Monmouth South Carolina Poll: Biden 36%, Sanders 16%, Steyer 15%, Warren 8%…

Mini-mike Bloomberg is viable for the Club if they can run him as a candidate that no-one has to actually see, hear, or get to know…. However, after two debates with Bloomberg included, his support is dropping like a rock.

…”His national debate debut in Las Vegas last week laid bare his vulnerabilities around race and gender and gave many voters their first glimpse of his irritability. The performance short-circuited his rise in polling, and he has since made no headway against frontrunner Bernie Sanders in delegate-rich California, a state he was counting on. In addition, there are signs of a revival for Joe Biden in South Carolina this weekend — an outcome that would upset Bloomberg’s plan to seize on his demise as moderates search for a replacement to him.” (link)

Bloomberg is not on the ballot Saturday in South Carolina, and the latest Monmouth Poll shows people jumping back to support Joe Biden.  [Data Link]

Monmouth’s Patrick Murray is a well known Big Club pollster.  According to his construct the Club’s blitzkrieg on Fidel Sanders paid off. However, once people got to see the Clubs’ alternative, Bloomberg, the voter aversion to mini-mike ended up with a retreat to support Biden; at least in South Carolina.

Going into Super Tuesday Bernie’s coalition might be slightly smaller than before the Club started the sunlight upon his radical assembly; but the support level is enough to keep him as frontrunner.  Bernie is the candidate for the Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, Socialists and Revolutionary Communist groups within the Democrat party.  While the ‘never-bernie’ voting block is even more fractured over five candidates.

Bloomberg, Biden, Buttigieg, Warren, Klobuchar and to a lesser extent Steyer, are all splitting the ‘never-bernie’ bloc.   The Club’s hope for Bloomberg has diminished as more democrat voters see him in action and his support drops.  Conversely, as Bloomberg support drops Biden support increases, but not enough to surpass Bernie.

South Carolina may be a boost for Biden heading into Super Tuesday; a worse case scenario for those who built the Bloomberg roadmap.

It is still too soon to say a brokered convention is most likely; and it will be after Super Tuesday when that possibility can be best considered; however, it does look like the odds of a brokered convention are increasing.

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220 Responses to Monmouth South Carolina Poll: Biden 36%, Sanders 16%, Steyer 15%, Warren 8%…

  1. theasdgamer says:

    The story is: “Orange Man and the Seven Dwarfs.”


    • sturmudgeon says:

      I do not ‘tweet’, so I do not know where to post this… but this thread has to do with voting, so: WA. State ‘mail in’ Voter Envelopes have squares to checkmark ON THE OUTSIDE, as to whether you are voting Democrat or Republican!!! To Hell with Privacy… Welcome to more Voter Fraud… where do you think many of the envelopes (votes) will end up, in this Democratic controlled State??

      CHECK YOUR STATE! Please make this go viral! Thanks.


  2. Baby El says:

    Someone with clear signs of dementia is the pick for 36% of respondents.

    I do understand why the dems believe people need to be told what to think.

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    Biden will drop out when his money runs out. Which will be sooner rather than later.
    Biden’s donors are all too familiar with Quid Pro Joe’s ways. The Biden money flow has already dried up.

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    • railer says:

      At this point, they’re supporting Biden only as a vehicle to put down Bernie and get to a brokered convention that destroys Bernie.

      My guess is that every move will be wrapped around this strategy. Money isn’t an issue here. If Warren or Buttplug can help this effort, they’ll be funded sufficiently to keep them around, too. The dark money is everywhere and will just appear in teh night. And even if he fades, Bloomberg will spend whatever it takes to destroy Bernie and protect the Beltway incumbents he’s previously bought.

      But there will be no shortage of money available to get to that brokered convention.


  4. Guffman says:

    Just imagine a Presidential debate with Angry Joe vs GEOTUS. It would worthy of pay-per-view.
    Joe would be bursting eye blood vessels left and right, challenging PT to meet him out behind the convention centre, or maybe a push-up contest, while going on long tirades that he’d get lost in the middle of, and making up anything that (corn) pops into his head along the way.

    It’s hard to say if I prefer Joe or Bernie for the final matchup… either one would be epic. 🤣🤣🤣
    Mini-Mike would just be boring.

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  5. sunnydaze says:

    Message to Bloomberg:

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