John Ratcliffe Discusses Manufactured ODNI Intel Briefing on Russia and Upcoming FISA Reauthorization…

Representative John Ratcliffe appears with Maria Bartiromo to answer questions about the fraudulent information within an intelligence briefing last week and the House democrats weaponizing a false narrative.  Ratcliffe points fingers toward Adam Schiff for manufacturing the false media assertions & perpetuating a hoax on the American people.

Additionally Mr. Ratcliffe notes the upcoming reauthorization of FISA authority is taking place under a cloud of abuse by government officials and a host of deep state resistance interests who do not want to admit abuse within the FISA system.


In December of 2019 congress buried the short-term extension to reauthorize the FISA “business records provision”, the “roving wiretap” provision, the “lone wolf” provision, and the more controversial bulk metadata provisions [Call Detail Records (CDR)], all parts of the Patriot Act.  As a result of the FISA CR inclusion the terminal deadline was pushed to March 15, 2020. [Backstory]

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77 Responses to John Ratcliffe Discusses Manufactured ODNI Intel Briefing on Russia and Upcoming FISA Reauthorization…

  1. Elric VIII says:

    Kill it! Kill it with fire!

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  2. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Additionally Mr. Ratcliffe notes the upcoming reauthorization of FISA authority is taking place under a cloud of abuse by government officials and a host of deep state resistance interests who do not want to admit abuse within the FISA system.”

    MSM is never going to promote the exposure of that, so perhaps our VSGPDJT can send some tweets to the rescue.

    Let Mr. Schiff stew over that.

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    • MJ Alexander says:

      And perhaps we can help… Reaching out to my Congress-critter on Twitter:

      @RepGosar Please do not reauthorize FISA without hearings and reform. Yes, keep the program, but protect US citizens. FOCUS = Prevent abuse! Step 1 = Serious punishment for abusers… NOW!

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  3. bessie2003 says:

    That was huge.

    MB: “Do you think all four of the FISA warrants were illegal?”

    JR: “I do”

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Indeed. They’re holding off on the other two because it would look “bad.”


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      • Beau Geste says:

        They refuse to formally admit that all the political spying was illegal, and criminal. This includes the spying done prior to the first FISA, which was to “legitimize” the previous illegal spying that Admiral Rogers stopped. The FISAs permit retroactive spying in the stored NSA recorded phone/email/communications records.

        It was all criminal. Admitting the first 2 FISAs were also illegal could make it one step closer to civil damage suits, and criminal prosecution for the political spy perps.

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  4. Dutchman says:

    Maria is rightfully HAMMERING the fact, known to all of us for some time, that it didn’t start when they insist it did, their ‘firewall’.

    Way to GO, Marie!
    Next, need to HAMMER that Russia did not HACK the DNC and DCCC.
    Get Binney on, to explain it couldn’t happen.

    Destroy THAT false narrative, and the whole thing falls.
    But, brick by brick, my citisens,….brick by brick!

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  5. Zorro says:

    JR made some positive points, as others have pointed out, but he also stated there was Russian meddling in 2016. If so, he should always state what it consisted of, the extent, and, lastly, that no votes were added or changed.

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    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      Zorro, Multitude of THUMBS UP!!!!!!

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    • zekness says:

      it is important, I agree….

      but this creates then wrong impression and its the wrong timing.

      there was/is likely russian hacking involved in our election system..this should not shock anyone. It’s been going on for a very long time and it’s not isolated to russia. There are MANY nation state actors and private for hire groups and corporations that are involved..and if they aren’t then from a standpoint of being relevant at all, they will fail eventually..because if you are not playing the big boy game, your time is limited..competition…it’s the reality.

      but the problem..getting back to noticing and reporting russia hacking, presents a special predicament at this moment in time. It will be used successfully to conflate ONCE AND AGAIN that the left corruptors were right all along and trump is a puppet muppet….

      so while it is important to distiguish the realities ….one will have a very impossible task at this time making the case that two things actually exist that are threats.

      1. that the corrupt left has been attempting a coup from day one, USING a manufactured external threat
      2. that the external threat actually exists.

      it’s a hard sell, because…let’s face it…it’s not the american people who can’t resolve the difference.

      it’s the main stream media fully complicit with the corrupt narrative that will throw it sideways and bend the information out of shape and conflate the two to mean the same things.

      if you want to get an example of russian infiltration into the election system, and I will admit there are dozens of known open source examples verifiied and corroborated, here is one:

      VR systems….a common phishing attacked, attribution clearly a russian sponsored state level sanctioned hack….the company was targeted because it develops the firmware code to election machines across 8 states (2016 at the time) AND produces the firmware “re-programming” root level code it depends on for security and secure boot operations. This was not a trivial target to hack. There is no official open source that qualified this hack as successful in the sense that any vote was altered, but the official open source showed proof positive the company data was exflitrated successfully and for a long period of time that russian APT group (cozy bear cousin) had full god mode access to the entire network.

      now, think about that one case….do you think the press is going to talk about the details of that hack or any other in sufficient detail to actually provide the seriousness and the effects of the actual voting count? of course not….they just don’t have the technical or honesty skills needed to take the case apart and give it the proper treatment.

      so, radcliffe, a adequately informed patriot understands the dangers and the realities of pitching russia hacking AGAINST the real threats of attempted voting fraud and coup that is still playing out scale large and thus far not kept in check…..

      it’s the left party and it’s actors that support it …or more to the point….the private well resourced actors that want to prop up the corrupt IC….and take trump out of office at the same time.

      this issue is really about the IC and the surveillance state. it all goes back to the ring that rules them all.

      that exists right now.

      where will we find the dark knight…the small but powerful loyal patriot?

      where indeed.

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  6. GB Bari says:

    See Page 25, beginning at Line 8 “Sunsets” in the document linked to the words “FISA CR inclusion” near the end of the article.

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  7. Sherri Young says:

    I have a question. Isn’t this FISA renewal vote supposed to be for PERMANENT reauthorization? If it passes, will it be subject to sunset provisions anymore?

    I could have sworn that this go round was supposed to make these provisions permanent.

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    • zekness says:

      no….this particular patriot act bill has the feature that it must be re-authorized on a “schedule”..

      I do believe there are some that desire this particular power to gain a permanent feature …but that would require that congress amend nearly the entire set of principles and goals and limitations that are written into it from day one.

      I am not saying it would be impossible to achieve it, or even that it would require some special debate.

      after all, given what we just experienced, the existing law achieves the same forces of surveillance unrestricted in practice…so why change a thing?

      it would be more “optically normal” to just have the regular schedule given it new batteries and then toss back some more drinks and watch the constitution go through another celebratory torching.

      makes me sick.

      this should not even be a debate.

      get this madness and power out of here.

      we have courts..we have due process…we have thresholds for surveillance against domestic US citizens.

      us THAT!

      and if you want to spy on foreign powers…folks, here is a little secret, just so you understand the realities AND THE TRUTH.


      think about it. it should give you a serious case of shudders and “where the hell did I put my bullets” mode.

      you’ve been taken, took, had and stole

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  8. Dutchman says:

    Ratcliff neglects to mention the literal ‘Elephant in the room’; namely, Republicon leadership in Senate don’t want to seriously investigate, or have anyone else investigate the FISA abuse, because THEY are COMPLICIT.

    In fact, they are SUPPORTING the ongoing coverup, and exposing their true natures by their inaction.

    In an election year, WHY wouldn’t Senate Republicans, IN THE MAJORITY, hold hearings to expose the biggest political scandal in our history, where an outgoing DEMOCRAT administration abused the FISA process and the IC powers to spy on a Republican Presidential candidate?

    To really expose this to the American people would greatly increase the Republicans chance of regaining the House, and could concievably get Republicans in the Senate over the fillibuster threashold in the Senate!

    Oh, sorry. THATS why, the last thing Mitch wants is,a majority over 60, so he doesn’t have to include amnesty, on any immigration reform bill, cause “We have to give it to Dems, to get it to pass!”
    Reality is its Republicans like,Graham, that want amnesty, hence his nickname.

    But, Mitch wouldn’t have a ‘cover’; he would be (shudder at the mental image) NAKED with a spotlight.

    Exposed as the Duplitious Globalist Conmunist who conspired with Pelosi, DiFi and Schumer, to launch the coup.

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    • Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

      I am a constituent (haha) of McConnell and have been so angry and contemptuous of
      him that I have sent him nasty emails. One was that he, like the emperor, was naked and now the people are awake and see it. Your comment made me smile. I agree with you. The Uniparty is nervous. It is there for all to see, including The Turtle, his lieutenants, Li’l Lindsey and Burr of SSCI. They all profit from the corrupt and criminal activity. K Street “campaign contributions” are nothing but money laundered bribes by foreign states , entities and/or individuals.

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      • Dutchman says:

        POWER is what they CRAVE.
        So, what IS POWER?
        The abilty to influence events. AND, the ability to influence PERCEPTIONS and therefore public opinion.
        We see a consistent pattern with PDJT, vis a vis his opponents.
        EXPOSE them for who and what they really are.
        By EXPOSING them thusly, THEY lose credibility, and PDJT GAINS credibility.
        As they lose credibility, they lose the ability to effect perceptions and events.
        They lose POWER, and PDJT GAINS Power.
        First, MSM. Then the Dems, And the deep state.
        Now the Republicons in the Senate.
        Actually, its a PROCESS. It takes TIME and patience. While MSM, DEMS and DS are already well into stage 3, the Republicons are still in stage 2,…but its about to get a lot tougher for them.

        They TRY to operate by INaction, rather than action. Thats turtles thing. But, more and more PDJT has forced him and his Republicons to oppose PDJT by ACTION, and both EXPOSE, but pro-active action is a lot more obvious.

        This whole confirmation fiasco that McConnell has been pulling is going to be exposed, when PDJT nominates someone for ODNI, and McConnell balks.

        Lets see what happens, tee hee.

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        • Les D says:

          Any further q’s why JFK wanted LBJ as VP other then Tx electoral votes? He was the Majority Leader in the Senate with iron fist control of his Caucus. Senator Kennedy was in that Caucus. He knew how LBJ was first hand, knew as Prez he’d have to deal with a Leader with toro juevos on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING w/ LBJ likely to get whatever he wanted added to any legislation JFK wanted or some other quo.


        • zekness says:

          true unregulated power is

          the ability to make laws and then to routinely secretly violate them….

          this is the true source of power in the modern era…that harkens back to the good old days when a single king and his court did in fact have the authority of god himself to do anything, at any time, to anyone, for any reason…So they claimed and successfully.

          God will not be dishonored nor shall righteous men stand idle as this greatest of sins is committed. These man made powers mock god and are literally the marks of the devil and unrighteous evil works.

          WE stand on infinite power when we align our purpose and our goals to those respected, fears, and obedient to the one and only true power:

          God’s Power!

          Prayer…powerful works…It recognizes these worldly matters are corrected by god and god alone. We work to achieve those goals because we obey the only true sovereign power that transcends anything and all things manufactured by humans.

          Pray….pray specifically. And then act according to the prayer. This pleases God. He will never ever abandon you.

          pass the word

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          • Dutchman says:

            The issue of the Kings power being absolute was resolved, at least in England, a long time ago.

            The King ,…indicated to his supporters,that his life would be much easier if a certain religious leader, I THINK it was the Bishop of Canterberry, (but I COULD be mistaken), wasn’t around.
            His followers killed him, and were hanged for it, and the king submitted to a ceremonial chastisement from the church.

            But yes, there have always and in society of man, been SOME who craved power. Aspiring to BE God, instead of submitting to God.


            • zekness says:

              our first KING, a special KING, defeated the British and IT’s KINGS “GOD” POWERS with a rag tag group of self interested independent minded, god fearing young americans who recognized the threat and met it on the field of battle. (and of course with a very savvy alliance made possible by true statesmanship by mr. franklin.

              our first KING was George Washington.

              and you know what he did after USING KING POWERS and defeating the common enemy, the great and formidable British?

              He took off the mantle voluntarily, almost immediately….recognizing the grave dangers of even being tempted by that level of power…after all, this was the very reason for the conflict.

              These differences, are hard to reconcile or even believe if you wander the long scope of history of nation states….and yet, here it is…

              so why would he do this?

              what motivated him at a very deep and important level?

              he was a christian…he believed the authority of god was a personal one, not attached to government, or a single person in authority..but to all men and women…

              the american history is absolutely a marvel and I can’t imagine there is anything like this every in history…

              I consider it an intervention by God himself…because these men and women prayed for support and guidance…and then acted.

              we can see these behaviors were not just bowing of heads….and taking knees

              these people really did believe and had a very deep commitment to a higher power.

              that’s the model…I really do not understand how this nation has gone so badly from the experience…

              but then, I also realize the devil exists…

              I look at these matters we have here similarly..

              we need a KING…a champion for the special cause of god fearing christian who demand they remain soverign and associate and deal in their freedoms and express their liberties accordining to a higher power than a government that has gone full retard.

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              • Dutchman says:

                We HAVE one. A lion of a leader, doing true public service for the,country, not only not for personal gain, but at some cost.

                And listening to God for his marching orders.
                Gods hand IS apperent, throughout the history of our country.

                But the story of Moses, shows the perfidy of man. He goes away for 40 days, and comes back to find them having an orgy, and worshiping a golden calf.

                How did we get to where we are? I am surprised it took this long!
                Satan never stops.


    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Exactly right, Dutch… Itchy Mitchy and Lindsey ‘Mini McCain’ are geniuses at walking the razor-blade and ensuring that that can hide behind the Democrats (and other shields) as they (selectively) undermine the President’s agenda… Can you imagine what this president could do if he didn’t have to fight some of the most senior and public members of his own party? Hey Mitch, you’re 78 years old…. Hit the links or the fishing hole, will ya? What, do you think you’re a Democrat or something (wait, don’t answer that)….

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    • Vince says:

      “Ratcliff neglects to mention the literal ‘Elephant in the room’; namely, Republicon leadership in Senate don’t want to seriously investigate, or have anyone else investigate the FISA abuse, because THEY are COMPLICIT.”

      Sounds like there is a lot of leverage lying around that can be used by President Trump to disband the FISA courts.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Its part of a confluence of events coming together. Fisa reauthorisation, Grinell appointment and PDJT’s nominee for ODNI, …..

        And the desperation and flop sweat is getting obvious. Graham did terribly on Maria today. This latest Schiff show, they are grasoing at straws, their credibility in tatters…

        And then theres Bernie,…

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    • ATheoK says:

      Ratcliffe, a Representative of Congress, is not in a position to investigate or even criticize Senator(s) in the Senate.
      That’s a losing gambit for any Congressman who is dependent upon reelection every two years and is one of hundreds of Congressmen.

      Cleansing the House of Representatives is a hard enough goal, before adding the FISA/FISC court problems to the mix.

      Preventing or minimizing FISA abuse is a worthy goal; which Ratcliffe must participate while trying to keep other Congressmen from stabbing him in the back; or democrats running a massive vote harvesting fraud against Ratcliffe in the upcoming elections.

      I have to suspect that DNC and Bloomberg campaign negotiations included the DNC getting to use some of Bloomberg’s millions to improve and broaden their vote harvesting/printing fraud.
      Bloomberg throwing millions of dollars into advertising gives Bloomberg a cash laundering engine for supporting dnc efforts at voter fraud and bribing dnc and democrats.


      • Dutchman says:

        I look at the battle as Us vs Uniparty, rather than Dem vs Rep.
        I like what I’m seeing in the House; McCarthy, being Ryans protege, bothers me, but he sees the direction the winds are blowing (Due Trump) and is going with the flow.
        The House has a group of battle hardened and united patriots, who are fighting against the Uniparty, lead by Nunes, and we all know the names.
        Its from the Senate that we get bupkus, and passive resistance.

        Thats why I support Collins moving over to the Senate.

        Remember when the brought a phoney ‘ethics investigation’ against Nunes, forcing him to withdraw as Chairmen of House intel?
        After November, they need to charge Schiff with ethics violations; leaking, and lieing while using the ‘speech and debate clause’ to avoid accountability.

        Anyway, any argument that anything is more important than the Constitution falls on deaf ears for me.

        FISA is INHERENTLY UN-Constitutional, and can NEVER be made Constitutional.

        And any argument that it can, is IMHO, flawed.


  9. trapper says:

    Sweet little scam they have going. They can’t leak classified information. That’s illegal. SO – they just make shit up and “leak” that. They can make up anything they want and “leak” it so long as it’s not true. Not illegal, because they are just making stuff up and not disclosing anything they actually heard.

    “Intelligence sources are reported to have briefed the House Intel Committee that Bigfoot was responsible for the Iowa caucus reporting fiasco, and he is now on the way to South Carolina to interfere in the primary there. Intelligence sources also briefed the committee that Bigfoot likes to be called Gary.”

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    • joeknuckles says:

      Except for the fact that, if the briefing contains fake information that Schiff wants to get out and he leaks it, he’s caught. Think about it.

      Schiff already made public statements about this fake briefing, so he should already be caught.

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      • ann says:

        Schiffs trees fall in the forest but the tip top JD will insist there is no noise,
        Same old story, Joe, the Unigrift Party , Bureau & State Are tip top fine exemplers of America as per the JD .
        The working posit is if the DoJ declines to investigate or prosecute, Insider Club is innocent of wrongdoing.
        Just like street gangs, their status, power & economy depends on conformity & solidarity within the group, and exclusion of outsiders.

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  10. IGiveUp says:

    How does Schiff get away with this stuff in the House. Answer: It’s a self-policing body and the current people are of low character. How did low character people get into the House? They were put there by voters of low character.

    Politics is downstream of culture.
    Culture is downstream of demographics.

    Want a better country? Get better people.

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      I dont’ necessarily disagree with your statement- if you want a better country get better people. Heck, just peruse through FB,Twitter, and Insta for about an hour. You will see a lot of despicable behavior. All for likes, upvotes, and fake friends.

      With saying that I believe too many Americans believe what the MSM says without an iota of thought that they are being lied too. Hell, I have been trying to show my wife (very liberal) for almost a decade. I will point out that what she didn’t listen to was all opinion. I remember once we were watching a report on the Horowitz IG report. The talking head, I think it was Lester Holt, not one time mentioned a single thing from the report but rather he told us what we should take away from it. I was furious and said he’s lying that’s his opinion that’s not even what’s in the report. She said some sarcastic comments to the tune of oh, i know better than Lester, an expert in these things. I looked at her and told her Lester is not an expert at this stuff, Lester is an expert at reading talking points written by others. He’s just articulate and does well in front of a camera. That’s it. I then showed her in the ICIG Report where Lester was wrong. It didn’t move the needle….she said, Lester takes away what he did and shared it and you take away what you do. I was shocked…..i said no, there are facts and there are opinions….facts don’t change.

      I share that story because to me the MSM is the issue. They disguise opinion as fact and leave out facts that don’t align with their narrative. We know this it’s why we come here. But, there are still way way way too many Americans who eat up the BS from the MSM. So much so they don’t even believe the truth when it’s in black and white right in front of them. And we all know people like this….more than one in many cases. In the tens.

      Getting them to see the light is a monumental task because these people truly believe (because they were told their whole lives) the MSM is flawless and there to inform them of the facts and that they would never mislead the public.

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      • ann says:

        “Getting them to see the light”.
        I’ve never understood why someone would subordinate their mind for inclusion within a toxic system. Dwayne.

        In my cohort p, since late adolescent , the prevalence of intellectual dishonesty and incuriousiry is staggering.

        I attribute this denial of reality to a primal longing for membership within a dominant group which demands conformity for acceptance,and is punitive of deviation .

        For the literate, I see no justifiable basis to plead ignorance, History is accessible.
        And After all, Objective analysis is taught at the junior high school level : composition, grammar and parsing teach one to discern between assertion of fact and grounded statements.


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        • ATheoK says:

          Exactly, Ann!

          “I attribute this denial of reality to a primal longing for membership within a dominant group”

          Membership in the “in group” and corrupt ‘under the table’ support or protection from the “in group” for an individual’s ambition.
          Total corruption is expected from every member to support the team (group) and members.

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          • ann says:

            Exactly, same old stale dynamic I observed throughout the high school & university.

            Ugh, my contempt stems from prolonged exposure to their cowardly ways.

            The way I see it, these aspiring leaders abdicated their natural duty, to provide responsible stewardship and protect both our and younger Americans liberty & economic freedom .
            This applies even more sternly If one has a privledged background.

            Instead, fo reason, politics attracted the most undersible of my cohort.

            Perhaps ‘‘twas ever thus.

            Ruled by their crass desire for inclusion, Insider status, and greed, this elite clique betrayed the trust of fellow Americans.

            The antithesis of virtue, and authentic egalitarianism.


  11. freepetta says:

    Ratcliffe is another hero like Nunes!!

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  12. Brant says:

    I don’t think we have anything to worry about with Trump and no revealing stuff thru the spring and summer due to the election. He doesn’t care about past precedent and I’m glad. Push stuff until way into the fall, the day before election.

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  13. Terra Rayner says:

    This whole “Trump didn’t want Congress briefed by ODNI” and “Trump exploded on Maguire over briefing” can be completely debunked also now that the POTUS was never briefed on this new hoax!! What an effing mess the Democrats and MSM are to continually do this Rinse and Repeat bullshit!

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  14. arsumbris says:

    Did the Russians actually “meddle” in the 2016 and 2017 elections, or is that just something Republicans say because they get bullied into accepting the lies Dems tell?

    Outside the 2017 “Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA)” written by Brennan, Clapper, and every other coup plotter, and Mueller’s assertion that their memo was “fact”, no one has ever presented evidence of “Russian interference”. Even the memo doesn’t provide proof, it just makes a bunch of assertions. So far, everything related to “Russia did 2016” hysteria is based on claims and no evidence (and then they tell us we need endless investigations to actually prove the claims they make).

    So why does everyone just go along with that Demonrat talking point like it’s fact?

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      One word: Uniparty.

      And, as Bongino has been saying for years but really emphasizing for the last few weeks when looking at all of the players going back to Skolkovo (spelling?)- it’s the same people, they all know each other, and they all have something to hide. He went through the names and connections…it’s mind blowing.

      That’s why they go along with the Dems talking points. They are involved too.

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  15. 335blues says:

    Reauthorization of the FISA “authority”
    which has been used to unconstitutionally target innocent Americans,
    and would likely be used in the same way again in the future
    is taking place in the dark amid promises it is so- so necessary
    for our security.
    The FISA process deletes the constitutional rights
    of the citizens who are targeted.
    Targeted citizens are not allowed to present any evidence
    of their innocence, or even to confront their accusers.
    They have no idea they are even being targeted.
    This is the kind of “security” practiced by totalitarian regimes.
    Is the FBI/DOJ turning into an American KGB?
    Has it already happened?
    And we, American citizens who stand to lose our liberty,
    is there nothing we can do to stop the ramming through
    of this attack in secret on our constitutional liberties?
    Where is the proof that FISA is necessary for our security?
    Let me guess, that information is secret, and can not be released to the public.
    What is not a secret is that the FISA process exists as much to target
    American citizens in secret without a warrant, as for any other purpose.
    In fact, it may be the primary purpose.
    Parts of our federal government are out of control.
    These parts have decided they are in charge,
    and can do whatever they please.
    Mark my words. If the FISA process is renewed as it stands today,
    what has happened over the last 3 years will repeat
    again, and again, and again.

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  16. Rynn69 says:

    Continuing Resolutions have been the worst creation in the history of our government. Terrible. Our inept government fails to live by a budget. America needs to start holding officials accountable for this BS.

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  17. Bogeyfree says:

    Trump has to know if he allows congress to pass the FISA renewal as is that it WILL be the tool they use to attack and frame him again.

    Why allow your enemy’s another opportunity??

    I just don’t get it!


  18. Jim in TN says:

    What is the real reason Congress wants this renewed? And I don’t mean the it’s for your safety BS. That is for public consumption and to dupe the Congressmen who haven’t been brought aboard.

    The one thing that is clear, is that these douche bags don’t do anything if it is not for their own profit or advantage, preferably both.

    Are they using it for their control of the government? Could they have contacts in these contracting companies with unfettered access to the data? Do they have ways to use this info for profit?

    If you want to move into the corrupt Ukraine and impose your own corruption on that mess, you need billions to throw around, you need a totally corrupt embassy and NSC staff, but that isn’t enough. You need dirty info on the competition, so that you can control them, coopt them, or get rid of them.

    There are so many ways to use that information. Insider information. Lots of abuses are possible. Blackmail info for other politicians. Endless abuses would just fit the bill. Especially for people who can control who gets the pertinent jobs. Throw in controlling who gets the jobs in the Justice Department, and you have it made in the shade.

    I doubt those crooks could pass up an opportunity this good. Wish we had proof, but real whistleblowing is a straight ticket to be suicided.

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  19. paintbrushsage says:

    The only hope that Congress listens to any of the noise is Carter Page himself, in my opinion. The rest of us are just noise to them.

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  20. Bogeyfree says:

    An interesting tweet by PT..

    I’m wondering if part of PT’s plan all along wasn’t to bring Grenell in very fast and unexpectedly to preserve communicative evidence and if so maybe PT already has the information needed to do some exposing??

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  21. jimboct says:

    I don’t trust government with fisa. No matter if a D or a R is after your name, the absolute power that fisa has been twisted in has gone too far. It must end. Let it die

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  22. trialbytruth says:

    Are we about to get a DNI report once Fisa abuse. Let’s just pull a number 30 million.Americans had there there personal information, pictures, phone calls web surfing habits reviewed by FBI agents. This same information was viewed by thousands of others outside of that government with no special training.

    This information was not collected because these people had committed a crime. It was simply collected because it could be. Some time of it was collected.for.pure vouyerism. Some of it was collected to enable criminal acts theft urinary me blackmail. Some of it was collected to stalk ex wives husbands or potential. Victums.

    It needs to be shut down. We can keep the tools to fight terrorism but access will be limited to the CIA director and one congressional approved assistent., The FBI director and his congessionally approved assistant. The president and the DNI and his congressionally aproved assistent. Two keys and two sets of eyes will be required for each search requested. The two.keys must come from two diffent departments.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      I’m sorry there is no reason to collect this information at all. None. No one should have “permission” to look at peoples’ private communications. No one. If it was so worth it how come they never seem to know when someone is going to shoot up Las Vegas, a high school in Florida, a night club in Florida, or a church or synagogue. Especially since in all of those situations after the fact the police found all kinds of clues and evidence on their phones, computer, or IPads. Including texts and emails. What a farce FISA is…..

      Liked by 1 person

      • Doug Amos says:

        Amongst the trove that Binning had uncovered were the astronomical sums being raised by Islamic terrorists in the United States at this particular time. Most unfortunately, the totals have increased dramatically during President Trump’s administration. Does this portend an incident of cataclysmic proportions during an election year or is it all part of the ongoing plan to buy politicians; the Achilles heel of any democracy. Look around; can the left really be that evil or are they just doing what they are getting paid to do? The enemy has already come through the door; wake. wake, wake up!


      • RobInPA says:

        “. . .how come. . .?”

        Because it helps promote the statist philosophy that more laws are required help keep you ‘safe’, with ALL of those promises deemed necessary by further restriction your Freedoms and Rights.

        Liked by 1 person

      • trialbytruth says:

        Well I agree no need without a warrant. I just want to limit who gets to use the tools no 100s of nsa droids no outside comtractors.


  23. 6X47 says:

    Yet again, more indication that all the information we have known for years is correct. And yet again, nothing is happening at all to anyone responsible.


  24. Cecille hohan says:

    I DONT TRUST ANY DC COURTS. They’ve proven themselves to be tools of the DemaCommunistParty of Globalist Totalitarians.


  25. MJ Alexander says:

    Reaching out to my Congress-critter on Twitter:

    @RepGosar Please do not reauthorize FISA without hearings and reform. Yes, keep the program, but protect US citizens. FOCUS = Prevent abuse! Step 1 = Serious punishment for abusers… NOW!


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