Maria Bartiromo Questions 3M CEO Mike Roman About Selling Healthcare Masks To Foreign Governments…

Everything you would ever need to know about a slimy multinational corporate executive is laid out in this interview with 3M CEO Mike Roman.  While answering questions globalist Roman tries to hide what 3M is doing by stuttering and stammering around cover words.

Keep in mind, 3M is a U.S. owned company doing manufacturing business inside China. However, Beijing took control over 3M and nationalized their manufacturing facilities.  But Roman doesn’t want to admit what happened. Listen carefully at 03:00:

“we have produced millions of respirators and now we have arranged to import more masks from China.  We have an agreement to allow us to export ten million additional masks a month out of China”…

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207 Responses to Maria Bartiromo Questions 3M CEO Mike Roman About Selling Healthcare Masks To Foreign Governments…

  1. TonyE says:

    Screw 3M. They have to get permission from the ChiComs? What kind of management allows this? What kind of management.. or wait, American MBAs of course. Fools, morons, imbeciles: they claim “income” and “assets” in their bottom line but they can NOT repatriate it, they can not even control it.

    So, their stock prices are simply fake, huh?

    My wife had a wonderful idea the other night… this Christmas we’re going to buy stuff from Mike Lindell’s My Pillow company. Pillow, sheets, duvets, whatever, we’re gonna blow a wad on that company.

    We’re gonna have so much Giza Cotton around us that we’ll go to sleep feeling like Pharaohs. King Tut and Cleopatra never had it so good.

    Everybody should start supporting American Companies.

    I guess there’s still some Americans in Minnesota.

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    • Kristin DeBacco says:

      The pillows are good but the sheets are great!! The duvet cover is also great.
      Get them.

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      • amazed treetop downlooker says:

        Thx, Kristin, we too love the MyPillows so much, we even have ‘em @ all the out of town grandkids’ houses for when we overnight. Will get some sheets now, thanks to so many Treepers’ reports of their qualities & the fact that Patriots like Mike Lindell & his American workforce deserve our full backing !

        We should nationalize ‘em, @least for the duration of this crisis, which DS fauxpeachment coupstercriminal bankster overlords, abetted by their seditious – knowingly or unwittingly – anti-American REPUBLIC globalist accomplice minions like 3M, would NEVER have fessed up to, but for this hostile viral (?cover-up for 5G-), ChiComCON led, all out war/attack on US & its western allies….now they’re EXPOSED for what/who they are….QUISLINGS!!!, thanks to VSGPDJT & Team Patriots ! ChiCom Bastards, shipping us, Spain, Italy & God knows where else, defective and/or SARS-Covid-2 contaminated defective COVID-19 test kits, defective N95 masks likewise virally contaminated !

        Support & PRAY FOR CIC PDJT-led Patriot Team Trump & MyPillow & ALL LOYALpro-American companies…as for our true enemies, let all American Patriots do ALL WE CAN, individually & collectively, to remember that God will deal with them in His own sovereignty just way…let us ALL DO ALL we can to expedite the meetings ! WAKE UP, AMERICA – WAR HAS BEEN declared against us !


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    • Ono says:

      I live in Ca. and bought a Flo Bed, made in Ca. 100% natural latex and comfort beyond belief.

      Expensive but compared to synthetic foam from china that had me living in constant pain (Migraine) well worth it.

      As a building contractor I know all to well that the best way to get rid of industrial wast is to incorporate into a building product.

      Drywall is super toxic and 99% comes from China.

      Mold is far worse than this virus.

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    • LULU says:

      That is the price of setting up business in Communist China. If at any time you thwart them, they simply natonalize the business. Full stop.

      Being global isn’t just a walk in the park. It is a hazardous gamble on the part of American companies that take the bait.

      Been there, done that. And have known Romans, evey a few decades ago. They all use the same words. Corporatespeak. Roman sounds as though he is in over his head in what has been rather an amazing American business…

      (And no, he darned well doesn’t want to talk with President Trump about now!)

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      • LULU says:

        My reply was to TonyE’s where he said: They have to get permission from the ChiComs? What kind of management allows this? What kind of management.. or wait, American MBAs of course. Fools, morons, imbeciles: they claim “income” and “assets” in their bottom line but they can NOT repatriate it, they can not even control it.

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  2. bulwarker says:

    We are at war with China. Its time the government acts like it.

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  3. Rock Knutne says:

    Weasel words. Another leftist adept at weasel words.

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    • waynesteapartyworld says:

      Yep, an avalanche of jibber jabber.

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    • Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

      This guy contradicted himself on everything he said. We didn’t sell to the highest bidder, oh, our distributors did that not us. Were an importer, no exporter, importer. And, why would a company be working with the FBI / DOJ on price gouging investigations? That’s like a fox working with a farmer on the fence around the chicken coup.

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  4. 3kidmama says:

    3M is a Minnesota Company.

    Everyone in my immediate family is a MN hospital health care worker. Last Monday at the Twin Cities VA Hospital, one of our daughters (surgical nurse) and her co-workers were told to come get measured for the N95 masks – as everyone was rushing around setting up for additional Covid Veteran patients.

    A couple hrs later, the word came back – “Nevermind. We do not have enough masks for you nurses anyway!”

    “Mom, you can’t even imagine what that did to our already stressed morale” Yet they continue to care for our nation’s heroes.

    SHAME on 3M!!!!!

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    • oldumb says:

      Did new information come in, saying the virus was airborne? It was my understanding the virus transmits via contact and was not airborne, unless a procedure cause body fluids to aerosol.
      Dr. David Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City shares information in a Mar. 22 Zoom call with family and friends on empowering and protecting families during the COVID-19 pandemic


  5. boomerbeth says:

    3M discount price list per unit. For DISTRIBUTORS

    Click to access 3M-Respirator-Direct-Price-List.pdf


  6. AloftWalt says:

    Familiarize yourselves with the BoD of 3M and you’ll surely understand the company’s motive.

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  7. Shyster says:

    This idiot traitor’s excuse is the “humanitarian” sales that need to be made to foreign governments while American heath workers and the public are infected and die. What about the “humanitarian” needs of your fellow countrymen? Total scumbag globalist!

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  8. Apple is another example that could lose almost all of its product if China decided to nationalize Apple factories in China. So Appl with about 85% of its production in China like MMM with about 85% of its production in China could lose it all. China can nationalize any production factory in China that it considers critical. Idiot CEO’s never even read the fine print.

    Lucky for Apple, China does not like the Appl phones and China has better products for much less money.

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    • BoreMole says:

      If by better products, you mean the same product just with a different Chicom friendly label slapped on the stolen tech, then yes, thats correct.

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    • namberak says:

      Sometime last year, Apple moved a bunch of iPhone production to India. It was reported in the techno-press that it was enough capacity to fill US iPhone demand. They’ve opened a new iMac plant in Austin. I think Cook might be getting some smarts about his situation but it would take quite awhile to alleviate it. We’ll see.


  9. Gail says:

    God bless Maria! What a tiger!! She wouldn’t let him off the hook.

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  10. Vidodrone says:

    Back in the late 1970’s 3M ventured in to video gear, they made “Character Generators” now referred to as “Chyrons” (Propriety name of a another mfr that defined a generic product – think Kleenex and Xerox) Once the product support ran out they wouldn’t answer the phone.

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    • namberak says:

      I wish you hadn’t told that story because I had the same experience with one of their products back in the 70s and I can’t remember what it was, so of course now I’m going to have to waste a lot of scare cycles trying to remember it! 😉


  11. johnny andrew says:

    Maria, should interview Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist to review the following info: .

    On Friday, April 3, 2020 Sean Davis took a serious look at the IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) Coronavirus model and called it “garbage.” Davis makes his case through a series of tweets (below).

    Davis found that the actual numbers of hospitalizations on April 1 were a fraction of the numbers projected by the IHME model. The problem with the model, he discovered, is that it uses New York and New Jersey data and applies it to the rest of the states.

    The actual numbers range from a low of 9% in Tennessee of the projection to a high of 50% in Virginia. Here are some examples:

    The model projected that over 121,000 people would be hospitalized in the country yesterday. The actual number was 31,142. (25.7%).

    Texas: Projection – 1,716; Actual – 196 (11.4%)
    Georgia: Projection – 2,777; Actual – 952 (34.3%)
    Virginia: Projection – 607; Actual – 305 (50%)
    Tennessee: Projection – 2,214; Actual number – 200 (9%)
    New York: Projection – 50,962; Actual number – 18,368 (36%)

    Davis writes that if we’re going to shut down the entire nation’s economy to “flatten the curve” based on the projections of a single model, it shouldn’t be too much to ask that the model approximate reality when it comes to hospitalizations.

    PDJT – needs to read this Federalist report. Then expose these 2 phony’s (Brix and mentor Fauci) on national TV then remove these 2 Democrap and Bill Gates lemmings.

    We need to get our country back to work again, ASAP! Before they destroy it more!

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    • Rock Knutne says:

      Johnny Andrew ~~

      Thanks for that tweet thread from Sean Davis!

      I just copied and pasted it into an email and sent it to my contact list.


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    • Webgirlpdx says:

      The President knows these models are a crock but he has let all the “scientists” put their necks out. The rest of the country will be back in business by April 30 which he knows now.

      Let the fools like Cuomo, Blackface and other fatalist Governors figure out their own crap. Even Inslee in WA has a flattened curve and is pretty quiet now.

      We’re moving on. Love my President.


  12. Angel Martin says:

    Trump should deal with this 3M guy the way Putin deals with traitorous globalist oligarchs: take away all their money and put them in jail !

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    • amazed treetop downlooker says:

      Take All they have or ever did have/gave away to whatever guilty parties, then….turn ‘em loose, alone, one by one, in the public square…once the ‘ stay @ home out of work order’ has been lifted AND they have been fully & repeatedly exposed…


  13. nimrodman says:

    “We have an agreement to allow us to export ten million additional masks a month out of China”…


    “Our captors and overlords have agreed to allow us to export ten million additional masks a month out of China”…

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    • nimrodman says:

      … ps – those masks – in their shipping boxes – should be irradiated upon arrival in the US

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Legal question for the Legal Types:

      3M is incorporated in Delaware. If China truly has “control” over 3M operations (a fact that should be easily provable, I would think), and, therefore(question mark), is technically not a “U.S. Corporation”(question mark)… can the U.S. Government just tell 3M to take a hike? Go incorporate in China, or whatever it is they do over there?

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      • WSB says:

        Because it seems 3M are a monopoly for several products, the US should tell China to take a walk amd make 3M MAKE everything here.

        I would declare 3M China an embassy, pack up all of the equipment, ship everything, sanitize everything and get to it!!!!

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  14. Lady in Red says:

    Roman is a founding partner of New Economy Forum. Along with Bill Gates.

    “…New Economy Forum to discuss and debate urgent global issues and lay the groundwork for real action. This global community works together to create a path forward that supports a thriving, inclusive global economy.”

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  15. 13wasylyna says:

    We dint want any masks made in stinking china. No one can be sure they havent spit on them before packaging…we want masks made by Americans in America….it would not surprise me that 3M asked China to nationalize their facility toendanger Americans

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  16. Aleksandra Rohde says:

    One of my college friends was an art student who used a 3M adhesive product for mounting photographs. She had to go in for testing because the 3M adhesive could cause infertility. She was just 20 and terrified she could never have a family. 3M sucked back then, too.

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  17. WSB says:

    FUBAR. FUBAR. FUBAR!!!!!!!!

    Mr.3M should be forced to open a US plant yesterday!!!!

    “We are rethinking…”


    Too bad for other countries. If this company is licensed in the US, act like it. We have consequences HERE!!!!!!

    Not to mention, no one should be a monopoly! How did 3M become the sole provider for these respirators? Only six distributors in the US.

    There needs to be a complete restructuring of how US companies do business and emergency services for the US. Period.

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  18. samwise163 says:

    That interview is a microcosm of how corporations view the disposability of the average American. I have nothing but Cold Anger for Mike Roman.

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  19. SSI01 says:

    So this is what one of those “world citizens,” one of those genius “captains of industry” looks and sounds like when someone who knows how to ask a tough, pointed question has him by the short & curlies. The managing directors plus the stockholders all share blame for this guy as well, they had to endorse his efforts.

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  20. Wow, what a complete slimeball. This is not the only American company completely subjugated to the Chinese. Check out Marriott Hotels..they are not allowed to permit any criticism of the Chinese government…what the heck is wrong with these people. Also I know the quality of 3 M products is down the toilet..cannot even produce packing tape that sticks….didn’t realize made in China.

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  21. Perot Conservative says:

    Question: any idea how many non-salesman 3M jobs are still in America? How many jobs left in Minnesota?

    Imported 3M masks should receive HEAVY and ONGOING QA checks!!

    Proposal to spur Internal Manufacturing

    An Executive Order requiring 75% of domestic Federal Government purchases to be nade in the USA?

    How about State & local governments as well?

    How much might those products increase in price?

    Non-Violent Prisoner Manufacturing?

    Libs always trot out the ‘non violent prisoners’ argument. Could we have a few prisons make supplies, to be stockpiled for emergencies? I know it gets tricky with unions, competition, etc., but if they even produced 20% of our stockpile & became an emergency labor force in reserve… it would give us flexibility & they fain skills.

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    • oldumb says:

      Nice ideas but I am 100% against prison labor supplanting private industry. Americans can’t compete against any form of slave labor – either china’s or prisoners. If there was a market the US companies can supply it. We supply nothing because the market went to slave labor companies.


  22. fixintostand says:

    A typical liberal globalist that twists, conflates, stutters and talks in circles when asked hard questions. He says we are “all in” yeah right, but China controls your every move, your not fooling anyone.

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  23. Kerry Gimbel says:

    3M once a proud company. Now a profound disgrace. Glad they have been exposed

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  24. iswhatitis says:

    Of the various Fox pundits / reporters:

    Maria Bartiromo and Lou Dobbs are the only two I still have a lot of trust in (say, 95% to 100%).

    Tucker, I have about 75% trust in him – he’s mostly going in the same direction, but he does have his own agenda (Ann Coulter is similar, although at an even lower percentage).

    Hannity – maybe 50%-60%. Same as Tucker – has his own agenda but it roughly corresponds.

    So, I look forward to both Maria and Lou when they tackle a subject.

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  25. Roddy Pineda says:

    DUDE you were already playing GOD – just chose to kill Americans!!! Thanks GOD you got taken over – an American company focus is on American citizens – IF them we can help Canada or Latin America will do.

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  26. Dan Dan says:


    …it’s difficult for us to play GOD(3M CEO)…

    No one is asking you to play GOD… but you can at least act like your a Citizen of the USA…!!!

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    • Electra says:

      Yeah. I just about lost it when I heard him say that. And the weird thing was that he seemed to think this was some sort of justification rather than a disgusting admission. Like, “We can’t choose between American lives and Chinese lives. How can you ask us to do that?” This really illustrates how far these globalists have devolved. They can’t even imagine prioritizing the lives of their own friends, families and communities any more. Of course their Chinese masters would never allow them to think otherwise.

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      • 1nikao says:

        Do you misinterpret WHO their friends, families, and communities are?
        These people consider themselves globalists (just as we consider ourselves deplorable). I am a proud Hoosier.
        Globalists have no loyalty to America or Americans. They dont value the lives of Americans before any other and they dont consider Americans their friends, families, or community.
        They are above you and me, in the order of class. They don’t agree with George, John, Benjamin, Thomas, along with the other Georges, Johns, Williams, & other colonists legislators who believed we were each our own autonomous kings, so long as we were law-abiding.
        These new world persons are self-appointed kings.


    • auntiefran413 says:

      He doesn’t consider himself a citizen of the USA; he’s a World citizen! It says so on his passport. /s

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  27. Tom Hansen says:

    It looks like the 3M CEO and top corporate brass have sold their souls to the Chicoms. They are proxies for the Chicoms. 3M is a ChiCom company which has been flipped by the Chinese. The entire leadership needs to picked up for treason, espionage, and conspiring with the enemy.

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  28. David R. Graham says:

    Lovely, for him it is only a management/cost issue, mostly narrative/stocks management. Leadership, zero. “Yeah, Maria, my countrymen need that, we’re going to get it to them come what may.” Words a Globalist cannot bring their self to entertain, much less utter. Poor fellow.

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  29. pap says:

    everything coming out of china is crap… IF china is shipping 3m crap to the USA is very suspect… I don’t trust it. .

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  30. Liberty ONE says:

    Hey Mr. Roman, maybe someone SHOULD inform you that your company is an AMERICAN company. YOU permitted the CHI-COMS to “nationalize” your company’s facility, so NOW you have to seek PERMISSION to ship 3M’s products to this country.Shut your F’in manufacturing down in China! You’re a GLOBALIST LIAR stumbling all over your words!

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  31. sonoftrump says:

    Tom Donahue should swing from his scrotum dangling from a meat hook! The activity of the National CoC defines “sedition”. Consequences are long past due!

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  32. Pete says:

    3M CEO Mike Roman keeps repeating that there are consequences if they are not able to supply the respirator and mask requirements of foreign countries yet he seem to ignore the consequences to 3M if they fail to serve the needs of hospitals and first responders here in the US. It’s a liberal argument that puts foreigners first ahead of American interests. Thank God for Trump for making a quick and decisive action against 3M


  33. Pete says:

    3M CEO Mike Roman keeps repeating that there are consequences if they are not able to supply the respirator and mask requirements of foreign countries yet he seem to ignore the consequ⁷ences to 3M if they fail to serve the needs of hospitals and first responders here in the US. It’s a liberal argument that puts foreigners first ahead of American interests. Thank God for Trump for making a quick and decisive action against 3M


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