WaPo Report: AG Bill Barr Threatens to Quit…

First, the “report” comes from the pathetic beltway crowd of journolist narrative engineers; so there’s likely little-to-no substance to the construct.  However, that said, if Bill Barr is so weak, pathetic and incapable of doing his job, that he needs to threaten to resign if President Trump tweets his opinion, then Barr is in the wrong profession.

…Unless, of course, President Trump’s pressure on Bill Barr is actually forcing the Attorney General to do something the AG is predisposed not to undertake.  Which, given the background history of Bill Barr, is also entirely possible.

Right around this moment-in-time is where a multitude of mutually aligned beltway quisling pundits will declare that Bill Barr’s delicate sensibilities are being wounded by a President who demands forceful accountability; ie. traditional DC republican pundits [insert Laura Ingraham and Max Boot here].

The bottom line is President Trump is doing absolutely nothing to impede Bill Barr from doing his job; if the U.S. Attorney General is factually intent on doing that job.

Ever since he assumed office the Attorney General has been praising the likes of Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller and Christopher Wray.  Given the nature of what is widely available in review, that level of logical disconnect is not representative of an individual who possesses reasonable judgement in the quest for deliberate justice…. just sayin’.

So until Bill Barr actually man’s-up and does something with the authority he has requested, the image of Bondo Barr attempting to cover-up the rot and wrongdoing while surrounded by visible and overwhelming corruption; and pontificating about “constitutional norms”; is a more apt descriptive.

President Trump has been victimized by the same institutions AG Bill Barr is now in charge of.  So forgive me if I don’t impart sympathy upon a person who is in charge of those institutions, whining about background noise, and seemingly incapable of addressing the abuse unless all of the planets are aligned to provide him the quiet atmosphere he requires while thumbing through the final chapters of his indulgent memoirs over a glass of chardonnay.

Suck it up cupcake.

When you get all done with that, there’s still a job to do.

The WaPo: -Attorney General William P. Barr has told people close to President Trump — both inside and outside the White House — that he is considering quitting over Trump’s tweets about Justice Department investigations, three administration officials said, foreshadowing a possible confrontation between the president and his attorney general over the independence of the Justice Department.

So far, Trump has defied Barr’s requests, both public and private, to keep quiet on matters of federal law enforcement. It was not immediately clear Tuesday whether Barr had made his posture known directly to Trump. The administration officials said Barr seemed to be sharing his position with advisers in hopes the president would get the message that he should stop weighing in publicly on the Justice Department’s ongoing criminal investigations.

“He has his limits,” said one person familiar with Barr’s thinking. (read more)

The problem facing Bill Barr is his own inability to deal with the issues within his own authority.

It was not President Trump that caused four underlings to defy Barr’s authority and set-up the attorney general with the image of a rogue DOJ lacking leadership and direction.  That issue was the direct result of Barr’s own inability to cut-out political corruption on his first days, weeks, months and year as the head of the agency.

No doubt several Bush-Republicans will stand quickly in defense of the psychologically wounded soldier sitting in the tent crying he just can’t take the sound of the thunder any longer.  And yes, President Trump is likely to be Pattonesque in removing his helmet, slapping the feeble-minded fool and demanding he get back in the fight…. after all:

TRUMP […] …yeah, I do make his job harder. I do agree with that. I think that’s true. He’s a very straight shooter. We have a great Attorney General, and he’s working very hard. And he’s working against a lot of people that don’t want to see good things happen, in my opinion. That’s my opinion, not his opinion. That’s my opinion. You’ll have to ask what his opinion is.

But I will say this: Social media, for me, has been very important because it gives me a voice, because I don’t get that voice in the press. In the media, I don’t get that voice. So I’m allowed to have a voice…. (more)

Now, go make me a sandwich – and tell the Attorney General to bring me a Diet Coke.

President Trump is an apex predator.  A genuine titan; not a politician.

President Trumps’ frames of reference are far larger than the irrelevant opinion of politicians who have never accomplished anything in their lives beyond self-indulgence.

This is the first time a seemingly larger predator has survived the piranha biting and small-minded scheming amid the swamp; and then stood up to squish them in the aftermath…. What we are seeing now is fear; genuine DC fear.

When Bill Barr said on ABC that President Trump’s tweets were difficult for him, in essence he showcased just how weak, pathetic and politically-minded he is.

Barr’s job is the same with or without President Trump expressing opinion on the visible DOJ and FBI corruption.  The president is simply reflecting outrage felt by a significant portion of the electorate.   It was a mistake for Barr to start whining about the issue, not because of anything Trump, but more specifically because Barr showed weakness within the same fishbowl he is supposed to control.

In the aftermath of a failed coup, powerful interests in DC now understand President Trump is strong; he’s dangerous. And those same voices in DC now see Bill Barr publicly admitting how weak and pathetic he is.

Those who dispatch and coordinate the narrative engineering, the piranhas per se’, know that once they can identify weakness they will exploit it to achieve their beltway objectives.

If the reporting is accurate, Bill Barr is pathetic; and that weakness simply highlights a likelihood his purpose was never to deal with corrupt issues in the first place.  Let us hope the reporting is inaccurate.

PS. Here’s the DOJ journolists writing the simultaneously fired articles:

….. Any questions?

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858 Responses to WaPo Report: AG Bill Barr Threatens to Quit…

  1. DeWalt says:

    Dersh has a lot of baggage with Epstein and has never been a trial lawyer or argued at Supreme Court level. He would be a disaster. A Sydney Powell or a Jim Jordan is what you need.

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    • noswamp says:

      Sidney Powell or Jim Jordan is exactly what you need. The mistake has been made to choose insiders with the thinking that they could reform the dept.

      No. The exact opposite is needed. You need lawyers that are lawyers first and not seeing everything through a hate Trump lense.

      Oh well. We can hope can’t we.

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    • DeWalt says:

      The key question for consideration is, Does the Swamp have any leverage on you candidate?

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    • Moe Grimm says:

      +1. Not only that, but does anyone believe Dershowitz would go after any of these bastards given what he’s said on numerous occasions? Dershowitz? Matt Whitaker might have, but no one knows. I don’t believe Barr will seek indictments on any of them. Now his delicate sensibilities? Remember too, Barr pro bono participated in defending fbi murderer Lon Horiuchi. More yet, IF he did, the grand jury pools would likely still be pulled from Mordor who voted like this in 2016: https://www.nytimes.com/elections/2016/results/district-of-columbia. Odds look good to anyone here? Ask this question to Stone, Manafort, Flynn, and others. More still… much of the exculp evidence is already via the lies, texts, even admissions from numerous participants, documented exculp evidence thanks to multiple FOIA actions filed by JW/Tommy Fitton, ACLJ/Jay Sek, and several others. Too bad Giuliani turned it down before the election. Now, who in Mordor will guarantee the handoff?

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    • v Landrum says:

      How’s about Mark Levin for AG if Barr bails?

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  2. rich hahn says:

    Barr has yet to get his department under control. The very first thing I would have done is assign people to oversee areas of concern and absolutely nothing went out of DOJ without their written approval.

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    • sysconfig says:

      Patriots! The real big surprise is yet to come..Trust The Plan! Why is this important?
      Because Durham hasn’t even convened a Grand Jury.

      They are running out the clock.Tic Tock Tic………..tock

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    • Jederman says:

      I’m with you. The first thing you need is unity of effort.

      It is clear that bondo either doesn’t have control of his organization (and after a year, never will) or he does and he is wearing a mask, sniveling and posturing for the narrative and has no intent to hold the perps accountable.

      And that includes Durham, which I now assume will also be a huge (and overwhelming) disappointment.

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      • rororojo says:

        Part of “The Plan” is make the patriots believe that they’re actually taking action, running investigations and preparing for implement true justice. But the joke is on us. None of that is happening or will happen. They keep us from taking to the streets by allowing us to believe that investigations are going on. This fraud began with Sessions/Huber. The fraud is still ongoing. The question is, is Trump in on it?


    • dbobway says:

      Having the DOJ out of control is part of AG Bill ‘The Cleaner’ Barr’s guide to getting away with treason by the DOJ/FBI.
      Like Wray and Comey say. Mistakes were made, we’re sorry.
      He looks the part of a sap, he’s not. He’s Harvey Keitel in ‘Pulp Fiction’


  3. landon says:

    I’m beginning to think we were sold the same bag of goods of greatness of Bill Barr as were sold on Paul Ryan

    I know, Paul who?

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  4. TradeBait says:

    It’s simple – time will tell if he is B2 or just place holder Bill. Some of the things happening look like B2 with the outside prosecutors reviewing. However, final results are all that matters. The rest is window dressing. PDT doesn’t strike me as a guy satisfied with window dressing.

    Anything coming from WaPo, CNN and ABC is crap.

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  5. I think that it’s wildly inappropriate … first of all, to seriously consider anything that The Washington Post ever publishes.

    Based only on an alleged comment which I actually think is rather fair … here we are, drumming the man out of office and debating on his replacement. As though any of us really have any notion what it means to be Attorney General of the United States in these times. We don’t.

    Barr agreed to return to the post, and he very plainly knew what he was getting himself into. I don’t think that anybody can be “politically popular” and do this job the way it vitally needs to be done. You know perfectly well that you have been tasked to be the captain of an organization that is known to be internally corrupt … but you accepted the position nonetheless. And you certainly didn’t do it for the money or for the prestige. I think that we should count ourselves very fortunate that this man said “yes.”

    The Washington Post rightly fears this man for who he is and what he is doing. They will say absolutely anything at all to try to shame him and to drive him out.

    I think that the comment which Mr. Barr allegedly made is actually, as I said, “rather fair.” The President isn’t going to stop tweeting, but the two of them can work out a private agreement as to what he will tweet on certain matters. And, they don’t have to discuss that agreement with any of us.

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    • IGiveUp says:

      ” The President isn’t going to stop tweeting, but the two of them can work out a private agreement as to what he will tweet on certain matters. And, they don’t have to discuss that agreement with any of us.”

      About 15 years ago I was convinced that the Wall Street Journal had misunderstood the argument about illegal immigrants. They kept saying people on the right were against immigration . No matter how many times they were told that people were against “illegal”immigration but not immigration, they never seemed to understand. Finally, of course, I began to understand.

      I’m getting the same feeling here wrt your Barr argument. You write that Barr might have a point about Trump’s tweets and that they can/should discuss it in private. But I haven’t seen where you address the fact that Barr already made it public.

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    • trump20162024 says:

      AG Barr needs to immediately deny that he has threatened to quit, or he needs to pack up and get out of the way. In the latter case, the Trumpster should declassify EVERYTHING related to JFK, FISA, and Spygate.

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      • guest4ever says:

        trump20162024—And EVERYTHING about Rod B, whom Trump just “sprung.” Apparently Judicial Watch has been trying, for 11 YEARS, to get the FBI 302’s on THAT case—to no avail. Gee, I wonder why? Sarc/


    • Jederman says:

      Maybe bondo just wants to get the heck out of dodge before Durham completes his investigation – without indictments. Seriously, why should we expect anybody in the Do”J” to be held accountable by fellow DS’rs.

      Somehow, some way PT needs to insert a team of OUTSIDERs, issue them flame throwers and authorize/support a complete, merciless PURGE of the obama/clinton/DS ideologues.

      Yes, he will take a ton of crapola if he goes scorched earth, but there is no finessing this. The DS is fully engaged (go lord the were coordinated enough to get 2k loser former prosecutors to sign onto a letter within a few days of the Stone sentencing fiasco) and has no intention of backing down.

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    • MustangBlues says:

      Re Mike Robinson post:

      Totally agree! Believing anything in the washington post is dangerous for sanity.

      AG Barr has the toughest job, next to President Trump, and how he should do the job or when, or with whom, is way more complicated that even speculation by the sagest posters/commentators, who write their personal what if stories with the patina of Moses handed it down for them to spread among the populace.

      For the rule of law and justice, Some good things are happening, so hope we all can stay encouraged, and not let the professional smear merchants sell us their snake oil, no matter if it media bottled or poster pontificated.

      MAGA, ReElect President Trump. That is our hole card.


    • From where I sit, I’m really starting to wonder if AG Barr said “yes” to returning to the post in order to protect the criminals in these institutions…not expose them. I thank God every day that President Trump tweets. It is our best, and sometimes only, avenue to the truth!


    • madeline says:

      Barr has not refuted the claim that he might resign. He has a press officer and he has a microphone available to him at all times.


      • X XYZ says:

        “Barr has not refuted the claim that he might resign. He has a press officer and he has a microphone available to him at all times.”

        All lawyers do this. It’s a power play. They think they are the smartest people on earth and they control EVERYTHING, especially their clients.

        “If you don’t listen to my advice, I’m quitting! I’m taking my marbles (and your money) that you gave me, and going home.” It’s schoolyard politics, played with much more expensive marbles.

        Attorney Barr:
        Nobody asked you or told you to quit. That was your decision to make. You revealed yourself, because you ran your mouth, blabbing on TV, revealing yourself in public. Now we know who you are. You wanna quit? You already told us everything we needed to know.

        What are the two words Trump is most famous for?

        OK. “You’re FIRED!”


  6. Bugsdaddy says:

    I say show him the door…..

    Then hire some young gun “Honey Badger” type to clean out the place. You know, the idealistic one with the attitude of the law is the law type who don’t give a S**t about anybodies feelings.

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    • hitgirl18 says:

      No, Hire Sidney Powell as AG!

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    • Rex says:

      The first rule in hiring a gunslinger:
      Get one that can shoot.

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    • RJ says:

      Would be nice to see Jim Jordan going into the DOJ wearing a coat as the new AG, even though I don’t know if he has legal training or expertise…which may really not be necessary for the job the American people (that would be the same majority that voted into office and will hopefully do so again President Trump) would want accomplished.

      I like Mr. Jordan, a lot. He is principled and tough.

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    • antiqueiron says:

      In an organization as large as Trump’s, you have a huge legal department(s). You have high end, big time legal minds that deal with multitudes of problems every day. In a Trump org, he would have the best in the business. He surely would have a stone cold “killer” that could lay waste to the DoJ in short order. I know, I know, “he couldn’t get him confirmed. ” Bla, bla, bla. You don’t need him to be confirmed, he can be appointed to a new position, a buffer if you will, above the AG level, and run it all out of the White House, & forget about this crazy “independent DoJ” nonsense. Take it out of Barr’s hands, without having to fire him.


  7. Bubby says:

    AG Barr is an institutional saver not a Republic saver! My summary of Sundance’s blog above. His weakness, as Sundance explained, begs the question whether he even approved J.P. Cooney’s decision not to pursue criminal charges against McCabe? It appears the deep state DOJ attorney’s have no fear of AG Barr. By his inaction on the significant corrupt within the DOJ/FBI AG Barr appears to have wounded and disabled himself such that he is an ignored Attorney General by those in the DOJ at least so far.

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  8. Ploni says:

    The Washington Post may indeed be the PR firm for the CIA but —alas!— due to our First Amendment, it gets a pass.

    No so fast with the much more influential broadcast media because they are bestowed limited and highly valued bandwidth owned by a much-too gracious public.

    That has to change.

    Therefore, I would like to see our president invoke a “Trump Broadcast Media Doctrine” which states, as I’ve paraphrased from Sundance’s “Trump Doctrine” synopsis presented here earlier:

    “The nature of the Trump broadcast media policy doctrine, as it should become visible, is to hold manipulative influence agents accountable for regional and national impact(s); and simultaneously work to stop any corrupted influence from oppressing free expression of national values held by the subservient, dis-empowered, people within our nation being influenced.”

    It is time for the nation to take back what’s rightfully ours.

    Free Our Frequencies!
    Protect Our Bandwidth!
    Guard Our Airwaves!

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  9. noswamp says:

    Sessions does not equal Barr who is not equal to Wray.

    However Sessions and Barr and Wray are insiders.

    We now know 100 percent that these insiders protect institutions. They are incapable of reforming them.


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  10. John Obidienzo says:

    His interview with ABC was a tell: I have an escape hatch, and I’ve named it “Tweet”

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  11. Mac says:

    Okay, one more time. Bill Barr is attempting to do exactly what Trump appointed him to do, subdue the Get Trump faction of the Establishment. Trump did not pick Barr. He did not interview a number of potential candidates for the job. He went to George HW Bush’s funeral and came back with a new AD, Bill Barr, an Establishment fixer from way back. His job has always been to get the Get Trump faction to stand down and stop attacking Trump and his associates. The Establishment will then use more subtle political methods to block the Trump agenda. Trump, who cares nothing for politics and wants to get his economic and its attendant security agenda passed, accepted the help of the Establishment faction who put forth Barr to accomplish this. So, a year after Barr assumes the position of AG, not only are Trump and his associates being actively attacked by the Get Trump faction, something that Barr was supposed to stop, he has had to face a bogus political impeachment. Trump’s tweets on that subject and Roger Stone are sending a clear message to Barr. Get the job done, that Trump was promised, or Trump will handle it himself. He is not so subtly pushing Barr to do his job.

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  12. k4jjj says:

    Good-bye, Mr. Barr. You don’t have the stones to stand up to the crooks inside the corrupt system. America does not need you if we are to survive as a nation.

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    • rororojo says:

      Do not expect him to stand up to anyone. He is one of the crooks inside the corrupt system. Hence, Epstein is dead. Will tell no tales. And that is just one of the endless criminal enterprises that Barr will protect.


  13. Frankie says:

    Matthew Whittaker.

    Too bad Kenesaw Mountain Landis isn’t available.


  14. GTOGUY says:

    Mr. Barr could solve a lot of these issues by starting to indict some of these people. Remember, Durham has been investigating leaks and parts of Spygate for over 18 months now. It started with the FBI Top Lawyer to Comey. They have recordings from foreign Countries that the CIA used to gain intel on the Trump campaign. The have falsified texts and documents from FBI lawyers used to get FISA warrants to spy on American citizens. All Barr needs is a change of venue for the trials and start indicting.

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    • DeWalt says:

      I have a question for you Constitutional Law types. Many of the larger crimes committed by the Swamp Creatures were crimes committed against the American People. My question is this,
      Why does any of the Grand Juries, Indictments, or trials have to take place in D.C. or anyplace on the East or West Coast? Why not Oklahoma City? They are American People also. They have standing.
      Seems the game is rigged and a good portion of the country gets cheated by keeping the venues in enemy territory. Why don’t we change this and clear the log jam if that’s the excuse?

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    • The Government does not get to change venue – only the accused can, under rare circumstances. Barr cannot indict without a grand jury. Barr must act consistently with the Constitution.


      • antiqueiron says:

        They can bring in a jury from outside of the area though. They just did this in Pittsburgh for a cop shooting last year. And iirc, they did it for the Bill Cosby trial too.


        • Bubby says:

          But with the assignment of only obama Federal Judges to cases related to the coup d’etat or by DOJ prosecutors who aren’t corrupted by the deep state that will never happen is my guess! I’m not a lawyer and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn.


        • The government can bring a case in the wrong venue but still have jurisdiction, It is up to the Defendant to assert venue privilege or waive it. But if the Defendant asserts it the Government does not have the right to change venue because of prejudice. I’m assuming that the perps will change to the proper venue and not waive their venue privilege

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  15. dollops says:

    If Barr doesn’t start prosecuting some big fish soon – for whatever reason – It will be clear that the corruption of the deep state is so widespread and so entrenched that the only way to nail them is through a top-secret military sweep; trusted units will have to lock down all the major agencies simultaneously. Servers, computers, phones and paper files will have to be secured instantly to prevent any hammering, washing with bleach, or selling to hostile actors. The personnel will all have to get a “don’t communicate with anyone and don’t leave town” order, or it’s off to Gitmo.

    Would it be legal? Constitutionally no, but did the framers even consider the possibility of such large scale sedition within the nation’s most powerful institutions? Call it a rescue mission, a coup or a purge – don’t mince words – but get the job done and then step back with the warning that if any (surviving) or like-minded traitors resurface, the purge will be repeated. If we can’t put our faith in the military then all is lost.

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    • drdoct says:

      The ‘military’ was one of the first departments gutted and filled with limp wristed stars. No offense, but it’s not what you think it is anymore.

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    • antiqueiron says:

      Constitutionally, YES. What you suggest would be perfectly legal. In White Collar criminal prosecutions, the DA can conduct raids & shut down entire companies. Also, under the terms of the current NDAA, POTUS has the authority at his sole digression to use the military to arrest US citizens, inside the US, without charge, indictment, probable cause, or warrant. He can also transport them overseas to undisclosed locations to be held definitely. It’s true, look it up. There is MUCH more included in the NDAA besides military funding.


  16. Joel Snider says:

    At this point, we’ve either got to have faith Barr will step up – or we’re going to lose.
    For those whose faith is being challenged, mine is too – but let’s avoid the circular firing squad they’re trying to maneuver us into.

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    • DeWalt says:

      i don’t fear losing. I fear the perpetrators escaping Justice. These criminals will be reinserted in later administrations.

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      • lolli says:


        Also, notice Sundance and PT are pressuring Barr. Either do something or you are just Bondo man.

        I say we follow PT and Sundance.

        Name the corruption (like bogey has been doing) call Barr out, like PT has been doing through tweets, and challenge Barr to enforce law and order or forever be shamed, like Sundance did with this article.

        Bondo Barr or prove us wrong.

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        • Joel Snider says:

          I don’t disagree with either of you. I will say Barr saved Trump’s presidency – Sessions would have simply watched the impeachment, while claiming his moral piety.
          If this is going to be done, it has to be done right – and that means the timing has to be precise, and the strike has to be complete – Obama set up a formidable enemy state within our own government – and if any of the cancer cells remain, it will metastasize again – what were seeing could be that… or it could be yet another betrayal.
          I keep thinking about Braveheart.


          • madeline says:

            Joel, Sessions would have simply watched the impeachment, while claiming his moral piety. Wait, Barr did sit and watched the impeachment–he did nothing to stop the impeachment. And now he is claiming moral piety by complaining about PDT tweets. Same ole same ole. How exactly is Barr better than Sessions?

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      • ballgame17 says:

        Many have already moved to the “ministry of information” ( MSM ) .

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  17. hokkoda says:

    Odds are, Trump fires Barr before Barr quits, and we get some back-and-forth (like the Bolton stuff) where one side says the other side is being untruthful. (Bolton was fired.)

    The problem Barr has is that he is now in the unenviable position of having to out his good pal, Bob Mueller, as a fraud. Not only was the Russia probe fraudulent, but Mueller’s appointment was based on a fraud perpetrated on Trump by Comey, McCabe, and Rosenstein. The final, illegal, FISA renewal was signed off by Mueller’s team. There were several dubious prosecutions that resulted from the Mueller probe. There is the “Wikileaks Problem” documented here at CTH and elsewhere. What happens if it becomes known that the Russians did not “hack” the DNC servers or provide Wikileaks with the emails, especially after Mueller/Weissman stated it so decisively? All this assumes he is at all interested in getting to the real bottom line, which is debatable.

    Then, you have the problem of corruption within the DOJ as an active, weaponized, army deployed against him and Trump. Yet, Barr goes on TV and says without a trace of irony or sarcasm, “We love all our prosecutors.” Even the ones who lied to him and sent an absurd and cruel sentencing recommendation while displaying yet another Progressive shit-show of moral preening and sanctimony by “resigning in protest”. That’s easy for Barr to knock down. “I was told one sentencing recommendation was going forward. A completely different one was submitted which was cruel and excessive. I was lied to. If the people responsible want to quit, I say don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. Good riddance. I noticed a few of them did not quite the Department. I feel like this is cowardly, and I hope they consider actually resigning instead of show-boat fake resigning.”

    Like I wrote the day Barr first complained about Trump: this is a problem Barr has 100% control over because he has the authority to release all the texts, emails, documents, declassify them, remove all the redactions, etc. It’s why the idea that this play by the Stone prosecutors is so stupid. They issued a ridiculous sentencing recommendation, lied about it, and then quit and ran when confronted. That is easy to slap down…if you are motivated to slap it down.

    I think Trump should tell Barr to put up or shut up by June 1st. If, by June 1st, there is not measurable progress towards prosecuting the seditious conspiracy, Trump is going to gather every text, every document, every email at the DOJ that is currently being withheld, redacted, classified, etc…and post all of it on the White House web site. I would release them on 2 week intervals all the way through November.

    The problem for the Democrats with the DNC/Wikileaks wasn’t that it was fake. It’s that it was true. Once people learned what the Clintonistas and DNC thought of them, Hillary’s support started to implode. Trump should just “Wikileak” all of the DOJ, FBI and CIA communications and game on.

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    • hokkoda says:

      It’s time for the American Public to find out just what the DOJ and FBI were up to, and what they think about the American Public’s right to choose their own leaders…

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    • June 1st? How about close of business next week?

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      • Ray Antoky says:

        Or sooner

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      • Ray Antoky says:

        Or sooner

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      • hokkoda says:

        Lol, I’d take it yesterday. But I recall Barr saying in December that he thought Durham would reach a watershed moment by the Spring of this year. I’m willing to take Barr at his word and give Durham time to produce the goods by 6/1. After that? Write an Executive Order directly the DOJ to declassify and release all of the documentation Sundance has been listing on CTH in 2 week intervals. Either that information confirms what we all believe we already know, or it refutes it. But the best way to know is to just release it.

        I’ve accepted as a given that the Government Party is incapable of policing itself. Therefore, the only real solution is 100% unfiltered disclosure of everything. That’s really what they fear the most…that the public finds out who they are, what they did / are doing, and why.

        You can already hear them trying to tell people “Oh, it’s all so complicated!” Yeah, no. It’s actually pretty easy: The CIA, FBI and DOJ conspired to frame Pres. Trump for high treason using faked documents, illegal search warrants, and a phony investigation to try and force an impeachment or resignation.

        That plot failed, and we have proof.

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        • PDJT’s EO should demand unredacted document hard copies delivered to his desk within 48 hours. That will put the IC’s shorts in a twist.

          He can also order them declassified NOW, however, bear-in-mind, the IC will take FOREVER to declassify them…….probably until after the election…………the bass-turds. But at least the President will already have the hard copies. I do not believe they can legally deny him them.

          PDJT does not have to release them unless he “wants or needs to”.


    • RAM says:

      There’s one kind of document that neither Barr nor Trump can release, incriminating information that a Federal agency has chosen to destroy to cover its…tracks..

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      • hokkoda says:

        That is very tough to do without pulling a Lois Lerner and suddenly every laptop in DOJ and FBI gets “recycled”. Especially at DOJ because they log and track every document because it’s all part of the evidence chain. That’s why they’re hiding Strzok/Page/McCabe texts. There’s no way to destroy them without calling attention to it…and now that there’s a criminal probe into the origins of the investigation they’d be subject to some very severe criminal liability.

        They’re trapped. That’s why they redact so much.


  18. Theckman says:

    I believe it got personal with Barr when he saw how much his fellow swamp pal, Mueller was being exploited.
    As many have posted above, Barr cleaned the Mueller mess up quickly and by summarizing the report the public (enough of the sane public) made up its mind and supported that Trump was innocent and unfairly investigated.
    Barr orchestrated how the public was notified and notice Rosenstien supported all Barr’s conclusions. Barr is very capable when he’s motivated to be that’s clear.
    That was no small feat when you think back to the climate with Trump wanting to fire Rosenstien at one time. Trump associates and family being questioned for days by these Gustapo like investigators. It was hell for Trump, family, friends, and many of his associates.
    Barr came in because he saw the injustice and even for him, I think he thought they were going too far.
    Barr saw his frail friend being used and that may have been a major reason he was willing to step in. Barr protected Mueller in this whole process.
    I would love to know who knew Mueller was in such a poor condition when he was appointed. Comey and Rosentein for sure!!! They are scum but, they were desperate not to get exposed. All these people running our government when the threat of being caught are acting like a bunch of weasels. At least back in the day they would kill themselves. Kinda kidding…
    I bet the way Barr got it resolved initially Trump thought Barr was THE MAN.
    Fast forward now Trump has had to deal with impeachment and digest even more classified information that this coup was very organized and involved the upper echelons of government officials.
    Trump also knows Barr knows how to deal with this quagmire, but may not be willing to do it the way Trump wants it done. Say Trump wants them all exposed and Barr doesn’t?! Haha just a guess. Trump sees the writing on the wall now that Barr’s excuses and too much time has passed.
    Barr helped Trump and could possibly protect him from the next assault, depending on how strong the Obama faction still is.
    Also remember during the whistleblower report it did get to DOJ and they determined Trump did nothing wrong. Another example of Barr not supporting the dirty work by the Obama faction.
    I believe Barr is not the man to address this treason and corruption the way Trump expects and the country deserves. Should Barr go, depends on if he’s truly a positive gatekeeper to stop future coups.
    Remember people like Barr know how to play both sides and many times aren’t truly vested in either.
    I don’t believe Barr can be categorized as for or against Trump. Some actions indicate he’s benefiting Trump. The other thing is we do not know how many other fires Barr has put out that could have caused Trump more headaches. The public certainly doesn’t know everything.
    I don’t believe Barr was caught unaware regarding the sentence on Stone, I think those attorneys were being shown the door, so they tried to save face by acting like they were leaving under protest.
    Barr probably had already outed them
    I am not a fan of Barr but, am ambivalent about whether Trump would be better off without him.


    • boomerbeth says:

      Wow, you are so naive.
      Trump was played. Now he’s got Barr’s (MuLE-LIAR’s) M.O.
      Barr is totally corrupt.

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      • stenwin77 says:

        I think the Stone’s excessive sentencing was a set up. Barr is in on it. Trump walked right into the trap by criticizing the Stone outcome. They had it all set up. Barr came in right on que. Now they’ll get him for interfering in DOJ cases. (Try anyway.)

        Time will tell but frankly, we don’t have much time left.


      • Theckman says:

        I am aware of Barr’s background and when Trump appointed Barr he certainly was as well!
        Just because Barr is part of the deep state does not mean Trump did not benefit at least short term, appointing him.
        Barr is no longer delivering for Trump so Trump is getting frustrated with him.
        This is not a black and white issue. So many of these deep state players will play for either and/or both teams simultaneously.
        You can’t say Trump didn’t know what he was getting into when he appointed Barr.
        Trump is smart enough to use them and when he sees they are hurting him more then helping him get rid of them.
        Trump is a master at figuring out how to exploit these fools and if he can benefit from keeping Barrr he will, that’s the message Trump has been sending.
        Barr’s response indicates he’s done. To complain about tweeting that’s Barr’s way of saying he’s not going to be helping Trump any longer.
        I disagree that Trump was fooled by Barr!
        Several months into his presidency Trump caught on to how corrupt everyone was and proceeded with that in mind.
        Don’t forget when he tweeted Obama wipe tapped his campaign and was made fun of by all of media for it!!
        Trump knew and has been playing with all these corrupt players ever since!
        Trump knows he has to play with the swamp players in order to literally survive.


    • mimbler says:

      I’m of the opinion that helping PDJT may have just been collateral to Barr’s protection of Mueller by wrapping up the investigation and putting a bow on the obvious. That allowed the DS to extricate itself from something that had gotten to the point of being detrimental to them.

      Maybe, maybe not, but I think it is possible and consistent with what we are seeing.


    • mark says:

      Theckman if you want to know about Mueller’s mental condition during his SC time, Google, Byron York’s interview of John Dowd. 2 parts. Listen to Dowd who was there the whole time and you’ll find out that Mueller gave an” I’m just a senile old man” preformance under oath.

      Every Treeper should listen to those 2 podcasts but it’s gonna make you MADDER. Who was it that told Mueller to stay within the 4 corners of his report?? Not my purview.

      Barr just waisted a year of President Trump.


  19. clodfobble says:

    Bad rubbish… good riddance. Dump Barr like a load of manure and move on to someone who can DO THE JOB. Surely POTUS has seen enough of these deep state moles to find someone who will actually support him.

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  20. vlparker says:

    Article II of US Constitution:

    The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States.


    Another excerpt from Article II:

    He (POTUS) shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

    The President isn’t making Barr’s job harder, it is the other way around. Barr is making the President’s job harder. Barr is forcing President Trump to defend the powers granted to him by the Constitution. Barr seems to be operating under the ludicrous assertion put forth by Democrats that the AG and DOJ are independent of the President, when the Constitution says that the President is the chief law enforcement officer. Neither the position of AG nor the Department of Justice were created by the US Constitution. They exist only to aid POTUS in his constitutional mandate to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

    When the four lawyers on the Roger Stone case lied to him Barr should have immediately fired them for insubordination. He had a perfect opportunity to assert his authority and he blew it. It is the corrupt, seditious underlings at the DOJ that are making Barr’s job harder, not his boss President Trump.

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    Don’t forget The Bongino Rule….wait 24-48 hours…..

    The Justice Department pushed back Tuesday night at multiple reports claiming Attorney General William Barr told people close to him he’s considering stepping down over President Trump’s tweets, days after Barr admitted that Trump’s tweeting made it “‘impossible for me to do my job.”

    “Addressing Beltway rumors: The Attorney General has no plans to resign,” DOJ spokeswoman Kerri Kupec tweeted.

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    • boomerbeth says:

      1-15-2019 Clairvoyant Diana West:

      “ In the final pages of Compromised, Terry Reed writes that in 1992, several years after working with CIA-connected Robert Johnson, he made the “miraculous find” that “Robert Johnson” was also William P. Barr.

      Yes, that William P. Barr, Donald Trump’s Attorney General [who likely ] pledged deep enough fealty to an unelected and unaccounatble super-dirty super-cop and Barr best friend, Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

      Ironically, Barr’s tenure as Bush ‘41 AG was noteworthy for his aversion to “special counsels,” and he earned himself the title “Cover-up General” from William Safire….

      Barr vanished from Washington’s radar. Then, 28 years later, Trump nominated Barr to be his AG, the most critical cabinet slot in his Swamp-besieged presidency.

      Would that a US Senator ask William P. Barr under oath if he ever was known to anyone under the alias “Robert Johnson.”

      Of course, even if Barr is if not also “Robert Johnson,” even if he is *only* a George “New World Order” Bush-retread, my deep concern is that he is nonetheless the ringer of all ringers, another Deep Stater foisted on/welcomed aboard by Donald Trump.

      US law enforcement aside: a “fixer” for Bushworld, that vast, submerged continent of the Swamp, does not seem like the man to Drain the Swamp for President Trump and We, the Deplorables.

      I wonder if Barr wrote that pro-Trump-firing-Comey brief as a perfectly scrumptious piece of bait Trump would (and did) find irresistible…..”


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      • amanda4321 says:

        Yes, I’ve always wondered about this too:
        “if Barr wrote that pro-Trump-firing-Comey brief as a perfectly scrumptious piece of bait Trump would (and did) find irresistible”
        I kind of thought that was a deep state set-up, to make it look like Barr was on Trump’s side, like he would be a good pick and someone who could clean up the mess, when all along he was a deep state plant to cover up the coup (after all, Barr is/was CIA and spent his entire career covering for the intelligence agencies). That’s why I don’t really think words matter–its that actions that count. Sometimes (lots of times) they just use words to play us and as cover.

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        • lolli says:

          I figured someone from DS wrote the piece, told Barr to sign it, and that he was up, to be called back into active swamp duty. They needed an “expert” cleaner to step in.

          Well, old Barr didn’t have someone tweeting truth at him when he covered up Ruby Ridge.

          I guess it’s frustrating to think you have something neatly tucked away, only to have your boss tweeting to the world, “we see you”. Ha yep, PT is making Barr’s cover up job very difficult.

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        • madeline says:

          As I remember the Bushes visited PDT in the Whitehouse during the time Papa Bush died. Suddenly, Barr was on deck for Attorney General. This all seemed strange to me.


      • cazzograndissimo says:

        Better yet ask Barr if he is the one in the picture with GHWB’s drug importers. There has still been no clarification about what the GHWB funeral kerfuffle was all about. Maybe you have some insight on this…


  22. Bendix says:

    If the Washington Post is indeed taking the Attorney General’s name in vain, what would be the logical next piece of news we’d be hearing?
    I know if I were Attorney General (or anybody really, even Bendix), and I saw a story in the paper claiming that I was telling people I was thinking about quitting, I would be announcing to the whole world that it wasn’t true.
    Has AG Barr said anything we don’t know about?

    Well then. What a cheesy, sniveling, tiny thing to do. Letting a bunch of self-important, gloating brats speak against your boss on your behalf.
    He needs to give us back our ball and go home.


  23. hitgirl18 says:

    If AG cant do his job, Sidney Powell can! Oh how fun to see the traitors run if she was in that position! Sidney would have them all arrested within a week!


  24. How many swamp (Comey, McCabe, Lerner, Clapper, etc.) creatures got indicted?


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  25. AJ. says:

    Giuliani has been a savior in all of this. He single handedly forced Barr into the darkest corner. If he did what he did on his own that is even more miraculous.

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  26. MaineCoon says:

    I agree with Sundance’s assessment 100%. Spot on.

    I actually do expect Barr to resign. He is not equipped to handle the information Treepers have known for years and he now knows.

    IMO Barr’s legacy: “I’m resigning because of President Trump’s tweets.”

    Think about that historical legacy. All else he has done will be forgotten…just a man defeated and deflated by a fake tweety bird. What a wimp. Much ado about nothing.

    Keep tweeting President Trump!

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    • boomerbeth says:

      He is definitely equipped .
      He is panicking he will be outted as a traitor to potus and US
      All of the swamp knows his backstory with the Clinton and the Bush CRIME FAMILIES.
      THE BIDENS HAVE ZERO ON THEM. that’s another reason the Bidens are skating.
      He is playing potus.
      He is supposed to,play for time until voter fraud kicks in.
      Hence, no grand juries.


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  27. Barr is the swamp protector, that’s his job as he understands it.

    Trump couldn’t get Ratcliffe elected as DNI because the swamp (Senate) was afraid and justifiably so. They were not afraid of Barr and for good reason.

    Some of Barr’s “accomplishments”:
    1. Ensured not a single coup plotter is indicted and goes on book tours and TV to trash our President.
    2. Reprimanded our President for tweeting and making your job so much harder.
    3. Gone out of your way to block any and all efforts at transparency and making Judicial Watch sue your Department and the FBI for information, but at least you still redact significant information out when you are forced to reveal any information.
    4. In your endless wisdom and intelligence far above us plebes declared “Epstein killed himself”
    5. Made sure that the DOJ and FBI can keep lying about basic facts in the Flynn case.
    6. Publicly lauded FBI director Wray for the wonderful job his doing.

    The only real solution is landslide election on Nov 3 for President Trump and majority House and Senate with enough margin so that we can elect someone outside of the swamp as AG and FBI director. Barr worked at the CIA for cryin’ out loud, his wife is best friends with Mueller’s, etc.

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  28. PatriotKate says:

    Here’s my take on what’s happening.

    Like most others, I’m highly skeptical of the job that AG Barr is doing. Although, there ARE lots of other DOJ actions happening right now. I just don’t know if they are playing a masterful game of deceit in order to buy the time they need for investigations to be complete, or AG Barr is a master fixer for the Deep State.

    I think several things may be going on here:
    1. Barr may be complaining about the President’s tweets because President Trump is shining the light on all the misdeeds of the Justice Department.
    2. Or, Barr may be complaining in order to distance himself from the President to give the appearance of more independence in these matters — which serves them both well.
    3. Or, the President may be tweeting as much as he is, because he’s frustrated that AG Barr hasn’t done more to clean things up and he’s putting pressure on him to act.

    It’s all terribly frustrating to see the wheels of justice fall off the rails or take so long it will not be meaningful.


  29. Tom Hansen says:

    There is an old Tsung Tsu axiom that when you know you are strong, give the enemy the appearance you are weak. By doing so, it emboldens the enemy with over confidence which leads them to attack prematurely, and then they realize to late, they have become embedded into a trap.

    The Deep State traitors are on the attack, because Barr appears to be weak. He has schmoozed Rosenstein, Wray, and even his old friend Mueller, so they feel they are safe and comfortable and outside his reach.

    But Barr knows who the culprits are and what each of their roles were in the coup and the coverup, and I believe he will put the Constitution above the corruption of the institutions he loves. He knows that there is enough public information available that the public knows what took place, and who was involved that it is impossible for his to sweep it all under the rug, without implicating himself in a cover up the Spygate scandal.

    The Deep State is panicking because so many of them are lashing out. It is hilarious how they have exposed themselves. By merely signing a letter against Barr, they identify who they are and that they are part of the Deep State that sets them up for investigation to see what roles they played in the coup and/or the cover up. The Deep Staters are truly stupid people. They have gotten away with their corruption for so long, believing that what they were doing was actually normal, that they no longer realize there behavior is seditious and treasonous.

    At the end of the day, I still believe Barr will come through, and actually save this nation from internal destruction of the country we love and as we know it.


  30. Alano says:

    Someone is missing from the photo of journalist. They appear over the shoulders in the right hand corner of the mirror but not in the photo. Fishy


  31. TonyE says:

    There are several factions at play.

    You got the Deep State, Progressives, Fascists, RINOs, Nationalist Libertarians (Trump, Paul), globalists (Wall Street, billionaires, Koch, Soros…) and then pure corruption (Clintons, Obola, most everyone in the Congress).

    Trump survived the impeachment (IHMO) for two reasons: (a) it was obviously a coup and carried the possibility of a real hot Civil War II and (b) the GOP made a deal with Trump.

    So, remembering Julius Caesar, trump should divide and conquer his enemies. Do not attack the GOP establishment, they are mostly after all in for the money, otherwise they are fine country club folks. So, keep Chao and Barr on board, use McConnell and McCarthy to lead a counter attack. Clean out the Progressives, the purely corrupt and the entrenched bureaucracy.. cut back the CIA, FBI, Education, EPA, etc… but do not touch, at least for the time being, the avenues of income for the Republicans in Congress.

    Pelosi wrote herself off and her ilk when they sided with the Fascists and carried the impeachment.

    Root out all instances of treason and sedition and put the Clintons in jail.

    I think Barr would go along with that and the GOP would breath a huge sight of relief.

    If we can drain the whole swamp, let’s at least drain the worst parts of it and fence off the quick sand.


  32. Theckman says:

    Barr may be an asset to Trump if Barr is actively investigating current plots and smear attempts within the DOJ.
    Barr certainly should be pursuing the Mueller Mess, FISA abuse, Russia email hoax, however his past activity may be making that difficult.
    If Barr is being blackmailed and/or a line is drawn with these deep state players where he can only go so far, it still does not take away from what Barr did regarding exposing the Mueller investigation for the sham it was!!
    Barr appears to be a very conflicted man.
    I don’t believe anyone on Trump’s legal team knew Mueller was a joke, but Barr sure did!!
    Mueller was portrayed as an enigma, no leaks, law and order man, the best of the best!!
    In reality, he didn’t appear to even understand he had just investigated the president for over two years. When he testified my jaw dropped. That’s what I can’t let go!!!
    The pompous nerve those in charge had in choosing him sickens me on multiple levels.
    The only way Barr so easily clarified the farce the Mueller investigation was is because he’s one of them!!!
    Barr knows what, how, who and all the ins and outs of a large scale con on the American people. Why, because Barr came up with some of the very tactics and illegal means they all used to get Trump!!!
    Barr certainly can protect Trump, but who knows if which ever faction becomes more powerful decides no more Trump. Barr will go where the power tells him to.
    I have lost faith that we will get a fair vote this time around. The democrats are so open about their deceit. Why do they feel so emboldened? I think it’s because they know the power they have behind them will enable them to have their say.
    I hope I am wrong, but just remember who elected George Bush Jr. When the state of Florida and Govenor Bush/brother didn’t come through as planned!!
    Trump only got elected because the idiots were not prepared. They will be this election!!!
    I will vote for Trump but, don’t believe he will win Michigan this time.
    The sad things is I belueve if the vote count were fair he would win Michigan by more In 2020!

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    • boomerbeth says:

      Yuo. Very precarious times.
      Trump might even be warned to remove his name at the convention.
      If he wants to enjoy his later years & growing family.
      Nothing surprises me any more.

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      • lolli says:


        IMO, PT, not his family or friends will ever have peace until justice is served.
        PT knows this.

        PT will never give up, he will never give in, he will fight, fight, fight unto victory.
        His families lives depend on it.

        Just stand with President Trump, no matter what 🇺🇸 our country depends on us


  33. MaineCoon says:

    If/when AG Barr resigns-by-incoming-tweets, my thought was to appoint an Acting AG. Linked is CRS article entitled “Who Can serve As Acting Attorney General” which is a result of the ensuing battle fight that occurred when POTUS assigned Whitaker as Acting AG.


    The appointment of acting officials to serve as principal officers poses an important constitutional
    question that concerns the proper division of authority between the political branches—and implicates a
    potentially difficult question regarding the interaction of two statutes. Whether these questions will be
    resolved in the courts, however, is unclear. As mentioned above, the State of Maryland has challenged the
    appointment of Whitaker as Acting AG in ongoing litigation. Suits by other parties are possible, so long
    as those parties have standing under Article III of the Constitution to challenge Whitaker’s appointment.
    Senate confirmation of a new AG could render any pending challenges to Whitaker’s appointment moot,
    leading to the dismissal of suits raising these questions. Ultimately, Congress enjoys considerable
    authority to enact legislation altering the method of appointment for acting officials, although any such
    bill must comport with the Appointments Clause.

    The current DAG is James Rosen, formerly of Kirkland & Ellis. IMO just another empty suit like Barr who would be just as lost as Barr in handling the situation. Totally outside their realm.

    Hence lies the rub.


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  34. askandgettruth says:

    barr is not the man and has never has been. a recycled rat for about 30+ years. i think he knows that the people want some heads to roll and he will not prosecute his cartel friends in the doj and fbi. research his past

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  35. Big Jake says:

    I’ve against Barr from day one of his nomination. Enough retreads already.


  36. Theckman says:

    Thank you for the laughs!!!
    If Barr resigns supposedly because of Trump’s tweets!!! Haha whoever said tweety!!
    Barr certainly is feeling pressure or knows it’s the end of the line for him as far as he can or is willing to take it.
    The tweets are so ridiculous look what Barr was CIA, gun runner, drug smuggler and he can’t handle Trumps tweets!!!!
    I love Trump!
    You can’t make this up, that tweeting brought an AG to the breaking point!!!!
    Well they are Trump tweets after all!!!!

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  37. I’m conflicted, in a cognitively dissonant sort of way…

    I don’t really care for Bill Barr because I don’t TRUST Bill Barr to fairly prosecute DoJ and FBI insiders. At every turn he seems to let them off the hook, even though there seems to be ample evidence to charge and convict. Prime example: Andy McCabe. SO, I want to see DJT replace Bill Barr.


    I HATE the idea of left-wing liars forcing anyone off of President Trump’s cabinet, which is what they are trying to leverage with their criticisms of Trump’s tweets about Roger Stone. EVEN THOUGH a statement has already been released by DoJ insider that says they were ALREADY looking into changing the Stone sentencing recommendation BEFORE PDJT tweeted about it.

    So, basically, I don’t know whether to WISH, or just WATCH.


  38. mtg50 says:

    This was a post of justified frustration, but the diatribe against Barr is based on two flimsy reeds:
    1. As stated regarding the threat to resign “the “report” comes from the pathetic beltway crowd of journalist narrative engineers; so there’s likely little-to-no substance to the construct”.
    2. Barr’s complaints about President Trump’s tweets, which I believe was strategic.
    I believe Barr and Durham are moving towards indictments at an extremely slow pace, but it may be a pace that is necessary.


    • DeWalt says:

      And I pray your correct.

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    • GB Bari says:

      mtg50, IMHO you are incorrect about the drivers behind Sundance’s post.

      Sundance has been VERY consistent about presenting evidence of severe wrongdoing – even criminal lawbreaking – by employees in the DOJ, FBI, Senate and elsewhere in the DC federal govt.

      Since Barr was appointed & approved with little delay, he has had repeated opportunities to correct severe INjustices begun before his tenure, and injustices that have occurred since then.

      But Barr has not changed the course of a single injustice, save one – ending the Mueller sham investigation. As a result of Barr’s inactions, several victims of DOJ prosecutor malfeasance and zealotry have suffered and continue to suffer.

      Also the President continues to be maligned by his political enemies using smears and lies that could have been stopped, had many documents (that Sundance has repeatedly listed in many articles posted here and on Twitter) been declassified and made public.

      There is even a short list of classified documents that the President himself had mentioned that he wanted to be exposed, and he gave that authority to the AG – who showed his thanks by doing nothing but continue to let the DemonRATs and Media’s lies obstruct and hound the President.

      So you see, there is far more to Sundance’s accumulated frustration and impatience with AG William Barr than what you listed.


  39. golfmann says:

    His statement about the tweets making it impossible to do his job, translated to me, ONLY if he considers his job to quietly make it all go away.
    If even remotely close, he needs to go.

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    • Theckman says:

      A Freudian slip you’re saying. That’s possible, or strategic, or Barr simply can’t stand all the tweeting haha.
      I think Trump has to love how he controls the media narrative. MSM and everyone else that’s really supporting Trump have alternative theories on why Barr complained about Trump’s tweeting.
      Trump is winning as long as he’s being talked about and his tweets garner more interest and media coverage then the democrat primaries!!!
      The free entertainment alone is reason enough to vote for Trump!!!!
      The man is one of a kind!
      Melanie knew he would win, now I see why!!
      Trump as president is the best reality show ever!!!!


  40. Bogeyfree says:

    Folks, please understand if Barr resigns PT MUST follow the rules of the Vacancy Act to select a temporary AG.

    The 4 options are listed below

    Designations Under the Vacancies Act:
    When an executive branch advice and consent position covered by the Vacancies Act becomes vacant, it may be filled temporarily in one of three ways under the act:

    (1) the first assistant to such a position may automatically assume the functions and duties of the office;

    (2) the President may direct an officer who is occupying a different advice and consent position to perform these tasks;

    or (3) the President may select an officer or employee who is occupying a position, in the same agency, for which the rate of pay is equal to or greater than the minimum rate of pay at the GS-15 level, and who has been with the agency for at least 90 of the preceding 365 days.

    (4) via recess appointment

    In general, a temporary appointment under the Vacancies Act continues until no later than 210 days after the date the vacancy occurred or, if the vacancy occurred during a Senate recess, 210 days after the date the Senate reconvenes. The time restriction is suspended, and the acting officer can continue to serve, if a first or second nomination for the position has been submitted to the Senate for confirmation and is pending. The acting officer can continue to serve for an additional 210 days after the rejection, withdrawal, or return of such a nomination.

    If he goes with option 1, the selection is Rosen who is currently #2 behind Barr as DAG

    Option 3 means he picks either the AAG who is #3 in line behind Barr or US Attorney EDVA Who is #4 behind Barr.

    And option 4 is out based on this and the fact McConnell will never allow PT a recess appointment,

    So IMO PT best option is OPTIN #2, the President may direct an officer who is occupying a different advice and consent position to perform these tasks;

    1) And my suggestion is take Munchin who already has advise and consent approval to temporarily run the DOJ in a dual role of Treasury AND temporary DOJ. Why because Treasury is getting the Secret Service and also the ability to investigate money laundering. They go hand in hand.

    2) Additionally PT makes Sidney Powell a WH Presidential Appointee (no Senate approval required) and he puts in the role of Special Liaison or Justice Czar working directly with Munchin in running the DOJ.

    3) PT provides Munchin AND Powell with full declassification authority

    4) Powell sits in all staff meetings and and all meetings with Durham, Pittsburgh US Attorney, Brooklyn US Attorney and St. Louis US Attorney.

    5) Munchin & Powell declassify and unredact then read and review all communications from Russia Gate, Spygate, Mueller Gate, FISA Gate, Impeachment Gate and Ukraine Gate and advise the President.

    6) This continues until Nov whereby from PT’s rallies and his new battle cry, “Give me at least 8 and I can give you Sidney, Flynn and Rudy.” Then We the People provide PT with at least 8 new Republican Senators from the Nov election while we sacrifice Mitch to set an example for all RINOS.

    7) 53+8-1=60 Getting to 60 will ensure going forward in Nov that PT’s nominees of Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn and even Rudy if he goes there can be confirmed by a simple majority as we have 9 extras to compensate for RINO holdouts AND we no longer have Mitch to play his games.

    So PT here is the road map. But please remember, new rule #1……………


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    • Eric says:

      I guess if you’re gonna dream, dream big. If Trump wins a second term it’s gonna be squeaky like his first. 90% in DC didn’t vote for him, nor Romney, nor McStain, nor Bush#2 etc. He has no friends in that cesspool and the ones that seem to be are really good actors. The USSAs demographics and non stop flooding of 3rd worlders will make any national election close no matter who his opponent is. Hell they could clone Pol Pot and half the country would vote for him because “orange man bad”. I’m betting they blow up the stock market to slay evil Trump in the end hence I wish the president wouldn’t of wrapped that anchor so tightly around his neck.


    • Fire them all and then get some AG from Iowa, Idaho or someplace out in “them thar parts” …………real America not DC.


  41. Cindy says:

    If Bill Barr thinks it’s been tough to do his job with Trump’s tweets maybe he should think what it’s been like for Trump to do his job with a attempted coup by The dept of justice, FBI, etc.
    Maybe if Barr did his job Trump wouldn’t have to tweet so much.

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  42. DeWalt says:

    That picture cracks me up. The look you have when you thought you were the smartest man in the room.
    But you just met him.


  43. Parrot says:

    We have to understand that some of the motivation of the the Bureaucratic Staters is not simply a conviction that we need their direction to lead ideologically “moral” lives, it’s more prosaic than that. When all your friends and social groupings are Deepies and UniParty you don’t get Bar- B -Que invitations if you set out to destroy their grip on a formerly fairly free nation. All of them are on the taxpayer’s teat in one way or another.
    Potential social isolation is a great motivator.


  44. railer says:

    It’s good for Trump that Barr is under attack from all sides. He might become more malleable to Trump’s wishes then. I agree with our host, this is just the Swamp and Deep State squirming at the pressure, through media mouthpieces. When McConnell bounced into view nodding agreement, that was confirmed.

    He’s your boy, Mitch. If he quits, it’ll be on you to find a suitable replacement, to cover this all up. Good luck. Trump doesn’t seem to care either way right now.

    I doubt Trump fires him ’til after the election, but he can privately tell him that there are lots of lawyers around, should Barr decide to leave.

    No big deal here, as Trump’s statements seem to agree on. He agrees Barr has a tough job, but that his tweets are an important tool, then he gave him the infamous “vote of confidence”. We’ll see what happens.


  45. OWTOLUNCH says:

    This narrative change has sure spun up the troops.

    The media has pulled a “SHOOT THE MESSENGER” tactic… Redirect the attention away from what they know is important onto something else…

    How about — attacking the AG Barr PERSONALLY – IMPUNE HIS INTEGRITY – MAKE SHIT UP…..


    Anything to get the attention away from the important stuff… The corruption of the DNC, stealing of democrat primary, failure to indict known criminals, the list is huge… Impeachment did not work…


  46. biff0101 says:

    The clock is ticking on Bondo Barr and Durham! I have my doubts…


  47. Big Jake says:

    I’m against immigration. All of it.

    We’re full. Driving in areas that were once deserted in my youth is now more vexing than a trip to the DMV. LEGAL immigration has destroyed the entire region where I was born and raised–turned it into an appendage of a foreign country. My state is next. And unless we want to be like China soon with 100-mile traffic jams and people living elbow-to-elbow we need to cut off the spigot.

    We once considered 250,000 LEGAL immigrants annually to be mass/wave level. Under Bush we hit 1.9 MILLION in one year. That’s LEGAL not illegal. If that doesn’t qualify as mass immigration then nothing ever will.

    We’ve got a BIG problem, and it’s driven by this death pact of endless legal immigration we were suckered into in 1965. Count me out.

    Immigration has to be viewed 100+ years from now based on what we do today. It’s long past time to stop it. As it stands, I’ve proudly (and sadly) been the lone voice crying in the wilderness since the 70s. I haven’t been heard–nor I do I expect that to change in my lifetime.


  48. dawg says:

    Im starting to think its true. Barr IS telling people close to Trump that he wants him to stop tweeting or else he will resign.

    I think PT has gotten the notion that Barr isnt going to do what needs to be done, so he’s keeping up the pressure.

    Then this morning’s tweetstorm is darn near proof, in my opinion, considering it came right after the rumor of Barr threatening to resign over his tweeting.

    This is the beginning of the public rift between PT and his AG. PTs tweets will get more and more blunt and direct at Barr, just like they did at Jeff Sessions.

    I mean, he just accused a sitting Senator of violating the Logan Act, dealing with our sworn enemy Iran no less, and said “Must be dealt with strongly!”

    Who do you think hes talking to there? Gotta be the AG and the DOJ that would take up that case, right?

    So what is Barr gonna do now?

    PT might be thinking, what the hell do I have to lose? No AG at all is better than an AG that is only helping cover everything up. Might as well put Whitaker back in as Acting and that will get me past the election.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Barr worked for the CIA. His wife is best friend’s with Muller’s. His father was closely associated with Epstein.

      How can we expect someone from the swamp to clean up the swamp?

      It simply will not happen. (I’d love to be proven wrong on this!)

      We have a great president because he is not one of “them”, he is one of “us”. And I don’t mean Republican, I mean he is from outside of the swamp.

      After hopefully landslide wins on Nov 3rd, we will get someone outside of the swamp as AG and FBI director. Only then will we get true justice delivered.


  49. Patchman2076 says:

    Does anyone understand why this judge Jackson is entering letters from people into the Roger Stone case file?


  50. PDJT is indirectly holding AG Barr ACCOUNTABLE.
    AG Barr is between a rock and a hard place.
    I believe he only has one option and that is to do his job.


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