President Trump Delivers Remarks on CA Water Access – 5:30pm Livestream

Today President Trump will deliver remarks on water access in Bakersfield, California. The president was in the valley earlier today for a fundraiser hosted by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and will deliver remarks from Bakersfield at approximately 5:30pm ET.

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96 Responses to President Trump Delivers Remarks on CA Water Access – 5:30pm Livestream

  1. FL_GUY says:

    Being the most inclusive President since George Washington, President Trump intends to help California, whether the current gang of criminals in charge of the CA government want it or not. President Trump knows it’s not the people of CA who put these criminals in office, it is an elaborate fraud system that nullifies the votes of millions of genuine California citizens. I believe President Trump intends to LIBERATE CA! JMHO

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    • delighteddeplorable says:

      It’s a worthy cause, FL. Support for POTUS outside of LA and SFO is robust. We welcome liberation!

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      • VegGOP says:

        There is *plenty* of support for Trump here INSIDE Los Angeles, CA, where I am sitting. But people are hesitant to talk. I know, because I wear my MAGA hat around town, and LOTS of people come up to me and admit they love Trump. They tell me they admire my “courage” and that they are afraid of showing their support.

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    • Michael Watson says:

      I pray you’re correct. Born and raised in the liberal stronghold known as the Bay Area. While I love California I’ve come to truly despise living here due to the unrelenting taxes, overpopulation and anti-2A stance.

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    • wlbeattie says:

      Nice call!


    • winky says:

      Thanks FL_GUY…..I get really tired of reading comments damning the residents of Ca…..and that Ca residents deserve what they get.


    • John-Y128 says:

      PT’s own state needs rescuing just as much, automobiles smashing into campaign people, worker stabbing their boss to death over politics in a state turned purple.


  2. Maybe if CA had spent less money on their failed high-speed rail project, and more money on water management infrastructure, there wouldn’t be such a fight between farmers and high density population areas.

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    • Angus D says:

      ….and Dim’s do have such a dim view of farmers

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      I really want to say: Shut your mouth. The criminal gang of communists and global elitists (both in cahoots with China) have been running (ruining) things for so long – no one gets a fair, American vote in California. The elitists/commies are trying to get rid of the farmer/ranchers/middle-class-business people for a very long time – and they are coming close to succeeding.

      Controlling water was one of their first plays. Next slave labor/unlimited illegals. Unleash criminals and druggies on citizens. Now its laws and taxes up the gazoo. Also fires started both by their agents and by laws that prevent clearing forests and brush — lots and lots of fuel to burn out prosperous Californians. Then shut down power. Next government must buy the power companies. Next, and so on and so on.

      Don’t shit on Californians. Do you think California citizens have anything to say about the high-speed rail to nowhere? No. It’s only for the elites to travel from city to city without touching the unwashed in between.

      You want to shoot your mouth off about California rather than care and fight with us, you go ahead. But The System is coming to your state next and they have long started the process.

      God Save President Trump for helping us MAGA and KAG.

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      • Well said,pyromancer76. CA is a ghost of the state I grew up in. Has been run into the ground for decades.

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        • BigTalkers says:

          You know, you Calis have lots of other choices of places to live, Mexico for one. (Oh sorry, I forgot you already reside in its Northern suburbs.)


      • Pale rider says:

        I live in Oklahoma and they started here with the casinos, the schools all went to crap, they just voted in pot dispensaries and no Oklahoman wants that crap here either. The governor is settling invaders in all over and we all pay for it.
        Your are correct pyromancer, don’t piss on anybody’s leg and tell us it s raining, it’s a globalists push to destroy our sovereignty as a nation and California is ground zero right now.
        Colorado has been hit because people just want to be left in peace. Guess what, it ain’t happening here or anywhere else. We better start pushing back as a nation, Trump is giving us all a heads up.

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      • CA voters did this to themselves. So you know what YOU can do, right?

        Have a great day!


        • pyromancer76 says:

          CA voters who want something different don’t get to vote. You ever heard of voter fraud?

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          • TonyE says:

            It’s not the voters that matter, it’s who counts the votes that do.

            In Calimexistan they’ve legalized the old “how many votes do you need?” scam. It’s called “vote harvesting”. Last election we went to bed with Mimi Walters winning by 4% or so and woke up to find out that Commie from UCI brought in enough “votes” to swing the election to her favor by a lot!

            Then you got our “open” primaries which take the two top vote “getters” regardless of party affiliation. In the last two Senatorial elections I have not bothered because the choice was between two commies.

            The Soviets would be proud. This was all done while Obola The Magnificent was corrupting the Federal Gov.

            Where is the US DOJ when you need it?

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          • winky says:

            With ballot harvesting we will not have a fair election again. WE have ONE party here. Apparently there are going to be about 200 new taxes during 2020. These pig lawmakers must stay up all night trying to figure out how they can SCREW the taxpayers,

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        • rrick says:

          I want to say this as nice as I can. You really have no idea what you are talking about. Voter fraud in CA is real and it is growing. Thick volumes could be written of example after example of fraud and corruption in CA.

          Not only myself but many people I speak with all over this state say they are not being represented. And their concerns go unanswered and their complaints get no traction.

          Then there are the masses of illegal voters but I won’t get into that lest my blood really begin to boil.

          It was great to see the president put the heat on Gov. Gruesome and on national TV. While the main subject was water, the president voiced many complaints about how the state is being run. A president should speak glowingly but not here. Why? Because of the entrenched corruption within the state. It certainly isn’t only a difference of political ideology, it is because the state is being turned hard to the next Venezuela.

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          • So, move if you don’t have the stomach to save your state.


            • There is a well known psychological principle, the “Just World” hypothesis. IOW If something bad happened to you, you deserved it. That belief makes the believer feel safe since it defines the universe as fair and nullifies the anxiety generated by the randomness of fate. Your comment demonstrates that hypothesis. But the world is neither just nor far and we do not get the consequences we deserve except as glorious exceptions (both on the negative such as prison for BO and on the positive like Trump’s re-election in 2020.

              Many posters have explained to you how conditions are on the ground in their state. Many fight on a variety of fronts to return sanity to State government. They are not suggesting giving up. They are explaining why blaming Californians is a cop-out. Californians are not a homogeneous group and those who want positive change do not hold the levers of power. President Trump’s approach is much more useful & precise then “save the state or move” . He is rallying the people who want positives changes so they will form a cohesive and committed voting block that may start the return of sanity to the state.


              • “Many posters have explained…” blah blah blah

                I guess that means that “many posters” either:

                1) Can’t follow a thread that included “CA DEMS…”


                2) THEY are DEMS who resent being called out for inflicting TOTAL DUMBASSERY on their own state.

                PS: I will DOUBLE DOWN on my earlier statement and ADD that what happened to CA didn’t occur overnight. When it COULD have been prevented, it wasn’t. And “DESERVE” has nothing to do with it. So, they can stay and continue the fight, or don’t. Stay, move, whatever. Until then, maybe this will help them:


  3. Mark W says:

    Dan Bongino : “Things Democrats have blanket immunity on in our “justice” system: 1) lying under oath, 2) Logan Act violations, 3) election interference, 4) political spying, 5) violent speech suppression, 6) foreign collusion”

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    • litlbit2 says:

      You left out Bodybags! Never mind the AG Department is on, if we could get another investigation? However, Comey, Lynch, Podesta and Biden have appointments in Ukraine might take moment!


  4. Val says:

    “Trump is killing the smelt to help rich farmers.”
    The villain!!!

    (Link removed by request….)

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    • GB Bari says:

      I think I smelt BS in that article.

      Gavin Newsome and his DumboRATs are more concerned about protecting a few alleged “endangered species” than they are about growing enough food for the domestic population. Idiots!

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    • TreeClimber says:

      It may have been legit when you went, but DO NOT GO NOW! I had about two seconds where I saw the article and then it redirected me to a virus page and now I gotta go clean my computer.


  5. joeknuckles says:

    If anybody is having a hard time comprehending why radical leftists (Communists) want to shut off the water to such an important agricultural area, just remember that it’s pretty hard to have a forced famine if you have an area that produces so many crops that it’s known as “the breadbasket of the universe”. It’s much better (in their diseased minds) to force it to dry up and then blame the disaster on “climate change”.

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  6. Wethal says:

    Delta smelt don’t vote.

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  7. rustybritches says:

    I don’t know if anyone remembers are not but Obama Was asked by a Hispanic to come to calif and please help the farmers to regain their water rights and he flat out decided to do nothing to help them the fields dried up and the crops died because Obama was more concerned with helping the smelt fish than he was to make sure Calif had the water they needed When I hear how people in Calif still give Obama a lot of credit for the good things that are happening in this country I just get madder than heck.. He was nothing but a figure head and did nothing for this country but make sure that we stayed in a recession for his total 8 years
    I am proud of President Trump for taking the bull by the horns,

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    • Remington says:

      Remember these imbeciles wanted to flush more fresh water down the Sacramento River to the ocean to save those stupid fish. It actually made matters worse. The population smelt population decreased. So what was the stinkin’ liberals answer? Send MORE fresh water down the river to the ocean. It didn’t work, either…what a shock….

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    • Pale rider says:

      You gotta pay big bucks to get water in California for your farms. Only a select few get it.


    • Sherri Young says:

      It is hard not to think Obama was put in place to assure a decline of our nation. The TTP alone could have ended our sovereignty. Seizing control of water all surface water through WUSA was another component to ending our survival as a free people.


  8. lcsteel says:

    Wow president Trump sure gets around. I am just on my way to his rally here in Phoenix.


  9. TonyE says:

    I can’t wait for this one speech.

    Water is extremely important in the West and the Commies in Sacramentograd and San Franciskovich are fighting a war on the rest of the State ( I call it the Soviet Republik of Calimexistan).

    Hopefully Trump is the new sheriff in town, will make the commies take their high speed to Venezuela and will announce that Shasta Dam will be raised ten feet, the Delta Pumps will start running and a second holding reservoir along San Antonio will be built.

    Of course, we’ll have to watch out for the Environazi terrorists.

    In the mean time, no more water from Hetch Hetchy for San Franciskovich… google that one. These people are hypocrites.

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    • LafnH20 says:

      TonyE, I think your idea of “Holding Reservoirs” is an excellent one.
      These would not need to be “ON” a river nor Hydroelectric. They could be built in strategic places where the geographic /topographic “Particulars” suit such an Endeavour. (Downstream – Lower elevation – Natural “Bowl/Depressed” area) A massive amount of fresh water could be stored at smaller sites which do not require “Direct Access” to a river.

      It seems the major “Issues” for NOT building a (Big BAD Dam) are loss of “Land/Livelihood”, Aquatic species concerns and maintaining the ever present opportunity for the State Of Cali to USE water/lack thereof as a POLITICAL WEAPON.

      Strategically placed “Holding Reservoirs” eliminate those concerns and could be built in such a way as to make concerns of “Dam Failure” and the possible resulting catastrophes…. a moot point.

      With the $$$ Cali saves they can fix the Damned roads.

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      • TonyE says:

        It was not my idea, it was the idea of the people who built the California Aqueduct and who had the vision to do something good for the State.

        San Antonio is a holding reservoir, the fill it with water from the aqueduct on its way down. That way, when there is lots of water up north and they are dumping water from the Northern Dams they can pump lots of it to the holding lake and then regulate the flow South.

        If you drive on the 5 along the Central Valley you can see lots of those valleys. The only thing to worry about is that the San Andreas fault runs too close to the 5 that close to the Grapevine, you have to go about 150 (or so) miles North before the fault veers West enough that a damn can be safely built.

        There is pretty much nothing on those hills anyhow, and even if you were to fill one valley there are like lots more where than one came from.

        Roads… speaking of roads… for far less money they spent (and they are still spending?) on the Train to Nowhere, they could have added extra lanes on the 5, 10, 15, 40, 80, 99 and 101. I think the 805 and 605 are hopeless. Ever tried to drive on those miserable Bay Area freeways? Those people are rude. At least in SoCal we smile nicely and wish you a good day as we cut you off on the 405. 😉

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        • LafnH20 says:

          I do drive on those miserable roads in the Bay Area. And the ones in the LA Basin. And so many other areas in Cali. Truck Driver, you see. Been doing that these past 20 years.. or so.
          Cali uses a “Hard White” concrete for some of their road surfaces; also for repair. Problem is, is, the Hard White concrete is harder than the surrounding surfaces. Much harder. The main problem, as I see it, is that Cali does NOT perform the final step when using the Hard White concrete. They do NOT sand it Smooth; thus reconciling its surface with that of the surrounding surfaces. Thats the rub! The RUSH to get the freeway open asap and the $. The $$$$ mostly, imho.
          What you get is the Hard White concrete beats your car and the surrounding surfaces to a pulp.
          Job security for CALTRANS..
          Imagine that.

          WRT, the valleys down south near the Grapevine, I wouldn’t build a dam there. There is a pumping station, the Edmonston Pumping Plant which pumps water up over the Tehachapi mountains to supply the areas East of the Central valley. It provides a HUFE lift, nearly 2,000 vertical feet. The system stair-steps 8,400 feet up the mountain side to a 62-foot-high, 50-foot-diameter surge tank. So it can be done.

          Imho, it should be done for “Supply Resevoirs” in those and similar mountainous areas. They’ve already pumped it up there, and can use gravity to send it back back down when/where needed.

          Have to say, I’m equally fond of all the drivers in Cali. Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been told I’m No. 1.

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    • sickconservative says:

      We lived in an unincorporated area of Santa Barbara Ca and water board member was the highest position,Yes they were corrupt.

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  10. scrap1ron says:

    CALPERS, California’s public sector union invests billions in the Chicom’s military and associated industries. Yes, a communist friend in need is a friend indeed, eh Guv Gavin?

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  11. StanH says:

    Once again a man at ease. No fear, a lions heart.

    Thank you Lord for President Donald J Trump.

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  12. Biggyrat says:

    He’s going to attempt winning California! May even succeed. People can only take so much abuse before they lash out at their abusers.

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    • rashomon says:

      As former Gov. Blago of IL said as he left the pen in Denver last night, “I’m a Trumpocrat.”

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    • Sherri Young says:

      He might get the House back too.

      Can you imagine anybody from the Central Valleys voting for Bloomie or Bloomie’s Dirty 30? It would not matter if Bloomie were to be the nominee, the association with his principles and the Democratic party could be enough of a turn-off — actually, a scare-off — for people with survival instincts who work for a living.


  13. rashomon says:

    Funny…those acres of golf courses and yards filled with giant swimming pools never seem to lack.

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  14. StandTall says:

    I love that President Trump is encouraging all these CA farmers speak… these are good hardworking people and POTUS is so respectful of them & he’s such a real people person. Our President is a good man! You can feel the love. Wake up CA! He’s the best we’ve got or will have for a long, long while! Support America, Support Trump2020! 🇺🇸

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  15. Patty in Porterville says:

    When President Trump opened his speech he commented on 2 Porterville firemen who were killed yesterday. This is from today’s Porterville Recorder:

    “The firefighter who died battling Tuesday’s fire that virtually destroyed the Porterville Public Library and the other firefighter, who’s still missing were identified on Tuesday.

    Porterville Police have also arrested two 13-year-old Porterville juveniles who authorities said started the fire.

    Porterville Fire Department Captain Raymond Figueroa, 35, died battling the blaze. Patrick Jones, 25, who has been with the Porterville Fire Department since 2017, is still missing.

    The two juveniles have been booked on arson and manslaughter charges. Immediately after the fire began, the Porterville Police Department and Porterville Fire Marshal received information two young men had run away from the library.”

    Please pray for their families and loved ones.

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  16. Ha!! I just thought all my friends, here in the south (Cowboys and Cajuns) were rowdy!!

    That was a great and happy group!


  17. Spurwing Plover says:

    Porviding that they cut off water to the Klamath Basin Farmers back in 2001 over some fish like with the Tennesee Dam and the Central Valley they judges in these cases ruling were total Unconstitutional and wrong


  18. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    Thank you President Trump!

    As I heard from the crowd, “12 more years!”

    This is Trump country! I have to drive through the area all the time. I stay off major highways and travel the back roads. All I see is PDJT support. One property along Hwy 156 had the biggest forklift I’ve seen, flying a Trump flag high above the road.

    Hey Gavin, fugue is a type of music.

    What a speech. I think I got some dust in my eye, or something?

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  19. SarahB says:

    It’s the expected situation.
    California (and other states) have been buying the public employee vote for many years by throwing disproportionate benefits at them. I have a relative who is a public employee who makes over $400K. His wife also is on the city payroll and makes $150K. This is in a city where the average income is about $40k and most are on some kind of public assistance.
    The unfunded pension benefits are swelling fast and they know it.
    If they raise income taxes, people will leave the state, if they raise sales taxes, people will buy less.
    Property taxes is where they have it locked in. If you sell and move, the new owner will be paying.
    The developers want that farm land to make billions off of and the politicians want them to have it so it will be a huge source of property tax money (not to mention bribes) to keep the scheme going.
    If the taxpayers really knew the benefit packages that the public employees get to buy their political loyalty, both sides of the aisle would be aligned against the crooked bastards and they’re scared to death of that.

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    • annieoakley says:

      The same graft is rapidly advancing in Colorado. Property taxes are skyrocketing as every corner on every two lane road that once, (a year ago) was a cornfield, is a subdivision with with flimsy pressed sawdust siding on every house. The next tornado to come through will be interesting. Meanwhile, new schools are popping up and each child gets a new computer.

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  20. TonyE says:

    So Governor Loathsome has announced he will sue.

    I am getting very, VERY TIRED of all the commies in Sacramentograd and San Franciskovich pulling all of these stunts. At some point, they will have to swim with their fishies…


  21. E.R. Dyment says:

    These seemingly insane policies are under the guise of protecting the environment. If functional farms are stopped from farming the land is near valueless and bankruptcy ensues. The land is then bought up at a fraction of the cost (by the connected, mega corps, or the Chinese) Twenty- twenty five years later they come up with idea to once again farm the land and alter the policies to do so. People forget the past and the press are whores who back the power structure. Billions are made by all. When examining what seem to be crazy policies follow the money these leftist politicians are not stupid but evil and corrupt . Also true leftists use starvation as a means of population control. (see Stalin vs Ukrainian farmers, or Pol Pot.)

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  22. Ono says:

    Stewert Resnick…

    Causing Ca small farmers to lose everything…

    President Trump is going after the “King of Ca”.

    Stewart likes to be considered that…the King.


  23. Bree says:

    We love the President here in Bakersfield!!!


  24. candyman says:

    If its so important to save the dam minnow, move it somewhere else in the world here it will thrive. I’m supposed to believe no other environment in the entire world can save this thing? Ca. is actually killing the thing on purpose. You cant be this stupid. Get your head out of your ___!


    • rrick says:

      The state routinely kills millions of Salmon. The state highly restricts eradicating burrowing vermin of the dikes in the Delta. The state mismanages the State Water Project. The reckoning is coming. Thank you, President Trump!


  25. Linda K. says:

    The San Joaquin Valley of California is the breadbasket of the country. It looks like tumbleweed country near Bakersfield, but if you add water you have the best soil and weather for farming anywhere. As a native Californian, I have watched, in horror, as Barbara Boxer and other politicians shut the taps on the farmers to protect the “smelt” fish and so on. The snow melt from the Sierra’s is regularly let off into the Russian River up north here, for the salmon run, instead of collecting it and using it for the agriculture. We have grapes growing here too!
    The bleeding heart liberals who came here from other places don’t seem to care for the salt of the earth farmer that works in the San Joaquin Valley. This has been a long standing issue ! Devin Nunes has a farm in the Tulare area and Kevin McCarthy is from Bakersfield.
    Trump really hit a home run by taking up this issue. Family farms are starved out bu the gov. in Sacramento. It is sad.

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  26. 4EDouglas says:

    Id’d like to know how many are watching Trump vs. the Dems..


  27. NoFixedAddress says:

    kill the smelt

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