Why We Need Immediate Changes to FISA Laws – A Video Encapsulation….

This is a fantastic and well-timed video that cuts to the heart of the matter.  John Spiropoulos has produced an exceptional video outlining the structural issues within the FISA process.  This video succinctly outlines the modern history of FISA abuse issues and highlights why we must use this critical moment to reform the FISA process.  WATCH:


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According to Senator Rand Paul, President Trump is committed to seeing that FISA is not reauthorized without “significant” reform.  Senator Paul has proposed to significantly change the FISA process by forcing the DOJ, FBI and Intelligence Community to apply for search and surveillance warrants to Title-3 courts in order to access any NSA database containing private information of American citizens.

Current FISA authority expires on March 15th.  The Senate is scheduled to go back into recess March 13, 2020.  Additionally, the DOJ/FBI response to the FISA court order (due February 5th) has still not been made public.  If congress is going to reauthorize the controversial FISA provisions, they now have nine days.

Prior to the December 9, 2019, inspector general report on FISA abuse, FISA Court judges Rosemary Collyer (declassified 2017) and James Boasberg (declassified 2019) both identified issues with the NSA bulk database collection program being exploited for unauthorized reasons.

For the past several years no corrective action taken by the intelligence community has improved the abuses outlined by the FISA court.

Also keep in mind the deadline for the DOJ to respond to the FISA court about the abusive intelligence practices identified in the Horowitz report was February 5th, more than four weeks ago. The responses from the DOJ and FBI have not been made public.

FISA Court Order – FISA Court Notice of Extension.

It appears the DOJ is trying to get the FISA reauthorization passed before the FISC declassifies the corrective action outlined from the prior court order. This response would also include information about the “sequestering” of evidence gathered as a result of the now admitted fraudulent and misrepresented information within the FISA applications.

The FISA “business records provision”, the “roving wiretap” provision, the “lone wolf” provision, and the more controversial bulk metadata provisions [Call Detail Records (CDR)], again all parts of the Patriot Act, must not be reauthorized without a full public vetting of the abuses that have taken place for the past several years.

The position being put forth by Rand Paul is exactly correct.  Change the law so that FISA can only be used against foreign actors, and force the DOJ or intelligence apparatus to go to a normal Title-3 court for a search/surveillance warrant against any American.

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  1. Doppler says:

    I knew John Bates long ago as a good man, Army veteran with a keen legal mind, worked very hard to always get it right: “Whatever it takes.” He went to work at Justice in the Reagan Administration advising the government on the scene at White House protests about where the Bill of Rights protections applied.

    The interview excerpted appears to have been from March 2014, long before his successor Judge Collyer’s April 2016 opinion that revealed most of the abuses we are now aware of. Without knowing what he knew at the time, it is unfair to damn him for condoning the abuses that were later uncovered. I suspect that much of Collyer’s hardness in criticizing DOJ came from discovery that so much systematic abuse had been concealed from prior courts. I doubt that Bates would use the same language today describing the four year illegal contractor access Collyer condemned.

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    • Doppler says:

      I would also say that the Newseum in staging that interview in 2014 was likely playing a Deep State role in cementing the view that there was nothing to be concerned about. Bates may have been duped into providing cover for the cover-up.

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    • Eileen McRae says:

      He knew there were abuses of the process. He chose to “excuse” them!

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      • They were only compliance issues, mistakes were made, errors…swamp speak to cover up. Time to end FISC/FISA. Watch as the dirty bastards hid the “clean” (no changes) in the bill authorizing corona virus funding PDJT asked for…

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      • Tulips Moran (@tulipsmoran) says:

        They were only compliance issues, mistakes were made, errors…swamp speak to cover up. Time to end FISC/FISA. Watch as the dirty bastards hid the “clean” (no changes) in the bill authorizing corona virus funding PDJT asked for…

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    • I also couldn’t help but notice this odd fact about this video: the interview happened a long time ago.

      But still, I don’t think that I would expect a Federal judge to be talking in this manner at any time. “The law was not followed ‘correctly?'” What does the word “correctly” have to do with anything?

      I suspect that these judges simply believed that they had no enforcement power at all. Maybe they still do. Several of them wrote blistering opinions, but they never said it was criminal, or even held anyone in contempt. (Can they actually do such a thing, in this kangaroo court?)

      The bottom line is, in the name of supposedly improving-on Richard Nixon’s authorization of spying against political opponents, the law created the opportunity to spy on tens of thousands of people, all-but-one unnamed by any paperwork, without any Presidential culpability at all.

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      • John Spiropoulos says:

        Hey Mike, always enjoy reading your posts. Very informative. Yeah, I wish I had a “fresher” Q & A with Judge Bates or anyone else who has served on the FISA Court. But Judges rarely speak on the record outside the courtroom. Though his comments are six years old, I found the tone and substance too insightful to ignore. In fairness to Judge Bates, I made sure that his comments in the video were within the context of what he had already ruled on and what had become public knowledge prior to the date of his appearance at the Newseum. Now, if the judge has a problem with my report, I’d be more than happy to do a real interview with him. Fat chance the judge would let me cross-examine him.

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        • Yes, I think that the use of the video footage was fair to the Judge. But, as we all do, I have tremendous problems with appearing to excuse what are violations of the law.

          Like I said, I really don’t know what sort of “Court” this “Court” actually is. It seems to me that it’s mostly a rubber-stamp room, because there is no way for the judge to vet what the Government is saying, and no devil’s advocate to argue the other side. And of course, an approval granted with regard to one person can lead by “hops” to many, many thousands.

          “FISA has to go, and so does PATRIOT.” It’s just that simple. Regardless of the thoughts that were in legislators’ (and lobbyists’) heads at the time the laws were enacted, these laws as implemented have done nothing to protect us: “extremely the opposite.”

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          • Deplorable Incisor says:

            There is no reformation of the FISA courts that would be acceptable to me. The Patriot Act was unconstitutional when it was passed so it can go too.
            There is no justification for domestic law enforcement spying on US citizens inside the United States without an official warrant from an appointed judge that has seen the evidence and agreed that the spying is warranted.
            I wouldn’t even mind if they hand picked the judges but there needs to be accountability and concurrence from more than one branch of the government. I would prefer a step further to include clear oversight by congress on the process and evidence once a case is concluded.
            That way we can at least have a modest chance that someone will blow the whistle when any abuse occurs because we all know how much the two parties enjoy ratting each other out. Any abuse should be prosecuted as a crime and the perpetrators required to defend their actions in court. If its just a mistake then a jury can make that decision.

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    • spirovideo says:

      Judge Bates was well aware of the abuses that occurred when he did that interview in March 2014. He had written about them in his opinions. The video quoted from his 85 page opinion that was released in 2013 but was actually written in 2011. That interview also came after the Snowden revelations (June 2013) about illegal spying on Americans. As the video points out, he was critical of the intelligence agencies in his written opinion but forgiving of their transgressions in the interview. And, of course, no one was charged with a crime. Until someone actually goes to jail, the illegal activity will continue.

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      • John Spiropoulos says:

        Oops..the above comment from “spirovideo” should have been under my actual name. I wrote and produced that video.

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        • John Spiropoulos says:

          One more thing. I ran into something in Judge Bates opinion that some of the lawyers here may want to comment on. He wrote about “The Presumption of Regularity.” I had to look that up. It’s a legal doctrine. Many articles about it. Quoting the Harvard Law Review, the presumption of regularity essentially means “courts will sometimes “presume” that “official duties” have been “properly discharged” until the challenger presents “clear evidence to the contrary.” So, I presume he was pre-disposed to believe the government. But, after being repeatedly misled, as he discusses in his opinion (3 times in less than 3 years), I would have expected him to be far more skeptical, even cynical, in that interview. And when you consider that there is really no one to play the role of the challenger in the government in the FISA court, maybe the Presumption of Regularity shouldn’t apply in the FISA Court. Lots of great legal minds here. (I’m certainly not one of them) But what do you think?

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          • Spatch says:

            He was in the position to hold people accountable and help create this monster. He, like all the others are the problem and need to be held accountable themselves. Remove them all from the bench and start over. We are dealing with a constitutional crisis here.

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            • owtolunch says:

              It goes all they way to local courts. Information gleaned from these federal searches can be communicated to local law enforcement. Once aware, local law enforcement can use the information to develop a parallel construction and never inform the court or defendant about the illegally obtained information that was used to initiate the case.

              By not communicating the origin of information the stazi / police state is protected.

              This is an unconstitutional fatal flaw within the Patriot Act/FISA construct. . The fourth amendment is essentially ignored.

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          • Jim Raclawski says:

            in that bit about “presumption of regularity” … WHO is the “challenger” if only the highly trusted & competent/credible federal LEA/INTEL folks are represented?… I thought FISA warrant applications were exparte? who challenged the veracity& logic of the requesting agencies?… to quantify/quallify&characterize the systemic manipulation of this technical collection capability as some kinda oversight&procedural malfunction(s) is disabled logic-thinking…. a coenabler-complicit like babble for us – the great unwashed….. give me a break…

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          • Jim in TN says:

            That is a prime motivator for corruption. When accusers of the protected are automatically assumed to be liars, the protected can get away with anything.

            And it corrupts much more than the FISA courts. It corrupts all courts and officers of the court. Especially the DOJ.

            So much for our ‘adversarial’ court system to ‘find’ the truth.

            But remember, in the FISA system, there can be NO challengers and there can be NO evidence to the contrary. That evidence may exist, but the protected won’t bring it forward. And there will never be an adversary to challenge the lies of the protected.

            NEVER, leaving the system to be dominated by the crooks within it.

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          • owtolunch says:

            The “Presumption of Regularity” becomes an excuse for not doing the job by the judge.

            When they get 3-4 new cases per day each with “national security” implications and a need for speed… Just reading the submissions could be daunting – asking someone a question could put you behind the quota.

            Who would want to be a FISA judge.

            Snowden called the court a rubber stamp…

            The approval of submissions is 99% since 1978! Prior to 2016 only 12 submissions out of over 38,000 had been rejected. You could not do 38,000 rubber stamps with that many errors.


          • Doppler says:

            Thanks for writing and posting this, John S. It’s been years since I skimmed Bates’ opinion, and I’m not an expert in the “Regularity Presumption,” but believe that, from what we now know of Crossfire Hurricane and Judge Collyer’s 2016 report, the Presumption should be reversed where unauthorized spying on US individuals is concerned. I think Snowden documented that individuals used the NSA database to stalk their girlfriends, what Mad Maxine calls Obama’s “ingenious” database on all politicos (plus the whole SpyGate show) shows abuse for political purposes, and I’m just as sure that, with hedge fund billionaires in the background, some of that contractor spying would have been directed at persons with inside information that would feed easy-money options trading.

            The identity of the independent contractors who unlawfully accessed the databases would tell a lot, and I strongly suspect their identities are being protected to cover up abuse.

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            • John Spiropoulos says:

              Doppler, thanks for jumping in the conversation. As for those FBI contractors in Judge Collyer’s case, it’s long been believed that Fusion GPS was one of them. Sundance has discussed that many times going back to late 2017. Sundance also featured one of my videos in 2018 in which former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova speculated that Fusion GPS was one of the contractors illegally digging through the NSA database —doing political opposition research. I mentioned the political angle in today’s video but didn’t expand on that in order to stay focused on the main theme of the piece. When I interviewed diGenova this past January, I asked him why there was no prosecution of FBI personnel or FBI contractors in that case. He didn’t know why but said he assumed Durham was handling that. We’ll see. In the meantime, it’s fair to suspect, as you do, that the coverup continues.

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          • Brewerbear says:

            Most legal minds have left this message board… the reason why is obvious


        • Paprika says:

          Thank you very much for putting this very well done video together and for responding here at CTH!!!!! You do excellent work!

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        • sturmudgeon says:

          John Spiropoulos.. Many Thanks! for your work on this video.. all easily understood.. and Thanks to Sundance for putting it out there. The “education” on this site is amazing!

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        • jx says:

          Thank you for your excellent video.

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    • fred5678 says:

      “mistakes were made” — classic use of the passive chickensh1t voice

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    • willthesuevi says:

      People change, Doppler.

      You would likely feel differently if you were on the receiving end of some FISA abuse.

      I know I feel differently. All who are involved in, OR enabled this travesty, shat all over our constitutional rights as Americans.

      Every single one, needs to take a long swim in a dairy effluent pond.

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  2. 335blues says:

    Arrogant SOB’s on the FISA court and in the alphabet spy agencies
    don’t give a damn about the Constitution, or the ‘little’ American people.
    TRUST? Bates seemed be telling America what to think when he said
    “…I don’t think the millions of 4th amendment violations against
    the ‘little’ American people should cause them to lose trust
    in the spy agencies…”. Yeah, I paraphrased. Big deal.
    Bates is an arrogant piece of crap, and a disgrace as a judge.
    They are sworn to uphold the Constitution,
    but they seem to believe it is only “guidelines”,
    not the law of the land that it is.
    IMO, FISA should be totally cancelled,
    and the normal judicial process of filing for a warrant
    followed to the letter. It is a system that served America
    well for almost 200 years before congress decided
    to pass an illegal, unconstitutional bill allowing the 4th amendment
    rights of millions of Americans to be violated.
    Foreigners can be spied on legally even without FISA.
    So what is the real purpose of FISA?
    FISA was created to spy on Americans without a warrant.
    By the way, it was marxist Ted Kennedy’s bill that created
    the FISA court, and Jimmy Carter signed the bill.
    Is it clear where the FISA system came from?

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  3. Ausonius says:

    I just heard the news that Gloomberg – as predicted – has dropped out after flushing $600 Million down the toilet.

    He supposedly supports Biden now, meaning he might be flushing more money away down that very large toilet.


  4. islandpalmtrees says:

    These violations have been going on for 22 years. Laws without enforcement mean nothing.

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    • johnnyfandango says:

      Shut it down. 3 years of nonsense investigations for process crimes. There was no underlined crime. Send the bill to recoup the US citizen’s monies to Muller, he team of angry Dumbocrats, the Democrap Congress and every FBI tough guy and Judge connected to this mess.

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  5. John Obidienzo says:

    For God’s sake, the FISA Court was the ‘tip of the spear’ used in a conspiracy to take out the President of the United States! If that isn’t enough to abolish the Court, what is?

    Bates was a tool of the FISA Court, like all the other judges. And the FISA Court is a tool of the DOJ/Intel State. So, we must now keep the ‘tip of the spear’ ‘clean’ for the next time?

    Bates’ mannerisms and cadence reminds me of Comey. John Spiropoulos brilliantly highlights the weasel lexicon of the ‘two-tier system of justice’–the FISA Court being the deadliest extension of that system.

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  6. islandpalmtrees says:

    Judge John Bates surely hit the spy agencies with this series of hard hitting marshmallows. Most of us have been reprimanded by our parents with more intensity.

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  7. rigst4 says:

    How about this…NO MORE PATRIOT ACT!!! Laws were enforced and criminals as well as terrorists were apprehended BEFORE the Patriot Act was passed. This and similar laws allow constant spying on every citizen of the United States. That is NOT what the Founders wanted and specifically what they tried to prevent in the Constitution.

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    • Bill says:


      As I’ve stated on here before, why don’t they create a comprehensive report outlining all the instances this program foiled a legit terrorist plot. Then let “we the people” examine said report to see if it warrants it’s existence. My betting money is on, ZERO major terror plots foiled. Because if there were ANY of note, the IC would be touting this program and it’s success left and right.

      Think about it. Have you ever heard them come out and say “Thanks to the FISA system, we thwarted a 9/11 style attack”? No, you have not heard that. And you have not even heard them come out and say they have thwarted smaller level attacks.

      And, a lot of good this program did to stop San Bernadino, Pulse Night Club, NYC truck attack, Ft Hood 1 OR 2, and the most recent attack on the Florida Air Force base.

      This program is a waste. And it is clearly only used to spy on innocent Americans. The fact we have politicians, Judges, IC and DOJ people defending this program, and yet none of them site any successes of this program, is truly terrifying. Which should tell you all you need to know about this spying tool.

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      • pp91303 says:

        The FBI was notified about the Pulse nightclub ghoul, they interviewed him and did nothing. The FBI was notified about the Boston Marathon bomber and they interviewed the older brother and they did nothing. The FBI was notified about the ghoul who committed the Parkland school shooting and they did nothing. The Phoenix FBI field office was notified about inordinate numbers of Arab men taking flying lessons in the US and they did nothing. The Minneapolis field office of the FBI knew about Moussaui before 9/11 and did nothing. It goes on and on. John Solomon has an interview with a retired FBI agent who says that the FISA program results in significant amounts of false negatives and false positives and he thinks it doesn’t have much value if any. Pat Leahy asked if the FISA program had ever resulted in preventing any terrorist attacks and never got a straight answer (he obviously was against it before they started using it against Republicans).

        I really think we may have already gone over the falls in this country. People ask “where were the good Germans” as the Nazis came to power and started to abuse the Jews. Where are the “good Germans” who will call out the Federal Govt. and its massive abuses of power? The left not only doesn’t care about the abuse of power, they support it as long as it is directed at the people they hate.


  8. Philip Faustman says:

    Rules For Thee and Not For Me! The FISA COURT should be abolished! They have proven they will abuse any power they can to benefit themselves politically or otherwise. Letting ‘Contractors’ in to the system to spy on American’s? This is why our founding fathers insisted on a limited federal government because they knew if it got to big the corruption would be unstoppable short of a bloody revolution! END FISA OR ELSE! KAG! TRUMP 2020!

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  9. doofusdawg says:

    It really is amazing that the names of the “contractors” have not been leaked. The obvious point is that the cabal only leaks things that hurt Trump. That and the fact that Barr and Durham have known everything for at least a year… as has Trump. Trump has the patience of Job.

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    • Baby El says:

      Knowing miss lindsey, they’re likely having morning tea.

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    • 335blues says:

      With respect, if Graham were actually intending to achieve
      something positive, instead of staging another dog and pony show
      like he always does, he would hold open public hearings.
      I am not gonna hold my breath believing something useful will come
      from Graham’s ruse.
      He will hold his clown act, then release some obtuse proclamation
      about promises of ‘changes’.
      Remember, he is one of the first to call for a ‘clean’ renewal
      of the filthy, uncleanable FISA.

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    • taxman10324 says:

      Lindsey Graham – All talk, NO WALK !!


  10. Garavaglia says:

    There will be no changes. Any changes would be an admission by the deep state that they improperly (illegally) surveilled the President. Horowitz took care of this. This is just reality. The argument for change has left the building in the absence of criminal indictments.


    • The utter lawlessness of our federal government, outside of the sole actions by President Trump, is blatant and long (too long) recognized. It was illegal for Mueller to be appointed Special Counsel, without legislative confirmation by the Senate, for example; and many knew this from day one, yet it happened, without any attempt to fight it on the part of Republicans, just 8 days after Comey was fired, for cause.

      They are daring us to stop them.

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      • zekness says:

        Can you expand on this:

        “illegal for Mueller to be appointed Special Counsel, without legislative confirmation by the Senate”

        I was not aware of this.

        I was only aware that the DOJ AG has the authority to select and establish Special Counsel.

        I’m looking at the AG Letter and the statutes it references right now and it appears that constitutional authority is supported bona fide. Now I CAN ARGUE it was KNOWN (the russia russia predicate) by the DOJ AG to be a fraudulent predicate, but in terms of whether this required direct senate confirmation ….Are you sure about that part of it?

        I don’t want to get this threat side-tracked, so it will not cause me any grief if you do not reply.

        But, it would interesting if you would share your insights

        R, zekness


  11. Beau Geste says:

    ” The Senate is scheduled to go back into recess March 13, 2020. ”

    no it isn’t. if so, then PDJT could make recess appointments for people who would work competently, not stab him in the back.. Ii would only take one honest senator not to lie that the senate is in session. There is not one honest senator, including rand paul.

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  12. J.Thomas says:

    It has to end. No more illegal searches or seizures. Until the illegal searches and seizures can be stopped, nothing of this sort should continue.

    FISA continuance has proved to also continue abuses, which have become so egregious as to be aimed at the President of the United States, without correction or recourse. Is anyone naive enough anymore to believe that the individuals who oversee this monstrosity have the capacity to reign it in and ensure the 4th amendment is intact? The pattern of behavior within these self-auditing institutions shows very plainly that not only is it impossible (yes, impossible) for them to maintain the integrity of the FISA program, but that the infringements upon the rights of U.S. Persons inevitably increases in both frequency and amplitude.

    One administration just turned this program into a political tool to hinder and impede an incoming administration. At that point, it has to be plainly clear that its use is not worth the cost…look at what it has contributed to ripping apart civilized society in the U.S.! It has to end..

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    • Ditto, indeed. I have to add, though, that you left out the part where the criminals are now saying President Trump is politicizing the Department of Justice (the cad!). The colonies would already have been in open rebellion against such insane tyranny (or tyrannical insanity?). They have the bit in their teeth, these mad horses, and they WILL run over the cliff, carrying all with them.

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  13. J.Thomas says:

    Edward Snowden warned us all and we did absolutely NOTHING to protect ourselves…instead, the Deep State attacked Snowden and forced him to live in exile.

    Now here we are again, a dog returning to its vomit ready to eat again. It’s time to stop eating this vomit, people.


  14. Richie says:

    Sharing and re-posting now….


  15. Beau Geste says:

    apologies for posting this again, but this is a necessary solution. Public defenders are constitutionally required for criminal defendants under interrogation. US courts are not adapted to have judges be the investigators, or defense counsel.

    The FISC system is a completely broken failure which cannot be ‘fixed’ by an ‘Advocate’. The FISC was formed for the specific purpose of protecting unrepresented US Citizen defendants from violation of Constitutional rights and to stop Executive Branch spying abuse. But it t is in fact 7 specially-selected, unfettered judges protected from scrutiny by high secrecy, and lack of opposition, who are free from any review or appeal. An honest court would withdraw tainted Warrants, and discipline liars and unethical conduct to protect the integrity of its proceedings which rely entirely on honest and ethical behavior by the crooked DOJ/FBI. But the FISC was and continues to be derelict in its duties to protect civil rights, or make evidentiary due process records, or hold hearings to discipline the lying and withholding DOJ/FBI, or carry out its duty to withdraw tainted improvidently granted secret spy warrants to protect the integrity (such as it was) of this Star Chamber court.

    The political “2-hop spying” on millions of defendants approved by the FISC against a major US political party (to help another party candidate) is extremely dangerous in the electronic internet age, especially with very large organizations, and especially political organizations such as the National and State GOP. “2-unknown-hops” violates the 4th Amendment by making enormous numbers of US Persons unknown to the FISC, insecure and violated in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, by unreasonable searches and seizures, without probable cause supported by Oath or affirmation particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. (in clear violation of the 4th Amendment)

    The spied-on Defendant US Citizens (including all the multi-hop spied-on US Citizens who are unknown “with particularity” and without probable cause to the FISC at the time these warrants are granted) are not represented to defend their 4th Amendment rights. It is not “due process” to knowingly issue a political spy warrant on the President and the entire Republican Party with only a “fake target” who is a CIA/FBI Agent falsely claimed to be a Russian Agent. Due Process cannot be based on such deceit. This all occurred with these judges and their hired lawyers. It could easily occur with “amicus’ picked by the FISC or DOJ.

    Because the FISC has proven itself completely incapable of trust by first granting and then refusing to withdraw fake, deceptive political spy warrants, there should be a separate “Public Defender Office – PDO” established to review and interrogate DOJ motions for spy warrants. They would receive all FISAs and court communications for review. They would be able to propose limitations in spying scope, and need only become involved when there is potential or apparent overreach, or political spying or improper probable cause, etc. Hopefully, the DOJ/FBI would shape up and do their job on most of the warrant applications with a separate PDO looking over their shoulder, with power to challenge fraud. But if there was any question, the PDO would have the power to subpoena FBI/DOJ oath-swearers and evidence-providers with their records and vetting, present counter-evidence, and depose/interrogate them for the permanent record in the FISA Warrant proceedings. Liars would be on the record under oath, for later prosecution and disbarment, which should result in better conduct.

    Such a secret Star Chamber Public Defender Ooffice would have authority to file motions to discipline and prosecute DOJ/FBI ethical violators and liars, and to file Motions to withdraw fraudulently granted Warrants. The PDO would have authority to Appeal to the FISC-Review Court, and petition for cert to the Supreme Court. This is necessary to make crooked judges more honest than they want to be. In view of the ‘need for speed” in spy matters, FISAs improvidently awarded by the FISC would still be in force during appeal. But if FISAs were found to be improper on appeal, all the illegally spied-on US Persons would be notified, for civil recovery based on denial of their civil rights by illegal spying. That is another necessary inducement to prevent corruption in a secret Star Chamber court. The PDO would further have authority to petition the Chief Justice (here Roberts) for removal for bad behavior of FISC judges (with permanent copies to the US President and the Congressional Judiciary committees for impeachment consideration).

    To divide both power and review in a manner contemplated by our Constitution Founders to limit corruption and protect civil rights, it is important that the PDO would NOT report to or be selected by the DOJ, Congress (which selects the judges initially) or the Supreme Court (which picks these few judges). PDO Attorneys would be hired and fired at will by the President (which could be delegated), and report to the President through the Office of White House Counsel. They would not be unfireable SES employees. Voters could effectively change the PDO by electing a different President. Even crooked, complicit FISC judges could no longer rely on secrecy to hide abuse, so would need to be more careful.

    The Attorney General/DOJ is/are effectively selected and controlled by the Senate, as we have seen with AG Barr. The Senate approves the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who now appoints the FISC judges. But it would be better for separation of power if the Senate was required to vet and approve FISC Appellate judge(s). More check and balance.

    The PDO would only have ‘power’ to DEFEND civil rights in the FISC and an Appeal Court
    (which make the decisions), not to prosecute or spy on any US Citizen. The Office of the White House Counsel would have separate information and records of ALL FISA proceedings, which itself disperses power AGAINST corrupt spying, but not FOR secret, hidden, illegal spying. So it is only a ‘negative power’ to subract from overreach and illegal power/corruption of DOJ/FBBI/FISC. To separate power (and its corruption) the PDO attorneys should be appointed by ONLY the President under direct Constitutional Authority to “Protect and Defend the Constitution, and Take Care to faithfully enforce the laws. There is no Senate need to approve the Constitutional requirement that the President protect Constitutional rights. The PDO would be an advocate for civil rights (there is none now in the FISC ) as a separate avenue of record, evidence, and review for 4th Amendment protection created for unrepresented US citizens. This defensive, negative power and review to prevent illegal spying would thus be dispersed to the President within Constitutional duties to Protect the Constitution and Take Care to faithfully enforce the laws. But the President by selecting the PDO lawyers separately from the political DOJ is granted NO NEW POWER TO SPY ON US CITIZENS, but just to protect them, from proven illegality of a crooked DOJ/FBI and lapdog FISC which was supposed to be a watch-dog.

    As indicated, Congressional revision of the FISC must also require notification of US Persons who have been illegally spied on, and should make illegal spying subject to personal civil damages to those spied on. The Congress should also limit the term of FISC judge appointment, perhaps to 3 years, to try to flush out static corruption.. “Power corrupts, and absolute (and secret dreaded Star Chamber) power corrupts absolutely.

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    • willthesuevi says:

      The quickest way to fix this, is for the Trump administration to use the FISA Court to spy, uh, cough, I mean investigate the Democrats for possible foreign influence; as well as the Bush’s, Lindsey, and a few more select “pretty people”. That’ll end this crap in warp speed.

      And no, I do not really condone this action. I say all the time, you don’t break the law to save the law.

      But you know it would work; you really do.

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      • I think you miss the point: They wouldn’t do it for Trump (they don’t call him “President Trump”).

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        • willthesuevi says:

          I didn’t miss the point at all. Yes, if President Trump was a corrupt bastard like the rest of these people, he could misuse the FISA Court to his ends. He will not do this.

          I write in brief statements. I do not write long diatribes explaining every detail. I will not use this comment section as my personal blog.


          • Beau Geste says:

            I understand this to be a complaint about my posting. I do have the flaw of thinking about and explaining details.

            “the devil is in the details”

            Please feel free to just ignore my postings.


            • willthesuevi says:

              I fail to see how this is a complaint about your post.

              I did not address you.

              I addressed Harry.

              In my job and personal life I am very detail oriented. People die or get maimed if I screw up.

              I do read some of your posts and have “liked” several in the past.

              Yet, If your comment is longer than Sundance’s Blog post, rest assured, I will indeed ignore it.

              And, finally, “Brevity is the Soul of Wit”.


      • 1nikao says:

        I think about it everyday!
        That is what they have been jonesing for, imo.
        They would all love for Trump to use it for political opposition research, then every Democrat, and RINO would impeach him and be rid of him for good.
        Trump is clean as a whistle. All the RINOs who let him get roasted over false sexual harrassment accusations, Stormy Daniel’s innuendo, obstruction of justice, & all the rest. The Republicans will NEVEr again have my blind loyalty. They are mostly made up of swamp vermin who need to drown it their own corruption.


    • 335blues says:

      Beau, you do an admirable job of describing what it might take to make the FISA
      workable. However, what you describe ALREADY EXISTS in our constitutional court system. Fact is, the FISA is not necessary for America to arrest, indict and prosecute
      foreign agents doing us harm using legal, constitutional court ordered warrants.
      FISA was created explicitly to ignore constitutional
      protections, and spy on American citizens.
      America must return to the system that served us well for over 200 years.
      End FISA now.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        I don’t disagree. Bur it is not politically possible.
        And a crooked DOJ/FBI can always ‘venue shop” for a crooked, favored judge. And the proceedings still remain permanently secret, and unchallengeable. In a regular criminal spy warrant, the proceedings can later be challenged, and must be defended.
        not so for ‘intelligence spying’.

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  16. Matt Frihart says:

    I think the time has come and gone for FISA reform, had they reformed themselves, punished the people responsible for abusing the process and kept the process accountable, the public could trust going forward whatever changes made, people would adhere to. Unfortunately, they’ve known for over two years and have done nothing. Its time to disband FISA entirely.

    I realize this means it will be harder for law enforcement, but they brought this entirely upon themselves.

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    • willthesuevi says:

      Agree. Follow the constitution, get a warrant.

      If you can’t find a judge to sign it, you don’t need the damn thing.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        A crooked DOJ which is independent of the President as elected Executive, can always find a crooked ‘venue shopped’ judge to sign a warrant. They can keep submitting to different judges. Is there any doubt that the Roger Stone judge would sign warrants?

        there needs to be an adversarial Constitution-defender office, with apoeal rights, SEPARATE FROM AND IN POWER CONFLICT WITH THE DOJ, WHICH IS SET UP TO PROSECUTE, not defend the Constitution.


        • willthesuevi says:

          No. The government needs to be reduced in size, especially personnel.

          Get rid of the chaff. The US Government does not need one more bloated, over staffed, under worked, overpaid bureaucratic office of anything.

          We elect the government we deserve. Elect shitty people, they appoint more shitty people, and all of them make shitty decisions.

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  17. Tom Hansen says:

    The alphabet agencies have been violating the very laws themselves with impunity, that they are sworn to charge other violators who break the laws within their purview.

    In essence, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, State, and other numerous agencies have been operating similar to a large mafia organization. It has a wide and deep membership that protects itself, and when unlawful actions are exposed, they go after those who dare to expose them.

    They create false narratives to set up their targets into perjury traps. The fact that Barr and Wray, and probably Gina Haspel all want to extend the Patriot Act as is without reform, indicates that even those that appear to be wearing the white hats, you wind up learning that the inside brims are shit brown.

    Two things: All the coup players MUST be arrested and charged for treasonous and seditious acts against the President. The Patriot Act MUST be reformed based on Rand Paul’s recommendations that FISA warrants on Americans need to be presented to a Title 3 court, not a secret court. That must end!

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  18. MO Pragmatist says:

    Bates sure is a “master” of word salad construction. I’m surprised he didn’t state what “is” is.

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  19. dreamguardian007 says:

    As bad as “spying on Americans” may sound on the occasional FOX/OAN reports, it is extremely disappointing to me that none ever reference the “two hops” rule and what it means.

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    • 335blues says:

      What it means is, millions of Americans are illegally spied on.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        it is only “one hop” to anyone who ever got an email or robocall from the GOP or Trump Presidential campaign asking for a vote or donation….

        One “hop” to any GOP congresscritter, staff, pollster, contractor, lawfirm…

        And that permits opening up ALL PAST recorded communications and information about you in government spy files in Utah, DC, maryland, NY, etc.

        bank records, health records, credit cards, phone calls, texts, emails, mail…

        yep, that’s the unreviewable, unchallengeable, lapdog secret Star Chamber FISC spy ticket !!!

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  20. Snellvillebob says:

    We need more than what Rand Paul is asking.
    There has to be automatic penalties that are enforceable so they cannot be brushed off by the DOJ since they have proven themselves unreliable since 2001. They mandate prison, no appeals, just report for the rest of your life or so.
    We must ban outside contractors from access at any time to this database. Fusion GPS, Boze Allen (Eric Snowden’s last employer) and Crowdstrike can go bankrupt or find something else to do.
    And no one has explained why Crowdstrike, who is owned by a Ukrainian and based there has access. Were they really given access so people like $oros, Bloomberg, Singer, and others all over the world could get access without bribing DOJ personal?

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  21. Paprika says:

    I just wanted to once again thank John Spiropoulos for researching and producing this well done video and also for responding up thread here at CTH to Doppler’s 10:59 post.

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  22. sarasotosfan says:

    If it comes down to it, the people of Nashville will understand why emergency aid isn’t authorized if the swamp dares to wrap it around a FISA renewal.

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  23. mark says:

    Are there 2 buildings that are super spy centers? 1 in Maryland and 1 in Utah? What happens to those centers if FISA isn’t renewed?

    I’m just thinking about Bill Binney.

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      I think Sundance, as usual, has shown us the way. Allot of contractors would lose their jobs. Billions in profits by the owners of companies like Boeing would be lost. Tax payer money directed at the intelligence communities could not be justified. Eventually, ending with the professional politicians.


  24. pucecatt says:

    Does anybody remember when Barr said “ we need to find out if there was proper predication “ to start investigation? Well I’ve been checking out some releases emails via Judicial Watch and I came across an email exchange between Strozk/Page and in that email they talk about a person that is their predicate, they say “ we found our predicate person “ the way I read it was that they were looking for somebody to cover their asses with .

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    • Matthew LeBlanc says:

      I would be curious if that email you mention has a timeline that matches up with one of their spies making contact with Papa the Greek.


    • John Spiropoulos says:

      Barr made that comment in a Senate hearing in April 10 2019. Here’s the text of his exchange with Senator Shaheen.

      Attorney General Barr: I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal, a big deal

      Senator Shaheen: You’re not suggesting that spying occurred?

      Attorney General Barr: Yes, I think spying did occur. Spying did occur. The question
      Is whether it was predicated, adequately predicated. I’m not
      suggesting it wasn’t adequately predicated. But I need to explore


  25. California Joe says:

    Even if the FISA authority expires on March 15th for any political sabotage against President Trump it will continue unabated!

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  26. pucecatt says:

    There is an email exchange with Bates and Rosenstein which seems to be an email of encouragement from Bates to Rosenstein. Also released by Judicial Watch .

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  27. fanbeav says:

    And now this….

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  28. zekness says:

    If you have not done, so I URGE EVERYONE AND EVERYONE THAT YOU CAN CONTACT to make your voices heard to your elected officials at the congressional and state level in the matter of FISA and Patriot Act.

    this has not place ..it must be killed…there are other controllable and legal means to spy on American citizens when Law Enforcement has established legitimate reasons to conduct clandestine information collection.

    Do this now.

    tonight the HOUSE and the SENATE are commencing critical committee meeting and significant decisions about what to do with renewal and/or changes/reforms to FISA and Patriot apparatus.

    RIGHT NOW, is the time to make your voices heard.

    this is of the HIGHEST PRIORITY.

    take the time….do the work…defend your rights and make your voices heard. get everyone you know on board with this effort.

    NOW is the time.



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  29. Beau Geste says:

    If congresscritters refuse to fix the crooked FISC which festers in unreviewed and unaccountable Star Chamber secrecy, President Trump can actually officially work to fix it himself, under his Constitutional Authority. Doing so would also politically place him as protecting the public from crooked cops.

    The super-secret Star Chamber FISC court is now set up with only 7 unvetted lapdog judges who refuse to discipline liars or withdraw phony spy warrants to protect the integrity of tjeir proceedings. There is no Appeal review of issued phony warrants, no public review of its standards, practice and bad behavior, and no adversarial representation to question DOJ/FBI agents known and proven to misrepresent and spy illegally. The current secret system is a ripe target for being “fixed” by crony appointments and unmonitored, unreviewed, unpunished Constitution-violating misbehavior.
    Even if there is no practical way to select judges with a commitment to the rights of US Citizens, and a skepticism for DOJ representations, a power-dispersed and review dispersed system can force even crooked judges to be more careful to avoid blatant political spying and clear denial of civil rights.
    I strongly believe that the FISC political-spy failure is far worse than the DOJ/FBI ethical misbehavior and lying, as bad as that is. The FISC is the bulwark established with the SOLE DUTY of, and the responsibility for, preventing what the DOJ/FBI did. Astoundingly for a court solely and exclusively responsible for protection of Constitutional rights, the FISC says it has no records of inquiry or proceedings in its unvetted warrants to politically spy on the President of the USA and millions of the Republican voters and Party.

    The lapdog FISC did not ask “Why are you deceptively trying to spy on hillary’s opponent and the entire Republican Party from this low-level carter page as the only named ‘target’? There is no place for target deceit in a secret spy warrant. Is an Annapolis Navy Officer really a russian spy, for “2-hop” spying on millions of other people? Tell us more, while our court reporter and microphones permanently record you for the permanent record in case you lie or withhold or misrepresent !!! And, for the record, why are we Constitutionally allowed to issue a secret Warrant to “multiple hop” indirectly spy on a President and his entire political party, Cabinet Members and White House Staff who are not identified as the “target”, with no probable cause? How did you vet the Clinton pee pee dossier, and what does it have to do with ‘target’ carter page?”

    The FISC was forced by Admiral Rogers to admit 85% of past DOJ/FBI “unmasking” spying was illegal, but as watchdog the FISC did nothing. DOJ attorneys are known to lie. But astoundingly, the FISC did not even make a record. The FISC could still haul the DOJ/FBI into Court and grill them under oath, on the record. And disbar/fine/imprison them. If the FISC did their only job to prevent political spying, the past 85% illegal spying stays illegal, no political FISA would have been issued.
    Division of power and outside public appeal and review are the way our Founders tried to prevent corruption. There is no disinfecting public Brandeis sunlight to penetrate this secret cesspool, but review and advocacy can be applied to do some pasteurization. There needs to be an adversarial defender function outside the FISC and DOJ/FBI to watch the DOJ/FBI and provide review of wrongful spy warrants.

    The Attorney General shall provide the Office of White House Counsel with all communications with the FISC, prior to or simultaneously with submission or receipt.
    The Office of White House Counsel shall review such communications and proceedings for compliance with the Constitution and to ae care that the laws are faithfully executed. The Office of White House Counsel shall present its arguments, appearances and motions as appropriate in the FISC in defense of the Constitution, unrepresented defendants, and faithful execution on the laws.

    An adversarial defender office in the Office of the President would receive all DOJ/FBI spy Motions to the FISC, all communications between the DOJ and the FISC (including the hired FISC legal staff which failed to stop the phony FISA warrants) move to cross-examine and subpoena, move to discipline unethical DOJ counsel, monitor the spying actually carried out under FISA Warrants to make sure it complies with legitimate Warrant scope and is only used for legitimate purpose, and recommend removal of corrupt/incompetent secret Star Chamber judges.

    If Congress does not fix this, IMHO the President has the Constitutional duty and authority under his requirement to Protect the Constitution and “Take Care” that the laws are faithfully (and equally) executed, to appoint adversarial counsel to represent unrepresented-unknowing US Citizens from “fake-evidence” overreach, overbroad warrants, misuse of spy information, and lack of probable cause in FISC proceedings.
    It would also be good politically for PDJT to do so publicly, given the current reputation of the DOJ/FBI for unequal prosecution and violating US Citizen rights “So this won’t ever happen to US Presidents and Citizens again…”
    PDJT can now instruct White House counsel to appear in the “carter page” FISA case, to request withdrawal of ALL the fake, fraudulent FISAs, and to discipline the lying, withholding DOJ/FBI oath-signers, and unethical counsel.
    This can be a fully public motion, based on public information and findings of IG Horowitz and other public information.
    PDJT can also release other (currently-‘redacted’ and withheld) records for the motions. These withheld records do not protect national security – they only protect the DOJ/FBI/obama-administration from embarrassment, civil damages, and/or criminal prosecution for illegal political spying.
    The deep state DOJ/FBI and/or crooked FISC might try to claim lack of ‘standing’, or that under 28 U.S.C. § 516 et sec the President has no authority to appear in the FISC. But PDJT as elected President HAS SEPARATE Constitutional Authority and responsibility to “protect and defend the Constitution”, and is required to “Take Care” that the laws are faithfully executed, INDEPENDENT OF Statute, or DOJ or Senate approval. And, PDJT has standing both as Constitutional President, and as a falsely spied-on US Person, among the thousands-to-millions of Republicans politically and illegally authorized to be spied on by the deceptive “2-hop” rule, which is a patently illegal violation of the 4th Amendment.
    This would politically put the President in the position of defending the public from illegal spying by a rogue DOJ/FBI and FISC. A desperate DEM claim of “abuse of power” or “interfering with AG Barr” would be a disaster for them.

    PDJT is not “helpless” as President, despite Barr’s “keep off my grass” threats. Equal treatment under the law, due process, 4th Amendment rights, honest and ethical DOJ/FBI behavior, and honest FISC defense of civil rights, are clearly the President’s Constitutional territory.

    Here is a suggested draft outline of a very simple, proposed Motion in the crooked FISC, under the Constitutional duties and authority of the President. It would be filed by the White House Office of the President Counsel, on behalf of the President. It would also be filed by Rudy Guliani or other personal Trump lawyer, on behalf of Donald Trump individually, for having been spied on illegally under a “2-hop” rule from deceptively-named ‘target’ carter page, a CIA/FBI agent who s not a Russian Agent as falsely alleged by the DOJ. The Motion would NOT be classified or “secret”, because it can rely only on public information and IG Horowitz Findings. And any other still-hidden evidence can be released to the public, say in response to any DOJ opposition. There is plenty of caselaw to to support withdrawal of improvidently granted motions based on unethical practice, and lies. Discipline of malfeasance and misfeasance, fraud on the court, etc. is essential to maintain the integrity of any federal court, especially a secret Star Chamber court which admits reliance on truthful and ethical DOJ behavior, and heavy FISC burden of protecting civil rights.
    The Motion would be public. Denial or refusal of the Motion could be publicly presented to the Supreme Court by the President via counsel. PDJT could declassify ALL appropriate records so the public could follow the proceedings.
    The FISC and Supreme Court would be hard pressed to deny “standing” of the Elected President, as Constitutional President defending civil rights of US Citizens to intervene, because of the Constitutional requirements and duties of the President, and because the President himself was under illegal surveillance from fraudulent Warrants.
    This would be a useful public motion instead of “tweets” objected to by AG Barr. PDJT supports the Constitutional civil rights of “We the People”. Barr would agree, or publicly support “rights” of the DOJ/FBI to lie, spy, and attack politically. If refused, the public would have to confront the fact that the FISC and DOJ deny civil rights and continue to protect illegal political spies and illegal political l spying.
    Sidney Powell could do a much better draft for public understanding, but here goes:
    Motion to Withdraw Improvidently Granted FISA Warrants and Extensions.
    Motion for Hearing to Discipline DOJ and FBI Personnel for Ethical Violations, Misleading and withholding relevant information from this court including fraud on This Court, and Denial of Civil Rights under Color of Law.
    This Motion is made by the Office of White House Counsel on behalf of the Elected President of The United States, Donald J. Trump, under authority and duties of his sworn Constitutional Oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and to take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed. It is also made on behalf of Donald Trump personally, as a US Person illegally spied on under the above identified wrongfully obtained Warrants and extensions.
    The founding purpose of this Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is to protect the civil rights of US Citizens, including those of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution that:
    “[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized,”
    [discussion of flaws and malfeasance/misfeasance, misrepresentation, failure of duty to verify, failure of duty to immediately advise the Court of “new” or erroneous evidence, false statements and oaths….]
    [This court’s extra-heavy duty to protect the integrity of its proceedings because defendants are not represented. Malfeasance and misfeasance must be severely disciplined to protect the integrity of this Court’s proceedings…]
    [the GOP, Presidential Campaign, the GOP Presidential Candidate, and the Elected President were spied on based on the aboveidentified , political, overbroad, unconstitutional warrants…]
    [The FISC should not engage in deceit to authorize spying on those not specifically identified as the ‘targets”. Due process for reasonable searches under the 4th Amendment require particular description of the “target” describing the place to be searched, and the things to be spied on. Here, PDJT and his staff/advisors were the actual known “targets” intended for spying by the DOJ/FBI. Mr. Comey even denied (under criminal penalty of 18 USC 1001) to PDJT that he was the ‘target’. But the FISC participated in issuing a Warrant which authorized political surveillance on thousands to millions of US citizens associated with or communicating with the Republican Party or its Candidates, employees, advisors, counsel, contractors, advisors and others, as deceitfully intended by the DOJ/FBI. ] Due process does not permit deceit .
    [Unwarranted secrecy only protects fraud, illegality and embarrassment of the DOJ/FBI. There is no legitimate reason to classify or withhold from those surveilled, notice to them of their surveillance under this FISA Warrant or extensions, or the nature of places or persons searched or seized relating to each such US Person.]
    Relief requested
    It is requested this this Court Order:
    1. The immediate, complete withdrawal of its above identified FISA Warrant and all subsequent extensions thereof, nunc pro tunc (now as then), as if they had never been granted, so that they cannot function to protect or authorize any past or ongoing surveillance.
    2. Notification of each and every US Person who has been surveilled under this FISA Warrant including its extensions, the information collected, and the ways in which the information was used, by whom, so that such US Persons can seek redress for violation of civil rights.
    3. Hearings to determine and impose appropriate discipline for ethical violations, perjury, malfeasance and misfeasance by DOJ and FBI personnel relating to the authorization, preparation, representation, support or presentation of this FISA Warrant or its extensions to or in this Court.


  30. islandpalmtrees says:

    What we know for sure. You don’t take actions like the following, if you intend to obey the Law.

    TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE: Obama Deep State Officials Who Approved Criminal FISA Warrants to Spy on Trump and Plot Against Gen. Flynn Are SAME OFFICIALS Involved in Fixing FISA Process!
    February 11, 2020, by Jim Hoft

    FOIA Docs Show Anti-Trump DOJ Official Appointed to Oversee FISA Reforms Sending Draft WaPo Op-Eds Attacking Nunes to DOJ’s National Security Division
    January 27, 2020, by Cristina Laila

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    • Beau Geste says:

      you succinctly make the argument against “amicus” helpers for the FISC. lapdogs appoint lapdogs.
      thank you.
      the FISC “helper” the FISC self-appointed proves the same. Ironically, “amicus” means “friend” of the FISC. instead, we need “friend of the illegally-spied on defendant”

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  31. islandpalmtrees says:

    If you allow the FISA process to continue, then you permit more of the following. “Sequester”, is another word for hiding. Sounds better than National Security?

    EXCLUSIVE: FBI Must “Sequester All” Information Related to Fraudulent Carter Page FISA Warrant Indicating Related Indictments May Be Voided
    January 24, 2020, by Joe Hoft

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    • Beau Geste says:

      “sequester” means ‘hide the evidence of criminal political spying after it was given years ago to hillary and dems, so we can’t be prosecuted’.

      “surveillance” means “illegal political spying” in deepstate-ese language

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  32. CharterOakie says:

    Excellent video.

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  33. islandpalmtrees says:

    I certainly agree with the following. Provided you could make the Spy Agencies follow the law. How are you going to get this accomplished? Pass another law or change an existing law.

    Sundance Writes:
    “The position being put forth by Rand Paul is exactly correct. Change the law so that FISA can only be used against foreign actors, and force the DOJ or intelligence apparatus to go to a normal Title-3 court for a search/surveillance warrant against any American.”

    Rand Paul’s intention are good, but without guaranteed enforcement – it means nothing.

    The only choice is to shut it down, *if we are permitted to*.


  34. j'accuse says:

    The judge’s candor tells us that constitutional violations by the FBI have become institutionalized and our law enforcement is operating like the Stasi or KGB kicking down doors of citizens in the middle of the night. Of course the FBI are usually intercepting electronic communications so I guess that means it’s not the same as kicking down a door? The judge’s attitude is an example of what happens to a decent man placed in a defective system – it’s essential for him to believe that the scolding opinions of the FISA result in change and reforms, and that the FBI, DOJ, etc. are of course patriotic and law abiding public servants who would never violate a citizens constitutional rights *knowingly* (but of course ‘mistakes are made’) and after rare instances it does happen, new rules are made to prevent a re-occurrence. The idea that police agencies will police themselves is not supported by history unfortunately. Abuses inevitably occur when the police has unlimited powers of secrecy. Our FBI is an extremely professional agency overall but when any bureaucracy is vested with powers to operate secretly and without real consequences for misconduct, there is an environment created where boundaries of power are constantly pushed and finally broken. Violations thus become institutionalized and routine.

    The leak of the Carter Page FISA affidavit has exposed this culture and given the huge and coordinated institutional pushback from all involved — the FBI, DOJ, IC and indeed Congress — we can be assured the abuses in the Page FISA are hardly an isolated incident as we are being corralled to believe at this moment. Collectively they want us to accept that the agencies have taken every step needed to protect citizens’ rights and there will be no further abuses.

    I guess if Americans conclude we should just forget about the past and move forward and re-authorize FISA, then that’s what will happen. There has been a fusion of interests among federal agencies and a strong conviction, particularly within the FBI, DOJ, and IC, that they have it all under control and must be allowed to operate secretly. The will point out that they disclose their activities to high ranking members of Congress. Yet citizens are never really informed of any of the clandestine intel and police activities against American citizens. Take a look at the declassification process – it can take years for documents to be reviewed and approved for release to the public because so many agencies and officials must sign off before public release.

    Misconduct like the Page warrant is not a collection of ‘bad guys’ in government conspiring against the interests of the American people but a predictable outcome of a bureaucratic system lacking effective oversight or constraints. Note that when any act of FBI/DOJ is questioned, the agents and officials tend to take it as an attack on their competence or patriotism . This attitude is an ongoing defense mechanism of the bureaucracy and successfully silences critics and deters inquiries. While it is a human response to criticism, this reaction is not acceptable behavior of any public official because Congress and the American people have to be informed of the workings of all agencies.

    We have an institutional problem where even with a system of numerous rules to prevent abuses, and run by competent, patriotic civil servants, abuses nonetheless occur. I am probably not the one to ask about ‘what to do’ because I see a very pervasive attitude across law enforcement agencies, the IC and even the judiciary that they have some illusory right to act autonomously and not be scrutinized by the people because of their presumed superior competence. There is a cult of secrecy in Washington that is utterly toxic to liberty. The Jacobin part of me offers only one solution to such a large problem. As usual, thanks to Sundance for directing me toward a larger understanding of where we stand as a republic. Someone once said that in a democracy, we get the government we deserve.


  35. OhNoYouDont says:

    Graham starts closed-door depositions in FISA probe
    BY JORDAIN CARNEY – 03/03/20 01:46 PM EST

    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said on Tuesday that he has started closed-door interviews as part of his deep dive into the surveillance courts and the FBI’s Russia probe.

    Graham confirmed to reporters that he has started the depositions, then escaped into a Senate elevator.

    Graham is using his gavel to probe the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) surveillance warrants involving Trump campaign associate Carter Page and the FBI’s handling of the investigation into Russia’s election meddling and the Trump campaign.

    He’s requested testimony from more than 20 current Justice Department and FBI officials.

    He also wants to call former officials including former FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates before his committee.

    The deep dive comes amid growing concerns about the potential for abuse of the FISC after Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz found 17 “significant inaccuracies and omissions” in the Page warrant application.

    Some of President Trump’s biggest allies want to use a debate over soon-to-expire provisions of the USA Freedom Act to make broader changes to the surveillance court.

    Trump is convening a meeting on Tuesday afternoon with lawmakers on both sides of the debate to try to break the stalemate.

    Congress has until March 15 to extend three provisions of the USA Freedom Act.


  36. OhNoYouDont says:

    NYT: $100 million US phone surveillance program produced two unique leads
    The USA Freedom Act is up for renewal next month.
    Richard Lawler, @Rjcc – 02.26.20

    After 2015, the USA Freedom Act replaced NSA mass surveillance of American’s call metadata that had been enacted under the Patriot Act and Section 215. While it didn’t go so far as to completely reform the system as groups like the EFF and ACLU hoped, it changed things by having phone companies collect the data, under limits of how long it could be stored, with queries performed by agencies with a judge’s permission. Even the new rules have had problems, with phone companies storing more data than was legally allowed causing the NSA to wipe all data collected in 2018. Also, even more limited queries could end up touching millions of records.

    Now the New York Times reports on a just-declassified study by the Privacy and Civil Liberties
    Oversight Board from last year that looked into the program and found that it had only ever generated two unique leads during the time it was operating. That’s out of 15 reports total, but 13 had information the FBI was able to get through other methods, At a cost of over $100 million to operate the setup, this almost complete lack of production reveals more about why the NSA had stopped using it.

    Sections of the Patriot Act were set to expire in 2019, but despite reported recommendations by the NSA to shut things down, they were extended as part of a funding bill. Now they’re up for review again by March 15th, and despite proposed bipartisan legislation intended to replace the program, AG William Barr is again pushing for an extension.

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  37. islandpalmtrees says:

    “Collectively they want us to accept that the agencies have taken every step needed to protect citizens’ rights and there will be no further abuses.” This is a reflection of 22 years of one abuse or another without real and effective correction. Changing a Law that will in turn be ignored, is not the answer.

    Like a tire, this set of practiced excuses has grown thin. An like that same tire it’s become time to replace. The only question that remains is with what?


  38. OhNoYouDont says:

    Trump tells Republicans he won’t extend surveillance law without FISA reforms
    BY JORDAIN CARNEY – 03/03/20 08:22 PM EST

    President Trump told a group of Republicans on Tuesday that he will not support extending soon-to-expire intelligence programs without changes to the surveillance court.

    Trump met with Attorney General William Barr and several GOP lawmakers, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), amid a deadlock over how to deal with expiring provisions of the USA Freedom Act.

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) told reporters that Trump “pushed back very vigorously” on a plan pitched by Barr to pass a clean extension of the expiring intelligence programs plan while using his own rulemaking authority to make changes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court.

    “It was a spirited discussion. The president made it exceedingly clear that he will not accept a clean reauthorization…without real reform,” Paul told reporters after the meeting.

    Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), who also attended the meeting, noted in a Facebook post that lawmakers made the pitch to Trump that the surveillance court needs to be reformed as part of the reauthorization, and that Trump agreed with them.

    “I’ve proposed a series of amendments to FISA and explained that I’m willing to vote to reauthorize the expiring provisions but only if we pass some of these reforms, only if we make it more difficult for the government to use these things against American citizens,” Lee added in a video posted to Facebook.

    Two GOP aides confirmed that Trump told lawmakers he would not support extending the USA Freedom Act provisions without broader FISA reforms.

    Other attendees at the meeting were GOP Reps. Jim Jordan (Ohio), Mark Meadows (N.C.), Doug Collins (Ga.) and GOP Sens. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Richard Burr (N.C.).

    Congress has until March 15 to extend the three USA Freedom Act provisions that deal with roving wiretaps, lone wolf surveillance and a controversial phone records program that allows the government to request metadata.


    • OhNoYouDont says:

      Provided The Hill article to highlight Oval Office attendees:

      Attorney General William Barr
      Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.)
      House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.)
      Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.)
      Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah)
      House Ranking Member Judiciary (effective March 12) Jim Jordan (Ohio)
      House Ranking Member House Oversight (effective March 12) Mark Meadows (N.C.)
      House Ranking Member Judiciary (until March 12) Doug Collins (Ga.)
      Senate Chairman Judiciary Lindsey Graham (S.C.)
      Senate Chairman Intel Richard Burr (N.C.)

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  39. Thanks, Sundance for highlighting this video because it shows some of how these Dem’s Are Crap Zombies will break every rule, forge every document and commit all manner of vile abuses, also see https://515loupe.wordpress.com/2020/03/04/may-15th-prophecy-breakdown/

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  40. Bob, Esq. says:

    Anyone know if this OAN special has been posted on line yet?

    I missed the broadcasts.


    • John Spiropoulos says:

      While I wrote and produced the program, OAN now owns the rights to it. OAN has broadcast the program four times. It gets good ratings. And that’s good for profits. So, there are no plans to post it online.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bob, Esq. says:

        I’m simultaneously honored by the response, in agreement with your reasoning and saddened that I won’t get to see your work any time soon.


  41. NJF says:

    Great video.


  42. Judge Bates may be a patriot but he sounds like a battered housewife making excuses for daddy. In fairness, he may feel differently in 2020 than 2014, but still.

    This is why they used the Russia Card–it let them conduct a counter-intelligence black-op
    as opposed to a criminal frame-up where defendants might have at least some Due Process rights. Personally, I believe that after Seth Rich’s rub-out, it became absolutely imperative that Russia be blamed.

    Chief Justice Roberts had to know a presidential campaign was under assault. He’s exhibited very little leadership to fix this debacle. Judge Boasberg’s hiring of a Beach Friend of the Court also demonstrates dereliction.

    At first, I was shocked to learn there was even such a thing as “contractors”. Now I’m only surprised there are not more of them.

    I’ve seen dog-catchers who abused their power and presidents who didn’t–and vice versa. But I’ve never seen this level of official corruption. In America.


  43. T2020 says:

    SD said: “The FISA “business records provision”, the “roving wiretap” provision, the “lone wolf” provision, and the more controversial bulk metadata provisions [Call Detail Records (CDR)], again all parts of the Patriot Act, must not be reauthorized without a full public vetting of the abuses that have taken place for the past several years.”

    Me: None of it should be renewed. The abuses will continue. It’s the nature of the beast.


  44. NCHillbilly says:

    Does anyone suppose the IC took out insurance policies on the FISC judges?

    Liked by 1 person

  45. jx says:

    Have no fear, Barr is hard at work identifying the criminals and declining to prosecute them.

    Liked by 1 person

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