have the media and our government proven to be so absolutely corrupt. Prayers for our country and our President.

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      • andre says:

        Pray for the President that he gets good advice and supernatural wisdom. this spirit of deception is trying to rule.


    • Christina Pansy says:

      CDC is corrupt, privately owned, and cannot be trusted at all.

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      • mjalton says:

        There is so much that doesn’t add up.

        In GA there was a Dr. Del Rio from Emory that claimed on 3/23 that if we didn’t shelter in place by 3/24 we would have 27,000 deaths within a month. This is why Governor Kemp shut down the state. At a 1% death rate, 50% of all in Atlanta would have to be infected, then we would all have to die quickly. Currently it seems there are around 30% hospitalized. It’s hard to understand how anyone could come up with these numbers, let alone shut down a state.

        CDC has now directed every death that has a comorbidity of coronavirus, that coronavirus should be the cause of death. Definitely misleading.

        Trump and Surgeon General are talking thousands of deaths this week.

        Fauci continues to dismiss hydroxychloroquine / zithro treatments, why? I believe finally, he stated the treatment was working but doctors have been using it successfully for 3-4 weeks already.

        I sent email to White House requesting CDC require all recoveries using hydroxy treatment be tracked.


    • tonya1021 says:

      As of today, they are reporting 43 deaths at Phoebe alone in Albany and a total of 50 in this town. They are transporting people by helicopter everyday to other hospitals. Those people are not getting counted in our numbers so we do not know exactly how many from our town have died. The nursing homes are being hit to and those numbers are not being released.


  5. theasdgamer says:

    20 covid19 patients in one of our local hospitals (~500 beds total). The PPE gear is a pain.

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  6. j'accuse says:

    I found this language on a Ohio form instructing medical personnel on how to fill out death certificates. I believe this language is from a CDC directive to doctors nationwide:

    “Covid-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease *caused* or is *assumed* to have caused or *contributed* to death.”

    I understand they want to take account all coronoavirus sufferers, but when the direction is to include those where the doctor ‘assumes’ the presence of coronavirus based on symptoms (without testing or post mortems apparently) or believes it ‘contributed’ to death without causing it, then I think the result is the inclusion in statistics of an unknown number of people who may not have had the virus at all or had other major coexisting health conditions and we’re not sure if the virus was the overriding cause of death. I suspect there are a lot of 80+ yr old people being included in the death stats who had very serious coexisisting conditions. Most people know as the elderly decline they are vulnerable to all sorts of opportunistic infections and a simple flu virus can result in death. But it’s spurious to say they died of the flu if, e.g., they had major preexisting cardiac or respiratory illness.

    So what’s up? Do the NYC deaths reports consist of a lot of very elderly/sick people who weren’t long for this earth anyway? .A given number of people die each each day of sickness and old age in a huge city like NYC and we shouldn’t be startled by what may be an average, ordinary day’s worth of deaths. I may have a suspicious mind but I want access to all data regarding age, gender, coexisting conditions, etc. before I’ll accept the picture being painted by all the professionals. It seems there is a lot of pushing by experts for us to accept matters as fact without them providing us with all the evidence.

    Is it possible that all the medical people working in a given hospital assume the victims are at a hospital somewhere else? Or they are ready and waiting for the rush of patients to come? I don’t know but *if* something fishy happening, and I’m not saying it is, we’re going to know in a 5-6 days if not sooner. My biggest beef is with the stats at this point.

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    • theasdgamer says:

      I’ve read that about half the deaths from covid19 are people whose health is so brittle that they would likely die in 6 months anyway.

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    • auntiefran413 says:

      I’m 85 — almost 86 — and in pretty good health all things considered. I do have well-controlled asthma, but that’s not going to kill me unless I’m subjected to COVID-19! On the other hand, I have a very dear 92-year-old friend who could go at any minute — COVID-19 or not!

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    • Dutchman says:

      On reporting or recording of deaths as CHINA virus, there IS a benign explanation, a non-conspiracy explanation.

      With this being a new virus,….with initially there being problems with accurate tests, followed by only the deep nasal swab tests in short supply, and no ELISA tests, ……

      AND given that they wanted to be on the lookout for “hotspots”, alert for sudden flair ups, it isn’t unreasonable for them to have those guidelines.

      IF they had simple 5-15 minute tests, in abundance so they weren’t using tests needed for diagnosing live patients, then yeah it would be best if every death could be confirmed as “covid19”.

      Actually, testing every death with ELISA test, as well as broad testing of the populace with it, could change that denominator considerably, by showing how many have had it and recovered.

      Fauci and Birxz have a lot to account for, when this is all over; given their years in gov infectious disease management, do they not OWN that broken testing system PDJT inherited?

      Just from my understanding its obvious they should have had a pre-existing plan, to quickly develop the simpler and quicker result nasal swab AND pinprick blood test, as they are essential to tracking an epidemic, and giving ACCURATE info to plug into the ‘models’.

      Its there JOB to plan for this, to game out various scenarios, and yet they didn’t recognise this need?

      Just as a comparison, in the 1970’s, wargamers at the pentagon realised there were various scenarios where production of medications may be shut down, for an extended period of time, that a significant portion of military personelle NEED that medication to function, and that such scenarios would NEED the military.

      So, they began stockpiling a years supply for ‘just in case’.

      From that standpoint alone, these Drs are looking like incompetent buerocratic idiots.

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      • Christina Pansy says:

        Gates and other fiends planned the pandemic. Don’t be ashamed to call a conspiracy what it is.

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      • L. E. Joiner says:

        To be fair, it takes time and effort to develop tests for new viruses. Dr Birx said she was in touch with labs all over the country working on the immunological test, which is vitally needed to get reliable statistics on the epidemic. It was just approved last week. Seems to me they’ve been doing yeoman’s work.


        • Dutchman says:

          O.k., “to be fair”;
          Both Fauci and Birx, and the CDC and NIH have known about the POTENTIAL for a pandemic for YEARS, Ebola, Mirs, Sars etc.

          Their job includes not only DEALING with one, but making PLANS for HOW to deal with one.
          They keep saying how their approach is DATA DRIVEN.

          OBVIOUSLY, you need accurate and TIMELY data. You need 2 tests;
          One, a test of individuals that can tell you within 15 minutes if they HAVE the virus.
          A test with results 8 hours later is almost worthless.
          Second, a test to tell if someone has antibodies, even if they have no symptoms. And again, with results that don’t take days, or even hours.

          And finally, the capability under National emergency to produce these tests in massive quantities RAPIDLY, when a need develops.

          You can’t be doling out such tests ONLY to those who meet specific guidelines of symptoms, because of a shortage of tests, because that inherently scews the data.

          And they were SUPPOSED to be planning for a pandemic.

          We are extremly lucky. If this virus had a 90% fatality rate, we would probably all be dead by now.

          PDJT says repeatedly how he inherited a “broken system” for developing tests, and had to create a new one, from scratch.

          Well, doesn’t Fauci and Birx OWN that, since they have been getting big bucks for 20+ years, to run CDC and NIH?

          Wasn’t this all FORSEEABLE?

          The technology is not rocket science, its been around for many years.

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          • babrightlight says:

            This and to your earlier point about war gaming…Everyone knows that the potential for a pandemic exists and that it’s not a question of if but when. There should be a pandemic playbook–Step 1, Step 2, etc. What are the critical metrics, what are the mitigation efforts, develop a pre-approved, streamlined path for using experimental drugs, testing, etc. Once this was declared an epidemic/pandemic, the playbook is opened and like a checklist of actions, it is followed showing the people that we are executing a well-designed plan. I think the task force has done a good job, but it seems we’re being creative on the fly as opposed to having studied and anticipated something like this and had a game plan ready.

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            • Dutchman says:

              EXACTLY. Thats what “war gaming” is all about. Granted, no war plan survives first contact with the enemy, but a PLAN gives you a starting point.
              And a play book. You can then adapt to the enemy, or changed circumstances, but at least you HAVE a plan.

              And, if your actions are going to be “DATA driven”, then you focus on your ways of gathering data, which is TESTING.

              And they didn’t have ANY plan in place to quickly develop, mass produce and disseminate the two kinds of tests they needed.

              So, the Data they are working off of, for their “Data driven responce” are CRAP.

              We CAN NOT rely on the “DATA” from CHI-NA, at all.
              WHO is wholly owned subsidiary of CHI-NA, so no good THERE, either.


          • coastermomohio says:

            I like Dr. Birx, although lately she grates on my nerves a little. But when questioned about quick reliable tests, antibody tests, etc., she seems to have a favorite line about “right now being in the middle of a crisis” and “dealing with this DURING a crisis”, and how all of the other stuff will be caught up once we are “THROUGH the crisis”. But you are correct, they should have been planning BEFORE this crisis. And if they were mostly planning for a pandemic FLU (which I think has been mentioned by Dr. Fauci ), that is further evidence of incompetency on somebody’s part.


            • Dutchman says:

              If this virus had a mortality rate of even 50-60%, and was only AS contagious as the flu, we would almost all be dead now.
              Think of 90% mortality, and MORE contagious than the flu!

              And there plan was no plan.
              Tests that take months to roll out, or that don’t give you results in minutes instead of hours, that require the person administering the test, damn near WORTHLESS.

              She and Fauci keep saying the responce is Data driven, and yet TESTING is what produces DATA.
              If I hear her thank the modelers, one more time, I am going to PUKE.
              And yeah, her early answers were “right NOW, we are focusing on a nasal swab test.
              The antibody screening test will come later, and the ideal, a finger prick still later, WILL yield us the most valuable data.

              Yeah, lady since you HAD to know any responce was going to be DATA driven, and the DATA was ALL going to come from testing, how come PDJT had to dismantle (scrap) the broken system, and start from scratch, turning directly to the private sector, and telling FDA to quit acting like idiots!


        • Christina Pansy says:

          Fauci and Birx are both Deep State/Big Pharma enemies of the people. Trump is allowing them to expose themselves and, when this is over, they’ll be disgraced.

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      • EBL says:

        Diagnostic test design, development, verification, scale up and implementation does not work as you think. The tests used in China and by WHO in Europe had 48% false negative rates or worse. The new Euroimmune test cleared by the FDA is an IgA and IgG ELISA test. Read the IFU and think about how it correlates up to a traditional viral immune response. Look at the sensitivity data for IgA vs IgG. Look at prior research ELISA tests developed against SARS in 2004. Those that live in glass houses shouldn’t cast the first stones.


        • Dutchman says:

          I don’t think I live in a glass house, would be kinda silly, as I live in high desert.

          PDJT knows better than to openly, publically point a finger, if it doesn’t achieve an objective.
          But, he repeatedly, at pretty much every task force, points out TWO things;
          Firstly, AGAINST the advice of “all his experts”, he closed air traffic, etv. with CHI-NA.
          And, he points out how BOTH Fauci and Birx now ADMIT that greatly decreased the transmission of the virus into the U.S.

          NOW,….WHO do you suppose those EXPERTS were, advising AGAINST it?
          He leaves it to us to figure out, that Fauci and Birx HAD to be at the head of the line, as its THEIR area of expertise.

          Secondly, he points out repeatedly that he inherited “A BROKEN testing system” for developing, scaling up production, and rapid dissemination of tests.”

          Now,….WHO was responsible, during previous administrations, for developing an action plan, of which timely, accurate and plentiful testing would OBVIOUSLY be a KEY element in both assesing the deadliness of a pandemic virus, quickly gathering the data to detirmine lethality, and developing an APPROPRIATE action plan.

          And again, this is NOT rocket science, or untried technology.

          Once they got “on the case”, Roche developed the quick and simple nasal swab test in 3 weeks, AND rapidly scaled up production.

          SHOULD have had that back in late Jan. Or early Feb., and it COULD have been done, then.

          Similarly, a pinprick antibody test, for this or any virus is not that complicated. We have them for food sensitivities, allergies, and virus’s.

          “Broken system for developing tests, that was not designed or capable of developing a test in less than 6 months to a year, due to needless regulation/red tape, and was incapable of scaling up for the kind of RAPID, large scale production necesary to deal with a pandemic” is paraphrasing what I heard PDJT saying.

          Sorry, but Birx and Fauci OWN this clusterf*ck on testing fiasco.


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    • not2worryluv says:

      In “normal” times there are 7500 deaths a day in the USA or 22,500 a month.
      I don’t know if that includes murders that happen every weekend in Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, LA and Houston.

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  7. Thanks to many for the posts.
    I have now had firsthand reports from friends recovering from the virus. It is tough stuff based on their reports; and also can take a long time to shake off. In one of the families, the wife has had a tough illness, her husband tested negative and their toddler is positive but not very sick.
    That said, I do think the response to this is far from ideal. The brute force of the shutdown does not allow for discrimination between different areas. We should be testing ANYONE that wants a test with any similar symptoms. Germany and S Korea both show the wisdom of this. The serology test to determine antibodies should likewise be prioritized for distribution–and widely given. Many folks that suspect they’ve already had it should be able to take the test.
    I’m tracking the actual vs. forecast results of the IHME model for USA and 19 states. So far the daily death projections are in range. OTOH, the forecasts for hospitalization, IV bed usage and vent needs are off by many multiples as noted by other commenters here. There is a huge variation between rates of hospitalization in different localities. The model does not appear to capture the impact of density–clearly an issue in NYC, Northern NJ. This issue also affects which parts of NYC are most badly affected. That, plus certain underlying conditions as we’ve read, along with obesity (which I don’t think the modelers had considered) are key factors in higher/lower fatality rate.
    FWIW, peak date for USA as a whole is April 16 (or April 19 using the “more severe” model). As of 4/4, NY, NJ and CT account for 55% of total US deaths. Adding in “hot spot” states of LA, MI, CA and IL accounts for over 70% of deaths.
    My opinion is that we now should monitor through these projected peak periods in April (some states won’t peak until May), while pushing very hard to get the serology tests widely distributed so we can find out who has antibodies. We then should NOT extend past April 30 and open earlier if possible. It is ridiculous to even consider this level of forced inactivity until we have “no new cases” as reportedly Dr. Fauci opined.
    Also, POTUS needs to put his foot on the rear of FDA and other doctors re. use of hydroxycloraquine with the Z-pack. It is malpractice to NOT use a drug that has been shown in hundreds (if not thousands) of cases to help–yet because the FDA demurs when asks and insists on a full clinical trial, some doctors are not prescribing it. Notably one of my friends with the crudflu who uses as concierge doctor no less, was not prescribed the cocktail, and in fact still waits days for test results.

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    • lesterboles says:

      Dr. Didier Raoult of France, world renowned infectious disease specialist, has treated 1,962 of his COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin and only 7 have died.
      He updates his results daily at the link below. Use Google Translate.

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    • c gen says:

      Let’s keep in mind that Fauci and FDA are in bed with big pharma! Fauci all but has a stroke at the mention of hydroxychloroquine! It’s about 10 cents/pill so no big pharma benefit! Fauci keeps referencing a vaccine that won’t be ready for about 18 mo and of course supports “economic shutdown” until we have no new cases or deaths! So tell me that he isn’t deep state especially after his Hillary loving emails emerged! He also equivocates just enough just enough to keep POTUS off balance and deflect accountability!
      Now question why Bill Gates is so involved! He is a known eugenicist! The IHME (?) data is a product of his foundation! His foundation is being sued in India for all the pain and suffering his foundation supported vaccines have inflicted on people there!
      Gates is going to be interviewed on todays Chris Wallace program. I may tune in! Personally, can’t stand Wallace. But Gates is also supportive of a biodot to trace those who have been vaccinated and to use that dot as a re-entry into society. All this while it outs there that he doesn’t vaccinate his own children!! GATES is the face of pure evil!

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      • dottygal says:

        I agree with you about Fauci and Gates. I posted this video on this thread a while ago: Fauci pulled the same stunt with HIV/Aids and caused severe panic. He is definitely Deep State. Dr. Shiva the interviewee in the video knows him and Fauci knows Shiva is onto him. Shiva has sent his info. to POTUS and I think the only reason Fauci is still at the Update briefings is because the DS would be livid if he wasn’t spouting his BS. Good ole Schiff was sued by a large doctors and surgeons association for demanding Big Tech take down the vaccine discussions. They (DS) have been planning this for a long time. Bill Gates wants everyone to get vaccinated except for him and his family! WTF?! He isn’t a Doc but thinks he knows what’s best for everybody…he should be in prison.


      • queensmary says:

        Gates became a billionaire selling a defective software product that can’t resist a virus infection. Why would anyone think he could do the same for our bodies?!

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  8. One other point on the hydroxychloraquine/arithromycin combo–Can you imagine a similar reluctance to prescribe if these drugs were shown helpful to combat AIDs? As I recall we spent HUGE $$ to combat that scourge, and the affected cohorts were vociferous in demanding (and receiving) whatever the effective cocktail of drugs that were most current.

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    • pageoturner says:

      Fauci also refused to quarantine the affected even when we had no idea how easily it could be transmitted.

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      • Kureelpa says:

        FDA, I think just very recently relaxed rules for blood donation from gay males. I used to work closely with HIV/AIDs patients back in 1994/1995, then worked in Blood Banking for Blood Bank of Hawaii & ARC, so I should have been more interested & paid more attention, but I filed it under the ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ label. The Alphabet community has been lobbying for years to get that done.

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  9. WV Mountain Mama says:

    I woke up with a possible answer. I tried commenting earlier & couldn’t get my thoughts to post. Here’s my 2nd attempt to post here.
    I’ve followed CTH for 4 years now. Always read it everyday & everyone’s comments. Hoping my first attempt to participate isn’t overlooked as new & must be a “bot or troll.”

    My husband was a CFO recently let go by a chinese owned American chemical company. For two years he did magic with local loan & bank companies to keep his manufacturing companies employees in jobs & paid during the bad non seasonal months. Cash liquid essentially. How’s this relate to the hospitals situation?

    Companies & generally CFOs personally are required to legally have so much payroll set aside in an account to cover wages & benefits… especially those already worked. What if like his company no accounts receivables or revenues coming in to actually making doctors, nurses, maintenance, janitors etc??? No surgeries, no ER or preventive appointments happening so no revenue coming in like any other business. No insurance payments for visits etc. Lots of hospitals operate on thin margins too. So no business due to COVID19… can’t legally meet payroll.

    Best way to get nationalized healthcare?


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    • MAGA Minuteman says:

      Welcome aboard WV Mountain Mama.

      Anything is possible relative to this virus and all the hype surrounding it. Things just aren’t adding up. That’s why it’s great for Sundance to ask for the word on the street. We have been told too many times to “not believe our own lying eyes”.

      Love your moniker too. I hope when all is said and done we will all be singing “Take me Home Country Road…”

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    • icthematrix says:

      Thank you mountain mama for your post and info. We are all looking for the “plot” within the crisis. Your postulation is likely one of them. Remember, the commie left uses a crisis (never let it go to waste) to “advance agendas that may not be attainable through traditional means”. Break down a system to force the government to “save it”.

      Here in this very important and vital thread, we see hundreds of reports from Treepers citing hospitals with few if any patients and layoffs of medical personnel. As you indicated, cash is choked off and they are starving for funding.


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    • StanH says:

      As feasible as anything with the swamp rats. Cloward-Piven strategy by other means.

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      • jwmson says:

        Are you seeing the NUMEROUS posts on social media. Hospitals are empty, nurses and MD’s hours, shifts are being reduced or layoffs are occurring. Many RNs are stating, they are ‘on call’ and not filling a shift. UNLESS the med ctr is treating covid19, they are essentially closed down. Here in NC, the ‘major’ med centers ,UNC and Duke, nationally renown, have FEW cases. That is public info from 2 reporters that have questioned those in authority at state level. We have Dem governor and has shut down state for 45 days. The state Med Dir is a lib and she flouts this doom and gloom daily, but was called out about the significant low numbers at the 2 largest, most-esteemed hospitals in the state.

        And, just a PS. Self-employed citz in NC are DENIED unemployment. Now that the process is up and running, they are sharing on social media, their DENIALS and statements that state, YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE. Now, how do you suppose those citz to survive 45 days WITH NO INCOME, much less pay rent, mortgage, car pmts or any other expense.

        And, YES, I truly believe we will see a HUGE DRIVE to move all heath care to GOVT CONTROLLED. WE ARE GOVT CONTROLLED NOW..are we not?

        And, I truly believe this is a doom and gloom and fear to destroy economy, unemployment and destroy Nov elections. FAR TOO MANY DC politicians are RICH from China…far too many. China NOT in control and the $$$ aren’t filling pockets. ANY WONDER this ALL came from China?????

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        • Polly Leahy says:

          I’m with you. NC total population 10 Million. 28 deaths as of 4/4/20. HELLO!!!
          The government wants you to believe sky is falling. NOT. This is all a set up to get
          Trump. Overwhelm the system. MSM lying again. It’s disgusting. Fauci needs to go too.
          He’s a BIG part of the problem.

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        • dottygal says:

          Please watch this video:


        • queensmary says:

          a family member, a nurse, here in Waxhaw, NC can confirm what Sundance and you are saying. Her office is flying at half staff — mom’s staying home because no one to take care of the kids who are now home from schools closed. Income generating wellness checks not being done. Only video check ups. One 71 yr old woman tested positive, she stayed at home and is now recovered. He husband tested negative. Kids are out playing, dogs barking, birds singing, the flowers are blooming, lawn mowers humming — it’s like the world continues on. I went out to the local Walmart – people are mostly calm here – keeping the 6ft rule. Some wearing masks or gloves or both but not the majority that I saw. I think many have factored in the bullchit from the so-called “experts” and just want to get back to work.


    • cheering4america says:

      WV, while you offer a likely theory I hadn’t seen postulated anywhere yet, I had to comment just to tell you I LOVE your name, It makes me happy just to read it. You’re my mama’s people.


    • c gen says:

      I think Judge Jeannine interviewed the President of the Hospital Assn of NY. He said the losses are staggering right now! So yes to your point!


    • dottygal says:

      You could be right. Nationalized healthcare and Trump to boot. Please watch this video: It’s an interview with Dr. Shiva who seems to know what’s really going on; however, he did not mention your theory which seems very plausible given the situation. God, Deep State is EVIL!


    • queensmary says:

      I have observed most of us can’t think evil enough as these global elitists do. Meaning I wouldn’t be surprised if you are correct. I also thought that the insurance companies, most them lost money under OBarrycare– would love a centralized system and what better way to cull the herd beforehand of high risk peeps with pre-existing conditions than a good old fashion virus, imported from China. We have got to give Trump the House and get rid of as many RINOs as possible. Encourage good people to run for office, whether locally, state or fed level.


  10. bjorn says:

    I would wager that this will result in single payer health care in the USA. All private hospitals will be broke and the govt will have to step in and offer a national conversion deal to public.

    This scam has multiple planned outcomes. One of them is this.

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    • scarlettbr says:

      NY, Cal, and other democrats States pretty much have Socialist Medicine. NYC is failing because to the medical system. Cuomo couldn’t afford to stockpile the State, every penny of the taxes goes towards, Medicaid, suing Pres. Trump and protecting illegal aliens.

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    • Silver Sunday says:

      Add this to the list of worries and anxieties. Being forced into National Health Care.
      I voted for Trump to NOT NOT NOT NOT have National Health Care.

      First it was OMG I am going to know at least 10 people who will actually die in the next few weeks, (maybe me too ).
      Then it was not only will millions die from the virus itself, they will also die because health care overwhelmed.
      Them it was health care providers are dropping dead and more will drop dead b/c not enough masks, and PPE.
      No elective surgeries, no cancer treatment. Everyone terrified. What about those people?
      Then find out, aside from the elderly, now it is co-morbidity. People who could die any minute anyway. Then find out it is a huge percentage of Diabetics/Pre-diabetics with a BMI of 30 or ever 33. Obese!
      Then well, models may be wrong.
      Now, health care workers are being laid off/or put onto on-call b/c there is no money coming into he hospital BECAUSE THEY AREN’T SEEING ANY OHTER PATIENTS!!!!!
      Aside from fearing that income and investments are in the toilet, now we are going to be led to a SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM!
      I cannot take it anymore – I am going to seriously loose my mind. The anxiety and fear of what MAY come and the LOOK SQUIRREL kind of reactions mass amounts of people are having. And the PC police won’t let “experts” say what is true anymore so as not to hurt feelings of particular populations.
      I said to my husband at the beginning of all this. Now we are going to see how unhealthy people really are.

      As far as New Orleans – dear Lord those people are put upon. But – and
      I am not judging the Mardi Gras people live and let live is my philosophy – face it, those folks who participate – do lots of them look like they can withstand a bat virus from china? I think not.
      Each day we are on the edge of our seats!
      We need the Lord to have mercy on us & intervene!!
      Yes, America needs a serious Intervention!!! Mentally, spiritually, and physically!

      But I fear what we may get is more experts telling us -see you masses you unwashed masses are pitiful and don’t take care of yourselves. Well, we are putting rules in place to force you to do it. UGH. I am for sure losing it!!


  11. WV Mountain Mama says:

    Also in addition to above comments. I’m in largest city in WV & still go to work each day. Both our local big hospitals are ghost towns by their parking lots. Ones laid off all part time employees. The others furloughing 500 as of today April 5th.

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  12. rah says:

    I guess one’s perpective is highly driven by what they’re own experiences are but I hope and pray you non believers, naysayers, and those prone to believe in conspiracies, do not end up actually having a hot spot pop in your vicinity.

    Sure there are hospitals that are practically empty. Over all mortality in the US is way down because the containment efforts are greatly restricting normal activities which normally result in accidents day in and day out. And as has been noted, elective procedures of all types put on hold. Additionally people that may go in for treatment for some problem in normal times aren’t doing so since most understand that one of the best places to contract a contagious disease is at a health care facility. Also it appears there is some evidence emerging that the normal morbidity and mortality from our run of the mill influenza strains drops proportionally based on the COVID-19 load in a particular area.

    Further, for isolation purposes it just make sense when possible to use specific hospitals for potential or confirmed COVID-19 treatment there by concentrating the COVID-19 patient burden in one or several hospitals while leaving others open for other cases. There by minimizing the risk of exposure for non-COVID-19 patients and the staffs at those hospitals. Iatrogenic infection or disease is always a significant problem in health care facilities even when there is not a novel contagious pathogen on the loose.

    Yesterday my son called and talked to his mother. Told her that he had to pull his wife away from a guy she saw wearing an N-95 mask in a store. She was giving the guy hell and making a scene. He’s worried about her. Obviously what she is going through as an ICU nurse taking care of COVID-19 patients only is very tough on her. She is a very caring person and apparently has not reached that psychological state one must eventually get to if they are going to remain effective in especially rough sustained situations with very high patient load of triage or medical care. I have no doubt she will though, because she is very dedicated and they say our area, including Indianapolis, is still about a week or so away from peak surge.

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    • theasdgamer says:

      I’ve got a protective mask–don’t know if it’s N95 or what–but I got it months ago when our freezer went out while we were on a trip and came back to massive spoilage and stink. I kept the mask and now it comes in handy.

      I understand your dil’s perspective–masks are needed at the hospital for staff. ICU nurses are very much at risk as are anaesthesiologists because of intubating patients. PPE is essential for them. Life or death because of the risk of high viral load.

      So your daughter’s reaction is understandable. But maybe the guy in the store was an anaesthesiologist or maybe he tested positive for covid19.


  13. AB says:

    I work for a children’s hospital in a major city. At the time of this writing, we have 5 patients who tested positive. All of them are in stable condition (read: doing fine). My hours have been cut back because the executive team decided to withhold elective surgeries until April 10th, maybe longer. With almost no surgeries on the docket, there isn’t much for us to do.

    The hospital isn’t exactly a ghost town, but it’s a lot quieter than it would usually be. I would prefer to see the facility like this because kids aren’t getting sick or hurt. But we all know those kids ARE sick and ARE getting hurt, but the executive team is refusing to provide care for them because it wouldn’t look virtuous enough. PR always comes first around here. Life itself means very little.

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    • Flova says:

      122 children and young adults have died from 2019 2020 flu season through early March. Crickets. 22,000 in U.S. total dead from 2019 2020 flu season through early March. Crickets. No personal profiles or breaking news number update for them. The media is creating mass hysteria through brainwashing and it is all in the plan. This is no conspiracy– look at the last 3 and a half years and the ideology of the 6 corporate media outlets.

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      • Will Hunt says:

        and 61K common flu deaths 2018/2018 US flu season not an eyebrow raised or 10s of trillions lost.

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      • theasdgamer says:

        Without overt evidence of conspiracy (although I am aware that conspiracies are common because human condition), I will favor stupidity over conspiracy as an explanation. Most conspiracies fail because stupidity. The Deep State Resistance had a lot of non-stupidity, and there’s lots of overt evidence of it now. The Resistance failed because it relied on HRC winning. All eggs in one basket. Stupidity, but there was an effective fallback plan–coverup, delay, infiltrate, fishing expedition to distract.


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  14. scarlettbr says:

    We have a very large drive through testing site. It started off with 25 workers and on average 3 cars per 6 hours. In less than 2 weeks, the site now is down to, 2 workers and about a one car for the entire day. The hospital is not overrun, they have one infected patient. I live in a university town, with a large diverse population.
    Lately people are breaking the stay-at-home rules. Lots of people out and about.

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    • queensmary says:

      yeah, the home improvement and grocery stores really have their game plans down – here in small towns, NC/SC – carts are sanitized before you touch them – Trader Joe’s is operating like a fine tuned exclusive night club – w/crowd control and senior hour in mornings – shelves are clean and well stocked at TJ’s. Some stores put up sneeze guards for their cashiers. Gardens are looking well cared for — but still hard to find toilet paper though. Can’t figure that out. I’m sure doctor’s offices could do the same as a grocery store, if not better. We need to get back to business.


  15. digleigh says:

    Definitely a hotspot south ga…we have 30 dead, hospital with tons of traveler nurses ( 5-7 th poorest city for its size about 80,000 ).Direct reports from nurses, staffing was rough a few weeks ago, but reserves came in and is relieving… ( 7 intubations one shift last week, 2 day or so ago)…Know of one that mom. And dad both in hospital…Most from 2 funerals,though not all, got from a visitor from Atlanta…Most with obesity, diabetes or underlying conditions… I think many people with other issues avoiding hospital because corona fear…PPE ‘s still an issue…Prayers for these hospital workers…Heartbreaking work. Includes all staff, housekeeping, cleaning rooms ,nurse s, respiratory, lab, doctors,p.a.s…..The community sends food in as thanks to the frontline warriors…Many are coming here from out of town.I think this bioweapon virus is real, I think it has been here since late late nov. We know of a family who came off cruise ship and 3 families with unusual illness, all were sick from exposure, thought it was a really bad flu…They stayed home for 7 to 14days..This was late early Jan. I hear many stories like this…same stories ,and some with shortness of breath scenarios… I say keep up zinc. Vit.c, vit,.d…one study about heat.( giving hot drinks 2x day to keep sinuses heated) .One info. from another nation to drink warm lemon with baking soda….hospital on hydrochloroquine protocol also..Reminded to include z pack with zinc…not sure if they are.. ( zinc helps with tissue respiration)

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  16. Everett Miller says:

    Most importantly, President Trump has the access to this type of information as well as the “crisis” information from evil Dr. Fauci and his Mistress of Darkness.
    He has had to wrestle with balancing his natural love and concern for the happiness and wellbeing of the American People and his family, leading to an abundance of caution given the worst case scenario(s), and, the economic devastation and related social devastation in people’s lives, on the other hand.
    He is acutely aware of his precarious position politically, historically, and personally; yet, he is sucking it up and dealing with it in a masterfully way. He’s given the public health officials their due–impossible to do otherwise, and he has stated his intention to reverse the draconian measures at the earliest possible time. As the real world facts, such as the hospital underload, the need for treatment of everything NOT CV19, the inaccuracies of the government projection models, etc tip the balance, he’ll be opening up the business and life of America, and all the pentup desires and activities of our social economic Free Market economy will ROAR back to life (additionally fueled by $trillions in liquidity) with the gratefulness and relief of us all–leading right into the election. Oh what a Christmas it will be! My take.

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  17. Oldfiredude says:

    My health system is suffering from very low volumes right now. Cancelled procedures due to extreme PPE shortages and social distancing requirements will lead to furloughs soon. But the COVID-19 is affecting people. Our ICU is full and the numbers are on the upswing. I went from being skeptical to believing, this thing can kill. Comorbid conditions absolutely contribute, but we have had some vey young die too. In my fifties, I’m pretty careful about hygiene especially when in one of our hospitals. I think it’s real, I think the peak is still to come (for the mid-Atlantic) but I also feel the shutdown of the nation is an over reaction and in some cases a political “opportunity”.

    By the end of May we should be fighting for a restoration of normal, as the “herd immunity” should make this disease manageable, be it man-made or natural.

    God Bless and stay connected!

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    • Mike Robinson says:

      The simple statistics of the matter are that any virus can kill. If this virus hits hard, it can hit very hard. But … so can the flu.

      We have been led to believe that this particular virus at this particular time is “the Black Death,” and that we should shut down our entire nation for it. By the time sanity returns, 20% of the people in our country could be out of work and many of those jobs won’t come back no matter how much Federal money rains down from the sky. Having been told to “distance themselves” and even being arrested for taking a drive, do you really think that they’ll switch that off like a light-switch? … No.

      A very determined effort will be made to blame Trump for hoodwinking the entire nation. And, I suspect that it will cost him re-election. Madame Presidente will coast into power on “I would have been smart enough not to do that.”

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      • flyboy46 says:

        It’s OUR JOB to make dam sure SHE doesn’t get elected, Make sure you go and vote, and take 5 others with you.


        • flyboy46 says:

          Our local hospital has been buying out the Dr. owned practices for years, and last Monday I had an appointment with the Urologist at the Dr wing of the hospital. I waited a month for the appointment, and when I arrived I was greeted inside the door by a masked nurse asking questions screening me for the Virus. Another lady was there to direct me to the elevator, and a guy came to push the button on the wall and in the elevator for the floor I needed. At the floor I went thru the usual sign in procedure except they didn’t ask for the ID. On to the waiting area, with no other patients in sight, and no reading material anywhere in sight. Gave a sample and saw the Dr. for 10 minutes, and then left. Someone to push the buttons again at the elevator, and then adios to the staff on the ground floor, again without touching anything. No other patients in sight the whole time. The hospital is a non profit org, so no patients means no revenue. We are a University town, but all their students have gone home. Not a good scene unless the ER and regular patient side is a whole lot different than the side I saw.


      • The Devilbat says:

        Dr. Fauci said that alcohol kills the virus. I took immediate note and increased my consumption of 100 proof bourbon to kill off them lil virus critters. At least nobody can say that I am not taking precautions.

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      • Gary says:

        Love you Mike but……..some fresh air might be in order. Really….the only “coasting
        Madame Presidente” will be doing is if somebody lets go of the gurney.


    • The Devilbat says:

      Oldfiredude, your post is the most sane that I have read here in the last month. this virus is deadly and it is being used for political purposes by the communist party, otherwise known as the democratic party.

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  18. Darren says:

    My thoughts are that the problem you are seeing has a simple explanation. It’s critical to get information from the hot spots. At this point much of the country remains unaffected. The breakouts are either small and manageable or restricted to small areas. So I’d guess most hospitals in the US are seeing low to no virus patients. This will change if the virus continues to spread.

    The second point is that the death rate is fairly low until a hospital becomes overwhelmed. So until a hospital hits a certain break point the virus is manageable. After the break points death rapidly increase. I’m using Italy as a guide for this. As what’s happened there is fairly well documented.

    So I’m saying things don’t look bad with this virus until a break point is hit. Then things spiral out of control. This virus isn’t particularly deadly but it’s highly transmissible. I think this is why PDJT is acting so decisively and strongly. I think the real danger of this virus is that it spreads like wildfire then the hospitals quickly hit the break point leading to a death spiral.

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    • The Devilbat says:

      If the virus isn’t serious, someone explain to me why the mortality rate for it is 40% in NYC and 45% in New Jersey? Someone tell me why China declared the epidemic over to save their economy and are now back to locking down entire areas as the virus resurfaces?


      • Gary says:

        45% mortality rate Jersey resident chiming in here…..I still don’t know anyone with the virus nor do I know anyone who knows anyone who has (or had) the virus. I’m roughly 14 air miles from N.Y.C. Make of that what you will. BTW, my mother is 88 years of age and in assisted living, not one patient nor staff member in her facility has tested positive for the virus….just sayin.


  19. sterlingsilver says:

    My liberal niece is a nurse practitioner in Indiana. She went on a regularly scheduled VACATION just last week. (Not a stay-at-home one either. She traveled several states away.) We are supposedly a rising hot spot, but she, and the hospital she works for, aren’t behaving like it’s a big deal.

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  20. labrat says:

    Back from work. Pulled some stats. We’ve tested 386 people, 36 positive. Roughly 9% and that’s with very limited testing. Only inpatients, HC workers and high risk individuals with symptoms or exposures qualify for testing at this time. Exactly 50/50 male/female. 2460. 7 hospitalized, 2 ICU, 2 dead both over 80 with comorbidities. All our inpatients are on hydroxychloroquine/zpac. On a happy note we have an 89 y/o male out of ICU and on the mend!

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  21. Bulldog84 says:

    My husband is a board-certified ER doc who used to practice at a busy large West Michigan hospital. The former colleagues with whom he is still friends tell him that volume is way down, patients are simply not coming in.

    Another former colleague in administration there reports that the hospital is preparing for virus patients by shifting and re-training personnel and re-tooling some areas, but still the patients haven’t shown.


    • Kureelpa says:

      Realistically though, do you think people who may have it will come in. I certainly wouldn’t be going into any hospital unless It was a matter of life & death. I’d ask for the Triple Cocktail first & stay home. I’ve got good Health Insurance.
      I’ve had 2 Relatives in the last 6 months, who had severe screwups in Hospitals in MA.
      One was at Tufts UH – an unnecessary Tracheotomy on my 90 y/o, MiL. She had a plug of mucus in her throat, that they thought was a tumor. It took 6 months for it to be removed & her to get back on to normal, albeit on softer food.
      Then & a 70 y/o BiL in MA General who went in for a Closed Heart Aortic Valve Repair, returned to surgery 2 days later, with a leak & clots in his heart, lungs & upper arm – in hospital for 3 months then Rehabilitation.
      People are freaking out about the Coronavirus, but the number of deaths from Hospital Errors is 250000 per year.

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  22. Rockindubya says:

    Do a Twitter search on #emptyhospitals. The returns are mind-boggling.


    • annieoakley says:

      I did a search on you tube and found videos of empty Hospitals in Jacksonville, Tampa, Richmond VA, Kings County WA, Daytona Beach, Cleveland x2, St. Louis, Chicago, Columbus, OH, Houston, Philadelphia, LA, and Ontario CA. And a new one of Elmhurst, Queens, NYC. still empty.


  23. MotIsley says:

    My sister is a doctor who works in hospitals east of Pittsburgh. She has been told to work from home if possible. They are still performing elective surgeries through this hospital group after consultation with the patient regarding the risks of being in a hospital right now.

    As my sister has told me because so many people are voluntarily choosing to not have elective surgeries many nurses, techs, docs, etc. are not working and not making money. On top of that the hospitals were setup for the worst case scenario in terms of being inundated with Corona patients but that has failed to materialize.

    That has led to a lot of staff, docs, nurses, techs, etc. simply being sent home everyday and told to wait for a call.

    Instead of these actions aiding the medical field in coping with this crisis it is resulting in them bleeding cash. A lot. If doctors were desperately needed to help treat this in order to raise the level of care my sister would not be getting her normal week off next week.

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  24. namberak says:

    Last Wednesday morning I happened to look out my front window and saw an ambulance in front of a neighbor’s house. In short order she was brought out on a gurney by spacemen, er, guys wearing respirators. One went to the next door neighbor directly across from us, had a few words, then they departed. They’d not come in sirens a blaring and didn’t leave that way.

    Every morning at 11, a number of us non-conformists gather on a neighbor’s driveway at a socially appropriate distance to shoot the breeze and break the monotony and of course, the last couple of days, to get an update on the neighbor hauled off by the spacemen. Turns out she’d been complaining of a pain in her abdomen to one of the neighbors, for a couple of days, consulted with her doctor online, and he told her to go to the nearby hospital and he would get her admitted. Evidently she must have called the ambulance because of the pain, rather than drive herself.

    The nearby hospital is Indiana University West, 11 miles from me and it was full. They hauled her to downtown Indy to Methodist Hospital where the state’s only Level 1 trauma center is and they put her in a coronavirus ward. Where naturally, she tested negative. Why do I say naturally? I’ll bet a dollar to a violin that the spacemen decided that they’d just treat it as a virus case from the get go. She’s been discharged (I’m still not clear what laid her low) and is going to ride it out with an adult daughter that lives nearby.

    Now here’s what I know about the “full hospital.” Last spring my wife had an anaphylactic shock reaction to contrast dye and was rushed there (while I was blithely puttering around somewhere else) by ambulance and treated in the ER. It took them seven hours to get her a bed. Full is not an unusual condition for it; in fact, they’re busy building another wing on the joint. There are literally two assisted living centers within a mile of the place and it has hospice facilities as well. I would not make the assumption that “full” means full of virus cases. In this county we’ve had 163 cases and four fatalities. Over in the big city, 1570 and 34 (mathematically that would be about a .17% infection rate in the city with about a 2% mortality rate *assuming* accurate diagnoses and numbers and that I can basic math). Over in the most populous suburban county (north and east of us), it’s 265 and four.

    The mother of my grandchildren lives two miles away and is a professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine in downtown Indy. I’m probably getting my dates mixed up but I feel like it was four weeks ago that the IU School for Early Childhood Development (aka, day care for the med school) closed up so she began exclusively working from home. A couple of weeks after that she insisted my son, her husband, quit working and stay home; that was just a few days before the governor decided we all needed to stay put. I’d say that a couple, three weeks ago, she was wound up tight as a $2 watch, but I’d also say, she’s now unwound about 75% from that. She and my son brought the triplets for a drive by visit last Thursday (they were unstrapped from their car seats but couldn’t get out of the van; one of the girls sang “It’s a Wonderful World” for us, cute little buggers) at which time she told me that the dean of the med school had told her to expect to start back up on July 1. Now she’s fretting about how to get 5 months worth of school crammed in before the end of semester at the end of August but that’s a different set of worries from thinking we’re having a repeat of the Spanish Flu (I think, but she wouldn’t admit it if I were right, that that’s what she was thinking was going on).

    I’ll admit, I rarely ask her a question about the current circumstances because often I get back a lot of jargon I don’t understand and playing 20 questions gets tedious. I worked in IT for 35 years and she doesn’t ask me about her laptop issues so, we’re even. 😉

    Sorry for the rambling post!

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    • That was an intensely personal and interesting perspective! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • Kureelpa says:

      My husband calls that question, answer sequence – ‘stump the chump’, reckons his Boss likes to play it with him, on occasion, we joke about it.
      We Skype our Grandkids, sometimes it goes on for 3 hours, but they are in another country.

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      • namberak says:

        I have a friend in Australia and he catches up with me via Facetime. It’s great we can connect this way. He called yesterday and among the news from down under was that he expects they’ll be on lockdown, as he called it, for four or five months because they’re just getting into their flu season down there, while we’re emerging from ours. They also have six cruise ships bobbing around outside Sydney harbor that someone needs to account for.

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  25. DCBOY says:

    CDC reports deaths (for the 2 month period from 2/1 to 3/28) from diseases in the US per day (approximate average): all diseases 7,978, pneumonia 442, Covid 20 . Today’s headline: New York reels at 631 deaths in one day, U.S. at 1,495. Deaths per CDC for 1 day (4/4): NYC 315, NY 626, U.S. 1,344. New York City infection rate approximately 50%, New York infection rate 40.1%.

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  26. Mojo says:

    Here in my NC tri-county area (of which we have one full service hospital and one smaller hospital) of 410,000 people we have 66 confirmed cases as of 4/4. No hospitalizations and no deaths. But we have a temporary hospital in place, on standby ready to go….

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  27. frankbrus says:

    Is this being over hyped to destroy the Trump economy heading into December? Remember the theory that no president can lose when the economy is roaring. Here is an interesting video blog on the claim by a “doctor” at Elmhurst Hospital NY:


    • namberak says:

      “Is this being over hyped to destroy the Trump economy heading into December?” I believe that’s almost exactly what’s going on, otherwise there’s simply no explaining the Organs of State Propaganda deluging us with pandemic porn 24/7. The ironic thing, at least to me is, I think it’s probably solidified PDJT’s support and increased it some.

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  28. arnoldfishman says:

    I want to broach another thought to what we are witnessing. A lot of Christians around the nation are praying a storm up over this virus. Instead of thinking something is wrong here (aka faux crisis”, what about approaching this from a faith standpoint? Perhaps the LORD is hearing and answering our prayers for His mercy to be extended and doing exactly what we are asking Him for: stemming and pushing back this epidemic, healing individuals and keeping others from catching it. Just something to consider…

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  29. Justin Burch says:

    Canada is now having managers of nonprivate care homes in Canada sit down with the family members of residents and gently break it to them that anyone in a care home who gets the coronavirus will not be sent to hospital. They are also supposed to speak directly to competent elderly patients and describe how horrific it is to and how painful to go through intubation and then asking them to voluntarily sign waiver so they don’t get hospital care. The residents of nursing home will be given “comfort care” in the nursing home including a large dose of morphine for pain while they pass. Private nursing home have variable directives. People unhappy with this are free to take their elderly home.

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  30. StanH says:

    Hmm…what does it mean? Who benefits?

    The WuHan Flu has achieved what a 24/7 globalist/NWO news-cycle couldn’t achieve.

    Install Suspicious Kitty here.

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  31. Rainy says:

    Brought my mom to the Doctors on Friday for another follow up after hip replacement which thank God she had done before all this started.
    When we walked in the main building two nurses wearing gowns and masks were there to demand we have our temperatures taken…with a mouth thermometer!! I was so pissed off about it!! Come to find out they were not even from my moms doctors office!! They were from another office in the building.
    The doctors office was empty. Its usually busy with patients coming and going.
    The doctor said basically this was all a crock…that people have had it from back in December and it would run its course and they were fine for the most part.
    Friday was the last day they would be open.They were closing the office.

    Liked by 2 people

  32. Natalie Gordon says:

    My son is healthcare aide in Winnipeg at the major tertiary care teaching hospital that serves a population of two million for Manitoba, western Ontario and the far north. He is currently on 14 day quarantine due to being exposed to a symptomatic patient who later tested positive. Before the virus “hit” they reopened an older building that had been shut down and moved every patient who was able to be cared for without oxygen to that older facility. They then repurposed two wards solely for treating coronavirus patients. Until he was quarantined, he says that space is currently filling rapidly with six additional patients in intensive care on ventilators a number that went up from 1 to 6 in one 24 hour period. The ER is bedlam. Everyone in protective gear but no N95s just surgical masks. We have community spread here now inspire of an early lock down. My son also reports that the few transport workers there are still worker are running double shifts and working as many days as they can because so many health care workers are out due to lack of PPE. In one single day over 70 health care workers got exposed and had to go into self isolation because of lack of PPE. The government was holding it back to conserve it until the crisis hit. All patients assumed to be infected until proven otherwise. Staff now have PPE but no N95 masks. It’s bad here.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Richard B. Watrous says:

    In healthcare for 38 years….it’s still flu season…??? CDC estimates 15,000 to 60,000 die annually from that…I doubt it’s a war zone and all hospitals get overwhelmed at times regularly parking people in the hallways with no rooms available…. especially Emergency Rooms…As for the 19 yr old dying ? Well alot of unhealthy 19 yo people in America. What was his health history ? In Upstate NY the hospitals are empty and laying off people…Drs and Nurses….that’s the real crisis.. bankrupt hospitals …and the propoganda…smells like a war to me…

    Liked by 2 people

  34. kallibella says:

    I live in the Chicago area, approximately 30 miles west of the Loop, in DuPage county. In my immediate area/neighborhood there are three good hospitals. My sister is a medical doctor and works in a Family Medicine practice and sees patients at one of these major hospitals mentioned.
    I asked her how things were at work, and she said all her non-emergency patients were either rescheduled/postponed or encouraged to have e-health consultations.

    She would only see emergencies, as per her hospital/practice management. Of course, this is done to supposedly free up any and all medical equipment and medical personnel to care and assist for the supposed enormous number of CV-19 cases. But I haven’t heard her having to further modify her schedule to assist due to large number of patients all of a sudden.

    In her hospital they had two patients pass away from Covid-19 a couple of weeks ago and I am not aware they have many cases there.

    This could indeed be a very good thing. It could be that the infections are not causing people infected to go seek emergency care. I would think that if Chicago runs out of hospital capacity that the most immediate suburban hospitals would step in and assist. However, I haven’t heard that in the local news at all.

    In Illinois, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health, the numbers are as follows:
    People testes: 53,581
    Positive: 10,357
    Deaths: 243
    Updated on 4/4/2020.
    The deaths are concentrated in Chicago (76), Cook County (91), DuPage County (18). That’s roughly around 76% of the deaths.

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  35. Greg1 says:

    I call my Mom every day, she’s half an hour from me. Because the virus is in my county on the edge of Eastern/Central Kentucky, I’ve not been to see her in a month.

    A little further east of both of us is a small town with the largest hospital in the area. I asked Mom about whether or not there were virus cases there. She told me that county is sending people to be tested in the next county over, which is a LOT smaller in population and facilities than the town with the hospital. The smaller county only has a clinic, NOT a hospital!

    The hospital in the larger county LAID OFF 300 people because of no business, and had to send testing to the smaller county! Which obviously puts the folks in the smaller county at risk for spreading the virus! When that hospital can’t handle something medically, they send people to Lexington. It’s the biggest hospital in the area, other counties send people there, and they laid off 300 people?!?!?

    Maybe things are terrible in big cities, but these decisions are going to cost other people their lives, separate from the virus.

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  36. Pat says:

    Here in Myrtle Beach, SC, there have been 2 deaths so far attributed to Kung Flu. Both elderly.
    Played golf yesterday!

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  37. In the Kansas City area hospitals situated in lower income areas seem to be the busiest. My brother works at one of these. He said they have Corona patients, most have ‘f-d up lungs’ and are over weight. A doctor I spoke with last week said their hospital hadn’t had not been hit very hard, but was preparing for the upcoming surge in patients that is predicted. Everyone in the know that I have spoken with says most who are hit hard are older and with compromised health, the biggest complaint is lack of PPE and Testing.

    I am not going to say that Wuhan Flu isn’t dangerous, it is dangerous, but the bigger danger is the hype being created by media, politicians and the so-called experts.

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    • suburbanwoman says:


      I’m in eastern Jackson Co. I personally know of a traveling respiratory therapist that was laid off from the hospital in Independence Friday because he isn’t needed. He packed up and went home to his family in another state.

      He didn’t comment on how slow or busy the hospital is or has been.


  38. TomD1999 says:

    Florida Panhandle, Santa Rosa County, population 150,000. 50 confirmed cases, up from 44 a week ago. Two deaths, one a month ago and another a week ago. Traffic is light but life is fairly normal.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. CC says:

    From the SW ‘burbs of Chicago, Mariano’s, a Kroger subsidiary….still has empty toilet paper and paper towel shelves. They were empty a few days ago, too…meat freezers looking pathetic. Boxed foods, in the freezer, also anemic…local road traffic low.

    Parking lot at HD, for Sunday morning at 0800, pretty full for not being a grocery store….Verizon has a huge sign in their window, saying “OPEN”….

    Local Target and Walmart are reported to start the metered/monitored number of people in stores.

    With interrupted supply chain…increasing numbers of deaths and sick people/positive cases…EBT cards recently loaded.

    I have found that the more expensive stores are the least crowded. My own response is that I shop for essentials only…saving my money for now.


  40. Charlie Hargrave says:

    One of my cousins, a nurse in a major New Orleans hospital began his week off yesterday.


  41. Zephyrbreeze says:

    We have 3 COVIDs hospitalized in 42,000 square miles.
    18 active.
    11 recovered.
    1 death


  42. Bill, Volusia County Florida says:

    Volusia County, Florida, 11th largest county in 3rd largest state, 550,000 population with 1,500 acute care hospital beds spread among 6-8 different hospitals. As of today, April 5th we have 134 positive tests with 10% of all testing positive, 90% of all testing negative. To date, 2 deaths and 32 hospitalizations, utilizing only 2% of the available acute care beds. First positive test was March 8th, peak day of positive tests was four days ago at 22 positives in a single day, since then the new positives have been 12, 12, and yesterday 7. Could be that we have seen the peak and again only 2 of 550,000 fatalities (note: from March 6th – March 16th approximately 250,000 bikers were in Daytona for Bike Week and we had more fatalities from bike accidents in one week than from coronavirus to date). In view of this, the unelected County Manager closed all Volusia County beaches effective 12:01am Friday, April 3rd BUT by noon Saturday, April 4th it appears the elected County Council reversed that decision (maybe due to a flood of phone calls and email from the citizens of county who pay for the beaches). Holding your local elected officials accountable (I don’t consider them leaders) is a strategy that worked in this instance.


  43. beng135 says:

    First-time poster. Heard from a number of local sources the same thing — local hospital here in western MD is partially empty of both patients and personnel. Many medical offices closed down.


  44. Kulak69 says:

    “There’s something really odd, a profound disconnect of sorts, between what the media is sharing and the reality of what the general public is reporting from their own experience.”

    This sentence accurately describes most of my adult life and certainly my 25 years in the US armed forces. If it’s not in the Bible, it probably could be.

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  45. J says:

    My niece is an RN at a large hospital in Ann Arbor Michigan. The county it resides in has the third most cases in the State of Michigan according to the Detroit News tracker. Her hospital cleared 3 floors for the influx of Chinese flu patients they were told to expect. She has been forced to take her 3 weeks of vacation because there are no patients at all.

    This is all a lie. From the contagiousness to the death rate. All a lie.

    My county has the fourth most cases. Of the hundreds of people I know none of them have the virus. And only my sister, who is a respiratory therapist at a large senior nursing home, does. They got their first case yesterday.

    This is all a lie. My powder is dry. My family has been notified. I am ready. This must stop and stop now. I am extremely disappointed in President Trump for letting these liars continue to spread mass hysteria when thier models continue to be wrong by a factor of four.


    • J says:

      Also as I drive around and look at the regional hospitals and large Medical Centers with emergency services, they are ghost towns.


  46. CT Mike says:

    My first post but I can’t let this go. April 2 Hartford Current headlines in huge bold letters Newborn baby amount dead. Reference to a 6 week our baby brought into a local Hartford hospital unresponsive and subsequently tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Our Governor, Ned Lamont, being a good Democrat and not to let any crises go to waste held a press conference the day before which was the source for the Hartford Current. A few of his actual quotes are as follows “It is with heartbreaking sadness today that we can confirm the first pediatric fatality in Connecticut linked to #COVID19. A 6-week-old newborn from the Hartford area was brought unresponsive to a hospital late last week and could not be revived. ” And “Testing confirmed last night that the newborn was COVID-19 positive. This is absolutely heartbreaking. We believe this is one of the youngest lives lost anywhere due to complications relating to COVID-19.” He made other dramatic statements but this pretty much sums it up. As everybody here probably already suspected this was an outright lie. Not a misunderstand or not stated as preliminary information but a statement of fact that was known to be wrong. It has been reported today by people following the case that the baby actually died from accidental suffocation and that fact was available immediately. The Hartford Current has reported that the baby’s death will be investigated but of course has not reported the facts and if they ever do the chances of repeating this in bold headlines on the from page are less than zero.
    There is no accountability for this evil. At least not until judgement day. Maybe we should all pray for the souls of all these evil doers.


  47. Bobby Alley says:

    I work at a large hospital in the Midwest. Normally we would have over 700 admitted. Today its about 300 and they are asking personnel that have PTO time to start using it. I can only confirm 2 admitted patients to have Covid19.


  48. dscottv says:

    I’m in Suwannee County Florida. 17 cases and zero deaths. I don’t know any of the infected.


  49. Mike Robinson says:

    “We’ve been had.” As an entire world(!) – we’ve been had.


    • John Good says:

      And, most people I know will take REVENGE against a World-Wide Scam of this magnitude!

      We may be “living thru the death of the Democratic Party” as once they are caught, no-one except the Loons will vote for them!

      Unless, it was fake-news, history says that Ted Kennedy in the mid 60’s saw that Americans were not going to vote for the Dems anymore because of their radical policies (sound familiar?), so he opened-up the borders to the illegals, gave them Gov’t Freebies, knowing that they would vote Democrat to keep the freebies coming! This is ONE of the reasons that Trump is a threat to their way of life & we must stop ALL forms of illegal-voting & cheating that the Dems have enabled over the yrs.

      President Trump must make all voters vote only on Election Day & show valid gov’t ID & vote only with paper ballots. And have Election Police look over the shoulders of the Ballot Counters & make it a felony for Election Fraud!

      The alternative is “Socialist Canada!


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