Nevada Democrat Debate – NBC and Telemundo 9:00pm – Open Discussion Thread…

Despite not being on the ballot in Nevada, tonight will be Michael Bloomberg’s first appearance on a Democrat debate stage.Tonight’s presidential debate is hosted by NBC, MSNBC, Telemundo and The Nevada Independent. Start time 9 p.m. Eastern.

Six candidates qualified: Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont; former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.; former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts; former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind.; and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

The Club is highly restricting the broadcast options for viewing.  However, the Debate is being broadcast on NBC and available on-line HERE

If you are watching via NBC broadcast, MSNBC cable or on-line, feel free to share your opinions in the thread comments below.

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690 Responses to Nevada Democrat Debate – NBC and Telemundo 9:00pm – Open Discussion Thread…

  1. Todd says:

    Hope Bloomberg cracks…


  2. JohnCasper says:

    “Nevada Democrat Debate Debacle

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  3. bullnuke says:

    This will get ratings solely because President Trump said no box for minimike. 😂😂😂

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  4. sundance says:

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  5. gringz says:

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  6. bertdilbert says:

    I will watch the Trump rally in AZ. You guys cover for me OK?

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  7. litenmaus says:

    First up the newswoman declares it’s gonna be a “fiesty debate”…

    And transition into former Governor & current DNC Chair Ed Rendell who says don’t count out Slo Joe Bitem….

    Lester Holt announces candidates
    The candidates look like the waiters & waitresses that you see in restaurants who line up and sing Happy Birthday to some poor schlub. Awwwkkkkwaaaarddd.

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  8. Publius2016 says:

    Mini Mike Madoff made his fortune front running like the other Madoff! We’ll know Crazy Bernie is going for LEGENDARY STATUS if he tells Mini Mike: “last thing we need is another Wall State High Tech Wizard who got us into this mess in the first place”

    Of course, the real acrion will be who is riding shotgun for Mini Mike…Pocahontas? Boot Edge Edge??

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  9. dlcon says:

    Only comment from me so far is Tom Perez is an idiot.

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  10. dlcon says:

    Only comment from me so far is Tom Perez is an idiot.

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  11. hokkoda says:

    The next debate is tonight? Aw dang… tonight my wife asked me to clean all the hair clogs out of the tub drains and dust the ceiling fans. Pity.

    On the up side, I received my Colorado primary ballots today. As an unaffiliated voter, I get both a D and an R ballot. Pres Trump doesn’t need my vote, so it’ll be fun voting for chaos on the D side.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “clean all the hair clogs out of the tub drains and dust the ceiling fans.”

      For some real bonus points, after that why don’t you clean under & behind the refrigerator, stove, washer & dryer.

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    • TonyE says:

      Interesting thought.

      In Calimexistan we can request whichever ballot we want now. So, maybe I’ll vote for Bernie!

      That would be fun.

      Now, I hear that if you vote Democrat you can vote often, so maybe I’ll sneak a write in vote for Trump somewhere in there…. you see, it’s an “open primary”.

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  12. bcsurvivor2 says:

    Im going to try and watch this clown show…I need a few laughs tonight.

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  13. paper doll says:

    No one has said boo to Bloomberg in 40 years or more. They have only said, “yes, sir! How hi? “. It will be interesting if Bernie lays into him

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    • The Devilbat says:

      Bernie may not try to upset Bloomers too much as he is very likely calculating how much money he is going to take from him to leave the race. Bloomers can well afford to pay out One Hell of a lot of money to make that happen.

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      • paper doll says:

        I think Bernie will aim for quite a payday this time. Bloomberg seems expert at knowing what a person will sell out for …practice makes perfect and he’s had a lot of practice at that.


      • bluenova1971 says:

        Db, best way to do that imo is to go after Bloomy hard and win a few more primaries…then the payoff increases exponentially


  14. BuckNutGuy says:

    Will anyone bring this up?

    I have been thinking about what motivates Bloomberg to dump his money, at this point in his life, into the DNC and his own campaign. As Sundance always reminds us, “there are trillions at stake”.
    I recently recollected an article in the NYT from just after President Trump was elected taking target at a little known tax law that allows those elected President or appointed to his Cabinet to defer capital gains taxes into perpetuity:
    (WaPo article on the NYT article)

    The basis for this is encoded in Section 2634 of federal ethics laws and known as a “certificate of divestiture.” We all know that Bloomberg will be “forced” to sell his media empire if elected. In fact he acknowledges this in the below article that estimates Bloomberg LP to be worth ~$40 Billion.

    The long-term cap gain rate is 20%. Bloomberg has owned his business for a long time and started it from scratch (to his credit) so, for purposes of this analysis, I have assumed his basis is zero. It’s probably pretty close to it. (20% X $40 billion) is $8 billion in tax liability that he can defer FOREVER. He must invest in government securities. The current 10 year bond yield is about 1.65%. ($8billion X 1.65%) is $132MM per year in benefit from this special tax program our wonderful leaders have afforded themselves.

    What he is spending to become president or endear himself to the DNC to become Treasury Secretary (or whatever) is NOTHING compared to the hundreds of millions of $ he will benefit in tax deferral.

    Might bare a more fulsome articulation by SD or one of our other Treeper friends. Let’s call it the BuckNutGuy Theory. Wait until the Bernie Bros hear about this!

    PS: Still laughing

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      VERY Interesting. Maybe he’s angling for a cabinet position. Like Secretary of Agriculture. Although that might be a stretch. Or reach. Whatever.


  15. bcsurvivor2 says:

    Im going to try and watch this clown show…until POTUS comes on…I need a laugh tonight.

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  16. CO Gal says:

    Stop and Frisk. Go Bernie!

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  17. litenmaus says:

    So far I’ve learned that the event is being held at an LGBT facility outside of Las Vegas and that some gay latino is wanting to see gay Buttplug cause he relates and the gay guy also wants to see more of Amy….

    Bernie on the offensive, accuses Bloomberg for his ‘stop and frisk’ policies.

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  18. I wonder why they limit who can watch this thing? Seems like they need all the viewer they can get or are they embarrassed about the candidates?

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  19. bulwarker says:

    Knives out for Bloomberg

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  20. litenmaus says:

    omg, omg, omg….Elizabeth Warren justs inserts herself and talks about who they’re running against, a man who calls women fat broads and horse faced, and she say no, not Trump, Michael Bloomberg….hot diggity.

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  21. lol…big mouth liawatha …good lord she couldn’t wait to open her trap. She is a nasty woman.

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  22. Anon says:

    Warren totally practiced that speech.

    Never seen Democrats treating each other with this level of hostility.

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  23. sundance says:

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  24. sundance says:

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  25. bleep21k says:

    Dayum they ALL jumped mini mike immediatley! LMAO!!

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  26. bulwarker says:

    Based on the cheering in the audience the DNC packed the house with establishment-loyalists. Big cheers for Biden and Bloomberg, and just a smattering for Bernie/Warren.

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  27. litenmaus says:

    Joe Biden declares that he’s the man to beat Donald Trump. Biden attacks Bloomberg’s stop & frisk…..

    Buttplug says we have to wake up as a party. A socialist and a Billionaire….let’s put someone who lives and works in a midwestern city, let’s actually put up somebody who is a Democrat……..we can do better.

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  28. Garavaglia says:

    Oh my..Bloomberg is even worse than I imagined..which was awful

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  29. bcsurvivor2 says:

    Mayor pete needs a shave….
    Killing Bloomberg…they are all going after him..


  30. sundance says:

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    • OhNoYouDont says:

      Presidential candidates have a good incentive to boost their heights:
      Taller candidates have won the presidency two-thirds of the time since 1900 and studies indicate voters subconsciously prefer tall candidates.

      If he wins the nomination, Bloomberg would be the first male major party nominee shorter than five-foot-eight in 100 years.

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      • treehouseron says:

        I’m 6’1″, which isn’t huge, but let me tell you, people definitely treat you different. I rarely have anybody treat me with disrespect, there’s something about being taller than most people that they just treat you different. At least around here, maybe other places they don’t differentiate…. I’ve had shorter friends say people give them crap from time to time.

        Now I don’t think that does anything but suggest that the taller you are, there’s some subconscious thing going on there when people ‘size’ you up in their minds. We probably all do it and just don’t realize it.

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  31. sundance says:

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  32. Anon says:

    Wow this is vicious. It’s like 6 colliding trains.

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  33. Mist'ears Mom says:

    Bernie is so pissed his yelling is louder than normal-wow he can’t talk going after the youngster blah blah blah … working class bs
    watch it bern can you spell heart attack?


  34. alliwantissometruth says:

    Bloombergs podium

    (squeaking heard behind podium)

    Mr. Bloomberg, are you there?

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  35. OhNoYouDont says:

    It’s almost as if he owns the media.

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  36. sundance says:

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  37. bcsurvivor2 says:

    Liz warren…oh my the childern

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  38. realeyecandy1 says:

    They don’t seem to GET IT that President Trump is GETTING IT DONE for the “working class” right now. Suddenly they are for the “working class”

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    • vicarioushikermom says:

      They need to be asked, “What are you going to do for the ‘working class’ that President Trump isn’t already doing? His policies have enabled the lowest unemployment among African-Americans ever in this country; ditto Hispanic-Americans. Blue collar salaries have risen and family net worth, likewise. 70 percent of the American people feel better off today than before Trump took office and they are satisfied with their lives (and their healthcare). So how are you going to top that?

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  39. bullnuke says:

    This is a slug fest. About time.


  40. Garavaglia says:

    That Haylie Jackson chick sounds like she has finally lost her voice. I think she’s used up her allotted words per lifetime. Man can she talk..can you imagine being around that for 10 minutes?

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  41. sundance says:

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  42. sundance says:

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  43. Garavaglia says:

    Mother rusia in da hoooouse


  44. Eaglemom says:

    Warren: We are entering a race with a candidate who calls women fat broads and horse faced lesbians…. and I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about Mike Bloomberg. BOOM!!!:)

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  45. bcsurvivor2 says:

    Petey is fairly articulate. Amy says we have to stop sexism on the internet by electing a woman..WTF

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  46. bullnuke says:

    Bernie getting beat up along with minimike.

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  47. litenmaus says:

    Pete Buttplug goes after Bernie Sanders….This debate is lit!!!!

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  48. realeyecandy1 says:

    Hot DAMN

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