Sunday Talks: Dr. Deborah Birx -vs- Chuck Todd

White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx, appears on Meet the Press to discuss next steps with Chuck Todd. Recently the media has become very angry at Dr. Birx because she has not been anti-Trump enough, and the resistance members are unhappy with her. If Dr. Birx does not tread carefully she could be identified soon as a Russian asset.

Condescending Chuck Todd explains to Dr. Birx that his knowledge and political experience gives him keen insight into the world of virus mitigation; and that makes his status superior to the doctor.

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93 Responses to Sunday Talks: Dr. Deborah Birx -vs- Chuck Todd

  1. Revelation says:

    Chuck Todd is a weasel.

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    • 4EDouglas says:

      No a Toad-ribbtt,ribittt. and as about as knowledgeable..

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    • gunrunner03 says:

      You’re giving weasels a bad name. He’s a kcid daeh.

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    • GB Bari says:

      He is certainly useless as an interviewer seeking facts as opposed to a narrative purveyor seeking more incautious statements that can be twisted into feeding the preferred narrative.

      Fortunately Dr. Birx appears to be well-aware of the deceit and treachery of Todd (as well as most of the DemonRAT-biased Media), having now witnessed their despicable, dysfunctional behavior first hand in VP Pence’s daily CV Task Force briefings.

      As such her answers are fairly well limited to hard facts and statements of policy within her area of responsibility. She wisely does not offer any conjecture about the Administrations future plans or edicts. She has learned quickly.

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      • vikingmom says:

        When sane people get railroaded by the partisan nutcases of the MSM they suddenly start to see things in a different light! Once you have been lied to, and lied about, you learn how to play the game…Dr. Birx doesn’t appear to be the DC cocktail party circuit type (as opposed to Dr. Fauci, who clearly desperately needs to be included as one of the “cool kids”) so she is probably weighing her words carefully so that no one can misconstrue them to fit an agenda.

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      • GB, excellent observations! And speaking of Task force Briefs, Birx has attended (and spoken) more than Fauci as of late. Birx shines a light on conclusions based on bad (or nonexistent) data with data she has collected and/or seen.

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        • Raptors2020 says:

          It’s television. Good-looking people (Dr Birx) start out with a huge advantage.
          A handsome high-school dropout named Peter Jennings became the anchor at ABC News.
          The protagonist of the novel Being There, Chauncey Gardiner, was a handsome imbecile in an expensive suit. He became a sensation on TV.
          Sarah Palin’s beautiful face drove the Democrats insane. See what happens if our Sarah contests muddled Murkowski in 2022.

          The attempts to defeat Dr Birx head-on will be brief. Only fools and egomaniacs (hello,Chuck) will try it. They will instead resort to smears and character assassination.


        • GB Bari says:

          You are spot on about Birx pointing out inaccurate reports.

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      • fixintostand says:

        Dr. Brix handled this fantastic, she is an intelligent doctor with a calming demeanor. With all the silence after she had thoroughly answered his questions, it seemed like Chucks producers were having a hard time feeding him with gotcha questions. Would have made them look really bad for trying to treat her like President Trump. She came off as being in control, informed, and looking out for the people!

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    • James Carpenter aka "Felix" says:

      Be assured, members of the weasel family resent your comparison. Greatly. Bigly. Not to mention vociferously.


    • Rotor says:

      I call him Rat-Face Todd


    • beefrank says:

      No, Chuckie is a virus.


    • Trust, But Verify says:

      Well, when the c-sucking, a-hole,mf-ing Chuck Todd tries to nail the president via Dr. Birx, she shuts the c-sucking, a-hole,mf-ing Chuck Todd down . . . .

      Thank goodness for physicians and leaders like Dr. Birx.


    • sturmudgeon says:

      Sundance… your “patience wearing thin” is showing… several of your most recent articles have some strong, serious sarcasms..


    • ILOT says:

      Chuck Todd is a danger to the Republic…


  2. Johnny Bravo says:

    “I love me, who do you love?”
    Chuckie Toad

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  3. Drcrinum says:


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  4. lumoc1 says:

    The only way to correct with absolute certainty his behavior is by with applying a baseball bat and no words whatsoever. 😉

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  5. Tiffthis says:

    She handled him well. 💯

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    • bkrg2 says:

      I liked her response to the question “what is your recomendation to continued shutdown?”
      A: “I will let the President and VP know first”

      I was not sure where her loyalties lie, but she doen’t appear to be trying to make Trump look like an idiot (unlike her mentor Dr False-ee)

      I was totally shocked that Chuck Toad thanked her for her service at the end of interview.

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    • NvMtnOldMan says:

      Tiff–so does any other ADULT!!!!

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      I had some concerns given her background but from what I’ve seen she seems pretty decent.

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  6. TradeBait says:

    Why does anybody with any character lower themselves to being interviewed by that slime ball?

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  7. VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

    Have not watched yet, I do however want all to know that there is an App from Healthylinkd Corp for testing of the Coronavirus which will connect to all your contacts. Not good!

    It circumvents the right to Due Process laws. So if you value your privacy, and receive a message like my wife just did from her company, then let them know you do not consent to any of your personal or any of contacts personal information to be known.


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  8. Nice try Chuck. He was trying to get a jump on tomorrow’s announcement and Birx said nope. But Chuck was too stupid to see that Trump will be talking to Mayors tomorrow.

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  9. TonyE says:

    Chuckie forgot one big thing:

    DEMOCRAT Governors AND THE FAKE MEDIA are complaining about the Feds. You don’t hear that from REPUBLICAN Governors.

    And. if the Federal Government took over then they would call Trump a tyrant and would blame him for the longer supply chain of the meds.

    “Legal hurdles” to quarantine NYC but not for Westchester County?

    IMHO, stop New Yorkers from leaving and quarantine MSNBC and CNN.

    Chuck and the Progressives are loathsome. They are fear mongering. Where did he pull that “april” date? Out of his a$$.

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  10. YvonneMarie says:

    Dr Birx is a wonderful, smart, refreshing lady doctor !
    She is a great American.

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  11. Mike in a Truck says:

    Todd is a goats ass and his face looks like one.

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  12. Sundance – you are a classic: “Condescending Chuck Todd explains to Dr. Birx that his knowledge and political experience gives him keen insight into the world of virus mitigation; and that makes his status superior to the doctor.”

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  13. thebigharry says:

    That time delay stepped on his tactics.

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  14. If she was a Russian asset, she could stop the virus with $100k in Facebook ads.

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  15. Rachelle says:

    Journalists. Stupid and nasty.

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  16. Magabear says:

    Dr. Birx must wondering “who the hell scheduled me to be interviewed by that dumbass”?

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  17. lemontree says:

    Ask a doctor or medical researcher what to do to best prevent death and spread of the virus and of course they will say shut it all down. But we can’t live like that and we never have. it seems obvious to me the media absolutely wants all states shut down. I wonder why that is? Check the CDCs own numbers for regular flu influenza. Do the math. Then ask WTH is going on here?

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    • GB Bari says:

      C’mon now. That answer has been painfully evident for several weeks.

      The Left (DemonRATs and Globalists) simply wanted to use the virus outbreak to destroy the awesome economic numbers that President Trump’s MAGA policies and actions have built up, and now to delay for as long as possible any opportunity the Administration will have to rebuild the economic numbers before the election.

      The Left could not care less about the pain that this inflicts upon the majority of Americans, they want the shutdown to continue or get worse. None of the high level people pushing this agenda are hurting in the least – they are all wealthy and established in their positions.

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  18. as11115 says:

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  19. Pa Hermit says:

    I’m glad I no longer support the boob tube entity. How can we eliminate this garbage that is being aired? It’s always the MSM that we get to see/hear here at CTH, about time we get fresh air reporting from a true source of journalism. I’m tired of the Chuck Todds, Crissy Wallaces, and the like! Seems Maria B. is the only thing of value out of that slop we call boob tube!


    • leavemygunsalone says:

      If only for ONE day we could all pull together as Americans to cut off the Tv and not visit their websites or put clips of the MSM anywhere. Just one day, is that really asking too much? Take their power away from them.


  20. TwoLaine says:

    Supply & Demand Chuckie. Supply & Demand.

    Your Governor and all Governors should have prepped in advance. Hospitals should have prepped in advance. If you have 10 doctors + 24 staff you should have had AT LEAST 34 masks to start, possibly double or even triple.

    Hospitals should not wait for a pandemic and then whine they have no equipment. They know they are on the front line for any pandemic. They make enough $$$ off us to make sure their needs are met in all cases.

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    • borndwebb says:

      All this screaming about ventilators is strange. Ventilators are last chance devices. IF you need a ventilator you are not able to breath on your own. From China data, and Data (little at this point), however from sources when asking this question, they don’t know, but said it sounds about right. And if you are the 1 out ten that survives. Your lungs and body will maybe last another year I hear.

      the Gov and all those screaming for ventilators 30,000 ??? needed, He acts like everyone gets one. Far from it, far far in a distant galaxy.

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    • trialbytruth says:

      For years private hospitals got sweetheart loan deals from the feds. In The 70s we found out that money that hospitals promised to serve the I in return was used instead to retire patient debt off the books regardless of ability to pay.

      My.guess is some.of those same Grant and loan programs, many of them developed during the polio and cold. war years, still have all kinds of preparedness requirements.

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      • suburbanwoman says:

        I’m still trying to figure out how a granite stairway from the basement floor to the main level of one our local hospitals benefitted my husband’s health when he had a stent inserted 1 1/2 yrs ago. Let’s see…it didn’t do anything to help Doc insert the stent, it didn’t monitor any of his vitals, it didn’t administer anesthesiology during his surgery, had nothing to do with his diet. ***shrug*** Anybody else have an inkling how the granite stairs may have helped? /s


  21. cheering4america says:

    I can see why she is a good fit for President Trump’s Pandemic Team, she answers every attempt to find a negative with a positive, that is the kind of attitude that the President always displays.

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  22. The American Patriot says:




  23. Ellis says:

    Todd is a powerless hack and he can’t stand it.


  24. Here is the IHME computer model with projections for USA and projections for individual states

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  25. Merkin Muffley says:

    I didn’t know Tom Harkin ran a medical school.


  26. trialbytruth says:

    For years private hospitals got sweetheart loan deals from the feds. In The 70s we found out that money that hospitals promised to serve the I in return was used instead to retire patient debt off the books regardless of ability to pay.

    My.guess is some.of those same Grant and loan programs, many of them developed during the polio and cold. war years, still have all kinds of preparedness requirements.


  27. convert says:

    I guarantee you that she is now one liberal truly “woke”😂😂😂 That the DNC/media is attacking her like they are on Twitter and FB has got to be the shock of her life so far. I am sure she never dreamed in a million years that someone with her record of accomplishment would be ridiculed for her looks, wardrobe, called a “Stepford wife.” I hate to tell her, but she ain’t seen nothin’yet. She will suffer serious professional and social slights and outright shunning for the rest of her life. The Dem /Antifa establishment will see to it. But America will thank her for her sacrifice and service forever.

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  28. Sherri Young says:

    Not too delicately worded, but…

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  29. progpoker says:

    Chuck Todd is an Insufferable Boob.
    That is all… 😡


  30. iswhatitis says:

    Chuck Todd is probably the one commie propagandist I despise the most.

    Many are up there high on the list (such as Jake the Fake Tapper).

    But Chuck Todd get’s the #1 spot on my list.


  31. Yippeekiyay says:

    Well said, GB. Dr. Birx is doing a good job. She has seen enough now to know how to handle situations like this.

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  32. Robster says:

    She’s a doctor, you idiot! Why are you asking her questions about logistics !?!

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  33. dufrst says:

    What a POS Chuck Todd is. Truly a disgrace. Tim Russert is rolling in his grave and has been for the full time this fool has been at MTP.

    A throwback to Russert and Trump on a lazy Sunday

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  34. Deserttrek says:

    What the F is wrong with schmuck tod?


  35. Climate Heretic says:

    Dr Fauci and Dr Birx are not what they seem. Look at this video “amazing polly”. We are being played.

    Make your own judgements.

    Climate Heretic


  36. coltlending says:

    Very possibly, correct.

    George Carlin predicted they don’t give a shit about us. And the Soro’s and other elites probably feel the carnage won’t reach them. The World is already overpopulated with smelly people, right Harry Reid(?).

    In fact, the media, Liberal celebrities and political elite, puppets of the Globalists, realize their objective will be a lot easier with a whole lot of us America First Americans permanantly gone.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Mahr hasn’t actually said that in private company with perhaps Rob Reiner or Alec Baldwin smiling in agreement.

    At the outset, the virus is hitting the big cities, primarily Democrat, hard. The Dems who get launched across the rainbow by virtue of the virus are perhaps the sacrifice that those elites believe must be made for — their — future dreams to be fulfilled. Their comrades should be proud to take one for the team in the battle against America First, America. Perhaps the Uniparty & China are betting when it’s over, there will be more of them than America First Americans.

    That is, if the virus is significantly worse than previous flu epidemics (and the’re going to likely do their best to assure that happens). And, if the Uniparty and Globalists are successful in cratering our economy to an extent instituting nationwide martial law is required if the situation goes increasingly sideways, in which case they will have won the trifecta.

    The impending election is a whole nother area the media, Globalists and politicians can potentially effect a major dislocation to their benefit.

    The next few weeks are going to be the Republics Battle of the Bulge against these enemies of the Republic.

    This may be evolving into a War the likes of which Mankind and the American people have never seen.

    Will the American people writ large finally see what’s been going on? We’ll they play Patton’s Army and see what’s been going on for the last number of decades and put a stake thru the likes of the enemies of the Republic?

    If so many things that have happened over the last several years had not happened and if what is now happening wasn’t so damned conviently happening, I’d say I’m talking

    May the Republic survive🙏🙏🙏🙏


  37. namberak says:

    If you look up “room temperature IQ” the entry is accompanied with a picture of Chuck Toad…


  38. ezgoer says:

    Let’s get this straight ….. it’s Upchuck Todd. For a good reason.


  39. leavemygunsalone says:

    Serious question, how many scarves does that woman own? Always kinda interesting what people wear as their trademark.


  40. roy1982blog says:

    First off, I watched the first 10 seconds and have to say; Saturday night Twitter erupted about Judge Jeanie appearing drunk on her show. After 10 seconds of Chuck Todd, he seems heavily sedated, drunk, and high. I do t think either were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but the magic of in studio makeup and hair makes these TV personalities look so much different on TV then in real life.


  41. Zydeco says:

    F Cuck Todd before he F’s you.


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