Ground Reports – How Well Stocked is Your Neighborhood Grocery Store?…

By today the closure of dine-in restaurants should be in full swing across almost all areas. Understandably there’s going to be an operational lag as many of those restaurants don’t have the systems or equipment in place for exclusive take-out or pick-up services (ie. carry-out containers); though hopefully many are responding quickly to the changes.

The upstream consequence of the restaurant disruption is going to be even more pressure on grocery outlets already seeing additional traffic. Many people now shifting from meals “outside the home”, back to the more traditional “home-cooked” meals etc. Which brings up the question of the retail supermarket capacity to meet that extra demand.

This coronavirus event is like a nationwide pre-Hurricane shopping experience.

There have been numerous reports of wide-scale shortages in retail food markets. On the positive side this experienced supply chain has the ability to scale-up very fast (depending on region). However, on a national scale this is the first time the entire country has needed this level of increased retail food distribution simultaneously. To cope with the volume most stores appear to have reduced their hours of operation.

Hopefully, by mid-week the first set of full recovery orders should have arrived at your local grocer from a very busy regional distribution network. Note: “recovery orders” are not regular store deliveries; they are prioritized emergency replenishments, specifically for these types of events.  They can arrive on top of regular orders and deliveries.

With that in mind what are you experiencing in your city, town or neighborhood market? Use the comment section to share your experience. How is the supply chain responding to the increased demand in your area?   Has the panic buying settled down?

Of particular interest would be anyone in Illinois and Ohio (or mid-west if impacted), or areas with less logistical familiarity with state-wide emergency food supply distribution.

Feel free to provide tips on anything you might deem valuable for others. Also, if there are cooking ideas you have for good and tasty meal suggestions, while maximizing budgets, feel free to share those too. I’ve read some of those creative rice dish discussions and they sound yummy….

So what’s going on in your neighborhood?

PS.  As with all emergencies, if anyone is in a crisis situation, especially if anyone is having trouble with basic needs, feel free to drop us an email and we’ll try to find a way to help.  There’s a lot of creative people hanging around these pages.

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876 Responses to Ground Reports – How Well Stocked is Your Neighborhood Grocery Store?…

  1. Lee Lopez says:

    Roseville, California, Placer County, shelves in Wal-Mart, SaveMart, Target, Raleys no TP , or eggs, bread , pasta and pasta sauce people waiting in long lines.

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    • 56PackardMan says:

      Ditto Safeway in Roseville & Rocklin.

      I once worked at Safeway – Corporate so I know what is going on back stage. The Northern California Safeway Division has a milk plant in San Leandro. This plant has the capacity of bottling 270,000 gallons of fluid milk a day. They can’t add a production shift because they MUST use 1 shift (8 hours; graveyard) to clean & sanitize the plant so they are bottling milk 16 hours a day. Can’t keep up. Their bread plant in Richmond is baking 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Union contracted 2 days off have been cancelled due to the news media-manufactured crisis so the plant is running 24/7. There are 2 bread production lines in the plant, 1 bun & roll production line and an English muffin line in the plant. They are cranking out all the bread they can produce but can’t keep up with the demand. • Store #1866 Sunset Blvd. at Park Blvd. Rocklin was very low on milk at 6:00 pm tonight. Plant-produced bread or bread from vendors such as Oroweat and Rainbo was wiped out. The in-store bakery was producing extra bread to try to cover the empty shelves. No eggs. Almost all butter/margarine gone. Paper/water/pasta/dry beans/rice – empty. No fresh or frozen chicken. No ground beef. No potatoes or bananas in Produce. Most other produce was available. Many frozen food items were sold out.


      • Winslow says:

        Same with Publix stores in Florida. No bread, TP, or Paper Towels


      • Donna says:

        It took me 3 days until I spied a loaf of Wonder bread at Target in Tulare Calif.I can bake bread but there is no yeast in the stores .We have a local Porteguese bakery,opens at 6 am Laspina and Tulare Ave.,Tulare Ca.and she lets you order ahead..I met the owner when the bread aisles was empty at smart and Final in Tulare Ca.who needs corporate America.I will be going to this business for my bread in the future.,


  2. NC Nana says:

    OK, after listening to the President and the CEO’s from the leisure industry in the video above I really understand there is going to continue to be an unusually high demand on the grocery stores. (Just from this massive group of employees and the patrons that normally visit those hotels and entertainment centers, not to speak of the children home from school and the parents who are telecommuting now.)

    Plan #2:

    So here is my plan to fill the need for bread if we really get a taste for it. (Right now we have a box of crackers and that will serve for a while.)

    I have been wanting to try this recipe anyway. Mrs. Lori Brown from Whippoorwill Holler teaches you how to make easy spoon bread.

    The only special equipment you need is a muffin pan. – But who know maybe you have a clever idea of something other than a muffin pan.

    The only special ingredient you need is RapidRise Instant Yeast. I picked some up Sunday when the store didn’t have any bread. – – I thought, just in case … Well, case may get here sooner than later. Sunday Food Lion had plenty on the shelf.

    The rest of the ingredients you likely have in your pantry.

    Mrs. Brown lives on a homestead in Arkansas. Her granny taught her to cook the old ways. I have tried some of her recipes. They are very good. The reason I bookmarked this one was so I could teach my grandchildren how to make the rolls.


    Mrs. Lori Brown of Whippoorwill Holler:

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  3. ewreck1967 says:

    Northern Colorado is like a Mad Max movie. Marauders with Mohawks and football pads everywhere stealing TP, water, food, from the unsuspecting. Gas over 11.00 a gallon.People eating their pets just to stay alive. It’s the most frightening thing I’ve seen since Y2K and or John McCains daughter. Looks like Trumps not gonna disappoint the bankers and Wall Street. Everything’s to big to fail now.

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    • NC Nana says:

      Huh, exactly where do you live in Northern CO? The Auto Club is showing the highest price gas in the country is Hawaii. It is $3.52 there. That is $7.48 less than you are paying in Northern CO.

      NC’s overall price is $2.05 but we paid $1.72 at Sam’s club a week ago. In fact I commented to my husband, all this cheap gas and people aren’t able to take advantage of it for a little trip.

      Or should the question be, is MJ legal in CO? Sounds like you may have inhaled when you visited Denver.


      • ewreck1967 says:

        It’s called an OBVIOUS joke and sarcasm. You bit the mowhawking and eating pets part but the gas story was a few bucks over the top? Maybe the Coronavirus does eat your brain. I read that on the internet. For realz.


    • 56PackardMan says:

      Gas prices have dropped .10-.15¢/gallon here in Northern Calizuela. $2.85/gallon at the Safeway near my home in Rocklin.


  4. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    Ever since President Trump won the election, many, if not most of us, have, in the dark corners of our minds, been asking a lot of the “what if…” questions.

    Over the past few years, much of the social/governance structure and roles we thought we understood – well maybe not.

    Maybe its fickleness and frailty is disconcerting, as it should be.

    So with this in mind, for those who don’t yet own a firearm, pls consider a .22lr caliber rifle. They are lightweight, easy to shoot with barely any recoil and don’t make a lot of noise.

    You can probably find some budget models for under $150. A scope may help; they can be had for $20 – $30 or so.

    Ammo is cheap – sometimes as little as 5 cents a round. Shop around and watch for sales.

    You can get birdshot cartridges for crows, pigeons and similar sized birds.

    Otherwise the standard .22 round works well against rabbit, squirrel, racoon, and similar sized critters.

    And even if not for your tastes, if your supermarket runs out of dog food, your canine buddy would be thrilled to feast on one of these.

    And if that is just a bridge too far, well… I’d guess you can catch your fill of the Snail Darter or the Desert Pupfish; with which to make a stew or pot pie. Served steaming hot and with a garnish of the wings of the Blue Karner butterfly. /S


  5. JSBachLover says:

    Northwest Indiana: Sam’s Club out of paper products. Ok re: meat, onsite -made foods, wine, liquor, nuts, honey. Coffee, etc. No cranberry juice, which I wanted. // A regional grocery store chain is generally well-stocked. Light on some pastas, no bananas the other day. Interestingly, that seemed to be the of thing they were totally out of. Lots of eggs, but they’re limiting them one-dozen per custome r.


  6. LULU says:

    Southern California, east of Los Angeles: Trader Joe’s in a well-populated largely middle class area where there are a number of TJ stores within close range. This one had advertised that elderly/disabled would be able to get in first if they lined up by 8:30. Then a long very mixed line showed up and the management folded. No preference would be shown for any reason. So those of us on walkers, etc., had to muddle through along with many more able-bodied, some quite well-nourished-looking shoppers of the frenzied type. Some fellow shoppers very kind; others not so much.

    Store well supplied with dairy, eggs, produce. Some frozen food (lots of frozen dessert items, largely ignored). Canned goods pretty well decimated, though some pasta sauces and dry pastas were still on the shelves. Milk limited to 1 gallon per household, protein (fresh meat, poultry, fish) limited to two packages, and their packages are not large. Fresh greens looked OK. Lots of fruit, including bananas.

    Getting a pickup order at my regular market on Thursday afternoon if all holds still, and an Instacart delivery from Costco on Sunday. These services have been seriously hampered. TJ doesn’t offer any kind of delivery service, so are probably in better shape because of that.

    We all agreed we’ll be v. glad when the frenzy dies down. Most believe it was media/Dem fueled.

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  7. AustinHoldout says:

    Visited my HEB in Austin TX today. It was 80% a normal day at HEB. The only things I noticed they had none of were the usual TP, disinfectants, etc., plus no onions or potatoes (except sweet potatoes) and they only had whole milk. I was pleasantly surprised how well stocked they were. Parking lot wasn’t full. Other shoppers were friendly. The employees seemed a little stressed out.


  8. WIVoter says:

    My sister went into town in our small, and I mean small wisconsin town (pop.317) and she found that rarest of all item- TP. She went in to have a few beers before communist Tony Evers shut the bars down state wide. IF we survive this abomination of hysteria I want to see that commie Evers voted out of office. They can enslave our bodies but they can’t enslave our souls or our minds.


    • Donna says:

      TP. did you say? Gasoline is cheap and the hoarders in California are coming for your toilet paper because they have wiped ours ou t.Come Easter morning toilet paper and hand sanitizer in every Central Californians child’s basket.Lot’s of people hoarding here.


  9. Cathy Fisher says:

    West Central Illinois Henderson County.
    Our stores here, Hy-Vee, Save a lot, Aldies, County Market
    Shelves are virtually empty.
    The one item that was sold out that shocked me, was dried beans. I was hoping to make ham n beans.


    • Donna says:

      Dried beans and rice sold out in the Central Valley California .People started hoarding two weeks ago.No excuse for retail who should have put limits on shoppers from day 1.


  10. Phflipper says:

    I just spoke with my sister who has worked at Hy-Vee (eastern Iowa) for 30 plus years, they are cutting store hours from 8 am – 8 pm effective this evening March 18. She also told me individual stores are being allocated product from distribution now, and she said, “It is hard to say when any TP would be near you.” I take that to mean any specific product as well.

    I stopped into our Wal-Mart at 7 pm last evening, canned goods, frozen foods, dairy, and meats all bare, produce dept. was ok with potatoes empty. Health care aisles, cough and cold products gone but all else seemed stocked. Lastly, this Wal-Mart is literally within 1 mile of their distribution center here in SE Iowa. I have a good friend who works there but not able as of now to speak with him about product coming into the warehouse.


  11. richard mcdonald says:

    Southern Maine: Stores have been decimated – no can goods, paper products, water, bread, pasta, rice, cheese. Strange vibe when you walk around the stores – eerily quiet, no onme is making eye contact except looking at your cart. Market Basket, my day-to-day store had TP – rationing 2 8 packs per purchase. They had some ground beef, pork – no chicken at all. Frozen veggies wiped out. Lots of liquor — thank God! Asked a meat manger about resupply – he said they have product, but it’s almost impossible to keep up with demand – MB has 78 stores. Stay safe and healthy.


  12. SW Washington State Here, 20 Min South of Olympia, WA. At a Safeway this morning was my 1st trip to a grocery store in a week. Bead Isle almost bare. Toilet Paper Isle bare. Canned goods well stocked, dairy isle & frozen food isle well stocked. Their only shortage is night workers to re-stock. The girl I talked to looked wore out and they only had 1 person running a register. Hiring signs all over the place. My oldest & youngest both work at a movie theater and just got laid off. Looks like the oldest can still work if he wants, he was already working night clean up at the theater.

    I also put together a timeline for you all to use to combat the idiots who think Trump isn’t doing anything and more than likely most of those same people are out fighting with each other over TP and not buying food.

    20 Jan 2020 reporting from The NY Times & UK’s Guardian that China finally admitted/confirmed Corona Virus Human to Human transmission. Up until then it was Animal to Human.

    29 Jan 2020 Trump stops all travel from Wuhan China.

    3 Feb China praises Canada and Slams the US:
    “TORONTO — Canada was praised for not following the U.S.’ example of enacting a travel ban in light of the coronavirus outbreak by a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday.”

    7 Feb 2020 CNN published an article saying this:
    “(CNN)Experts say travel restrictions the Trump administration put in place to stop the novel coronavirus from spreading could have unintended consequences that undermine that effort.

    It’s been days since the US restrictions went into effect, blocking foreign nationals who’ve visited China in the past two weeks from coming to the US.
    Details about the US travel ban’s impact are still emerging. But some are already urging the US to reconsider”

    10 March 2020 Italy, the Wuhan Virus European epicenter FINALLY stops travel from China. Italy is now in big trouble.

    11 March 2020: World Health Organization declared the Wuhan Virus a pandemic .

    11 March 2020: Trump stops travel from Europe and is condemned in the media.

    13 March 2020: After 40 US Wuhan Virus Deaths President Trump declares a National Emergency.

    16 March 2020: Canada closes all borders to Non-Canadian Citizens.


  13. Donna says:

    Tulare CA., Target and smart and final,no meat little bread and milk,no T.P,bleach cleaning supplies,limited produce.In other words these stores are being wiped out .I have been told that the stores are limiting customers but this is not true.Granted they have early opening for seniors on Wednesdays but there is barely anything .I am 68 and have had to go everyday.CVS
    Walgreens in Tulare now are limiting some items after they allowed people to hoard.Same goes for FoodsCo,Windo Targer,Walmart and Costcot and Smart and Final.It’s a joke to limit with nothing on the shelves.Plenty of alcohol,cookies,candy and chips.This is clearly retails fault.I have a cleaning service and will be out of business soon if I can’t find cleaning products.I am exhausted from having to go store to store,one day a loaf of bread the next day milk.No way to self isolate if the stores who allowed hoarding from day one did not do their part,Disgusted as hell with peopl’s bahaviour and managers attutudes when I ask when is there going to be chicken or bread in the store.They smile,say they had a delivery and walk away.I personally think there is a lot of theft going on with the suppliers,shipping and receiving and the managers of some of these stores.Look on EBAY still sellers gouging.Come on President Trump,do something.


  14. John Hemphill says:

    I shop at BJs Wholesale club (smaller competitor to COSTCO and Sam’s). It’s within a quarter mile of a large COSTCO and Walmart Supercenter. Oddly the latter two consistently get cleared out during panic buying episodes (past weather events and the current Covid panic). I don’t know why that is the case (maybe because it not as well known), but if you have a BJ’S Club near you, it’s worth a try. They have good incentives for new members $25 first year.


  15. John Hemphill says:

    Tips for empty shelves…panic buyers are on auto-pilot going to their regular grocery store, Walmart, Target, etc. Think outside the box:
    -Hardware stores carry many staples like toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, laundry detergent, etc. If Home Depot and Lowe’s are out of stock, try lesser knowns like Ace, TruValue, Tractor Supply.
    -Think of substitutes and read ingredients. examples: outdoor bleach is same as indoor bleach, just more concentrated, dilute with water. Kleenex can be used instead of TP, napkins instead of paper towels. DIY hand sanitizer – Active ingredient in Purell is 65% ethyl alcohol. Get Everclear or Golden Grain (95% ethyl alcohol) at the liquor store, mix with glycerine (drug store, constipation aisle) or hand cream (top ingredients typically water and glycerine).
    -YouTube/Google search term “DIY” (do it yourself) for things you want need to make, i.e. “DIY Hand Sanitizer”. Check several videos/articles to cross check safety and effectiveness.


  16. Danette Hinchey says:

    It’s been crazy in Phoenix for two weeks. I got toilet paper at Target & it was getting low then. Costco had a sign saying they were out which I’d never seen before – I should have known to start panic buying then lol. Now all stores are out of everything. I can’t order toilet paper online even if they have it because it won’t give me a delivery date in my zip code. People are insane!!! This isn’t even a GI thing. Knock it off and leave some TP for the rest of us.


  17. I figure this is a good time to go on a fast. I have a great water purifier system. Of course, everyone must feed their children and those who cannot tend for themselves.


  18. teabag14 says:

    After 3 weeks of food insecurity anxiety, I found pretty much everything I needed today at a WalMart in Southern Utah. Fresh produce: excellent. Frozen veggies: excellent. Fresh meat: sparse but excellent variety with better than usual “Use or Freeze By” dates. Toothpaste and mouthwash: decimated. Canned goods: sparse. Cheese: Very good. Butter: sparse. Dairy and eggs: excellent. Vitamins & supplements: ravaged. Candy: everything and more on shelves full to overflowing. Do you mean to tell me that Americans finally figured out that candy has no nutritional value? What is the matter with y’all? Fresh produce: excellent. TP & paper towels: in stock but selling fast with limits. Frozen burgers & such: gone. Frozen seafood: very good. Bread: good. Tortillas: gone. Rice: gone except for a few boxes of flavored Rice a Roni (the San Francisco treat – UGH!). Flour, sugar, & other baking necessities: gone. Spices & seasonings: very sparse. All soups: gone. 5 lb bag potatoes: good, but singles gone and no sweet potatoes either. I went early (before 8AM). There weren’t a lot of shoppers but stockers were everywhere working hard. There was a lot of stuff I didn’t notice because I went in with a list and I was on a mission. Suffice it to say, I am relieved, at least for a week.

    The state regulates liquor stores here and I went on a wine run last Thursday (as previously reported). The liquor store I go to opened an hour later than normal, allowed only a certain number of shoppers inside which I appreciated, and was well stocked. Life is good for now. No food anxiety. No wine anxiety. Apparently prayer works. Just sayin’. Hugs to all. Hang in there.


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