DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney Dies of Gunshot Wound – Amador Sheriff Rules Suicide…

Several new outlets have been reporting today on the death of Philip Haney, a DHS whistleblower who became well known for outlining how the Obama administration downplayed issues surrounding domestic radical Jihadist activity and Islamic terrorism.

It is being reported by Amador County, CA, sheriff’s office that Haney died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  However, many people are questioning the finding.

CALIFORNIA – Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower Philip Haney was found dead in Amador County, Calif., on Friday, according to local authorities.

Haney, 66, “appeared to have suffered a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound,” the Amador County Sheriff’s Office said in a release. Sheriff and coroner Martin A. Ryan shared the initial details of the case.

“On February 21, 2020 at approximately 1012 hours, deputies and detectives responded to the area of Highway 124 and Highway 16 in Plymouth to the report of a male subject on the ground with a gunshot wound,” the release read.

“Upon their arrival, they located and identified 66-year-old Philip Haney, who was deceased and appeared to have suffered a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound. A firearm was located next to Haney and his vehicle. This investigation is active and ongoing. No further details will be released at this time,” the office added. (read more)

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  1. GTOGUY says:

    I want to know who tied him up. Phil Haney did not kill himself.

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    • snailmailtrucker says:

      Democraps are getting real nervous since POTUS Trump named Richard Grenell head of the DNI …and he Released Rod Blago frrom Prison… I suspect Blago will be the next one Arkancided real soon !

      (I had a 1967 Gold 389 GTO just after I got back from Vietnam in 1968…coolest car I ever had !)

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      • johnnybiface says:

        Maybe with Grenell in and hopefully Wray out, maybe the DNI can identify the #1 threat to US Americans as not White Supremacists and Global Warming like the FBI, DNI, and Pentagon have been publicizing during the 8 long years of the Hating Whitey ideology that Obama and his Administration executive ordered, and intelligence can go after those enemies that use sticks and stones rather violators against cultural marxism.

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      • Moe Grimm says:

        Blago could be a good interim ally through the campaign targeting crossover aka potential “Trumpocrat” votes. That phone call Fitzgerald took to the GJ was BS. That he held appointment power and characterized it as golden not to give it away in no way shape or form solicited any comp.
        Sorry, can’t resist… had a ’66 GTO h/t black vinyl over N-Code burgundy; black int; WS-Code tri-power; 8-Code M-21 4-spd; 10 bolt 3.90 posi; RPO352 Reverb radio – remember them? Foolishly sold it in 1978 for $750. in #2 condition. Seven. Hunnit. Fifty. Bucks. Lost track of it not long after in Suffolk Cty. L.I.


      • Bill Hollinger says:

        I had a 65 GTO – Loved that car!


    • Gort says:

      Nothing to worry about! Chris Wray and his crack team of F.B.I g-men will be all over this and find the . . . .

      Aaahaha. haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha . . . . .

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    • huecowacko says:

      I think it was Vince Foster’s ghost.


  2. Mary Ann says:

    This is sad.. I pray they do not sweep this under the rug..
    Many whistle blowers have said in public conferences..
    “If I end up dead, it was not suicide” !
    Phil’s fight is over.. may he be at peace with the Lord.

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  3. Jeff says:

    As Rush is fond of saying, “don’t doubt me.”

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  4. I had never heard of this man until the reports of his death were posted here. But I did watch the entire one hour forty minute long video someone posted, which included both his speaking about what the higher ups in DHS and the Kenyan’s regime foreign policy makers did to him as well as others whom I respect discussing what was inexplicably done to him by the entities which SHOULD HAVE been protecting innocent Americans.

    He struck me as an incredibly earnest, careful, thorough, sincere, knowledgeable and sweet man who had survived what happens to REAL whistle-blowers … numerous times. (Think Nathan Cain type of abuse.)

    His death will be a loss not only to his friends and fiancée, but to America and the safety of her citizens. I fervently hope that his murderer is brought to justice with more efficiency than Seth Rich’s.

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    • I think you are probably talking about Trevor Loudon’s documentary, The Enemies Within. Philip Haney was a wonderful, brave patriot.

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      • Bob Thompson says:

        Yes, he was. And speaking of that great documentary, “The Enemies Within,” what ever became of all the Communists after the fall of the Soviet Union?

        They became “Socialists.”

        Best friends of the Islamists.


    • Angus D says:

      The corruption under the traitor obama was simply staggering

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      • amazed treetop downlooker says:

        Chief Quisling O’Quran & his nearly countless, embedded, O’vomit loyalists are making it harder than hell to ferret out the anti-American loonyleftistfascisticcommieIslamonazi 5th column that , BadBoyBrennan, et al, facilitated & DIRECTED to penetrate & infest nearly every facet of our gubmint, but, Pray Lord,mole-busterCIC VSGPDJT & Patriots can git ‘er dun !

        See why it takes so long…rather analogous to neutralizing legions of demonic boobytraps, ya think ?

        Many, MANY, of the traitors DESERVE to swing !


      • mike says:

        Treasons against the Constitutions and Americans really…

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    • Bill Hollinger says:

      This just has to grab Trump’s attention – hopefully that coupled with his determination to go after these evil people will somehow make the investigation into Phil’s killing legitimate and successful.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      cheering… your statement implies that Seth’s murderer has been brought to justice… lol


  5. snailmailtrucker says:

    All the FBI has to do… to get to the Bottom of Anything……..
    is look Up !

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  6. Terry Spiker says:

    Suicide I doubt it. Could also serve as a warning from the deep state..DONT SNITCH to all those that tried to oust our president.

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  7. tav144 says:

    Gun-shot residue test on the decedent’s hands will tell the story.

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  8. Magabear says:

    If I had to guess, I’d say someone followed him and put a siren on their vehicle, pulled him over pretending to be law enforcement, had him step out from his vehicle and shot him. Sad that scenario even has to be seriously considered.

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    • Austin Holdout says:

      GWP article said he’d been missing since Wednesday. Body found Friday morning. Had he been laying dead for 2 days when they found him? Surely there were commuters and patrols on that stretch of road who know whether the vehicle was sitting there since Wed.

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      • bruzedorange says:

        It’s the Democratic People’s Republic of California. See something… say nothing.

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      • rebelinme2 says:

        That’s what I thought… it seems more like a planted body than a find. That did give them 2 days to tie up loose ends as much as they could. I hope his records were secured or disceminated, or they are lost forever. It was Hillary Clinton and Janet Napolitano that shut down his efforts to reveal the scrubbing of knowlege linking Muslim/CAIR/hammas activities in the US. And there folks is the Clinton connection. IMO, since Philip was considering rejoining HS and would likely have revealed more, so they eliminated him.

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        • CountryDoc says:

          And chasing those leads would lead to the same path that will reveal the leaders of the FISA abuse and just how widespread it is. Cannot.have.that. No matter what. This war for the country is going to get bloodier. But we are making progress at least. Too early IMHO to say we are truly winning in the swamp war.

          We cannot win without the backing of a critical mass of the American People. But we are gaining there. POTUS rallies validate patriot opinions held in secret because of psyop/Alinsky suppression that is decades old. More and more evidence of Patriots who have gone stealthy, coming out and standing ground.

          Wherever swampiness is suspected, we need to be standing in a circle, holding accountability and integrity, insisting on explanations that make sense, while the “investigations” begin according to our constitution, As much as possible, these investigations must be held in sunlight, or if in secret, recorded in such a way that true justice can be verified at the time of prosecution.

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    • vexedmi says:

      Suicide by chest…ah..I don’t think so. That close there should be an exit wound.

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      • Ed says:

        Not always an exit wound up close, sometimes the higher velocity of closer impacts can cause over-expansion/under-penetration, not to mention the many terminal ballistic variables of the umpteen different caliber/bullet-type combinations.

        Even a certain bullet might not behave the same. A specific bullet can be interchangeable between cartridges. A specific bullet from a relatively slow-moving .380ACP may not expand at all and then over-penetrate, while the same bullet from a 9mm Parabellum, with its higher impact velocity, might over-expand, resulting in loss of penetration.

        Good expanding bullet design is a balance of expansion and penetration into which impact velocity figures strongly.

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  9. Kaco says:

    This is very sad and scary. Rest in peace, Patriot.

    A treeper posted this article a couple or so weeks ago and it has disturbed me since. Now this person’s suspected murder.

    U.S. Funding of Islamist “Charity” Groups Triples Under Trump

    “The amount of American taxpayer dollars that go to Islamist organizations has drastically increased under the Trump administration, which has doled out millions to radical nonprofits, including a recent allocation to a terrorist front group named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism financing trial. Between 2017 and 2018 the U.S. government more than tripled its funding to organizations either influenced or controlled by Islamist activists from $4 million to $13.5 million, according to an analysis conducted by a think tank dedicated to protecting Western values from Middle Eastern threats.

    The Trump administration seems to have maintained a cozy relationship with CAIR, recently joining forces with the [CAIR] group by suing a Michigan suburb for rejecting a Muslim organization’s zoning request to construct a mosque within city limits.”

    More here: https://www.judicialwatch.org/corruption-chronicles/u-s-funding-of-islamist-charity-groups-triples-under-trump/?utm_source=deployer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tipsheet&utm_term=members&utm_content=20200203150429

    What is going on? Does the left hand know what the right is doing? Does POTUS even know this crap is happening? Didn’t Pres Trump even intend at one point of designating CAIR a terorist organization?

    This clean out can’t come fast enough! This is another reason why they wanted to get rid of Gen. Flynn.

    I really hope someone will look into this.

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    • CountryDoc says:

      THis is concerning, if true. I have always wondered about this. There are groups, that are not naturally born citizens, make not effort at acculturation, and display no loyalty to our US. constitution and values, no interest in integration who:

      Own many if not most of our gas stations, that could shut down our ability to travel due to suppy of fuel, and be strategically placed where friendly fuel stops should be.
      Many if not most of our small markets along highways where they could shut down a large supply of food.
      Man if not most of our hotels on major transportation routes that are seemingly not busy enough to support overhead, but remain “in operation” for years. These are ready made barracks, again manning strategic travel routes.

      I know many are not muslim, but Indian (and in concerns me that we are cozying up to them economically)

      I could go on, but my mind obsesses constantly about who is allowing this from a national security standpoint. The unfair economic laws that allow these families to pass tax breaks from generation to generation and out-compete existing families that owned them before, and keep other local families from owning them.

      I imagine, in upper government, it is not politically correct to bring up these concerns, and the obvious gets lost in the bureaucracy.

      Until we again reach the conclusion that Jefferson did about the barbary pirates, we are in grave danger. This time, however, they are among us.

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      • Judith says:

        I don’t know if it’s true, but my first thought when PDJT signed a recent EO to outlaw religious persecution, was that it cuts both ways. All it took was a couple of false flag attacks on churches and synagogues, and out came that executive pen.

        Radical Islam aims to drop a mosque or 20 into every American community, whether we like it or not. Because diversity.

        These mosques are extremely LOUD. Has anybody here ever heard their “prayers” blasted out of speakers into the surrounding community? Sounds like something out of Mars Attacks.

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    • Luz Maria Rodriguez says:

      Unfortunately, there are supporters of that effort in the US House and Senate now ‘as we speak’. In fact, they appear to be all over. In fact, there is one who even married her brother and who defrauded immigration law. Not much being done about her many transgressions (that even included misuse of campaign funds, federal taxes, etc). It seems that after one of their attacks on us or our’s, the Left takes steps to show them we can all live together happily and increases their support for them.

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  10. emet says:

    From what I can learn, the Amador County Sheruff (Ryan) appears ro exceptionally well qualified and experienced. And a straight arrow. I await the complete results.


    • emet says:

      Let’s hope the FBI does not claim jurisdiction

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    • soozword says:

      Until four years ago I lived in Amador County for 35 years (now Utah). The county is pretty conservative and Ryan had a good reputation as I recall. Ryan reports to the Board of Supervisors who I had contact with over planning issues in my part of the county. Three of them back then were quite conservative and no doubt PTrump supporters. Haven’t followed the politics there since moving so don’t know if they are still in office.


  11. Hill County Hillbilly says:

    I just now listened to a podcast that was recorded on January 26, 2020 (for those living in Rio Linda, California; that is less than 30 Days Ago). In it Philip Haney said that he was looking forward to finishing his new book titled;
    National Security Meltdown.

    In it he would be talking about what has been happening in the last 4 years and whatever he didn’t cover in the first book. He was wanting to make it a legacy of this time in history. He believed that it was VERY IMPORTANT that what happened is captured so that everybody will know what happened. He said he was planning on it coming out this Spring.

    Yep! He was definitely suicidal. Nothing to see here citizen, move along.

    Oh, in case you didn’t know, the BHO administration confiscated his DHS issued firearm (so he was a qualified law enforcement officer) (so tell me, how many LEO shoot themselves in the chest?) and revoked his Security Clearance because of what he handed over to Senator Chuck Grassley, who I have all the confidence in this world will conduct the necessary hearings and make sure that all guilty parties face appropriate justice.

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  12. Screaming Eagle says:

    Thank God you are on this Sundance. I’ve been scouring all media since early this morning. Nothing but Gateway Pundit. This is YUGE!…I don’t believe in coincidences. The day Trump appointed Grenell and Patel, Phillip Haney goes missing. He called out Obama and Brennan on their secret efforts to force DHS agents to destroy and erase files on suspected ISIS and MUSLUM BROTHERHOOD associates, living in the U.S. Files that took courage in the field, and took years to build. In the book – “See Nothing, Say Nothing”, it’s spelled out so clearly. This DHS Patriot testified under oath in front of Congress, about this evil plot from ham-handed Brennan and Bommy. Haney was articulate, knew his job, and in complete control of the facts.
    I fear Assange and General Flynn are in great peril too.

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  13. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    OK, they say in their statement, “a single self inflicted gunshot wound”. This implies suicide but then they state the investigation is ongoing.

    1. If you going commit suicide why drive outside of town to do it. (40 miles east of Sacramento)
    2. Why then get out of your vehicle, then shoot yourself?

    Anyone have an idea where this guy’s residence was?

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    • Austin Holdout says:

      GWP article said he lived outside San Francisco. They quoted his minister as saying they had spoken to him Tues and he said he said “I’ve had a breakthrough” and “pray for me”. Not sure if breakthrough was in research or spiritual and I can’t find any other source quoting that person. Surely, if true, this person contacted the Sheriff with that info. I hope Haney had copies of his research in safe places. RIP Mr. Haney

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  14. appraisher says:

    Seth Rich and Vince Foster unavailable for comment.

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  15. Laurie Walker says:

    Ninety nine precent of the commentators have no idea who this person is and could care less.

    Prove me wrong. (But you have to know about him.)


  16. Dick_Turpin says:

    Waiting to hear about Chucky, Piglosi. Schifft and Nadless screaming about “whistleblower protection” in 3 – 2- 1-…….oh wait a minute……..

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  17. armie says:

    One common reason for getting out of the vehicle is to preserve it for your heirs. Same reason why you leave home. You don’t want them stuck with the cleanup and the memory of what happened there.

    Once checked into an upscale hotel favored primarily by honeymooners at a very beautiful location. “Middle aged solo male” matched their profile. The security dude showed up shortly thereafter to evaluate my mental state. Suicides in their rooms were costing them a lot of revenue.

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  18. Davenh says:

    Might not this be one of the reasons the swampsters haven’t been brought to justice yet? I’m sure many potential witnesses are intimidated. I wonder if Bernie gets the nomination will the Hilary Hit Squad get busier? With either Bernie or Trump in the oval there will be a President who is a wildcard. Although I suspect Bernie will play ball with whoever is running the show

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    • spoogels says:

      This thread

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    • spoogels says:

      From Red State:
      Phil was so bold as to put the derogatory information about these leaders into the law enforcement system. In response, the Obama Administration ordered Phil to remove all 852 records with the linking information from the law enforcement system. They went on to order several more rounds of purges of his information.

      “They told me to delete the files”

      “But I wasn’t a very good employee.” He said with a sheepish grin.

      Phil turned the information over to the appropriate oversight committees, triggering Congressional hearings into the Obama Administration’s pro-terrorist policies. And make no mistake this wasn’t some civil rights case. It was about a law enforcement officer reporting established ties between members of formally designated terrorist organizations, their direct contacts immigrating, and ultimately their integration into the Obama Administration to implement a counter-Constitutional agenda. And he was repeatedly harassed and investigated for it.

      Here’s one example. After reading Phil’s assessment of Hamas, the CIA wrongly assumed Phil had access to classified information and reported him to headquarters… rather than asking him what his methodology was and how he reached the conclusions he did. The investigation took 11 months before ultimately exonerating him. The investigator would later go one to work with Phil pursuing the very terrorist organization that would go on to facilitate and perpetrate the attack in San Bernardino.


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  19. Angus D says:

    It would relieve a LOT of stress in American’s lives if this unacknowledged undeclared civil war became an acknowledged declared civil war….

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  20. scrap1ron says:


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  21. mdaush says:

    Don’t worry, Bill Barr and Don Knotts will be investigating!

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  22. Sounds like he was Epsteined…….

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  23. libertydemandsmemory says:

    Heroes or Zeroes?

    Who will save Julian Assange?

    evil-ites in England control the in-justice system, which allows and promotes the torture of Julian Assange as part of their continuing efforts to hide the Light of Truth.

    Physical, emotional, mental, financial, and medical abuse

    Denial of access to communication.
    Gag order.
    Denial of due process.
    Denial of access to exculpatory evidence.
    Sound familiar to US nun-judges?
    Denial of freedom of speech.

    Remember how evil-ite judges treated
    Tommy Robinson?

    Sound familiar to the methods used by evil-ite judges in the United States who weaponize in-justice to shut-up, violate, torture, impoverish, and kill Patriots who expose the corruption of the ”Thief State”?

    Exculpatory evidence for
    President Trump,
    Roger Stone, and
    How many others
    is hidden by criminal protectors
    of the “Thief State”.



    Liberty Conservative News has reported on the railroading that Assange is undergoing as the deep state attempts to make an example of the heroic whistleblowers advocate for reporting on their vicious criminal behavior:

    “WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s legal team is outraged that they are being denied access to key evidence as they attempt to prove their client’s innocence in the British court of law.

    Assange attorney Gareth Peirce also claims that she has not been able to spend adequate time with her client, who is being detained in the Belmarsh facility in Britain. He is being held there as the U.S. attempts to extradite him to the states in order to charge him with 18 felony counts.

    “We have pushed Belmarsh in every way – it is a breach of a defendant’s rights,” Pierce said.

    Nils Melzer, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on torture, has also spoken out about the treatment of Assange, who is being brutalized during his show trial. Melzer has talked of the “deliberate, concerted and sustained nature of the abuse inflicted on Mr. Assange.”

    “In 20 years of work with victims of war, violence and political persecution, I have never seen a group of democratic states ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonise and abuse a single individual for such a long time and with so little regard for human dignity and the rule of law. The collective persecution of Julian Assange must end here and now,” Melzer added.”

    Big Tech is once again showing that they are in the tank for the political establishment, and actively manipulating information to help the narrative of the government elite.


    Heroes or Zeroes?

    Who will save Julian Assange?

    Without hesitation, two brave ladies in two different states saved the lives of strangers.

    1 ) A dually and it’s large RV trailer turned over on its side onto the median of a busy interstate, crushing the trailer and spreading its contents.

    A lady stopped behind them, ran to the truck, jumped onto it more than six feet up, and pulled all five family members to safety.

    2 ) A semi and its tanker trailer, loaded with jet fuel, crashed on an interstate overpass bridge.

    A lady stopped, ran to toward the burning wreckage, and helped the driver, whose hair was flaming, escape from his semi cab.

    The tanker exploded shortly after.

    Heroes or Zeroes?

    Julian Assange, fighting for his life, desperately needs our help.

    We have the most sophisticated and expensive military in the world.

    Why haven’t we used “ Special Forces” to rescue Julian Assange?

    Whether we like him or not, we need to save him, instead of being spectators, voyeurs, while he is abused, tortured, and killed.

    Where are the heroes willing to do the right thing, immediately, to save Julian Assange?

    Who will stand up and fight for humanity just as those two brave ladies did?

    Liberty Demands Memory


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  24. Doug Amos says:

    Anything Obama is everything bad; he and his minions have not a single positive accomplishment in American history and it was not restricted to the United States. In 2014 he staged a coup on the people of the Ukraine; Mitch McConnell was head of the Senate, Paul Ryan the House at that time and they did nothing; the United Nations stood down and approved of Obama’s every move. When a house becomes too badly infested, it must be burned to the ground. Look around, find 1, just 1, anyone who was not evil and should not be immolated in that house.

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  25. Greg Dane says:

    As Durham gets ever closer to the truth and grand jury convictions – everyone who can expose these treasonous criminals needs to be put into witness protection. Like so many who came before, another “apparent” suicide just seems to happen to a true American Patriot who had the fortitude to stand on his oath to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic.

    Everyone KNOWS what happened here, and no manner of white washing it or trying to make it seem what it is not is going to fly in the face of the truth. People who tell the truth and expose the vermin have no need to commit suicide. Those whom they expose have EVERY reason to silence them and make it look otherwise.

    May they ALL hang in front of the whole world for what they do and have done to American Patriots

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  26. Zydeco says:

    Guess who makes up 50% of The Squad?


  27. Chuck says:

    Arkancide or Obamacide?
    They kill people right in front of us……..

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  28. I strongly Believe He did not kill Him self,
    absolutely Very suspects,


  29. jbrickley says:

    Ok so location and angle of the single gunshot? You know, like the back of his head? Center mass of the chest? From under the chin or in the mouth? Details matter! This is extremely suspicious.

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  30. lolli says:


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  31. TwoLaine says:

    I may have missed it, but Fox has not touched this so far today, and they are probably the only news outlet that ever even touched Haney’s Whistleblower story. Everyone else probably called it a conspiracy and probably called him a racist, Islamaphobe.

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  32. This was in California, home of illegal aliens, drug cabals, gangs, liar politicians, thousands of homeless, and street druggies offered free syringes. In that setting, think what it means when more of us believe our own government Deep State committed this murder than that it was an actual suicide or a random killing.

    Is this a reason for hope?


    FTA: This is significant: the War College first invited Mr. Ibrahim to speak last year; however, one week before his scheduled appearance in June, 2019, a number of politically active Islamists—including CAIR, Linda Sarsour, etc.—protested wildly, including by presenting Mr. Ibrahim as a “white supremacist” who if allowed to speak would incite an “already racist and nationalist” American army to start randomly killing Muslims in the street (for background, click here). Due to the hysteria created by CAIR and allies, the event was subsequently canceled/postponed.

    It is, therefore, a very welcome development to see Mr. Ibrahim re-invited to lecture about the long but suppressed history of conflict between Islam and the West before what will no doubt be an even larger military audience—thanks to the previous controversy created by CAIR.

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  33. Jus wundrin says:

    Look at all of those who are associated with jihadist groups, like ISIS supporter Linda cockroach sarsour that Bernie has on his campaign staff.

    Very concerning

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  34. cheering4america says:

    I have said before that I SAW the video of Valerie Jarrett speaking at Stanford; I think it was a valedictorian address in 1978, in which she actually stated that the effort to establish a worldwide Muslim Caliphate was going well. That video has long since been entirely scrubbed from the internet, but I watched it when she became one of the Manchurian’s “Czars.” (And they think President Trump is the Russian puppet, hah!)

    This has been going on a long, Long, LONG time, and we are much deeper in trouble than most people realize.

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  35. AnotherView says:

    Haney was a brave man. RIP.

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  36. Peoria Jones says:

    From the Washington Examiner:

    The Washington Examiner received a text message from Haney on Nov. 11 which mentioned plans to write a sequel to his first book, See Something Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad, which described his experience at DHS.

    “Odd (surreal reality) that I was a highly visible whistleblower … that virtually no one listened to, while this guy remains invisible, but is treated like an anointed oracle from above,” Haney said in the Nov. 11 text, referring to alleged Ukraine whistleblower Eric Ciaramella. “However, my story is still live, i.e., there’s still more to come. It’ll be called ‘National Security Meltdown.'”

    Haney added, “I have a severely hyper-organized archive of everything that’s happened since See Something, Say Nothing (SSSN) was published in May of 2016. The National Security Meltdown sequel will pick up right where SSSN left off. My intention is to have it ready by early-to mid-Spring of 2020 (just before the political sound wave hits), then ride that wave all the way to the Nov. elections.”


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    • TwoLaine says:

      I remember when Fox shut down Sebastian Gorka and cut to commercial when he was discussing the whitewashing of our Homeland Security institutions the morning of/after the 2018 Orlando Pulse gay nightclub mass murders.

      P.S. I emailed SG that day and he denied that that is what happened. He was there in person. I was watching it and know exactly what I saw, and I was not alone.


  37. Pelayo says:

    In the middle of reading Permanent Record by Snowden. Given the surveillance state it seems that you could have a situation where someone like Haney is about to release a new book hugely damaging to the Deep State and all the Deep State has to do is search your permanent record of calls, emails, texts, blog posts, credit card purchases, internet browsing history, surveillance camera sightings and find something that is embarrassing or compromising enough to scuttle your upcoming marriage. That could drive a person to commit suidice….


  38. BitterC says:

    The Sheriff’s Dept has apparently retracted the statement they put out Saturday

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  39. I don’t know if anyone has posted this already, but here’s a great piece on Haney from American Thinker:


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  40. Will Hunt says:

    most of the comments on this site truly deserve the tl:dr. when writing always remember the woman’s skirt analogy: long enough to cover the subject short enough to keep it interesting.

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    • docnova66 says:

      I enthusiastically agree about both comments and skirts!


    • Peoria Jones says:

      Strange, I rarely find comments here which are too long or boring to read. The only problem I have, is when longer comments are not broken into enough paragraphs – and that’s just because of visual strain.

      There are so many intelligent, experienced commenters at CTH – and they often have fascinating insights or stories to share. This isn’t Twatter.


  41. lolli says:

    If you were going to kill yourself, how many of you would think shooting yourself in the chest would be your first choice? Or second, or third?

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Suzi Eichinger says:

    I live near where his body was found. It’s rural Northern California. There’s nothing here expect rural Sierra Foothill wineries. So strange.
    However, it is Red in these rural areas. I hope the Sheriff digs deep.

    Liked by 2 people

    • soozword says:

      As I said above, lived in Amador County for 35 years until four years ago when I moved to Utah. It IS still Red country but I could see the trend of liberal city folks moving in the last decade to change it plus it became a big tourist destination. I was active in the Tea Party there and at least three of the Board of Supervisors at the time were supportive. I remember two of them attending public meetings on the topic of how Amador could secede from California, showing their support for such. At the time Angelo Codevilla (“The Ruling Class”) lived in the Shenandoah Valley there (may still be) and gave some talks to the Tea Party.

      Liked by 1 person

  43. Zippy says:

    “A firearm was located next to Haney and his vehicle”

    So, it was located OUTSIDE of the vehicle? Was the driver’s side window open and was he left handed?

    Liked by 2 people

  44. TwoLaine says:

    Fascinating interview:

    Liked by 1 person

  45. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Always the comedian, this morning at breakfast Vince Foster said, “Haney – that was not a selfie.”


  46. Bill Hollinger says:

    Rep. Steve King posted to Twitter, “Phil Haney was a friend & patriot. He was a target because of all he knew of Islamic terrorist coverups. He insured his life by archiving data that incriminated the highest levels of the Obama administration. Phil Haney didn’t kill himself. RIP, Phil.” https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/02/rep-steve-king-philip-haney-didnt-kill-himself-had-insurance-policy-of-archived-incriminating-data-on-top-obama-officials/

    Liked by 6 people

  47. 335blues says:

    This is part of a CLEAR TRAIL of murders.
    When is somebody in our government going to step in to identify
    those who are killing political enemies of members of the democrat party,
    jihadists, sex rings, etc.
    I have known zero people in my entire lifetime who have committed suicide.
    Yet the Clintons have known more than 75.
    Coincidence? Yea, right.


  48. JUZSAYN says:

    Man pulls to the side of the road, gets out of his car and shoots himself – not in his car – no, just standing by his car. BS. The MSM adds two words to make the story go away. Self-inflicted.


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