Bernie Sanders: Fidel Castro Wasn’t So Bad…

Well, Bernie can write-off Florida; literally, write it off.   This is such a mega-mistake, it’s impossible to overestimate. Bernie Sanders doesn’t even need to bother campaigning in Florida… and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t lose the Democrat primary to Bloomberg… that’s how big an effen’ deal this is.

The Latino, Cuba, Argentina and Venezuelan community in/around Miami-Dade is the central voting block for democrats; proud and loud.  However, there is one issue, one central issue so encompassing they will walk away.  The murderous bloodthirsty Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is hated with the blazing sun of a thousand supernovas…. This is a non-optional outlook.  Get on the wrong side of that position and there is NO recovery.


He’s done. Bernie Sanders looking for the not-so-bad side of Fidel Castro, or the current Castro regime, is a non-starter for Miami-Dade Latinos. Period. There is no national electoral issue equivalent for this position. It is intensely personal, and you can’t throw a rock without finding a family with a first-hand victim account from Castro’s brutality.

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  1. Patriot1783 says:

    What convenient timing…will there be another vacation home show up in Bernie’s near future?

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    • suejeanne1 says:

      doesn’t Bernie Sanders see the correlation between Cuba’s absolute-in-control government that has taken everyone’s weapons and controls their food, their movements and their everyday lives and the Nazis who conducted the Holocaust in which we understand he lost members of his family –

      doesn’t he realize where he is going with this?

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      • rah says:

        Of course not! Anyone that votes to live under socialism has to believe that everywhere else it has been tried and failed was the result of those running it just didn’t do it right!

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      • Mary says:

        He does. He plans to be on the “in-control” side of things. He doesn’t care what happens to the people who will suffer. Communists really don’t care. Human suffering is meaningless to them. Human life is meaningless to them. It’s not about alleviating suffering – it’s about making the world conform to their ideas. Because they do not want to acknowledge the Creator- they are declaring themselves to be Creators. Because they know better, of course. Or is it because “they will not serve”?

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    • Deborah Fehr says:

      I was just thinking exactly the same thing. This is his fall..the hook I’ve been waiting for…I hope you are getting more than a house for this Bernie…bye bye.

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    • frogman says:

      It will not be in Miami. 🙂

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  2. Rynn69 says:

    Call me cynical, but this is no mistake. Bernie does not want to be President. Bernie wants another cash payout from the Fascist Hate (former Democrat) party. That is what he wants.

    The man never held a full-time job until he was 40 years old. He has been sucking off the teat of taxpayers his whole life. A parasite. We all know how hard politicians work (sarc). Just ask the lovebirds Strozk and Page who resided at the FBI and spent 90% of their time on the clock texting each other about the “woes” of the bureaucracy and how only wonderful them could save it.

    But to any Democrat lurker on this site today reading this needs to know – the Democrat party wants socialism. Warren, Buttigieg, all of them are no different than Bernie. To somehow paint Bernie as an odd duck amongst moderates is a grave lie if you are foolish enough to believe it.

    America has only ONE choice if you wish to remain FREE – Vote Republican up and down the entire ticket. Vote Trump, Republican for Senate, Republican for House and Republican for all State and local offices. For judges, you must research each judge’s rulings and positions to ensure they are a Constitutionalist and not an activist judge as the ballot does not indicate a party for judges. WAKE UP. If you love America, freedom, and the best country on the face of the Earth – vote Republican. That is the only choice.

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  3. dissonant1 says:

    The guy is incredibly nuts and incredibly stupid. And Dems are voting for this immoral moron? All I can say is “Go Bernie, Go!” The Dem party deserves him. Remember in Ghostbusters where Gozer demands “Choose the form of the destructor”? Well, Sanders is the logical result of the Dem outrage and outrageousness of the Trump era. Only fitting that he also ends up as their destructor.

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    • jumpinjarhead says:

      I think Bernie is more directly the result of our education (indoctrination more accurately) system that was largely taken over by the communists and atheists in the late 1960s.

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    • Raghn Crow says:

      A great and oh-so-appropriate movie ref. “Bernie the Destructor” strikes me as an insane orchestra conductor, hair everywhere, ranting and raving. A true Gozzer worshiper. He’s not even a remotely “nice” human being to be around, from what I understand. None of those idiots running for prez are. There’s an underlying viciousness there, and if it doesn’t come from the Communism, it comes from abortion. I note Sanders has one biological child, Levi, born out of wedlock to a girlfriend. His elder brother, Larry, lives in England. Interesting. Larry’s been a Green Party member and rep for years, apparently. (Bernie apparently found the gravy train here too good.) Born and raised a Jew, Sanders apparently has quite idiosyncratic religious beliefs. Just overall, the guy is far, far too fringe for anything remotely “American”. And the closer people look at him, the less they’ll want to see more. I think those who say that Sander’s just setting the stage for the Return of Hillary are probably correct.


    • pyrthroes says:

      Bernie as bloborific Mr. Sta-Puff, due to deliquesce at the first dose of political reality… no-one this clueless should be let outside Rats’ proverbial playpen.


  4. TEWS_Pilot says:

    American POWs in Hanoi were tortured by Cubans and even experimented on both in Hanoi and after they were taken to Cuba for medical experiments.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Some Venezuelans took some bullets from Cubans recently, too.

      And let’s not forget the State Department folks that ended up with unexplained brain trauma a couple of years.

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  5. chojun says:

    Sundance you know what you always remind us of – that Democrats/Leftists have to pretend not to know things – such as murderous dictators who happen to also be Communists.

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  6. Val says:

    He’s not throwing the towel yet, just signaling that he already found the house he wants.

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  7. GW says:

    Was this deliberate ? His way of bowing out (to get paid by the DNC & Big Club) to get out (or lose early) of the race ? In order to make way for Bloomberg ???

    I can’t believe he, or his staff, are this stoopid as to have not known this.

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    • Carrie says:

      I gotta say, I was wondering about this too. Did he take a dive? And now he expects another cash payout? It all seems so crazy, even for Crazy Bernie.

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      • delighteddeplorable says:

        Good question, it’s curious. Is this Burnie snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? Must’ve been some payoff but on the other hand, why not let 78 year old heart attack Burnie be the sacrificial lamb? Optics, I guess.


    • warrprin1 says:

      Won’t Bernie lose his leverage for a pay-day if he starts losing now, well ahead of the majority of the state primaries? He needs strength in numbers in order to exit closer to the Convention, as the un-Nominee with the parting gift of his choice.


      • No. Remember how early the DNC started telling Hillary she should drop out against Obama in 2008; that was when my politically disinterested eyes were first opened (I am a physical scientist, and have ALWAYS hated politics, the art of the con) to what was happening with the Democrat party (going full-bore, insane radical, with Obama and every other Farthest Left element).

        This little “gaffe” of Bernie’s is just a “tell”, that the fix is in and they already know who they want their loyal followers to vote for, they just have to let the flimsy-minded followers know well ahead of time what side their bread is buttered on. I’m not the expert on political decisions, like so many think they are, but if it were just me I would think this means they want Democrat voters to focus on Bloomberg, not some “white/black knight” (like Hillary) to show up at the last minute (they screwed Hillary themselves, back in 2008, which is why she was just an old, flat tire in 2016, when they really needed her — they have done this to themselves, way back when they first pushed Obama into the center of their party; it’s all part of the insanity they chose to embrace wholesale).


        • I forgot to mention: I regard this also as a telegraphed subliminal reminder that the leaders want a “moderate” candidate, not one of these “flaming radicals”. They know that everyone thinks the whole party has gone crazy now (not just me, telling the world they are, since Obama, the Insane Left), and they need to “come back to the center” harder than ever before. Bloomberg fits their bill to a “T” — except that they can’t let go of their Trump Derangement Syndrome (it has been such a blessing to them, for 3 years now), so Bloomberg is running as much on being rabidly, hatefully anti-Trump as on being the consummate, staid business man — so they (and he) cannot help showing they are yet insane, in the face of the President’s ever-growing, so well-earned, popularity.

          In the olden days, when one gave birth to such a, shall we say “unpromising child” as the current crop of Democrats, one would expose it on a mountain, or put it in a sack and throw it in the nearest flood waters; or if you have a willing huntsman, do what the Queen did in that famous fairy tale. Now, there is only the voting public, and they are so bourgoise, as they used to say in France, and on TV sitcoms.

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          • Your Tour Guide says:

            Harry D Huffman:

            Things I’ve noticed over the years, regarding
            persons with Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Trump derangement.

            1. The derangement never ends. Still hear people bring
            up Reagan constantly as the boogeyman. 35 years later.
            2. Derangement syndrome only applies to Republicans, and
            the media feeds it. Never hear anything about, say, LBJ,
            and he was the one that put the Vietnam war into overdrive.
            3. Most important. They only care that whoever they elect is
            not the person that they’ve been spoonfed reasons to hate.

            It’s more important to them then anything else that the person
            is NOT Nixon, Reagan ( the former hallmark), Bush, or (bigger
            hallmark, the media’s been in overtime) Trump.

            They do not care remotely how incompetent or evil that person is.
            They will not listen to anything outlining how or why that person is
            evil or incompetent. The media will gladly assist them in this particular
            point. All that matters is the person isn’t the person that they’ve been
            so aptly taught to hate.

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  8. Troublemaker10 says:


    While it is true that Castro implemented a reading program on the island after seizing power in a bloody revolution in 1959, Cuba’s literacy rate was already high for a Latin American nation at the time…….


    Dr. Andy Gomez, a retired University of Miami professor who led the school’s Cuban Studies department for decades, told The Blaze: “Contrary to what Senator Bernie Sanders said, the literacy campaign used by the Castro regime was part of their strategic plan to indoctrinate the Cuban people by using education at all levels in support of a Marxist ideology.”

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    • Jay says:


      “No, Fidel Castro did not deliver a better Cuba”

      “Consider education. Jorge Salazar-Carrillo and Andro Nodarse-Leon, the authors of Cuba: From Economic Take-Off to Collapse under Castro, note that in 1954, Cuba spent 4.1 per cent of its GDP on education. That proportion was higher than any Western European country and just above that of the United States (4 per cent). That translated into a comparatively high literacy rate in the 1950s and high female participation.

      Or ponder Cuban health care. Cuba in 1957 already had more doctors per 1,000 people than did Norway, Sweden and Great Britain. In 1958, according to even one recent regime-friendly academic paper, Cuba “ranked in the first, second or third place in Latin America with respect to its healthcare indicators.” Circa the 1950s, that success included long life-expectancy rates, and the lowest infant-mortality rates in Latin America.
      Economically, in 1958, Cuba’s per-capita GDP was $2,363 (OECD numbers in inflation-adjusted Gheary-Khamis dollars). That put it in the middle of the Latin American “pack.” Some countries had higher per-capita incomes (Argentina at $5,698 and Venezuela at $9,816 as examples) and others lower (Brazil and the Dominican Republic at $2,111 and $1,320, respectively).

      Post-1959, after a revolution where Fidel Castro promised prosperity, democracy and the restoration of Cuba’s 1940 constitution – broken promises all, Cuba is now poor. In 2008, when Mr. Castro officially handed over power to his brother, Raul Castro, Cuba’s per-person GDP was just $3,764. Thus, on that measurement, Cuba was in the bottom third of all Latin American countries.”


  9. patti says:

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  10. Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

    This was not a gaff it is what this communist believes.

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  11. cheryl says:

    30 trillion dollars is what he estimates that just Medicare for All will cost. Loves communists. Loves illegals and giving them freebies too. The man is insane and his followers are clueless to his pandering.

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  12. babrightlight says:

    Sanders meant everything he said. He’s not trying to throw the campaign; it’s just who he is. He’s a commie, plain and simple. He’s been saying the same thing for decades. Finally enough kids have graduated from Hammer & Sickle 101 taught in our universities and he gained a following. He is the most genuine Democrat running–granted a very low bar to clear, but incredulously he actually believes what he says.

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  13. Jim says:

    Did the DNC offer him the big payoff so this is how he is starting to blow the nomination?

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  14. Johnny Boost says:

    I can hear Hillary cackling in the distance.

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  15. mr.piddles says:

    Thought Experiment…

    Which of the following Democrat Candidates scares the Bejesus out you… either more or less, doesn’t really matter:
    1.) Bloomberg — says President Xi is not a dictator
    2.) Bernie — says Castro wasn’t so bad


  16. AndrewJackson says:

    I pray God leads Bernie to the nomination. I am getting way to excited to see Trump utterly anialate this dingbat.

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  17. History Teaches says:

    Bernie is being honest.

    Not a lying politician, pandering for votes Actually refreshing in a perverted. Bizzaro way.

    That’s what he believes, heart and soul.

    If the coming November election is going to be a choice about the direction that the country will take then let it be an obvious choice. Two polar opposite visions. Not the usual twisted and fake platforms of career politicians.

    And as a side note, when Bernie gets buried in a landslide, it should be the signal for a modern McCarthyesque investigation into the entire educational system. That is where the Bernie movement became brainwashed and radicalized.

    The ‘red menace’ as it was called during the last century has always been real. The entertainment field amplifies what is originally articulated and spread through the educational system. With a significant portion of those who later enter law, politics, journalism largely indoctrinated into that belief system.

    Trump vs. Sanders will be the time of choosing. One future or then other.

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    • James Groome says:

      Yes, because what they fail to teach about McCarthy… HE WAS RIGHT!


    • warrprin1 says:

      “Bernie is being honest…” Except for the fact that he has already established himself as a grifter, and if that which at least 60% of the posters on this thread believe is true, he’s setting up a pay-off replay in 2020 of his 2016 sell-out to Crooked and the Club.

      Not so lily white that soul of his may be after all – just sayin’.


    • Abolition Man says:

      HT, the “modern” American university has become, by and large, a scam or con job! The high schools promote them with a payola type of system but the colleges have beefed up their payrolls with lots of useless administrators and staff so costs have skyrocketed since Obama had the govt take over the loan market. Maybe they should be responsible for the student debt of any one who graduated their system yet is still unemployable.
      You have lots of whack jobs in the non-STEM schools that have never worked a real job and are so divorced from reality that they think men and women are the same! We should not be giving our tax dollars to institutions that thrive on propaganda and false advertising! Our kids are being mis-educated in a manner that seems to leave them miserable and crazy while the professors and administrators live the life of Riley!

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        The state colleges are doing exactly the same thing
        most of the large , combined hospital systems are
        doing. Build, build, build!!! Brought to you by bonds!
        bonds! Bonds! If they’r tax exempt munis, then the
        uber rich investing in them strike oil around April 15th.

        Interestingly, have been hearing the exact same types
        of occurences among both hospital systems and, particularly,
        state run university systems since placed under Obamacare
        and FAFSA. Money keeps coming up missing. Heard about
        it in Colleges in Georgia, Ohio , Arizona. Heard the same
        type of occurrences in Hospital systems in Georgia and Ohio.

        Most times that someone tells me about state school X or
        Hospital system Y, there’s a familiar sound. For some reason,
        the cited over-run amount is ALWAYS 50. Million. Dollars.

        Oh, something else. Nobody is ever, ever, ever charged.
        Think that the right pockets were lined beforehand, after
        everything else we’ve witnessed lately? The kind of pockets
        that can make, say, charges, go away? Former DA was
        was put in as an interim CEO in one case someone mentioned.

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  18. Bendix says:

    Commies gonna commie.


  19. Rj says:

    Is Bernie doing this on purpose because he truly knows he is not going to win and truly doesn’t want to win ? Soon to be paid off again like in 2016 then pushed out of the way knowing it is all a Ruse ?

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  20. Right to reply says:

    Sanders has never wanted to be President. He’s just another lazy, greedy bastard who wants everything for nothing. He has done better than most, and certainly better than the morons that keep handing him $27 donations. Most people who espouse his crap live in tent cities. Bernie got lucky when he got elected. He’s a POS!

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  21. patti says:

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  22. Jay says:

    Bernie can kiss my Cuban butt. He knows nothing about Cuba- shame on him.

    I visited Cuba only once since leaving in 1964. My family and I were at the Bodegita Del Medio – a very famous restaurant- when a South American – a communist – snapped his very brown fingers at our very old, very white haired, very black skinned and very humble Cuban waiter. The South American was a professor, and his lunch guests were several young Cuban girls selling their bodies for food. Our table was ordering desert when the professor snapped his fingers to the waiter – as if he were a dog. I responded ‘let him finish taking out order.’ The professor barked at me, “we need to educate them” referring to our Cuban waiter.

    Well, that sent my Cuban born mother over the edge. Like a lion, she lashed out, “from Lenin on down they have educated Cuba. Go to you own country to educate.” Clearly he didn’t expect that! The professor stood and started to scream that He was a professor and that we disrespected him, the young putas panicked sure they would be arrested, the waiter turned white as a sheet, the staff came running in, and my mother the lion kept Screaming go back to your own country to educate. The professor and his putas has to be whisked out of the restaurant, and we were done eating we gave our waiter a HUGE tip. Poor man had never heard a woman roar like my mother. She defended him proudly.

    Like the professor, Bernie thinks HE knows what was best for Cubans. Now he thinks he knows what is best for Americans and he plans to educate us.

    Like all communists, Bernie see Humans as Victims. And I will go further, he sees humanity as victim/slaves. Cuba was a first world country before Castro. In 1958, Cuba had a higher literacy rate than some states in the USA. Bernie’s vision of 1958 Cubans as victims is because that is how he sees humanity- an endless sea of slaves/victims chained and yearning to be free. That is how liberals/ leftists see humanity. Humans need to be saved from themselves- so they must be indoctrinated- for their own good.

    Listen Bernie- the USA does need you. . We are not victims. We are not slaves. Americans are BORN FREE. Naturalized Americans are REBORN on the day they swear allegiance to OUR flag. They are forever FREE. Bernie – go live in Cuba and experience communism first hand But leave your USA passport behind. We don’t need you here. We are not victims. Americans will never be your slaves.

    Anyone interested in knowing what the Cuban Revolution was really like should see the movie The Lost City. The mass killings. The ruthlessness of Che Guevara. The power grab. It is all there.

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  23. SEDeuceTER says:

    Nicely done, Crazy Bernie. Just like every Marxist, ideology before brains….

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  24. dilonsfo says:

    There are 5 communist countries left in the world. They would have all been dead except for Nixon and his China Policy. Chinese communists would have been in the same shape as Cuba except for American investors and businesses who saw an opportunity for cheap labor and a vast market for their goods. Those investors (Bloomberg, etc.,), business vultures and the politicians who supported them sold out not only this country but all western nations, South America, Africa and much of South East Asia. It was not until Donald Trump became President that some brakes were applied to this runaway giveaway of American wealth. It will be years before history will acknowledge just how important the Trump Presidency was to the western world. God bless and God’s speed to President Trump.

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  25. Life Coach says:

    Bernie’s totally NOT a Communist though!

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  26. Big Jake says:

    Nobody ever accused Bernie Sanders of being intelligent.

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  27. trapper says:

    And now Bernie’s taking on AIPAC, calling them “bigots.”

    A crabby old communist who hates EVERYbody. Get off my grass!

    Bernie and Joe and Mike sitting at the end of the bar, Bernie calls everyone in the bar nasty names. Joe picks fights with everyone, and Mike pays everyone off to not beat the crap out of them. What a crew. Every time I see any of them a song starts playing in my head. Glory days, yeah they’ll pass you by glory days, in the wink of a young girl’s eye glory days, glory daaaays.

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    • “Once upon a time there was a tavern,
      Where we used to raise a glass or two,
      Remember how we whiled away the hours,
      And think of all the great things we would do.

      “Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end,
      We’d sing and dance, forever and a day;
      We’d live the life we choose, we’d fight and never lose,
      Those were the days, oh yes those…were the days.”


  28. joeknuckles says:

    Why would anybody be surprised that Bernie would say something like this? He is a communist, so this stuff is baked into the cake with him.

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  29. CTH Fan says:

    Bernie has no fear because he has a huge following of people who has the same beliefs. The younger generation of Americans have no concept of what communism is and just like all the other young revolutionaries of years past are idealistic. The thought of the state taking care of everyone is a utopian idea of society they want to believe in.

    Apart from that, I think his early victories have gone to his head,

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  30. what does Vermont get from this auto-elected moon unit? If you traveled there and met the people would you see residents all into 10 year plans and kibbutz’s and co-ops. nope probably not…
    Are we overlooking term limits?? seems so simple to stop this pseudo royalty the senate has become.

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  31. Azrajo says:

    Don’t count a Florida out.Perhaps the Cubans and some Latinos but especially in south Florida there are thousands more from other Ethnic groups , especially the N.E. Transplants that just love Castro and Bernie is one of theirs.

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    • theoldgoat says:

      I don’t think it hurts him as much as we might think either.
      Obama cozies up to Cuba, it didn’t seem to harm him in Florida.
      I also doubt this gets a big airing, at least big enough to make a huge dent. He might not win FL, but he may not need to.
      We live in a country where kids wear Che T-Shirts to be cool.

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    • smartyjones1 says:

      If Bernie the Red is the nominee, kiss Florida goodbye. It will be the easiest victory in Florida unssen since before 2000. It will be won byPresident Trump by 8-10 points.

      You can also add Virginia, Pennsylvania,Michigan, Wisconsin and even Minnesota to the President Trump ledger for a bigger electoral win this November.

      The House will be not in play; it will be won with key victories around the country. You’ll see pickups from New Jersey to California. Senate will hold with 52-53 seats.

      Then Americans will be appointed to run the courts and more to the Supreme Court.

      President Trump and his people will save this Republic. You can quote me on this.


  32. Magabear says:

    Can’t really blame the dimms for trying to deny comrade Bernie the nomination. He’s a freaking lunitic! But then again, most of them are

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  33. Tiffthis says:

    Funny thing is online people are saying trump defends “Lil Kim” of DPKR and calling it the same thing. Except I can’t recall Trump ever defending him 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    • Tl Howard says:

      “He’s a good guy. I like him very much.” Of course, he has said this. Sure, it’s part and parcel of his attempt to split Kim from China, to encourage him to be friendly to us, part of POTUS’ arm chair psychology, but yeah, he’s said it many times.

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      • Tiffthis says:

        I guess you’re right, TI. What I remember most is trump calling him names like “lil Kim” “rocket man” and threatening “fire and fury”


  34. MD says:

    This was going to a brokered convention all along. The dems screwed up by trying to rig the early states against Bernie which showed their hand. No matter what they do now it looks as though they stole it away from Bernie again. The only question now is, will it be Bloomberg or is Hillary warming up her broom to fly in and save the day?

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  35. A Call for Honesty says:

    Strange how a Cuban friend with a good science degree – whose father was one of the Communist officials – painted a very different picture of the Cuban leadership and the mess the ideology has created back home.


  36. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Singular moments where candidates loose elections.
    “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn dictators”

    That wasn’t Bernie’s hand she was shaking… was a pair much lower and with vice-lock grip.
    Mini Mike need now only teeter on his tippy-toes to grab the same place.

    GD says: “Good Job, B!”

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  37. Tess from Philly says:

    what are the rules for the electoral college? Do you need 270 to win or a simple majority? If Bloomberg wins Florida running as an independent could that prevent anyone from reaching 270? I think Trump has Michigan Wisconsin and probably Minnesota but I’m worried about Texas and Arizona this time.

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  38. Tom says:

    Not so fast. Florida is changing – rapidly. Lots of illegals, especially around Orlando. Lots of New Yorkers (etc.) who have moved here (like locusts, bringing the same voting proclivities that made where they’re escaping from unlivable). Lots of Puerto Ricans imported after the hurricane (intentionally so they’d bring their welfare inclined voting habits with them). All that, and Soros / Gillum busy “registering” anybody they can, including the felons the aforementioned brain-dead electorate granted voting rights to in the prior election.

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  39. billybob says:

    If this is what Nancy got then we can only imagine the greeting Bernie and his bro’s will be getting . Can’t wait .

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  40. Luis says:

    You have to give Crazy Bernie credit, he is true to his convictions. You have to respect that. Commie until the very end.


  41. 6x47 says:

    Call, I don’t know. Barack Obama won Florida twice.

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  42. hillbilly4 says:

    Bernie is Jimmy Carter 2.0. When Carter’s plane landed on the tarmac just after he won the presidency, the Democrat big-wigs met with him ….on the tarmac….and told him how his time in office would be. He never recovered.

    Bernie has been told ‘how it will be’ and simply plays the part.


  43. Conservative_302 says:

    When a loved one or your entire family is murdered by an evil dictator, you can’t convince the people the dictator is not all bad. Its blasphemy to their ears. What blows my mind is that the left is so blinded by pride, they don’t get this. Bernie is so prideful just like Hillary. Neither could have played sports. They will burn everything down/The Democratic party before being a team player. Too bad none of them believe in God; for, us Christians know well,
    Galatians 61:7. Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

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  44. Matt Bracken says:

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  45. Will Hunt says:

    I took a walking tour of Little Havana last April. These people virulently DESPISE Castro. One would have to have a death wish to express anything but Castro hate in FL.


  46. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    Would they have voted for him had he not said such nonsense?

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  47. Old Dawg says:

    Sander’s love for socialism/communism is strong, he’s so invested in the idea of Marxism, that he simply can’t/won’t see the downside of the ideology that he adores. To him, it is merely a consequence of a system that is inherently “good” (in his mind) and the brutal elements are just to be accepted as part of the cost of “doing business”, i.e., controlling the masses.

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    • BoreMole says:

      Agreed. I am fascinated by those who think there is some backroom motive for him doing this to back out. I think that 1-its just who he is and can’t help it; and 2-given the generational gap in Florida from those who remember Fidel to their children who have been in public schools, Florida is absolutely not a loss for him, yet.

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